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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  January 15, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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seirzputowski. right now, nbc 6 is everywhere. >> now at 11:00, a live look at first alert doppler radar lit up this midday. tracking nasty storms moving in and expected to linger for a good portion of the day. >> detectives focusing their search on one car, the driver who mowed down two tourists in miami beach. >> since september, the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have. >> yes, sir. it happened again. clashing in carolina. theloves come off between donald trump and ted cruz. the issues that stirred the candidates in last night's gop debates. >> are these the newest billionaires? the couple claims to have struck it big in wednesday's powerball drawing. >> live the news on nbc 6 south florida starts now. >> tight off the top here a live look atten active first alert doppler radar.
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and yellow an indication of much of the rain on its way to south florida this midday. >> here's new video from miami international airport where there's no sign of sunshine. the gray skies and heavy rain will be all we see much the day. thank you for joining us. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. >> today is a good day to have the nbc 6 fuse news and weather app handy. do it from we're monitoring the potential to go into a first alert weather day. meteorologist ryan phillips is following a of that for us. hey, ryan. >> on the first alert news and weather app follow live first alert doppler, it's interactive and get a closer look at the rain moving into your neighborhood. we will take you across miami-dade county a shield of light to moderate rain right now having gone through some pkets of shower activity in broward. the emphasis across miami-dade, to active watches or warnings immediately in the two county area or through the keys at this hour, but that could easily change this afternoon. we're going to see the
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light to moderate showers across miami-dade county and gusty winds possible with the heaviest of the shower activity lying outside of the florida turnpike here across west central miami-dade. all the activity to the north and east on 41 here, extending towards kendall lax. keep an eye on the doral area in the next 10 to 15 minutes. light to moderate rain from cooper city. more to come here's the big picture where we're seeing the immediate threat across the florida. fort meyers and lee county watching vigorous thunderstorm move in. here's the big picture. broaoa area of low pressure up north, driving this squall line down the at least west central florida coastline. losing a little punch but still prime for the possibility of some severe weather here in the lake region as we approach midday. at least into the early afternoon hours, just outside of
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tornado watch ha been issued from fort meyers to naples to west palm and points north. we'll keep an eye on the potential for severe weather to brew up here into south florida and watching it carefully. keep an eye to the sky, watch the nbc 6 news and weather app. showers and storms the rest of the afternoon. some of these could be stng and we'll look for the severe weather threat to potentially bleed to the weekend. we'll talk about that part of the forecast in minutes and have another check on the radar. guys? >> all right. we'll talk to you then. new this midday a group of cuban migrants made it to south florida overnight. this video shows the raft the my grants allegedly arrived in. witnesses say the migrants are cuban now with police and we're making phone calls to find out more information about the story and we'll be posting any updates on our nbc 6 news and weather app as soon as we have it. police looking for the driver of a mercedes who hit two in miami beach and took off. michael spears has been tweeting and reporting updates from the scene all morning long and joins
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michael, the people hit were just trying to hail a cab? >> that's right here on collins avenue. you can see the markings from the car pop the curb. miami police tell us both men are still in the hospital, one critical one stable and at this point not releasing any names but the search for that driver behind the wheel of thehe mercedes is still on. >> reporter: es span know la way friday morning about to hop in a taxi when it happened. >> that's the one person laying on the floor and i saw another guy was holding the side of his body. >> reporter: miami beach police tell nbc 6 the driver of an e 350 mercedes south on collins avenue hopped the curb, plowed into the men and took off. >> i came out, saw the police lights, from thth other hotel i asked them what happened and
