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tv   Today  NBC  January 14, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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update for you in 25 minutes. good morning. we have winners. if you bought a powerball ticket in florida, tennessee or california, you could be one of them. the party is already getting started at the store that sold one of the tickets near los geles. when with the actual winners o o the largest jackpot in history come forward? terror at starbucks. suicide bombers in jakarta, indonesia, blow themselves up at the popular coffee chain. at least seven dead, including the attackers. isis claiming responsibility. carolina clash. the republicans get set for their debate tonight, as donald trump zeros in on an unexpected new target. >> stupid mic keeps popping.
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don't pay him. don't pay him. >> who will be trump's target tonight at the debate? all the blitglitters. the oscar nominations out. will it be "joy" for jennifer lawrence? will leo's oscar dreams survive? we're live as this year's list is announced. thursday, january 14th, 2016. >> announcer: this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, l le from studio 1a. >> welcome. it's thursday morning. >> i took an ambien and thought maybe i went to florida, tennessee or california and bought a ticket. >> happened to you before, so it could have been possible. >> i've gone to the kitchen. >> c c you imagine somebody waking up and thinking, i should
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check my ticket, and finding out they won? these are the numbers. i got zero of them. 8, 27, 34, 4, 19. the powerball is 10. let's go to nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer. he's close to victory. he's at the winner store out in los angele good morning. >> good morning. three people are waking up hundreds of millions of dollars richer. one of the three tickets was sold inside the store behind me. the 7/11 turn-eleven is turning into a winner. >> reporter: this morning, the powerball pandemonium lives on. shortly after the winning numbers were drawn, residents in california flooded eded their local 7-eleven, joining for an impromptu celebration.
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winners here. 7-elelen owner discovered his store sold the winning ticket from news reports. he's set to receive $1 million for selling it. >> i feel very good. blessed. >> winning powerball number. good luck to you. the number 10. >> reporter: winning tickets were also sold in florida and tennessee. the winners will divide the $1.6 billion jackpot evenly. even if all of them decide on the cash option, they'll take home roughly $530 million before taxes. while the winners will fork over hefty federal taxes, all three winning tickets were drawn in states where the winners won't have to pay state income tax on their prize. an extra bonus for three lucky people this morning. >> so far, none of those three big winne have stepped forward or been identified. in addition to those three, more than a dozen other people also hit $1 million for matching many
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of those numbers. savannah and matt, many of the suspicions will aarise, if co-workers call in sick. >> if youet calls from your third cousins, you might be a winner. the republican candidates will square off in their first debate of 2016 tonight, and the stakes are high, with the iowa caucuses 18 days away. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in north charleston, south carolina. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. this is the sixth republican debate and perhaps, more importantly, the second to last before the first nominating contest in iowa february 1st. we've seen donald trump and ted cruz engage with increasingly fighting attacks on the campaign trail. will they shy away from that tonight, or will t ty keep it up? ted cruz faces new questions this morning about his finances. >> he's been really, really nice, other than the last couple of days, getting a little testy. >> reporter: donald trump still
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on cruz control. the tycoon recently turning to the ted cruz,orn in canada, to an american mother. trump telling a crowd of thousands he's prepared for anything tonight. >> they attack, but they don't understand that i attack back. >> reporter: cruz holding on to a lead in iowa insists that trump is rattled. >> i think he may shift in his rallies to playing "new york, new york" because he embodies the values. >> reporter: cruz didn't disclose a loan given by gold manman sacks, where his wife works, to fund his candidates. >> the facts of the underlying matter have been disclosed for years. it is not complicated. our finances are not complicated. >> reporter: the divide between the establishment and outsiders
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with trump responding to the republican response to president obama. >> it can be tempting to follow the siren call of the angriest voices. >> repter: south carolina governor nikki haley calling out trump as angry. >> i iam. i'm angry. i hate what's happening to our country. i am angry. >> reporter: jeb bush admits he misjudged the intensity of anger among republicans, calling it dramatically different than in past elections. the debate stage shrmnk to seven. carly fiorina and rand paul cast out. hillary clinton's husband, talking about what it takes to be president, accidentally put his wife in the oval office. >> one of the things i'm proud of, when hillary was president, she did all that. >> of course, donald trump has been channelling voters'age ageeninger anger throughout the campaign.
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he wouldn't want to be on the other side of that. >> i don't like this mic. whoever bought this mic system, [ bleep ] to put it in, i'll tell you. seriously. this mic is terrible. stupid mic keeping popping. hear that, george? don't pay them. >> there's your republican front runner heading into tonight's debate. >> peter alexander, thank you very much. mark is managing editor of bloom bloomburg politics. he interviewed trump last night. >> good morning. >> people are wondering whether the ted cruz story is a big deal or not. i'll ask about that in a second. first, let's play a little bit of your conversation with donald trump. >> well, i heard it's a big thing. i know nothing about it. i hope he solves it. i thihi he's a nice guy and hope he gets it solved. the reason is, i'm doing very well, and i can understand it.
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respectful of my ideas, my whole being. he's been terrific. i just hope it's not a big problem for him. >> mark, ted cruz has already admitted he didn't properly file paperwork with the federal election commission. that is one issue. isn't the bigger issue though a bit of hypocrisy? a guy running as a darling of the tea party, railing against wall street and the big banks and, yet, what people didn't know was that he'd gone to one of the big banks, goldman sachs, where his wife worked, to get a personal loan? >> nothing matters more in presidential politics than defining yourself for the voters. ted cruz is being introduced to the public. donald trump has been in the public for decas. a lot of voters just tuning into the race, one of the first things they learn about ted cruz is he has a fincial relationship with goldman sachs, there's nothing worse for the populous.
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tonight at the debate. >> we know cruz has somewhat drafted behind trump for mos of the campaign. we have seen a little bit of recently. do you think the debate is going to come to a head, the gloves are off, or will they play mr. nice guy? >> it's interestingng last night, donald trump, you saw in the clip there, was pretty restrained in this story. i don't think it rules out he'll be amped up more tonight. but he was restrained when we asked other aspects of cruz. i think donald trump is holding back, and i think he will wait to see tonight what ted cruz's posture is. there's no doubt, those two guys, first and second in iowa, first and second in most national polls, those who guys are going to be at the heart of the debate thisevening. while people like jeb bush, chris christie, marco rubio, john kasich, try to insert themselves into the story line to make it a three person race. now, it's a two person race.
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trump, ted cruz is using what sounds like a funny line, a punch line, but it's not meant to be one. he's calling donald trump a new yorker. he doesn't mean it in a good way. because he's playing to an audience in a certain region of the country, right? >> that's right. look, donald trump last night, the one thing he was defiant on, is this notion of new york values being a negative thing. donald trump invoked 9/11 and said, ted cruz f you want to criticize new york, come through me. the discussion about who is more elite, who is more new york, that could be a real fight. ted cruz went to princeton and harvard. he's got some northeastern ties, as well. that fight, defining the other guy, particularly defining cruz who remains undefined for some voters, that's at the heart of the republican nomination. fight? we'll see it in the debate tonight, for sure. >> let's talk about the democrats. we have a real race going on between sanders and clinton. do you think it's possible that she loses the first two states
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and then goes on to the nomination, or would that be a crushing blow? >> she could still be the nominee if she loses iowa and new hampshire. the world will be a different place. bernie sanders, neck and neck in iowa, according to our iowa poll. sanders has the lead in new hampshire. you have to say right now, he has the momentum. she'll have to fight her way back. she's doing a lot of television interviews. sanders is showing a sure footing in this as a candidate than he has since the race began. this contest on the democratic side, which has been overshadowed by donald trump and the attention he gets, will be front and center. 18 days or so of extraordinary political drama for the republicans and the democrats. >> thanks very much. we have breaking news in indonesia. happened overnight, terrorists laying siege to the heart of jakarta, carrying out several attacks, including one at a starbucks. isis reportedly claiming
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responsibility this morning. let's go to kelly cobiella. what are you hearing? >> good morning. a news agency linked to isis is claiming the terror group was behind this. according to jakarta's police chief, an indonesian isis fighter in syria had been planning it for a while, he says. a paris-style attack in the heart of the capital with guns and explosives. >> reporter: for hours this morning, downtown jakarta's shopping district was a battlefield, with at least two explosions. this one outside the starbucks. bullets flying between police and five gunmen. it started at 10:00 in the morning as people were heading to work. morning crowds were scattering in fear. this, close to the presidential palace, the u.s. embassy, and the united nation >> as i got out of the car with my colleague, the second bomb went off, which was another suicide bomb.
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>> reporter: police said the attackers had guns, pregrenades and suicide belts. the blast at the starbucks shattered windows, but the company says only one customer was injured and allen employees are safe. it's been 13 years since indonesia's deadliest attack, which killed 200 in bali. seven are dead this morning, including the gunmen. isis is claiming responsibility, saying they were foreigners. >> the indonesian government says they were aware of a threat around the new year, and anti-terror police there made nine arrests. as for the numbers of dead and injured, they've been changing by the hour. police now say all five attackers are dead, along with two civilians and 23 others injured. savannah, the u.s. embassy telling us this morning, no americans are among the victims. savannah?
