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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  January 13, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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is that over all right now, nbc 6 is everywhere. >> now at 11:00, south florida still feeling the chill. at least south florida style anyway. the cool down could be coming to an end. brian will have your first alert forecast 30 seconds away. >> plus a rude awakening for a neighborhood when a man on the run from a law makes a desperate dash for his freedom. >> also, an uber driver gets violent. >> today, your laa chance to get lucky. we're live with how americans are getting ready for the jackpot drawing. >> live, the news on nbc 6 south florida starts now. >> all right. we'll get started. here is a live look over downtown miami. south florida layering up for a third straight day. those much cooler temperatures
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thanks for being with us on this midday. >> meteorologist brian phillips has details on a possible warm up on the way. >> we have to get through this afternoon. those of you who have been out earlier this morning we have a chill in the air. our morng temperatures upper 50s, lower 60s. easily would have been a little bit cooler had the clouds actually lifted. they're still with us here as we approach midday. some of you seen the sunshine. driving temperatures at 69 with some sunshine. 68 fort lauderdale. 66 in miami. still some clouds. 63 in west kendall area. our first alert camera here looking back towards fort lauderdale. just a canopy of cloud cover up above. that was the north wind. if you're in the shade you're feeling the chill in the air. as we get through the afternoon hours we'll have more clouds passing by.
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and helping us out with sunshine. more clouds on the way. that should limit us into the lower 70s for highs today. wet weather and some warmer readings right around the corner. my full forecast in 15 minutes. >> thanks a lot, ryan. a new picture of a felon on the run from police he ran from detectives putting a quiet neighborhood on alert. michael has been covering the story this morning. you were there for the man hunt and the take down, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, police have identified the suspect has 25-year-old billy hockaday. we can she you a better picture of where police say he was found. they picked him up hiding in these bushes along a canal near his home. as you eluded to really made for quiet the wake up call for this neighborhood and neighbors living in this area.
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new information including new details about his charges which police say now include battery on an officer. >> it's a typically quiet great neighborhood. never any problems. >> the police say they were after this guy, 25-year-old billy hackaday. wanted on an outstanding warrant. investigators said he was stopped by an officer who recognized him as he walked a dog in the area of northwest 15th street and 77th way around 3:30 a.m. wednesday. he asked the officer if he could put his dog inside. the officer called for back up. they said he slammed the door on officers and bolted. >> i heard the glass break. >> this is billy's step dad. >> it woke me up. >> one officer was cut when he slammed the door. police set up a perimeter telling us to stay in our cars
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by hollywood police and the sheriff's office searched for him. the suspect's family watched from the street. >> it was tough. especially when you're my age. >> the man hunt ended when a k-9 found the 25-year-old hiding in bushes near this canal behind his home. police tell us he now faces several new charges including battery on an officer and resisting arrest with violence. >> she's a hard worker and he's recovering from a major surgery. i don't think they need something like this right now. >> reporter: timber pikes police tell us the suspect did get a couple of cuts on himself from when the k-9 caught him. he was taken to the hospital from there and from there he'll be taken to the jail. live, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> michael, thank you. now pictures showing the 10 american sailors released after being detained in iran. this is the pictures of the
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all because of a mistake. the pentagon says they were not hurt during their time in custody. two of the boats drifted into iranian territory and the incident raised a lot of tensions between iran and the united states ahead of a land mark nuclear deal. >> this afternoon president obama will visit a nebraska family's home to chat about the vision he laid out last night. republicans argue it's not much of a vision at all and they can't wait to share their own. for nbc 6, tracey is an capitol hill for a look at the speech and where the administration is headed. >> anyone claiming that bmerica's economy is in decline is telling fiction. >> even wherere millions still struggling, president obama says american's economy is strong. 14 million new jobs and the auto industry's best year.
