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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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nbc 6 that breaking news out of miami beach where a hit-and-run accidede has left two people in the hospital this morning and roads in that area, collins avenue, are closed. >> we learned police are looking for a mercedes missing a driver's side mirror. michael spears is getting more details about that car right now. as soon as he has those, he'e' give us a live update. good morning to you. happy friday. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. the weather expected to play a role in your commute. >> could be a stormy afternoon. ryan phillips is tracking those showers. >> here's a good deal of the forecast this morning. not much in the way o wet weather overnight and this morning. a lot of you will get out and underway into your 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. commute with mainly quiet conditions.
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lifting across broward county. roads mainly dry. skies cloudy. the adverse weather not in the neighborhood just yet. here's the big picture. strong area of low pressure evolving across the gulf waters. it's up near the panhandle and lifting off to the northeast. we have one batch of showers and storms associad with this low, a cluster of storms off the southwest coast. we'll watch the stage get set here in broward county, miami-dade and through the keys for more showers and some thunderstorms, some of which could be strong this afternoon to unfold. out the door right now breezy, warm, humid. 74 in miami. 75 in ft. lauderdale. take your rain gear. cld see some sprinkles during the morning drive. otherwise fairly quiet. perhaps disruptive weather coming in late morning and early afternoon, showers and storms unfolding. breezy conditions, highs of 81. we'll talk about the threat for possibly severe storms into saturday and sunday.
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>> if you're making your way out the door on the turnpike, coral reef drive to tamiami trail, 9 mine minute drive. a crash reported an accident on 826. from the big curve to the golden greats, nine-minute commute. and an accident off to the shoulder shoulder of the big curve. big news out of miami beach a hit-and-run accident. we know a lot of you are waking up, checking facebook, twitter, social media is alive with this. we posted some video of a live stream of all of this happening
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avoid collins avenue if you can. it's partially sh down because of the investigation. there are still a lot of questions lingering as to what happened there involving this hit and run. nbc 6 reporter michael spears has been on this story since about 4:00 this morning. michael, just since we talked to you last, within the last ten minutes, you tweet out a couple of key facts here helping police in the investigation in terms of who and what they're looking for interms of who is responsible here. >> yeah. a whole lot of new information cominggn we learned from miami beach police on what happened, and what sent those two men to the hospital. i have an officer here to tell us more about what happened. just after 2:00 a.m., you get a call? >> just after 2:00 a.m., two men were hailing down a taxi, when a newer model mercedes, appears to
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curb, struck the two males and continued going southbound. the driver side mirror of that mercedes is missing. we're asking the public to contact crime stoppers with information. >> that's key in finding this person. when you look at the taxicab and the palm pree, ittree t looks like the mercedes blew the curb and hit the two men. >> that's what happened. our investigators are using a forensic scanner now to recreate a 360 degree image which is allowing them to investigate and hopefully apprehend this criminal. >> lastly, officer, when you guys get a call this early in the morning, this is a busy tourist area, miami beach. this is a tough call, tough investigation. >> a tough investigation. it's for everyone involved, especially the accident instigators that see this all too often. we don't know the cause of this accident right now, whether it is distracted driving or anything like that but it's important to keep your eyes on the road and god forbid this were to happen, you need to stop. this person needs to be apprehended. >> thank you very much.
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>> as farars the two victims, miami beach police tell us one is in critical condition, the second is in good condition. he was alertnd talking when transported to jackson memorial hospital. investigators looking for a gray mercedes, e 350, four door sedan, dark tint, believe to have damage to the drivers side moore. collins avenue is shut down from 14th street past espanola up to 15th. drivers are asked to avoid the area as investigators get to the bottom of what happened and why. live in miami beach, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> thank you very much. michael just alluded to this, but that hit and run is causing some delays on the highways. kelly has more on that. >> it's a busy scene out there. we want you to avoid the area of collins avenue from 14th to 16th. that's where we see emergency crews there on the scene. it's completely shut down, that whole area.
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there's hotels, a lot of people are getting up, getting their day started, maybe they work at that hotel. you have to take ocean drive to get around it. at 7:00 a.m., they will be blocking lanes on ocean drive because of art deco weekend that begins at 7:00 your best alternate to avoid that scene is washgton avenue. >> thank you very much. after losing their two sons in a tragic car accident, the parents are sharing their hetbreaking story with nbc 6. on sunday night, a car smashed through a chain link fence and plunged into the water on a country club golf course in lauderhill. inside, 14-year-old tyrese legrand, his older brother and two or men. this father shares his last conversation he had with his son. >> when i got that phone call at 7:45, saying dad, we're on our way home. we're leaving the bowling alley now.
