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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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in costa rica. 'll have the report ahead. good evening. i'm jaidwan strader. >> and i'm jackie nespral. i know you are waiting for the powerball numbers but we'll get a check of the wther while the numbers are being drawn. >> adam, changes are on the way overnight. >> absolutely. and if i'm not here in 15 minutes, you know i won. i'm kidding( i will finish my shift. we were talking about that earlier. changes, it was dry today. showers off toward the south. marathon, down to key west, feeling a couple of the showers. and i do think the trend is going to take some of the showers northbound and putting into motion right now generally a west to east motion with this. not making that jog to the north just yet. but let's show you f5ture tracker hour by hour at midnight and you notice the trend does bring the steadier rain, the
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toward miami, miami-dade into broward county by the time we get into the 6:30, 7:00 a.m. time frame. the temperature because of the cloud is warmer. a nice looking night out there. the museum cam showing a beautiful evening. temperatures warmer because of the clouds. the showers also working in around 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 a.m. at 7:00 a.m., still sticking around through 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, even the noontime hour. how about the rest of your forecast taking you through the afternoon tomorrow. and the temperatures, they are all over the place. tlus thunderstorms in the forecast. a lot to get to. stick around, guys. >> $1.5 billion is up for grabs in the powerball jackpot that is now the largest in the world. >> and we've got the winning numbers for you right now. >> take a look at your screen because here they are. four, eight, 19, 27, 34, and the
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>> stephanie bertini is live from miami with more on tonight's record jackpot. stephanie? >> reporter: jawan, a record jackpot indeed. everyone is talking about it. almost everyone in south miami tried their luck tonight. and here at this gas station, so many people showed up to buy tickets, the atm inside ran out of cash. from the experience, to those playing g he powerball for the first time. >> i don't play the lotto. i just might be the person that tonight. $1.5 billion. it had people across south florida and the country trying their luck. carefully choosing five numbers plus the powerball number. with high hopes of hitting the different life. >> if you actually won the jackpot, what would you do? >> i actually would share with my whole family. i would help them out. >> a lot of traveling. >> take care of my family and then probably buy a r.
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travel around the world and just invest it and spend it. >> reporter: the price of a single ticket, just $2. quick pick, please. thank you. the chances of actually hitting every number, one in 292 million. thank you. but with this jackpot being the biggest in history, that sll chance is hard for almost anybody to pass up. >> at this gas station in miami there were long lines all evening long and the atm inside of the storean out of money. the machine left out of service. >> have you ever seen that before? >> not. even when they went to a nearby gas station and come back for the ticket. >> reporter: those who work the register at the gas station tonight said the most someone spent was $500 on powerball tickets. a lot of money, but the payoff could be enormous. so if there is a big winner out
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if you didn't hit every single number, don't throw your ticket or tickets away. you could still win some money even if you only get some numbers right. as for me, well, i just heard one. live in miami, stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. >> stephanie, thank you. a two who have been hitting up many restaurants, may have hitten again. they demand a letter that says, quote, sorry. we are live from tamarac with more on this. >> reporter: investigators aren't making an official connection here but according to the man here at denny's, a man with a similar m.o., walked into this denny's around 7:30 tonight and he left when the store couldn't cut him change. this man may have been spotted again less than two hours after we aired his picture.
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are on a crime spree across broward county. >> could you imagine someone threatening to throw gasoline on you and light you on fire. i would comply. >> this pair started the spree on sunday morning before shiftt change at this restaurant in oakland park. first in the woman and a man followed her. >> they weren't robbing you at gunpoint? >> nobody. said they had a lighter and a gas tank. >> reporter: the couple smelled like gas fumes and asked for a breaking of a $10 before. bottle is allegedly filled with gasoline and a lighter. >> and he said call the cops. >>nd before 10:00 p.m. this restaurant targeted by the same couple with the same m.o. this time the man handed workers a note saying really sorry, empty the register as quickly and calmly as possible. we have guns and gas bombs. >> i just imagine they would
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i mean, i'm just lost for words. >> reportrr: and just yesterday the gas bomb jewel switched things up leaving the weapons and stolen cash at home and shoplifting from this 7-eleven. >> want to make sure they catch these guys. >> this is horrible. >> here is another look at the suspects detectivesare searching for a while male in his 20s, approxitely 160 pounds. he is 5'6" with a thin bield build. the white is white, 140 pounds, 5'5" with a heavy frame and multiple scars on her face. if you know anything, call crimestoppers. live in tamarac, jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. police are searching miami for a man accused of leaving several suspicious packages at a post office. marissa bagg is live. marissa, who are police looking for? >> reporter: that is the big question.
