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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  January 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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watching "early today." a broward church remembering a pastor kille in a terror attack in west africa. and neighborhoods in shambles and two people killed when tornadoes ripped through southwest florida. we take you to the disaster zone. also new information on the man shots and killed by a deputy in west palm beach, why they say that he was certainly no stranger to crime. today the nation celebrates martin luther king day. what you need to know if you plan to he into town this morning. and a good morning to you, your time right now 4:30. i'm erik harryman. it is january 18th. this morning we are honoring the
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jr. >> if you don't have to go to work today likely you are in bed and under the covers. we're jealous, but it's a good thing. it's a chilly morning out there. >> we are g/ing to go into continuing coverage of our beautiful weather. >> we like that. >> what we get this morning and leading into tomorrow the two coolest mornings we have had so far this season. layer of clouds up above will slowly thin those out as the day state. cover today. what a mighty fine start to our monday morning. again, a long holiday weekend with many schools of course and federal offices closed today. mid 50s to start and we are heading up into the upper 60s and lower 70s. 56 pembroke pines and fort lauderdale. it gets cooler tonight leading into tuday.
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monday for the holiday, mid 50s to start, a few clouds up above. day in the 60s. the high this afternoon partly cloudy skies at 70. at 4:32, i say not bad. >> it is looking nice out there. good morning south florida. right now we do have one accident that's being reported on palmetto expressway right at the observingy choeby road u.s. 27 ramp. on ramp and off ramp are open but you will have one lane blocked off. only accident we have right now in all of south florida. we do have construction on i-75 southbound, that right lane, want to stick to your right-hand side it's the right lane blocked off. i-75 northbound after pines boulevard you will find two lanes completely blocked off. this construction will be going on all tweak long. i will be posting traffic updates for you all morning long. a missionary and south
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remembered this morning. he was one of the victims that was killed in that terror attack in west africa. nbc 6's laura rodriguez has more from hollywood community church where that anything naer is being honored. >> he was a boat builder that god took to the deserts of africa. >> reporter: members of south flr's christian community are grieving, calling one of their own, mike riddering, a modern day martyr. >> he lost his life doing the work of jesus, doing what he felt like god had called him to do. >> reporter: the 45-year-old was among the more than two dozen people killed by al qaeda linked militants in an attack in the capital of burkina faso. the pastor says riddering was at a cafe waiting for a group of missionaries to arrive from south florida when gunmen entered and opened fire. >> for some 20 hours mike's condition was unknown and mike was unaccounted for. we didn't know where mike was,
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mike was, they were frantically searching. >> reporter: the group of 15 missionaries who were meeting riddering from west pines community church were on an airplane about to land in burkina faso but were diverted due to the attacks. the pastor from the pembroke pines church says that team is now in a secure place in the west african country, planning their return to south florida soon but comforted by the burkina faso people. >> here our team went p there to serve the bushing in a bay people and it have been the bushing in a bay people that have been serving our team. >> reporter: he had been living in africa with his family since 2011 where they ran an orphan analogy and also opened a women's crisis center. riddering leaves behind a wife, two biological daughters and two adopted children from burkina faso. >> they left everything to go serve some of the neediest in the world and that's been a message that has been contagious here at his home church,
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also other communities in the region. >> reporter: his family plans to return to south florida after that burial. church leaders say thth are planning a memorial service. reporting in hollywood laura rods reegz. this morning people in duette, florida, are picking up after a tornado swept through their town and destroyed homes and killed two people. we covered this extensively yesterday morning. it was one of at least two twisters that suchd down in the sarasota area justst minutes from each other. nbc 6 reporter erica glover has a report of all of the destruction destruction. >> i let down my window and all he kept saying is i can't find my day. >> reporter: it was too late. an ef-2 tornado with winds around 130 miles per hour touched down in duette, 58-year-old steven wilson was dead. >> he jumped on the back of the truck and we had our flashlights
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we pulled up here. >> reporter: the storm ripped through their mobile home. steven's wife 51-year-old kelly wilson was pulled out from under debris without injuries but suffered a fatal heart attack on her way to the hospital. in siesta key another morning. >> nobody lost their life. all this can be fixed. >> reporter: the national weather service says this, too, tornado. >> the sound was eerie. i kept waiting for a freight train. >> reporter: as crews stay busy restoring power, surveying the damage and clearing the wreckage homeowners in this sarasota county community share their stories of neighbors helping neighbors. >> he got out immediately and was pounding on everyone's door, are you all right, are you all right. >> reporter: governor rick scott toured the destruction, including damaged condominiums with collapsed roofs and destroyed parking lots. >> whatever the state needs to do we will be doing our part but
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>> reporter: shoveling, trimming and nailing until the job is done. only stopping to share an important message. >> make sure that your family has an evacuation plan because this kind of stuff happens really, really fast and, you know, be prepared when severe weather comes to your area. >> reporter: now, even though the storm is gone officers here are reminding everyone to stay vigilant and safe. reporting in sarasota, erika gloor, nbc 6 news. we were very lucky around here although we did get some of that weather, some pretty intense stuff ripping through 24 hours ago leaving a trail of image at least in northwest miami dade. some strong winds toppled this giant freed this is on northwest 28th street and 11th avenue. the sound of that tree crashing down, they say it's something they won't soon forget. >> i was sleeping and all we heard was a big boom, boom, boom, it sounded like an earthquake and we heard the lady next door, the tree fell, the tree fell. >> all right.