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>> want to show you some dramatic new video aired on iran-state television, of the moment ten u.s. sailors were captured in the persian gulf this week. it shows the sailors, who have been released, on their knees, hands behind their hands. they're on the deck of the u.s. navy vessel, surrounded by armed iranian soldiers. later, the video shows the sailors in confinement, when one of the sailors apologizes for entering iranian waters. >> it was a mistake that was our fault. the iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here. we thank you for your hospitality and assistance. >> u.s. military officials are calling the video pure propaganda. all eyes onwall street after stocks took another beating on wednesday. the dow fell 365 points after a late day selloff. investors are looking for good news today, hoping unemploynt claims were down last week. the labor department will@report
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mr. roker has a check of the weather. still chilly in the northeast. >> it is. new york. took at this video, youaw it on monday. this car was outside of a restaurant near lake erie, outside of buffalo. they finally got a tow truck to out. you see the imprint of the ca fun of him. she sent him a video and recording of "ice, ice, baby." it's true. >> come on. >> i just made that up. >> sounded like a roker joke. >> thank you very much. no joke here, we have an early start to the tropical storm hurricane season. we have tropical storm alex. 70-mile-per-hour winds, eventually making its way to cleveland. it's the first tropical or subtropical storm in january since 1978. only the fourth known storm to
7:16 am
form in january. normally, we'll get the first named storm july 9th. finally getting some warmer air coming in. 50 in d.c. today. chicago, 40. birmingham, 62. savannah up to 64 degrees. friday, we continue with warmer weather. 40 in boston. wilmington, 42. saturday, the warm air along the eastern sea board. don't get used to it because we have another frigid outbreak into the weekend. look at these temperatures. 10 pebelow in fargo. 7 below in minneapolis on sunday. detroit, 17. by sunday, it makes its way into the northeast. we're going to get to your i don't have like a pair of jeans i'm trying to get into; i've been down that road honey child. and i don't have like a dress or some big red carpet thing i have to do. im really just looking at 2016, as the year of my best body;
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lets let 2016 be the year of our best bodies. thursday morning and it's another cloudy start to our day across south florida, but we are dry for the time being. the shower chances will lie at least in the florida keys initially this morning, but showers catching up with us late morning into the early afternoon hours. so cool start to our day. cloudy conditions, 61 to 62 across broward county. currently at 62 in miami and opa-locka, on our way to the lower 70s but increasing rain chances in your first alert forecast as the day goes on. our highs this afternoon at 72. >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thanks verer much. new revelations about mexican drug lord el chapo's meeting with sean penn are coming to life, as the actress who helped bring them together is speakg out. here's nbc's jacob rascon.
7:18 am
>> reporter: we're hearing from kate del castillo, the mexican soap opera star that befriended joaquin el chapo guzman. telling fans, many have chosen to make up items they think will make good stories and aren't truthful. i look forward to sharing my story with you. at least part of that story revealed in texts between guzman and del castillo, intercepted by the mexican government. guzman appearing submitmitten with the actress. writing, i am eager to meet and bei don't mean glaet friends. you are the best in the world. i will take care of everything. del castillo said, it's moving you say you'll take care of me. no one said they'll take care of me. thank you. i am free next weekend. secretly. guzman obsesses over buying her a pink cell phone and wants to her. sean penn is described as drooling over the possibility of meeting the drug lord.
7:19 am
guzman doesn't know much about the actor. admitting, i'm looking at sean penn on the internet. responding to penn's artic in "rolling stone," which says guzman bragged about his cartel, one of guzman's attorney says, it's a lie. mr. penn should be called to testify about his stupid comments. penn didn't respond when a reporter caught up with him in los angeles. we're also learning more about the el chapo raid. operation cisne, or black swan. el chapo's guards presendtended to cooperate, giving their boss a 90 minute head start. it wasn't enough. >> mexican authorities have e e chapo on the move. they've transferred him to a different cell eight times since he got here last friday. el chapo's attorney said he is cold in isolation and has had no visitors. >> reporter: seemingly
7:20 am
would make t t writers of any "telenova" envyiousenvious. jacob rasconon why furniture in your home right now could put your family at greater risk a fire. a dramatic rossen report demonstration. the biggest stars are getting early calls for the oscar nominations. we'll break t tm down.
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good thursday morning to you. eye a shelly munez >> i'm eric harriman. bold bandits have been hitting up restaurants in a bold way, spotted last night at a denny's in hallandale beach threatening workers wit gas bombs. investigators in miami beach are looking for a man who they say left several suspicious packages at a post office. he tried to mail two envelopes addressed to the fbi, after employees started asking him questions he got upset, ran out leaving the envelopes behind. a quick check on your forecast, meteorologist ryan phillips standing by. >> 7:2, cloudy skies, the rule across south florida, light rain down through the keys, more wet
7:26 am
weather will come our way as the day gogo on. this is not reaching the ground but a sign of wet weather to come. it's a cool morning, 62, ft. lauderdale and miami. first alert weather cloudy skies this morning, showers midday and scattered showers this afternoon with highs at 72. check on traffic now kel yu. >> we have an accident on the exess lanes i-95 southbound blocking one of your lanes. you can see it here blocking that left lane slowing things down for you, express lane drivers take the local lanes instead around the area of northwest 62nd street. couple other issues out door. we have an accident approaching the golden glades interchange with the 826 eastbound partially blocking the ramp and crash 195 eastbound blocking the right lane. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with another south florida update.
7:27 am
and weather app for updates. 7:30 now, a thursday. a chilly thursday in new york. people outside braving the cold. we're going to get out there and while. some of us, sooner than others. headlines. a series of terror attacks rocked indonesia's capital of jakarta overnight. one of the targets, a starbucks in the city's busy shopping district. at least seven p pple died. officials believe the attackers were copying last year's siege in paris and were likely tied to isis. the republican presidential field will be in south carolina tonight facing off ithe first debate of 2016. seven candidates will be on the main prime time stage. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, ben carson, chris
7:28 am
olympic gold memal skier picabo street is in a fight with her dad, accused of pushing him, 76, down two flights of stairs. he suffered minor injuries. street's three children witnessed the fight. street denies any wrong doing in what she considers a private family matter. everybody waking up wondering, is it me? did i win the powerball drawing? maybe if you played in tennessee, california or florida. miguel almaguer is at the store that sold the winning ticket in los angeles. >> even if you're fairly certain you didn't win, a lot of people are rechecking their numbers. let's put the winning numbers on the screen for you right now. here are the six numbers you needed to hit late last night. 8, 27, 34, 4, 19.
7:29 am
the powerball number, of 10. three people across this country are waking up hundreds of millions of dollars richer. their identities haven't been released released. we know the store here, this 7-eleven, sold one of the winning tickets. i'll show you what it sounded like and looked like here several hours ago. the losers even feel like winners here in chino hills today. they're celebrating the $1.6 billion colossal jackpot that will be split by three people. the other winners are in florida and also tennessee. you have melbourne, florida, and tennessee. those winners haven't stepped forward. but there is a lot of celebration going on in three states today. this is the largest jackpot in histy. the three winners will split the jackpot, $1.6 billion prize, equally. how they take their money is yet to be seen.
7:30 am
as a matter of fact, we're waiting for them to step forward this morning, savannah. >> miguel, thank you so much. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. >> we're watching a system that's developing down in florida, the gulf coast, and it's going to be pushed along by the jet stream. we're watching all this rain fire up. it's going to get pretty wet. stretching from texas to the gulf coast. south atlantic states. severe storms for florida and the florida peninsula. we're looking at this costal low, making its way up the coast. normally, this would be a nor'easter and we'd be worriedy edied about this, as far as a potential snow maker. however, this cuts off the cold air. we're looking for rain along i-95. washington to boston, could be wet snow in parts of northern new england. we expect 2 to 3 inches of rain stretching fromape hatteras into northern florida. the heaviest rain will be in
7:31 am
wilmington and savannah, georgia. more rain and snow in the pacific northwest. look for light snow across the northern tier. we've had some snow showers in upstate new york. that's what's going o thursday morning and it's another cloudy start to our day across south florida, but we are dry for the time being. the shower chances will lie at @ least in the florida keys initially this morning, but showers catching up with us late morning into the early afternoon hours. so cool start to our day. cloudy conditions, 61 to 62 across broward county. currently at 62 in miami and opa-locka, on our way to the lower 70s but increasing rain chances in your first alert forecast as the day goes on. our highs this afternoon at 72. >> that is your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks. we are celebrating a couple things today. one of them, wrangler's one year anniversary on our show.
7:32 am
today, this happened. today, january 14th, 1952. >> nbc begins a new program called "today." if it doesn't sound revolutionary, i believe it begins a new kind of television. >> i think you should go back to wearing that bow tie, matt. >> i knew i set myself up for that. >> 64 years ago today, "today" went on the air with that man, dave garoway. a lawsuit filed against a popular brand of lip balm. warning for homeowners. >> good morning. i'm jeff roeszenssen. you've heard the saying, they don't build houses like they used to. it could make the difference in a fire. it's about how new popular furniture is made. this before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet served my country, carried the weight of a family, and walked a daughter down the aisle.
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shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam. back now. 7:40. we have a new rossen report this morning. >> eye opener. the fire danger from newer furniture, giving you less time to escapap in an emergency. today, jeffossen has this demonstration. jeff, good morning to you. >> you need to see this one. thousands of people are killed in house firesvery year. in fact, new deadly cases in the news this week. survivors always say, it happened so fast. there was barely time to get out. it turns out, there's a reason fofo that. popular new furniture, the kind of furniture so many of us have in homes today, burns faster. meaning, you and your family don't have as much time to escape as you used to. this morning, we're about to show you why.
