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tv   Today  NBC  January 13, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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>> $1.5 bilion. good morning. breaking news. those ten navy sailors detained by iran released this morning. the navy now investigating how their patrol boats drifted into iranian waters. we're live at the pentagon. return to hope and change. >> that's why i stand heree as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. >> president obama uses his last state of the union address to tout his accomplishments, set some lofty goals and take a veiled shot at donald trump. >> we need to reject any politics that targets people because of race or religion. >> that sentiment echoed in a surprising republican response nikki healy. >> during anxious times it can
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call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. >> this morning show's with us live, and democratic front-runner hillary clinton joins us as well. best seat in the house. new speaker paul ryan talks about the job he took reluctantly. you've been in the job a little more than two months now. what's surprised you the most? >> that i like it. >> and how he has to practice his poker face for last night's state of the union, and tonight's the night the powerball jackpot at an unthinkakae sum of $1.5 billion, the largest ever. are you in it to win it? make sure you check the numbers right. >> 63, yes! >> one mistake that had this group of co-workers thinking they had won big today, wednesday, january 13th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer
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studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. our dreams of staying and living at the white house squashed. we're back in new york. >> not that i don't like this desk, but can we agree the white house balcony was a little bit better than the spot we are this morning. of course, the state of the union was last night. we'll have all the latest on that and the republican response as well. >> let us start with our top story, iran's release of that group of u.s. navy sailors after holding them overnight. the incident adding a new layer of tension in the relationship between our two countries. nbc's jim miklaszewski at the pentagon. what can you tell us. >> reporter: good morning. the navy sailors are back at their base in bahrain this morning in good condition. u.s. military officials say there's no evidence they were harmed during their captivity. now, photographs released by iran show the ten sailors, the nine men and one woman, in fairly stark conditions, but in
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now, the ten sailors were in two riverine boats headed to bahrain yesterday when the boats apparently experienced some kind of navigational problems, drifted into territorial warts of a farsi island, were quickly captured by the iranian coast guard and taken ashore and handed over to the revolutionary guard. now the rev guard initially accused the americans of snooping, but today said their investigation found no evidence of espionage. what's more likely to have happened here, matt, is that iranian leadership in tehran ordered the rev guard to release the americans. secretary of state john kerry was on the phone with tehran yesterday and no doubt told them that if those americans were not released iran stood to lose billions of dollars in that nuclear deal with the u.s. which is set to be implemented by the end of this week. a satisfied -- a satisfying ending to this but a reminder to
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least, that the iranians still cannot be trusted. matt? >> jim miklaszewski at the pentagon, thanks very much. president obama did not mention that incident with iran during his final state of the union address. it was a speech that was, as promised, big on his visions of the future of ameriri with a lot of focus on the race to succeed him at white house. we'll talk about all of it with south carolina govovnor nikki haley who delivered the republican response and democratic presidential hopeful hillary clinton in just a moment, but first to nbc national correspondent peter alexander at white house with the latest on the speech. peter, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. i stuck around when you guys left. this was the first of many lasts for president obama, and he really sounded liberated last night. for months more than 20 presidential candidates have framed his time in office. last night it was the esident's turn. it sounded a lot like a campaign speech, attacking the politics of pessimism and carving out what he views as the path forward for democrats. leading off his last state of the union a presidential pledge
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>> i'm going to try to make it a little shorter. i know some of you are antsy to >> reporter: less than three weeks before the first contest to pick his replacement to without naming names president obama repetedly rejected the republican campaign rhetoric. >> when politicians insult muslims, whether abroad or our fellow citizens, that doesn't make us safer. that's not telling -- telling it like it is. it's just wrong. all the talk of america's economic decline is political hot air, and our answer needs to be more than tough talk or calls to carpet bomb civilians. >> reporter: seven years andnd plenty of gray hair removed for his calls for hope and change, the president highlight the his greatest hits and offered optimistic goals, included putting joe biden in cool of cure cancer. >> i'm putting joe in charge of mission control.
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topic of gun violence at home, the president also forcefully rebutted criticisms that he's been weak abroad. >> in you doubt america's commitment or mine to see that justice is done, just ask osama bin laden. >> reporter: and, again, defended his strategy against isis. >> over the top claims that this is world war iii just play into their hands. >> reporter: punctuating his speech, a call to fix our politics and a concession. >> it's one of the few regrets of my presidency, that the rancor and suspicion between the parties has gotten worse instead of better. >> reporter: in his final address a soaring conclusion. i believe in change because i believe in you. the american people, and that's why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. >> still, the republicans were unimpressed. ted cruz. >> sadly i think it was less a state of the union than it was a
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>> reporter: and donald trump, this time blasting the president as low energy dismissing the speech as boring, slow hand lethargic. uth carolina repeplican governor nikki haley tasked with responding to the president made news for also taking aim at her party's front-runner. >> during anxious times it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angryiest vovoes. we must resist that temptation. >> reporter: republican party right now trying to re-brand itself as new, young and diverse and what was really striking is that contrast on display bween the party of nikki haley and paul ryan and the party of donald trump, already haley though is getting significant backsh from some conservative members within her own partz. matt? >> peter alexander, thanks very much. we are joined now by south carolina governor nikki haley. governor, good morning. >> good morning, matt. let talk about the reviews. they are@in. prominent democrat david axelrod tweeted, really effective speech by nikki haley, avoided the
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paul ryan, jeb bush, both said you hit it out of the park, but as peter just mentioned some very conservative voices in your party were not so happy. anne coulter tweeted donald trump should deport you, laura ingraham said the country is lit up with a populist fever and the gop responds by digging in on the candidates dominating the polls. >> look, i respect all of those people and understand their opinion but, you know, i disagree. i think a lot of what we're trying to do is saying the angriest voices are not helpful. if we have citizens who are law-abiding, who love our traditions and do everything to be productive citizens in america, they should feel welcome in this country. i am not saying that i believe in illegal immigration. i dodot. i've always sailed that, but i do want us to be more inclusive and understand the reason that this country is so great is because of the fabric of america is made by immigrants.
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the loudest ices, those angriest voices, in that context,ere you referring to donald trump, correct? >> he was one of them, yes. he was one. there's other people in the media. there's people in my state. i think we're seeing it across the country, but, yes, mr. trump has definitely contributed to what i think is just irresponsible talk. >> some people on the far right of your party wanted you to deliver a full-scale partisan political atta. you didn't see that as your mission, did you? >> that wasn't me. that's not me. i think that it's important for us tc look in the mirror. i think republicans need to understand that they, tow, are responsible for the status of where we are in the country. look, president obama has divided our country in ways we've never seen before. we're seeing disastrous things with health care, education, the economy, the national security. >> right. >> but republicans need to understand that there are things that we could do bet their would help strength err own country, and i think it's important that republicans look in the mirror and realize we're also to blame.
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in the wake of this speech is making you or cementing your place as a leading candidate for vice president in your party. on a scale of 1 do 10, governor, how interested are you? 10 being the most? >> i really haven't thought about it, and i know that people in the media don't believe that, but i was given an opportunity to say what i think and i appreciate that from speaker ryan and senator mcconnell. >> you mention speaker ryan. speaker ryan didn't really want the job as speaker, but for the good offis party he took it. you're saying you really haven't thought about the position of vice president. for the good of your party would u accept it? >> if a candidate wanted to sit down and talk, i w wld sit down and talk. i think that that's a big decision. it's a family decision. it's a state decision. it's something i'd have to think about, but i absolutely would sit down and talk with anyone. >> when will you endorse a candidate in the race? >> i don't know. you know, right now'm trying to roll out my budget for friday. i've got my state of the state address nexttweek. we're dealing with the debate.
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of timeline yet, but we'll see. >> south carolina governor nikki haley. governor, thanks for spending time wh us this morning. >> thanks so much, matt. >> okay. savannah. >> with the iowa calkuses fast approaching what we heard last night is sure to take center stage in the presidential election and things are getting interesting in the 2ke789ic side of the race. according to a new national poll just out this morning hillary clinton's lead is now just seven points over bernie sanders. it was 20 points just one month @ ago, and sanders actually leads clinton in two key battleground states, according to some polls. 49% to 44% in iowa and 53% to 39% in new hampshire, results that have the vermont senator sanders feeling confident. >> as we have gained momentum, i think it's fair to say that the clinton campaign has become very nervous. >> and secretary hillary clinton joins us now. secretary, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> are you nervous?
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i'm working hard, and i intend to keep working as hard as i can until the last vote or caucus goer expresses an opinion. i'm excited about where we are. >> you've called this as recently as yesterday the get real season in politics, and i wonder there's a lot of passion on the democratic side for bernie sanders. are you telling those voters to get real, he can't be elected or to get real, he can't do the things he sayay he canan do. what does get real mean to you? >> well, i think we're in that stage of a campaign where we've each been introducing ourselves. we've been talking about our particular views on issues, and now it's time to draw some contrasts. now, lookok the contrasts on substantive issues between m hand senator senators pale in comparison to, you know, between us andhe republicans, but there are substantive differences, and i think it's only fair that voters know what those differences are. one of the big ones, as you're aware, is on gun safety where senator senators has been a
7:13 am
lobby, and i have been standing against them for a long time, voted against them when i was a senator, so these are the kinds of differences that people deserve to know about as they make up their minds. >> you've gotten pretty tough on sanders, as you said, in the recent days. bringing up contrasts, as you put it, on a variety of issues. did you underestimate him? why are you only going on the attack now? >> no, not at all. i had a very different sense of the rhythm of this campaign. there was a lot for me to do to go around and meet with people, listen to them, put out my ideas. i've been laying out, you know, very specific policies for months now and telling people how i would pay for them. i'm asking that senator sanders does the same thing. we need to move now from generalization to specifics so people can see what the differences are. that's what i always planned to do and that is what i'm doing. >> you said recently that you -- you wish we could elect a democratic president who could wave a magic wand and say we
7:14 am
that. that ain't the real world we're living in, and there it is again, that word real. are you suggesting that bernie sanders is out there promoting a fantasy that can't come true? >> no. i'm goingo let him speak for himself, but, for example, we have a difference on health care. i want to build on the affordable care act. we've got to make some changes because we have to improve it. he's been talking very generally about a single-payer system. he's introduced legislation nine times that have laid out a very specific plan to take everybody's health care and roll it will into great big bundle and hand it to the states, but my view is we shouldn't be ripping up obamacare and starting over. we should be building on it. >> you called bill clinton your not so secret weapon, but donald trump recently went on the attack saying because you accused him of sexism you opened e door to allegations about president clinton's past misbehavior. was that a tactical mistake on your end? did you open the door to those attacks?
