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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Saturday at 6am  NBC  January 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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now at 6:00, a man caught on camera stealing from a chaplain's car. but it's what he stole that has officers worried this morning. an arrest made in a miami beach hit and run and we're learning more about two people struck. find out what they have 20to do with the department of homeland security. plus south florida slammed by storms. will we see a repeat of rain this weekend? find out in your first alert forecast. good morning and welcome to nbc 6 "south florida today." as saturday, january 16. we're starting off your weekend here and let's check in with erika delgado with south florida's most accurate forecast. and after yesterday, i'm wondering what will we expect today. >> weekends are prepare nice. happy saturday to you. we definitely saw plenty of rain and storms yesterday.
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rainfall amount in just 24 hours. almost an inch and a half of rain beating the old record set back in 1944. so definitely the storms were so strong across some areas, and now this morning the moisture still remains. and that's why we're dealing with very dense fog. dense fog advisory in effectt until about 8:00 a.m. you can see advise and down to less than a mile everywhere across the board. take a rook, nearly zero across i've never seen it did this dense here in south florida. take a look at doppler, completely different story from what we saw yesterday afternoon. quiet conditions from ft. lauderdale down into hialeah. and we're wake up to cooler 60s. 60 inendall and 62 right now in the miami area. just have to watch where you're going out there.
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deerfield beefrp at a convenience store. a would-be robber shot and killed by oonan employ last night on southwest 10th street and first way. investigators are trying to figure out what happened next between the robber and the two clerks. what we know is those two clerks each grabbed guns and then fired multiple times at the suspect killing him. >> that suspect had actually come to the store with the intent of robbing it. he was wearing a mask and gloves. once insisi, there were multiple shots fired and he died in the store. >> investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. it's not the first time something like this has happened at that convenience store. a similar dreeeescene unfolded almost six years ago when another person was shot by afternoon employee. a local 911 operator in trouble this)morning accused of keeping an emergency caller waiting while she ordered a
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the 911 call for help came from a ft. lauderdale optometrist office where a young man passed out pl willard shepard has the tape you will want to hear. >>izza delivery, please. the sun rise police department. >> reporter: that was frances, the broward emergency operator who was on the job placing her lunch order and apparently ordering for co-workers, too. >> he started to con have you also, had a seizure, fell out of the exam chair. >> reporter: the order being conducted while workers were calling the 911 line after a man painted at their office. >> i thought there would be more than one person answering the phone. i can't believe there is just the one lady. >> reporter: a lady that was busy with the pizza shop. >> what can i get for you? mr. one . >> one slice of cheese. >> reporter: at some point the
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of the selections. >> $9.49. okay. and i think that's all my cash orders. and i have three card orders. >> reporter: pso's report says during this time frame, she failed to respond to the incoming 911 calls despite audible tones and visual alerts resulting in the 911 calls going unanswered and an ban conbandonedabandoned. the food order finally ended more than eight minutes later. >> thank you for being patient with me. >> reporter: ft. lauderdale is reviewing if it should remain in the regional system. >> if that means that we need to look at going back to our own police and fire and 911 dispatch system, we'll do that analysis. >> reporter: the man who had the seizure here recovered pretty quickly and was okay. the operator acknowledged that she shood zoo haveuld have handled the
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was given a letter of reprimand. in ft.t.lauderdale, willard shepard, nbc 6 ws. well, some rough weather made a direct hit at one south florida home. look at it here, this is from yesterday. see how the roof of that home in cooper city was struck by lightning. tiles either destroyed or knocked off there. the couple who live in the home, they were not hurt, but they sure did get quite a care. >> we just heard a big bang explosion. and we could feel either static electricity run through the whole house like imploded from the inside. so obviously both of us were shaken p. >> the homeowners are grateful lightning did not spark a fire there. roofers will be by next weekto fix the damage. uber threatening to come out of miami-dade if the chairman
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he's a former tax say drivei drive he and he's taking to hart the complaint of taxi drivers that say ride sharing services are not held to the same standard. he's proposing the county screen uber and lyft drivers the same way it does taxi drives. and that's not all. >> i've also proposed that the vehicle owners provide proof of insurance similar to the coverage that taxi drivers have. >> another proposed ordinance? it would allow uber to screen its open drivers and provide insurance only when a driver has been hired to provide a ride. both proposals are expected to come up for a vote at the commission meeting next wednesday. time now coming up on 6:07. still ahead, one of the fbi's most wanted men it off the streets this morning. find out how federal agents nabbed him. plus a verdict in the case of a man police say went on a shooting spree on new orleans's famous bourbon street. looking like a nice day out over the atlantic waters. very different from what we saw yesterday.
