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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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raerl earlier today. but right now even miami-dade seeing the rain move away. and in broward, things are really quieting down right now. the roads are still wet, but you'll see here in broward county as far as rain is concerned, there's just not a lot of it going on at this hour. storm reports were numerous in parts of south florida. as you can see, many areas seeing wind gusts strong today. and funnel clouds spotted to the west of safari and western palm beach county. also as you can see here in southern portions of palm beach. parkland seeing areas with funnel clouds as well. deerfield beach, you saw gusts up to 46 miles per hour. a waterspout just off shore on islamorada. there was a waterspout in the area. the weather service felt compelled to issue the tshd warning in case it hit land. thankfully again, the worst of the weather is over.
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guys. as of now, nbc 6 will discontinue our first alert weather day coverage, our newscast obviously continues. but what i'm trying to tell you at this hour is the worst of the weather is over. finished. back to you. >> that is great news. thanks. you can track the storms any time from anywhere with the only live doppler radar in town. find it on the nbc 6 news and weather app. you can also sign up for push alerts to be sent straight to your phone when severe weather is moving through your area. >> mother nature is likely to blame for a scare in the air. a flight hit serious turbulence leaving passengers rattled. marissa? >> reporter: yeah. jawan, anyone who's been in turbulence before knows how uncomfortable and scary it can be. all of the passengers who were on board that plane have since went to their connecting flights or headed home.
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in this. but clearly tense moments on this american airlines flight. as it was passing through the jacksonville area late this morning, flight 1410 traveling from new york's la guardia airport here to m.i.a. encounted some rough winds 40 minutes before landing. the seat belt sign was on at the time so passengers were seated. but one flight attendant was to badly injured she was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. according to reports, she broke her nose. the flight landed safely here in miami. five passengers were evaluated by paramedics after arrival. then all of those passengers were released. now, this plane was a boeing 737 with about 159 passengers aboard. we do also want to mention that flight attendant that was hurt, she's expected to be just fine. reporting live from miami international airport, marissa
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it appears investors are having a panic attack with no clear end in sight. all the major u.s. indexes fell today following a worldwide selloff triggered by another slide in oil prices and china's struggling economy. here are today's final numbers. the dow fell 390 points to close under 16,000. that means it's fallen more than 1,400 points in just the first two weeks of the year. the nasdaq and s&p 500 also ended in the red. the fed is monitoring. new tonight, the 15-year-old murder suspect accused of killing a rabbi will stay in jail for now. a judge will wait to hear more testimony whether he decides the teen will get bond. it was an emotional day inside a miami courtroom here. more than a does people showed up to support the rabbi. the large crowd forced the judge to move the hearing to a bigger room. charles and his defense attorney
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a judge won't make that decision until he hears more testimony. nbc 6 reporter steve litz was there for the emotional hearing. s report at 6:00. new tonight, police now know who plowed the car through a family. andrew perez turned himself in night. he killed a 4-year-old boy in the crash in 2014 when he sped down pine island road and lost control and ran into the family. perez went before a judge in ft. lauderdale courtroom today. a judge agreed to a $50,000 bond. perez faces up to 21 years in prison if he's nvicted. a break in the case of a hit and run crash in miami beach. detectives have tracked down the car they believe mowed down two men and then took off. michael spears is live at the hospital where the two men who are hit are now recovering tonight. michael? >> good evening.
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they not only have found the car, but as we speak they're questitiing two possible suspects. as far as the victims, police tell us one man isrecovering nicely. as far as the second victim, he's still in critical condition. around 2:20 a"m. friday, hotel cameras captured this car driving away from a bloody scene. a mercedes investigators suspect had just plowed into two men about to get into a taxi on collins avenue. >> one person was laying on the floor and i saw another guy was holding the side of his body. >> reporter: miami beach said friday afternoon that they had found the dark four-door rcedes-benz suspected in the hit and run. went onto the sidewalk, struck the men, and drove off. >> i came out, saw the police lights. i asked them what happened and they told me that the gentleman was laid out on the ground, a lot of blood. he was leaking. >> reporter: police say the
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innocent men behind, but also left this clue for investigators. a side mirror. the two victims were rushed to the hospital. police say one man is stable, but the other got it worse. found unconscious aording to witnesses. >> it's terrible. anybody's life can chan in a few second. people come into this area to enjoy life. >> reporter: another witness told nbc 6 that he spoke with the men minutes be before the crash. they asked for directions to a nearby bar. then shortly after, there was a loud crash. it's not yet clear what caused the driver to hop the curb, leave two people bleeding on the ground. but police say they're questioning two people who may have been involved. now, we have been wking to find out the names of the two people who are being questioned. at this time police say they're not releasing their names or the names of the two victims who remain in the hospital tonight.