7:38 am
in just minutes, flames can un engulf your entire house. >> i didn't think we'd make it. >> reporter: in an instant, your home, a deadly trap. >> 20, 30 seconds, it went from no fire i ithe hallway, to stairs were blazing. >> reporter: even firefighters are overcome. >> mayday! mayday! >> reporter: your chance to get out alive is shorter and shorter. research shows 30 years ago, you had about 17 minutes to escape. today, it's only 3 to 4 minutes. turns out, there's a reason newer homes burn faster. you know the saying, they don't build them like they used to? well, they don't build them like they used to. we've come here to chicago, a lab, where we'll do a demonstration. i'm wearing this hard hat and safety glasses so we stay safe. they have two rooms side by side. the first is a flashback to '70s and '80s, how homes used to be built. next door, this probably looks
7:39 am
like how your home looks. modede furniture, synthetic fibers, from the curtains to the couch to the coffee table. experts say newer homes can burn five times faster than the older ones. we're going to light up the modern room first and see what happens. within seconds, flames are already shooting up from the pillow. seconds later, it's spreading to the entire couch. >> the backing on your couch, drapes, couch, pillows, all synthetic. >> more flammable? >> they burn hotter and faster than natural materials do. >> why doo they make it out of that stuff? >> less expensive. it's the way homes are furnished today. no getting away from it. >> reporter: in less than two minutes, the fire jumps to the lamp and the end table. black smoke filling the room. by 2:20, watch, that chair goes up in flames. at 2:40, it's the coffee table. then this. complete flashover. you can't survive this.
7:40 am
>> the fire is coming out of the roof. should we leave? >> yeah, let's get out of here. >> that was fast. >> reporter: now, we're going to light up the older home to see the difference. good to go here? >> good to go. >> let's get out of here. two minute ss and the fire is barely noticeable. >> it hasn't even caught the couch yet. >> could be the difference between life and death. >> at 5:00, the flames are just peaking over ing-- peeking over the pillow. then the drapes are catching. >> it's been 26 minutes and the fire is mostly still contained to the couch. it hasn't even spread to this table. it hasn't spread to the coffee table. the fact you can see me and we can stand here, the black smoke is not ovpowering. it's taken this long, and you could still get out. it takes 30 minutes for the old
7:41 am
the modern house, less than three. what's being done about it? the furniture industry group telling nbc news, it supports a federal flammability standard for upholstered furniturur but only if product changes are safe, effective and affordable. until then, experts say, there's no time too waste. >> that's why when your smoke alarm goes off, youon't have time to look around to get your wedding pictures. >> get out. >> get out as quickly as you can, jeff. >> there is some good news here. the national association of home builders telling nbc news that building codes make the actual houses safer these days. fire experts say the bottom line, you need to have an escape plan for your family. if you don't know how to create one -- i didn't in my house -- it's not a problem. the rededross has an easy worksheet online. i have a link on my facebook page right now. reports. i urge everybody to go there. we all need a plan. >> and praice it. make sure your kids understand it.
7:42 am
coming up, three is a crowd. how this taylor swift fan ended up on her most recent date. unless you're one of the lucky three, carson will help you cope with powerball
7:43 am
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7:46 am
a chronic lung disease. orencia may worsen your copd. if you'r'rnot getting the relief you need... ask your doctor about orencia. orencia. see your ra in a different way. we're back. 7:49. record powerball drawing. pain for the rt of us, right, carson? >> that's right, savannah. according to google, there are more searches for the words, lucky numbers now, than any time in google history. people are turning to social media this morning to cope with their terrible powerball luck. here's a few of our favorites. mike wrote, i may have gotten
7:47 am
carried away last night thinking of my life as a millionaire. looking up ocean front mansions. how much are helicopters. lamborghinis. where are the tickets? people are drinking their sorrows away. this was a good it. a white out. the winning numbers didn't fool anybody anybody. look at this edit. those are actually the winning numbers. if we examine it, here's what a real ticket should look like. the letters down and the numbers across. here, these letters right there, there should be corresponding numbers and there aren't. some people thought this was real, a $2 ticket. >> that's a lot of work. >> those are actually the winning numbers there. people are going to work, consoling co-workers. so are we. wrangler is sad. he has a losing ticket, as well. wrangler, it's your one-year anniversary, so cheer up.
7:48 am
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7:52 am
give extra. get extra.
7:53 am
good thursday morning to you. >> the time is 7:56 on this thursday. broward county deputies looking for a pair of bold bandits who have been hitting up a couple of restaurants in broward, spotted last night at a denny's restaurant in hallandale beach. threatened workers with a gas bomb. if you know anything you're asked to call police. investigators in miamiieach are looking to are a man who left several suspicious packages at a post office. witnesses say he tried to mail two envelopes addresse to the fbi and after employees started asking questions, he got upset, ran out and that's when he left the envelopes behind. meteorologist ryan phillips has a quick check of the forecast. >> cloudy skies the rule. not much in the way of sunshine. we'll see temperatures warm into the lower 70s but eventually shower chances will find us tucked away through the keys, just the clouds spilling across south florida for the time being. take an umbrella. shower chances unfold before midday. cool start to our morning.
7:54 am
72, shower chances expand this afternoon. here's kelly with traffic. >> good morning to you. hope your morning is off to a good start. broken down car blocking the left express lane i-95 southbound around the area of northwest 62nd street. an accident 836 eastbound right at red road, off to the shoulder but causing some delays, just moved to the shoulder a few minutes ago. major lay its because of an rlier crash with injuries, you can see delays stretching back to 195, take the macarthur causeway instead. >> thank you so much. we'll be back in 25 minutes.
7:55 am
and weather app in the meantime. i really, really, really, really like you 8:00 on "today." bomb shell. could this lip balm be doing more harm than good? a popular brand under fire this morning. then, all about oscar. >> surprise. >> which movies have the golden touch? we're in hollywood, breaking down this morning's academy nominations. our boy is all grown up. we'll celebrate our one year wrangler anniversary today, thursday, january 14th, 2016. i like about you i don't want to work >> it's a great day to be in new york. >> good morning, california! >> hello, california d.c.!
7:56 am
>> freezing from san diego. >> hello, family. we finally made it to new york city. because i don't want to work i want to bang on the drum all day >> 8:00 on this thursday, the 14thf january, 2016. just saying hello out here to those in the plaza, the few that remained, including my frid from arizona, wildcat country. >> you're from arizona? >> i never mention it. >> good throwback ng, al. >> that's right. "bang on the drum all day." >> i like this. just ahead, we have the special steals and deals to@get you started on the road to better health in 2016. everybody says that's their resolution. hoda, jill, g/ing to take us down that road in a couple of minutes.
7:57 am
>> they're going to j through steals and deals. first, let's get a check of the morning's top stories. wrangler is excited. it's his one year anniversary. >> good morning again. the lucky holders, three lucky tickets, will share the record powerball jackpot, each in a different part of the country. miguel almaguer is at a store in chino hills, california, where one of the tickets was sold. >> good morning. three people are waking up, if they were able to go to bed, hundreds of millions of dollars richer. it's not stopping us from knowing we didn't win, and many people from double checking and triple checking their numbers. we'll put the winning numbers on the screen. 8, 27, 34, 4, 19. the powerball numberr of 10. after those numbers were announced here, there was purcellpure pure celebration at this
7:58 am
this is where one winning ticket was sold. those who lost still felt like winners overnight. chances are, one person in this community took home the jackpot. there are three winnini tickets across the country. one here in california. the other in tennessee. the third in florida. no winners have stepped forward in any of the three states. it's still early. there's still time. many people waiting here, at least in chino hills, for the big winner to step forward. natalie, back to you. >> miguel almaguer, thanks so much. donald trump warmed up for tonight's republican debate by telling a crowd on wednesday that he's angry and ready to be attacked by his rivals. adding that, quote, unlike this countr i attack back. in the meantime, the "new york times" is reporting trump challenger ted cruz faile to properly disclose a loan he got from goldman sachs, where his wife works, to fund his senate campaign.
7:59 am
cruz says it's a matter of semantics. isis is reportedly claiming responsibility for attacks this morning in the capital of indonesia. one of several explosions was at a starbucks in downtown jakarta. the bombings were followed by a gun battle with police. officials say at least five attackers and two other people were killed. about two dozen people were wounded. the area is a major shopping and business district close to foreign embassies. sad news from the entertainment world. alan rickman has died. he's been suffering from cancer. he was known as professor snape in the "harry potter" move rhee s -- movies. he also played the villain in "die hard." police say a woman driving recklessly took off when they tried to pull her over, and she stopped right outside station keci's downtown studio.