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the east/northeast. a light chop. national weather service may be issuing a warning tonight and
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breezy conditions. a fugitive onnhe most wanted list is no longer a wanted man. known as the screen robber, mylo mason was arrested yesterday afternoon in colorado. masonaces multiple charges including attempted first-degree murder and aggravated robbery. the 25-year-old landed on the fbi's most wanted list back in december. and this morning several you news organizations petitioning the colorado supreme court to reverse a judge's order in the case against colorado's planned parenthood shooter.
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affidavits involving robert lewis deer's arrest and search of his home. a petition was filed yesterday arguing the public as a constitutional right to monitor the operations of the court system. precutors have charged 57-year-old deer with 179 counts of crime in connection with that shooting in november. it left three dead, nine others injured. judge martinez ruled last month that it's too early unseal those documents, but he says he will he reconsider the issue later. now to the latest development on the trial of the only suspect in a 2014 gunfight on new orleans's most famous bourbon trung lee guilty of manslaughter. the gun fight left one by sander dead and nine others hurt. lee faces up to 40 years in prison. a day after a video was released of the shooting of a
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also released documents of the teen's final words.document stated that the teen's last words were i give up, i'm shot. the officer told the investigators happened when 17ed-year-old cedric chapman was chapman died as he was being taken to the hospital. south that, 6:11. completely different story, different conditions than what we dealt with yesterday at this time. sorry, yesterday in the afternoon and evening hours. live first alert doppler looking pretty good so far deerfield beach into miami-dade. all of that rain that we saw yesterday has now pushed away. together with a boundary that remains to the south. it is feeling pretty nice o o there.
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a little cooler in ft. lauderdale. 62 there. an even cooler in the kendall area. you're seeing temperatures around 60 degrees. we're dealing with a very calm wind this morning. very different from what we saw yesterday especially with the storms moving through. it got a little breezy, some areas seeing wind gusts as high as 40 to 50 miles per hour. but we're dealing with a calm nd and still all the residual moisture left over from what we saw yesterday afternoon. so taking a look outside first alert camera, it's hard to see because the sun hasn't come up, but definitely seeing low clouds hovering over portions of watson island. and we are dealing with the fog. because of that moisture basically just trapped here in the lower levels of the atmosphere. so because of that, we have a dense fog advisory up until 8:00 a.m. pretty much across the board. not just inland areas.
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not even half a mile, so give yourself extra time and keep the low beams on if you're heading out this early in the morning. for your first alert forecast, looking pretty nice so far. plenty of sunshine to g around once that fog burns offff temperatures will warm up into the lower 80s, so one more warm day to get through before we see changes. this system south of us still leaving showers across the bahamas. that system triggered the showers yesterday. high pressure now overhead, that's why winds are so calm over much of south florida. but things will begin to change rapidly. at least we'll get them for the first half of the weekend. today the main story is the heat. temperatures reaching in to the lower 80s. plenty of sunshine. uv index on the higher end of the scale. so we'll deal with a nice day, warm, but we'll be rain free for your saturday. and then major changes this afternoon into overnight hours.
