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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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for calling, i appreciate that. that was the last time. >> reporter: one phone call, one deadly night. one life changing moment. >> i'm heartbroken. i'm in pain. i don't know where to go from here. >> reporter: sunday night, 14-year-old tyrice legrand was in the car with three other guys including his older brother. >> they were really, really close. >> reporter: tyrice was an eighth grader at lauderdale lakes middle school. and his brother, a father of two. >> a 3-year-old and 1-year-old. >> reporter: the car they were in was heading southeast towards northwest 44th street. instead of turning at the intersection, their vehicle smashed through the chain link fence plunging into it a pond on the country club golf course. the driver, desean prince, made it out alive.
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>> shaquille passed away on a sunday night at florida medical. and then tyrice was on life support. and then monday morning, tyrice passed away at broward general. so it was like a double blow. >> shaquille's hand print, tyrice hand print. >> reporter: donna and terrence hold these two keep sake boxes close to their heart. >> god will get us through this. just hold on to your kids. love your kids. >> reporter: officers are investigating this incident, but say anyone with information who might have been here sunday night should call crime stoppers that number at the bottom of your screen. reporting live in lauderhill, erika glover, nbc 6 news. new details tonight out of lakeland, police have arrested two miami men for a crime.
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a man were killed execution style, an 18-year-old survived the attack. he's recovering in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the face. detectives say the shooting appears to be drug related. firnl officials are looking for no suspect. contact police if you have any information. we care about kids. we care about ds. >> thousands of florida teachers surround the capitol building in tallahassee sending a message to state lawmakers. they're protesting a lack of funng and what they call high stakes testing. for nbc 6, jason heck the has more. >> reporter: one voice, to make a beautiful sound.
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together can potentially make a difference. armeded with signs and those voice, educators made their way total to tallahassee chanting to any lawmaker that would listen. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: rebecca is one of those teachers who says the system is burdening her and her students. >> we spend too much time assessing and not enough time teaching. >> reporter: standing by her side, her own former grade schoolteacher vicky rodriguez. >> reminds me of importance of what teachers do. >> reporter: who says that importance is being marginalize marginalized. the emphasis on standardized testing and lack of funding they say never step foot in a classroom are driving teachers away. >> they came into teach and they realize that that is not really what they get do. they have to jump through a lot of hoops to make a lot of people happy. >> reporter: it at the end of the day, it is about sending a message. >> our voices are being heard right now. i know they are.
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voices united and these teachers guaranteed it will grow louder. about 3,000 educators attended today's rally. we're told lawmakers were on hand, as we. but none of them head with any of those educators. teachers tell us that they chose today for the rally because it's so early on in the legislative session. they're hoping to get the attention of lawmakers. jason hackett, nbc 6 news. by now you've probably checked the powerball tickets and realized that you didn't win but several reads are at least a million richer. four of those tickets sod right here in south florida. marissa bagg is live tonight where one of florida's newest millionaires purchased the winning ticket. >> reporter: i wish i would are bought my ticket here in davie. the luck was here. two different stories along griffin road alone sold a million dollar cash winning prize in last night's powerball
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and the stores themselves reap the benefits, too. they get thousands of dollars from the lottery just for selling the ticket. so clearly lotto fever is far from over. historic gigantic, unbelievable. but, but, but billion plus dollars. this one time jackpot is gone, dwindled down it $40 million. but the excitement isn't over in davie where people are still taking a chance. >> keing my fingers krodedcrossed for the next one. >> reporter: they hope luck still lurks inside this store which sold one of several million dollar prizes from wednesday night's power ball drawing. but one of the biggest surprises, one of the three jackpot winning tickets was sold a couple of hours up the road in sleepy melbourne beach. >> i was shocked our little up
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now we're on world news. somebody knows us. >> very excited for the customer or customers thattay have purchased that winning power ball ticket. >> reporter: the party was much louder in chino hills, california, where the second of three jackpot tickets was sold. the third was purchased in tennessee. celebrations stretch from coast to coast. where there is no ill will for the big winners. >> looking forward to the next time around because ours wasn't one of the winners, but we're all for the guys that did n. >> florida is a big state, so we have a lot of people to spread money around with. so hopefully i'll meet that person. >> reporter: so clearly still plenty of dreaming to be had here. $40 million, let's be honest, we'd all love to win it even if it isn't a billion. still people buying those ticket
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i'm marissa bagg, nbc 6 news. and an update on anthony bosh. a federal judge is slashing his prison sentence. a judge agreed to cut his four year sentence by 16 months after prosecutors say he provided vital information to their investigation. bosh pleaded guilty to distributing testosterone after accepts thousanding thousands of dollars of banned substances. and an update on reports of a suspicious package left at a post office. officials say they have interviewed the person of interest who left two packages at the post office. and have cleared him of any wrong doing. this all unfolded during breakakg news yesterday. police told us the man went to a post office located on the 1300 block of washington avenue. they say he got angry while trying to buy stamps and ended up leaving the two packages at the poststoffice. employees called police after noticing both were addressed to the fbi.