8:00 am
building, triggering a lockdown. police surrounded the woman and arrested her. they say she was unarmed and did not appear to be intoxicated. good manners are sometimes forgotten when you're a hungry man in a buffet line. this guy takes it to a new level. look as he piles on the noodles on to the small plate before deciding that all y y can eat actually means that you can eat it all. i'm sure he's proud of this. didn't know the video was rolling on him. >> don't know. why would the cera be right there at that time? mr. cynic strikes again. >> natalie, thank you. with the col and wind picking up, you're probably reaching for that lip balm a little more often. >> but could doing that be more harm than "today"'s erica hill is here
8:01 am
>> lawsuit against eos lip balm. the company has a different take. >> reporter: for rachel, what was an impulse buy, soon inspired a lawsuit. >> my lips became dry. i had little puss all over my chin. it would crack and bleed. >> reporter: the 24-year-old believed the eos lip balm was the cause. she posted to the eos lip balm page, and a doctor concluded it was part of an allergic reaction. there is now a lawsuit, asking for a warning to be added to the eos lip balm packaging. >> at the least, it's to make sure you have a safe product. if your product can cause any harm at all, at a minimum, you have a warning. >> reporter: in a statement, eos tells nbc news, quote, all ingredients used in our products
8:02 am
the fda and the cosmetic ingredient review board. without warning labels. we are in compliance with all standards and guidelines regarding ingredient use and labeling. adding, quote, we firmly believe this lawsuit is without merit. and its products, quote, meet or exceed all safety and quality standards validated by rigorous testing conducting by an independent lab. the lip balm has an active social media presence, including celebs posing with the egg-shaped package. go all nightht till we see the sunlight >> reporter: it's posts like these now getting the attention. a dermatologist says while lip balms are generally safe, allergies can develop at any time. >> it's true that any regular or organic lip product can cause a reaction. one thing that is a misnomer is something labeled organic or natural is rmless.
8:03 am
>> reporter: the suit filed this week is putting a focus on lip balm, including those who say they're addicted to it. while the doctor says a true addiction isn't possible, users can develop a sensitivy. >> your lips will feel irritated and dry. u'll use the lip balm more and more to moisturize your lips. it gets worse a worse. you feel addicted. >> eos says millions of lip balms were sold last month and received 40 complaints. 35 people agreed to receive replacement coupons. they haven't heard back from the other 5. the most gentle ingredient is petroleum jelly. a gentle lip balm is recommended in the winter months. as long as you're not licking your lips, there's no limit as to how much you can put on. >> interesting. erica, thankyou. >> everything in moderation now, right?
8:04 am
find the perfect lip balm. go to pop start, they'll be there foyou, all of them. a "friends" reunion. steals and deals. discounts on everything you'll need to begin getting in shape this year. who is in and who is out this morning? nominations for the 88th academy awards. first, these messages. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you.
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8:07 am
we're back at 8:12. it's that time of the morning when we trend. >> yes. >> why are you giggling? >> you just sat down. >> i did. it was on time. >> we like to start a gender war. >> always. >> two ladies and two gentlemen plus me. here we go. which sex do you think spends more time in the bathroom primping and preparing. >> men. >> ladies. >> i'd say women. >> men. >> shocked how quickly you came up with men. new study -- i'll say up front, it comes from a men's grooming website. after surveying hundreds of people, the site found this, the
8:08 am
morning routine lasts up to 30 minutes. for men, it was up to 45 minutes. >> wait, is it just their bathroom time, or grooming time? men do spend a lot of time in the bathroom. >> we don't know. >> now i believe it. >> i'm including the time the door closes. >> taking in the newspapers and magazines and things. >> why my mom calls it the reading room. >> actually, men take a longer time. it's not true for me. >> me either. five minutes. >> you wake up naturally beautiful. >> you're vy nice. i go into the bathroom at 4:16 every morning. i'm out at 4:29. i mean it. 13 minutes. >> you have a schedule? >> yeah. >> down to the second. >> he has a time clock. >> anyway. >> what happens at 5:48? >> i won't tell you. >> we know there can be
8:09 am
there is an effort by a british lawmaker, wanting to formally replace the handshake with the fist bump. do you like that idea? imagine this, the queen and president obama, fist bumping. what do you think? >> doesn't work, guys. >> i'm a germaphobe, but there are times you need to shake. >> yeah. >> grasping the other person's hand, like a real shared form of communication. >> in the "downton abbey" days, people didn't shake hands. >> they had gloves. >> it was not proper. also, because they were concerned about disease. >> carson does the hip bump, which is good. >> i do. >> mr. president, nice to meet you. >> yeah. >> the cast of "friends "come" comes home to nbc in a pair of performances we want you to see. carson? >> we're going to start the news that fans of "friends" have been waiting for. 12 years after the show ended,
8:10 am
the cast is finally reuniting, but not in character. they'll appear as themselves in a special honoring the director. it airs next month on nbc. details being workeke out. all six members are said to be on board. "taxi," "sheercheers," "frazier" and "will and grace," will also have specials honoring the director. taylor swift andalvin harris. they were enjoying a romantic dinner but weren't alone at the table. a young fan pulled up a chair and joined them. his name is ricky. look how he captioned the photo on instagram. awesome dinner with mom and dad. ricky said the couple didn't mind them trashing ingcrashing their date, but don't try it.
8:11 am
>> that was jimmy kimmel. >> amazing. >> spot on. >> shut your eyes, it's like you're looking at the bob dillylan. >> did we have the wrong picture up there? >> yeah, that was jimmy kimmel. >> let's continue. another installment of car pool karaoke. take a look. >> that was amazing. hello from the outside here's the story from a to z you want to get with me,
8:12 am
sten carefully >> i love that. as for me, you'll see >> i could watch this allday. >> it's 14 minutes long and fantastic. >> i want to be in that car. >> james cordon, fleckxing his voice. high harmony in the car with adele. amazing talent on the late night show. nicki minaj, spice girls. >> stephen colbert has a good voice, too. >> none of us in the mornings. >> we're not hiding anything for talent. >> let's get a check of the weather, al. >> all right. we are looking at another storm coming into the pacific nino fueled and it'll continue over the next several days. this arrives on shore. look for the intensity to increase with gusty winds. friday, another system moving
8:13 am
in, in line for saturday. the storm will move east. we're looking at, over the next five days, three to five inches of rain in northernalifornia, into southern oregon. we have every other day, storms coming on shore. south florida, happy thursday. dry so far and moist into miami-dade. different story over the florida straights. it has been nonstop. there is a system over the florida straights and lifts towards the north and that will leave the cloud cover in place. we will also leave the showers as the day goes on. we are calling for temperatures into the lower 70s and >> that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. now, our month-long start "today" series. we're focusing on fitness today. jill martin and hoda are on the
8:14 am
move in the plaza. good morning to you. >> hey, everybody. how are you? >> how are you? we're giving you all the tools to whip -- hoda, a lot of people don't know this. you get up at 4:00 in the morning and at 5:00, do your workout every day. i think about it all the time. it's motivation. >> you do? >> yeah. >> i don't usually go out in the cold but it feels good. you feel good? >> yeah. >> what are we doing first? can we stop running? >> yeah. you start your day with a particular juice. what's in it? >> a green juice that has celery, apples, banana. it's got beginningginger and it's called the green monster. it's delicious. >> we'll put the recipe on the website. we'll tell you how to do it at home. the juicer retail is 99. you can put juice, vegetables.
8:15 am
make a dairy-free drink. retail is 39d$399. retail, $89, 87% off. >> is it time to keep going? >> moving on, we're not wearing jackets. >> why don't i have long pants on? >> we are modeling the active wear. it motivates you when you dress in a way that you feel proud of and feel good in. we're doing active wear here. all different kinds. sports bras, pants, tops. the retail, $48 to $60. it's marika active wear. moisture-wicking fabric, not that we need that today. the deal is $16. up to 73% off. >> great deal! you guys run with us. run with us, come on. >> everyone, run! >> come on, everybody. we're all getting our workout. ady? >> everybody. >> okay. what's next? >> getting a lot of steps here
8:16 am
today. the zunammy active tracker. retail, $100. tracks distance, calories burned. it'll also give you message reminders if you have an important phone call. also, fun colors. $100, deal, $18, 82% off. >> everybody down. runno the next one. what now? >> jump rope. >> oh, no. i'm not g gd at this. >> want t do situp-ups instead? >> yes. >> this is the equipment you can use at home. it's great motivation, especially if you have children and can't get out. dynapro. re retail, $80. core and cardio is the first. you get the exercise ball with the jump rope. the second, you get resistance bands and a door anchor. all you need is a door and you
8:17 am
can work out. retail, $75 to $80. the deal is $23. up to 71% off. >> awesome. everybody, come inside. can't. >> when you wake up in the morning, i often think of you when i wake up and i'm tired. you get up at 4:00 and go to the gym at 5:00. if you had a late night, what motivates you to get up? >> every day, i consider it part of the day. i'd rather get a half hour sleep. that's my drill. >> hey. does it make your day better? >> it does. but not as good as these guys' day. >> hey, everybody. >> hi. >> how are you? >> so this is our biggest item ever. >> biggest. >> in steals and deals. it's the nordictrack.
8:18 am
retail, 1$1,999. should i put this up? >> i have the fan on. this is a really nice one. >> i'll make it faster. >> powerful -- >> not so fast. >> web-enabled touch screen. it folds up to save space. >> how much is it? >> retail, $1,999. the deal, $899. >> oh million, my gosh! >> wow, what a deal. >> 55% off. >> fantastic. >> that's not all. >> there's more? >> she has everything. >> so the bargains don't end. we have a web only deal. it really super. you have to go on to to find it out. >> and if you have a contest or something, what is it? >> this is exciting. check out photos showing us how hard you're working. >> like laverne and shirley over here. >> how hard you're working toward your fitness resolution
8:19 am
and use a creative caption with #start today contest. you can get all the steals and deals and we'll announce the winner tomorrow. >> that was awesome, jill. >> thank you for doing this. >> you have a contest or something? >> come on now. >> let's go over the products one more time. the provita juicer. active wear from marika. trackers from zunammy. the dynapro set. and nordictrack. huge deal. you can find more information on the steals and deals page at >> how about that, savannah? >> now i'll start running. >> the remarks on bravo, you know, you guys are snugly. >> i'd take the fish. wrangler, are you having a good time? no, really, are you having a good time?