7:15 am
run his campaign any way he wants. what i've been pointing out is that a lot of the policies he's proposing would hurt working americans, and he doesn't seem to believe that americans need a raise. that's at the centerpiece of my campaign. >> but he's saying that you played the so-called woman card and that you called him essentially sexist and when you did that you opened the door to these attacks about bill clinton's past misconduct. >> oh, you know, i'm -- i'm not going to engage with him on these matters. the voters can make up their minds. i am going to continue to point out what his proposed policies would mean to our country and to hard working middle class families across our country and he has been very dismissive about equal pay for equal work, about raising the minimum wage which has two-thirds of minimum wage workers being women and some of the other, you know, changes and kinds of policies
7:16 am
to let him answer for himself. i'm not going to respond to his personal attacks. if that's what he wants to engage in, that's what he can spend his time doing. >> in a word does he dercut the effectiveness of bill clinton as a surrogate for you? >> oh, i am so proud my husband is out on the campan trail. in fact, in new hampshire and iowa in the last week where he has now been to both states, people are asking me when was he coming back, when could they see more of him, so he carries a message of peace and prosperity under his presidency, and i think a lot of americans would like to get back to those days. >> hillary clinton,hank you for your time this morning. we really appreciate it. >> thanks hey lot, savannah. >> polls are tightening and getting to be a very interesting race on both sides. >> no question about it. looking back at the state of the union for a second, the man sitting behind the president last night, not vice president joe biden but next to him, the new speaker of the house paul ryan, and we're going to sit down and talk to paul ryan, speaker of the house, coming up in our next half hour.
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some big news from the nfl overnight. the st. louis rams moving back to los angeles, a city they once called home for almost 50 years. last night league owners approved the team's relocation to l.a. starting next season. the rams expected to play in n e l.a. coliseum for three years until a new stadium i i built in 2019. as for the other two teams that had wanted to move, the san diego chargers have been given the option to join the rams. they have at least a year to decide if they choose to stay in san diego, the oakland raiders will then have the option to move to l.a. big news. >> should have diagrammed that. >> need a football. >> got a blast of cold air, snow swping across parts of the east. >> that's right. in fact, big, big snow, lake-effect snows firing up. we have lake-effect sw watches and warnings, lake-effect advisories from ashtabula and ohio and winter weather in northern maine. we lk at what's happening now
7:18 am
these snow bands will return as that clipper moves away. the winds are coming across the great lakes so low visibility. dangerous travel. you can see there are those lake-effect snow bands and you can watch the winds come across the lake and pick up the moisture and as it cools off it falls in the form of snow. as we get to brewerton, syracuse, oswego, we are looking for more snow making its way through the region. snowfall amounts basically, the heaviest stuff is going to be what we call the tughill plateau. 24 inches of snow or more, and just to the south of buffalo about a foot of snow that will be making its way in. let's turn now to dylan dreyer. she right now is making her way through central new york. dylan, where are you right now? >> hey, al. we're just north of syracuse. you know, this s my first time out in the snow so i had to ease into it this winter, that's why i'm in the comfort of the blue mobile right now, but driving through lake-effect snow, the best way to show you what it's all about. take a look at what we're
7:19 am
most of our ride -- you get stuck in the lake-effect snow bands and you're in near whiteout conditions and the roads become snow-covered, visibility ver poor and this is the type of situation we'll see today. what indiana saw yesterday. they had several multi-car pileups involving several tractor trailers in south central indiana yesterday. it closed a three-mile stretch oj the road. just to the north of that on i-70 there were nine tractor trailers involved in an accident along with four cars. there were no life-threatening injuries, but you do run into very -- this will continue in western new york today and tomorrow. >> we've had a little bit of problems there. you can literally have what we call snow fades when it's snowing so hard you can't get that signal through, but dylan, as you can see, driving through a lot of that activity.
7:20 am
give extra. get extra. cool start to our wednesday morning. really nice conditions and still holding steady at 59 in pompano beach and ft. lauderdale. oakland park, you are the cool location at 58. you will notice clouds hanging in our skies up above south florida and that will likely be the case throughout the duration of our day, and that said, no rain in your first alert forecast, just a cool start to the morning and partly sunun skies, and up to 67 midday, and today's h >> and that's your latest weather. savannah. >> all right.
7:21 am
coming up, the countdown to tonight's still growing powerball jackpot. the biggest ever. it's at 1.5 million. what you should consider before you jump into that office pool. >> and we're going to go one-on-one with new house speaker paul ryan. what surprised him about the job he reluctantly accepted and how he feels about the front-runners
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this is "today" on nbc. just ahead, why you might not need to worry about a mid-life crisis.
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good wednesday morning to you. i am sheli muniz. >> i am eric harryman. the time is 7:26 on your wednesday morning. grab a sweater as you head out the door on your way to work this morning, it's another cool one. >> let's go to meteorologist, ryan phillips. >> temperatures are stuck in the upper 50s across broward county, and that's three mornings in a row. 58 in west kendall. the problem is the cloud cover, it's rather thick. we will keep it dry and the clouds keep it coming our way, so filtered sunshine in your first alert forecast. highs at 72. let's check the drive. we have a couple issues in both counties. we will start you off in broward
7:26 am
with injuries on sawgrass expressway southbound before you hit i-75, and emergency crews blocking the left lane and causing slowdowns in that area, and turnpe a crash on southwest 211th street, and from coral reef to tamiami trail, a 19-minute drive and traffic moving along at 24 miles per hour. police arrested a person after an early-morning search in pembroke pines. this is in the area of northwest 14th street and 77th way just after 4:00 this morning, that's when we arrived, and a felony suspect was wanted in connection for a battery against an officer. we will have another live update for you in 25 minutes or so.
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we're backow at 7:30. a look at white house on the morning after the state of the union, also the morning after our big morning there. we still can't believe theylet us in the front door. >> neither can they. >> there we we are with bo and sunny. matt trying to make a basket on the white house basketball court and al, did you take that cup with you? >> i did, oh, yeah. >> carson's still got a couple presidential napkins in his pocket. >> i do, yeah. >> take uss behind the scenes of that morning in just a few moments. yeah. what did you steal other than little cocktail napkins? >> tried to get the coffee cup, that's what i wanted. i couldn't find it and this had an emblem on it. >> nice. >> i got t smaller version here i'll keep in my pocket,
7:29 am
>> you found it. you literally went into cabinets looking for it. >> did you find the m & ms? >> they exist. >> let's take a look at some headlines right now. president obama offered a hopeful outlook for america's future in last night's state of the union address. while downplaying the threat from isis. he also took swipes at some succeed him. >> we need to reject any politics politics, any politics that targets people because of race or religion. >> other news, ten u.s. navy sailors taken into custody by iran after their boats drifted into iranian waters have now been released. theavy says the nine men and one woman were safely returned earlier this morning and it it will now investigate what led for the boat to g into iranian waters. and the nfl is coming back to los angeles. league owners voted overwhelmingly to move the st. louis rams back to los angeles next season.
7:30 am
diego chargers the option to join the rams in a new stadium there. >> all right. this morning, the national fever over, yes, the powerball. it is rising even higher along with tonight's historic jackpot. $1.5 billion up for grabs, and with ticket sales soaring the top prize could grow even more before the numbers are drawn. nbc's kerry sanders on powerball duty once again kerry, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. i'm at the treasury on the plaza here in st. augustine, and this might be a good place to put your money if you win. this safe was built in 1928 and it is tested. the rockefellers once had a good portion of their vast wealth here. the railroad baron henry flagler put a lot of his money in here and so if youou win, and especially if you're part of an office pool, you might want to store your money here while you try to figure out who gets what cut of this big take. >> 62.
7:31 am
>> reporter: tonight this could be you and your colleagues at work. at offices across the country. >> knock, knock. you want to join the powerball pool? >> reporter: this scene has been playing out. >> hi, i need your money for powerball. >> meliss are you in big? >> for sure. >> awesome. >> reporter: seems like everybody has been jumping into the pool and this is why. >> it will be three years in march that we hit the powerball as a group and how much money did you win? >> 1 million big ones. >> reporter: who else is playing powerball with us? >> the real torsion at the keller williams office in plantation, florida, got lucky and now with more than $1.5 billion on the line they are hopefullgain snow believe lightning strikes twe. >> i believe it strikes as many time as your karma allows. >> reporter: karma here should be good. >> i said, well, i'll -- i'll get the next one. >> reporter: after winning that million, they all agreed to include the one colleague who did not play. >> they are such great people.
7:32 am
your leagues to do that for you? as someone tweeted always buy into the office lottery pool. if they win, you don't want to still be broke and doing all their work when they all quit. and always double check your numbers and the date. those folks we told you about, they were looking at the wrong jackpot. >> i need to call my wife. >> and didn't win a penny. >> reporter: so if you're part of an office pool, a few tips from the experts. first of all, name a leader, somebody is in charge of this. second of all, have a written agreement so everybody knows how it's going to work in case you win. of course, make copies of the tickets and distribute them to everybody, and finally, put those tickets in a safe place. now, i'm going to open up this safe here, this door is 20 tons, i want to give you an idea of what you can do if you win this money as it opens. all right. we'll come in here and surprisingly you can enjoy your money with a bar guy. there's no powerballs here, but
7:33 am
>> good luck. >> nice, very well done. >> very well done. >> still a little social experiment here. okay. >> did you do it again? >> i did it again. >> wow. >> wow. >> wow. >> for you, one for you, one for you. >> you get a powerball ticket. >> 75% take. >> i want to see something. >> do you still get 75% of the winnings? >> well, we're going to find out here. guys, i'm giving you all a ticket. are you going to p pl your resources or are you going to go it -- well, just take it easy, guys? >> or are you guys going to go it alone? >> going it alone. >> going to use my resources. >> yeah. >> what would you guys do, carson, savannah, would you pool your resources? >> i i would go with the group. >> i would do whatever the group wanted to do. >> you know what, i think i would go it alone because kerry sanders says you have to call like 1-800-lawyers if you're going to go into the office pool, too much trouble.
7:34 am
>> listen, by the way. >> are you demanding something fo buying this. i'm going to go out this morning and buy tickets for tonight's drawing. kid, these are for tonight. if these guys win, i want to show you what our program will look like, that's it. that is it. that's for sure. you'll see nothing but tushes and elbows. >> the highest rated morning show. >> good morning. >> good luck. >> thanks, matt. >> thank you, matt. >> well done. mr. roker, how about a check of the weather. >> my gosh, that's pretty fantastic. dylan's cameras, the blue ma mobile is in cicero, new york, as it looks like they have comom out of that one snow band. that's the thing about lake-effect snow, you come in and out. look at the snow and there's probably going to be airport problems and road delays and we'll also be looking at airport delays in the northeast because of the winds.
