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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  January 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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been the suspect's first run in with the law. as we wake up to cooler temperatures this morning local officials have a warning involving space heaters. what you need to know before you plug it in. and a good morning to you, everybody, i'm eric harryman. >> and i'm sheli muniz. >> over the weekend we had pretty intense weather come ripping across the straight, we got lucky here, but people along the west coast of florida and central florida they got hit pretty hard by this, including an ef-2 tornado that we've been morning. ryan, we were all here yesterday morning and it certainly did smack us, but it was -- fortunately for us it was much less than a lot of people in the state had to deal with. >> naples up to siesta key and sarasota taking the front end of that line of storms. we ended up with power outage but this morning a completely different story. we are free and clear of any
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region here on live first alert doppler, this is the likely scenario for the next several days. do have some clouds, though, those clouds will be streaming on by this morning, they will start to thin out as we approach the midday hours. we have got a partly cloudy to mostly sunny forecast for you. here is the satellite we have been watching through the overnight urs, the clouds streaming up above. high pressure nosing in off to our north, a nice cool northwest wind, you will feel it the moment you open the door or window. perhaps you had the windows open last night and i don't blame you. we are at 55 in wes kendall and homestead, 56 miami, same for fort lauderdale, 56 oakland park. coolest momoning we have had so far this season. it will get colder today but our outstanding. we are free and clear of any rain, partly cloudy skies, 67 by the midday hours, enjoy it. let's check the morning drive for those of you that are working. >> good monday morning to you, south florida.
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this is i-95, southbound and northbound lanes at northwest 103rd street -- actually northwest 79th street. those southbound express lanes did not close off because of construction, we haven't had construction overnight so you have nothing to talk about, they're 50 cents at this time. if not you still have a 13 minute ride those local lanes. one accident is being reported at this time. let's go ahead and take you on over to our maps. palmetto expressway drivers you will find one lane blo kd off by u.s. 27. i-75 southbound on that ramp to the palmetto expressway you have the right lane blocked off. if you're headed on i-75 northbound trying to get to the palmetto expressway you have a broken down car locking one of your lanes. on i-75 northbound two lanes blocked off until 5:30 a.m. this morning a south florida community is coming to terms with the loss of a man that was loved by a whole lot of people,
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native was one o the victims tilled in the terror attack that happened in west africa last week. nbc 6's michael spears has more from hollywood community church. michael, that is the place where this morning that missionary is being honored. >> reporter: yeaa honored, remembered by his family, his local fellow missionaries and fellow churches around the area. mike riddering, he was a south florida missionary who had been living west africa since 2011 and remembering a man who they say devoted his whole life to helping others. now, he was one of more than two dozen victims killed i a terrorist attack on friday in the west african country of burkina faso. at a service just yesterday a pastor here at the church said he was at a cafe waiting for a group of 15 other missionaries from south florida to land in the capital city when gunmen came in and opened fire. >> mike's condition was unknown
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we didn't know where mike was, the embassy didn't know where mike was, they were frantically searching. >> reporter: now, in africa mike led an orphan analogy and also opened a women's crisis center. he leaves behind a wife and four children, two of whom he adopted. the group of south florida missionaries who were arriving that day, they are still in west africa, we're told as soon as word got out of the terrorist attack their plain was diverted, they were able to safely land and now they're being taken care of in another location. coming up at 5:30 we will tell you where they are in morning, how they are doing plus youill hear from mike's wife who as you can imagine is grieving e loss of a man who -- you can't find man. for now we're live in hollywood, michael spears, nbc 6 news. devastation in the sarasota area, an ef-2 tornado swept through the area and destroyed everything in its path in the city of duette the powerful storm yesterday morning ripped
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killing them. siesta key also suffered major damage including people without roofs. we will have more on this for you and what homeowners are saying about it coming in the next half hour. closing to home in broward calm county a calmer scene. the storm downed a few power lines in west broward, flooded streets in west hollywood. fortunately the storm moved out to sea quickly, the worst of it took about ten minutes to pass, but fishermen at everglades hollywo park were hoping to wait it out but decided not to purposes. >> normally we take off at safe light and we head out, get back around 3:00 but there is a bad line of storms coming. >> safety first and the fish anyway. the few guys that come out this morning, i'm sure they will have fin.
