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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  January 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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living here came there cuba last year. >> ma'am, you are arrested for possession for purposes of trafficking, marijuana possession with the intent to sell marijuana. >> reporter: facing drug charges after miami-dade detectives took her and two men into custody, alleging they were using a single family home near homestead to grow marijuana in the garage. today we saw the home shuttered and signs placed by county workers that the home is unsafe to enter. also charge, two men. and one undercover detective told the judge some of what they found. >> detective garcia was interviewing the main target which is mr. castro. he advised detective that they
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the grow. >> reporter: the trio is charged with cultivating marijuana. neighbors who didn't want to speak on television told us the three had been in the home a few months. and that they were quiet and plight polite. they were surprised and say they had no idea that their neighborhood was now a place where allegedly marijuana was being produced. those arrestedre presumed innocent and had their day in court. if they bond out, t t one place home. in southwest miami-dade, willard shepard, nbc 6 news. now on 6, new video just in of a back street boy being busted. nick carter hitting a low note in the keys last night. >> his bad behavior caught on a police body cam. jamie has what it reveals. >> it shows moments after the incident and during the arrest
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officer's body cam. >> you don't want to see an ambulance to clean you up? >> no, i'm good. >> you're good? all right. >> my body got way too weird. from . >> throughout the video you hear them try to apologize to the victims even asking if they plan on pressing charges. carter was intoxicated when officers arrived. the report says bartender refused to serve carter and a friend who became aggressive. the bar staff repeatedly told both to leave. once outside, carter grabbed a bouncer by the throat and his friend headbutted and employee. here is more from that body cam. >> you you guys are not cool the way you did that. i'm trying to get my friend to stop and you tackle to the ground?
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>> hey,relax. >> he's had previous brushes with the law. he was arrested following an incident at a florida night club in 2002 and 2005. he was also arrested and charged with driving under the influence after attending mandatory alcohol education classes. and alcoholics anonymous meetings. carter told "people" that he would never get behind the wheel and drink again. adding that the classes were so good for him. jamie guirola, nbc 6. jetblue flights are delayed following a power outage. their website was down for at least an hour. jetblue says it happened during a maintenance operation. jetblue warns passengers there could be delays and cancellations. so contact the airline and check on the status of it your flight.
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family makes a plea for help to find a shooter who gunned down a teenage boy in miami-dade. >> no reason to be afraid. this could have been your brother, nephew or cousin. come forward and say something. >> the family of hill stood in the same field where he was shot and killed saturday night. the 15-year-old was riding his bike when someone grabbed him, took him to the field and shot him several times. family members say that they have no idea who or why anyone would want to all right him. there were two other shootings that night that happened within hours of the death including one that killed a former northwestern high school student. police don't think the shootings are connected, but they haven't ruled it out. and we're getting a look at the man involved in the crash that killed an uber driver. chica plowed in to an uber
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under the influence of alcohol at theime the crash when pablo sanchez died. hundreds of teachers are in our state capital rally for their students rights. they say failing government rams are preventing them and their students from making the grade. trina robinson is here to explain the changes they want made. >> thousands of sunshine state teachers bomb boarded the state capital demanding bigger paychecks and prirksappreciation for the job they do in educating our children. organizers says enough is enough. it brought teachers from all over florida to the capitol courtyard to demonstrate for lawmakers their anger and exasperation. a contingent from right here in south florida left for today's protests last night from miami. many educators say they are unhappy how the legislator
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>> it was teachers that gave them learning to being where they forget about us. we should be the most respected profession in the world. but we're not. we're being disrespected and cheated daily. >> that miami-dade teacher and others said they are tired of florida's so-called testing mania and, quote, the blaming and shameingeing of teachers. no word from lawmakers. this is only day two ofthe legislature's 60 day session. trina robinson, nbc 6 news. well, the day is a whole lot brighter for a select few in the sunshine state. lucky enough to get a piece of the powerball by. and a winning $2 million ticket was sold. >> but all that pails in comparison to the three who will
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power bawl history. those sold in california, tennessee and florida. shopping was a pleasure for one lucky customer. jay gray is live with more. >> reporter: we know that lucky winner wasn't us. history was made at this publicxpublix. we know what the winning numbers were, but w w don't know who is holging those winning tickets. an impromptu pep rally minutes after word that a winning ticket was sold at this 7-eleven in california. >> i'm really happy. >> reporter: overnight lottery officials confirmed two more winning tickets in mumford you can tennessee and melbourne
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almost $1.6 billion split at least three ways. >> probably one of their friends that they know at the store. >> reporter: but for this int, no one has claimed the record prize. we don't thohoh if the tickets are in the hands of individuals or office pool. but each is worth more than $528 million before taxes. >> how are you feeling? >> nervous. >> reporter: a nervous laugh for linda, one of 73 players nationwide that settled for a million dollar payout. >> i spent most of the night waking up everybody else in the house. rechecking numbers. >> reporter: and now she'll have to figure out how to spend those winnings. >> not a bad issue to have. ght people won $2 million jackpots across the country. not a bad consolation prize at all. the next powerball drawing set for saturday. the jackpot will be a measly $40 million.