7:35 am
east and as it does, look at the temperatures right now. feels like 6 below in detroit, zero in buffalo and 12 i i portland. here in new york 11 and feels like 10 below in chicago, and as we look ahead it's going to stay cold today but then the good news is we'll start to see a moderation saturday. boston's 41. 47 new york city and 59 in norf a cool start to our wednesday morning, and really nice conditions and holding ststady at 59 at pompano beach. we are up to 61 in miami. you will notice clouds hanging in our skies u` above south florida and that will likely be the case throughout the duration of our day. that said, no rain in your first alert forecast, just a cool start to our morning, and partly sunny skies. up to 67 midday, and today's high, 72, e >> all right.
7:36 am
>> wrangler just ate your lottery ticket. >> that's my excuse, my dog ate my ticket. coming up, fugitive fashion watch. the el chapo shirt is now officially a thing. >> and our day with house speaker with paul ryan. how he feels about the job two months in, the presidential race and the big changes he had to make to that ofce right after this. this helps me to manage my chronic pain. but it came with some baggage. you're not the only one. opioids block pain signals by attaching to something called mu-receptors here but they also attach to mu-receptors in the bowel. and that can cause opioid-induced constipation... or oic. i could struggle with oic the whole time i take my opioid? maybe not. there's movantik. movantik can help reduce oic by blocking opioids from binding to mu-ceptors in the bowel. do not take movantik if you have a bowel blockage or a history of them. serious side effects may include a tear in your stomach or intestine.
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7:41 am
back now at 7:42. as you know we all spent the morning at the white house on tuesday and when the show was over i headed to the capitol where i caught up with republican paul ryan as he prepared for his first state of the union as speaker of the house. when the door opens and the sergeant at arms makes his announcement he says -- >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states. >> do it the way he does it. >> mr. speaker -- >> mr. speaker, am i doing it too loud, the president. united states. >> you're going to be sitting right behind the president, and you're presiding over the event. what do you think? >> i'm practice my poker face. and i'm not very good at that. >> i'm asking you if you have a very good poker face. >> your face will be seen during the entire speech. >> my wife janet tells me you better work on that poker face because you're not really good at it the. >> he says something that you don't agree, the face i'm going
7:42 am
how is that, is that good? >> elected to the speaker's office after house republicans ousted john boehner, this was a job ryan initially said he didn't want, given its demands on his time as a parent. >> you've been in the job a little more than two months now, what surprised you the most? >> that i like it. >> you really didn't think you were going to like if? >> it wasn't m plan. kind of like the dog who caught the car and wasn't chasing it in the first place. i was actually able to redesign the job and actually able to do it with my own circumstances, family weekends at home with my family. >> away from the family his days in washington are a blur of meetings, briefings and shepherding his party's agenda through congress. high on his priority list health care. >> the house and senate last week passed a bill that would have repealed the affordable care act. i think it's the 62nd time that's happened, and obviously the president vetoed it. did you put out what you consider to be any kind of alternative? i talked to the president yesterday, and i talked to him
7:43 am
you know what, it's very easy for the republicans to come up with bill after bill to repeal something but when are they going to come up with a plan that is better? >> you're exactly right. we do have to show what we would replace it with. >> when are we going to see it? >> this is the process we're going through this year. we oat country, by the end of this year, by time we're talking about this in the summer and the fall and i believe we oat country here's what we should replace obamacare with. >> all this amid a contentious election, even just within his own party. right now the front-runner in the presidential race on the republican side, you're smiling at me already, is donald trump. this is a guy who has said that some immrants coming here from mexico are rapists. he's called for a ban on muslims entering this country. is that the kinin of idea you can live with? >> i've already spoken clearly ababt how we shouldn't have a religious test on people coming to america. we should defend the first amendment which is religious freedom.
7:44 am
proposed his ban on muslims coming into the country said this. this is not conservative. it's not what the party stands for. you didn't mention >> it's not what the country stands for. >> that's right. >> so if he becomes the nominee of the party, will you support him? >> yes, i will. i'll support whoever our nominee is. as speaker of the use i'm the chairman of the convention, so i don't agree with him on that -- >> how do you get your arms around that? how do you square that? >> because you don't agree with everybody on everything. >> let me reaea you a quote and if you can tell me who said this. >> vince lombardi. >> you go to the packers every single time. i don't agree on priority with speaker paul ryan but i think he's an honestt broker. who do you think said that. >> a prominent democrat. >> ihillary clinton said that. >> i don't know that. >> give me a quote about hillary clinton. >> she's a very smart woman, a
7:45 am
a greater former flailedy and senator from here on out. >> presidential politicic and the demands of the speakership ide, paul ryan seems to be embracing his new job if not the office space his predecessor left behind. >> you get to redecorate the place so talk to me -- >> it doesn't smell like smoke, does it. >> there was a rumor there was an overwhelming tobacco smell. >> two packs a day for five years. what did you do to get rid of it? >> everything, new carpeting, upholstery and i had to repaint the walls. couldn't get the smell out of it. >> we left his brand new digs for a better view. >> do you ever have time to ask yourself how a kid from wisconsin, humble beginnings. >> still don't believe it. >> hard working parents, worked in fast food restaurants ends up on this perch in this town with this kind of power? >> only in america. only in america. >> and he did have the best seat
7:46 am
how do you think he did with his poker face during the speech? >> we're not reading anything about funny faces. >> kind of nice, you could see there were a couple of moments he exchanged with joe biden, seemed very genuine. >> i like how he said he likes the job and that surprised him. coming up, we'll do "pop start" and you won't believe what one
7:47 am
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7:50 am
crawfish shorts i like your style hooked it just a little bit (window breaks, car alarm sounds) don't open that cellar door epic comeback starts right here lucky shot. mmm mmm mmm mm mmm mm mmmmm coming up, an up date on little leah still's brave fight
7:51 am
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7:54 am
good morning. i am sheli muniz. >> i am e ec harryman. the time on this wednesday morning is 7:56. grab a sweat your or courtat before you head out this morning. we're lacking sunshine, but the cool air well established. still stuck in the upper 50s across much of broward county now at 60 with the updating readings into ft. lauderdale and 61 in miami and 59 in west kendall. the cloud deck thick initially, and then we will have sunshine and a nice first alert forecast, and 72 the high, partly sunny skies and staying dry. nest 103rd street shut town at 19th avenue cause of a accident. this is i-95 southbound around
7:55 am
street, and the express lanes seem to be moving quicker than the local lanes. right now on 826, traffic moving along at 14 miles per hour, and bird road to the dolphin expressway, a nine-minute ride. and then a person arrested after an early-morning search. nbc 6 crews saw squad cars, and the felony suspect was wanted in connection with battery against a police officer. that's why they had sch an immediate response. stay with nbc 6 on the air and using our app for updates on
7:56 am
>> it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, dream come true. >> no more tubes. no more hospitals. no&more -- >> no more chemo. >> hoda joins us with an update on 5-year-old leah still, 5-year-old daughter of devon still, whose public battle with cancer touched lives on and off the field. plus, el chapo fashion icon. why this paisley shirt is all the rage right now. >> and it's going down for real in studio 1a. >> hold on. >> are you signaling? >> it is a force of habit!
7:57 am
teaming up again to take us for a ride to preview their new movie, today, january 13th, 2016. >> good morning live on the "today" show. >> hi. >> good morning, chicago! >> here at the "today" show. >> love you, mom and dad. >> we got the winning ticket! >> we're back now at 8:00 on this wednesday morning. 13th day of january, 2020. it's cold. >> it is freezing. >> here in new york. >> 22 degrees out. >> nice people gathered. thank you very much for coming. >> a bunch ever hardy souls out here. coming up, how to lighten up some of our meals for january
7:58 am
>> and i love kevin hart and ice cube as a comedic duo. they are fantastic. they are like the martin and lewis, abbott and costello. >> lauer and roker. >> ben and jerry. they are like all that. we look forward to talking to them about "ride along 2" but first let's go inside. we've got sheinelle jones in for natalie with the headlines. sheinelle. >> iran has released ten navy sailors one day after they were detained in the persian gulf. u.s. officials say the americans were aboard two patrol boats that may have drifted into iranian waters. they were allowed to leave iran this morning aboard their own boats and appear to be unharmed. the incident comes days before the controversial nuclear dole between the u.s. and iran goes into effect. in his final state of the union address president obama looked towards the future, defended his foreign policy and weighed in on politics in this country. our national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hi, sheinelle, good morning. a lot like a campaign speech for the president, confident and upbeat and framed the progress
7:59 am
years. fittingly he'll hit the road laying out his goals going forward. the state of the union was the first of many lasts for president obama, trying to return to that message of hope and change that first swept him into office. >> i believe in change because i believe in you, the american people, and that's why i stand here as confident as i have ever been that the state of our union is strong. thank you. >> reporter: still less than three weeks before the first votes to pick his replacement in iowa, of course, the president repeatedly rejected the republican campaign rhetoric and attacked in effect the pessimism punctuating his speech with a fix our politics as well as a concession that he regrets not being able to break the partisanship here in washington. sheinelle. >> peter, thank you. south carolina governor nikki haley delived the republican response to the president's state of the union speech. earlier on "today" matt asked if
8:00 am
trump when she urged republicans to resist following the siren call of the angriest voices. >> he was one of them, yes. he was one. there's other people in the media. there's people in my state. i think we're seeing it across the country, but, yes, mr. trump has definitely contributed to what i think is just irresponsible talk. >> governor haley also said she would be willing to sit down and listen if a candidate wanted to talk about her being a running mate. this morning on "toda hillary clinton spoke with savannah about the presidential race. she said it's time to get specific about policy severances between her and the surging senator bernie sanders. but she said the differences between her and donald trump are clear. >> what i've been pointing out is that a lot of the policies he's proposing would hurt working americanan and he doesn't seem to believe that americans need a raise. that's at the centerpiece of my campaign. >> secretary clinton also shade despite trump's personal attacks on her husband the former
8:01 am
weapon for her on the campaign trail. candy, decorations and party favors covered the floor after seven aisles of shelving fell over like dominoest a party city store in west boca raton, florida. three people suffered minor injuries. investigators are still trying to figure out why the shelves toppled. rescue hers to bring in dogs and thermal imang cameras to make sure no one was trapped beneath the debris. look at that. and a lullaby with a dark side. wait until you hear which piece of music soothes a crying baby from texas. >> yes, the imperial march from "star wars" most closely associated with darth vader. micah said the music calls his son eli whenever he starts crying. let's just hope the whole dark side thing is a phase. >> eli, i am your father.
