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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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nbc 6 looks at when we an emotional plea as cops get emotional talking about the murder of a south florida teen. >> backstreet boy busted. see the video of nick carter outside a key west bar and then walking out of jail. and keeping an eye on that weatater forecast out there. ryan phillips an first alert traffic reporter kelly blanco are getting you through this wet
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good morning to you. your time right now is 5:31. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. tracking two stories this morning. the first out of miami beach. >> police are combing the scene of a hit and run crash trying to figure out the person behind the wheel. michael spears is learning new information about the investigation. michael michael, what we're hearing is possibly two tourists were hit, is that right? >> that's information i got from a man who said he had spoken with the two victims before the crash, heard a loud boom, came out and said i just saw these two men and they were asking f information on how to get to a nearby bar. this is 15th and collins. the activity centered around espanola. collins is shut down. this is a hit and run investigation.
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rious condition at jackson memorial hospital. the other in good condition. we have brand-new interview with a man who was here moments after the crash, we'll hear from him in a cond. right now investigators are working to piece together what exactly happened what kind of car was involved. we know they are searching for a driver, no word yet on what kind of car. we do know that apparently they found a piece of that car along collins avenue which will be key in determining what kind of car was involved. we told you we spoke to witnesses, spoke to one man who said he saw the police lights, heard the sirens, came out and this is what he heard and saw. take a listen. >> i came out, saw the police lights, from the hotel i asked them what happened. and they told me the gentleman was laid out on the ground, a lot of blood he was leaking. >> he's describing one of the gentlemen who witnesses described a being unconscious and who investigators say is the man in serious condition.
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to work on him at the scene as they prepared to transport him to jackson memorial hospital. the second victim was alert, was awake and talking. you saw a bit of the transport video there as they arrived at the ospital. active scene, active investigation. the public information officer w is allowed to speak to media he just got here. we'll talk tohim and give you an update in 30 minutes. michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> we'll talk to you again at 6:00. that hit and run investigation on miami beach that michael was telling us about is causing us road closures in that area that shoe know about. >> let's head over to kelly blanco. what can you tell us? >> as you saw, it's an active scene. again, collins avenue at 15th is completely shut down from 14th to 16th. that's the area you will want to mainly avoid. you saw that crime scene tape all around that area. will you want to take washington, maybe ocean drive to get around that area. keep in mind that art deco
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and ocean drive will be shutting down at about 7:00 a.m. up until monday morning. that's something to keep in mind. if you're headed out the door and that doesn't clear up before 7:00, you will not be able to use ocean drive. stick to washington. we'll keep you posted. one more accident, i-75 northbound, if you're trying to exit off miami gardens drive, there's one lane partially blocked off before that exit ramp because of a crash there. now to your first alert forecast with ryan phillips. >> while the weather is relatively quiet this morning, we will see the evolution of more showers and thunderstorms in your friday forecast as the morning goes on. we had a few light showers popping up here across broward county, lifting across the sawgrass. not all the precipitation reaching the ground. the big story is later this morning and the afternoon hours with the evolution of two didn't clusters of storms. one of which is avoiding us and
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the lake region extending out to southwest florida. this is a vigorous area of low pressure racing off to florida. we will see a front drop in later this afternoon to help enhance thunderstorm chances. dry, warm and breezy with temperatures at 73 and 74 right now in miami and ft. lauderdale. take your rain gear, showers and storms evolving getting deeper into the morning hours. probably after the morning drive. this afternoon, stormy, maybe a strong, isolated or severe storm. that's something we will watch. we'll talk about brighter skies for your saturday forecast. more on that in ten minutes. >> thanks, ryan. a family in mourning making a public plea for help to find the shooter who gunned down a teenage boy in miami-dade. >> there's no reason to be afraid. this could be have been your broth, your nephew or cousin. come forward, say something. stop going by not snitching. >> that is the family of alder hill, standing in the same empty field where he was shot and
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saturday near northwestern high school. bike when someone grabbed him, dragged him to the field and shot him several times. family members say they have no idea who killed him. there were two other shootings in that area that night, only hours away from each other. shootings are connected but they are not ruling it out either. we were first on the scene of an investigation in hialeah. a woman found dead inside of her apartment and police are now callink this a suspicious death. erika glover is live in hialeah. you have been there all morning working the story. have they been able to tell you anything new? >> reporter: right now we don't but neighbors living in this hialeah community say this is a safe area, which is why they are so surprised by the scene going on behind me. now, they're hoping to get a name, age or any identification from officers about this
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that's going on in their community. now, officers have been here all night and they first got here thursday around 8:00. that's when oficers say they walked into one woman's apartment, a dead woman -- an adult woman dead in her apartment inside. outside in the parking lot, one woman was crying. she was emotional. she was scene hugging man. upstairs, back at the apartment outside, anotheroman was emotional and crying as she was leaning on the railing as officers went in and out of that apartment. now, we're here on west 64th street in hialeah. all morning long we've seen people driving up and down this street, which is open asking questions, trying to figure out more information. the area right in front of the apartment complex is blocked off. this street is open. we did hear from officers who say for right now they cannot give us more details. reporting live in hialeah, erika glover, nbc 6 news.