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have pictures of him from earlier today and we'll show you again. he walked through the front deer here of the post office and his odd actions inside prompted the building to shut down. people are lined back up on wednesday night after being forced out by a hazmat scene in an evacuation. a man pictured here tried to mail two envelopes addressed to the fbi. employees got suspicious and started asking him questions. they called police when the man got upset and ran out, leaving the envelopes behind. neighbors applaud those employees. >> this day and in these times, it is better to be too careful than not careful enough. so it isompletely understandabb. >> reporter: the bomb squad and hazmat teams swept the building and founun there was nothing dangerous in the envelopes. but they were correctly
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now investigators want to talk to the man who took off. surveillance pictures show he wore a coat and a backpack. >> this is a person of interest. we're not talking about a suspect or anybody that made any threats or did anything dangerous. it was just a situation where his behavior was suspicious. >> reporter: 13th street of washington avevee remained blocked until sundown when police wrapped up their investigation. they have yet to reveal exactly what was inside of the two envelopes. an the u.s. postal inspector is hoping that if anything recognizes thiguy to go ahead and call them at this specific number, 877-876-2455. they say he didn't do anything wrong, they just want to talk to him about what unfolded here today. life in miami beach, marissa bagg, nbc 6 news. tonight an update on a
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tragic death of his son. the toyota uber vehicle has been arrested. alexander chica was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash. the toyota corolla was impacted by the uber vehicle. a gmc truck where 20-year-old pablo sanchez died after the uber driver made a left-hand turn into oncoming traffic. according to police the impact caused both vehicles to roll over and catch fire. also new tonight, police are alarmed after in alleged uber driver attempted to pick up a child from a school in miami beach. this took place outside of st. patrick catholic school. i man identified himself as an uber driver and requested to pick up a male student by name. a teacher became suspicious and tried to snap a picture of the vehicle when the driver drove off. they informed families that they do not allow students to go home
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including uber, lyft or taxis without parent permission. and tonight some from costa rica are on the way to the united states and we have reports of camaraderie in this town. >> reporter: thousands remain here in shelters. many in the town of la cruz. and during mip time here it has been amazing to see the interactions between the cuban and the costa r ra people. some have opened their homes and hearts. in the town of la cruz, cultural lines are blurred. even in these difficult conditions, the kindness and brotherhood isis palpable. on every corner there is a cuban on a cell phone or tabl bridging the gap from those abroad. this man said being connected has been a big relief. it gives me peace of mind because i know where i am and i could contact everyone. the 22-year-old has spent about
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plans throughout his journey that began in ecuador but came to a halt in cta rica. many say the gps and map features help them navigate unknown dangerous territories. they are also spending the limited cash on different businesses in la cruz where the populalion is about 20,000. miguelwns a hostel and restaurant and has benefited from the influx. some rented rooms when they first arrived about at times eat and drink at his business. many costa rica have taken in migrants as members of the family. this sister opened one of the shelters and travels several miles a week to make sure there is fire wood for their meals. lolita chavez has eight cubans living in her humble home, a home filled with compassion. >> we have a saying in any provence, one on top of the
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even if we are unkromecomfortable, they are in need. the pilot program is in success and they are determining when the next flight will take off. stop here. there are roughly 1,000 cubans now in panama and that figure keeps rising. reporting in la cruz, costa rica, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. dirty drama served up only on 6. >> why he claims he's being punished for trying to clean up their act. we've been tracking shourps across the keys. for t last several hours or so. showe are not wanting to make the push north. but it is coming. the timeline and your temperature forecast coming up next.
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welcome back. tonight only on 6, what a former
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behind the scenes at one of south florida's most popular restaurants. it is coming to light because of a lawsuit filed by a former employee of versailles restaurant who believes he was retaliated against becauau he complained about what he called unsanitary conditions. he spoke to nbc 6 investigator willard shepard. >> this famous spot needs no introduction. the restaurt attorney say the claims filed against it are wholly without merit. he told us this video was taken by a co-worker inside of the kitchen during h employment there and at the locka rata in the 8600 block of bird road. he said he took these photos two years ago to document what he saw inside of the kitchen. >> i'm trying to be honest with people. i just want to be fair with
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>> reporter: the lawsuit said two years ago calderon notified bosses about what he perceived as unsafe and unsanitary conditions at versailles rock roaches in the dessert, human hair in the food, wire brush hairs in the rice, broken glass sliverers in the crocketts. >> we skplekt them to take the complaint seriously and to investigate and not retaliate and to correct the problems. >> about the time he was complaining, state inspectors on one day found over 50 violations at versailles a few listed as high priority involving the plumbing and temperature of foods but none were called an immediate threat to the public. reports show the items were fixed by the following day. >> the records say that what he was saying was true. backed him up almost 100%.
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the cuban restaurant have reviewed the claims made in this lawsuit and have determined them to be wholly without merit. in the 44 years that members of the family have been in the restaurant business, none of the over 40 raunlts owned and operated have been implicated in any critical health issues. versailles restaurant and la careta bird road and the vals expect to prevail in any litigation. calderon said he had no choice but to offered to to offered to. >> he said he quit, telling them he had a new job but he told us he hasn'teen able to find work. he believes he should be protected by flo's whistleblower act which protects employees reporting violations of the law or regulations. the last time that state
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that versailles met all of the health requirements. in miami, willard shepard, nbc 6 news. ten american sailors are back with the u.s. naval fleet tonight after being detained by iran. video aired on television shows the sailors on their knees with her hands on their heads after two u.s. navy patrol boats strayed in iranian waters. another video shows the nine men and one woman sharing a meal. one apologized on camera by entering the waters calling it a mistake. they found no evidence the americans were spying. so far us officials have not cited a specific reason why the naval boats ended up in iranian waters. a judge will decide tomorrow whwht will happen to two teens accused of having a gunt school. for now the pair will stay in detention. the boys were in a ft. lauderdale courtroom today but investigators will have to iron out details in the police report before the case could move forward.