8:02 am
looking for. >> that's cute. >> sheinelle, thank you. >> hilarious. now some remarkable news for a little girl whose story we've been following. >> hoda is going to deliver that news. hi, hoda, good morning. >> you know how much i love, love, love this little girl leah still. leah was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma and giving her a 50-50 chance and she's more than a survivor. the greatest victory for the cincinnati bengal lineman devon still happening off the field with news that his 5-year-old daughter beat cancer. no more tubes, no more hospital. no -- >> no more cancer. >> leah telling me last month she had only one more treatment to go. >> she's almost at that finish line so she's running hard now. >> reporter: that final sprint
8:03 am
line tuesday when devon proudly announced on social media his daughter left children's hospital of philadelphia cancer-free. the football player breaking down the stats, 41 days of chemotherapy, 40 days of antibody therapy, 19 days of radiation, a 7--hour surgery and 1 win. >> you ready to get this cancer out of you? let's do it. >> america felln love with leah as devon documented her inspiring year and a half long battle on social media. since her diagnosis she's helped raise more than $1 million for cancer research, won an espy award for courage, and she's become one of my good friends you know i'm all about that bass, about that bass >> even participated in today's shine a light video appearing in the video with cyndi lauper. bravery allowing leah to tackle
8:04 am
father who is now describing her clean bill of health as a dream come true. >> sure is. leah is now back at home with her mom and is doing so, so well and good news for devon, too. he wasn't working in football, but he just got picked up with the texans, so now he has a job. his daughter is bert, and i'm just so happy for them, having ke the perfect time of year. >> happy to hear that. >> hoda, thank you very much. up next, a little bit of a behind-the-scenes look at the nation's most famous home. >> and a question tt sparked this look from secretary of state john kerry. >> who are you wearing, i think. >> and simple swaps when it comes to your diet that to the woman in the mid-90's showstopper... you're right. it's time to set this bird free. hot blooded, check it and see... got a fever of 103... feelin' hungry?
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8:08 am
in our house, imagination runs wild. but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's new recipe. made with real simple ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. 8:12. good time for what's trending today. a little explainer here. hoda is explaining because she also has some explaining to do. >> i'd lik to depart the table. >> sit right there, sweetie pie. by the way, sheinelle has a little laryngitis and that's why she's not sitting at table.
8:09 am
mid-life crisis, the time in your 40s and 50s, reach a low, some people buy a sports car, wear tight clothes, have an affair and a new study says the mid-life cries sis a myth, it's fiction and doesn't exist. this is from the universities of alberta. researchers say we're actually happier in our mid-40s than we were at age 18 and one possible reason is stability. in middle age people are more set in their relationships and careers. i would agree, happier in my 40s than my teens. >> do you remember your 40s and how was in a? >> oh, nice. >> guess what. >> that hurt. >> those were the olden days. >> i agree, i think had a much happier day. however, it has not stopped me from every once in a while seeing a car drive by that i never would have looked at. >> what is it is a car you looked at. >> just checking. >> only cars. >> i still look at the minivan and say i love that car, fantastic.
8:10 am
>> i was much happier in my 40s. can't believe i'm 51. i was insecure when i was younger, righgh >> 18, 20. >> you're at your happiest now. >> i think -- >> y really are. >> by now you've probably seen that photo of el chapo and sean penn, the drug lord sporting that flashy paisley shirt. >> wow. >> carson, you've been asking where you can buy it. well, good luck this morning. >> i like it. >> a website based in california is now selling its own version that have shirt with the banner most wanted shirt. the company calls the shirt the fantasy. it's 100% cotton. not that cheap though, selling for $128 >> you like it. >> that meeting took operation deep in the mexican jungle so maybe that's his camouflage, maybe that's what the mexican jungle looks like. >> maybe in a cartoon. >> he was found in the paisley jungle. >> exactltl >> well, we are still in the after glow of our big show from
8:11 am
the #whitehousetoday was trending within minutes o us going live and carson, he's been break down the highlights. >> so much fun. >> let's get through this. had an unbelievable time. thanks for everybody who followed along. let's go through the numbers. we broroht 79 nbc staffers into the white house. >> you couldn't bring me and kathie lee. >> there's a background check. >> they actually said no. >> 13 cameras were positioned throughout. give you an idea of what that looks like. that's the white house east room and that's what it typically looks like. here's that it looked like after we showedup. >> wow. >> you go back and forth and get a sense. >> we returned it. it's back to its original form there. >> byhe way, go to "today's" facebook page and control your own 360-degree tour of the blue room and beyond, pretty cool. brittany is in the original room to show you how can you go in the blue room and scroll in and lock at all the beautiful details and quickly thanks to our fans on social media. "today" has officially reached 1 million followers on instagram. thanks, everybody, who helped us reach that milestone.
8:12 am
>> now to the surprising style star at the state of the union and hoda had some fun with men of "today." carson, why don't you "pop start." we'll get to you in a second. first up first lady michelle obama. being websites saying she stole the show tuesday night after her husband's final state of the union. mrs. obama grabbing attention in a sleeveless yellow dress by narcisso rodriguez and the internet quickly tracked it down on sale at neiman marcus, marked down from two grand to $628. it is now sold out. the first lady wasn't the only one turning heads. check out john kerry's reaction when a report asked him about his style. >> secretary, who are you wearing? >> we'll take that as a no comment from the secretary of state. >> that's awesome. >> next to actress olivia munn, she found a great way to shut
8:13 am
she's engaged to her boyfriend nfl quarterback aaron rodgers so instead of denying those rumors olivia shared a text message conversation she had with her mom kim. her mom asked hey, why don't you tell me first. >> olivia, oh, my gosh, mom, no, you shouldn't belieue gossip on the internet. if i was engageled i promise you'd be like the eighth person to know, maybe the ninth but definitely way before the internet. >> that's good. here we are, how are you? >> not so good. >> you were on "watch what happens live" and a caller asked you to play a little game called shag, marry and kill and see what happens. >> my question is for hoda, marry, shag, kill, matt, carson and willie. >> oh, god. i'm going to have -- oh, man. >> oh, you've got to, comeon. >> here we go. >> shag matt, marry willie, kill carson. i'm sorry, and i love carson. i love carson. oh, wow.
8:14 am
>> hi, darling. >> wow. >> somebody had to die. >> wait a second. don't hug the woman i'm shagging, all right. >> yeah, we need to talk about matt, by the way. >> wow. >> you want to shag him and marry him so bad that you have to kill me? >> i wanted to shag two people. >> at least you got mentioned. i wasn't even listed. i got nothing! >> wow. >> forget the powerball. i just hit the jackpot. >> the it's been nice working with you. good night, everybody. >> do you want a recount? >> do you still want me to fill in for kathie lee. >> bye. >> how do o u feel about the old guy commentnow? >> touch ee. >> all right. carson, thank you. >> hoda and i are going home. >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather. >> i'm walking but you're the dead man walking.
8:15 am
how about a little light, guys. >> it's been said i'm in the dark a lot. anyway, i'm looking at some wet weather making its way through the pacific northwest and some snow as well. we're going -- this is first system that moves through. we'll be watching a couple over the next several days. basically e nino-inspired storm impacts from washington to california, but the big storm comes in tomorrow. this one moves onshore with more rain and snow. gusty winds going to cause some problems. rainfall amounts, anywhere from 5 to 7 inches in northern -- northern california into southern oregon and we'll be
8:16 am
these storms as well. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah. >> all right, al, thanks. it's week two of our start today series, just enough time to make a resolution and, yes, fall off the wagon, but you can still get back on today. "today" nutritionist joy bauer is here to help with more on her diet cleanse. >> hi, savannah. >> remind us the four things we're not supposed to do this month. the four things, totally simple. white starches, fally meat, sugary beverages and excessive salt, and today what i'm going to do is focus on how to minimize the white starches. first let me say i'm incredibly impressed because so many people areollowing along and the overwhelming response is they are feeling amazing and this isp simple.
8:17 am
>> last week we had chloe cleanse. this week we have get fit frank. >> there's frank. >> so he got a little bit of a late start, wasn't really ready to dive in january 1st but he is ready now, and i'm going to take him through a transformation with my three tips and you're going to be amazed at how he totally transforms inside and out, so the first thing i'm starting with is a household staple, white rice. when it comes to while rice, if you eat one cup cooked, that's about 220 calories. now, of course, you want to go for the whole grain varieties like brown rice and wild rice, so much better for you, but they also will cost you about 220 calories, so i have a really clever trick for people at home. you can make cauliflower rice for just 35 calories. >> you just great it. >> break it into florets and on the largest hole grate or pop in the food processor gently pulse
8:18 am
the in a skillet and add whatever seasonings you want, have unbelievable starchy feeling rice. if you do that this week at the end of the year you'll save more than 29,000 callries. this is the calorie equivalent of 20 loaves o bread. >> is that bread or bricks. >> it's bread. >> actually not sliced, but it would be 440 polices, and our get fet frank has done this and he's lost eight pounds so with a subtle change, he mobilized belly face, no more acid reflux and no more sleep apnea. well worth it. >> what's the next idea. >> now we're going to tackle a breakfast favorite, careeria. people are notorious, myself included, when you pour frorothe box you wind up with two to three times the serving size within your both. the easiest trick is to stash a one-cup measuring scooper right in the box for dry cereal and
8:19 am
because when you open it up you will be reminded that this is the amount that you pour in. also, you can take a sharpie you want, inexpensive bowl a make a line in your morning breakfa cereal bowl. if you do this most morning during the week you'll save 52,000 calories at the end of the year. >> wow. >> wits equivalent of literally a bathtub filled with cereal! >> wow. >> this is 390 cups. i'm going to puthe scooper in here just in case. >> just so we can see. >> can we get some milk, please. that's amazing. what happed to frank then? >> frank now has lost an additional 15 pounds hand now down a total of 23. his cholesterol is going down, his blood pressure is going down. he feels and looks amazing. >> i can't get over the bathtub with rasin bran, amazing. what's our final tip. so finally when it comes to mexican food, swap out your burrito@for a bowl because when you do this, you'll
8:20 am
calories from the oversized tortilla wrap and ask them fill it with all of your favorite goodies, the beans, the cheese, the salsa, the gawk, and go easy on rice so you're minimizing the rice and also losing the tortilla tortilla. >> did you put any dressing on that salad. >> there's salsa and gawk. >> whatever you put inside. >> i don't think you're going to find cauliflower rice on the menu. >> fair enough. >> but if you did this a few times each week with l lch or dinner when you order a burrito, go bowling, you'll save yourself at the end of the year 72,000 calories which is saving yourself the equivalent of, are you red for this, 440 standard tacos. >> wow. >> just from this one simple swap. >> i can't stop looking hat those tacos, that's amazing. >> and how does it work with frank? >> he's now lost a total of 43
8:21 am
and to put this in sper perspective. let's look at his before and after. going to bring that up. >> wow. >> out of shape hand unhealthy to start with. he's fit and fabulous and i think he looks younger. >> i do, and i love his outftf. >> feels terrific. >> show my start today takeaway for everybody is ptty straightforward, you want to minimize the-s can, want experiment with whole grains like quinoa and farro and brown rice and use that measuring cup to make sure that you're reigning in the portions. >> don't eat your cereal out of the bathtub. >> definitely not. >> the in case you've got a scooper. >> got a taker. >> carson, comeback, you've got to share. >> more on her cleanse and tips go to and coming up steals and deals. >> ice cube and kevin hart, wished you could have heard kevin's running commentary on that segment and he's been practicing his tease face and we'll talk about "ride along 2." >> that's terrible.
