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tv   Today  NBC  January 17, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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live, this is nbc 6 south florida breaking news. >>good morning. we've got breaking news here at 8 a.m. southern florida is under a tornado watch for the least an hour. we want to issue you a quick reminder we are live on the air doing a local newscast as opposed to seeing your weekend version of the "today" show. obviously it is coming from the west coast of georgia, moving east and moving relatively quickly bringing heavy rain and really, really strong winds that have already been related to two connrmed deaths as it continues to move east across the state of florida. >> the same line that has caused these deaths erika in miami and also bobby in fort lauderdale. you can already see the difference in just a matter of time. it a good day to also have your
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let go other to r rn phillips who is tracking this line of storms. it has changed so quickly since we first got on the air. >> that's the advantage of having our own radar here. it's been advancing quickly. changeable weather conditions. we're seeing that in the field with our reporters. we'll take new across fort lauderdale beach. the showers and thunderstorms continue, gusty wins here. sfchl the heaviest of the rain is now in downtown holly wook add hoop we could see very
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50 miles per hour,@if not greater. extending down i-95 to the interchange and further south. it's just minutes away as the overall environment heads east. >> stay inside. let this line pass. i think we'll see astic improvement to the least i'm a quick hitter into miami lake. live first alfrt. in tornado watch has been cancelled but you're still
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not heavy. >> sit there florida we're going to be live here for a few more hours and then a great sunday afternoon frchlt we ask you to stay inside, stay safe. we're following this every accept the. >> mack: for the last couple of minute. >> bobby brooks is live. when we talked to but an hour ago, you said fishermen were out there waiting it out. and fast forward and you say you're getting pounded by side ways wind. where do you stand now? it's.
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it's much, mucham are where we, fwrrnlt casting out a geological and getting some fishing in early in norpg, we experienced that for about ten minutes, some major wind gusts, some side ways rain whipping up into your face. it was nas nchl again, sfrechlt sfchl (and so again, please do
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for mao live at everglade nb poochlt .frmt but we want to see your pictures of the hef ear wep p using puchlt pfrmt snuchlt you may see your photos here on air. florida's battle over thfrmt thth fofrp nfrmt i got the
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def nely q kwmt julia, we're not just talking about what's going to happen once the storm does arrive but what it rk flk nrkt sfchlt this is the spot where the storm look snuncht sffrmt october the left-hand side of your screen. there are frm bd n nofrmt n
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atill atin tampa and then a foreand four children soar kwrp i remember have a look at this. the pop f. >> sfchlt vie ek teams are going across that county and checking out what else is happening. also just got a text right now, heavy winds from somebody snvlt nrchlt sfchlt thanks a lot. we've been watching this m mday fer, a live look outside of miami beach.
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over the last hour and a half. >> an hour and a half ago, it was relatively clear. now you're seeing behind us this storm line that ryan and erika del good owe. stwchlt sfchlt. >> >> the strongest wins inbound, in mind guests in the next 15 to 20 minutes.
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dade county with the she's accused ofcalling and running over two immigration agents. the two are still in the hospital this morning. >> ryan phillips, erika delgadodo are tag teaming here in the studio, tracking this line of storm that is indeed not just headed in our direction but is hitting broward and miami dade. what ary talking about ovor the course of the next hour, hour and a half? >> we're goi to see rapid impriechltsim immovements over the next hour. this is what you're waking to, adverse or inclement weather, that will be around for another hour or so. boy, it really gets your attention when you walk up with strong gusty winds and heavy
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this is where the party of the action is. hour. this entire line moving off to the east a a around 50 miles per hour. it's a very fast moving line, down to the brickell area downtown, extending down to the gables and globe and you're going to find the rainfall quickly ramping down as it's just a light rain. the heart of it now moving out to key biscayne. gusty winds. as the line is advancing off to the east, northeast, you, too,
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with we'll leave the threat into miami dade county. the tornado watch extends another 45 minutes. i believe the threat is rapidly diminishing. it's maybe into the upper keys or to l.a. keys. this is what's really left of this nasty line of weather that has moved through, advancing so tracking this on our free mobile app, you'll. -- you've got all the good news this morning. i like that. >> we do need to get through the
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it has been dropped from palm beach. it's only dade and broward. we keep talking about the wind advisory because behind i didn't want to mention was i did talk about minor coastal flooding. there were reports in nape les that win purchases i mentioned, it has been dropped from palm beach, bow ard and dade counsel ff now those winds really gusting and the rain really coming thing down for us. some areas of miami dade were
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wind gusts, at from but your first alert forecast success. the biscayne bay will remain rough all day. just something to keep in mind. definitely want to be careful out there. >> we are certainly riding this out every step of the way. team 6 continues with erika glover. give as you better idea. quite clearly the rain has moved
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wearing the jacket and the hood. now i am soaking well, as long as our cameraman. it quickly went from sunshine to just a downpouring of rain. the people out here walking around, they're gone now. we're really just seeing a lot of wind, we're trying to just brace ourselves to the rain that's going to keep falling. i'm just going to throw it back to you in the studio. live in miami. >> i was just going to ask her about those tourists who are just trying to enjoy the sunshine. >> we came out to have a south florida winter. this is not supposed to happen. >> right. morning. of course we are continuing to track those storms out there as they head toward miami dade and broward county. they are already here for a lot of us.
