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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  January 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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and in the state of the union test test. hialeah police at a home this morning after they found a woman dead. we are with investigators with a live report minutes away. and a gruesome murder in lakeland leads to the arrest of two miami men but the search for others contues. and also from a backstreet boy to behind bars. the latest video of nick carter's arrest and release from a key west jail. good morning to you, everybody. it is 4:30 right now. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. here's a look at our first alert doppler radar. >> when you walk out the door today you're hit with the warm air that's back once again for a friday morning. >> exactly. it is making a brief return for the next few days as we end up
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have a fast-moving system rolling into the area. nitially this morning we'll be dry. shower chances unfold as the day goes on. immediately we've had isolated showers overnight. may find a few wet roadways, but no active precipitation moving over at this hour. a wider swath of rain moving in ross the southwest coast and the lake regions. we are cloudy, warm and breezy this morning. humidity around. we'll build the rain chances as the morning goes on. if you're heading out for your run, walk, or ely drive, i think you're rain-free. the deeper we get into the morning hours, the better rain chances will be. take some rain gear wi you this morning. 73 in miami. 47 in ft. lauderdale. 10 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday. we will be quickly climbing into the 80s with thunderstorm chances returning to your first alert forecast forecast by midday. re on the weekend forecast in a bit.
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with kelly. we are accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. not a lotoing on as far as accidents, but we do have construction. southboundxpress lanes, flashing lights off to the right hand lane. those express lanes are blocked off. once they open up in 15, 20 minutes they will be 50 cents. three lanes blocked off, you can see these cars getting by to the right-hand side. slow goi ride from the golden glades interchange to northwest 119th street. no major issues making your way northbound. let's take you over to broward county, this is i-95, sohbound and northbound lanes at griffin road, no accidents reported in broward county. you can follow me on twitter twitter @kellynbc6. police are on the scene of a hit and run. >> and as we understand more
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injured. chael, do we have any leads? what do we know at this point? >> i was able to speak to witnesses about 30 minutes ago who say there were two victims in this investigation. active seen, this is 15th stet and collins avenue. it's shell down at thisshut down at this time. witnesses say they were at a bar when they heard a loud boom and they came out and saw two men laying down on the ground. one was screaming about the pain in his arm. both have now been transported to the hospital. it's not clear their condition. we have calls out. we haveould have an update on their condition in the next 35, 40 minutes. we have investigator trying to reconstruct what happened. i'm not sure where my photographer is. there is a taxi inside of the police scene here. we're told the taxi is not the driver who hit the people, but
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called 911 as well. so, we're told by witnesses that the taxi driver is on scene. the taxi is in the cri scene area as this investigation continues. no name no further details about these victims other than from witnesses that they may be two tourists. so again, working to fi out more information including their condition. check back with us in 30 minutes for an update. live in miami beach, michael spearsnbc 6 news. >> we'll talk to you at the top of the hour. for you on this friday a woman found dead in hialeah last night and this morning police are still investigating and calling it a suspicious death. that's coming from investigators. neighbor's near west 68th street and west 22nd corridor shocked to hear what happened. erica glover is on her way to the scene to gather more details. a live report coming up in that 5:00 hour. about aalf hour away. two miami men arrested for a triple murder in lakeland.
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women and a man were killed execution style. an 18-year-old survived the attack but it recovering from a gunshot wound to the face. the shooting appears to be drug related. >> we will chase you to the ends ofhe earth. fortunately this time we only had to go to miami to make the arrest. we're coming after you. our colleagues from miami-dade and the miami police department are coming after you. we're going to find you. we're going to pu you in prison for the rest of your lives. don't sleep well. >> some very strong word there's, in their huntfor these people. police are looking for more suspects and are asking for help if you know anything about that case. a family is making a public plea for help finding the shooter who gunned down a teenage boy in miami-dade. >> there's no reason to be afraid this could have been yo brother, nephew and cousin.
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and stop going by not snitching. >> that's the family of alder hill, standing in the same empty field where he was shot and killed saturday night near northwestern high. the 15-ye-old was riding his bike when someone grabbed him, dragged him tohe field and shot him several times. family members say they have no idea who killed him. there were two other area shootings that night, police do not think the shootings are connected but they are not ruling it out either. we told you about these gas bomb bandits yesterday morning. they're finally behind bars. robert golden and tiffany were seen threatening restaurant employees with gas mbs, going so far as walking in with a gas can and a lighter. they were caught terrorizing employees at a denny's restaurant. a couple days later they hit up a 7-eleven. family members turned them in.