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leaving us strong to possibly severe storms again early tomorrow morning into the morning hours. and then that system will cool us down and we will bein the mid to low 70s each afternoon until at least next weekend. >> that sounds nice. thank you. all right. a burglary caught on dash cam video and this morning police are looking for the thief you're about to see because of what he stole and who he stole it from. erika glover has more from the miami-dade police department. >> reporter: officers here say all it took was two minutes for the thief in this picture to get away with stolen property from their chaplain. two days ago, this dhar cam video caught this man breaking into a florida highway patrol vehicle. officers say the burglgly was a little after 9:00 near northeast 7th avenue in miami. we're told the man arrived on a bicycle and got in through the driver's unlocked door.
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the chaplain's gun and even returns moments later for a second look. this time grabbing a cellphone from the passenger seat. >> just another gun out in the hands of criminals. and when guns land in the wrong hands, that's when if becomes dangerous. >> reporter: miami-dade officers want to know if you recognize in man. he's between 16 and 21 years old, 5'11", and about 170 pounds with medium length wavy black hair and thin build. officers say you can call crime stoppers and remain anonymous with any information. 305-471-tips. erika glover, nbc 6 news. time now 6:15. still ahead, a warning from the cdc for pregnant women headed to latin america. why health officials say you
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and commithipotle closing, why 12k3w4r50 circle monday february 8 on your calendar. which i hoe chipotle will close all its restaurants for a few hours to hold a food safety meeting with its employees after customers in several states came down with cases of salmonella, neurovirus and e. coli. company officials say they're confident their food is safe, but they still are waiting for the centers of diase control and prevention to declare the e coal rye outbreak over. now to a warning for pregnant women planning to travel abroad. u.s. health officials are saying you should postpone any trips to latin american and caribbean countries with outbreaks of a tropical illness links to birth defects. that disease called the zika
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and meanwhile organizers of the 2016 rio olympics are working to meet all their deadlines and organizing a plan to deal with that deny gayelike zika virus. the challenge is to balance the operating budget of $1.85 billion. brazil also battling its worst recession since the 1930s. and in regardsto the xi azika virus virus, organizers say they have a plan in place. and the dow plunged nearly 400 points marking the worst ever two week start to a new year. major trigger, something we've all been benefitting from, cheap oil. off olivia sterns ehplains. >> reporter: a sea of red on wall street. market closing the worst first two week of the year ever. >> i think today it's the only decline. people are worried that means
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>> reporter: the rice of oil is a sign of economic growth around the world and how much demand there is for fuel to power businesses. and the price of oil has been plummeting down nearly 80% in the past two years. closing below $30 a barrel. it's the lowest price in more than a decade. >> the oiled market is awash with supply and now we'll add iran which will put additional oil on to the market fairly soon and that will push oil prices even lower. >> reporter: the other reason wall street is nervous, concern that the chinese economy, the world's second largest, is slowing down no savers means less hone in the less money in the bank. for the average american, their 401(k) shippingrinking 3% just todada
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>> it's not a time to sell and to stop contributing to your 401(k). that would be the worst thing to do. stay the course, stay with your plan. >> and that was olivia sterns reporting. the u.s. markets are closed money for the martin luther king jr. holiday. also one more reason for the big selloff yesterday. your time 6:21. still ahead, more local animals than ever. finding loving homes thanks for viewers just like you. find out how you can still help next. south florida, beautiful day in store for us here. expecting a low risk of rip currents winds out of the northwest shifting out of the east. temperatures will reach into the lower 80s.