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that was the last time. >> the driver of the car, 24-year-old desean prince was the only one who made it out alive. the crash is still under investigation. a normally peaceful hialeah neighborhood is shaken up after a woman is found dead inside her own home. police have been at the scene all night long trying to figure out what happened in this aparrent. erika glover is on the scene now. we know this is going on almost 12 hours that police have actually been inside that home searching outside of that apartment complex. what is ? do we have any idea what they're looking for? have they found anything in terms of a motive or suspect? >> well, we got here around 4:30 to west 64th street. that's when i asked officers behind me if they could give us more information regarding what they're calling a suspicious death investigation. for right now officers say they can't offer up many more details. they first got here around 8:00
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that's when officers arrived at one apartment complex and found a woman's adult body dead. now, people living on this street they've been going up and down west 22nd all morning long, stopping and asking questions and here's howne man described this community. >> it's quiet, nice, nothing happens. >> reporter: the area behind me is clearly blocked off. but yesterday one woman was at the scene, she wass crying, emotional, hugging another man. officers walked in and out of the apartment, she was emotional and leaning on the railing. this morning we will wo on speaking with officers to get a name, identification. neighbors say they're fearing for their safety. reporting live in hialeah, erika glover, nbc 6 news.
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heading to prison for a long time after a deadly dui crash a broward judge sentenced nadia vardani to 11 years behind bars for dui manslaughghr. two years ago she crashed with a motorcycle in pompano beach killing a 30-year-old. verdani left the scene. cops say they later found her at a home trying to hide the damages on her car. verdani will also haveo serve four years probation. gop front-runners take jabs at each other in e first debate of 2016. but they saved the heavy hits for hillary clinton and the president. our team in washington, d.c. is breaking down everything that was said last night. we'll update you this morning. and nbc 6 continues to keep you up to date on a hit and run investigation out of miami beach. it's causing problems on collins avenue. kelly blanco will get you around the mess and michael spears is talking with witnesses. as you may have heard just a fefe
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they're looking for mercedes, a that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus.
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happy friday to you. those of you still at home and not de it to work yet, you may have a wet drive going into work. rain is i the forecast. storms may work their way in as well. nbc 6 meteorologist ryan phillips is tracking the latest models with your first alert forecasminutes away. right now it's 6:13. another post-debate morning, but this one is different. the gloves came up a between the and ted cruz. republican experts are giving the win to mr. trump. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. tracking that post-debate drama. for those of us who had to go to bed, what exactly was said? >> we stayed up and watched it, it was a long one. donald trump and ted cruz who
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the campaign trail and at the debates mixed it up over a number of things including the so-called birther sue, whether or not ted cruz is qualified to run. >> reporter: the seven candidates left on the main stage at the fox business debate tried to focus%on president obama. this guy is a petulant child. >> and hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton would be a national security disaster. >> reporter: but at times they turned on each other. donald trump questioned ted cruz's birth to an american in canada. >> there's a big question mark on your head. and you can't do that to the party. >> reporter: marco rubio accused cruz of flip-floppng on immigration. >> that is not consistent conservatism, that's political calculation. >> at least half the things marco said are false. >> reporter: ben carson tried to be the umpire. >> in the 2012 election we -- when i say we, republicans tore themselves apart.