8:20 am
first, a check of your you. the time is 8:26. deputies are looking for a pair of bold bandits who have been hitting up several restaurants. they may have been at a denny's threatening workers with gas bombs. today we will find out what will happen to two teenagers bringing guns to school on tuesday at apollo middle school in hollywood. he brought it to school to show classmates and stashed it under a portable. let's go to kelly. >> good morning to you, south florida. if you are making your way out the door, a broken down car is blocking the lanes as are trying
8:21 am
to rampn to the 836. traffic slow here southbound because of an accident at coral way causing delays. headed southbound, traffic moving along at 16. to downtown miami, turnpike is a 15 minute ride. >> we will be back in 25 minutes for another update. keep it on our nbc 6 app. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $3.
8:22 am
8:30 now on a thursday morning. it's the 14th day of january, 2016. it is cold out on the plaza. that's our favorite little guy, wrangler, right there. by the way, couple of big anniversaries today. look, that's what he looked like 12 months ago. when he bounded into our lives. >> wrangler! wrangler! >> now, we're celebrating a year with brangwrangler on our show. >> such a big boy. he's all grown up. we'll take a stroll down memory lane, show some of the cute
8:23 am
also, it's a big morning in hollywood. we'll break down the academy awawd nominations. also, a lighter spin on chicken parm. it's possible and still delicious. before we get to dry so far and the cloud cover will be sticking around for most of the thursday. taking a look at the live doppler, plenty of activity over the keys. nonstop for them all morning. for us, we have been dry so far, however this moisturere is expected to lift to the north as the day goes on leaving us an increasing chance of showers. temperatures into the lower 70 >> that's your latest weather. >> al, now to the reason to celebrate. carson, today is a special anniversary. >> 365 days ago, we met our pal
8:24 am
wrangler for the very first time, as he began his journey to becoming a guide dog. what a year it's been. >> get over here. ready to meet our little friend? >> let's do it. >> it's been exactly one year since wrangler scurried into our studio. over 80,000 people chiened edchimed in on our puppy's new name, and it is wrangler. and into our hearts. wrangler instantly became a member of the family and grew up right in front of our eyes. in 260 shows, he's made more famous friends than we can count. >> wrangler and i -- >> you're tight? >> -- we're dating. >> wrangler pulled an el chapo there and took off. >> experienced exciting firsts. his first snow. first super bowl commercial. first birthday party. even his first road trip. but our pup with a purpose is here for more than just the incredible job. after the show, he heads home with his puppy raiser for a full day of training. >> headed home now.
8:25 am
>> it's all to prepare him for his formal guide dog training with guiding eyes for the blind. we followed his progress every step of the way. now, the time has come for his third and final walk and talk evaluation. >> today, we're at grand central station. we'll find out how much progress he's made. ready, wrangler? let's go. good boy. >> first up, doggy distractions. >> he needs to be able to focus on his job. >> next, conquering the stairs. >> this is an area he's struggled with in the past. wrangler will have to guide his person up and down the stairs at whatever speed they're walking. >> finally, tackling the train platform. >> we're looking for a dog not afraid of heights and comfortable walking near the edges of the train platform. wrangler is reaching a milestone in his career. he gets to try on a dog harness for the first time, the equipment they'd wear every day, to guide their person safely. >> wrangler did great.
8:26 am
i'm super proud of him. >> wrangler! >> wrangler gets all the attention. we should pay attention to wrangler's puppy raiser. happy anniversary to you, as well. >> thank you so much. >> did you become a morning person? >> slowly but surely, yes. >> how did you do it? >> he's doing great. really well. he's ready for training at this point. he's hit all of his big milestones. now, we're just making the most of these last few months that we have together and polishing everything up and getting him ready for the next step in his journey. >> he has a couple months with us still. not going anywhere yet. >> not yet. >> what if he's guiding somebody and sees a famous person, a celebrity. will his training kick in? >> well, he's really good with people. he's not super distracted by people because he's had so much practice here with his polite people greetings. it's part of every day fe.
8:27 am
>> unless you're chis sirissy teigen. >> we have to work on your polite people greeting. >> i passed all my evaluations. >> i know. up next, we'll take you to beverly hills for complete
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back to "today." it's an early morning out in hollywood, where the oscar nominations are about to be announced. >> dave from fandango is here. do you expect the oscars to mimic the globes? >> yes. we'll hear "revenant" and "mad max." a lot. >> we'll go to beverly hills. they're getting ready to announce the nominations live. let's listen in and hear who is going to have a happy morning. >> academy president and john krasinski. [ applause ] >> welcome. what an exciting morning. thank you for kicking it off. john, let's continue. >> let's do it.
8:30 am
>> for performance by an actor in a supporting role, the nominees are. christian bale in "the big short." tom hardy in "the revenant." mark ruffalo in "spotlight." mark rylance in "bridge of spies." sylvester stallone in "creed." [ applause ] >> performance by an actress in a supporting role, the nominees are. jennifer jason leigh, "the hagt hateful eight." mara in "carol." rachel mcadams in "spotlight." vikander in "the danish girl." kate winslet in "steve jobs." >> achievement in visual effects. the nominees are.
8:31 am
"mad max: fury road." "the martian." the "revenant" and star worse the"the force awakens"". >> achievement in film editing. "the big short." "mad max: fury road." "the revenant." "spotlight." "star wars: the force awakens." >> achievement in production design, the nominees are. "bridge of spies." "the danish girl." ""mad max: fury road." "the martian". "the revenant." [ applause ] >> for adapted screenplay, the nominees are.
8:32 am
dolph for "the big short." nick for "brooklyn." "phyllis for "carol." emma for "room." aaron sorkin for "steve jobs." >> next up, "the bridge of spies." " "inside out." josh and tom for "spotlight." jonathan herman, andrea, and alan for "straight outta compton." >> for original score. the nominees are. thomas newman for "bridge of spies." carter burwell for "carol."
8:33 am
the "hateful eight." "sicario." john williams for "star wars: the force awakens." [ applause ] >> in the best foreign language film category, the nominees are, from colombia, "embrace of the ser ser pants. "son of saul." "theeb" and "a war." "mug "mustang." >> achievement in director. "the big short." "mad max: fury road." "the revenant." "room." "spotlight." [ applause ] >> for performance by an actress
8:34 am
in a leading role, the nominees are. cate blanchett in "carol." brie larson in "room." jennifer lawrence in "joy." charlotte rampling in "45 years." ronan in "brooklyn." >> actor in a leading role, the nominees are. bryan cranston in "trumbo." matt damon in "the martian." leonardo addy cab leonardo dicaprio in the revenant. eddie red maine and michael mass bender. >> the film selected as the best picture nominees. they are -- "the big short."
8:35 am
steven spielberg, producer. "brooklyn." "brooklyn." "mad max: fury road."".." doug mitchell and george miller, producers. "the martian." "the revenant." "room." and "spotlight." >> for the complete list of all the nominations, please visit >> join us sunday night, february 28th, to celebrate these incredible artists and
8:36 am
films at the oscars with our host, chris rock. see you then. [ applause ] >> there you have it. we're back with dave, our expert. watching this with you is like watching a football game. >> i get excited. >> i want to say one thing. adrian! sylvester stallone got the nomination. >> you heard the crowd erupt, even in the academy, pr people. everyone is excited for him. he could win. that was the only nomination for "creed." by my crude count here, i think the "revenant" did the best, not 12. i also counted 10 for "mad max." overall, i think it's predictable. i think people were hoping "star wars" would get best picture. it got a couple for visual effects but not best picture.
8:37 am
>> actor, it's predictable. cranston, dicaprioaddydicaprio, fassbender, redmayne redmayne. the actresses were good. the best director, i thought ridley scott could win this year, and he wast nominated. >> thanks, as always. coming up next, low fat, high favor. katie lee is here to lighten up a comfort food favorite.