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miami-dade animal services is kicking off the new year on the right paw or foot. >> the shelter achieved a 90% save rate. 6 in the mix host roxanne vargas has more. >> reporter: the ultimate goal at miami-dade an pal serviceimal services, to clear the shelters and get the animals in to loving homes. until then, they provide care and refuge to hundreds of dog, cats, kitties a puppies. >> how many animals are you receiving a week? >> we get about 29,000, 30,000 a year, which roughly works tout about 250 a week. dogs only. and then cats about the same. >> reporter: but they hit a 90% save rate. >> what ds that number mean sf. >> it means we were able to save 90% of the animals tt come into the shelter. of the animals saved and of the animals not saved, we saved 90% of those. >> a lot of people might be
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number 100%. >> 100% of the animals who come in the shelters, you can't save them all pup unfortunately, some are suffering, they might be hit by a car or sick in a way that they could get other anils sick. >> reporter: in 2011, mdas was at 51%. sadly, half the animals were being euthanized. just tour years later, they have hit that coveted number. thanks to you. >> we haven't done it a alone. we've done it with a lot of help from the community. i know the clear the shelters event was amazing and the messaging that went with that. >> reporter: in august, the nbc 6 telemundo 51 clear the shelters event helped get 161 animals adopted this one day. compare that to 48 adoptions the same day a year before. partnering with over 100 local rescue organizations. hosting more than 500 community events, and countless programs offered at the shelter for the animals helps hit that goal. >> we've achieved this, but now sustaining it is re difficult
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area of spay and neuter and expanding that program and again reducing shelter intake. those are the big focus for us next year. >> reporter: they will move into its new and improved location in doral very soon. you can help clear the shelters by chenking out the section on our nbc 6 news and weather app and joining us at 11:30 a.m. on 6 in the mix to see amazing animals up for adoption right here every friday. roxanne vargas, nbc 6 news. >> we love being able to share that. >> and we actually have a pet in-house in the 9:00 show. and still ahead, crowded courtroom. a hearing for a teen accud of killing a rabbi drawing a passionate attendance from people who support him and those who think he should go to jail. and police say they found
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didgood morning. it is saturday, january 16. ank you so much for waking up with us. we have erika delgado with us and she has south that's most accurate forecast. andou really got us through hose tough storms yesterday. >> definitely teaming up yesterday. adam came in and john as well, three of us were in. ryan had been here most of the day. it definitely was a very active afternoon for us. we're not used to seeing the strong thunderstorms during the winter, so it was an intetesting day to say the least. and the good thing is now we're beginning to see sme improvements as far as our conditions are concerned. but because of all the rain that we saw yesterday, still plenty of moisture trapped and together with calm winds, we're dealing with very dense fog. right now visibility down to less than half a mile all across the board, that goes from broward county all the way down into miami-dade and enoutside outsideeven outside of our viewing area.
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do not put your high beams on and give youruelf extra time. 63 right now in miami. we're rain free,though, so that is good news. doppler picking up on new shower activity anywhere. good news for us this morning. but the fog will stick around probably until the mid-morning hours. so that dense fog advisory will remain in effect until 8:00 a.m. and then we're expecting plenty of sunshine to go around. well, a turn of events at deerfield beach convenience store when a would be robber was shot and killed by an employee. this happened around 7:40 last night, a man walked in as toto the snappy convenience store. and investigators are trying to figure out what happened next. detectives say the clerks both grabbed guns and fired at that suspect killing him. >> that suspect had come to the store with the intent of robbing it.
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once inside, there were multiple shots fired. and he died in the store. >> investigators still trying to figure out everything else that happened. it's not the first time that an employee has shot someone at that convenience store. a similar scene unfolded nearly six years ago gowhen another person was shot bayy an employee. a burglary caught on dash cam and this morning police looking for a thief. erika glover has the details. >> reporter: officers here say all it took was two minutes for the thief in this picture to get away with stolen property from their chaplain. >> the subject couldnot see it, but that's what happens when the criminals are focused on committing a crime. they're not looking at their
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>> reporter: officers say the burglary was a little after 9:00 near northeast 7th avenue in miami. we're told the man arrived on a bicycle and got in through the driver's unlocked door. once inside, he gets away with the chaplain's gun and even returns to the gun hospitals later for a second look. this time grabbing a cellphone from the passenger's seat. officers are encou^aging anyone with information to come forward and call crime stoppers. that way you can remain anonymous. call 305-471-tips. reporting in doral, erika glover, nbc 6 news. new details now in the case of a hit and run on miami beach. police say they have arrested a driver of a mercedes-benz after finding the vehicle that they say struck two people and took off. the two men who were hit are both special agents with the u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement agency.