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it is 5:38 on this friday morning. we told but these gas bomb bandits they have been dubbed yesterday. now their crime spree has finally come to a stop. robert golden and tiffany were seen threatening restaurant employees with gas bombs, going so far as walking in with a gas can and a lighter and threatening to blow the whole thing up. they were caught terrorizing employees at a denny's restaurant in oakland park and hallandale beach. a couple days later they hit up a 7-eleven. the same couple. the couple's family turned them in after seeing the surveillance video on newscasts. golden has 14 prior arrests. the dangerous duo right now is being held, no bond. if you use uber and live in miami-dade you probably have gotten an e-mail from them asking for your help. the company is in a battle again
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this time miami-dade commission chairman john monasteen is behind this. he is announce prognosis posed legislation that would submit uber drivers to the same screening that taxi drivers have to undergo along with other restrictions. this will be discussed at next week's commission meeting as well. just about 5:40 on this friday morning. a whole lot more ahead for you. if you're thinking of traveling to some hot spots, think again. why the united states is expected to sue a travel warning to some popular vacation destinations. a change in the air overnight. already we have warmer readings, more humidity and breezy conditions. win out of the south and southeast at about 10 to 20 miles per hour this morning. area of low pressure looks to ramp up storm chances in our friday forecast. right now a check of traffic with kelly.
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welcome back. breaking news out of indonesia. eric is following this at breaking newsdesk. it involves some arrests following yesterday's attack in jakarta. >> we're getting updates minute by minute. we are getting word that three men are under arrestton suspicion of being linked to those attacks. nbc news does have producers on the ground in jakarta saying the men are only being questioned and not connected specifically to this attack. they're not sure yet. also overnight we learned that
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at that site. they say for very clear reasons that's a good indication that it was carried out by the islamic state. five men attacked a starbuck there's killing 2, injuries 20 others. all five terrorists died as well. in italy, investigators have worked to solve a murder case that involves a florida woman. a 27-year-old man was arrested in the case of the murder of ashley olson. florence says that police say that dna evidence linked the man to the scene where olson's head was bashed in. prosecutors say she was also strangled and it is believed that the two met at a bar and she invited him back to her apartment. >> i'm asking for a second chance to rectifypthe situation. >> so you hear him saying i
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the situation. nick carter trying to clear his name after a bar fight in key west. the backstreet boy is now dealing with a battery charge. marisa bagg has a closer look at some of that video. >> reporter: former backstreet boy and teen heartthrob nick carter was polite to reporters walking out of jail on wednesday. wednesday. >> i'm so sorry. >> reporter: this recording is from a police officer's body camera. detectives say he and a friend were heavily intoxicated. >> you were being aggressive with the staff two worlds apart >> reporter: according to investigators, carter grabbed a bouncer by the throat and his friend head butted an employee. when the two were asked to leave the bar. the clash was all caught on tape. at one point carter tried to use his fame to apologize.
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backstreet boys [ bleep ]. i'm a singer. >> mm-hmm. okay. so -- >> all i'm asking is a second and a chance to rectify the situation. i just want to make this go away so we can all have a good day. >> i understand. >> reporter: his apology clearly wasn't enough and the pair went before a judge charged with bbtery. the crooner jumped into a taxi after he bonded out. he told reporters he was trying to enjoy vacation and the truth will come out. >> the truth will come out. >> marisa bagg, nbc 6 news. >> we're going t t go straight to miami beach right now, looking at live pictures of thehe scene of a hit and run crash at collins avenue and 15th street. michael spears just tweeted out information that he got from investigators. the hit and run crash that injured two people, they are
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between 2011 and 2014. it should be missing a driver's side mirror. that is just the informati that we got into the newsroom. we'll update -- we'll get another update from him in a few minutes as well. 5:47. just before we jump into your local forecast again, the nbc 6 news and weather app, breaking news, breaking weather sent to your phone. you can watch the radar throughh the afternoon hours today to keep ahead of any potentially strong storms that may develop. we have a few light showers kreepsing across northern broward county. pompano beach, atlantic and 95 to points north. more rain, more wet weather, more storms in the forecast for later this morning. let's jump into that and start things off here -- approaching 5:48 with the forecast that looks fairly stormy here midday. here's what we're looking at.