8:22 am
no, no, you can bring it now. >> hold, it man. >> no, he's frozen. good morning to you. i'm shelli muniz. >> i'm eric harry man. waking up to another cool start on your wednesday morning. our problem now is the cloud deck. it is very extensive. no a lot of sunshine making it through. eventually some pockets of sunshine will come in. 60, fort ladder detail. 61, miami. mostly cloudy if not overcome cast skies with spoena shine later. dry conditions at 72. here's kelly with trffic. happy wednesday. if you're waking your way out the door towards the golden glades interchange, 17th avenue, you will catch slowdowns on the approach to the gdi. no delays because of it.
8:23 am
take you over to i-95. broken down truck i-95 and griffin road. a crash at miramar parkway. thank you so much. one person is in custody after an early morning search in pembroke pines. billy hocaday was arrested. >> he was wanted for battery againsns an officer. we'll have another update in 25
8:24 am
>> s sy with us 8:30 now. it's wednesday morning, 13th of january, 2016 and it's a cold and chilly one in manhattan as we say hello to the folks who hung out here on the plaza this morning and we say thank you to them. >> coming up, we're going to spend a little time with kevin rt and ice cube. they are the stars of the first "ride along" movie that my son talked about forever. now they are back with "ride along 2" and we're going to spend some time.
8:25 am
>> kevin says that's the tease. >> look alive. >> also coming up, we're going to lighten up your diet while still showing your favorite this morning a healthier twist on a takeout favorite. >> all right. and everyone's got powerball fever with tonight's jackpot at $1.5 billion. coming up, don't want to burst your bubble but we'll use canned toe demonstrate the fraction of your chances. >> at least it's cannedy. weather. >> let's show you what we've got, first of all starting off, looking today at more snow and rain in the pacific northwest. lake-effect snow around the great lakes. windy conditions and snowy up through northern new england, sunshine and fairly mild through the gulf coast and very chilly in the plains and then for tomorrow we look for more cold air around the upp great lakes and the plains as well. that snow moves inland in the pacific northwest. storm system getting itself together in the gulf which may cause some problems for the northeast later this week and on into early next week and look
8:26 am
around from northeastern o a refreshingly cool start into the 8:00 hour. temperatures stuck in the upper 50s across broward county. 60 in fort lauderdale. 59, west kendall. temperatures in the 60s in the keys. a refreshing start to our morning. cloud cover remains an issue, though, leading into the afternoon hours. pockets of sunshine making it through. at least we will be dry today. mid-60s midd >> and that is your latest wegther. guys. >> all right, al. thank you very much. when ice cube and kevin hart teamed up for "ride along" the result was box office gold. now they are back together in "ride along 2." this too many rookie cop ben played by kevin hart is trying to become a detective like his future brother-in-law, and as you can see the pair is a little like oil and water.
8:27 am
trilogy, name them and make them. >> episode 4, epide 6, "empire strikes back." >> "empire strikes back." >> oh, my god, the ewoks. >> the ewoks are what made "star wars." >> so annoying. >> james, mayia, james realia. >> james, james, james. >> biggie small, is he slightly overrated? >> knows sir mix a lot. >> maya, maya, maya. >> james. >> shut up! >> ice cube and kevin hart, good morning. >> how y doing? >> let me sum up the plot of this. a top hollywood star throws the red carpet at the golden globes into chaos and creates a traffic jam because he forgot his tickets to the golden globe and has to run after the limo down the road. does that sound familiar? >> a very true story. >> we watched it. the good news is i had shoes on with no socks so it was easy to slide to my car. >> funny to watch you running after your limo.
8:28 am
>> my tickets, my tickets. >> let'salk about what you guys have already done to promote this move, okay. driven with a student driver and smoked marijuana with her. >> allegedly. >> allegedly. >> showed up on the program "the bachelor" and jumped into a hot tub with him and one of his dates. >> that happened. >> yeah, that happened. >> in the nude. >> in the nude. >> with some nasty water. >> did a ride along with al roker in miami. >> al, thank you, al. man, thahas for taking us to that spot. >> we didn't know al knew our spots. >> where is al's spot? >> al took to us a strip club. al, first of all, al had aut $700 in ones. i've never -- i'm like where did you get all these ones, bro. >> when i'm in miami, i just hold it down. >> anything you wouldn't do to promote this movie? >> no, man. i think we have a great movie on our hands, you know. we wanted to go bigger and
8:29 am
action and i think we over -- we outdid ourselves, is it safe to say that, cube? >> we had to go big, to go better. that's what people expect. taking it to miami, you goeng the ante with kim jong and olivia munn. had to go bigger. >> being completely serious, the chemistry you two have on screen is perfect. >> thank you, man. >> it's amazing. last time you were year kevin admitted when he started working with you it was love at first sight. >> yeah. >> you had trouble saying the word love back to kevin. >> yeah. >> have you done some work on this? >> i still can't get it out. >> who can love a face like that. got to be a mother to love a face like that. >> say it. the people want to hear you say interest? >> kevin. >> i -- >> shut up. >> kevin. >> say it. >> i love you, look at that. i love you. i love you.
8:30 am
>> just say i love you. >> take his hand. >> come on, man, it's like -- come on, best friends. i don't understand. it's t tgh love. it's love. >> you love him. >> there's so much love in this guy. >> there's so much love. >> look at that face right there. look at 9 emotion. look it, yeah, look at it the that's the`laugh face. >> that's all love here. >> i love you too, cube. >> we're going to play a bowl. this is a fishbowl called things i've done and no idea what the question. >> if you've got a question about miami w wh al i'm not answering it. >> look at him. >> he's got his ones. >> take a piece of paper out and say whether yes you have done this or no you have not done this. >> let me see. >> go ahead. what does it say? >> cried yourself to sleep. >> ah, honestly, to sleep, but i woke up because i was still crying. no. there was once upon a time where
8:31 am
a sex symbol that i am today, and i did cry myself to sleep one time, yes. it hurt that bad. >> but you got the last laugh. >> more than that, who's laughing now, keisha? >> huh? >> oh, this is an easy one. fell asleep in class. >> yes, drool down the mouth. >> >> cheated on a test. >> yeah. i'll take it a step further, not only did i cheat, i became so good at it to where i used to make it look like i was tapping my guy who used to sit in front of me, hey, man, good luck with my test and i would put my answers on his back and that way it would look like he cheated, not me. >> went skinny dipping. >> we don't need too know that. >> the world wants to know.
8:32 am
>> the world wants to know. yes. raw, in the buff. >> you want to see more of this kind of thing, check out "ride along 2" from our sister company universal. it opens friday. >> friday. >> yay, yay. >> go seat movie in theaters friday. do not want to miss it, bigger, better, sexier. >> up next, one of the hottest new names in music, jenna bush hager catches with grammy nominee tori kelly.
8:33 am
>> 110, her name was 8:40 now. we're back with a woman to watch in the music world. >> that's right. tori kelly exploded on to the scene last year. up for a grammy for best new artist and "today's" jenna bush hager caught up with her in nashville. got an unbreakable smile
8:34 am
tori kelly, you will soon will. that don't mean i'm living in a bubble >> armed with only her guitar and powerful voice the 23-year-old performed tuesday night. i'm still the same >> it's likely that most of these fans first heard tori's music online. that's all i think about >> a modern day demo tape the singer posted this youtube video and it's been viewed more than 24 million times. >> the first time i felt like, wow, people aren't just interested in what i have to say. >> but success hasn't come overnight. >> we've been working at this for a decade or more. >> yeah. >> does that make it even more gratifying? >> i think it does. i just think back on all the times i was really down and, you know, got rejected from like every single label.
8:35 am
the negative stuff that happened in the past. >> growing up in southern california, music is in her blood. >> i didn't realize until around kindergarten that, you know, when i actually went to school oh, kids don't just like sing all day. >> that little girl has come a long way. call me boring, call me cookie cutter >> winning the billboard breakthrough artist of the year award, heading out on a tour and scoring a grammy nomination for best new artist. >> someone asked me the other day how do you top last year? you don't. you don't top it. you keep it moving. that's not even like about the list of achievements that you've done. it's about like the people you meet along the way and the stories you have to tell and the experience. >> so you're enjoying the ride? >> oh, yeah, enjoying all of it. >> even though it took tori a while to get here, this small town girl is enjoying life in the bright lights, one performance at a time.
8:36 am
focused on why i love music so focused on why i love music so much. my first show was 50 people. that was like, okay, i am cool doing this for the rest of my life, like i just want to write my songs and perform them and everything else will happen or not happen just a california girl with bigg dreams >> for "today," jenna bush hager, nashville. >> i saw her perform live. >> she's fantastic. >> amazing voice. just ahead, good food and it won't ruin your diet. how to lighten up a takeout
8:37 am
"today" on nbc. today's food is brought to you by country crock, real taste from real ingredients. welcome to country crock. we're back. it's 8:45. time for "today" food. all week we're making your food a little lighter so we don't wreck your diet..
