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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> now on 6, tragedy in a florida highway when a wrong way driver plows head on into this suv. >> and they were just trying to hail a cab, instead two special agents were run down by a woman who then took off. >> plus, a routine traffic stop in palm beach county turns deadly when the deputy opens fire. take a look why he said he had no other choice. but first -- >> i mean, i was so scared. it was either his life or my life. he came in here to kill. he didn't come in here to rob. >> he came in here to kill. two workers who opened fire on a masked gunman in plow ward county are speaking out. good evening. the big question is will charges be filed in the case? the clerk say they pulled out their own weapons and they killed that suspect instantly. we have the latest from bobby
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ago. were the clerks back on the job tonight? >> reporter: dan, good evening. i spoke with them a few hours ago and they said there's only one way to describe this situation and it was simple -- it was kill or be killed. it's not just another day for the guys who own and operate snappy's convenience store in deerfld beach. today is the day after they had a wild west style shootmout inside their store with the suspect who came in to do more than just rob them. >> he came in here to kill. he didn't come in here to rob. >> reporter: dexter leon, one of the three workers inside snappy's last night when some rious trouble walked in. >> seen the guy with the mask. walked through the window and come in through the door. as he came in through the door i saw the gun in his hand. >> reporter: he says the suspect came in shooting. what did he say? >> i didn't hear him say anything. he put a gun up and next thing i know i heard shots.
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aimed at his head inches away. you're saying you heard a wuhl let whiz by your head? >> yeah. he said, give me the money or i'll shoot. >> reporter: then there was a shoot-out. he would re, you'd duck down and get back up and fire again. >> yeah. . >> when i got down and they were exchanging fire. and i came down here i seen a revolver here and i grabbed it and started shooting as well. >> you might remember what was going through their heads during the time. >> it was about my family. my 5-year-old son. >> one second. >> reporter: the suspect was killed right in the store. these g gys obviously happy they're alive but didn't wish an outcome like this on anyone. >> never a sense of relief when somebody loses their life. it should never have to come down to that. >> reporter: but what other choice did they have but to survive? >> it was either his life or my life. he came in here to kill. >> reporter: okay, back out live
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the same similar incident happened at this snappy's in 2010. and the employees in here say it that they wound up having to kill that suspect as well. live in deerfield beach, bobby brooks. new tonight another wrong way wreck claims the life of a ung driver. this happened around 5:00 this morning in the northbound lanes of i-75. the florida highway patrol says 23-year-old henry velasquez was behind the wheel of the red porsche heading in the wrong direction. when he collided head on with that suv towing a boat trailer. vellquez passed away right on the scene. paramedics rushed his 27-year-old passenger to broward health in critical condition. 52-year-old abel soriano was
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this accident was wearing a seat belt. new information tonight about a hit and run driver accused of plowing over two special ice agents then hitting the gas and taking off. amanda plasencia has the very latest. good evening. >> reporter: yes, sam, good evening. we know now it was a 21-year-old drivebehind the wheel and investigators say they were able to track down her mercedes-benz and that's how they were able to arrest her. she is being held here in jail on a $100,000 bond. this is a woman arrested for speeding off from the scene of that bloody hit and run. 21-year-old jordana rosales. >> $100,000 bond. she must surrender all travel documents before she's released on the bond. >> reporter: a judge set a whopping $100,000 bond and ordered that she be put on house arrest with an ankle bracelet. the judge also deemed her to be a flight risk since she has
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>> although she was born in the united states, that's the information i have been given, if honduras considers her a citizen if she gets to honduras they will not extradite their citizens to the united states for any offense. >> reporter: she landed in jail after investigators say she was driving her mercedes-benz e 350 near espanola way and collins highway in miami beach. >> one person on the floor, i saw another guy -- >> the two victims who were on duty were hailing a cab when rosales made a u-turn, hit the median and struck the men. >> they said that the gentlemen were laid out on the ground. a lot of blood. >> reporter: rosales took off but left her car side mirror at the scene. both are being treated at the hospital. one sfered life threatening injuries and is in bad shape, in critical condition.