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>> reporter: cruz explained not disclosing $500,000 loan when he ran for senate. >> yes, i made a paperwork error. >> reporter: there were differences on iran, syria, banning slims and whether to tax chinese imports. >> i think we should be for free trade, but i think fair trade. >> reporter: there's one republican debate left before the iowa caucuses. grab your rain gear here for the last day of the work wee you don't need a sweater. we've had a change in temperatures overnight. the good news for at least the early drive, no shower activity in place. watching live first alert doppler, skies mostly cloudy, but rain-free for the time. probably won't last long. a look at what's coming down the road. heading over to the big picture, watching the southwest coast,
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showers and thunderstorms. a lot of activity to the north, but it's only time before showers catch up with us. you can see the embedded real time live lightning here evolving the last three hours.s. these storms moving off to the east, that was a live look into the skies here into lee county. watching for stormy weather initially on the west coast. then it catches up to us later this morning. als seeing another line of storm s storms coming at news two waves here. only activity developing this morning and more in the afternoon. in the meantime, as low pressure is developing, our conditions are breezy and warm. winds out of the south this time aund keeping us warm overnight. breezy at times this morning and windy this afternoon. storms begin to evolve, lower to mid 70s initially. a strong area of low pressure that is ramped up in the last
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the low itself moving through the southeastern states, we're in the area that will be favorable for more rain and showers and thunderstorms to unfold. we are lucky with the titing that we'll be able to get you out the door and off to work and school without adverse weather. moving towards the lunch hour, early afternoon and when kids get to school, maybe lasting until you get home from school and work. some uncertainty, the strongest weather now on the southwest coast. broward county, miami-dade and the keys could see some strong storms. we clear out this evening. saturday looks great before we set up another front for sunday. you'll want to keep an eye on the weather. you can do that any time through the weekend on our nbc 6 news and weather app. cloudy and breezy, but not wet just yet for the morning drive. first alert weather turning breezy. as we go through the day,
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climb higher. could see some gusty win s yy winds, locally heavy downpours. lows at 66 tonight. tomorrow, simply beautiful. saturday is the better day of the upcoming weekend. partly cloudy, 80. the next front on sunday with a chance of storms. great news, winter comes back next week. lows in the 50s. highs in the upper 60s and lower 70s. a beautiful day on martin luther king jr. day. >> we're following that traffic alert. michael spears has been talking about this hit-and-run accident here that happened on collins avavue and 15th. this is right around espanola way. it's closed off for a couple blocks. miami beach police here investigating this skoon. we scene. two men were hit while trying to catch a taxi. this street is shut down for about three blocks. let's show you u at to avoid.
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avenue is shut down this happened around the area of espanola way. take washington avenue instead. you could take ocean drive also, but not so much. washington avenue is the best bet. ocean drive will be shutting down at 7:00 a.m. for art deco weekend. we need to tell you about the palmetto expressway northbound. we sent out a push alert, this is g ing to be a headache. two lanes completely blocked off at nthwest 36th street because of an accident with injuries. broward county, two lanes shut down as well on 595 eastbound, just before i-95 northbound. lots of jetblue passengers definitely felt the blues as they got stuck at airports across the country. it's all fixed now. some problems with the data center forced plenty of cancellations and delays yesterday. if there's any good news in this, the company says the problem was not caused by cybersecurity hacks. george clooney's wife amal
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couple's star power to shed light on one of the world's biggest problem spots, a place you may not know about. it's called the maldives. >> it's a place where people can't speak freely, a place where women are subject to abuse through the judicial system and harsh punishments. and it's a place where there's -- it's becoming a national security threat. you have the highest rate of recruiting to isis per capita in the world. >> you can catch that full exclusive interview, it's only going to be on the "today" show this morning. so you might want to set your dvr if you think you may not be up in time or taking a nap. set that for the 7:30 half hour. again, that's of the "today" show this morning. 6:20 on your friday morning. a snake story with a twist. we told but this guy earlier this week who stte the python by sticking it down his pants. the snake is ck. >> it sure is. where has it been, though?
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and arrest a pair of suspects in a gruesome triple rder case and they have a message for other people who might be conneed to this case and might be trying to hide in the same area. and nb 6 keeps our eyes on a hit-and-run accident in miami beach. michael spears continues to
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welcome back is happy friday to you. are you one of those people who has to have their chipolte fix? mark february 8th off your calendar. the chain is planning a one day stanandown with all the stores closing. it's a day where all the employees willll focus on food safety. you will recall there were incidents of contaminated food and viruses. you may remember that poor snake that was stolen from a portland pet shop.
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shoved it down his pas. this morning that snake is backly in the store. this black pastel ball python is back home at a pet store in portland, oregon. this is the same snake that was stolen on friday in an unusual way. the man stuffed the snake down his pants and walked out. it's all on video. someone brought back the snake wednesy morning. the pet store owner says putting the video on social media really helped get it back. >> i'm sure they realized that they would get in trouble for it. facebook is powerful, powerful thing. >> reporter: the ske is doing fine, buthe thief still out there. the store owner thinks a friend of the reptile robber was the one who returned the snake. >> i don't think there's a reason to talk about where it was between point "a" and point "b." >> we do not want to know. the time is 6:25. coming up, a possible travel warning for americans loing to head to some popular vacation destinations.
