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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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look at this, our first alert doppler radar. we're in for a wet friday. nbc 6 meteorologist is tracking the possibility of those storms that could be passing through. >> and a death mystery. hialeah police looking for answers after they find a woman dead in her home. >> also the gloves come off between p front-runners, donald trump makes it very clear why he's now targeting ted cruz.r good morning to you, everyone. the time is 5:00. >> it is friday, we have all made it. so everyone has the weekend on their minds. >> weekend on our minds and a couple other things, warm air and rain on our mind within the next 24 hours. we will see ts unfold late morning and early afternoon hours. there may be a sprinkle or two this morning. overnight we had mainly dry conditions ross the two-county area as eric referenced. a warm start to the day.
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most of the showers hanging out across the gulf waters, not across the atlantic waters or south florida. the clouds are in place but the moisture still building in. two different areas to watch. one on the southwest coast. this is rather rambunctious here. another push of moisture and showers and thunderstorms evolving across the gul waters, that will sweep through this afternoon. initially the start of our friday morning, cloudy, warm, breezy, but mainly dry. the deeper we get through the morning hours, the higher the rain chances become. 73 now in miami. 47 in ft. lauderdale. quite a contrast to what we've had for most of the work week with temperatures. now showers and even thunderstorms evolving, especially through the afternoon hours. could see heavy downpours and gusty winds. today not the only day with thunderstorm chances. we'll see it through the weekend. more on that just ahead. coming up on 5:02 and a check of
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we are accident-free on major roadways, 95, turnpike, airport expressway, sawgrass, those are accident-free. 95, we have construction. only two lanes were on, about two minutes away they took away the cones, so those lanes about to be reopened. around the area of northwest 135th street they're still picking up the cones, once you're past that, you're good to good. i-95 driver 9-75 drivers, ramp to 826 is shut down. follow detours. >> thank you vermuch. just about three minutes past the hour. breaking news out of miami beach. our team on the ground as we are getting you more information on a hit and run that happened a couple hours ago. >> when we last spoke to michael spears, he said they could be tourists. lett find out what he's learned
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how are they doing? do we know their condition? >> we do. miami police tell us one of the victims was described being in good condition, the other much more serious. that's the person who witnesses say was found face down in this area of espanolaay and collins avenue. collins avenue is shut down at 15th and stretching down several blocks south. the center of this is espanola way, after 2:00 reports of hit and run. two men described by some witnesses as tourists hit while crossing the street. we don't know names, but just learning that one is apparently in good condition. the other in serious condition after being transported to jackson memorial opt. the big question now and the big focus is finding that driver. you are looking at some video we have of e transporting of the scene from earlier this morning. right now investitors say they're trying to piece together what kd of car was involved
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we hear from witnesses that apparently a piece of the car may have come off during the course of this crashing into the two men. investigators definitely using that as one key piece of evidence and moving forward in determining what type of car they're looking for. as they continue that search, again two men in the hospital. we spoke to one witness who said a short time around 2:00 he heard and spoke with one of these men who asked for directions to a local bar on ocean drive. then he said he heard a boom, came outside and saw those men who just asked him for directions on the ground. that's where witnesses are telling us they believe these two men are tourists. right now, back out here live, an active scene. collins shut down at 15th street. we are working to get more information and more updates. we expect the public information officer to be out here in about 20 minutes. check back with us in the next 30 minutes for that update. for now, live in miami beach, michael spears, nbc 6 news. after losing their two sons in a tragic car accident,
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heartbreaking story with nbc 6.6. on sunday night a car smashed through a chain link fence and plunged into the water on a country club golf course in lauderhill. you may remember this video here. inside, 14-year-old tieyrese le legrand, his older brother and a friend. his father shares the last conversation he had with his son. >> when i got that phone call at 7:450 7:45, said dad, we're loving the bowling alley now we're on our way home. i say thank you for calling. that was the last time. >> the driver of the car, 24-year-old desean prince was the only one who made it out alive. the crash is still under investigation. nbc 6 first on the scene of a death investigation. this is in hialeah. we brought you this story as breaking news late last night. normally quiet neighborhood in hialeah rocked by one woman who was found dead inside her
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erica glover is live on the scene right now in hialeah. we know that this is early in the investigation. but we also know this is still an active investigation so what is it we know as of right now as to what happened. >> very active investigation as you can see just behind us. we're here on west 64th street in hialeah. earlier i spoke with one of the officers and asked him if he could give us more information or details regarding this suspicious death investigation. right now officers are not giving up any more information. we do know they've been here all night. ey got here around thursday, around 8:00. that's when they went inside one of the apartments and found an adult woman'sbody. now, we do know that another woman was outside in the parking lot. she was crying, very emotional. she hugged another man. meanwhile, another woman was outside of the apartment where men found the woman's body. she was crying and leaning on the railing.