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the morning drive. upper 70s here approaching midday. down right windy at times with temperatures into the lower 80s. we have winds out of the south that will draw up the moisture. of course maybe a pocket or two of sunshine this morning. as the pattern evolves, we'll have better support for some widespread scattered showers and thunderstorms here into the afternoon hours. could see gusty winds as well. with that in mind, the threat tracker at yellow with the potential of strong storms mainly. used to locally heavy downpours, could see gusty winds, over 40 miles per hour in the stronger cells leading into the afternoon hours. just clouds overhead for us at this time. showers and storms out across the gulf coast waters. moving off to the east. some stronger storms are out in the gulf, still 60 miles or so away from charlotte county and lee county. they're marching off to the east.
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now from wbbh, looking at the skies here. cloudy. watching c cditions out across the gulf waters here, waiting for those stms to roll in on the west coast. the evolution of our storm also come after the morning commute. take your rain gear. you'll need it as soon as midday. future radar, this has a good handle on the situation. stormy on the west coast, mainly dry here, just cloudy and breezy. i think we get through the morning drive without major problems. this afternoon, a line of showers and thunderstorms are possible to roll through the area into the evening commute. that will be the area we'll watch. but we'll clear out rapidly this evening, set ourselves up for a great saturday forecast. showers and storms developing later on. could be strong. breezy, 81 today. into the weekend, saturday is a beautiful day. lower hidity, highs of 80, mostly sunny skies. next front with more storms on sunday. martin luther king jr. day, 50s for lows, highs on tuesday not hitting 70. so, some cooler changes coming early next week.
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kelly. >> good friday morning to you. thank you very much for joining us on this friday morning. looking at our space coast camera. these are northbound lanes and southbound lanes, i-75 getting busy out there. we are getting reports of a crash on i-75 northbound just before miami gardens drive blocking one of your lanes. keep that in mind as you make your way out of the door. that crash is within camera view. some fght slow downs on 95 northbound and southbound. the area of northwest 122nd street, traffic moving up to speed for now. whether you're headed towards the 836, maybe about to ramp on to i-75. we'll be back with more in about three minutes. i'll talk about that accident that happened in miami beach. >> kelly, thank you very much. we'll talk to you then. right now ten minutes to the top of the hour. if you plan on traveling, you will want to hear this the u.s. government is warning travelers who plan on visiting vacation
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certain parts of the caribbean because of a virus known as zika. a few cases have been diagnosed here in the united states and they have all been diagnosed in patients who recently traveled overseas. that virus spreads from mosquito bites it could spread from latin american counties to warm and wet climates, like here in florida. cdc warning pregnant women especially about that virus. >> imagine getting in your car, you just get in and going to work, and, boom, you do nothinin >> there's talk at the big auto show going on where dreams are born for cars. here is brian mooar. >> reporter: the future of
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and center at the detroit auto show. >> volvo and mercedes-benz had big announcements. both of them are bringing semiautonomous functionality to the road in 2017. >> reporter: the pilot assist in the volvo allows the car to speed up, slow down and stop on its own. a new safety system detects large animals and helps brake to avoid a crash. the new mercedes-benz e class assists steering and follows traffic up to 130 miles per hour. >> you can change lanes by hitting the turn signal. it's impressive stuff. >> reporter: it uses smartphone technology to alert other vehicles to upcoming hazards. >> these cars will get smarter and smarter. part of the step there is cars that can b bically park themselves. >> reporter: drivers of the tesla model s car don't have to be in the car to park it. the more affordable chevy malibu can automatically brake and keep the car from wandering out of the lane. still, cars are not doing all the driving. at least not yet. >> we're still at least five years away before that's a reality across the country. >> reporter: and these high-tech cars are blazing the trail to that future. brian mooar, nbc news.
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we get an inside look at prison holding the notorious mexican drug kingpin. what chances are being made to after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador.
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it's something you earn. brookside.
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>> security measures getting a huge boost at mexico's maximum
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holds drug king pen el cap po chapo. this time jailers promise to keep him right where he is. for example, they're not messing around. instead of eight inches of cement used for the floor, there's more than 23 inches of cement and steel underneath that 23 inches of cement. the drug lord, they tell us, is beg moved around that jail to different cells constantly. an accused serial jewelry thief in atlanta back in court. abigail kemp was denied bail saying she is a danger to the community and a flight risk. she is accused of carrying out a bunch of violent jewelry store robberies since april. the fbi says the jewelry has not been recovered. your time is 5:56 on this friday. we're working on that breaking news out of miami beach. this is on collins avenue, it's shut down right now. michael spears continues to work the scene of that hit and run. he is talking with witnesses and police. what we know about the victims and the vehicle involved.
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it won't be permanent but it will happen. when and for how long? at 5:57, it's a warm and breezy start to the morning. 57 in ft. lauderdale. 74 in miami. winds out of the south from 15 to 25 miles per hour. we have showers and storms in your first alert forecast. heading our way. we'll talk about the timing and your weekend f frecast in just minutes. >> ryan, thank you very much. we are dealing th thatt
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