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virus is so dangerous. and miami beach police are looking for a driver who hit two men they say were trying to catch a c on collins avenue. we'll tell you what car police are looking for coming up. and 6:26, it's dry across the area right now. clouds on the increase and the breeze picking up as well. first thing you'll notice, warm and humid, mid 70s out the door.
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welcome back on this friday morning. that breaking news out of miami beach where two people are being treated after a hit and run crash. you saw the story first on nbc 6 4:30. since that live report, michael spears has talked with police and witnesses. michael joins us live from the scene. in the last half hour you talked live with police.
6:26 am
what have they been able to tell you since? >> well, right now the search continues for the driver of the mercedes who police say hit two men who were trying to catch a cab on collins avenue. behind us you can see it's an active scene. this is 15th and collins. the crash happened at espanola way and collins. look at this video. you notice the mirror on the ground. this is part of that mercedes and was key in identifying the car, the suspect video. it's a mercedes e350, four door sedan, dark tinted windows missing the driver's side mirror. one man is in critical condition, the other in good condition. earlier this morning we spoke to witnesses who say around 2:20 this morning they had spoken to the men, the men asked for directions to a nearby bar and shortly later the witnesses say they heard that boom, came over, saw one of the men unconscious on the ground, the second guy holding his arm and screaming in pain.
6:27 am
we talked to witnesses, everyone describing a horrible scene here in miami beach. take a listen. >> i came out, saw the police lights, asked what happened. and they told me that the gentleman was laid out on the ground, a lot of blood, he was leaking. >> now, as far as how police say this mercedes driver hit them, they say the driver popped the curb, drove, and if youcome back out here live, you can see a xicab, drove in between the taxicab and that palm treat hitting the two men as they were pre@bring to get in the cab. the driver after that vehicle did not stay on scene. a mercedes, e350, expected to have damage to the driver's side mirror. if you know anything about this, you aree asked to call police immediately. call cri stoppers. 305-471-tips. >> michael, thank you very much. we'll check in with you in a
6:28 am
first alert traffic reporter kelly b,anco getting you around that investigation. some roads are shut down. what should we be avoiding? >> eric, now we're taking you up above, chopper 6 is over the scene of collins avenue at 15th street. you have about 14th, 15th, 16th street blocked off. this is an area to avoid. a lot of folks play, work and live around this area. you want to take washington avenue instead. maybe some folks telling me to stick to ocean drive, but at 7:00 a.m. there will be lane closures on ocean drivefor art deco weekend. here's your live look at collins and th street, you can see miami beach police activity here investigating that accident that michael spears has been telling us about all morning long. let's take you to our maps. a reminder at washington avenue. two lanes blocked off on the palmetto northbound at northwest 36th street.
6:29 am
hopefullyhis clears up before you head out the door. we have sent out a push alert on that one. in broward county, two lanes blocked off on 595 eastbound, causing some delays, this is before i-95 northbound. to your first alert forecast with meteorologist ryan phillips. >> the only shower activity is northern broward county. so maybe some wet roadways on 95 north of atlantic. showers unfolding across alligator alley. there's more where this came from. take your rain gear with you this morning. by the afternoon we will see showers and storms back in the first alert forecast. a lot of thisnot reaching the ground, but there's a mess of wet weather on the west coast. let's show you this broad area of low pressure, it's deep, vigorous andt's racing off to the north and to the east. very dangerous line of storms here moving towards the big bend area. this cluster of showers and
6:30 am
florida, namely into popoft. charlotte, ft. myers, and we could see strong storms this afternoon. it's warmer out this morning. stray shower during the morning drive. once we get closer to midday and throughout the afternoon hours, widespread showers and thunderstorms moving through. highs of 81. the complete weekend forecast coming up. police have been at the apartment of a woman who was found dead inside all morning long. nbc 6 was the first to arrive on the scene late last night when the news broke in a normally quiet neighborhood. erika glover is at the scene of this apartment complex in hialeah. we know police and investigators have been there since about 7:00 last night when they discovered her body. have they been able to find anything that will give them an explanation as to what happened in that apartment? >> eric, right now we are working to get more details from
6:31 am
are taking down the caution tape behind us right now. they've been here for more than ten hours here on west 64th street. we do know that officers arrived here thursday around 8:00, and when they got inside that apartment they found a woman, a dead woman's body, an adult woman, they said. neighbors living here in this community say this area is safe, so they're surprised by this scene. we also have video of one woman who was visibly upset and emotional. she was crying as she hugged one man. another woman was upstairs, outside of that apartment complex as officers walked in and out. she, too was emotional, crying, leaning on the railing. back outside here, we can tell you the area behind me is blocked off, but west 22nd court is open for those heading to work and school this morning. that's some good news for drivers. reporting live in hialeah, erika glover, nbc 6 news.