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money to fl their drug addiction. golden has 14 prior arrests. the dangerous duo right now is being held,o bond. the gloves really came off between the two front-runner force the republican nomination, donald trump and ted cruz, as u wake up this morning, political pundits are giving the win to the business mogul. steve litz watched it all go down. >>you can't have a question. >> reporter: donald trump spoke directly to ted cruz addressing the question as to whether cruz, born in canada, ca serve as president. >> i already know democrats are going to be bringing a suit. you have a big lawsuit over yur head while you're running. if you become the nominee,ho the hell knows if you can serve in office. >> listen, i've spent my entire life defending the constitution before the u.s. supreme court, and i'll tell you, i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> i hate to interrupt this
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>> senator marco rubio looked to shift the debate to more substantive issues. >> in 2008 we elected president that didn't want to fix america, he wants to change america. we elected a president that doesn't believe in the constitution, he undermines it we elected a president that's weakening america on the global stage. >> reporter: keeping america safe began with candidates talking tough on foreign affairs. >> i have no idea why the president thinks everything is going well. terrorism is on the run. china and russia are advancing their agendas at warp speed and we pull back. when we talk to allies and we give them our word in a christie administration, we will keep it. next we have to talk to adversaries and make sure they understand the limits of our patience. >> reporter: gun control issues and background checks got attention from these cdidates. >> we have to go back into look
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the guns don't pull the trigger, the people pull the trigger. >> why not go to congress in a bipartisan way and deal with the process of mental health issue so that people spiraling out of control because of mental health challenges don't have access to guns. >> reporter: i'm steve litz, nbc 6 news. >> every time candidates went on the attack, trump came back with a quip. we'll have more later this morning with chuck todd. it's quiet out there right now this morning, looking over the magic city. rain drops are on the way later this morning, but we already have the warm air with us as we wake up. >> you will notice the difference as you step out early this morning. the warmth is back. temperatures about ten degrees warmer than yesterday. the humidity is up. we're not seeing active precipitation across the two-county area right now. may have some wet roadways if
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worried about the morning drive being plagued with wet weather that will change as the day goes on. big picture, developing low pressure moving quickly across the lower mississippi valley this morning. and this system will race off to the north and east it will keep things unsettled here across south florida. now, rain chances will only increase. the shield of rain right now off shore from the southwest coast, this is lifting off to the east-northeast. we will develop our own showers immediately overhead as we get through morning hours. the first few hoursrs of the morning, likely into the early drive, we're okay. just mostly cloudy. there are your warm readings, 72 to 74 this morning. on our way to the lower 80s. with plenty of humidity, breezy conditions and showers and thunderstorms developing, a better chance for storms this afternoon. as for our cloudy skies, not going to break but brighter skies for the weekend. more on that in about six minutes.
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>> we are accident-free on the roadways. michael spears telling us about that hit-and-run accident. woel we'll have more coming up on that. coral reef to tamiami drive, nine minutes. bird road to dolphin expressway, four-minute commute.e. i-95 drivers, you saw that camera i showed you, first alert camera showing that construction around 119th street and a couple lanes, still about a nine-minute ride from golden glades to downtown miami. 826 eastbound under a ten minute commute. follow me on twitter. >> your time is 4:41 on this friday morning. still ahead a possible travel warning for americans looking to head to popular vacation spots. health officials say a virus causing some concern.