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commitment or mine to see justice is done, just ask osama bin laden. >> he doubted the iran nuclear deal as a success but did not mention u.s. captured sailors just released this morning and slammed donald trump's idea on ban on muslims but not by name. >> we need to reject any policy, any policy that taets people because of race or religion. it's just wrong. >> south carolina governrn nikki haley's response criticized responses but admits her party contributes to washington's dysfunction. >> there's more than enough blame to go around. we as republicans need to own that. >> democrats saw the president'ss speech inspiring. republicans say it fell short. >> i heard the president's words. i wish we would convert to action that the president said. >> god bless the united states
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>> today the president leaves washington to spread his optimism to a divided nation. >> today in omaha president obama speaks at the university of nebraska before heading to baton rouge. two cities he's not visited since he's been in office. tracey pots, bc news washington. >> thanks a lot. hillary clinton calling out bernie sanders asking him to start talking dollars when it comes to how he would pay for his specific policy changes. she talked about her differences with sanders on the today show. >> one of the big ones as you're aware is on gun safety where senator sanders has been a pretty reliable vote for the gun lobby and i have been standing against them for a long time, voted against them when i was senator. >> clinton also criticized donald trump. she added she's not interested in responding to any personal attacks against her and her
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>> south florida is preparing for cuban migrants. a whole lot of them are on their way to united states from costa rica and mind you it's wave number one of likely quiet a few. nbc 6 cameras were there as they caught their flight from coast at that rica late last night. they'll catch their bus to mexico and make their way up on u.s. territory. the success, the first 180 is going to determine what happened for thousands of others who are still stuck in coast at that rica. the refugee is going to be on a east track to residency and a lot of them expected to head directly here to south florida. nbc 6 reporter is in costa rica right now. you can follow her coverage of this international story on facebook and twitter as well. her handle is @laura, nbc 6. new foryou, children of deported parents are making a trip to the nation's capitol to call for change. they're leaving mia
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hour from now. tomorrow they'll hold a vigil on the steps of the court hoping they can stop deportations they say are targeting parents with young kids born or here in the united states. >> right now, police on the hunt for a pair of crooks c cght on camera attacking a clerk. the surveilnce video shows a violent attack and robbery at a store on northwest 7th avenue and 119th streets. the democratic or rather the dramatic video shows the thieves pistol whipping the store owner even after he gave him the cash. >> right now, it's good and it's in the house and relaxed and waiting for their somebody can call the police to get these people to make the deal. >> the clerk says 's grateful to be alive. as he mentioned those violent crooks are still in iran. if you have any information that can help police call crime stoppers. >> later today friends and
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good-byby to a dad killed in broad daylight. hi funeral will be held at the new beginning church in miami gardens. he and his friend were gunned down last week by state road 9. somebody pulled up in a car and opened fire. his friend still recoffering and the shooter still on the run. if you have any information you think might help, call the police. >> water main break repaired in fort lauderdale causing roads to close later today. the westbound lanes of sunrise boulevard near gateway theater will be closed tonight starting at 9:00 from bay view drive. water service temporarily interrupted until tomorrow morning and a volunteer water will be in effect. still ahead, power ballfever. live to chicago with a count down of the historic draw.
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including this ahead for you as well. an uber driver goes on the attack. >> you're watching a littte bit of the result there. a female passenger said she was beaten so badly her jaw was broken and the reason is more baffling. >> and a convenient store robber gets quiet a surprise when an owner turn it is tables on him. baby. the words ugh. i really shouldn't. no, you know what? i should. and i will. i deserve this. i'm a bogo fiin', weekly ad flippin',
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now to new video right at the center of a lawsuit against uber. take a look. >> do me a favor. i'm going to ask you one more time to get out of this car and if i have to go over there and drag you out of the car a put you on the sidewalk, out now. >> something was going on but we don't know what. a los angeles woman sueue uber. it happened new year's eve. she says that the driver kicked her out of his car. when she asked why he snapped. she recorded it on her cell phone. >> he struck me in the face with his fist inside the car and out on the sidewalk after he knocked me to the curb. >> you can tell based on her mouth she's obviously still
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she ended up having reconstructive surgery because of what's happened. the driver has been suspended. the immigrant owner of a massachusetts convenient score saysyse's willing to fight for his slice of the american dream. a masked man looking to make quick cash seen leaping over the county. then he got quiet the surprise when the clerk your looking at reached for his weapon. that weapon turns out to be a butcher knife he had hidden under the cash register. >> a long island man behind bars after he tried to kidnap a baby. she told the man she was pushing a dead baby. he followed her home and tried to force hielf inside the house.
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lock the door all wle the man kept trying to take the baby saying give me the dead baby. >> my son is 6-years-old but it's a scary world. >> the man left and took the baby's stroller. he was arrested and obviously undergoing mental evaluations. >> the lines in a lot of convenient stores and gas stations are going to be really, really long. >> long. >> as they should be. millions of people all across the country are hoping six numbers change their life forever. >> that's right. it is power ball wedsday and there a record jackpot of more than a billion dollars up for grabs. jay gray getting a jump on the lines. he says that he has the winning ticket. we know we do. >> we know, jay.