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obviously this is what they found, branches were tossed across the front yard of that home. fortunately no one was hurt. this morning we know more about aeputy involved shooting in palm beach county, the 19-year-old shot and killed has a rap sheet that includes drug possession and domestic battery. investigators say henry bennett took off running after being pulled over in belle glade on saturday after a chase the deputy says bennett pointed a gun at him and that's when he fired, fighting them twice. the deputy was put on leave, which is standard protocol. police are on alert this morning as bikers fr all over the country are taking over south florida roadways. you might remember this last year, more than 500 bikersp came together and rode through the streets of miami after a martin luther king parade in liberty city. now, these riders apparently causing a fairly chaotic scene or a lot of folks out there, a lot of drivers were callinin 911 because of what they were seeing. police were saying they were
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into chasing them but officers refused out of concern for the general public. >> it's martin luther king. nobody got to tell anybody, happening. >> do you think it's dangerous? >> , nothing is dangerous when you're taking care of yourslf and everyone around you. >> this is what we know about one year ago, last year that group actually caused three accidents in the process i just described to you, thankfully, though, no one was fatally hurt. today our country will celebrate the life of martin luther king. former president ronald reagan signed the king holiday act in 1983 that means federal, state and lcal offices will be closed today, public schools and libraries, post offices, the to stock market and many banks are also closed as well. public transportation will run on a normal schedule, malls, grocery stores, those will be open, but garbage and recycling will not be collected. if you are gogog to be out
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here is a live look looking over downtown miami. a little bit of a cooler start but we are starting ourself up for a couple days of nice weather. >> a contrast to the stormy skies we woke up with on sunday, our monday simply outstanding and i think the next three days are really -- at least three days to take note of weatherwise for this entire winter season. some very cool readings across the area and we willee a lot of sunshine. we have a couple clouds up above this morning but none produceing any rain. we will be rain free for several days now, next chance for showers coming at the end of the week which i will highlight in my ex he tended forecast in seven minutes. 56 oakland park and fort lauderdale lauderdale, 57 miami. those readings the coolest we have had this winter season and temperatures are still dropping. we will drop another degree or two and then a nice rally this afternoon up to about 70. that said, we spend the bulk of our day right into the 60s so a cool change, a little switch up and then into the wardrobe for
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temperatures get colder. we will highlight those numbers in a few minutes. we have one accident in all of south florida but first let's go ahead and take a look outside, this is i-95, southbound and northbound lanes around northwest 103rd street. those express lanes, they are not blocked out, we had no construction on those express lanes last night. about a 12 minute ride from the golden blades to airport expressway. i will show you i-75 in a little bit. we do have construction on i-75 but it's the palmettoxpressway where you will find that accident scene and then as far as construction i-75 southbound that ramp to the palmettoexpressway, stick to your left-hand side if you're triepg to hop off, they have the right lane blocked off because of construction. i-75 northbound after pines boulevard two left lanes blocked off. >> kelly, thank you so much. 4:41. still ahead for you, nbc 6 breaking down the war of words so to speak as hillary clinton
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the democratic presidential debate. and cameras roll as the coast guard rescues two men stranded in the water during a violent thunderstorm. also restoring relations between the arts, the american dance company shows music and dance transcend politics m it's about time the e co...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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welcome back, everybody. right now several americans are missing in iraq. local media there reporting that three of them were kidnapped. iraqi media is reporting that they were kidnapped by militias in baghdad on their way to the airport. the u.s. embassy is confirming several americans are missing but they are not elaborating any more than that is correct only saying, quote, u.s. officials are working with iraqi authorities at this point. now, isis has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks in baghdad last week that killed more than 50 people. >> what is correct, and i'm disappointed that secretary this criticism, it's a
