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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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this morning those billions belong to a coup of lucky winners. julia bagg is live in davie with more on some of those lucky ones. and i know this will be spread out a little bit, but we could have spread this out to the tune of like 1,000 winners, and everybody would have walked away a millionaire. >> reporter: we keep talking about so many ways we could have split this, we could have been happy for just a portion of that jackpot. most of us of course not waking up millionaires, billionaires, except for 13 very lucky people in florida. and two big winners in other state. amonon those 13, 11 winners taking a claim to a million. e person has a claim to 2 million. and then the 13th person, somebody who has a claim to a third of that historic $1.5 billion jackpot splitting it with winners in mumford, tennessee and sohern california. have you checked your tickets yet? here are the numbers.
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4, 8, 19, 27, 34. and then the powerball is the number 10. i want to show you something else here in davie where we are, the big sign is lit up right now, of course it means $40 million didn't seem like very much, but last night the sign not big enough to capture the historic jackpot. so coming up in the next half hour, i'll talk about why this is nothing to scoff at and how it could turn into something really, really big again. we'll live in davie, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. breaking overnight out of jakarta, 7 people are dead following several attacks around a busy shopping and movie jakarta. suicide bombers exploded themselves in a starbucks cafe and there were reports of six blasts in the area. the at tackers also hit a mcdonald's, as well. this video shows some of the
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the seven are attackers. and they died. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the explosions. but local police say it may have been isis. ban at this timedits who is been hittiti up restaurants may have struck again. broward deputies now hoping that you might hold some kind of a clue as to who is behind all of these robberies that have been happening at these restaurants. michael spears is live in tamara with more on how they operate. and the thing is here that there are some simililities that run through all of these robberies, so they're thinking possibly the same people might be responsible. is that right? >> reporter: that's right. in fact this morning we're learning that this duo may be responsible for a third denny's here in tamarac. it's not confirmed by the broward sheriff's office, but 1207 stopped by the here last night and the manager says a guy matching the same description asked for change for a 10 we believe and then demanded cash
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now, have a look. this surveillance video, sheriff eye office says also connected to a 7-eleven theft in dania beach. this morning deputies still work to go get theming to get them off the streets. oakland park stands out here. they left a note claiming to bave guns and gas bombs. and actually showed up with a water bottle filled with glen, a lighter gasoline, a lighter, smelled of gas fumes and threatened to light the cashier on fire. >> i just imagine that they would want to rob denny's, i mean, i don't know. >> reporter: here is another look at the suspects. again, still out there this morning. neither of them have been identified. so right now deputies, local police departments asking anyone and everyon out there who is watching, if you recognize them, know their names, whereabouts,
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immediately or crime stoppers. 954-493 954-493-tips. michael spears, nbc 6 news. a post office on miami beach is back to normal operations this morning, but it was a different scene when an angry man left several suspicious envelopes at that post office. police and hazmat units searched the area. witnesses say this man tried to mail two envelopes addressed to the fbi. employees got suspicious and started asking questions. they called police when the man got upset, ran out leaving the envelopes behind. turns out there was nothing dangerous inside. now police want to talk to the man. the family of shooting victim 15-year-old alder hill will be asking for your help tomorrow morning in a plea to try to figure out who is responsible for what happened to him. hill died last saturday just near miami northwestern senior high school.
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think might help, call crime stoppers. 305-471-tips. and you might be eligible for a $3,000 reward if you do indeed have viable information there. this morning a group of south florida students are scheduled to visit afternoonventura hospital for a teen youth summit, part of a program called 5,000 role models of excellence project. and they will learn t tat life matters from antoine reeves who was shot back i november along with his cousin. he's an nfl player. he plays for the st. louis rams. he was shot 11 times as he covered his two kids from that gunfire. today we'll find out what will happen to two teenagers accused of bringing a ing aing a gun to school. investigators have to iron out details before the case can move forward. this all stems from an incident on tuesday at appal low middle school in hollywood. cops say one boy brout a
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school to show his clbssmate, and another student found it and told an adult. breaking for you overnight, three american women are dead after a bus crashed. this happened in honduras. two were students at new york city's bernard college who had been in honduras on a humanitarian mission. video and photos from the scene show the bus off the road and resting it at the bottom of a hill. it apparently flipped over a couple of times. 30 other people also injured in that crash. 12 of those s siously hurt. time 5:36. still a lot more ahead. parents on high alert after a man claiming to be an uber driver tries toic icpick up a driver from school. and a wild chase that ends up on the doorsteps of a very unusual place still looking for clouds to playing us during the mcrning commute, but at least it will be dry. this afternoon showers returning as we move into kind of a roller coaster pattern into the weekend. complete look at your first
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if you'ree making your way out the door, 441 to i-75, only a 9 minute ride. airport expressway from le jeune commute. and on the turnturnpike, coral reef drive what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing.
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heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare.