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that is the latest live here in melbourne beach p jay gray, nbc 6 news. >> i'll at that timetake the consolation prize. thanks. another turn in the republican race for the white house after supports surfaced alleging ted cruz used a huge loan to win his senate seat and did not properly disclose it. he'll likely take heat about it during tonight's debate in south carolina. >> reporter: the timing is terrible for ted cruz. two weeks until the vote in iowa where he's fighting for the lead on the day of the debate in south carolina where the votes in five weeks. the "new york times" reports cruz used a half million dollar loan from goldman sachs where his wife worked plus other loans campaign. he's denying wrong doing. >> it is an inadvertent filing
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the facts of yndunderlying mamaer have been disclosed. >> reporter: but goldman sachs seen as a villain. >> he has a financial relationship with goldman sachs, no worse brand name for the populist wing than that. >> reporter: donald trump is playing born in the u.s. a ahis rallies to mock cruz being born in canada. he's calling the cruz finance story a very big thin >> i know nothing about it. but i hear it's a very big thing. i hope he solve it is it. i think he's a nice guy. >> reporter: trump and cruz have played nice for nths, but at the center of the debaters, can they stay nice with trump using the birth issue and now finance. >> if there is a debate question and ted krooukscruz refuses to say anything critical about donald trump now, i think it will look weak. >> reporter: and time is running out for damage control. not far from this site is the charleston church where nine were murdered.
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tonight along with isis, the economy and immigration. from north charleston, south carolina, steve handelsman, nbc 6 news. sdloo some sad news to report here. whether you remember him as hans, professor snake, everyone can agree that actor alan rickman was just plain good. a british actor died in london following a private battle with cancer. back in 1988, he became an enter national star for his portrayal of a thief inhe classic film diehard. but for the younger generation, he will always be remembered as professor of possessions featured in all eight harry potter films. he was 69 years old. >> a wonderful actor. next on 6, customers say that a popular product as alarming side effects. what you need to know d how the company is responding. plus a judge hands down a decision on a daycare worker accused of doing more harm than good. hear from a father who says his son is scred for life.
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difference out there. much more humidity, not surprising to find showers out there right now. a little bit more of a tropical feel to the air mass. possible thunderstorm or two overnight tonight.
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to apn update on el chapo.
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with kate del castillo led to his capture. she wrotnot surprisingly many have chosen to make up items they think will make good stories. and that are truthful end quote. mexican investigators say they intercepted multiple flirtatious messages in which dell cass tee he owe brokered a secret meeting between guzman and sean penn helping them trace the kingpin. a decision was made in a indication of abuse. >> and parents were front and center in the courtroom. bdam conclusion. >> guilty on 13 counts. that's the result after days of testimony. open the course of three day, county judge heard system from several witnesses including parents like blake who sayheir toddlers were abused by the
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>> the teacher was making him the class bully. >> reporter: he says jordan would encourage toddlers to fight and bite each other in the classroom. witnesses testified in court that over several months, jordan also physically abused stooptudents as young as 16 months. an employee said she saw jordan tripping kids and spraying them in the face with a water oezerter hose. error jordan denied hurting them with the water. but using the hose is against school policy. the prosecution then questioned jordan who said she was never told about the policy. the prosecute door said did you hear the procedures of using a hose? jordan said, quote, yes, that was never talked to me about. five therapists who worked with five of the children shortly after the allegations testified that they likely suffered from some type of trauma. buckner saidly son was one of
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>> really hurt. reminded me all the pain that i went through. >> reporter: but now over two years later, a judge found jordan guilty of abusing children, a verdict buckner says he sees as yus tisjustice. >> she knows what she did. i'm just happy and glad. >> and jordan will remain behind bars until her sentencing may 6. parents are expected to testify and ask that she get the max pup issuing punishment, 40 years. a florida widow is suing uber. the u.s. defense contractor was killed by a police captain he was training injordan. isis took credit for the attack. now his widow says twitter has knowingly permitted the terrorist group to use its social network as a tool for spreading proppropaganda.