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clinton does know a lot about healthcare -- >> the democratic white house hopefuls went at it on the debate stage. hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking jabs at each other. the iowa caucuses two weeks ago and clinton and sanders argued over gun control and healthcare. nbc 6 political reporter steve litz breaks down the biggest debate moments. >> reporter: from guns to prescription drugs, the democrats debated in charleston, south carolina, with healthcare firing up the candidates and bernie saers promising to reform healthcare beyond obamacare. the affordable care act, i helped write it, but we are going to move on top of that to a -- >> to start over again with a whoo new debate is something that i think would set us back. >> the two also clashed over gun control. >> i have made it clear based on
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he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby numerous times. he voted against the brady bill five times. >> i think secretary clinton knows that what she says is very disingenuous. i have a d minus voting record from the nra. >> candidates agreed that reforms are needed in policing and they described a criminal justice system stacked against young black men. >> we created a civilian review board, gave them their own detectives, we required the reporting of discourtesy, use of excessive force, lethal force. >> one out of three african-american men may well end up going to prison. that's the statistic. i want people here to think what we would be doing if it was one out of three white men. >> the candidates were also on the same page regarding reforming big banks and wall street but swiped at each other over campaign contributions. >> secretary clinton and you are
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to just point the finger at you, you've received over $600,000 from speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. e are at least having a vigorous debate about reigning inin wall street. the republicans want to give them more power and repeal dodd-frank. that's what we need to stop. >> i'm steve litz, nbc 6 news. the iowa caucuses scheduled for the first of february coming up at 5:00. our team in washington is going to break down what the nation's capital is saying this morning about that debate. >> announcer: now fir alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips. south florida's most accurate forecast. >> so i talked to erik this morning, he's got this great cardigan he is about to break out and wear it for the next five days. >> it's my favorite one. >> what color is it, again? >> red and white. >> i can't wait to see it. >> he is so serious, too. >> we are moving in, guys, to the best stretch of whether we have seen all season.
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skies prevalent. yesterday morning we had a nasty line of storms bearing down on us, this morning rain free, just a few clouds and some beautiful conditions. here is auto live look outside with rain free rarar. we've got good visibility down below here looking into fort lauderdale, lights shining bright, we are going to keep skies mostly skuny to partly cloudy. i will show you those in just a minute. cool air movin down the peninsula on the heels of a north to northwest wind at about 10 miles per hour. the good news in the wake of the storm system, we didn't get into this really w wndy pattern overnight. so the next few days we arenot going to be talking about wind chills, we will just be talking about cool readings, mid 50s. feels nice out there. looking at partly cloudy skies and 55 in wes kendall. temperatures still dropping. 56 pembroke pines and fort lauderdale, 57 miami, upper 50s in marathon, 63 in key west. a few clouds streaming up above, these are hig thin clouds, not
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we will move this channel of moisture away and be looking for, again, high pressure to move in and mostly sunny conditions. future tracker, again, dry weather in the cards for the next few days, not worried about any wet weather today through thursday. i will highlight our rain shower chances in just a second in our extended forecast, but, boy, looking good all the way through. so here are the numbers. this morning mid 50s for the drive in, those of you that are working today, cool breeze before the lunch hour, we are at 57. we spend the bulk of our monday in the 60s our high at 70. the normal high is about 76. this evening a little chill in the air, temperatures fall through the 60s then we bottom out at 51 tomorrow morning. the next few days this is great -- hold on, kelly, this is big stuff right now. mostly sunny skies, tomorrow's high even 68, 72 wednesday. there's one day we will have some rain, that's friday.
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highs ib the upper 60s. again, the best stretch of weather all season long, no adverse weather coming our way. i like it. >> i like it, too. and i think our viewers will like you in a cardigan as well. >> i've got a few. >> all right. >> i've got a few, me and mr. >> all right. south florida, if you areeaded out the door a couple of things, we do have an accident on the palmetto expressway southbound as you're approaching u.s. 27. we have a broken down car on the lmetto expressway northbound south of the grat knee. we do have a couple alerts until 5:30 a.m. we also have i-75 northbound after pines boulevard off. you can see that traffic is moving up to speed. 4:50 a.m. a lot of you are off today. the turnpike a 9 minute ride.