8:38 am
love to see you. >> love s sing you. >> what are we makeing? >> crispy vegetable and sun rolls. my grandma used to make this in the philippines. >> what's on the ingredient grid? >> mango, papaya, garlics, onion, shrimp, cabbage, carrot, celery, eggs, tumeric and all sort of wonderful things, especially fish sauce that we're using today and it's new. first we have to make the crepes is my favorite part. >> i feel a little intimidated by it. >> mix up the flour, salt, and a little corn starch. i'll put in the sparkling water. >> why sparkling water. >> it makes it a little fluffier. use regular water by the way but that's kind of like a little trick of the trade and here are some eggs. you're doing really well. >> i've whisked before sfla. >> a little pinch of tumeric and it will end up like this. a lot lighter thanou usual kind of batter. >> we have all the freaks downstairs at the tasting table. >> what, what?
8:39 am
>> look who is here, brooke shields. >> hi, brooke. >> of course brooke shields is there, that's amazing. >> are we going to eat them with a knife and new york. >> knife and fork or fingers. >>well, fingers traditionally but you can always use a knife and new york as well. it's up to you. we'll make the crepes and we'll do so in a very special way. you'll tilt the ban so that the batter gets evenly distributed throughout to make a nice balanced crepe. >> did you put a little cooking spray on in a? >> i did. i had a lot and the as soon as you see the edges pop up like that, that's key and that's when you flip it over. >> and when you're done you'll put wax paper out to lay them out on so they don't stick, okay. >> and then we get to make the@ insides. shrimp, we cooked off four to five minutes, salt and pepper, in the same pan, onions, stir these around and we'll add garlic, some leeks. >> smells good.
8:40 am
>> this is going to be crunchy, can you tell. soften it up a little bit but not too much, and while you're doing that, i need you to keep spreading that around. we'll work with fish sauce. incredibly savory, awesome to season with. >> is it hard to find fish sauce? >> it's popular in southeast asia but now in america people are starting to flavor with it a ton. okay. you're ready and perfect for the rest rast vegegebles. >> this is so healthy. >> i know that's the point. >here's the thing, it's hardy and papaya and mango, nice and sweet. stir this around for four to five minutes and then with all the sweetness we'll add the savory pororon of fish sauce and then we're ready to go. >> the fish sauce ithe last thing and cook it a little longer. >> the flavor that's savory. then we put it in a colander. >> lay out a piece of lettuce.
8:41 am
scoop of vegetables. >> don't be stingy. >> oh, my god, yours is really big and take as many shrimp as you like, three or four with this size crepes. >> can i get a verdict from downstairs >> great bold flavors. >> i like it because it's healthy. >> a little spicy, too, which i love. >> nice. >> and then you just sort of roll it will into a little roll. >> you're doing taco style and i'm doing a little burrito. >> oh, there she goes. that's totally okay, too. garlic and soy, peanut sauces. >> i was supposed to go for it. >> you can go for it and do whatever you want. with the ingredients, mix and mingle different ingredients in. >> what sauce is that? >> a little garlic and soy and a peanut sauce which is really wonderful. >> you have a mouthful. >> recipe is on billy deck, thank you.
8:42 am
instagram account all day so follow. >> we will.
8:43 am
first this is we are back now withh a little help for families all across the country coping with cancer, and it's giving them a break from the battle. >> kerry sanders has that story. >> crazy eyes. >> reporter: the wilkinson family. >> that's a good one.
8:44 am
four-day vacation in chicago, making memories that have nothing to do with kristen's four-year battle with cancer. >> me in a carriage. >> rorter: alissa with younger sister jena and their dad jack and mom, enjoying life the way it was before. for just a few days on this vacation the reality that comes with the stage 4 diagnosis was to sigh. >> there's not a day that goes by that i don't think about having cancer or what our future is going to hold. >> reporter: and the moment you were all in chicago, were you worried? >> no, nope. we were just the wilkinsons and we got to be giddy and we got to laugh. >> i feel like a princess. >> reporter: a family making memories instead of living the dread they have faced for the last four years. >> everyone has that like one wish that they like wish, and
8:45 am
back four years and this weekend took it away. >> one of the neatest things for me, too, is just to be able to have those memories and focus on those memories instead of how bad it hurts and how scared i am. >> there is her favorite shot. >> reporter: this family knows what it means to take a vacation from cancerer five years ago they went to orlando. terry passed away two months later. >> it seems almost like every time we go to the coffee table, the photo album is right there, and we'll pick it up and we'll look at it ande'll sit and laugh and talk about all the things we did there, just magical things. >> reporter: it's in that moment that you realize thatt a vacation was so much more? >> definitely. >> reporter: jack and jail late stage fouation made the family possible for thousands of young families with kids over the past ten years.
8:46 am
together. the most measurable impact is the family's reaction. their sheer joy, their gratitude, their relief. >> to give my children those memories not knowing what the future hold for us is priceless. >> reporter: and in the battle against cancer time with family a treasure. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, sun prairie, wisconsin. >> such a great organization, and every one of those trips, the jack and jill trips is free, paid for by donations. for sure. hour? >> brooke shields will be joining us, and it will be kind of fun. we'll be looking at powerball. again. he's got more. >> we'll hear more about your
8:47 am
>> you know, kevin, all of a 8:56. a cool start to our morning. temperatures held in check across the board in the lower 60s. we'll say 60, 61. steady in the upper 50s, lower 60s because of all that cloud cover. it will be slow to break. temperatures with a decent drive. up to 72 today. enjoy the dry weather today.
8:48 am
here's kelly with the traffic alert i-95 southbound, pembroke road, a crash with injuries causing a mess. three lanes completely blocked off. traffic getting by the left-hand side. let's take you to the maps so you can see how slow things are going. traffic is moving at 13 miles
8:49 am
we have slowdowns as you can this morning on "today's take" the hysterical kevin hart is here taking us on a wild ride in his new movie. then we'll try out our camel spin with olympic gold medalist dorothy hamill and our good friend brooke shields joins the fun as our special guest co-host. all that and more coming up next. >> announcer: from nbc nusews this is requests today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tomorrow ron half. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> a camel spin or a hamill spin. >> i've never seen a camel on ice spinning. >> after dorothy spin they should call it a hamill spin. welcome to "today," it's
8:50 am
2016, i'm willie along with al and natalie and tamron out here and look who is here, the great and the lovely brooke shields. >> this is your morning jam, a little flo raine maida "good feeling." >> we'll be skating a little late we are dorothy hamill. >> how are you feeling about that? >> i'm not a good skater and was going to come in completely decked out. i thought it would be funny to -- >> i bet we've got some stuff in the back. >> i'm sure. >> you had wrist surgery? >> i had carpal tunnel. >> people are always asking why, how do you get it? my husband is -- that's been my husband's response. >> typing and -- >> 9:01-45. >> but you're completely healed
8:51 am
>> i'm completely healed now. it was like the day after -- hi no -- my hands were really numb, and when i was pregnant with rowan it was very bad and then it -- after writing my book it was -- it was so exacerbated i couldn't feel and i didid nerve damage. like if you don't address it you can actually do nerve damage. the nerves will regenerate but the feeling from -- can sleep through the night. it was amazingly miraculously better. >> did them both at the same time. >> i didn't have time. >> get them done. >> a lot to talk to you about. got a movie right now coming out, going to ice skate and talk about the powerball. >> powerball. >> so much to get to. let's start though with president obama and his state of the union address last night. he spoke about the country's strength. he said isis will learn the same lessons as terrorists before them. >> that's pretty bold. >> if you doubt america's commitment or mine to see that
8:52 am
bin laden. ask -- ask the leader of al qaeda in yemen who was taken out last year or the perpetrator of the benghazi attack who sits in a prison cell. when you come after our americans we go after you and it takes time and we have memories and our reach has no limit. >> inspiring some people in the room but not the one gentleman on the -- >> unhappy. >> and i think it was kind of a dare. i'm going to look like this until you go away. >> sounds a little bit from george w. bush the swagger. ask osama bin laden. the president also took a bit of a veiled shot hat the republican field, especially at donald trump. >> when politicians insult
8:53 am
fellow citizens, when a mosque is vandalized or a kid is called names, that doesn't make us safer, that's not telling -- telling it like it is. it's just wrong. it diminishes us in the eyes of the world. it makes it harder to achieve our goals t.betrays who we are as a country. >> as part of that the president said one of his big regrets when he leaves office in a year is he actually couldn't do what he said that he hoped to do when he entereded is change the dialogue in washington and colee down the temperature and change the rhetoric and he admitted it's worse than it was. >> congress is more divisive and not less and that's what he had hoped to leave with. >> as he walked out of that chamber he did turn around one final time to kind of say good-bye.
8:54 am
that's kind of cool. >> that's sweet though, a human moment, really taking it in and realizing the magnitude of what he's been through. second inaugural. >> in the hall of statues. >> right. >> and just kind of pausesored there.@ time. there was some other stuff aside@ from what the president was. speaker paul ryan sitng behind the president for the state of time. really. >> held it together. >> he actually showed some nice moments with joe biden. >> with biden, definitely. >> it was actually kind of nice. >> they turned to each oh, chatting a little bit during it. >> michelle obama signature up in the balcony next to a vacant seat left there by the president to honor the victims of gun violence in the united states of america, and a lot of people also, i'm told, are talking about her yellow dress. >> yes. >> that's a good one. >> that's a good one and she makes everything she wears just look beautiful. >> look at how the color stands
8:55 am
>> and dr. biden as well. >> all right. >> powerball. >> moeshl. >> whose are these, by the way? >> not ours. i was specifically told they are not yours. do not take them. >> possession is 9/10 of the law, and may i say there are no initials on any of these. >> mine says take. >> take. >> no initials. >> i win. i'm on the take. >> that means take. >> we're taking them right now. >> 1.5 billion the drawing. that's at 10:59 p.m. odds of winning, 290 million to 1 or 1 to 290 million. >> that's not good. >> hand how much you win will depend on where you live because of state taxes. according to website the winner in new york would
8:56 am
the ten states in green have no tax on lottery prizes so those you'd win about 697 million, if you live in california, for example. got some advice for dallas mavericks owner mark cuban. he says don't take the lump sum. >> yeah. >> get a tax attorney. >> we're told it's an annuity and if you died the pments stop and that's not true. they still have to pay it out. tell all your friends and relatives ahead of time no, because they will ask. tell them no. no one needs $1 million for anything. tell them no. a professor told "usa today" the chances of picking the right combination of numbers is like taking a coin and flipping and getting heads 28 times in a row. right there. i think -- >> it could happen. >> but to give you an idea, bert idea of 1 in 290 million. >> where are you going, al. >> we're going to come over here.