8:38 am
nbc. we're back now at 8:48. all week on "today" food, we're lightening up your faf ritvorite dishes. hardy food made thin by katie lee. she's the co-host of food network's "the kitchen." we have an issue. you were going to make chicken parm. >> mm-hmm. >> my thought is, you eat light on the days surrounding chicken
8:39 am
parm, but you make real chicken parm. >> sometimes, you have to get your fix. if it's a week night and you want it and want to eat healthy and still, you know, have an easy meal, this is for you. >> there aren't many ingredients. let't' look at our food board over here. you're going to make this lighter in a couple of different ways. >> yeah. by not breading and frying the chicken, it's going to cut down on the fat. isn't it all about the melted cheese anyway? >> no, it's all about the fried bread crumb taste and flavor. >> that gets soggy in the sauce anyway. >> how do we start? >> we have an easyauce going. i started with grated onions and somearlic and olive oil. bring that up to temperature together. don't put it in a hot pan because it'll bornurn quickly. i'll add crushed red pepper and -- not yet. >> sorry. >> tomatoes. this is a quick sauce, so use really good quality toe naymatoes and
8:40 am
>> sure. >> simmer for 20 minutes then add the fresh basil. you can freeze this ahead of time. >> should we pretend? >> go ahead and put it? >> now the chicken. i put it between two sheets of plastic wrap and pound it. >> you like it thin, right? >> yeah, it spreads it out to cook evenly. it tenderizes the chicken and makes me feel like i'm eating more if it's big. kind of fools me. to season it, i use salt, garlic powder and pepper. >> again, this is the big change. at this part of the recipe, normally, we'd get the bread crumbs on here. >> normally, we'd be putting it in flour, eggs and bread crumbs. that adds a lot of calories to it. this way, we're cutting it down. i've got it in some olive oil here. brown it on each side. just a couple minutes. it's going to fininh cooking in the oven. you don't have to cook it completely right now.
8:41 am
you see how fast this is to put together, too. it's a quick recipe. the sauce goes right on top. you want to use an oven-proof skill letet so it can go in your oven to finish cooking. ladle on the sauce. you can serve with extra sauce. >> here's where you lighten it up again. >> i'm using part skim mozzarella. >> you're breaking my heart but it's okay. >> you'll love it. i promise. you're never going to even know it's lighter. >> this is poured on top. how long do you put it in the oven? >> with harmparmesan cheese. >> about five minutes. >> if you'll grab the oven door? >> let's check in witit our tasters downstairs. guys? >> we're busy eating. >> what do you think? >> really good. >> it'sthe spaghetti squash adds the feel of spaghetti. >> the breaded thing, you don't miss it? >> nope.
8:42 am
>> the crunchy bread crumbs tt have been fried? >> she's right, it gets soggy. the cheese is crunchy. >> it's all about the melted cheese for me. that's what i love. >> okay. >> you taste it. usually, serve this with spaghetti. i'mmsing spaghetti squash, a great alternative. >> natalie liked that. >> i love it. it only has about 42 calories in a cup so you can go to town on that. >> good. >> what do you think, matt? >> we are going to town. >> amazing. flavors are really good. >> for a week night when you're watching it, it's a good way to make a cut. >> any idea how many calories we saved there? >> a lot. >> katie lee, thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> for more of thihi kind of recipe, these lightened up dishes, head to
8:43 am
this is "today" on nbc. zwroo remember, we did the show from the white house. ellen degeneres asked me to smuggle something into the white house. a pencil from her set. she talked about it on the air. >> matt lauer was here the other day, and he was wearing some strap by high els. did you see them? he walked in, and i love when my guests dress up for me like that. but, yeah, he was on his way to
8:44 am
the white house to interview the president. i said -- he didn't wear those. but i said, could you do me a favor and sneak an ellen pencil to the president's sk? he didn't know that i was going to give him a giant. after he said yes, i handed him that. i didn't think he'd do it, but look at this. >> everybody is sharing and contributing to that success. with that, let me add this. thank you very much, everybody. >> he did it. >> i was so surprised he used it. i left it on the corner of the desk there. >> did you bring a sharpener? >> what's coming up? >> more on the oscar nominaons. i went down to miami and did a ride along with kevin hart. >> we heard all about it, mr. dollar bill. >> that's me, making it rain, baby.
8:45 am
making it rain. >> you're not supposed to say that. >> i'm not? >> no. >> i'm sorry. i introduced him to my daughter courtney. before i said, he said, we're going to hit the clubs again.
8:46 am
>> more coming this morning on "today's take," the oscar nominations are in. we have the stars, the surprises and the snubs. you won't want to miss it when al rides along with kevin hart and ice cube. plus, jackpot. who are the lucky pinwinners of the largest lottery prize in world history? coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today," thursday morning, january 14th, 2016. i'm willie with al, gnat rhee and tam -- natalie loved your choice. >> i thought it was appropriate for the oscars today, and giving lo to bowie. i was in austin, texas. they've dedicated a street to david bowie.
8:47 am
>> awesome. let's get to the oscar nominations. start with best picture. "the big short," "bridge of spies," "brooklyn," "mad max: fury road," "the martian," "the revenant revenant," "room" and "spotlight." >> crowded category. >> it's hard to fit them all in. i think some were thrown out. no "star wars." no "straight outta compton." no "creed." again, it's already a long list. >> "mad max: fury road," you normally don't see that. >> a lot of nominations. phenomenal film. it is really good. on that list though, i have to say, not just because she's on hold, the "room." it was phenomenal. >> "room" is fantastic. let's get to the other ones because we have a special guest here. actor bryan cranston for "trumbo."
8:48 am
leo dicaprio. michael fassbender for "steve jobs." eddie redmayne for "the danish girl." brie larson for "room." jennifer lawrence, cate blanchett. chlotte rampling and saoirse ronan. on the phone, we have nominee brie larson. congratulations. >> hi! >> i don't want to say we're a good luck charm, but we called you after the globe nominations came out. we chatted. i think you were in hawaii. and you won. this is a habit. how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling incredible. i'm actually in australia now this time. so it's about -- what time is it -- midnight right now. i just got off work. i can't even belief itve it.
8:49 am
>> i saw you- i talked to you after you won the golden globe and you were in shock there. has that sunk in yet, and now you have to deal with this, gladly, i'm sure? >> well, it's been a fast couple days. after the golden globes, i went to the australia, then went to work. i've been working in the jungle australia with animals and plants and evgerything is crazy here. now this. i feel like i'm in a bizarre "alice in wonderland" dream. >> seems like you went from this room, shooting this film, to the jungle. how did you get the call? since you are abroad, there is a time delay and other things. how did you hear? >> there's a live stream online, so i watched the live stream. it's the first time ever i've done that. it was such a wonderful, fun
8:50 am
it's been so involved, with this whole season. this award season. you go to all the events and meet all these different people. you become rather invested in their films and in them individually. it's been fun. it kind of feels like my own super bowl. >> i was wondering what you do. you say you got on a flight to go to australia. but was there a little in between time, like a little stopping in and out along the way after winning the golden globe? >> oh, i mean, i got in and out delivered to my table. katy perry. >> nice. >> that's the way you roll. >> not bad. >> by theime i -- yeah, she had perfect timing. i don't know how she got it in. i think it's against the rules to bring food in. but i won my award. by the time i sat down at my table, there was a hot cheese cheeseburger waiting for me. >> that's how you win. >> man, that's a win-win. >> holding my award in one hand and the cheeseburger in the other.
8:51 am
it was manlgic. >> doesn't get better than that. >> it doesn't. >> people were saying before the globes you were the favorite, but it doesn't mean it still wasn't a shock and surprise and joy to hear your name called. what would it mean to you now at the oscars to hear your name called and come up on that stage? >> oh, gosh. i mean, it's theiggest honor you can receive in my field. it would mean a lot. just the nomination alone is incredible because it is -- the nomination comes from your peers voting. to have this happen, from actors i respect and hear so much about, that's inspired me over the years, it's so cool. i feel like i'm getting -- i get to join this cool club with people i love. i don't know. i've been taking it day by day and having no expectations, just feeling extremely grateful every day. each day, there is a new, exciting opportunity. just taking it from there. i mean, i'm 26 and life is long. we'll see how it all goes. >> i'm rious, you said you're
8:52 am
in the jungle with animals. what are you working on right now, if you can tell us? >> oh, i'm shooting "king kong" right now. >> whoa! >> cool. >> yeah. i mean, it's technically "kong skull island" but that's what i'm shooting. >> fantastic. >> amazing year for you. >> has been. >> between this and "trainwreck" and everything else. we've gotten to know you a bit and can't be more thrilled for you. >> well deserved. great person. >> thank you. >> we also have on the phone alicia vikander for "the danish girl." thank you so much for joining us. congratulations. >> thank you so much. > how did you find out? were you watching? did somebody call you? how did it work? >> well, it was a bit of a -- well, i'm shooting in vegas at the moment. i just woke up.
8:53 am
as soon as it came up with supporting actressss category, my wireless went ofof >> you're kidding me! >> then i got a call. i was really nervous to pick it up. >> wow. >> i know eddie redmayne, also your co-star in the film, was nominated for best actor. >> so happy. >> have you had a chance to even trade e-mail or any kind of text with him to congratulate him? >> no. as soon as i'm off the interviews, i'm going to call him, hopefully, instead of text him, to congratulate him. >> ayou talked about having been at the golden globes three years prior, thinking it would be your only chance to walk the globe red carpet. you were wit us earlier this week.
8:54 am
how do you explain it, as a nominee? >> hard to explain it because i'm just -- i kind of looked up a list of the actresses i'm nominated with. i'm so proud of this film. you know, i'm just going to enjoy it as much as possible and try to understd i'm going to be there. >> i think you said you'd be working on something like six films this year. so this is kind of the culmination of a very big year for you. obviously, big things to come. we want to say congratulations to you. good luck. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> absolutely. >> best actress nominee is on the phone, saoirse ronan for "brookokn." >> the film in the best picture category, as well. >> good morning, saoirse. how did you take in the news this morning?