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showing two people being rescued from a severe orm in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard helicicter, this crew arriving at the scene where two men were stranded during a big storm, this was happening yesterday, their boat started to sink, they had to call for help right away, fortunately the coast guard got there just in time as that boat was going under. both men were taken to key west international airport where they got medical attention theyey needed. the aircraft commander said it was one of the worst conditions the team had ever experienced. police in central florida are looking for a man who they say was inappropriately touched a 12-year-old girl. they issued an arrest warrant charging david lee brown with ten how counts of sexual battery and seven counts of lewd and police vees molestation. police say he may be driving a 2,000 black ford f-150 with florida tag 687-rgk.
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ones traveling to cuba. a minnesota based dance company visiting the island snags and highlighting the newly restored ties between cuba and the united states. a world renowned company makes its debut on the caribbean island. this the group performed at havana's marty theater on saturday they mixed the rhythms of cuban and american music. >> we're mixing cuban and american choreographers so it's an unusual mixture. i don't know if this has happened in the past, but i think it's a symbol maybe of -- of our time, of what's happening between our countries. >> a huge symbol of something such much bigger than just them being there. while the united states trade embargo still stands, both countries have reopened capitals. good news for those of you who fly often. the department of transportation
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performances from last november. the average seemed to improve from november 2014 but dropped okay. the top three airlines with the best record, hawaiian airlines, delta and alaska airlines. the worst, frontier airlines. our country's leader is joining the nation as we celebrate marn luther king jr. day. today the director of the fbi will be part in a wreath laying ceremony at the king memorial in washington, d.c. and loretta lynch will speak at the national action networks annual king day breakfast. last year president obama and the first lady visited boys and girls club in washington, d.c. where they helped kids boost their reading and writing skills. right now it is 4:53. coming up a story that's going to make every student, at least elementary school student happy. educators say recess is the most important class of the school day.
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at 5:00, crews dissect columbian drug lord pablo escobar's house and demolition, proving to be a massive treasure hunt. >> what about nap time, do you guys remembb nap time? how much do you miss nap time at school? u.s. 441 you have an 8 minute drive ahead of you on the 826 from bird road to the goal if i knowow expressway, traffic moving along at 54 miles per hour. on the turnpike northbound a 9 minute de. >> two schools of thought in a cool morning like this, stay in and sleep late or get out and enjoy the fresh air. mid 50s now, a few clouds up above and light northwest wind, 56 in fort lauderdale, 57 miami, low 60s in the keys. we have a great weather forecast, not just for the
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at home watching this right now and kids, too, you already know likely in terms of the pressures put on students now, some of the pressures that used to be on kids in middle and high school some of those pressures are being put on elementary school kids. >> some kids are packing the day with more classes others are going against the grain and adding more free time. nbc's janet shamlian explains. >> reporter: this is recess at brown elementary school. this is the second recess, after lunch a third and before the outside. the fourth 15-minute recess of the day. >> the frequent breaks are the daily routine for kindergarten and first graders at several >> with the recesses they have that chance to go get the wiggles out like we say and they come back and they're ready to learn. >> reporter: it's part of a three-year trial by texas
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on finland's sistem where students get an average of 75 minutes of daily recess compared to 27 minutes here. >> typical recess is a free-for-all but experts say there is so much value in this unstructured time. >> there is between one and two hours a day of what we call distractions in the classroom that with this recess takes away from the distraction, therefore, they're on point the whole time they are in the classroom now. >> reporter: the kids, of course, love it. >> the best part is when i go up the slide and up the monkey bars with my friends all day. >> reporter: but educators believe this is more than a study break. >> the benefits we're seeing quickly are the ability for the kids to get along, to work together to solve problems, whether it's trying to climb up a tree or trying to move something from one side of the fence to the other side. >> reporter: 30 fewer minutes of the fundamentals, math, science and writing. >>id you have any concerns she
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>> yes, at first i did, but she seems like she's advanced so much further this year than she did last year. >> reporter: researchers hope helping kids stay focused while in class will mean more learning with recessn the rise. janet shamlian, irving, texas. >> learning from socialization on the playground, learning from books, especially for elementary aged kids it is a 50/50 play because that social element something you can't teach anywhere but on the play grow under. >> some districts they say the pressure, again, to have certain curriculum. >> test scores. >> exactly, it makes it difficult for them to squeeze in 30 minutes for kids. it means so much. nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. > a broward community in mourning after a local missionary is killed during a terrorist attack far from home. and a wild west style hold up in deerfield beach.
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