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memorial hospital. venezuela is in crisis tonight. more than a year was released today showing an economy in shambles and inflation at an istoric high. >> reporter: well, venezuelan president niclas maduro -- the stakes got higher. maduro declared a two-month state of emergency. it gives him wider powers to enact sweeping reforms. this comes after venezuela released data that paints a dire picture of the country's financial situation. vinz way la has the world's largest known oil reserves. but revenues are way down because oil dropped from $90 a barrere two years ago to $24 totoay. declaration of an economic emergency comes just hours before maduro is to deliver a state of the nation address. that will be his first
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assembly. you ca expect the newly seated assembly to question maduro. trina robinson, nbc 6 news. the strategically friendly relationship between donald trump and ted cruz came to a combative end as they clashed repeatedly during last night's debate. their war of words focused on a radio interview when cruz said trump has, quote, new york values. >> in that interview he explained his views on a whole host of issues thatere very, very different from the views he's describing now. his explanation, i'mrom new york. that's what we believe in new york. those aren't iowa values, but this is what we believe in new york. >> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. you had two --
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and everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loved new york and loved new yorkers and i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that ted made. >> now new york city mayor bill de blasio said that cruz owes his state an apology. >> so he has no trouble taking money from new york city, but he's quick to insult our people and our values. i think it's really going to backfire on him. i think people are going to see through this as hypocrisyas the highest order. >> polls show tmp and cruz in a head-to-head battle going into the iowa caucus. more coming up on our next half hour of news. >> thank you. a civil rights powerhouse was in town today. diane nash was the keynote speaker at the annual prayer breakfast. nash recounted her days meeting with martin luther king jr. she's credited with leading the
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allowed the first blacks to dine at an all-white lunch counter in the segregat south. as an activist, she was jailed, beatn, and spit on during non-violent demonstrations. evenhile pregnant. today she told our trina robinson we need to employ non-violent methods to enact positive change. >> had we waited for elected officials to de-segregate lunch counters and buses and the right to vote, i think some 50-odd years later now, we might still be waiting. >> nash also appeared today at miami-dade's campus where she focused on her days as a freedom writer. a group of african-americans who helped desegregate interstate travel in the face of threats and violence. next on 6, another recap of the radar after another day of severe weather. >> that's right. and thankfully the severe weather is moving off shore. now the forecast turns
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it's going to eventually turn much cooler here in south florida. not before we see some e re severe weather thunderstorms. all the details coming up next. plus, one down, two to go. the first holders of a wnning power ball ticket come forward. find out if they made et official. and what they plan to do with all that money. walmart announced today it's closing hundreds of stores. find out if it includes a location near you. and a teen in trouble after his bad behavior is caught on camera. how cops tracked down the student seen body slamming one of their patrol cars. coming up next in the half
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now to an update on an effort to prosecute el chapo in the u.s. face-e--face talks between mexican and american authorities have begun in miami. meanwhile, mexico's new prison boss says he's confident that another esce would not happen thanks to major changes like 24-hour physical and electronic surveillance. actor,sean penn meanwhile has also broken his silenc about his trip to meet with el chapo. he says it was to begin a conversation on the war on drugs. not for the thrill of the scoop. and the world got a look at one of the winners of the three pour ball tickets.
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before cashing in their ticket. adam kuperstein is live with their story. >> reporter: we've been waiting for this, right? this couple from tennessee bought four tickets and even splitting the jackpot three ways,p their prize is still $533 million before taxes. little munford, tennessee, 27 miles north of memphis now home to america's newest multi-millionaires. >> it's the talk of the town. >> reporter: john and lisa robinson bought their ticket at their neighborhood grocery store. > they're the same. looked again. they're the same. third time ran down the hallway. you've got to check these numbers. >> ihecked them actually four times. and i said, well, i'll believe it when the news comes on in the morning and they say, hey, there's a winner been in munford. >> reporter: the town is home to about 6,000 people who are embracing the good fortune that has now put them in the national spotlight. >> no doubt about it. this is it. this is the biggest thing to ever happen in munford.