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laid out on the ground, lot of blood he was leaking. >> reporter: police say the hit and run happened 2:20 in the morning, shutting down collins avenue for several hours. >> it's a dangerous situation, collins avenue. >> reporter: the pair rushed t t the hospital, one man up and talking, the other blooed and unconscious. witnesses at a bar told us that they spoke with theen shortly before the crash, said they asked for directions to a nearby bar, believed they were tourists and moments later heard the crash. the tire marks show where the driver popped the curb. >> it's terrible. somebody's life could change in a few seconds. people come into this area to have fun and enjoy life. people that's out of town. >> reporter: police say the driver's side mirror was knocked off the mercedes after hitting the two men, a key piece of inside in matching the car to the crime and the person behind the wheel. >> simple message. we willind you. you have left one person in extremely critical condition. turn yourself in. >> reporter: on your screen you're looking at brand new
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the newsroom and notice the car speeding by or appears to be speeding by. that is what police believe is the suspect's car. a brand new mercedes. police told me may be a 2015 mercedes. e 350 series. and missing a driver's side mirror. so police asking anyone right now who has any information on this to give them a call. we have a longer piece of video that shows a little bit more about that on camera moments before it appears the driver did a u turn may have seen the accident, went to turn around and that's when it appears the suspect car took off. we'll be posting that video on the nbc 6 news app and if you know anything, the number to call 305-471-tips. live in miami beach, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> thank you so much for the update. nbc 6 is everywhere. take a look at this backup. that was like a nightmare or what. a traffic alert we kept an eye on with kelly, put a kink in a
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chopper 6 over the scene of the rollover wreck of 595 before the ramp to i-95. the driver is going to be okay and traffic slowly is moving once again. >> right now south florida family needs your help finding their missing loved one. we posted the photo on our facebook page and share it and help find him. someone last saw mario alfonso leaving kendall regional hospital after making threats to himself. he may be driving a 2004 silver nissan versa with tag clr-k-35. if you see him, call police. nbc 6 first on the scene of an investigation in hialeah. police say a woman found dead inside of her apartment. they're calling the case suspicious. neighbors near west 68th street and 22nd court shocked t/ hear what happened. >> it's crazy. like quiet, nice. nothing happens here. >> no word on how she died or her identity.
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survivors after two marine choppers crashed. here's the map to give you a better idea of where the crash happened right off of the coast of hawaii's oahu i land. each had six people on board. no signs of survivors. we don't know what caused them to collide. the choppers were from the marine corps base in hawaii. not going to come as a big surprise to you but the republican cap dates for president clashing in their first debate of the new year. >> and nbc's tracie potts reports it was a night dominated by the growing rivalry between donald trump and ted cruz. >> the seven candidates left on the main stage at the fox business debate tried to focus on president obama. >> this guy is a pe tu lants child. >> reporter: and hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton would be a national security disaster. >> reporter: but at times they turned on each other. donald trump questioned ted cruz's birth to an american in canada. >> there's a big question mark
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that to the party. >> reporter: marco rubio accused cruz of flip flopping on immigration. >> that is not consistent conservatism. that is political calculation. >> at least half of the things marco said are flat out false. >> reporter: ben carson tried to be the umpire. >> the 2012 election, you know, we -- and when i say we, republicans, tore themselves apart. you know, we have to stop this. >> reporter: cruz explained not disclosing a half million dollar loan when he ran for senate. >> i made a paperwork error. >> reporter: differences on iran, syria, banning muslims and build to tax chinese imports. >> i think we should be for free but fair trade. >> reporter: one debate left before the iowa caucuses. the next debate january 28th a few days before the caucuses. the next democratic debate this sunday in south carolina. on nbc. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> thanks a lot.
