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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  January 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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he ran out of the post office, leaving those two envelopes behind. so in this day and age, you see something, say something. the clerks went ahead and called police. police came out, evacuated the post office and looked into exactly what isin the envelopes. we don't know yet, we just know it's nonhazardous. so quite the scene out here. several blocks shut down t 13th street and washington avenue. this looks like this will be the case for a while. officials saying they're looking through the post office, making on in there. they want to clear the building first, but no customers have been let inside since 3:00, and there are several post office employees who have been out herere for some time. at this point, officials are calling this man a person of interest. they want to try to spqak with him about what he was trying to send to the fbi. we're expecting to have a picture of this mano you can help track him down so police
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not a suspect, just a person of interest. we will remain out here on the scene and let you know how all this develops in the next couple of hours. we're following breaking news on wall street. investors are probably feeling like wall street is broken off all the major indexes took a dive. analysts say it was sparked by concerns over low gas prices and a slowdown in the global economy. the dow tumbled almost 365 points, to close at 16151. now on 6, everyone has sowerball fever tonight. the drawing for the biggest jackpot in world history is just hours away. [ cheers ] >> and it's the jackpot joke that's gone viral. employees at a new jersey restaurant thought they won saturd's powerball drawing, only to realize the ticket was from the wrong day. ouch! $1.5 billion is still up for
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so we're still in the game. >> so what do you do if you're the lucky one who wins? we're joined live here with billion dollar tips. how about it, bobby? >> reporter: this is a lot of money, and really thenly tip that officials can give you is, you've got to play. you've got to buy as many tickets as you can to improve your odds. people are certainly doing that here in hialeah. you can see it. it's been a consistent line all day. who i really feel bad for, that woman right there. she never gets a break. it is person after person. at this point, pretty much anywhere they sell powerball tickets, people are lining up to buy them. we all know what's at stake tonight. everyone is dreaming about the winning ticket, worth more than a billion dollars. if you win the powerball, what
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that moment? >> well, probably just cry and cry and cry. >> i give it to the people who need money. >> reporter: new shoes? >> of course. >> reporter: but why hasn't the jackpot ever climbed this high before? >> the powerball went through a change in october, that was just to produce more winners in the lower tier prices. >> reporter: so they added more numbers and your odds of winning. >> the odds of winning is 1 in 292.2 million. >> reporter: there's a good chance of a winner tonight. >> we're anticipating over 80% of the possible winning combination also be covered by the time the draw comes. >> reporter: you can buy
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nor will you have to work. how long till you quitour job? >> i would go in and get all my stuff and say bye to everybody. it would be immediate. >> reporter: but here's the cool part about all this. just in florida alone, it's our education system that's really cashed@in. >> this series has contributed over $85 million to education in florida. >> reporter: back out live here, you see the line is growing here. they're growing in both places that sell powerball tickets. i can tell youthat the drawing stops at 10:00 p.m. tonight here. the drawing is at 11:00. tickets stop selling at 10:00. per minute, the powerball game is selling 1.3 million dollars worth of tickets. so everyone out here is playing. >> all right. bobby, i hope that you got a
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so i'm going to keep my fingers crossed on that. it's beautiful day to win a billion bucks, but don't get used to the warm weather -- or cold weather because warm weather is on the way. >> adam, say it ain't so. >> how about i meetout you halfway on this one. we're going to warm up, then really cool down. i think a significant cooldown, much cooler than what we have been dealing with. this has been nice, what i call a fresh air mass. this is average. temperatures this morning, our morning low, 60 in miami. that's right on the button average. the last few morningingss it's been nice out there for the natives. today's highs, on the cool side, average highs around 76. we were 71 in miami. a lot ofhis high cloud keeping
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what does it mean for tonight? well, i think that high clouds stick around, so the seth use see now won't drop too quickly. mid 60s by about midnight, 1:00 a.m. and yes, some rain actually moving in overnight tonight and through tomorrow. there it is right now, impacting the keys. maybe even a couple of thunderstorms as we go into thursday. big temperature drop.. lots to get to. a couple accused of making threats while carrying out a robbery. this was sunday morning. they were armed with gasoline and a lighter when they threatened to set the cashier on fire unless she gave them money. the same couple went into another denny's later that day and handed the cashier claiming they had guns and gas bombs. the pair is wanted for a robbery at a 7/eleven that happened two days later.