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we know that's not true. a lot of people grabbing a chance at a billion dollars. >> power ball fever gripping the nation right now. >> this is historical and something you can't wrap your brain around. >> many do wrap their heads around what they would do with the money. >> big dreams. some practical. >> i have seven kids so college, number one. >> others generous. >> i'm confident in chicago with the people whose found the jobs. >> and still others looking to ore big. >> it's one of those things where you can buyan nfl team, fantasy is what you can do with it. >> you want to join the power ball? >> players are pulling their money to get in the game.
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social media post which says always buy into the office lottery pool. if they win you don't want to be broke and doing their work when they all quit. right now, the toughest job seems to be finding the right six numbers so you can take that permanent vacation. >> yeah, now that i think about it, maybe i should be in the pool with you guys so we can all get away when this is said and done. a lot of people here, everybody seems to be pretty generous. i guess it's easy to be nice and generous with your money when you got more than a bill. drawing later tonight. still time to get a ticket for now. i'm jay grayust out of chicago, nbc 6 news. >> we now have five tickets. >> yes, we're good to go. you know what i just saw that $2 billion is going to go up if no one wins tomorrow. >> incredible. all l ght. >> now, first alert weather.
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south florida's most accurate forecast. >> dry conditions. much better start to our day in terms of the sensible weather. cooler readings with us again. got a lot to talk about in our first alert forecast. dry wealther pattern going in our favor. this is not going to last all that long and i'll show you why momentarily. rain free despite the cloud cover. looks kind of dark at times. here's a live look where sky 10 brightened up as we go through morning hours. little bit of sunshine sneaking in from time to time. i've seen the last half hour a lot more bolts heading out there and heading out into the atlantic waters. we'll see how long they'll stay around because we got some sunshine peppered in at times to make it more inviting to get out. i think the clouds end up winning out here on this cooler than average wednesday forecast.
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more changes lining up as soon as tonight and that's for warmer temperatures and going to be back tomorrow. the weekend looks good. i think it's kind of a bumpy ride thursday and friday. for the rest of the afternoon some pockets of clearing on the satellite. we're seeing a blanket of cloud cover that extends deep into the gulf waters. enjoy the sunshine and we'll see cloud cover get thick at times. what's coming down the line? the radar picking up echos in the gulf waters. none of it reaching the ground. what we're going to look for is this cloud shield and the associated moisture with it to work its way towards the peninsula upping our rain chances tonight. current readings, 66 in miami and sunshine and winds generally
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here come the changes tonight the moisture continues to increase. tomorrow showers unfolding across the two county areas and all across the southern portions of the peninsula. winds turn off to the east and temperatures warm up. the humidity comes back leading into friday. friday afternoon we'll escape the rain chances. trying to escape the cloud afternoon. brighter skies for the lunch hour. mostly cloudy skies taking over. changes tonight. i think we'll be dry. it's tomorrow though. pick take your umbrella. humid and 82. showers and storms tomorrow. we do clear out and we'll have another cold front coming for the end of our long holiday weekend. monday lows in the 50s and highs in the mid-70s. >> thanks a lot. a slight detour for chloe kardashian.
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las vegas and you see her wearing a sheik aiort atire. chloe tweeted i'm suppose to be in nyc but in vegas. emergency landing but we're safe. to kill time chloe had the perfect solution, just live stream it. >> making the most of her time at the las vegas airport. >> i didn't know she rode commercial. >> you know she's not putting quarters in machines. homeland security is going to want to hear this. >> hear the details on six in the mix. >> the award-winning series coming to the big appalachianle next season. coming up all new at 11:30 on six in the mix it's an amazing story line. you're going to hear from john,
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rest of the cast from the highly anticipated film about the attacks in 2012. the movie is called 13 hours. we preview it coming up. plus the amazing dances. they are back by popular understand in town. where and when? we'll tell you. actually your director and local will tell you. mornings. they're bad breath, bad hair and a bad case of the mondays. and organized wardrobes that help you pull it together.
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welcome back. services to help senior citizens who may not have smart phones. the accompany introduced a third party web application that allows any business partner -- right now the service is only up
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only available to senior citizens who need to get to a doctor's appointment. >> have you guys got your el el chapo s srt yet? >> that is ridiculous. look at that. >> he started a fashion craze. drug lords and fashion go hand in hand. a los angeles store is cashing in on the mexican drug lord tips. take a look at some of the shirts posted on the website. that stripe design he wore in the famous foephoto with sean penn. if you want to get one of those shirts you can find it out on our nbc 6 news and weather app as wel. that's going to be a hot halloween costume. >> i can see members of the
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and sean penn, why is he not wearing one? >> exactly. >> you're going to wear the el el chapo shirt. >> guys, chance of showers coming back tomorrow. cool today and we'll see cooler weather again next week. winter not over just yet.
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