6:32 am
men for a triple murder in lakeland. investigators say two women and a man were killed execution style. an 18-year-old actually survived the attack but it recovering from a gunshot wound to his face. the shooting appears to be drug related. >> we will chase you to the ends of the earth. fortunately this time we only had to go to miami to make the arrest. we're coming after you. our colleagues from miami-dade and the miami police department are coming after you. we're going to find you. we're going to put you in prison for the rest of your lives. don't sleep well. >> investigators do say that they do think that drugs were involved. cops are looking for more suspects and are asking for anyone who knows anything to call them. a family is making a public plea for help finding the shooter who gunned down a teenage boy in miami-dade. >> there's no reason to be
6:33 am
brother, your nephew or your cousin. come forward and say something and stop going by not snitching. >> that is the family of alder hill, standing in the same empty field where he was shot and killed over the weekend on saturday near northwestern high school. the 15-year-old was riding his bike when someone grabbed him, dragged him to the field and shot him several times. family members say they have no idea who might be responsible for this. there were two other shootings in that area that night, only hours separating each other. police do not think the shootings are connected but they have not ruled that out. we told you about the gas bomb bandits yesterday morning. tay they are behind bars. look at their mugshots. robert golden and tiffany were seen threatening restaurant employees with gas bombs, going so far as walking in with a gas can and a lighter and threatening to blow the whole thing up. they were caught terrorizing
6:34 am
restaurant in oakland park and another restaurant, denny's, in hallandale ach. a couple days later they hit up a 7-eleven. the couple's family actually turned them in after seeing them on surveillance video in one of our newscasts. this couple did admit to stealing that money those restaurants to fuel their drug addictions. golden has 14 prior arrests related to drug possession, dui and grand theft. both are being held no bond. breaking news into the newsroom. a tennessee couple has come forward saying they have one of the winning powerball tickets. this is happening overnight. they hold one of three winning tickets with one being sold up the rd in melbourne, another one in southern california. in total they're worth more than $1.5 billion. we just learned that the "today" show will have an interview right after this with the couple, again, from tennessee, who claims they have the winning ticket.
6:35 am
that's on the "today" show coming up after us at 7:00. we're continuing to follow this breaking news out of miami beach. we've been watching this closely, both from michael spears and kelly blanco, also our digital team sending out push alerts to our nbc 6 news and weather app. if you have that, that's a good thing. if not, go to our website and download it. the investigation going on for a couple hours near collins and espanola. some roadways are closed down. two people were hurt. police are looking for a late model mercedes es350 with dark windows it should be missing a driver's side rearview mirror. look at the moments right before a backstreet boy is arrested in key west. cloudy, warm and breezy this friday morning. worst case scenario, a few sprinkles on the drive in. a completely different story as the day evolves. showers and storms in your forecast, that's how we end the
6:36 am
like how we begin the weekend. a check of the roads with kelly. >> rus hour in full effect, 826 drivers traffic moving along at 19 miles per hour from bird road to the dolphin expressway. turnpike northbound, coral reef drive to tamiami trail, 15-minute commute.