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twitter account, at least 79 of which were official. >> a pre-existing legal finding that twitter was complicit. so i think it will be a tougug case. >> a twitter spokesperson says the lawsuit is without merit and says we have teamed around the world actively investigating reports of rule violations, identifying violating conduct, partnering with organizations countering extremist content and working with law enforcement enties when appropriate. if you managed to get outside today, you can feel the deeper humidity out there, eper moisture. and no surprise to see pretty busy radar right now. a lot of instability. winds o the ocean.
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streaming over south florida. you can see first as we head down to the key, you can see the movement of this mid level moisture from southwest to northeast. and with surface winds actually out of the southeast, getting a few showers, you can see them right through here working from the southeast to the northwest it shows you the differentind directions. surface winds bringing in the moisture and the extra warmth today and then of course all the mid level moisture working in over top of us. basically we're in for a wet evening. temperature-wise, pretty comfortable today. temperatures made it into the low 70s. 72 miami and ft. lauderle. cooler toward naples where we picked up some heavier rains. wind speeds 5 to 10 miles per hour. but out of the southeast. and again this is why the air mass has a much more tropical feel to it. and there you go, dew points, we were in the 40s and 50s over the last few days. thousand well into the 60s. completely different scenario.
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up, you can see southwest to northeast slow with that moisture. and here your wind arrows again coming in at a different direction. zooming up and out, florida very similar pattern, a lot of clouds, a few showers. and the big player for us tonight and tomorrow will be this area of low pressure across the western gulf. this will move across the panhandle of florida and our winds will really pick up out of the south. and as cold front bears down, i wouldn't be surprised if we saw actually a few thunderstorms. isolated thunderstorms still in the cards tonight and through the first half of tomorrow. scattered showers through 1:00 a.m., temperatures around 71 now and we may not make it below about 69, 68 overnight tonight. we're going 69. i think we getet burst of sunshine behind the front. warning back up to the low 80s. sunday lowsack into the 50s.
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hour on friday, a lot of clouds this white. surface winds bnging in some of the showers. isolated thunderstorm possible. and then we watch the cold front
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fray afternoon a beauty product is accused
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eos lip palmbaum is being sued by customers saying it causes blisters an rashes. they're asking the makers for damages and a warning to be added to the lip baum packaging. eo is responding to the suit on social media tweeting a statement seen here that say in part, quote, our products are safe to use, made with the highest quality ingredients and meet or whichexsaid all stand darsd. anan the lawsuit is without merit. a warning for women. a quickly spreading virus could be linked to severe birth defects. >> and ericair erika edwards explains. >> reporter: the virus is called zika.
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miskeymis key . >> it's treated with a seat my again and symptoms go within a week. >> reporter: women who have thehe ryerous while pregnant were more likely to give birth to babies with severe brain damage and small heads. often leading to death on the part of the baby soon after birth. or serious difficulties of brain function. >> reporter: officials in brazil say the country normally sees about 100 or so cases of the defect each year. that number increased this this past yearar to more than 3,000. there is no proof z)ka is the cause, but infectious disease experts say it's likely. now the cdc is actively working on how to advise those who plan to travel to the affected refugee ops. a few cases of the virus have been diagnosed in the u.s., all in patients who had recently
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some sxirpts s experts say it's possible they could spread to states along the gulf. erika edwards, nbc news. >> there is no vaccine to zika, but they are currently working on one. the news at 5:30 continues next. police say they're behind at least three bold robberies in just three days. how deputies were tipped off to the couple that threatened to set their victims on fire. and why police say they wanted the money. plus an youdoutlandish crime in tampa.
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now on 6, gas mb with an candidates busted. a couple accused of the scary crimes nabbed. good evening. i'm trina robinson. >> and i'm adam kuperstein. they made the threats to feed their drug habits. amanda plasencia joining us live with the latest. >> reporter: yes, these gas bomb bandits have finally been caught after going on a crime spree. today they're behind bars after facing a judge.
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sierzputowski and robert golden
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