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say they're scared and frightened for their fety and hope to get a name, age or any other identification as well as more information about the circumstances surrounding this death. those are all answers that we're hoping to get for you this morning. reporting live in hialeah, erika glover, nbc 6 news. a south florida woman heading to prison for a long time after a deadly dui crash. a broward judge sentenced nadia verdani to 11 years behind bars for dui manslaughter. two years ago she crashed with a motorcycle in pompano beach killing a 30-year-old. verdani left the scene. cops say they later found her at a home trying to hide the damages on her car. verdani will also have to serve serve four years probation. the man ahead of the biogenesis scandal getting out of jail quicker than expected.
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sentence has been cut by 16 months, that's because he provided vital information to their investigation and he pleaded guilty to illegally supplying performance enhancing drugs to major league baseball players, including alex rodriguez. three people have been busted for a grow house operation. the women and two men were in court after an ongoing drug investigation led police to a home just near southwest 181st terrace and 134th avenue. inside cops say they found two pot labs and two bags of processed marijuana, all three suspects, the woman and two men, are charged with marijuana trafficking and possession with intent to sell. the woman has since bonded out. the men were granted bond, but they remain in jail on warrant cases. very likely you have accepted the reality, right? you're not a billionaire. >> or millionaire. maybe you burned your ticket and ripped them up like we did after the drawing on wednesday. like us --. we're here. >> back to work.
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five lucky south floridians who are now millionaires. after a record breaking jackpot, the powerball had everyone dreaming about their futures as billionaires, but those expensive dreams only came true for a few people. three people hit it big. one of them here in florida. that's not all. some floridians cut it very close matching five numbers and richer. what you're looking at is video from melbourne beach. that's where the $1 billion winner was. saturday's jackpot now is down to $40 million. people are still hoping they, too, become winners some day. >> the son of the year award is not going to this kid. no. it's not. when so much money is on the line, it might not be a good idea to joke about -- around aboututhether or not you won it. a nurse in l.a., a suburb tere may not be on speaking terms with her son. i don't know if i would be. he sent his mom a picture of what he said was the winning ticket.
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it wasn't a winning ticket. she bought it, the whole deal, even telling some of her co-workers who also had bought quite a few lotto tickets an they didn't win either. >> there's a picture that's swirling around of t(em celebrating at her job. and that just breaks your heart. >> think on the bright side, at least she didn't quit. she didn't tell her boss off and quit. that's a good thing. >> time is 5:10. there's still a lot more ahead. wile the republican candidates take to the stage, democratic front-runner hillary clinton takes to late night. would she take a jab at the republican front-runner? and an update on the curious case of a man who stole a two-foot snake by shoving it down his pants. how the python eventually made it back to the store. part onef that is on our nbc 6 facebook page, where eric
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story of the naksnake. prepare for more showers and storms returning to the pattern. they're on the southwest coast.
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nbc 6 meteofologist ryan phillips has the forecast in a few minutes. last night the gloves came off between donald trump and ted cruz. it ran a bit late, if you missed it, tracie potts has a recap from washington. >> reporter: the seven candidates left on the main stage at the fox business debate tried to focus on president obama this guy is a petulant child. >> and hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton would be a national security disaster. >> reporter: but at times they turned on each otherer donald trump questioned ted cruz's birth to an american in canada. >> there's a big question mark on your head. and you can't do that to the pay. >> reporter: marco rubio accused cruz of flip-flopping on immigration. >> that is not conservatism, that's political calculation. >> reporter: ben carson tried to be the umpire. >> in the 2012 election we -- when i say we, republicans tore
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you know, we have to stop this. >> reporter: cruz explained not disclosing $500,000 loan when he ran for ssate. >> yes, i made a paperwork error. >> reporter: there were differences on iran, searyria, banning muslims and whether to text imports. there's one republican debate left before the iowa caucuses. that happens january 28th in iowa. the democrats next debate is sunday in south carolina. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> earlier this week, we talked about donald trump being on the tonight show. now it's hillary clinton. >> during her visit, she chatted with jimmy fallon about the upcoming democratic debate, and of course who else would you want to talk about, but donald trump. listen to this. >> if i'm so fortunate to be the democratic nominee, obviously i'll run against whoever they nominate.