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broward crime stoppers. thousands cuban migrants are one step closer to stepping foot on u.s. oil. they left costa rica last night. laura rodriguez was there and has their story. >> reporter: the trip for the pilot program was about 13 hours. it began here in costa rika and ended in mexico. now each must find their way to the united states and finance their own trip. one step closer to the united states. the 180 cuban migrants participating in the pilot program are now in mexico. here's video from one of the buses when they arrived in guatemala before crossing over into mexico to get processed. this man says once they stamp your passport, you are at liberty to do what you like. in mexico, each will receive a
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the country, making their way to the united states. the trip through mexico has many concerned. some say fending on the cost of a flight, they prefer to fly to the nearest boboer town for safety reasons. others barely had enough to pay the $550 for the first leg of the trip. "i don't know what awaits me in mexico, but i'm a decisive person and i'm brave" said this woman before leaving costa rika. thousands are anxious to know what will happen next,t, as they wait to make their move, they stay distracted, chatting with family abroad. this man says being connected has been a big relief. it gives me peace of mind because i know where i am and i can contact everyone. the foreign minister says he considers this pilot program was a success. now representatives from different countries in talks.
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new tonight, a number of kids are asking the supreme court to reunite them with their deported parents. they left miami international airport headed to washington, d.c. to ask for mercy. some are living in the u.s. as orphans because both parents were deported. they are expected to hold a vigil before the supreme court tomorrow in hopes of showing their pain and stopping the deportations. they'll head back to miami on saturday. a day after talking the talk, president obama is attempting to walk the walk. he says he's setting out to put the words in his state of the union in motion. those vying for his job continue to campaign hard on the trail. donald trump is taking issue th president obama and a particular member of his own party after last night's speeches. nbc's steve handelsman has more from washington. >> reporter: the republican front-runner was targeted after
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carolina governor nikki haley, chosen by party insiders to give the republican response. >> during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the angriest voices. >> reporter: she said she includes donald trump, who she says is a friend. >> i say don't take it personally. this is just something we learned in south carolina that i'm'm passing along. >> reporter: but tramp retaliated on msnbc. >> i'm leading on all the polls. i'm strong on illegal immigration and she's weak. >> anyone claiming that america's economy is in decline is peddling fiction. >> reporter: trump fired back. >> the median income for people is lower now than it was when barack obama took office. you look at the african-americans, they're doing worse than they've ever done and we have an african-american president. >> reporter: there's drama in
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hillary clinton has lost her big lead in iowa polls. >> no, i'm not nervous at all. i'm excited about where we are. >> reporter: bernie sanders says that, despite losing his big lead in new hampshire. >> and yes, we have the energy, we have the funding to take this to convention. >> reporter: nor intensity on both sides in the race to succeed president obama. torrow night, the republicans debate in south carolina. it+s donald trump and nikki haley country, or vice versa. steve handelsman, "nbc 6 news." at least one person is missing after a group of high school students are caught in a deadly avalanche in the french alps. at least three people ar dead, including two students and a ukrainian skier not linked to the group. it's not clear at this point why
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next on 6, real-life stranger danger. >> a nanny is taunted with a young child. the alarming words a strange man said to her as she was pushing a stroller down the street. a police officer says his biggest fear was realized when a mother flagged him down to help and what they did next ultimately saved her daughter's life. a couple of old friends could be making a comeback. hint hint. the announcement that nbc made today that has fans perking up. and the big story hasbeen about the cool temperatures or average temperatures. it's been warm. we have some rain lurking down across the keys. it's going to start edging up our way.
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plays now to a disturbing story out of new york. a nanny says she was taunted by a strike man in broad daylight. >> while cops are crediting her with doing the right thing, the neighborhood is still shaken up. adam? >> reporter: the man you see behind me in this video is described by witnesses as being "off," and it's quite possibly the only explanation for his behavior, that included an alarming statement and attempted kidnapping. >> he looked disheveled, debuildered type thing. >> reporter: vivian watched as police arrested the man.