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yesterday at apollo middle school in hollywood. cops say one boy brought a loaded stolen gun to school to show his classmate and stashed it under a portable. another student told an adult. just a really comfortable night out there. just beautiful. my kind of weather. the red out there. temperatures in the 60s. and you could feel the moisture beginning to trickle in. showers across the keys. you could see live first alert doppler echoing those sentiments. the radar not moving much. the showers have been relatively steady over the same areas for quite sometime. is lawlamorada in the 6:00 news, seeing showers but now through marathon and key west.
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it the showers will be here. let's show you what it looks like for thehehursday commute. as we start off the day, some of the showers will be there. so we'll have wet roads out thre. 64 degrees around 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. a couple of break possible if you are lucky. the high cloud turning into thicker cloud and scattered showers through the day. 69 around 5:00 p.m. between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., i think we do briefly touch the low 7s. temperatures right now into the mid-60s. 65 degrees. i think we'll lose a couple of degrees from here. winds out of the north. if we had clear skies with this type of regime, we'd be talking about 50s again tonight. early this morning, temperatures not dropping below 60 in miami because of the very -- the is he similar pattern here. the cloud cover, clouds give off just a little bit of heat and warmer. winds also expected to turn a little bit more to the north and east and those water temperatures still well into the 70s. so that is also going to keep little bit.
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63 degrees for your morning low in mimi. for us here across the keys, about the same thing here. 62, 63 degrees. miami, again, if we see that little clear break here and there, we could get down to about 60. but i'm starting to think more like 62, 63 to start things off. getting away from the water, we have a chance of seeing some 50s with that northeast wind right on the coastline, though, warmer. upping it to 62 for tomorrow morning. and then the overnight lows start to bounce as the south winds work in. possible thunderstorms overnight thursday into friday. some of these could be on the strong side. we'll have to watch that. a little bit of a break on saturday. and then a big front on sunday. look at your lows on monday and tuesday. back to the 50s. and low 50s tuesday into wednesday. quick look at future tracker for thursday. there you go. a lot of cloud out there. northeast winds, green. showers, through 11:00 a.m. same thing through 1:00 and 2:00 in the afternoon and that should stick around through the balance
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noontime. up to 62. a few degrees above average but nice for you. over to you guys. waffle house employees work
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what happened to well, two employees are fired for a hair-raising incident at a waffle house in arkansas. video posted on facebook shows
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hair in a pot on the stove while another employee helped her dry her hair, this all happened right in front of customers. inspectors found employees not using hygienic practices, however the store will remain open. a secret service agent was married in his icu hospital room he only been on the job a few weeks when he was hurt in a crash in new hampshire. along with three other on duty secret service agents. fitzgerald was the most seriously injured and is now paralyzed from the waist down. the agent has been moved to a rehab hospital and his new wife said he wants to walk again and hopes to go back on duty with the secret service. >> he was wonderful. he looks strong and brave. he looks ready to get married. >> and instead of walking down the aisle, she had a unique experience as her father caulked her across the icu. there will be -- they will
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the long awaited "friends" reunion is happening. they will reunite for a two-hour sitcom special to air february 21st at 9:00 p.m. right here on nbc 6. better than nothing. >> we'll take it. >> whatever we could get. >> they are classics. it is good to see them together. >> we'll see the heat tonight. and dan campbell got another job. and former hurricane star ed
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heat point guard dragic sent home because of a bad calf strain. le get an mri to see how bad it is. that means he will miss the next three games. the heat visiting the clippers tonight, looking good without him. and udrich starting in his place. later in the first, wade rebounding from a couple of bad games shooting-wise. his layup, with an eight point lead. and thenade to whiteside. great chemistry. the alley-oop up, second quarter, wade has 1 points. the panthers coach missing tonight's game to be at his mother's funeral. his mother passed away last week. probably better off he
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the panthers gave up four goals in the first period alone. first one less than a minute in and they just kept coming. lieuango having a bad night in goal. the back-up came in and it wasn't any better for him. he gives up a goal in the second period. right now third period, they are down 5-0. a dan campbells and the muscles heading to the saints. he will be the tight endsp coach and assistant head coach. he played for peyton when he was the offensive coordinator with the cowboys. and more coaching news for a former hurricane star. ed reed is joining rex ryan in buffalo. he will behe assistant defensive back coach for the bills. ththy go way back. not only the year reed played safety for the jets, he was the defensive coordinator in baltimore when reed was one of
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one of the best we're following breaking news right now out of indonesia. an explosion in central jakarta. one person is dead as a result of the explosion.
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reported there was at the
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