8:55 am
>> good call to wake up to though. >> i was actually surprised how last night went. my mom ran in, tears streaming down her face. i knew it was good news or bad news. it was the best news ever. tliegt delighted. >> this is a sweet film. when y're making a film like this, did you have any sense this role wou lead down this path to being nominated for an oscar? >> no, i didn't't i thought, you know, a few people would see it. i think because it's, you know, such a kind of traditional form of filmmaking, it's a classic way to tell a story. hasn't really been done in so long. it's not really, you know, cool or edgy or anything. we didn't even know, you know, if anyone was going to go and see it or how commercial it was going to be.
8:56 am
kind of like sundance, where it's gotten better and better. you know, we got best picture, as well. just the best thing, brilliant. >> what i love about the film is you said, it wasn't maybe big hollywood production, but it is the story that pretty much everybody has, i think, at least if they are an immigrant family. for you, it was something you really wanted to play, a truly irish role, right? >> yeah. it was really, really important for me to find the right irish role to play. i'm so proud of where i come from and, you know, it was important that the first irish role i played capture edd the lifestyle had growing up. but even what you were saying about it being a story of immigration, like basically,
8:57 am
even if you moved down the road, moved out of your mom and dad's house, you're going to college or something like that, like everyone -- it's just that feeling of knowing that you can't go back to where you came from. i realized that at the time,ut to know that's how universal it was going to be. it's one of these beautiful little magic opportunities given. >> it truly is. i love it. it's a great movie. >> congratulations. thank you so mucuc >> congrats. the three women we spoke to all have something in common, besides having won oscars. i think we walked away from interviewing them saying, isn't she great? charming, humble and sweet people. >> and that accent. >> she has the best story. connected to queens. >> the bronx, i think. >> quickly, you mentioned it, sylvester stallone, best
8:58 am
supporting actor for "creed." room. >> applause throughout but he has a great shot. wore the first time around in the '70s? we'll see what happens. meanwhile, the other big story, powerball winners. clearly, no one in this room at this table, or anyone we know. we would not be here. three winning tickets. they will split it up. three tickets, $1.5 billion -- the ticket was $1.5 billion. they'll split it three ways. how much is that? >> a lot. >> $500 llion. >> one sold in chino hills, california. munford, tennessee. melbourne beach, florida. this was the scene. this is how all of us would have reacted, to some degree. chino hills, 7-eleven, that's where one of the tickets was sold.
8:59 am
roughly worth 522$522 million before taxes. $200 million after. wow, that's a lot off taxes. >> over half! >> almost not worth winning. >> it's like why? whywin? >> oh, sorry. i'll take that. >> sar kaschasm. >> i saw an article, the big winner, the government. >> i'm willing to split it with the government. >> we'll see if winners emerge after they speak to their attorneys. >> the 7-eleven guy gets a bonus of $1 million. thth's why he's happy. >> the store
9:00 am
woe vehicle dry so far and the moisture is expected further north as the day goes on leaving us with a 50 chance of showers. lower 70s >> just to mention, alan rickman, terrific british actor, passing away today, 69 years old, after a long battle with cancer. professor snape in "harry potter." >> "love actually." >> terrific. >> hans in "die hard." >> hans gruber. great actor. >> legend. coming up, kevin hart and ice cube and al roker. al hits the road with the stars of "ride along 2" our next item is a genuine "name your price" tool. this highly sought-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax! the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo.
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a partnership with direct relief to help millions in need heal their skin. because the same thing that helps heal your dry skin ...can help others get to work. or go to school. and that ordinary jar can make an extraordinary difference. some of you may have been lucky enough to get everything you wanted this past holiday season, while others may have
9:04 am
gifts they need to exchange or return. >> hurry up. a lot of store's deadlines are closing quickly. today, jeff rossen is here with jeff rossen reports live with a look at the pololies for several well-known retailers. >> all the ugly sweaters we got, you may want to return them. >> or the wrong size. >> exactly. >> these are the easy ones. >> we have the easy stores and the stores we'll start with nordstrom, legendary for having a great return policy. no return policy posted whsoever, actually. there's no time limit for returns or exchanges. >> no receipt? >> no receipt, no problem. they just want to build a long-term relationship with their customers. they say they take it on a case by case basis. >> they have the best. >> they're awesome, nordstrom. the next, l.l. bean. no receipt? no problem. feel free to return it. >> you have to have the tags and
9:05 am
stuff on, right? >> not always. >> really? >> no time limit and you don't necessarily need the tags or receipts at l.l. bean. >> gosh, okay. >> bed, bath and beyond. again, no receipt, not an issue at all. you don't need it. you can get a full refund for purchases made within the last year. if you bought this even less than a year ago, you can get a full refund. 80% of a refund of unable to find record of the actual purchase. >> no receipt. >> will they accept a credit card? >> a lot of stores, you can give your credit card or gift card used to buy it and they can look it up this year. now, the not as easy. kmart falls into that column. there is a time limit here. pretty fair, you have to return it within 28 days of the purchase. you do need the original receipt at kmart. get the gift receipt, as well, if you have a present. it has to be unused and in the original package. >> you can't have opened it up? >> it has to be in the original packaging if you want the full refund.
9:06 am
put it back in the package? >> you just have to have the original packaging and it has to have never beenused. continuing on the not easy column, sears. return within 30 days and the original receipt is needed. according to their policy on the website. you may get a 15% restocking fee. >> that is so unfair. the restocking thing, come on. i'll put it back myself. >> the stores say, look, we have the workers who we are paying and we have to restock the shelves. the holiday return policy on someme items. >> toys "r" us. >> there is a time limit for returns and exchchges. here's the thing about toys "r" us that angers people. photo id is required. driver's license. they keep a record of it. >> in case you are a serial returner? >> the store says they keep track of not where al roker or tamron live, but they want to
9:07 am
vantage of the system. we want to get to the statements of the companies. sears owns k smart. toys "r" us wants to stop the abuse of returns. >> thank you, jeff. coming up, i'm hitting the road with the stars of "ride the citi double cash card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back d\j vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every rchase with 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. with two ways to earn, it makes a lot of other cards seem one sided. does your makeup remover take it all off? every kiss-proof, cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that?
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9:11 am
causing some problems and getting honked at. we had a good time. we'll show you that interview when we come back after your local news and weather. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you.
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>>. >> good morning. i'm trina robinson. it's 9:26. a man left several suspicious packages at a post office. he tried to mail two envelopes to the fbi. he got upset and ran out, leaving the envelopes behind. looking for a pair of brazen bandits and last night they were threatening workers with gas bombs. if you know anything, call police. let's get a check on the forecast with erica. >> things are looking okay although plenty of moisture on either side across much of the
9:13 am
light showers beginning it move into western portionof miami-dade. the cloud cover will stick around and temperatures in the mid 60s. 65 in miami and 63 in kendall and 64 down into the homestead area. first alert forecast, a chance of showers as the day goes on. >> keep the umbrellas handy.
9:14 am
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taking a look at the headlines. a class action lawsuit has been filed against the makers of eos lip balm, claiming side effects. among those suing is a woman who posted pictures of what she says her doctor concluded was an allergic reaction. the lawsuit asks for damages and for a warning to be added to the limb lip balm's packaging. eos says the suit is without merit. adding, all ingredients in our products are safe and approved for use by the fda. we are in full compliance with all standards and guidelines regarding ingredient use and labeling. a new report finds that first-time mothers in the u.s. are getting older. according to the cdc, the average age of women giving birth to their first baby rose from 24.9 years in 2000 to 26.3 years in 2014. the report found a decrease in
9:16 am
teen births and a jump in births to women over the age of 30. in 2014, about 9% of women were over the age of 35 when they had their first child. more than 250,000 swinging chairs are being recalled. they were sold at pier one imports. the hardware can break. the stand can become unstable, posing a fall hazard. reports of dozens of injuries. consumers should stop using the chairs and contact pier one imports for a refund. giving your child a head start may begin with his or her name. a genealogy research website looked at 15,000 people with high iqs. philosophers, inventors, composers, scientists. they came up with the most common names among geeniuses. john and robert are the top names among men with high iqs.
9:17 am
common names for women geniuses. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. hey, al. >> albert didn't make the list. starting with friday, wet weather in the southeast. strong storms there. icy mix through the great lakes. we're also looking at plenty of sunshine in the plplns. for saturday, rain and snow in the pacific northwest, stretching to the central plains. icy mix gets into new england on saturday. showers and thunderstorms. look for a little icy mix, as well, along the texas-oklahoma border. ahead to sunday, sunshine along the eastern seaboard. wet weather in florida. snow in the great lakes and more rain and snow in the pacific northwest, into central costal califo >> dry so far and the cloud cover will be sticking around for most of our trds. doppler with plenty of action tiflt over the keys. nonstop for t(em all morning.
9:18 am
for us, dry so far, however this moisture is expected to lift further to the north as the day goes on leaving us an increased chance of showers. temperatures into the lower 70s and the cloud cov >> that is your latest weather. >> thank you, al. >> ice cube and kevin heart were paired up as unlikely partners in 2014 in "ride along." >> the buddies are back in "ride along 2." i had a tough assignment. i had to hang out with them in miami. with the three of us together, what could possibly go wrong? >> we are here in miami. look at that sunset. we are ready to go for a ride along with ice cube and kevin hart. you guys ready? >> you got gas money, al? >> i got gas money. >> let's do it. >> ride along! >> what's it like, you guys are the king of miami. >> it's beautiful.