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was someone's brother, someone's nephew. a family makes an emotional plea for someone to come forward as a 15-year-old relative was shot and killed. steve. >> reporter: such a sad situation. that 15-year-old boy dragged off of his bike in this neighborhood and escorted into a field and police say he was shot and killed execution style. investigators aren't saying if the suspects knew the victim. in fact today they told us that they think this kid was killed just because he was in the wrong neighborhood. alder hill, just 15, shot execution style. >> do you have any idea why something like this would happen? >> no. >> reporter: a lack of information motivated his family to gather in the field wherehe was killed and make this public plea. >> come forward and say something.
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his mom lost him. >> i'm getting emotional. because this is personal to me. i've been doing this for 30 years, but this was an execution that occurred here of an innocent 15-year-old child. >> reporter: it happened last satuay night, hill was riding his bike near northwest 109 avenue and 69th street. he was forced off his bike, walked into it a field and then shot dead. the lead detective said it was possibly a territorial killing. a kid just being in the wrong neighborhood. >> just a perception that if you're from the wrong neighborhood and what are you do here, and you get murdered. and that is sad state of events. >> reporter: hill's murder is one of several recently connected to northwestern senior high school. and it prompted the school superintendent to say this earlier this week. >> over the past year alone, we've had 64 students who are school age kids shot, 21 of them died. if this is not a crisis, i don't
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>> reporter: police say there were hundreds of people in the area at the time hill was killed. and they're sure shall beomebody knows somebody. >> this could have been their grandson, their nephew or brother. >> reporter: you heard the detective getting a bit choked up when he's talking about this killing. again, he said he's on the job some three decades and hasn't seen a crime this heinous. detectives in miami-dade are hoping somebody saw something and calls crre stoppers. 305-471 tips. you can remain anonymous. there is a reward and investigators think they are looking for two suspects. steve litz, nbc 6 news. tonight dozens of teens pledge to help stop gun violence after hearing stories from a survivor and a mother who lost her son.
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tonight hundreds rub running towards freedom. and we have socked in. all of south florida seeing showers. it will continue much of the night. a run he will couple thunderstorms possible tomorrow. this bill says final notice. open immediately. and looks like it's from the
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the nbc 6 investigat laughter, applause and thoughts of god be with you and thank you was captured on social media. the exchange and selfies took place aboard the airplane carrying the first group of cubans to resume their journey to the u.s. mexican authorities issued transit visas to the first group granting them 20 days to leave the country. you learn a lot when you hear stories firsthand from those who lived it. that's why victims of gun violence are hoping that their personal stories will help curb it here in south florida. michael spears shows us how they share their stories with students in the 5,000 role models program hoping to make a
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>> reporter: thehe message is clear. >> put the guns down. >> reporter: enough is enough. antoine reese can tell you firsthand what it's like to fall victim to gun violence. >> seemed like they were shooting forever. >> reporter: he was shot 21 timesin a drive by back in november while sitng inside a parked suv. his cousin and kids were also there when a a car pulled up and opened fire. bailey was shot in t head. >> i don't know what got in me to jump on my kids. and i could feel the bullets coming through the seat. >> reporter: nearly two months later, he's now sharing his story for the first time. >> as to make a positive impression on them now, to give them positive images now is fantastic fantastic. >> reporter: in front of ap audnd you had an audience of middle
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participating in a stop of gun violence teen youth summit at aventura hospital. >> when my son was shot -- >> reporter: speakers also included hospital staff and this mother. >> you never know where your life is going to independent upend up if you do not make good choice. >> reporter: different voice, different experience, but one message that did not fall on deaf ears. >>we're the future so we have to change shallome things. >> reporter: michael spears, nbc 6 news. we're just blanketed with rain right now. live first alert doppler showing everybody socked in with green. not heavy rain, but consistent. and it's been like this for the last few hours.