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would be robber that fatally shot by two store clerks in a wild holdup. police are saying raymond press cot stormed into the snappy convenience storere in deerfield gunpoint. the suspect fired two shots at the clerks there, both clerks fired back killing him. >> he was coming in, one second. >> i was so scared, it was either his life or my life because he came in here to kill. >> and they certainly retaliated, both clerks and one shopper that was there at the time walked out of that store uninjured, believe it or not. police believe press cot may have been involved in similar crimes in broward and palm beach counties. he does have a criminal history including drug trafficking. new in morning radar and sonar was brought in to search pablo escobar's mansion. they're hoping to find a hidden treasure. the businessman who founded the
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along with his wife former nbc 6 anchor jennifer valope are building a new house in its place. there are rumors there could be cash, gold and jewelry stashed under the floorboards and in the yard. >> we are not putting all this effort into finding nothing so hopefully we will find something. >> escobar's drug cartel was responsible for most of the cocaine imported in the united states in the 1980s and '90s. he was killed in a special operation in columbia and the mansion which sits right on biscayne bay has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool, garage and marina. more turmoil emerging from haiti's elections. if a runoff is held next weekend as scheduled it will be a very clear set back for the country's democracy. the candidate says he is boycotting the runoff because he has deep concerns about possible vote rigging and lack of transparency transparency.
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outgoing president's chosen successor. politics taking center stage on social media once again. the internet definitely lit up during last night's democratic presidential debate, the biggest search on every single statete coming out of social media is bernie sanders. that's what people want to know about here. tracy pots is in washington with a quick recap for us this morning. >> we have a political revolution. >> president obama has led our country out of the great recession. >> clear differences between democrats on gun control. >> i have a d minus voting record d om the nra. >> he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby numerous times. >> on healthcare. >> i do not want to see the republicans repeal it and i don't want to see us start over again with a contentious debate. >> we are paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. getting ripped off. >> on money, theirs. >> i do not want wall street's money. >> and yours. >> i'm the only candidate
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said i will not raise taxes on the middle class. >> bernie sanders and martin o'malley brought up hillary clinton's ties to wall street. >> the truth of the matter is, secretary clinton, you did not go as far as rank in wall street as i would. >> on foreign affairs clinton calls russia's vladimir putin a bully and says their relationship -- >> it's interesting. >> they agree on going after isis, going slow with iran and dealing with climate change, but their difference are what seem to be driving the polls now just two weeks before iowa weighs in. now, donald trump was mentioned a few times here, but not as often as hillary clinton was in the republican debate. washington. today the nation will celebrate the rife of activist martin luther king jr. former president ronald reagan signed the king holiday act in 1983. that means federal, state and today. along with public schools and
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stock market and many banks. public transportation will run on a normal schedule and your malls, grocery stores, those will be open. garbage, recycling be not be collected. >> that means you can pour another cup of coffee, relax on the coach. >> if you are even awake right now. >> hopefully you are if you're watching this anyway. hopefully you haven't been up all night. ten minutes past the top of the hour. still a lot more ahead. three americans freed by iran are one step closer to home. we will take a closer look at the deal. sean penn speaks with his meeting with "el chapo." why the actor says the reason of the meeting was miminderstood. it's the coldest morning we have had this winter season, we are at 56 in fort lauderdale as well as miami, 56 i oakland park, temperatures not really rebounding today. it gets even colder tonight.
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(coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. a car crash in utah led to a gun fight and that ultimately killed one popoce officer and injured another one. investigators say that the tw cops responded to a traffic accident when they saw that two people were talkwalking away from the scene. an officer approached them which is when the shot was fired the head. some sad news to bring you this morning coming out of new york. three people including two student athletes were found dead near an upstate new york college.