9:19 am
when you want your movie to be big, better, you come to a scene that provides that. miami provided that. >> when they came to you with "ride along 2," did you have any hesitation? >> no hesitation. >> none. >> we have so much fun. it's only right to do it again. that's what you are in the entertainment business for, to give the people what they want. they love our dynamic. >> man, i'll tell you something, time. we decided to come back and do it twice. >> look, i'm the rapper here. >> hey! >> cut it out. >> did it so nice, decided to come back, do it twice. >> reporter: the original ride along, kevin plays a fast-talking security guard, joining ice cube's james, a quick-tempered police department detective, to patrol the streets of atlanta. in an attempt to prove he was more than a video game junkie, ben tries to show his future brother-in-law he deserves to marry james' sister. >> i have tosk you to get on your bikes and leave this
9:20 am
>> get your hands off. >> reporter: what was supposed to be a typical ride along, ben is entackledngled in the detective's latest case ananhas an insane 24 hours of his life. >> that's it? i thought it would be bigger than that. >> when we last saw you guys, you were about to get married to his says terister. >> yeah. >> how is it going? >> in this one, first of all, we're not divorced. don't lie to al. tell him the truth. >> the truth is, we riding on the suspended license. >> no, no, no. that's not -- no. al, "ride along 2," we came back with bigger and better. while planning a wedding, cube is faced with another case, and i want to help on the case. we get to miami and get in the mission. there's a lot of booms and bangs. >> what's the magic here? the first one, you set all kinds of records. people loved it. >> we knew that the scenes were coming out with like a magic flavor tooit.
9:21 am
you don't get that every day. we understand that our chemistry is seamless, and it was seamless fr day one. >> you know, you have two guys that show up to work and literally give 110%. at the same time, share admiration for each other's growth in their career. >> jt's funny, i've never been in one of these movie cars. it looks like we're driving this lincoln. in fact, we're in a movie car. we're pulled by a trailer. how you doing? >> this is movie magic. >> how'd we do? >> we were riding along, but somebody was -- we were not driving along. "ride along 2" is from universal pictures and opens up tomorrow. >> love those guys. >> fantastic. just ahead, how to rock the hottest boots of the season. right after this. in a world that's trying to turn you into someone new... hair color wants to help you keep on being you.
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9:26 am
the winter is all about our boots. from the over the knee boots to cowboy boots, there are a lot of hot looks xhis season. here to show us the right way to rock them is melissa gargarcia. >> good morning. >> boots are always on trend. we're seeing different styles. over the knee, the short boots. anybody can wear these looks, right? >> absolutely. anyonenean wear any of the looks. they're versatile. it is cold enough to wear them. as you said, you can wear these year round. it's a goodinvestment. >> let's get to the models. let's look at stephanie. she's rocking the over the knee boot, all the rage. they're trending everywhere. >> fortunateunfortunately, these get the bad wrap. i don't know if it's the "prett woman" effect, but they look great. if you pair them with the same color pants, it elongates your body.
9:27 am
these are $118. >> you can also wear them with a shirt. >> like you have. don't show too much skin. >> looking great, stephanie. let's look at alexa. she has the lace-uptrend, which we're we're seeing a lot of. >> these are super sexy. pair it with something simple and classic on top because you have the wow factor with the shoe itself. one key here, make sure you get a zipper. you will kill yourself lacing these up. it will break a sweat, i promise you. get a zipper and you'll thank me later. this is the gladiator sandal reinvented for winner the. >> i love the color, too. >> pop shop after the show. >> $77. >> thank you so much. next, beth, with the ankle boot. super popular. it's trending everywhere. >> everywhere. they come in low and high. i feel like the ankle boot is versatile.
9:28 am
anyone can wear it. some women have a hard time with higher boots. can't zip them. this works for everybody. this is a chic version, $59.99. these will carry you from season to season. great piece. >> looking great. next is the western boot. >> always popular. >> come on through. >> it's hard for them to hear through the door. >> here, we have the western trend. reinvented. >> it's like the fringe. withhese. fringe or metal detail. $33. i paired it with jeans and a chunky knit, but you can do it dress. >> adorable, erica. love it. cute boot. >> last but not least, we have pam with the furry boot trend. very important now as we're getting really cold.
9:29 am
>> it was such a trend on the runways this season. gucci. i mean, the shoes were covered in fur. this is a wearable version. this is from aldo, $85. it will keep you super warm without sacrificing style. theyeye a great weekend boot for warmth. >> this is, i think, faux shearling, right? >> even better. >> fantastic. ladies, thank you so much. melissa melissa, thank you for showing us how to wear the trends. when was the last time you cleaned your pillows or comforter? you won't believe how often you're supposed to do that. oops. only kraft natural cheese has a touch of philadelphia cream cheese, so whatever you make,
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and look that nasty rash can pop up anywhere and the pain can be even worse than it looks. so talk to your doctor or pharmacist. we all in? (all) yes! good, 'cause if not we're gonna watch highlights of my career 12 hours straight. i kn, talk about pain. seriously now, talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about a vaccine that can help prevent shingles. >> announcer: this portion of "today" is brought to you by merk. visit to learn more. bacteria living in your home right now. >> thanks a lot, al. how often should we clean our furniture and alliances? elizabeth is here to help us out. good morning. >> good morning. >> i got it from the buzzers and the podiums, we're playing a game. >> i always wanted to be on a game show.
9:34 am
so maybe you can win this. >> okay. >> i have a prize. >> okay. >> first up, which appliance should you clean the inside of four times a year? >> al? >> dishwasher. >> no. >> washing machine. >> no. >> refrigerator. >> yes. >> natalie, yes. four times a year. seasonally. when new food comes in, you don't want the bacteria. >> only four times? >> this is a deep clean. taking everything out, getting rid of everything that't' expired, taking baking soda and water and cleaning the inside. >> you weren't clear about that. >> one for natalie. moving on. number two, what should you use once a month to clean and deodorize your dishwasher? >> vinegar. >> baking soda. >> wrong. >> a and b. >> correct. >> willie is right.
9:35 am
>> elizabeth, at some point when we get to the third answer, it doesn't count as a point. it's like picking c on your sat. >> just wait. >> willie got it. the way to do this is take a cup of vinegar, put it in a dishwasher-proof cup in the top tray. run it on the hottest water. open it, sprinkle a little baking soda and run it on a half cycle, then leave the door open. >> okay.( very good. >> just did that last night. >> how often should you clean your towels? >> once a week. >> no. >> every day? >> no. >> really? >> b. >> b is correct. >> i got that. >> wait a minute, clean your towels? what does that mean? >> washing machine and dry. towels, very important, washing, of course, is important, but drying them out is equally important. >> don't you use a fresh towel every time you use a towel?
9:36 am
>> people don't use a fresh towel, unless you're in a hotel. >> i do. >> your valet brings one every day? >> i don't use a towel twice. for women, our skin and -- >> men don't have skin. >> no, no, are you talking about makeup showered this morning and put the towel in the laundry. >> really, importantly, let it dry in between. do not hang multiple towels o o a hook. >> let's do a bacteria inspection. >> how often should you wash your pillows and comforters? >> once a week. >> pillows and comforters? >> no. >> pillow cases? >> i would like to be acknowledged. b, every three months. >> correct. >> i hit the thing. >> you need to wash your pillows. the way to do that, wash feather
9:37 am
you can wash the foam. you vacuum those. put em in the washing machine and the dryer. the trick to keeping the feathers and everything fluffy, put two tennis balls in there. make#sure you really dry it. you don't want the moisture to stay in the feathers or in the llow. it creates mildew and it's bad. next one, how often should you rotate or flip your mattress? >> once a year. >> mine isn't buzzing. >> once a year. >> somebody else? >> twice a year. >> no. >> a, four times? >>. >> four times a year. >> willie wins. >> four times a year is how often you're supposed to flip it. >> feather duster. >> great. >> never seen one of those. >> we know what's happening saturday at willie's house. >> stay away from willie. >> he's the big winner. >> i knew it was a duster. sorry. i just made the connection.
9:38 am
in this segment? >> stay far away from willie. >> christine, guess what willie is bringing home? >> you can get tips on today home on facebook. this is "today."
9:39 am
>> the edited version gorgeous ladies. >> what is that? >> tickler, as willie said. >> it's a duster. >> she doesn't know what it is. >> everybody knows what it is. >> i'll have what he's having. we have ambush makeovers today. >> how to solve your money problems if you didn't win the >> i heard matt won $4. >> powerball number. >> anyone in the crew win? >> everyone has a story. i think t >> good morning.
9:40 am
the time is 9:56. instigators are loorking for a man who left several sispishs packages at a post office. he tried to mail envelopes to the fbi after employee says asked questions. he got upset and life the envelopes behind. let's get a check on the forecast. erica? >> things are looking okay and we are seeing light showers across extreme southern portions. nonstop all morning. we are expecting the moisture to lift as the day goes on in the early evening. temperatures arnld 65 and 64 in kendall and we will need the umbrellas. let's look at the roads with kelly blanco. >> as you make your way out the door, the palmetto has seen ties and a right lane blocked off after the camera view. because of an accident at
9:41 am
northwest 103rd street. let's go over to the maps. 195 westbound on i-95. stick to your left side. the right lane is blocked off due it a broken down car. >> we will be back at 11:00 for
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