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meanwhile, the defense attorney argues that she was driving a mercedes she is on financial aid and the bond is too high for the client. >> our big concern is that she won't be able to bond out with $100,000 bond, this 21-year-old will be stuck in there. >> reporter: now, rosales continues to be held here in jail. she has been charged with leaving the scene of a csh, causing bodily injury. reporting live from the jail, amanda plasencia, nbc 6 news. nbc 6 sat the scene in belgrade south of lake ocoe chose bee. 19-year-old henry bennett was pulled over and he was armed with a gun and then turned toward them during the confronontion, forcing him to fire the deadly shot. an update now to the murder mystery in italy with ties to right here in florida. the man suspected of strangling ashley olson to death is
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the judge questioned the man at a closed door hearing in florence to decide if he should stay in custody. 35-year-old olsen is originally from near tampa. an autopsy shows she was strangled and suffered skull fractures. the dna evidencecet the scene links diat to her killing. a vacation turns deadly for a tv news producer in chiiago. an autopsy reveals ann sweeney was strangled to death in belize. she went out to do yoga along the river near her resort. her body was floating in the river. police believe she may have been sexually assaulted. sweeney was the executive producer of online opetions for abc 7 in chicago. >> she had the capacity to make
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and, you know, she demanded that from those arou her. she mentored people throughout her career. >> all guests and workers at this resort are being questioned but local police say there are no known suspects at this time. well, finally free. five americans being held in iran released today as part of a big prisoner swap and they also due to a year's worth of secret negotiations. they're "washington post" reporter jason rezaian and along with a marine, a pastor and a fourth person whose name is not made public yet. a student identified as matthew trevithnick was also freed. this is a measure of goodwill. and today, president obama signed theagreement. the candidates are hitting the campaign trail hard to shore up last minute support before
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for nbc 6, here's chris pallone. >> don't be a party popper. >> reporter: running strong in new hampshire, donald trump served up the best selfie smile and he still attacked ted cruz. >> a lot of people do not like ted to put it mildly. am i the only person to think he's a nice guy? he went off the wagon and went crazy. >> reporter: and cruz lauded the release of the four u.s. prisoners in iran, including jasonrezaian, while using it to slam the president and secretary of state. >> while we celebrate their return, this deal serves as a piece of propaganda for both iran and the obama administration. >> reporter: in iowa, marco rubio called the prisoner trade a sign of president obama's
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>> that deal with irirn, a deal with the castro brothers. a deal with the taliban. why do you think they take american prisoners? >> reporter: meanwhile, the democrats are preparing for their final debate before iowa sunday night. up surrogates for hillary clinton are busy getting her message out. husband bill talking up her experience as secretary of state to voters in iowa. >> as secretary of state, she got the sanctions against iran and had russia and china going along with them. i confess, i didn't think she could do that. >> reporter: with bernie sanders running even with clinton in iowa and new hampshire analysts expect to see escalating attacks in the final days before the first two contests. chris pallone, nbc news, w york. still to come tonight on nbc 6 a brazen thief picks a trooper's car here as his target. take a look at this clear video and what he got away with has authorities especially worried right now. >> they were there for us when we needed them the most. at the lowest point in our life.
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how they're giving back to families who paid the ultimate sacrifice. a beautiful day today. temperatures in the upper 70s. humidity down a bit. that changes tonight. temperatures stay warm, in fact south winds will really pick up. at the same time, ushering in
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take a look, this burglary suspect ransacking a car in miami-dade is still on the run tonight. police ne your help finding this guy who made off with a cell phone and gun. detectives are worried that a firearm in the hands of a criminal can turn dangerous. the whole burglary lasted only a minute but the video is crystal clear. if you think you can help out cops put this guy behind bars, call crime stoppers. the number is on the bottom of your screen. 305-471-tips. well, dozens of police officers fanning out across miami-dade today, but they were not looking for a suspspt. just a home run. nbc 6's erica glover has more on their cause. >> reporter: january 20th marks the fifth anniversary.
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castillo and his partner were killed serving a warrant. >> reporter: the police assistance trust kicked into action. >> they were the first ones at my house. they were there for us when we needed them the most. the lowest point in our life. they really made a difference. >> reporter: poat is aonprofit organization, focused on helping the surviving family members of officers killed in the line of duty and officers facing a personal hardship. >> how many -- >> reporter: their fund-raising efforts never stop. and this event at indiana favorite. >> all the guys all year long are asking when is the kick ball tournament? >> reporter: this is the third annual home runs for heroes kick ball tournament. >> we won the first game 7-0. >> reporter: officers from across miami-dade county form 21 teams. they say you don't have to be great. just as long as you're dedicated to giving back. >> the beauty of our profeion, we're a family, a brotherhood.
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now first alert weather with meteorologist adam berg. south florida's most accurate forecast. >> all right, so here's why first alert doppler, a beautiful day today. barely a cloud in the sky. after some rough fog. that was because of all the rain yesterday, combined with light winds. now all of a s sden you can see the beginnings of this moisture return and storms could get a little on the strong side overnight tonight. and especially first half of the day tomorrow. so let's bounce around the radar a little bit. we'll zoom into the keys to show you exactly the movement of some of these showers. no lightning with any of this. but i do think as the moisture levels begin to increase and instability increases, showers will kind of transform into thunderstorms as we go through the night. but these are moving due south to north. key largo, you will see this at any moment. and our rain chances will begin to creep up across miami-dade and broward before too long. aa clear for now. temperatures, beautiful day
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highs in the upper 70s. only falling two or three degrees at best as the southerly winds really begin to pick up overnight tonight. high pressure on top of us. this ridge of high pressure will slide to the east and some of the deep tropical moisture will push northbound. this front will lift north, already a warm front right now as the wents shift to the south -- as the winds shift to e north momentary. that's thebeginning of the strong thunderstorm threat after midnight. then an area of low pressure, associated cold front, that's moving off to the east. this will bring another round of severe weather pottially first half of the day tomorrow in the form of strong wind gusts. isolated tornado threat overnight tonight, strong wind gust threat through the first half of the day tomorrow. here's future tracker. one of the high-resolution models showing you that again an inkling of the moisture working in between now and midnight.