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we know there are at least three powerball winners this morning. one coming from right here in florida. >> and congratulations, we man that wholeheartedly. chino hills, california has big winners. but let's get a check in with jennifer bjorklund live outside the 7-eleven where at least one of the winning tickets was sold.
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>> reporter: good morning. yeah, really exciting morning here in chino hills where that first announced ticket was purchased. and then we heard about you guys had the winner in florida and then anotr one in tennessee. so that jackpot being split three ways. but still once people here in chino hills heard that this 7-eleven sold the winning jackpot ticket, they all came out. they just showed up in the parking lot just to kind of celebrate and chant and scream and yell. and party with the clerks. have a slurpee and give a high five. even though it is kind of like the middle of the night here, this was a one in 292 million chance of winning. and like you said, three people won the jackpot overnight, they will be splitting it. and the person who owns this
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7-elevens, , gets a million dollars from the lottery people that he says he's going to kind of share with some of employees. the guy who probably sold the winning tick account waset was working 12 hour shifts and he's so excited for whichever one of hopefully his regularrustomers that he sees all the time wii come in and claim the big prize. but very exciting here. and we're just waiting hoping. maybe meone will show up and say look what i got. the winning ticket. back to you two. >> he's probably getting his lawyer right now. all right, jennifer, thanks a lot. here in florida, we're still waiting to find out where the winning tickets were here. police in miami beach are oking for a man who claimed to be an uber driver and tried to pick up a child from school. it happened outside of a st. patrick's catholic school yesterday. investigators say the man was driving a black four door sedan,
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requested to pick up a male student by name. a teacher got suicious, tried to even take a picture of the car, bru then the driver took off. the school told families they don't allow students to go home with any form of public transportation without a written notice from parents. police right now looking to see if there wasasven criminal intent behind this. we're getting our first look this morning at the man arrested for the deadly crash involving an uber driver. miami-dade police have arrested this guy, alexander chica, they say he was driving the toyota that plowed into an uber last month. investigators say he was under the influence of alcohol when it happened. 20-year-old pablo sanchez was in that uber and the crash killed him. the uber driver is not at fault, but sanchez's family is suing uber after the tragic death of their son. a police chase in montana ended in dramatic fashion yesterday afternoon. officials are saying the chase started when a woman was even
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called the police. cops say that she took off when they tried to pull her over, so take a look. kurt footage catching the security foot being a catching the driver trying to get into a local tv station. immediately the station went on log lockdown. police eventually arrested that woman. 5:44. good morning. we're quiet for the time being. roadways are dry. we have not had any shower activity overnight, but we will see se changes forthcoming by midday. download the nbc of free news and weather app. as far as i'm concernedas your sales map this morning, get the
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we will see some showers. we'll get you started with your drive in. so even though we have showers looming in the keys, i think at least in broward county and miami-dade we get through the morning commute with no weather problems. just cloudy conditions and temperatures on the cool side of the spectrum for us. 62. but for the drive home, i think showers creep back in. isolated if not scattered showers to end e day. and temperatures climbing into the lower 70s. cloud cover very extensive. only able to yield a few pockets of sunshine on wednesday. and unfortunately, that's the trend leading in to our thursday. i do have plenty of sunshine that will a wait you for the weekend, so something to look forward to. but this cloud shield extended all the way out in the gulf waters. not all of this is reaching the surface. showers overnight have been contained across the keys. it gives and you general idea more moisture in the atmosphere and it will be creeping up to the north. so right now in the key, rainfall amounts have not been
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less than a tenth of an inch. nuisance showers if you will. but those will be heading our way as the dada goes on. bout 60. not bad. feels good out there. 62 tort laud, pembroke pines. miami and opa-locka, we're at 62 in marathon. 60 right now in key west. up into the mid-70s rain shower chances in the keys will continue, east winds at 15. about 75 to -- 74 to 7 a 55 for highs today. the winds will help to warm temperatures but also bring in more moisture and develop showers. the good news is i think the bulk of the wet weather over the course of the next 24 hours w wl happen tonighththile you're asleep, but we will still have shower chances leading into friday as another line of showers come through. but by iday evening, we start to clear out. a great saturday forecast for you. take your umbrella today,
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in and by the time we get to the midday hour, shower chances expanding. we're up to 72 today. more wet weather late into the evening and overnight. tomorrow showers and storms, but we wind down with clearing friday afternoon, highs at 81. the weekend looks awesome. saturday 81. next front@will cool us down where lows again this to the fifth early next week. so something to look forward to. >> definitely. glass half full. and we are accident free. so good news as you're making your way out the door. 5:47, here is a live look from our first alert camera at i 59 southbound. traffic seems to be moving up to speed. express lanes open and 50 cents. 12 minutes from the golden glades to the airport expressway. let's take you over to 595 eastbound, express lanes not even really being used. no issueswhatsoever.