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one woman were foundead inside a home there. they say that the third person was a former student at that school as well. police aren't officialwefficially ruling out a double murder suicide or saying which of the dead could be the suspect at this point. they say everything that happened inside that house still under investigation. thth three americans freed from a prison in iran are closer to being back home with their families. the americans are a "washington post" reporter, former marine and pastor and they are undergoing medical check ups in germany before flying back to the united states. president obama imposed new sanctions on iranian companies after they performed banned missile tests. that move came after international nuclear sanctions on iran were lifted as part of the nuclear deal with the obama administration. as the temperatures dip we've been talking a lot about thiwith ryan this morning. two things happened, one thing is that you start pulling ou your cardigan sweater as i have, my favorite one which i will be wearing later on in the week, but a lot of people will also be
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because it's a little bit chilly, especially when you first wake up in the morning. important to remember that they can beangerous if you are not handling them properly. we all know to ma sure that the heater is not close to any others objects, but plugging in an extension cord to your heater also increases the odds of something going wrong with it. >> these in themselves provide many of the reasons that we have fires because there's a lot of heat generated between the connection of the extension cord and the cord that goes to the electrical appliance. recommendatn is don't plug it into an extension cord. >> all right. so you kind of have a general rule. the general rule is 3 feet safety zone around that appliance. don't have anything within 3 feet all the way around. the heaters are responsible they tell us for a third of all house fires and four out of five home fire deaths. >> announcer: now first alert
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south florida'sost accurate forecast. >> 5:16. monday morning. martin luther king jr. holiday. a lot of you continuing a long weekend. schools are closed today, some of your offices are as well. if you are getting up, starting your workweek, we have great weather for you. we're clear and we are rain free. loving that. after some nasty weather rolled through the area yesterday we've got a free and clear radar pattern. we ill keep this going for the next several days. the focus will be on the temperatures. beautiful start to our morning, here is a look outside, rht over top of port miami out to miami beach, visibility just fine. nice start to our day. let's look at some of the highlights that we will get into at least for the next few days. i think this is the best weather of the season beginning to settle in. our rain chances trim way back for the next several days, cool temperatures will be pretty common. not going to break any trends but we are trending on the cool side. the northwest wind at around 10 miles per hour or so drawing in
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we're definitely moving in to sweater and boot weather for the next several days. 55 right now in wes kendall. 56 miami, 56 pompano, 56 hialeah. into the lower 60s in the florida keys. today i i mentioned earlier we will send the bulk of our day into the middle and upper 60s that's a fresh day for us in south florida. i think we briefly touched 70 for the high, tonight we dial it back, lows tomorrow morning into the lower 50s this time around so this will be leading into our tuesday morning the coldest morning we have had so far in season. then we rebound, we spend another day in the '60s with another sunshine then we do it again on wednesday morning. this is a great stretch of weather if this is what you wait for. for those o you that live here year-round i'm sure you do. a cool breeze today keeping temperatures in check. first alert weather dry conditions, partly cloudy skies our highs at 70.