6:37 am
blocked, but a welcome back. it's 6:43. breaking news out of indonesia. sheli is follong that at the breaking newsdesk. this involves some arrests following yesterday's attack in jakarta. what's happening? >> word that three men are under arrest being detained, suspected of being linked to those attacks. that's what associated press is reporting. nbc news has producers on the ground saying the men are only being questioned, not yet connected to the specific attack. also overnight, we learned investigators found an isis flag
6:38 am
a clear indication it was carried out by the islamic state. five men attacked a coffee shop, killing two people and injuring 20 others. all five terrorists died as well. back in the united states n jacksonville police are investigating a deadly crash between an suv and an amtrak train. that driver came up on traraic and stopped on the tracks late last night. the train hit that sports utility vehicle pushing it nearly a mile down the tracks. passengers on that amtrak train sted safe, no injuries reported on the train, but the driver of that suv, however, did not make it. 6:45, friday morning. final day of the work week. we had nice, cool mornings all week long this time around. a lot of changes while you were sleeping, it is warm, breezy,
6:39 am
some shower and thunderstorm chances that will expand as we dig deeper into our friday. morning drive looking decent, maybe a few sprinkles here moving into northwest miami-dade and western broward county. live first alert doppler, the radar very light in nature. u.s. 27 moving out of broward county, up to palm beach, a few showers here emerging from the everglades pushing up towards miami lakes. the beaches are quiet this morning. what a change in the air. very warm and humid morning. all the active weather overnight on the west coast, i'll show that you momentarily. light shower activity down through the keys. again, hour by hour, as we creep through our friday, the shower chances only grow higher. the threat for thunderstorms coming back into the first alert forecast. not a pretty morning. still have gloomy skies up above. that's a live look over port
6:40 am
here's what we're looking at leading into your weekend. two storm systems over the next three days, today shower chances expanding as the day goes on. could see strong storms this afternoon. the weekend, well, saturday looks outstanding. highs near 80, sunny skies. sunday, more storms, another cold front that will set us up for great weather next week. here's what we have to contend with this morning. sprinkles this morning. concentrated rains off to the west. a lo of this activity moving off to the east-northeast towards the lake region. as the day goes on, the atmosphere gets fueled up to support more showers and storms. watching the radar towards the lunch hour and evening drive. look at where we are at 7:00, i'm thinking we'll sweep a lot of this out of here. the evening commute could be bumpy with showers and thunderstorms around. the highlight is from midday to the early afternoon hours. keeping a close eye on that for
6:41 am
cloudy skies, breezy conditions, but approaching midday up to near 80 with showers expanding. breezy and windy all day long. thunderstorms come in we could see strong storms. today's threat tracker in the yellow category. strong storms mainly with gusty winds. winds gusting over 40 miles per hour is possible as that line works its way through. an evolving weather pattern. we clear out tonight, 66. payoff being tomorrow, simply outstanding. lower humidity, bright sunshine and highs near 80. morning lows in the 60s. one more front with the threat of thunderstorms on sunday. martin luther king jr. day on monday. a lot of you with athree-day weekend. we may not reach 70 on tuesday. sunny and dry on into next week. let's see what's moving on the roads. here's kelly. >> good morning to you, south orida. if you look at our screen, you can see the flashing lights off in the distance. this is the first alert camera
6:42 am
we have a major accident going on just off t t camera view. you can see all the flashing lights here. we take you to the maps, we'll show you what's going on. right now as you make your way eastbound before youhit i-95 northbound, look at all that red. seeing heavy delaysecause of an accident that has four lanes completely shut down. chopper 6 is on the way to the scene. we will give you a live look in a few minutes. in miami-dade, we have that hit-and-run accident that michael spears has been telling you about all morning long. this is collins avenue at 15th street. 14th street shut down as well. people are getting up, they wanted to play, they want to work and folks live around this area. this is around espanola way. avoid this by taking washington avenue instead. 6:48 on your friday morning. as of this morning backstreet boy or former backstreet boy nick carter trying to clear his name after he got into a fight in key west, at least part of it
6:43 am
>> all i'm asking is a second and a chance to rectify the situation. >> the former backstreet boy, nick carter, bonded out of jail yesterday. he was arrested outside the hogs breath saloon the night before where cops say carter grabbed a bouncer at that barbie the throat and was immediately asked to leave. he and a friend were pretty drunk, as you could tell by that sound bite. carter tried to fix the situation by saying he was famous and trying to identify himself, but both he and his friend have been charged with battery. the florida senate changing its official seal one more time. last year the senate voted to remove the confederate flag from the officialalseal, but did not decide on a new one. instead a temporary version with the u.s. flag and four other foreign flags put in the senate chamber instead. now the senate rules committee pproved a new design. this one has the state flag. today vice president joe
6:44 am
president's call to fight cancer. at tuesday's state of the union president put biden in charge of leading the way to find a cure. all this came after biden called for a so-called moon shot in the battle against the awful kill their took his own son's life. biden begins his quest in philadelphia where he will talk to cancer experts at a roundtable there. earlier this week, we told you donald trump was visiting jimmy fallon doing a fake job interview. and now hillary clinton is visiting jimmy fallon. >> she chatted with jimmy fallon about the upcoming democratic debate and had something to say about donald dtrump, too. >> if i'm so fortunate to be the democratic nominee, obviously i'll run against whoever they nominate if it's donald trump, it will be quite the showdown. >> clinton also admitting she avoids watching the republican debates, but that she sometimes watches her husband, bill clinton, with her husband. what do you think?