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fort lauderdale are were frmt ver likely that means things will ripple down the rest of the day, too. make sure you're calling your airline if you're leaving.
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of that to just a few minutes a somebody tweeted from the tampa area saying it looked like a war zone. >> we knew it was coming, which is why you are watching us here at nbc 6 and not your weekend version of the "today" show. if you're not seeing any of this in terms of the rain or the wind, you willll as you live in bow bour ard. but what we know about the storm hitting, as shelly mentioned, it's definitely left its mark on cities that are west of here and left its mark in a deadly way as well. >> especially on a small farming community and inland of the bay area, a town called duet, florida.
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was and where that tornado touched down killing a grandmother, a grandfather and injuring a father and four children. all morning they have been scanning for area of debris. and this is bait zone outside of tampa. we were just looking at a mobile home park and scouring what has happened there. we've also been looking at other neighborhoods in sarasota county. we gave you a short look just a few minutes ago about a damaged home -- a damaged home where a woman was pulled to safety there. this is what's happening right now. these live pictures we know from emergency managers that they have teams scouring these areas looking for the worst signs of damage.
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is doing now. the area of sarasota and mant a mantatee county. power has been knocked out in see east key-- siesta key. i just checked in with family members in nearby palmetto. they did tell me strong winds coming through there. that's the story across the region. oh, have a look at this with me. we have not seen this yet. wow, wow.
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park what you see there. you can see somebody walking around on the ground here. we know from reports of this area a mobile home was launched some 700 feet. we are going to keep scouring these images for you. stay with usas we keep an eye on this. >> bobby brooks has been in the broward county area. we're going to check in with him as well as erika glover. >> as julia just told us, that
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moved about 700 feet. >> i'm going to bring optimism in. chnically the watch is until 9 a.m. we're left with the last of the line here. still light to moderate showers coming through. wind gusts to about 35 miles per hour.
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through the florida keys. this is a live picture from hollywood. ryan phillips and erika delgado are tracking this line of storms that is headed our way. we'll check in with them just a couple minutes away. >> a central florida man may not have won the big powerball prize but took home a big hefty chunk of money. >> he and his wallet are saying a big thank you to one lucky
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>> 19-year-old first time lottery player frederick walker. he claims he used the number from someone's unused play sli he matched five numbers to win $1 million then. then hi wise doubled-- his prize was doubled.
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outages in live, this is nbc 6 south orida breaking news. >> 8:30 in the morning on your sunday. you're not watching the weekend version of the "today" show. this is why. all that green, red, yellow. right now south florida, a good portion of us, under a tornado watch for at least the next half hour. it's supposed to expire at the 9:00 this morning. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning.
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the meter and. we can follow the line easily here. the line is very potent offshore, extending down to the county area and through the keys. maybe some of you disappointed that maybe it wasn't stronger. we had the conditions place for some very wild weather to take shape. but has this line has come through, we have not materialized any tornado warnings but we have materialized wind gusts and miami dade. the threat has diminished, though our watch continues for another 25 minutes or so till the top of the hour here. key miss in cane stillhod
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again, in realtime radar here. across the het of broward county, heading up toward coke co nut creek. you see the nasty line of storms well offshore. we'll see skies begin to clear out. as for the keys, we did have a severe thunderstorm warning about two hours ago down into the lower keys. but ever sincehe line diminishing in its intensity, it continues to move away from the upper keys. one more time, here's the big picture. the cloud and radar all together now. the line most intention here and diminishes as it goes to southeast florida. give us some time. ugly morning. and a matter of hours, clearing out. would have been nice afternoon for you.
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bring you up to date with come large after mass, if you and people have been tweeting us actively telling us their conditions. someone tweeted in miami strong, stro winds and the west coast really got the brunt of this. >> we really, fncht.
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completely blown off its undation, it looked maybe a half a football field away from it began. >> you could hardly tell it used to be a home. it was just shredded. i have new information for you now. we now know it's an ef-2 tornado that struck duet last night. that's the w wrd from our sister station in tampa. with nds, that tornado, reaching up to 125 miles per hour, here's some images. this is just south of the tampa area. this is a house where rescuers had to pull a woman from the rubble. she is okay.
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dog from that house. in duet, you saw some of the damage from that rural area when we last spoke. stay close. >> >>. >> some pretty intense pictures coming out of the area. as ryan said, things are already looking better for a lot of us. that's good news based upon what julia just told us. the tornado that hit. >> rapid improvement but power outages, 10,000 in miami, 9,000 in broward. and if you're leaving from fort lauderdale airport, watch and check in with your airline carriers.