8:57 am
m & ms in our studio so we have 290,000 original m & ms. our friends at m & ms personalized one blue m & m with the word wner on it so there's -- they do this with my m & m's and i'm kind to hide this in one of our columns and our friend jill is going to try and find -- >> that didn't work out as well as i thought. try to find the m & ms. >> i sort of hear where you are and i just felt one on my foot. >> take your blindfold off, ji. >> haven't been blindfolded in a while. >> whoa. >> imagine this times 1,000. you've got to find the blue m & m. >> i feel really good about it though i know someone who won the lottery so i feel like my
8:58 am
>> startooking for the m & m. >> four lucky pennies i found this week, i feel really good about this. >> okay. not on the floor. >> all righty. here we go. while jill is doing that. i'm doing weather now, let take a look and show you what's going on as far as the weather is concerned. >> lake-effect snow coming across from lake ontario from rochester and b bk to oswego and dylan dreyer is in the blue mobile driving along i-81 from cicero towards syracuse. she says she's seen up to 7 inches of snow. we'll continue to track this. look near watertown. upwards of 2 feet or more, between dunkirk and buffalo, we could see about a foot of snow. we're also looking at cold temperatures. it's still cold. right now it feels like 8 below in new york city, 12 below in washington, d.c. and 14 below in pittsburgh and 3 below in boston, and look at this, though. you get a moderating trend.
8:59 am
into the 40s and 50s as you head to the south. another big storm moving its way into the pacific northwest and northern california. that's going to bring heavy rain, not so much today but by tomorrow we are looking at in northern california,, southern oregon, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain. could be upwards of 7. snowfall-wise going to see more snow in the sierra and also back into the rockies. good news for the snow pack. that's what's going on around the it's been a cloudy and cool start to our wednesday morning. breaks in the clouds later. in the meantime, cloud deck extends to the southeastern gulf waters. we'll see a break or two later today. cloudy, cool conditions. in the 9:00 hour, lower 60s across the two on-county area.
9:00 am
lower 70s pending sunshine. >> you don't have to eat them, jill. you just have to find them. >> i don't exactly how that works. >> brooke is an ivy leaguer and just explaining to me that it's not a perfect statistical comparison perhaps to winning the lottery to pawing through m & ms to find a blue one. >> there was one but it looks great. >> our producers thought it was a great idea and i'm going with our producer. >> especially since they gave up the lottery tickets. >> that was very nice. >> like in you put everybody's name, all 290 million names of every person in a big ball or whatever you'd have a better chance picking obama's name than you would wing the lottery. >> and where are we going to get that bowl. >> it's a big bowl. >> people that gave us thos >> up next, how pumped are we. kevin hart is here riding with ice cube and the buddy cop.
9:01 am
>> a little different stance for this one. i like it. we'll be hanging out with one of the most popular comedians on the planet next. meet tim mahoney. tim thinks you need to be some sort of mastermind to do your own taxes. so we flew in mastermind george smoot to help him. ok, what does it say there? it says, "did you buy a home?" did you buy a home? yes. well then, press there. (cellphone tone) ok. thanks.
9:02 am
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9:04 am
stuck on an average network? join verizon and we'll cover your costs to switch. the world loved the first movie as it made more than $150 >> world wide. >> the guys are now back for another one in "ride along 2." >> kevin hart plays an atlanta pd rook who reluctantly heads to miami to solve a crime with his ture brother-in-law, detective played by ice cube. >> when the two get together, as you might imagine, if you saw the first one, it's like mixing >> all right. >> what have you got?
9:05 am
go, go. >> what you got for me? >> i tried to get into this, and it fried my computer, it's like it's got acid for blood. >> aliens. >> mm-hmm. >> i've never seen a device locked this tight. someone encrypted this to a level we can't crack. >> hackers. >> freelance hackers, we should make a hacker a fraccer. >> no. >> kevin, goog to see you. >> good to see you, man. this is for y'all. this is from me to y'all. >> oh, thank you. >> you nailed it. >> you were fantastic. you got -- not just you, you got benjamin bratt and kim jong and olivia money. >> how much fun was this movie? >> i don't think you can put a level at it the or on it. we wanted to go bigger, better, sexierernd i think we did that. >> who brought the sexier? >> me. >> of course.
9:06 am
you do know that. i am a model. >> you are a model. >> saw you at the globes. i saw you in that tux >> you saw me, whole posture, everything about me says model. can we getpush in on this. >> that's a model face. >> i'm giving you guys like all evything i have. this is literally it for me, markings and i gave this and more in "ride along 2," so much more >> you and cube are so good together as you were in the first movie. i gre up on nwa so i have this vision of who ice cube is and what he's really like. is there a soft side underneath ice cube? >> yeah. cube -- cube just doesn't smile so because of his demeanor people assume that cube's an angry person. he's a gentle giant. honestly one of my closest friends.
9:07 am
is just as good off camera and i think that's why our movies have gotten to where they are now and in "ride along 2" you can see the relationship is genuine and that we've progressed and i think that's what you need in any movie, any sequel. you want to get bigger and want to get bert and cube and my dynamic has definitely done that >> you can't pretend that. it either happens or it doesn't. >> yeah. >> and the two of you together are this perfect balance. >> it's a perfect duo! see how my voice got high. it's a perfect duo. that's what it is. right now for our generation, this type of mowy is needed, you know. the buddy cop film, it definitely fell off for a minute and "21 and 22 jump street" brought it back and cube along and myself did it in "ride along" and "ride along 2." >> the there's a lot of driving in this move. are you a good driver? >> absolutely not. >> really? >> i'm the guy that rushes to go nowhere. i'm that guy.
9:08 am
miles an hour, stop. another stop sign. stop. i'm that guy. >> passengers love it, too. >> they hate it. >> my fiancee can't stand being in the car and i do too much, another reason why i don't like driving. i'm the guys, i want to talk and change the radio and i want to grab your seat belt and i want to tell you something. i saw something back here. too much. that shouldn't be allowed on the road. i'll going to be honest with you. >> you're getting married. >> yes, i am. >> and are you involved like your character is in the planning of this? >> absolutely not. i want nothing to do with this wedding, nothing. >> wow. >> nothing. >> you just want to show up. >> i just want to show up. >> showing up. i don't -- the minute as a man -- the minute that you go well i feel you open yourself up to all of those questions. i don't want those questions. i don't want to participate. ail want is a buffalo wing after i say i do and i want to have a nice party. that's all i want to do. >> perfect. >> no, no, no. >> did you pick oet the ring herself.
9:09 am
>> remember, you're a supporting actor. >> it's not your day. >> i'm actually thinking about going pants, no shirt. >> wow, that's a bold move. >> tux jacket, no shirt, pants. >> wow. >> and just kind of like you want section, i gave it to you. that's how i feel. i feel like, look this, chocolate is in the fridge w. i'm locking it up so let me show you what you got. >> i'm a modeln >> i've got to give all these people a taste of what you got, baby. chocolate is locked up. >> might be lonely hat that altar. >> hey, man, my walk up is going to be vicious. >> they will remember that. >> want to get up there just for a little while with a pistol and a whip. >> you might want to be a fly on the wall. i'm thinking about teets rolling to the altar. >> i don't even knowhat that means. >> it's a dance, al. >> what we did at the strip club. >> right. >> even i know what it is. >> you weren't going to tell anybody.
9:10 am
"ride along 2" from our sister universal pictures opens on friday. when with reshowing our ride along, tomorrow. >> wait until you see al twerk, crazy. never seen anything like it. i can't wait. >> in fact, you'll need your glass of wine after that. how to order wine like a pro and jill still searching for the blue m & m, will she find it. >> look, i found a james drove his rav4 hybrid, unaware death was lurking... what? he was challenged by a team of lumberjacks. let's do this. he would drive them to hard knocks canyon where he would risk bren legs, losing limbs and slipping and dying. not lping. but death would have to wait. james left with newfound knowledge, a man's gratitude... and his shirt. the all-new rav4 hybrid. how far will you take it?
9:11 am
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9:14 am
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good wednesday morning to you. i'm shelli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. we have been talking about it the last couple days. on your wednesday morning, waking up to cool temperatures. >> grab your sweater as you head out the door. meteorologist ryan phillips is here. >> the cld deck rather thick here. very high overcast. holding back your sunshine. no rain in sight for today's forecast. a few gaps in the clouds so far this morning. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in check at about 61 in fort lauderdale as well as miami. with a little bit of afternoon sunshine we would push the temperatures up into the lower 70s. dry day today. rains for us tomorrow. >> south is florida, let's take
9:16 am
have had for 45 minutes. three lanes blocked on i-95 southbound after pembroke road. you can see a couple lanes are still blocked, still causing some delays. a couple of lanesetting by. emergency crews still on the scene. we'll show you traffic moving at 15 miles per hour. delays start at hollywood boulevard. crash i-95 northbound to the 836 westbound ramp. kelly, thank you so much. police trying to figure out how
9:17 am
hold of a gun and took taking a look at the headlines, there's encouraging news about organ transplants. a new r rort from the united network for organ sharing says the number of organ transplants performed in the u.s. last year exceeded 30,000 for the first time ever. the group calls the milestone a testament to the generosity of the american public in helping others through organ donation. more than 120,000 people are currently awaiting life-saving transplants in the u.s. researchers are offering new advise to couples who suffer a miscarriage early in pregnancy. currently those couples are often advised to wait at least three months before trying again. now a new government study fund that women who try to conceive soon remember more likely to become pregnant without added complications than those who waited three or more months. the study was published in the
9:18 am
gynecology." the obamadministration will push the production of self-dving cars. carmakers and tech companies want the rules of the roa clarified partly because of concerns over lawsuits and potential accidents involving cars that drive themselves. pro football is moving back to l.a. on tuesday nfl owners voted overwhelmingly to move the st. louis rams to the -- to l.a., a city the rams had called home for almost 50 years. the%rams are expected to play in the l.a. coliseum for about three years until the new stadium can be built. the san diego chargers have an option to join the rams in los angeles. if they stay in san diego, then the oakland raiders would have the choice to relocate to l.a. and some very different youngsters are being raised as sisters in new jersey. a sichuan tiger cub and african lion cub have become best buddies. norm lit two would never meet in the wild and they did meet at six flags great adventure.