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avenue. a spokesperson tells nbc 6 that one of the agents is in stable condition, the other remains in critical condition. >lso new this morning, a south florida teenager who was shot several times is now home from the hospital. eric watson jr. left the hospital last night. he had been there nearly three weeks after somebo shot that 13-year-old three times in his upper body. it happened near southwest 264th street and 135th place. it 00 not clear whether police have any idea who shot the teen or why, but so far they have not made any arrests. the young teen suspect abouted of shooting and killing a rabbi last year is trying to get out of jail until his trial begins. a judge heard testimony against deandre charles to decide whether that 15-year-old will get bond. charles was only 14 when police say he opened fire on the rabbi walking to temple in august. the rabbi's family and friends filled the courtroom and so did
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during testimony a witness identified that teen as the person who was running away from the murder scene, but that same witness also said he felt obligated to choose a photo from a lineup. also this moing, we're now getting a look at the hialeah man the one you see here who is accused of killing his mother. 36-year-old william garcia now face as long sentence if convicted in the murder of his 56-year-old mother. cops say they found her body in an apartment that she shared with her son near west 22nd avenue and 63rd street. the hialeah police questioned him and according to a reporter claimed he was home when an imaginary person stabbed his mother and set her bed on fire. he denies that the victim was his mother, though. time now is 6:35. still ahead, dozens are dead
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seized a hotel in burkina faso. and wild weather is what we experienced yesterday, but on this saturday morning, nice conditions. although there there is a dense fog advisory in effect for dade and broward until 8:00 a.m. definitely visibility down to less than half a mile.
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bring us major changes. it could be history in the making for taiwan. in just a couple of hours, the country may have its first female leader. if she win, it would be a victory for taiwan's pro independence camp instead of the ruing kmt. a go. minister says at least ten bodies elsewhere found inside a cafe after an attack by al qaeda militants in burkina faso. at least four militants seized an upscale hotel in their capital city.
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from that country and france workedake back the hotel. natural and french forces have freed about 30 hostages from the hotel. the exact number of deaths is not known. also an active search going on for 12 u.s. marines after two military helicopters collided in midair off the coast of hawaii. but as nbc's chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski reports, dangerous conditions are getting in the way of those efforts. >> reporter: two n ny destroyers off the coast of hawaii. part of a desperate search for 12 marines missing after their helicopters crashed in to the pacific. the two super stallion helicopters wore a nighttime training mission three miles off the nor short of oahu when tragedy struck. u.s. military officials say it appears that two helicopters collided in midair, exploding in a fireball that could be seen from shore. a collision so catastrophic
6:32 am
calls from either helicopter. james was an eyewitness. >> all i saw was a big ball of fire. i mean big. >> reporter: the search area is massive. the do debris field from the fallen hicopters now stretches 18 miles across the coast of oahu oahu. but rough seas have hampered efforts. >> the white caps that are there, two the big waves and swells. it's very difficult to find things right now. >> reporter: but how could this have happened? marine corps pilots say nighttime helicopter maneuvers whether in kochlcombat or training are the most dangerous flight operations. >> people need to understand that we operate at the edge of envelope so that when we're called to protect this country and our way of life, we're ready and we're epared. >> reporter: search efforts will continue round the clock. but with little hope of finding survivors.