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our teams in the field. erika glover is on miami beach. >> planes are now moving. operations are back up and running at fort lauderdale hollywood international. even the nasty stuff in place in the upper keys now moving offshore. this was the same line that prout the tornadic activity. our day will only get better from here.
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around a live look at downtown miami right now. the threats have diminished. you're looking at hollywood beach right now. those threats have diminished. a rapid improvement in just a matter of moments. it was a very fast moving storm but of course we are still watching the watch that continues until 9:00. >> we've been talking about that ef-2 tornado julia was talking about. that band of srms that produced that is now offshore. >> that was in duet. >> the strongest portion has now
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>> good buy. good -- the syrian observe industry of human rights is saying families of pro government fighters. at least 300 people are dead from this attack. >> we are learning an american missionarar from south florida was was. >> rittering continued community church and had been thinking in
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killed in this attack, which called i didn't. >> americans being held in iran areow released as part of a prisoner swap and secret negotiations. americans are a former u.s. post reporternd a fifth erican, a student identified as matthew president obama signed an executive order to lift
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sfrnks was detained on iran's island. in a statement yesterday, n grchl a`z they're out over the ocean at this point. >> all the nasty stuff now just offshore. that's the real advantage to having our own radar. you can see it there on i-75, that big dome on top of building, that's our radar. this line pretty pote as it came through the gulf waters. even in dalier county. we have not produced a severe weathe threat.
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everything offshore. the weather will guide you to a very decent afternoon. for many of you, it's a three-day weekend with martin luther king. >> technically in effect until 9:00 a.m. the threat was for this line, which is already, tending now if but we did not reerlize any warnings here in the south florida area or into miami dade. . but we have not received any reports of damage at this hour. we'll watch the rain and the wake of this line move out of broward county. breezy conditions will settle back in. taking to you broward county where the last of the showers
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toward i-95 and the deerfield beach, maybe up towards hillsborough where we've got at least the light to rad po up and down so we are going to see improving conditions. >> now, the sun is not going to come out immediately. it was just this line, a quick-hitter in and out. now we've got our light shower shield. still a tough go for anybody who has any marine interests or beach plans. scratch that for today.
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better now. our weather from this point only improving with the sectionception of the wind. >> the rain will stick around for the next hour, hour and a half or so.the wind. >> the rain will stick around for the next hour, hour and a half or so. keep in mind the wind advisory, the gale warning and the craft advisory over biscayne bay -- we're about 15 to 20 degrees warmer than we were yesterday.
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effect for the atlantic water, winds between 24 to 50 miles per hour. temperatures will retained into the upper 70 pujols's. behind it high pressure will settle in and winds will slowly begin to shift out of the northwest. that's what's going to allow us to cool down. the next knew days temperatures will be in the upper 70s. cool temperatures throughout the afternoon hours. >> in just the past few minutes
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julia bagg, an ef 2 is what killed so the brunt of it has already passed. it's seeming like the brunt of that really hit western florida and central florida much harder than it did thong here in south there p this is right back in or back yard. up see the heavy rain coming off from that balcony. we know from the person who took
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boats being tossed about on the water and the this is from the system moving offshore now. so the worst going past us.
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things were a short while ago. >> one of the big things we're still dealing with are the power outages. our team coverage of this continues. let's get you over to nbc 6, bobby brooks.
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locations. >> i'm in touch with emergency managers. i'm about to check back in with them now.
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out. >> we also want to thank everybody who has submitted their videos.
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all parts of our area. we saw from hollywooto miami beach, south beach and if you look here at our monitor, thdt quickly, too. >> some of the most intention picture coming from chopper 6 up over one of those farping taels. >> looked look tooth are so two deaths related to that but again they downwe are trying to get a
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us as. . martin o'malley snchl. . not going to be ruined by this but this morning was have a vast majority for the rest of your sunday. >> that's right. . attorney touched down at miami international afrm.
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many rue uniting with. n he said he never thought this day would come. after a moochbl and tears. from. from. >> he says he'll never forget this moment. he's monday the first pop-up 07 might program with coasta,
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(sfchlt (snp (. >> translator: overall, though, these oneans say they are happy and want to say thank you to. ( (. we have been telling you we were going to try to get a live look out of rasota this morning. >> give as you better idea of what we are looking at here.
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seeing here as at least parts of this area as a war zone after that storm ripped through. give us an idea what we're looking at rye here. >> i'm out of tampa. we're in siesta key and this is all parts of the roof of the wond to. >> con and what they're dealing with him ermer frmt a lot of the cars out here have the windows smashed out, cars are missing
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are nfrm i'm fill buon here these nachltd aaevery prn said there was a rumbling, a grinding noise and just sfwrchlg i mean, there's damage as far pfrm ba
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>> sprch sfrchl we're curious to know whether or not they have seen any damage like this as quickly as it happened over year outpla florida we'll it will
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