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boulevard to the palmetto expressway, only apn 8 minute commute. 826 northbound as you're trying to ramp on to i-75, you will still find a left lane blocked off, but not really causing any delays. and that camera i just showed you on 5935, 8 minutes from flamingo road to u.s. 441. tonight the first republican debate of 2016 and it is happening in south carolina. it will be hosted by the fox business network. the focus, economic, domestic and foreign policy. on the main stage, donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, chris christie, jeb bush and john kasich. carly fiorina, mike huckabee and rick santorum did not make the cut. senator rand paul also didn't qualify, but he's actually boycotting the event. governor rick scott continuing his bus tour this morning. he will be making a stop in boca raton. he wants florida families to brag about their state because we have a growing economy and
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at one of the events, scott also taking the time to comment on the cuban migrants on their way to the u.s. >> this is a federal issue. the president needs to show up and do his job. he is not. it shows that his policy with regard cuba is failing us. >> tomorrow governor scott will also be stopping by the villages, sarasota and bonita springs. a car slams into a south florida store, store owner trying to pull it back together again this morning after the car came crashing down at the sunshine food mart on northeast 13th street in ft. lauderdale. a michigan professor accused of traveling to weston to have sex where who he thought was a 14-year-old boy will be pleading guilty today. police are saying that 51-year-old james cavalcoli sent e-mails to a man he thought was a broward county dad about his interest in having sex with tweens. well, the dad was actually an
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cavalcoli has been locked up since august when he showed up in south from a to meet the man an have sex with who he thought was a child. and this is definitely proof we've talked so much about it in the digital age that there is an app for everything. and this is proof that that indeed is the case. espially for pregnant moms who obviously are going through a pretty insecure time so they want to connect with other moms to share share stories. >> you can also track your fertility, listen to your baby's heartbeat, everyone find a name. things that we used to use a book for. kathy marshall talked to women about their favorites and even doctors who are weighing in. >> reporter: within week of eac other, they will become first time moms. >> we're constantly sharing information like if you look at pregnancy app in the app store, there are pages and pages. pretty cool. >> and most are free.
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>> reporter: jessica's pregnancy even began with an app to help evaluate fertility. >> and it worked. so, yeah. >> did you credit the app? >> i do. >> when they come to see me, i can easily swipe through and say, oh, yeah, here is when you're ovulating or we'll have do this test. >> reporter: once pregnant, couples can find help with baby names or with a $5 app, even hear the baby's heartbeat. >> you just put it in airplane mode and put the microphone right up against your stomach. 150 beats per minute. i found it right away. eight weeks. cool and exciting and real. >> they haven't been tested to my knowledge, but for my opinion, there is no way to imagine a way that that would be in any way damaging. >> reporter: jessica is 7 weeks ahead of megan and relies on a free app called baby bump.
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what i really like this is it has a to-do list. like schedule your 20 week prenatal visit. >> it helps patients set an agenda for what they want to get out of a visit. >> reporter: baby bump can also help chronicle the growing belly. >> take selfies and you can create a time lapse. >> reporter: is there an app to deliver the baby yet. >> >> no, not that i'm aware of. that would put us out of a job. >> reporter: for megan and jessica, it's all about rrssurance and connecting with experienced moms as they take on the journey for the first time. >> so it puts your mind at ease. >> because you only get a doctor's appointment once a month. this gives me a sense of comfort. >> that was my question, does it deliver the baby, too? not quite. >> no delivery. the fact that they can hold that phone up and hear the baby's heart beat -- >> incredible. >> just to hear that, it means
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it means everything is okay and
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it is just about five to the top of the hour on thisshursday morning. the widow of a man shot and killed during a a argument over texting inside a movie theater has filed three separe wrongful death lawsuits.
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least $15,000 for physical, psychological and economic damages to her and her family. she is suing the theater, its developer and one of its employees for failing to enforce the company's laws on weapons in the theaters. curtis reeves is accused of shooting chad olson her husband who was using a cellphone in that movie theater two years ago. cape coral man is credited where saving his mother's life when a tornado touched d dwn over the weekend. david hock was with h 89-year-old mother when the twister roared through. he says he knew they were in trouble when the walls started to shake. in a matter of seconds, me a very quick decision. >> pulled her out of her chair and i laid over top of her. and about the time i got over top of her, things just started exploding and glass started flying. >> wow. the winds were so strong, the truck parked in their driveway was tossed through the roof. this is really a blessing and a miracle because the home was
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came out unscathed. >> it's hard to even look at that because there is damage and then there is unrecognizable. >> and that is that. we're working on a whole lot more for the next half hour of news. florida has a powerball winner. if you went to bed early, don't worry, we have the winning numbers for you. and we'll see where some of the winning tickets were actually sold across the country. banning the boards. south florida university looks at removing hoverboards from campus. that's a big bul i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease a 2016 lincoln mkc for $289 a month
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