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well, stropng winds, rain and light any swept through central florida leaving a path of destruction. several homes left with debris scattered throughout their yard, roofs and fences also damaged. no injuries were reported, though. right here in south florida, a foggy morning we both saw it after a live storms that pounded the area throughout the day yesterday. and so what are we thinking now for the rain maybe making a return or maybe not? >> it will definitely make a return, but fortunately for us it won't be making a return today. today we're expecting toing a beautiful day here in south florida once the fog does burn off. so happy saturday to you. 6:41. exactly what we like to see, even down to the key, things much nicer than they were yesterday afternoon and into the evening hours. let's take a look at temperatures. we're also waking up cooler. 63 in miami, 26 ft. lauderdale. kendall waking up to temperatures around 59 degrees. let's take a look outside first alert cam because the sun is
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but if you look closely over watson islad, you can't ensee some of the buildings. that's the fog and low cloud deck that we're waking up to this morning because of that that we are dealing with the dense fog advisory until about 8:00 a.m. i can't stop looking at this picture. absolutely beautiful. we're not used to seeing this dense fog. watson island looking really nice so far. other than that take a look at this blue sky what is we're dealing with, we will be seeing plenty of sunshine today. so for your first alert forecast, temperatures will reach into the lower 80s. low risk of rip currents along atlantic beaches. mostly warm, but the sun ll be warming us up again. temperatures above average for this time of year. high pressure overhead allowing for calm winds achd basically trapping the moisture very near the service. behind me, though, over the portions of the texas and even down into the weather/southwest, that system we will keep an eye on. as it tracks toward the east
6:35 am
major changes and possibly even stronto severe storms ahead of that system come early tomorrow morning. in the meantime, though, as you can see temperatures are in the 30s and 40s behind it much cooler air already filtering across portions of the midwest waking up to single digits this saturday morning. for us, though, it is in the 60s. sweater weather is what i lookic to like to call it. but you won't need this afternoon. the heat main let todaythreat today. marine conditions deteriorate overnight tonight and tomorrow and possibly a gale warning for the atlantic waters. ahead of this system, woore're expecting to be rain free. we'll be chilly this week. temperatures back into the 50s each morning. and thursday into friday, we'll begin to see average
6:36 am
well, america has a new power couple. they say they're just common follow frk a small town, but the robinson family of mumford, tenmessee, they have one thing that sets them apart from all other, they have one of three winning power ball tickets from the largest jackpot in history. jawan strader has their story. >> but i won't make it in today, i will probably be in monday. >> reporter: the luckiest family in the country didn't tell anyone until they told everyone on "today." >> now i'll be nervous because everybody knows. >> reporter: john robinson, wife lisa, daughter difference any and abby along for the ride. >> can we see that ticket? are you keeping it close to your heart? >> yeah. it's not going very far. >> reporter: the supervisor and office coordinator watched lotto fever soar to $1.6 billion. >> she called me and she said are you going to stop and get a couple lottery tickets. i said i really didn't feel like
6:37 am
yeah, i'll stop and get them. >> reporter: from home, a tiny mumford tennessee, lisa watched the numbers drop down and her heart rate shoot u >> i got to looking and i saw it and i was like looked again, they're the sale. looked again. about the third time i went running down the hallway, john, jop, you got to check these numbers. >> reporter: the big payout, $528 million. the robinsons the talk of this one stoplight town. >> this is the biggest thin ever happened in mumford. >> reporter: nashville at lottery headquarters, this this is how million it dollar dreams begin. >> hi, i'm john ron so thatsonrobinson. >> i'm lisa robinson. and we won the powerball. >> reporter: one family down, two other winners yet to step forward. jawan strader, nbc 6 news. and one of those other
6:38 am
california and the other in melbourne beach. till ahead, changing places.
6:39 am
students from totally different in this morning's education on 6 report, from the prince and the pauper to trading places, people have always been fascinated with switching roles. all this week, students from two miami schools are trading places. it's a unique exercise designed to shatter racial and cultural pre-conceptions just in time for martin luther king jr. day. ari odzer shows ps how it's working. >> nice to meet you. >> reporter: it's a week full of introductions at booker t. washington high school in overtown. >> i'm albert, i'm a senior. >> reporter: 24 kids from the elite private school are trading
6:40 am
t. for this entire week. it's full emersion into different educational and cultural experiences. the schooling are eight miles and light years art, but still -- >> kids will be kids. kids are the same everywhere you go. >> i didn't think i'd connect as easily as i did. >> reporter: it helps to have an outgoing personality. shakespeare is the same for every school.. >> can we have someone play mcdove? >> does anyone know who commit this had horrible crime? >> reporter: this is the third year for the booker t. ransom exchange ram.program. >> it breaks down some walls. we start to see thatou can yes, we do have a lot of things in common. >> this is a good opportunity to recognize again those similarities and those differences. the fact that we are a very diverse community, but it's not common for the different communities to interact with each other. >> reporter: it takes a little bit of courage to do what these kids are doing. imagine leaving your school in
6:41 am
and spending an entire week in a different school. they're fish out of water. but it's also a learning xperience that kbts becan't be duplicated wut leaving their comfort zones. >> i came in thinking wre world's apart, and we're really not. everyone is pretty similar, same interests, same sorts of classes. >> reporter: a.p. calc is the same everywhere, but some disparities between the student body can't be ignored. >> only real difference here that i actually noticed was opportunities pretty much because you have more money, you have a lot more thinks ons to do stuff. >> reporter: that's how the real world works. and the future depends on shaping young behinds to solve problems together. in miami, ari odzer, nbc 6 news. sgr a great exchange. straight add, a look at our top stories, but first a live look at miami.