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>> new details on the murder mystery in italy. we've been telling you about this case all week. prosecutors say dna evidence linked a man to the florida woman's death. ashley olson who is from summer haven, florida was found dead in her florence apartment by her italian boyfriend. investigators say she suffered two fractures to her skull before being strangled. the it is believed olson met the man for the first time at a nearby nightclub and brought him back to her apartment. >> a chance to rectiti the situation. >> so you hear him saying i want second chance to rectify the situation. nick carter arrested after a big fight breaks out at a key west
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a closer look at some of the video. >> reporter: former backstreet boy and heartthrob nick carter was pleaeant walking out of court today. this recording is from a police officer's body camera. detectives say he and a friend were heavily intoxicated. >> you were being aggressive. >> according to investigators, carter grabbed a bouncer by the throat and his friend head butted an employee. when@the two were asked to leave the bar. the clash was all caut on tape. at one point carter tried to use his fame to apologize. >> my name is nick carter from backstreet boys [ bleep ]. i'm a singer. >> mm-hmm. okay. so -- >> all i'm asking is a second
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situation. i just want to make this go away so we can all have a good day. >> i understand. >> his apology clearly wasn't enough and the pair went before a judge charged with battery. the croroer jumped into a taxi after he bonded out. he told reporters he was trying to enjoy vacation and the truth will come out. >> the truth will come out. >> marisa bagg, nbc 6 news. friday morning, 4:46. getting ready for another change to our weather pattern heading into the last day of the work week. showers and some thunderstorms coming back into the pattern. the good news, we can get you out the door this morning with mainly dry conditions. cldy skies are up above. live first alert doppler sweeping clear.
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to support more showers this morning. likely after we get through the morning commute and heading into the afternoon hours. a cold front on the way will shake things up this afternoon. most of the activity materializing off to the west. not necessarily over top of the peninsula. southwest florida, ft. myers up to port charlotte and naples, they'' be on the front end of shower and thunderstorm chances. we will be in an area that is destabilizing and be easier for showers and storms to pop up. a live look into downtown miami from the miami children's museum camera. the camera bouncing around a a bit. breeze picking up. it's out of the south and southeast.t. that's bringing in warmer readings early this friday morning. 73 in miami. 74 in opa-locka as well as ft. lauderdale and pompano beach. 76 in key west. a warm pattern with the overall set up going this way. an area of low pressure which this morning is just to the south here of biloxi.
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ago, maybe 18 hours ago in the western gulf. it's moving fast, moving off to the north and east. we'll be in an area that will be favorable for showers and thunderstorms as well. front sweeps in. we have a couple fronts that will be lined up for the weekend. i'll tell you when the weather will be fair. let's talk about when the weather might be a little unstable here, leading into the early afternoon hours. we'll see more clouds, showers, breezy conditions developing. this is mainly midday while you're at the office and the kids are at school. we bring in the showers and storms through the early afternoon hours. the front just sweeps on through. i think we'll see a rapid closure to all of our showers and thunderstorms later this evening by 7:00, 8:00, we quickly clear out. overnight the skies begin to clear out. we will see clouds lingering saturday. saturday is the best day of the weekend. another system coming on sunday.
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days, i think the most uneasy and turbulent weather pattern will be early this afternoon. breezy conditions, lower 80s. take an umbrella with you. after we get through the storm chances today we quiet down tonight. tomorrow is beautiful, 80. we end up with another front on sunday that will set us up for great weather for martin luther king jr. we'll talk more about that next hour. here is kelly with traffff. >> happy friday to you, south florida. thank you so much for joining us. accident-free on 826, dolphin expressway, i-95 looking good. we have construction, i-75 drivers northbound trying to ramp on to 826 rthbound, you will not be able to. posted tours are there until 5:30 a.m. you will not be able to hop on to the palmetto northbound making your way from i-75 northbound. 826 eastbound the right lane blocked off. stick to theeft-hand side, will you find that ramp from
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another 40 minutes. 826 northbound at u.s. 27, two left lanes completely blocked off. on i-95 near 119th street, couple lanes blocked off there. >> thanks a lot. today vice president joe biden starts making good on the president's call to fight cancer. at tuesday's state of the union president obama put biden in charge of leading the way to find a cure. all this came after biden called for a so-called moo shot in the battle against the awful kill their took his own son's life. iden begins his quest in philadelphia where he will talk to cancer experts at a roundtable there. the florid senate is changing its seal one more time. last year it decided to remove the confederate flag from the seal, seal. now the senate rules committee approved a new design.