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2:00 in the morning that's when an isolated tornado threat kicks in. look at the angry line of thunderstorms approaching here by 7:00 or 8:00 in themorning. here'sthe forecast overnight tonight, slowly bringing up the rain chances. temperatures stay steady into the low 70s. strong storms and then fresh air before the next cold front on friday. quick look at the future tracker as we go into sunday morning. there's that line of potential strong thunderstorms that we're tracking and that will come racing through. i think once you get to the afternoon hours, it's out of here. it's going on the a fresh, fresh air mass after that. there's the breakdown and by the way, we'll constantly be updating you on twitter tonight. if there are any programming changes because of the sere weather you'll be the first to know.
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let's look at the stories he's working on. >> hey, dan, good to see you. full details on the prisoner release by iran as iran complies with the big nuclear deal and sanctions are lifted. plus the end of a deadly al qaeda attack in west africa. dozens killed and injured before the military regains control. also, donald trump's harsh new attacks on ted cruz, as the democrats get ready for tomorrow's crucial debate. the debut of the newest star at the national zoo. you can't believe how beautiful this little baby cub panda is. it's melting hearts everywhere, dan. i'll have that for you on "nbc nightly news" in a couple of minutes. see you soon. >> looking forward to it. thank you. stay tunun for that and stay tuned for the sports. the miami heat escaped denver with a win. after being down by 18.
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and we have some college hoop
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after cracking the top ten for first time since 2013 this week the hurricanes basketball team lost to number 13 virginia on tuesday. however they look to bounce back at clemson. the tigers looking to beat the third ranked opponent. the 'canes were led by the star guard. here's reed from three. he led miami with 17 points. then in the second, 'canes leading scorer sheldon mcclelland makes it a five-point lead from deep. and then the tigers got busy. the 'canes lead is cut to two. finished the game with 25 points. and then here's jordan roper. a step back j to maket a six-point lead with under three to go. the tigers finish off the 'canes on the scoring run and take down eighth ranked miami in process. the heat had lost three straight games and three players to injury. including the starting backcourt.
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as i said dwyane wade forced to miss the game with a sore shoulder. 31 points apiece in the first two quarters and things are looking grim for miami. in the second half, the front court stepped up. whiteside he dominated and he earned the second triple double of the season. and get this 11 blocks. that's incredible. meanwhile, forward chris bosh led with 23 points including the go ahead fadeaway jumper. this was a big win for the heat. especially for whiteside. >> man, you know, i came out here, we came off three losses. so i mean, i knew i had to make a statement game, you know? i see -- i had to come out and play, man. you know, everything my teammates needed i wanted to do. >> it was an incredible run for the florida panthers. a franchise record 12-game win
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third place in the atlantic division, but they have had two straight losses in western canada. they flew back home on thursday, and then travelled to tampa for the game against the lightning. the final match-up of the six-game road trip. the squad was on the ice in coral springs today. but it was all about getting back to the basics after a very fun but hectic month. after tomorrow the panthers will start a four-game homestand on monday against edmonton. and the nfl playoffs are in full swing. the divisional round of the patriots have the per hand against the kansas city chiefs. the score 14-6 new enand at halftime. and tonight at 8:15 right here on nbc 6, two explosive offenses clide, arizona cardinals hosting the green bay packers. winner advances and the loser goes home. that'll do it for sports. back to you. >> thanks, stefan. a cleveland father is breaking barriers to bring his daughter to the most magical place on earth. he has been behinder every
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dan boyle is an avid wheelchair runnnn as he goes. they have more than a hundred miles of races under their feet and wheels. they set their sights on the disney slipper glass slipper challenge. the park would not let him push the little girl in the chariot so he contacted the track and field federation and asked them to reconsider. >> got a phone call out of the blue. it was the director of the event himself and he said, we'd love to invite you to come down and take part. we got disney to say yes to something. now we call courtney a trail blazer. >> that's a dad getting it done. princess courtney will be sporting a helmet with a tiara built in for her. they will run in support of another wheelchair bound child living in el salvador. if you're going out tonight thweather could take a turn.
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