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a little town like this. >> reporter: the robinsons were on the "today" show before presenting their ticket to the tennessee lottery. they wanted to let america know who ww a share of the record-setting jackpo before ducking out of the public eye and back into their private lives. and this is new video just in of john buying the winning ticket. the robinsons plano take the lump sum payout which is about $328 million before taxes. and the first thing they're going to do is pay off their daughter's student loans and, get this. lisa isn't quitting her job. sme she plans to return to work at a dermatologist office on monday. the other two winners including from here in florida still have yet to come forward. adam kuperstein, nbc 6 news. so folks, if you're just tuning in. today here on nbc 6 we issued a
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means that we were providing constant updates on the air very frequently at a minimum every half hour as this squall line that you see here behind me was moving through. now, thankfully things are winding down as far as any dangerous weather in south florida. and we've discontinued the first alert weather day status here on nbc 6. t obviously we've still got a forecast to give you for this upcoming weeken let's take a look first at what's going on out there in terms of the rainfall. we'll zoom into the florida keys. keys got busy with a waterspout. that is now over and done with. all the heavier rain and thunderstorm activity is over the atlantic waters to the east of the florida keys. east and south of the florida keys. for dade county, now only patchy areas of light rain left. you can see that northern key largo there's some heavy rain there. here's broward county where you can see there's only a few patches of very light rain left
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so things are really quieting down as far as the weather is concerned. here are your weather headlines. all the watches and warnings have been discontinued. we have been under a tornado watch this afternoon. that is now over with. now, next thoing watch out for is the development of thick fog tonight. i'm expecting that south florida because of all the rain we had today and the clearing skies and cooler temperatures, we'll see widespread fog develop during the overnight hours. it could be very thick andlast into mid-morning on saturday. but at least saturday is expected to be dry before we see stormy weather on sunday. all right. look at current temperatures in south florida. all the rain in the area, they've dropped into the 60s. 65 in kendall. 68 miami and ft. lauderdale. rainfall accumulations include a record daily rainfall accumulation for miami of 1.84 inches.
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we had that much rain in miami. kendall, 1 2/3 inches rain. now, behind this front we'll see drier air and that will allow for tomorrow after the morning fog to become sunny. and then we'll see this next front approach. this is sunday's cold front. this front could be as strong or stronger than the one we just saw in terms of the severity of the shower and thunderstorm activity that could impact our area. keep that in mind. we could see more -- at least the risk of severe weather again on sunday. it could be a midday frontal passage through our area. there's the moisture with the first front. here's the moisture with the second front and in between what will eventually bring us a sunny saturday after the fog burns off for tomorrow. here's the forecast now for the next seven days. again tomorrow morning, fog. then becoming warm and mostly sunny. you'll see the fog here on the future tracker. there it is. widespread at 7:00 all across south florida. then it quickly burns off as we get towards mid and late morning. allowing for sunshine during the
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should be a nice afternoon in our area. a high of 81 degrees where our average high would be 76 and a pleasant day to end the day tomorrow. strong storms in the morning on sunday. then clearing out in the afternoon. 79 for your high. this next front brings cold air to south florida with lows in the mid-50s and highs in thelow to mid-70s for much of next week. john, thank you. alabama police say they've id'd the student on camera damaging one of their police cars. take a look at this. they plan on charging him with second degree mischief. cops were responding to a fight at the high school when the student body slammed the hood of a patrol car. it may cost as much as $1,900 to repair the damage. next on 6, could you imagine driving a car without using your hands? >> wow. new technolo reveals when and how cars can start drivong themselves.
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special education onon 6 report. it helps students see what it's like to walk in someone else's
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how it's all right. welcome back. walmart announced plans to close more than 250 stores worldwide by the end of the month. most of those will be the smaller format. walmart express stores that debuted back in 2011. the change will affect 10,000 employees in the u.s., but the company hopes to place many of
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almost all of the affected stores are within ten miles of another walmart. now on 6, a live look at the evening commute which could be quite the adventure on the streets. everything from weather to congestion making it tricky to get home. but could newew technology make it easier to get home? >> that would be nice. we're seeing movements from car makers at auto shows. >> it's like the jetsons. how it could mean taking your hands off the wheel. >> reporter: the future of self-driving car tech is front and center at the detroit auto show. >> both volvo and mercedes-benz looking to bring it to the streets in 2017. >> reporter: a new city safety system detects objects including large animals and helps brake to
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the new mercedes-benz e-class has a drive pilot system that adjusts steering and follows traffic up to 130 miles an hour. >> it's pretty impressive stuff. >> reporter: it even uses smartphone technology to alert other vehicles to upcoming hazards. >> these cars are going to get smarter and smarter and smarter. and basically cars that can park themselves. >> reporter: drivers of the the tesla model sar don't even have to be in the car to park it. still, cars aren't doing all the driving. at least not yet. >> that's a reality across the country. >> reporter: and these high-tech cars are blazing the trail for that future. brian mooar, nbc news. >> how nice is that? the newly reveals volvo and mer
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the tesla model s starts at $70,000. but the chevy malibu is more affordable starting at around 20,000 bucks. what do you think? >> i think it's cool. it's expensive but i'm sure the prices will come down. >> but to relax and let the car do its thing. got to love it. the news at 5:30 continues next. [ inaudible ] >> yeah. she thought she would do such a thing here. we're live in hialeah with the details on this story. going to give jeb bush the momentum he needs. >> jeb bush picking up a major endorsement as the road to the white house heats up. and severe weather rips through the roof right off the shopping plaza in venice.
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the first alert weather. the threat of severe storms moves out but not bere leaving a trail of destruction behind across the state. radar looking a lot better right there. good evening, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. i'm trina robinson. >> and i'm adam kuperstein. the weather system came fast and furious. reports of trees down, roof collapses across the state.
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