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perfect from my vantage point, cool day today, better day tomorrow, lows in the lower 50s. e will have to keep this in mind as the kids go back to school today, 68 for the high, 72 on wednesday. 76. so a little warmer thursday and friday. rain chances on friday with our next system and look at what it does next weekend, lows in the 50s, highs in the 60s. 5:17. another update on traffic. >> most of the construction has cleared up. we do have a couple of accidents and a broken down car. a brand new accident scene, this time onthe burn ake northbound just after northwest 199th stadium. two left lanes completely blocked off. emergency crews have been called out to the scene of this crash. we will keep you posted if it is going to be a stack to your morning commute. right now all green on our first alert traffic maps. we do have a broken down car on the palmetto expressway northbound as you try to approach i-75. we are still have that cash
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right at okeechobee road should be off to the shoulder by now. definitely not affecting your morning drive. broward county, this is i-95, southbound and northbound lanes around griffin road no construction or accidents. we see this broken down box truck but it's not affect that go on rach. you will be able to get on just fine. although neither team made it to the layoffs this time around they are still making headlines this morning. the san diego chargers the soon to be los angeles rams will reportedly kick off normal niegss today. the teams will be discussing the possibility of a joint stadium venture. last week the nfl approved the ram's move from st. louis back to l.a. and allowing the chargers to join them. actor sean penn breaking his silence about that sit down interview with "el chapo." in a recent interview with cbs's 60 minutes penn says he regrets that the controversy surrounding thearticle is overshadowing his purpose behind it. now, according to him he opened that the article would start a
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current policy of the war on drugs. he added that the current policy has failed. the "today" show is working on a live report from mexico city with reaction to that interview that's coming up after our 6:00 a.m. newscast. it was just a quick sit down interview with one of the most wanted men in the world. that's all. >> you knew it was going to be controversy surrounding it. >> no big deal. it is 5:20 on this monday morning. still ahead f you, some new trends are becoming the norm when it comes to traveling an businesses are taking note of all of it. see why the big changes might be here to stay. and this really could have been a wedding day melt down, instead it turned into a heart
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we explain why coming up next. maybe you have seen this on social media, such a neat story behind it. a touching story behind a viral wedding photo of her bride with her service dog. preparing for one of life's biggest moments, exchanging vows of course, valerie parrot needed some support from bride's best friend. parrot has a three-year-old service calling nad bella who keeps her calm when she is anxious and o the verge of having a panic attack.
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some alone time with bella right before she walked down the aisle. take a look. >> she was getting a little anxious and her mom said how are you doing? so val asked for a minute alone with bella. >> and in turn this is the picture that so many people are talking about with that puppy's head right in her lap with her wedding dress on, moments before one of the biggest days of her life. it became an internet sensation for obvious reasons. that picture perfect moment provided by these service dogs. some people foster dogs and then train them specifically with k-9 them over. fulfilling. >> i can't even pagen how rewarding that must be. it's rereplaceable. >> we all need a bella during our wedding day because just the anxiety surrounding it. thank you, bella. when traveling anytime this year you will notice some flying. >> what they're saying is you
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that happen. nbc's chris clock couple explains why. >> reporter: millennial siness travelers are credited with big changes in the hotel industry. >> they have money to spanned but they are not brand loyal and they're looking for an authentic experience and more technology driven experience when they're staying at hotels. >> reporter: the latest, rooms without a desk. because millennials are e re likely to be working in the coffee shop or common area than their room. now the 20 and 30 somethings are getting credit for what's called bleisure travel. >> this is the business traveler who tax on leisure travel to their trip. >> reporter: that means hotels are offering business travelers even more leisurely things to do. and notes that the airline industry is taking notice, offering, for example, seats
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>> we will see more spaces for lapp and tablet storage in seat with some of the newer planes that are coming out in the new year. >> reporter: millennials are again driving change but like all travelers should be booking spring and summer travel right now. chris clack um, nbc news. >> we should be planning our vacation. >> right. your summer, spring trips should already be booked. we will work on that. tonight nbc 6 is taking over the florida panthers game. >> it's all happening at bb & t center as the panthers host canada's edmonton oilers. get who is be there? adam cooper steen and kelly blanco. she will mc a c/ntest featuring adam as a goalie as kids try to score scores. the game kicks off tonight 7:30. coop, he is a great guy and
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kelly blanco. there's three reasons to go to the hockey game tonight. >> stanley panther. >> and kelly blanco. >> very cool. 5:27. there's still a lot morehead for our next half hour of news this morning. restoring relations through the arts. knew i can and dance transcend politics. and today the nation celebrates martin luther king. that's stanley c. panther. they will be there. get your goal on. we have dry conditions, a beautiful start to our morning. rain free now and rain free for several days. the big concern, how cold does it get?
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