9:19 am
november their mothers refused to care for them and vets stepped in and are raising them together. so far so good and so cute. >> very sweet. speaking of sweet, jill is still trying to find the blue m & m. >> is it in your pocket? >> i do -- i did put it in one of these canisters. >> do you promise. >> pinky swear. >> i'l take it. i'll trust you. let's show you what we've got going on weather-wise. take we've got lake-effect snow from the great lakes all the way into northern new england and we're there looking at decent winter weather. beautiful weather through the gulf coast, showers in southern and northern texas. high surf advisories along the southern california coast. for tomorrow that snow moves inland in the pacific northwest. we're watching a storm system that may be getting itself together in the gulf and may traverse along the eastern seaboard. could we see a nor'easter next week?
9:20 am
it's been a cloudy and cool start to our wednesday morning. at least we're dry. i do think we will see breaks later on this afternoon. in the meantime, the cloud deck extends all the way to the southeastern gulf waters. we will see a break or two later on today. cloudy, cool conditions. into the 9:00 hour. lower 60s across the two-county area. on our way to the lower 70s pending sunshine. enjoy it, though. pand these your latest weather. >> thanks a lot. when she's not co-hosting with us or being a great mom and wife or modeling or being a businesswoman or generally an international icon brooke shields is acting. >> brooke produced and stars and stars in a new movie "flower shop mystery, mums the word." she plays a flower shop owner who is convinced she makes a pretty good detective. check it out. >> did you know that the lead detective on the murder case
9:21 am
>> i did actually. >> did you knoww the i.d. of the victim? >> yeah. >> really. >> did you know his name? >> billy ryan. >> right, when did that happen? >> this morning. i think i won that round, didn't i. i think i'm going to like this game. >> very nice. >> actually a lot funni than -- >> so is this show. >> this is like an old school who dunn did, right? >> a very "murder she wrote." i say thaha with the utmost respect. >> people loved that show. >> they love it. >> and especially if a time like this. it's actually really fun to be part of something that's entertaining. we kill people. just don't show a lot of bad. >> it is the hallmark. >> the mystery movie channel which is a separate channel and they do these movies from a series of books. kay collins ip the woman who
9:22 am
incredible following. it's amazing to see all of her fans, and they are very -- wait until you get to the dearly depotted. >> oh. >> nipped in the bud. >> ooh. >> wow. >> there's so much fun. >> and beau bridges plays your dad. >> he's my dad, yeah, and we really made it comical. my character was a lawyer. she moves back home to be closer to her dad. her husband has passed abdoulaye wade and to be closero her daughter but she watches "columbo," "murder she wrote" and "magnum p.i."and likes to take her detective things seriously. when she goes on a stakeout she takes all her stuff. >> she's convivied herself. >> but she's not. >> i love what you said you've got two beautiful young girls, your daughters, you wanted to produce and star in something they could watch. >> and it's really been rewarding for me to do that and it's first time i'm executive producing.
9:23 am
know i can say lot, and it gives me a sense of really the business side of it which has been fascinating to learn but my daughters, my youer one has already seen it twice. she likes giving me notes but it is nice, really, there's so much that i can't watch with them. it's nice to have something that we can share together, and it' funny. it's a little scary. >> so you have a little game you're going to play. >> show there's so many different wild name for flowers so it's a little game that we call flower or power. i'm going to name a name and you'll tell me if it's a superhero or flower. first one is hyperion. >> that is as flower. >> yeah, flower. >> it is a superhero, an extended member of the avenger squadron. >> very extended. >> like gummo of the marx
9:24 am
>> hleibore. >> superhero power. >> that is flower. >> also known as the winter rose. >> starfire. >> that's a supeower. >> the two of it you. >> it's a superhero. >> it's one of the teen titans known for her bright green energy projection. >> one more. >> speedwell. >> flower. >> that's a flower. >> that's a flower. also known as veronica bird's eye or gypsy weed. >> i think i did pretty well. >> green thumb over here. >> definitely sglrlt flower shot mystery mums the woror premiers this sunday on the hlmark mystery channel. coming up, time for wine. need i say the citi double cash card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when yououuy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later.
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i guess i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not
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it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even "turkey jerks."
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[butcher] i'm sorry! (burke) covered march fourth,2014. talk to farmers. we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ever been handed a wine list at a restaurant and broken into a sweat over all the options? you'll want to pay attention right now. natalie and i sat down with the host of cnbc's "restaurant startup why the "for a lesson on ordering the perfect glass or bottle. >> joe, great to see you, man. >> thank you, thank you for having me. >> for people who are just tuning in, haven't caught the first two seasons, a little "shark tank". >> it's about finding restaurant talent. >> when are you looking for? >> you're looking for talent and people passionate about the restaurant business and also
9:29 am
we're looking for people who can bring an opportunity to help us invest and make money >> gavin, please, serving us some wine. >> always uncomfortable at the table when you want to select something in a price range but you don't want to state nothing under $50. >> when we're dying and i go to gavin, i'd like to have a wine something in this range and i point to the price and the wine doesn't have to be that wine, just that price he understands that i'm looking for something in the $50 range, that can be $40 to 60, already communicated. >> that way you don't know what i've done. r> el cheapo. >> gavin, where's the wine, buddy? >> okay. we love this choice. >> this is be a sauvignon blanc. >> don't hold the blass by the -- >> come on. >> down here. >> you want to --
9:30 am
>> you want to keep the glass on the table and pour. >> why is that? >> because there's no reason foror him to touch your glass. your glass is your glass and when you touch a wine glass you touch it by the them. >> when you do order. >> i always -- i always order by the bottle. not by the glass. >> that's generally a good idea. >> by the bottle. >> how do you know when to make that call? >> if three of us are out for dinner in the general restauranan world, a pour is 25% of a bottle so there's four real glasses of wine in a bottle. us three are out for dinner definitely should get a bottle. the markup on wine by the glasses is higher tha the wine by the bottle. >> you touched our glass again. >> what is he doing? >> i thought maybe you would like to try another kind. >> i thought you would like to try anonoer kind. >> if you were on restaurant star, you would not get an investment. >> gavin has broken the rule.
9:31 am
of wine, like 18 bucks. barbara is an indigenous variety,ing go to something that's from a place where only that place -- only that grape grows. >> that's like 15 to 18. >> really good wine. >> a lot of people go in the restaurant and say give meet house wine and whatever the pinot. >> that's a misneighboring. >> how come?? >> because generally the house wine like a real restaurant, house wine is just saying we're really not thinking about what we want to give you, so a restaurant, you know, you go to has three to four glasses of wine by the glass so you would talk to the manager, try to find person in the manager who cares about wine, who buys the wine, who is passionate about it because people who are passionate about wine want to give you good wine. >> there's a -- >> you can watch season three of "restaurant startup" tonight at
9:32 am
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look, i'm in an american icon sandwich. i've got@ brooke shields and dorothy hamill. dorothy was only 19 years old when she won the gold medal at the 1976 winter games in austria. >> and dorothy's style captivated audiences, iluding her signature spin the hamill camel,and, of course, who can forget her wonderful hairstyle the bob and she sparked an entire movement. >> absolutely. >> we thought hon the 40th anniversary of that gold medal we'd catch up with dorothy. so good to see you. >> hi there. so good to see you both. >> thank you. we have some mutl hairstyle friends. go way back. >> you guys can pick that up later, the hair. >> when you that's it's been 40 years since that iconiclism whiks you were thrust into international superstardom. what did you think? >> such a new time, 19, i knew nothing other than skating and
9:37 am
fishbowl and ice capade and i'd never given a press conference. it's a whole different world now. i can'telieve it. it was like another lifetime. but you were such -- >> we're in love with you. we wanted to look like you and have your hair and your talents. i mean, it was -- it was also a sweet time, you know. we were able to -- simple. it was simpler i think than it is now. >> becau we were sort of were in the same era, yeah. >> and we were still trying. >> but it is. it's something that happened so fast but you had such a wonderful talent. >> thank you, thank you. >> it was fun. >> where do you keep the gold medal, i always like to know. >> that's in a little safe in my house. we moved a couple years ago so i haven't really done anything with it. i think i've got to the do something now at this point. >> you have to look at it. >> winning a gold medal was hard. try training the two of us. this is not going to be pretty.
9:38 am
what are we doing here. >> i can stand on the rug. >> okay. >> we're going to do o e swizle like brooke was doing. >> bend your knees, heels together, toes together. >> of course it's going to happen. >> that's it. i need to get a little straight. >> that's a swizle. >> that's right, excellent. so let's skate around the corner and we'll go towards them, okay. >> request, brooke. >> brooke, can you -- >> who wants to do this. >> arabesque. >> go two feet. >> yay, you got it. >> i saw you do it with merrill. >> i think merrill did that. >> i've got the arms. >> i've got the arms. >> you want to do spins. >> we'll do one of these. >> put your heels together..
9:39 am
own. >> i like this because i don't have to do anything. >> let me try that with you. >> a little motion sickness. >> yeah, it is dizzy. >> look at this. >> you can do it. it's beautiful. >> that's good. >> that's it. >> she nailed it. >> dorothy hamill, so great to see you. >> 40 years. it was worth every minute. >> it all came to this.
9:40 am
ready? >> all right. let's thank our good friends brooke shields. the movie is sunday night. >> yes. >> always good to see you. >> thank you. >> dorothy hamill, we apologize for disgracing your elegant and beautiful sport of figure skating. >> you're beautiful or you're hand some i should say. you're beautiful.
9:41 am
>> jill, what happened? >> yes. >> you made a mess. >> i knew it. i made a mess, but i found the blue m & m in the hundreds of thousands and it says winner. >> winner. >> which means what? >> which means i'm going to go buy lottery tickets. >> very nice. >> what have you got coming up? >> i think we should marry al, what do you think? don't you think? remember? >> jackpot. >> oh.
9:42 am
>> maybe not. good wednesday morning to you. >> i'm9:56. among your headlines, police are needing your help to try to find this duo. surveillance showing a violent attack and robbery at a south florida electronics store on 119th street. >> the dramatic video shows the thieves pistol whipping the store owner even after he gave them cash. alive. meteorologist ryan phillips with a look at that forecast. ryan? >> we are still working our way through the clouds up bove. sunshine into our skies. we hope the trend keeps keeps up into the afternoon hours. bottom line, mostly cloudy. on the cool side. now into the mid-60s with more sunshine this afternoon to about 72. dry today. as soon as tomorrow, shower chances return. final look at traffic with kelly. >> take a look at the traffic
9:43 am
three lanes blocked. only the right lane. emergency crews still on the scene. traffic starting to get by finally. take you over to our maps. we have a crash on i-95 northbound. this is as you try to approach 836 westbound. still completely blocked off. delays on 836 southbound approaching northwest 122nd street. >> kelly, thank you very much.
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