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security measures getting a boost at mexico's maximum security prison that once again holds el chapo. joaquin guzman is at the same prison where he escaped from six months ago. this time around jailers are promising he will stay where he is. for example,e,hey're not messing around. instead of eight inches of cement used for the floor, there's more than 23 inches of cement and steel underneath that 23 inches of cement. the drug lord, they tell us, is being moved around that jail to different cells constantly. an accused serial jewelry thief in atlanta back in court. abigail kemp was denied bail saying she is a flight risk. she is accused of carrying out a bunch of violent jewelry store robberies since april. the fbi says the jewelry has not been recovered. if you're planning on travel to popular vacation spots, will you want to hear this. the u.s. government warning travelers who plan on going to brazil, maybe cererin areas of
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virussnown as zika, which is linked to birth defects a few cases have been diagnosed in the united states all in patients who recently traveled overseas. the virus is spread from mosquito bites. zika could spread from latin american countries to warm, generally wet clites like here in florida. cdc officials especially warning pregnant women against that virus. as you prepare your morning commute, think about this what would you think if you could get in the car and you didn't have to have your hands on the steering wheel, feet on the pedals it was a completely self-driving car. what do you think about that? >> that's so odd to think about, but there's a lot of talk about it at the auto show in detroit. >> reporter: the future of self-driving car tech is front and center at the detroit auto show. >> vlvo and mercedes-benz had big announcements. both of them are bringing semiautonomous functionality to the road in 2017.
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the volvo allow the car to speed up, slow down and stop on its own. it detects large animals and helps brake to avoid a crash. the new mercedes-benz e class assists steering and follows hour. >> you can change lanes by hitting the turn signal. it's impressive stuff. >> reporter: it uses smartphone technology to alert other vehicles to upcoming hazards. >> these cars will get smarter and smarter. >>reporter: drivers of the tesla model s car don't have to be in the car to park it. the malibu can brake and keep the car from wandering out of the lane. still, cars are not doing all t driving. at least not yet. >> we're still at least five years away before that's a reality. >> reporter: and these high-tech cars are blazing the trail to that future. brian mooar, nbc news.
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they say five years. >> yeah. >> still. >> yeah. for those of us with control issues -- > it won't work. >> we'll have some problems. the time is 4:54. she lived in a life in and out of the hospital but it's a treatment she got fromthat is giving her new hope. and wereak down the oscar nominations and for the second straight year the academy i getting blown up on social media. if you're headed out the door on the turnpike, you have a nine-minute ride from coral reef drive t t tamiami trail. 826 drivers, no delays for now. four minutes from bird road to the dolphin expressway. 826 eastbound from the big curve nine-minute ride. starting off the morning on a dry note. showers and thunderstorms quickly evolving as part of the first alert forecast for your friday. most of the activity on the southwest coast.
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cloudy skies,warm and humid. yes. warm and humid, 72. the drive home looks to be wet.
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thunderstorm chances for today the list of nominees causg backlash on social media as the "l.a. times" reports on a new article. for the second year in a row, the academy nominated an all white group of articles passing over performances in movies like creed and straight out of comep compton. we'll tell you more about the backlash as we continue with this newscast. the time is 4:57. polk county deputiesome to south florida to arrest a pair of suspects in a gruesome triple murder. first we'll get more on those oscar nominations and what shelli was just talking about.
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robinson diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was 8. >> i live a life in and out of the hospital. >> reporter: clogged up, restricted lungs, breathing through another day makes it a good day on a lungnd liver transplant list for a year now. >> i just live as i go. i can't give up. >> reporter: while she wasn't giving up, she hung this up on one of those days she was just trying to stay alive. hello from the outside >> reporter: adele lyrics which prompted katieie from across the street to shout the next verse, silently from their little window on the world. >> we see a bunch of spaces smiling back at us. that made our day. >> reporter: today they met that face, face-to-face. >> it's so nice to meet you finally. reporter: moore stoppedre started popping up and down the street.
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it's engrained in our brains. we sneak up on each other. hello >> it brings joy to someone we didn'n' even know. >> they did. >> reporter: now they go back to that hospital window where an amazingly resilient lounge lady waiting for lungs and a liver found&her heart full. >> it's like a big hug. >> what an incredible story. we didn't quite intro that right, and adele came out with her album about a month ago, and she's been the biggest sensation, for it to trickle down to someone like that who live their hospital in and out of the hospital on a day-to-day basis, and to touch a life like that. >> and adele gives back to her fans. hopefly she sees this and can help this girin some way with inspiring her like she inspires everyone else. nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right
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