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in the radar and i would be pressed if you can pull that off because there are shower all the way from key west up through elliot key all points in between. you can see the movement from the southwest to the northeast. just deep tropical moisture across that refugeegion. broward and miami-dade feeling the same thing. moisture continuing to stream in other sth florida. nothing too heavy, but with it raining for the balance of the evening, some of the rain amounts will pick up a bit. temperatures the other story. it's been cool. today a little different feel to the atmosphere. a little bit more tropical moisture. just the cloud cover and the rainfall keeping the numbers down. we did planning to make it up to 7 72 in miami. if you're a fan of the cooler numbers, you are loving today. so winds at the surface out of the southeast. that's why we're feeling more humidity at low levels. look at all this energy pumping in. and in the upper levels, kind of
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the green, tha is deeper mid and upper levels showing all the acts. now to the forecast tonight, moist southeast flow. i think you get the idea. we're talking about rain tipping tonight. a good most of us through 1:00 a. so high rain chances tonight and through friday. a weak cold front will push through friday, we're still back to the 80s. fizzles out on top of us overnight friday or late friday evening. and then another front comes crashing in sunday and then will be the one that will finally knock the temperatures back down. until that time, we're flirting with 80s again. and then 50s for low, 70s for highs. low 70s on tuesday. so here is the action on friday, we go hour by hour, green that is rainfall. lot of it working through. there is your time line first half of the day looking quite wet. showers possible thunderstorm through midday. even into the afternoon.
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pushing through by the evening, but stalls just south of us. so temperatures don't take too much of a hit. still making it up to 80 tomorrow. and behind the front, sunshine and that will be strong enough up to 81 guys on saturday. over to o you. officials looking at letters in mail boxes. >> you don't want to get in trouble. >> the nbc 6 investigators questions about the letters
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into who is the nbc 6 investigators get results. >> in a heart beat you get it and it says final notice -- >> nbc 6 investigators questions are gettink results tonight looking into a letter that could show up in your mail box. >> dan krauth shows you what you should watch out for and why federal inspectors are now involved. >> reporter: we received a tip from a viewer and decided to look into it. now due it our investigation, the feds are doing an $% investigation of their own. letters like this one here are getting more and more convincing and the people behind them are targeting new people like you. when dan daly opened this urgent
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>> you don't want to get in trouble. >> reporter: in trouble for not having employment signs like this posted at his business. he's a small business owner who works from home. the notice ordered him to pay up 74 bucks for the signs or face serious fines. >> there is no indice are that it's not from a state entity, so i almost proper out the checkbook and paid it. >> reporter: until he spoeted this, spotted this, the postmark. and daly is not just a business owner,'s the vice mayor of coral spranks. s springs. he did not recognize the apparent government agency behind the letter. >> i had never heard of florida resource compliance. >> reporter: he called us and we contacted the u.s. postal inspectin- inspection service. >> we will find out if it's a legitla legitimate company. >> reporter: it turns out the
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be printed off online for free. >> i wonder how many people actually take the time to send the money back. >> reporter: we discovered the attorney general has received horn 70 complaints. and the state now has a scam notice posted on its website. >> the key to determine if it is an actual fraud is if the product that is be sold or the service is actually being provided. >> reporter: what the company is doing is not against the law. unless they don't send the signs that people pay for. so we mailed daly's letter along with a 74 bucks to see if the company follows through. that was back in early december. today more than five weeks later, we're still waiting. they're looking into the case we brought it their atatntion. and now the more than 70 others to determine if people paid, if they received anything in return. >> people need to know that this isot legitimate and not to pay it.
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business owners and it's for t t right. >> reporter: investigators say legitimate mailin url have a phone number you can call. this one did not. for more information on filing complaints, head to in the studio, dan krauth, nbc 6 news. and reminder tonight that the nbc 6 investigatorsrsre working for you. if you have a story you think they need to check out, be sure
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a quick look at today's top stories. a family who lost two sons are devastated. the vehicle drove into the body of water in lauderhill. two men also in the car were pronounced dead. the cause of the incident remains under investigation. only the driver survived. police have arrested two for a triple murder in lakeland. vestigators say two women and a men were killed execution style. officils are looking for more suspects tonight.
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florida community to contact the police if they have any information into the deadly shooting. a group of local teachers is rallying against overtesting of students. 200 teachers from south florida are demonstrating in the courtyard of the state's capitol. they're protesting not only a lack of funding but also arguing against school vouchers, charter schools and class size. adam back now with a look at your forecast. have the umbrella handy. >> oh, yeah. all night long. we are socked into this tropical air mass. you can feel it out there. a lot different than what we have been dealing with. and possible thunderstorm or two overnighthtonight through tomorrow. as a weak front bears down on us. it looks like it will fizzle out friday night through saturday, so that is your dry period. a nice day to get outdoors saturday. and then the big front comes in sunday. lows back to the 50s. highs exactly where we like them.
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