6:45 am
all of the time with her husband, bill clinton. breaking for you overnight, china's version of wall street now in bear market territory. at means that the markets dropped 20% in recent days, another 3% in the last couple of hours. so i know we' sounding like a broken record here, we talked about this the last few days, the main concern is slowing growth in that country over the last couple of years. we reported that many times in the past couple of days it's very much come to light in financial ways+m[n) investors at home in the united states reacting already to what's going on with pre-market trading on the dow down already nearly 100 points. with an entire city's water supply tainted, michigan's governor is el vartevateing the level to a federal level. it started with the state forcing flnt to save money. they wanted president clinton to switch from lake water to river water as a main source for the tap water. types there re not made for
6:46 am
that allowed old pipes with lead to leach into the supply. kids are now sick, as you can probably guess. at first the state said it wasn't a big deal. now many months later an acknowledgment. in fact, today more than two dozen national guardsmen will be in flint working to hand out water to everyone. so if you plan on traveling, you will want to hearthis. the u.s. government is warning travels who plan on visiting placesike brazil or certain areas of the caribbean about a viruruknown as zika. this is linked to birth defects in a few cases. the virus is spread from mosquito bites. zika could spread from latin american countries to warm, generally wet climates like here in florida.
6:47 am
pregnant women at this point. good morning, right now miami beach police are looking for a driver of a mercedes who they say hit two people as they tried to catch a cab on collins avenue. it's still blocked off around espanoa way. this is video of the two victims being transported to jackson memorial hospital. one is wittcritical, the other in good condition. the mercedes popped the curveb and hit the men and took off. the mercedes will be missing the driver's side mirror. for now in miami beach, michaha spears, nbc 6 news. also this morning, police are investigating a suspicious death in hialeah. a woman was found dead in her apartment. it is not clear how she died. no word yet on her identity. breaking powerball news.
6:48 am
in munford, tennessee claim they have one of the three winning tickets. this is a tweet from the "today" show showing the ticket. they will be taking home $1.5 billion from that one ticket that couple joins savannah and carson at 7:00 this morning. >> mark your calendars, chipolte planning a one-day standown. all stores closing february 8th. it's for employees to focus on food safety. the company is also dealing with plunging stock price. less than three weeks away from the iowa caucuses, the rhetoric between the two front runners in the gop is intensifying. dump tangled with ted cruz questioning the canadian born senator over his eligibility to serve, and cruz blasting trump saying no conservative values have ever come out of new york city. uber is asking customers to stand up and be held.
6:49 am
today, miami-dade chairman john monastein will announce a proposed legislation requiring uber drivers to submit to the same county screenings that taxi drdrers undergo. >> good friday morning to you, south florida chopper 6 arriving to the scene of a rollover accident. look at your screen. this is definitely going t affect your friday morning commute for you. broward drivers, this is 595 eastbound before i-95. lookat that mess. nobody is getting by. this is the right shoulder. these are where they're letting cars go by, right now all lines pretty much blocked off. you can see that rollover accident here. that's in the middle of 595 eastbound approaching 95. take sunrise boulevard or broward boulevard. we are hearing delays are stretching back for miles. emergency crews still on the scene. and a tractor trailer involved in that accident. let's take you over now and change the sources. this is collins avenue and 15th street, still shut down.
6:50 am
the scene of this hit and run accident. take wugashington avenue instead. and the left lane blocked off around the area of northwest 79th street. >> good look there, kelly w dry roads. we'll have light showers moving in, initially for the morning commute. not all of this is reaching the ground. not all of lubyou will be running your windshield wipers, but beer shower chances as the day moves on. this will drive showers and storms inacross south across south florida could see strong storms. highs today at 81. we'll keep you up to date if any of these get out of hand. i think everything clears out this evening. tomorrow looks great. another front on sunday. that brings winter back for next week. >> all right. >> yeah. >> just a quick reminder, you can meet the newest bijlionaires on the "today" show.
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