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former republican hopeful indsey graham endorsing jeb bush for the white house. graham announced his support for the former florida governor in north charleston, south carolina. which, of course, is where last night's debate took place. graham said bush would make the best commander inhief in a war against terrorism. democratic candidate hillary clinton stopping by "the tonight show" during her visit she chatted with jimmy fallon about the upcoming debate and what elseould their conversation go to but donald trump. here you go. >> if i'm so fortunate to be dmtsic nominee, obviously i'll run against whoever they n but if it's donald trump, it will be quite the showdown. >> i'm not sure whether i believe this or not but hillary admitted she avoids watching the republican debates but when she does, she ds it with her husband of course bill clinton. >> today vice presidential biden is launching his fight against cancer and it's a personal fight. during tuesday's state of the union president obama picked joe biden to lead the work in
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all of this after biden called for a so-called moon shot in the battle against the disease ta took his own son's life last year. biden will start his quest he says in philadelphia. there he will be talking witit cancer experts. >> strong storms moving in across south florida through the afternoon hours. we want you to stay weather aware and prepared and use the nbc 6 news and weather app to keep an eye on the radar. live first alert doppler with the showers moving out of the interior secships of miami-dade into the metro area. could see strong and gusty winds and talk about our tornado threat in my forecast in just a minute. >> sean penn breaks his silence. what he regrets about his secret sit down with el chapo. >> potential new rules that could drive some ride sharing services out of miami-dade. >> and striking it rich. the family claiming they have
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so you know it cleans and freshens. but ititlso softens. resolve. a carpet that welcomes you. and to clean pet messes, try resolve pet expert. actor sean penn breaking h silence about the sit down with el chapo in an interview with cbs's "60 minutes" and says he stands by his meeting and doesn't agree with mexican vernment statements that the meeting was essential to el chapo's @apture but penn admits he has regrets the controversy surrounding the article is overshadowing his purpose behind it. according to him he hoped it would shift the focus from the
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problem of the international war on drugs. and for billions of reasons all eyes are on three states with those winning power ball tickets were sold. >> they will split the $1.5 billion jackpot making each ticket worth $533 million. as mark barger reports we may know who one of the winners are. >> reporter: can you believe it america, a world record jackpot. >> the question of who won the $1.5 billion poxerball jackpot which be partially answered with winning tickets sold in california, florida, and tennessee one has come forward saying they have one of the tickets purchased in munford, tennessee. >> not going very far. >> reporter: appearing on the "today" show joaseushn and lisa robinson decided to go on tv first. >> i think the american public wants to hear from them and even though thh want to be private after this is over, they want
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knkn they're the winners. >> reporter: they live next door to the munford grocery store where the ticket was sold. >> look begin. they're the same. ook again. third time i went running down the hallway john check these numbers. >> so i checked them four times and i said well, i believe it when the news comes on in the morning and say there's a winner in munford. >> what's it likee to be carrying around a ticket worth $533 million. >> now i will be nervous because everybody knows. >> the next stop for the robinsons, turning in their ticket to lottery officials. to make it official. mark barger, nbc news. >> and so hopefully they are telling the truth. we are waiting on official word. an update on seattle's duck boat tours the tours are returning just months after a deadly crash happened involving them back in september. a duck boat collided with a bus killing five. the boats have been out of service since the accident happened and the tours will
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no longer pass by the bridge where the crash actually happened. they'll also have two crew members on board every boat instead of just one. >> uber is asking customers to stand up and be heard in a battle again in a news conference that wrapped up a few minutes ago. the chairman announced legislation that would require uber drivers to submit to the same county screening taxi drivers have to go with other restrictions. for a complete report on the restrictions tune in starting at 5:00. >> an 80 inch screen of doppler adar and lit up all green and yellow. >> we're going to monitor the threat for severe weather. the tornado watch away from our viewing area but we will keep an eye on the sky. we have the potential to see strong storms, maybe isolated severe storms into the afternoon hos. the nbc 6 news and weather app is where you're going to find live first alert doppler. only live radar on the air in south florida, let me walk you through it here. a good chunk of wet weather and
