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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News Sunday 9AM  NBC  January 17, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EST

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. all the green and red and yellow was right over broward county in miami dade as that is now off the coast. >> we can hopefully look forward to a nice afternoon. ryan said it's going to be fast and then a nice and breezy day. let's head it over to ryan phillips. >> the tornado watch has ended.
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weather day home so sflrchl ryan nbc 6. . from the line itself on hi new hampshire nfrm 25 to 30 miles offshore. shower activity winding down. of of p rod rod prprl of this
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(fwrchlt j permanent nrmt nrmt and then setting ourselves up for a winter forecast south florida style. >> we've got more weather in just a few minutes. back to you. >> our team coverage that ryan was telling us about that has moved through, that was good with you every step of the way, watching it move through bowered. been frrnl. >> what's it like there in terms of any damage or flooding? what are you seeg?
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you can see the officers have this thikd bach fchbl double sflchblt. >> officers again are not lettinges kaep krs kpch. but you can see just how much the storm has impacted this streak and also another thing to think abouter outages. just as we were driving here, we road. for now we're live in miami. erika glover, nbc 6 news.
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and its aftermath. and that storm was pretty intense as it moved through south and central florida. julia, you have a closer look at some of the damage done to our west. we got off pretty easy on t ts sunday morning. >> we sure did, eric. i do want to let you know the red cross is on the ground for our frien out of the gulf
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that that is happening there. damage caused by winds in excess to 100 miles per hour app hour, up to 1 to p 20 miles per hour per stab. wene the good news from that
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but here's a look at who those survive techls -- some of the red cross. and snapping rebar. we're talking about incredibly strong wind and dropping threes and frachls flchls i'm checking in again with emergency managers. . >> all right, julia, thank you
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so good news and erika glover frrm but we are going to check out with erica in a few minutes. f ffrm. in i can do houchlt. >> lingering shower here from homestead on do you to key largo. believe it or not, if you look
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sense it buteet sof welcome back, euerybody. it is 10 minutes past the hour. looking a lot better than just about an hour and a half ago. things got real dark real quick. ryan phillips and aaron delgado are tracking all of that for us as that storm continues to move out.
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tral done rare check in oorkbrooksing nums opinion for human rights issuing fame a fachlt fuchlt his wife, amy, says he inside a restaurant a pechlt hollywood commune kmuchl
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ouch sfrmt snrmt although that is not confirmed. rittering leaves behind a rife, four wid and a whole lot of friend. >> the americans are "washington post" reporter along with a former u.s. marine, a pastor and a fourth person, their name has
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sfrufrmt bob levinson has been hold who is and at a rocker wrnd sfwrrjt but once again, bob, as they call him, has been left behind. >> we should be very relieved to say what we're dealing with at this point is a couple of downed frees, erika glover is one of those in miami dade. and really got off lucky with this same line in central florida. >> i think we made out really well whering all the program 'tis that were in this face
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tahj be inc. inc. i know that the cloud is still low, agree, darkout side, we will imimprovements s om west to east. the key lauro square, pot
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wall accept nouchl meteorologist eric noorngs off are permanent we're still not on the cool side, 69 in miami, pretty much low 70s across the board. even though it is cooler than we're this morning, the cool air what jet o' heft. an 17th and stps are still expected to warm up.
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improve behind this system. winds will begin it shift to the northwest as days go on. temperatures in the upper 70s. a few clouds. clearing as the afternoon goes on. it will be pretty nice out there. by the afternoon into the rest of the day, things looking really nice, brighter skies
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stick around until at least 24, by a tripe troo f on their car. fn but maybes saying we just don't have power. >> and everybody pb. >> 10,000 without power in miami ((. >> irchlt. and if not this morning, then later toght as well as we wrap everything up and give people a good idea of what that
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florida. a tornado touched down killing two people. it's to the southeast of tampa. interesting, too, it's somewhat inland. it's not right on the coast there. you may not have even heard of this town before this morning. let's show you how badly things were just a few short hours ago. wow. you can see just what is left of what we think used to be a mobile home. those two grandparents killed
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family hurt bip p these are imaging n (33. pp just lookinin at what's left of this, what did it sound luke? had m. m nfrmt stick with nbc 6 as we continue to check out this this
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you, she is in miami where a tree just came crook frchbl we are here on north. (let me step aside and let you see what's going on opinion missouri vaeks and the home underneath it. there's another large tree limb just it the right of it on the road. but neighbors are outside taking pictures. hi had a couple of conversations with them. the tree is huge.
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damages ((as we were driving, we saw a lot of tree limbs in the road. now we're live in miami, erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> erika, thanks a lot. this in davey where police are trying to consider can ffrmt it was driving the wrong way when he crashed head on with an suv. this accident yesterday this morning. develop as kez died at the scene. 'tis 27-year-old massmfrm look
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idea of where it it happened. m a man was trying to cross the street when the driver of the impact just hit him. it gives you a good idea of how fast that vehicle might have been going. deputies say the pedestrian was not walking in a designated crossing area. we do also know traffic homicide
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investigation this morning. we'll gradually clear our
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windy midday. our forecast at about 78 or so. as we head through the next few days, wintry turns to south florida. we'll be back in the 50s for low.
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only gets better from here. jackie: making an impact this week: i'm sitting down with dr. julio frenk, the university of miami president, for an extended half-hour interview. plus, dr. frenk's most high-profile hires
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behind-the-scenes details on how
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