6:42 am
of your forecast coming up. just ahead on "today," donald trump and ted cruz still going at each other. hillary clinton now facing that stiff challenge from bernie sanders. it is a race that no one expected. and also ahead, e erything you need to know about what to do with your money after a very rough week on wall street. plus a tennessee couple revealed right here on "today" they have won the powerball. we went with them as they took the ticket into be verified so they could collect their multimillion-dollar prize. also, big changes in store for sesame street this morning. ernie will be here to tell us all about it. they're he inif in a new neighborhood. >> th and more when we get started on a saturday morning right here on "today."
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been found inside a cafe after an attack by al qaeda militants in burkina faso. an upscale hotel in that capital was also seized by at least four militants. national and trempgfrench forced have freed about 33 hostages. the exact number of deaths is still unknown. there is an active search forr2 u.s. marines missing afl ter two military helicopters collided in midair off the cost of hawaii. rough seas are getting in the way of search and rescue. efforts will continue but with about. a would-be robber so the and killed by an employ yeep. two clerks both grabbed guns and fired multiple times at the man. police are still investigating. and burglarar caught on dash cam video this morning, police see see here. he was seen stealing a gun from
6:44 am
if you know anything, call police. and detectives say they have arrested the driver of a mercedes-benz after locating the vehicle they say hit two people and took off. the crash happened early yesterday morning on miami beach. one of the victims is in stable condition, the other still in critical condition. and uber is threatening to ditch miami-dade, a proposed ordinance for the county would screen uber and lyft drivers the same way it does taxi drivers. another ordinance would provide insurance only when a driver has been hired togive a ride. both expected to be voted on ext wednesday. be sure to check out our nbc 6 app, it has full details on all the stories we're covering for you as you wake up this morning. and now let's check out the foggy forecast. >> as you wake up, definitely dealing with fog this morning. dense fog advisory in effect until 8:00 a.m. for broward and miami-dade. however take a look at doppler. hard to believe that we're dealing with such strong storms and downpours yesterday
6:45 am
so you can leave the umbrellas at home. over watson island, if you look closely, you'll see the low cloud deck and also the fog still over much of watson island. still looking like a really nice start to the day. once that fog does burn off, though, we are expecting beautiful conditions. you can see above it blue skies out there. and it is feeling a little crisp. temperatures in the midd to low 60s. upper 50s across inland areas. that goes for the kendall and homestead area. we'll have plenty of sunshine warming up up into the lower 70s d low 80s. a nice boat day" no advisoryies. but conditions will continue to deteriore overnight into tomorrow. another the system comes through leaving us strong storms tomorrow and then cooling down just in time for monday. well, check this out. during a time-out at the denver nuggets/miami heat game last night, a hug gets fan gave his girlfriend a nugget, a diamond one, that is. fans got to witness this wedding
6:46 am
got down on that one knee. mascot rocky with some flowers as she answered the big question with a yes. >> maybe she felt it in the air, like somebody could have happened. >> good for her.
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we'll see you again at 8:30. when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief.
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good morning. breaking overnight.
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