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couch in the unlocked office of a psycho therapist. rock works in the same building and he thought th office was his apartment. >> he was definitely up there. >> reporter: on monday, police say he approached a babysitter who was pushing a stroller with a 20-month-old child inside. he allegedly told the sitter "you're pushing a dead baby," prompting the 65-year-old sit tore rush home. >> the sitter in this case did a phenomenal job. once she got to the residence, she locked all the doors. >> reporter: eventually, he left, taking only the empty stroller, which was found at a nearby pizzaria, where he was seen on surveillance video. >> he kept covering the carriage. >> reporter: the 44-yr-old is now undergoing a psychiatric
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area, the incident is chilling. >> it shatters you. my son is 6 years old, but it's a very scary world out there. and you've just got to protect your children. >> reporter: police describe this guy as a transient whose last known address is manhattan. right now, he remains in the hospital. adam kuperstein, "nbc 6 news." two boston officers are being hailed heroes after saving a 4-year-old girl. >> her lips were black and she wasn't responding. i was screaming her name. >> the mother ran out to flag down a passing police car after her daughter suddenly stopped breathing. the officers rushed in and gave the child cpr. the little girl regained consciousness and rushed to the hospital. >> i was thinking, oh, my god, i'm going to try to resuscitate a dead baby. that was probably the biggest
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>> the little 4-4-ear-old has breathing issues and lung problems. she remains in the hospital but is doing better and her mother couldn't be more thankful to the officers who brought her back to life. >> now first alert weather with meteorologist adam berg. >> certainly a gloomy day with high clouds. this is why it's not raining. it's not moist enough at low leve for all of south florida to be seeing the rainfall. love this shot. this out of hollywood. yeah, the water looks enticing, but man, we want more sunshine and warmer temperatures. these temperatures struggling to get out of the 60s today. the rain is out there across the keys, just blanketing key west, marathon, and the trend is for that moisture to continue overnight tonight through
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so time to grab the umbrella. let's zoom down across the keys. you can see the movement on this, right now generally west to east. it will take its time to get into the upper keys and miami-dade downy and broward downy. it will take its sweet time. you can see broward, miami-dade, nothing in our vicinity. of course, that will be changing tonight. temperatures, 65 right now in naples. miami and ft. lauderdale in the 70s. miami, your low this morning out of the 50s to 60. that's average for this time of the year. winds are calm to light out of the north. with that cloud cover still in play, i don't expect opportunities to plummet et too much, but right around where we were this morning. there's the rainfall. winds out of the north. a lot of cloud cover. that green will be working into our backyard. clear skies across the southeast.
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get really chilly. so cloud cover for us. here's 7:00 p.m. it's generally dry. i think by about midnight, we'll see some of this rain work through and then the model telling the accurate story. this is going to be a lot of green on top of us thursday morning. and through the day on thursday, up to about 72. talking thunderstorms as we go late thursday and into friday. we'll have to watch this closely. warm 80s friday into saturday. and a strong front. look at that low tuesday morning. 51 degrees. that would be the coolest of the season.. well, they'll be there for us again. the long-awaited "friends" reunion is happening, sort of. the entire cast will reunite for a two-hour special. the special will air february 21st at 9:00 p.m. right here on nbc 6 and i cannot wait!
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>> a lot of happy fans out there. >> we'll take it. next on 6, hoverboard hazards. we've seen people falling down,
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>> so are some models safer than we've talked about this a lot, hoverboards, and they're all over the news these days.
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fire, and that sparked a federal investigation. we have more on the safety concerns in tonight's consumer report. >> reporter: by now you've likely seen the videos circulating on social media. everything fm people falling down to hoverboards bursting into flames. consumer reports just evaluated three brands, confirming they can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. celebrities help make electric scooters a very hot gift to give. with some models costing $1,500 and up. as with lots of popular gadgets, manufacturers are making similar devices sold under dozens of names with various prices. that makes it tough to know exactly what it is you're buying. consumer reports bought three boards to compare. the swag way for $3400, the $600 r-2, and the chic smart s-1 for $830. though some of the components
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construction of the scooter is nearly identical. all of the scooters consumer reports evaluated use the same type of battery. >> they're all powered by a thium battery that has caused fires in the past. >> reporter: all the scooters checked out ride the same way, as well, using shifts and weights to steer the board. it takes some getting used to, and it's best to start with a spotter, but all ride erz caught on quickly. >> the subtle body movements are easy to control at speeds. but when you hit a bump and you shift your balance, you can easily lose control. >> reporter: as bernie learned first hand, wiping out on a seemingly smooth surface. >> it went that way and i was going that way. >> reporter: and these videos
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recommends wearing pads and a helmet. there are reports of 39 emergency room visits related to the scooters. south florida hospitals are also seeing an influx in hoverboard related injuries. so much so that one is speaking out about it. julia baggarvegs has more at 6:00. and several airlines have banned hoverboards and some cities won't allow them this public areas. >> thank you. we're following breaking news right now on a missing 12-year-old girl. here's a picture of her. this is coming in to us from palm beach. >> the sheriff's office just tweeted this picture of that missing 12-year-old. her name is broeanna and she
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company of a man named alex. the news at 5:30 continues next. >> hers adam with a look ahead to the next half hour with ews. >> two students from hollywood answering to a judge today f their role in a major security scare at a middle school. but their parents say the allegations are way out of character. and we went out for a walk with his dog and ended up in the back of a cop car. the manhunt that put an entire community on edge.
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