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out here that are producing gusty winds offshore. we will watch our weather coming right now from the southwest here. the southwest to the east and northeast. the bulk of the heavy rain in place across miami-dade county. there are no active watches or warnings in effect across the viewing area. en down through the keys. we've had cloudy skies, windy conditions and here's where our wet weather lies into miami-dade county and broward county. nosing back in across southern broward county. fast moving, light to moderate showers. here's the heavr band into i-75. it's wet into miami lakes, hialeah, miami springs but at least the cells keep moving. the main problem with these, gusty y nds that come down when the rains come and this will have you running your windshield wipers. give us time for these waves of showers to move by. we will see more activity develop into the afternoon hours. if you haven't seen the rain in the last hour or so across northern broward county, give it time. more showers will expand across the two county area into the
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again, what we've got right now here, again a go ahead push of moisture from the south. the main event is actually a little further off to the west. here's the picture. clouds widespread this morning. line of storms marching downhe gulf coast. at least along the west coast of florida sending the nasty stuff into collier county, leeounty and charlotte county. the florida west coast. expanding that off the east. again, this is a very long line of shors and thunderstorms. good news is, it's moving pretty fast. a little faster than we had anticipated. it will continue to move off to the east/northeast. the lake region, extending into southwest florida where the best theat and the biggest threat and greatest threat for tornado activity will lie. can't rule out an isolated tornado in the box. it does include palm beach and points north. we will see, though, the threat bleeds a little further off to the south and eastnto our viewing area the rest of the afternoon. greater coverage of rain on the way through the afternoon hours. i think after 1:00, maybe strong
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main threat will be for some wind gusts and the potential for an isolated tornado with the stngest of cells that may develop. with the rains moving in that's nuisance enough. we've ramped up the threat tracker to red this afternoon, could be some very inconvenient weatherror you into the afternoon and early evening hours. winds have been gusty out of the south, trimmed back a touch here at the top of the hour. our temperatures are suck into the 70s with the rain in place. strong your of low pressure, marching off to the east/east, dragging the showers and storms through the area. good thing i it will be a quick hitter into the afternoon hours. by`the evening we clear out and this will set us up for a nice weekend ahead after clouds maybe first thing saturday morning, saturday the choice day of the weekend because storm number two rolls in on unday. keeping an eye on the weather this afternoon, for some strong if not severe storms, 77 your high, 66 clearing out tonight, tomorrow beautiful and 80.
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but we clear out and winter returns to south florida early next week. keep an eye on the radar on the nbc 6 news and weather app. >> all right. ryan, thanks a lot. a story we've been talking about and it warms your heart. a young lady that fights to stay alive has given new life to the neighborhood outside of her hospital window. >> really what it's become is a contagious inspiration that's catching on hour by hour, day by day. for nbc 6, don shares her story. >> reporter: 27-year-old vicky robinson diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was 8. >> i live a life in and out of the hospital. >> reporter: clogged up, restricted lungs, breathing through another day, makes it a good day. on a lung and liver transplant list for a year now. >> i can't give up. >> reporter: while she wasn't giving up she hung this up. on one of those days she was trying to stay alive.
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>> adele lyrics that prompted katie and ben from case western reserve biology department across the strere to shout the next verse silently from their window on the world. >> see a bunch of faces smiling back at us. that made our day. >> today, they met that face, face to face. >> it's so nice to meet you finally. >> more started popping up and down adele bert street. >> to tell you i'm sorry. >> we sing it all the time here. it's like engrained if our brains. we sneak up on each other and it's like hello. hello >> brings a little joy to someone we didn't even know. >> it did. >> now they go way back. back to that hospital window. where an amazingly young lady waiting on lungs and liver found her heart full. >> it's like a big hug. >> want to hug her. >> that's terrific. the vas majority of people
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have no idea who she is, they don't know who she is personally. >> awesome story. >> dawn kendrick reporting this midday. "friends" fans es static to hear about a reunion on the horizon but "saved by the bell" fans not so lucky. >> between this and "full house" a lot has to be excited. here's the details. roxanne vargas has that. >> kelly shutting that down, tiffany amber thiessen spoke to huffington post live about the saved by the bell reunion that happened on the tonight show last year huge trending all over the internet and says it's not going to really happen again. happen. a reboot not likely. adding other reboots haven't done well. looks like we will have to watch the reunions as mario lopez does watch tv. how about that. it. coming up at 11:30 garth brooks
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first time in 19 years, i was there to chat with him and trisha yearwood as they kicked off their 2016 world tour here last night. they're doing it tonight and tomorrow and new kid on the block danny wood joins us in studio for the details on his album out today. you know what else is out today, miami, in the spotlight, on ride along 2. one on one with kevin hart, ice cube, olivia, and dr. ken and
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as we get into the afternoon hours showers and storms begin to advance too south florida.
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