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quite the showdown. >> it is already a showdown, really. clinton admitted she avoids watching the republican debates, but she says sometimes she watches with her husband, bill clinton. >> i can guarantee you she tches. she doesn't like to admit it. when he asked her about how she heard about the president position, clinton simply replied fourth grade social studies. >> at 5:16 we end up with a dry start to our pattern. take your rain gear, take your showers -- take your rain gear, your umbrella and be on guard for showers and thunderstorms by midday into the early afternoon hours. also use the nbc 6 news and weather app if any severe storms do develop, we'll be sure to let
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we'll watch for the threat through the weekend of some stronger storms, at least this morning all is quiet now. it's a decent start to the day. on the warm side. we don't have to go far to find some active weather. it's all creeping in on the southwest coast. we have the cloud cover, we have the breeze and warmer temperatures. again, the cloud deck which has been pesky for the last few days, that's not shifting. we may get a pocket or two of sunshine this morning. we'll be unsettled today. won't take much to fire up a few isolated showers and storms ss initially this morning. a better chance midday and early afternoon hours. rapidly moving area of low pressure up the road from us will bring in the threat for storms. we have two storm systems over the course of the next three days. tt's friday, saturday, sunday. the first one today with showers and strong storms certainly possible. tomorrow looks eat. by sunday, a stronger storm moving in. that will set us up for cool weather next week. there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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area, out of the south and southeast, humidity has come up. temperatures are much warmer. 73 to 75. that's downright warm compared to where we've been and what our average is. here is the area of low pressure. strong now advancing to the lower mississippi valley into the panhandle. ahead of that and to the southeast of that, unsettled part of this developing system and it will only enhance our rain chances leading into the afternoon hours. again, future tracker developing showers and storms. some could be strong. looking for gusty winds possibly coming in early afternoon hours. again, this is a pattern that's beginning to evolve. we'll keep a close eye on it and let you know on social media, facebook and twitter what is going on here. frequent updates throughout the day and this evening. by saturday, everything clears out. between now and 8:00 we'll keep an eye on the skies in south florida the early drive looks good. mostly cloudy, 81 this afternoon. scattered showers and
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66, we clear out quickly. tomorrow, better day of the weekend. 80. another front to talk about on sunday with highs at 78. 5:19, here is kelly with traffic. >> happy friday, south florida. thank you very much for joining us. making your way out the door, reports of brand-new accident. this is the space coast camera around i-75 and miramar parkway headed towards the turnpike and miami gardens drive. that's where that accident is being reported before the miami gardens exit ramp. you can see cars out there, but you're not seeing heavy delays, know that crash is there. no issues making your way northbound. let's take you over to i-95 here, we did have earlier construction that was blocking a couple lanes into the golden glades interchange. southbound lanes are all open. so are the northbound ones. express lanes have reopened. 10, 15 minutes more. on u.s. 27 two left lanes are
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because of construction. and at 836 eastbound after northwest 57th, the right lane is blocked off. remember that poor snake that was stolen from a portland pet store? here's an update. >> you may recall a man shoving it down his pants. this morning that snake is safely back in the store. this black pastel ball python is back home at a pet store in portland, oregon. this is the same snake that was stolen on friday in an unusual way. the man stuffed the snake down his pants and walked out. it's all on video. someone brought back the snake wednesday morning. the pet store owner says putting the video on social media really helped get it back. >> i'm sure they realized that they would get in trouble for it. facebook is powerful, powerful thing. >> reporter: the snake is doing fine, but the thief still out there.
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of the reeile robber was the one who stole the snake. >> a two-foot python down the pants. need i say more? >> i think you would want to know where it's been. >> that information is better left to that one person. the academy comes underfire once again. we look at the oscar nominations. and first itas broward, now it's miami-dade. a look at proposed changes some want to make to the ride-sharing app uber. and looking at live pictures from the hit and run crash that we're following in miami beach. our team on the ground talking to investigators, gathering the latest information.
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welcome back. awa season is in full swing. the oscars is up next. >> roxanne vargas gives us a look at who made the cut and who didn't. >> reporter: there's more gold in the future for "the revenant," leading the oscar pack with 12 nominations. also competing in the best picture category is "the big short" the martian, "bridge of spies," brooklyn, mad maxury
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but will this be a repeat year for alejandro who is up for oscar gold for a second year? if he wins, he would be the first director in more than60 years to take oscar gold home back-to-back years. the first ever for a mexican director. and will leonardo dicaprio finally get his first? >> our service mission here was supposed to last 31 souls. >> reporter: matt damon is nominated for best actor, michael cranston, and eddie redmayne. sly stallone has a nomination for best supporting role. >> we understand you settled several cases against the church. >> i can't discuss tha >> reporter: the best supporting actress category, rooney mara,
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mcadams, and kate winslet. >> where did you learn so much about train sets? >> i read, too much, probably. >> reporter: cate blanchett has a fight on oscar night as she goes against jennifer lawrence and brie larson. the academy recognize the force is strong, "star wars: the force awakens" gets fiveods in technical category including best sound and best original score for composer john williams. lady gaga and sam smith also up to add more gold with nods for best original song. roxanne vagas, nbc 6 news. >> the list of nominees is causing backlash on social media as the "l.a. times" reportsts on a new article for the second year in a row the academy nominated an all-white group of actors. the academy points out this
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pepeormances in creed and straight out of compton. still a whole lot more ahead for you on this friday. polk county deputies come to south florida and arrest a pair of suspects in a gruesome murder case and they have a message for others. >> self-driving cars taking over
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