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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  January 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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monday morning. and the cleanup continues this morning along parts of florida's west coast as well as here in south florida, although we did get spared in a very good way. in the sarasota area a couple was killed when powerful storms spawned tornadoes. many on the west coast are without power. >> especially in collier county where 5,000 peopleare still in the dark when we last checked. i'm sheli muniz, thanks for joining us. >> and i'm eric harryman. we were i yesterday morning covering this line of storms that came in. we really, really did get lucky when you look at what happened
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florida and central florida including that ef-2 tornado we have been talking about, a downed tree, some power outages really is the brunt of what we had to deal with yesterday morning which is very, very different than what a lot of people were dealing with, but given that we are now waking up 24 hours later after those storms -- >> cooler temperatures. >> ryan, what is shaping up to be a nice day. >> nice day and nice week ahead. we are finished with the rain after that line of showers and storms moved through on sunday morning, gradually clearing yesterday. now we set ourselves up for a beautiful monday. good day to you, some of you out thth door for work and others enjoying the day off from the martin luther king holiday. rain free today. the only live radar in south florida. do have some cloud cover up above. over the next fw hours these clouds will skirt on through, i don't think it will be an overly cloudy day, i think the sunshine comes on in and will gradually warm us up. how about these readings, though, coolest morning we have
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waking up to 55 in oaaand park, 56 fort lauderdale a a miami, 55 homestead homestead. first alert weather filled with sunshine but cool temperatures, mid 50s on the drive in this morning, mid 60s midday, we will be lucky to get to 70 degrees thisafternoon with partly cloudy skies, but again, a dry forecast. it gets colder tonight, that part of the forecast coming your way in about eight minutes. taking look outside we have a couple of accidents. one just being reported a few minutes ago on i-95 southbound right by pembroke road. this is our first alert camera, your southbound and northbound lanes, doesn't mean the accident is not there, may be out of camera view. keep that in mind as you're heading out the door this morning. we've been talking about this accident for about 30 minutes on the turnpike northbound just after northwest 199th street. right by the county line just by
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you will find two lanes completely blocked off due to an accident with injuries. nothing else going on on i-95, golden glades to downtown miami a 9 minute ride, traffic moving along at 63 miles per hour. 826 eastbound from the big curve ride. a terror attack all the way across the atlantic in west mornini. a south florida missionary was one of those killed in that attack that happened over the weekended on saturday. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live just outside holwood community church. michael an emotional service for this youth pastor there. >> reporter: that's right. his name is mike riddering. those who knew mike they called him a modern day martyr. this morning as his family, friends, fellow missionaries remember him we are learning more about his life and also his work overseas to make a country and the people there better, to leave the place better than when he got there. mike was among more than two
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when an al qaeda linked militant group, a couple people there stormed a cafe, opening fire, killing mike and again more than two dozen others. this all taking place in burkina faso. when we're talking about his work over there we have learned that he has been there since 2011, his work included work with orphans there, more than 400 of them, wo with widows and also helping with the operations of local schools. >> he lost his life doing the work of jesus, doing what he felt like god had called him to do. >> reporter: on your screen now is a status-posted by his wife on saturday after they did identify his body. she said that he was the best husband ever, an azing father, and, quote, he left quite a legacy in talking to mike and she said i can only imagine the adventures you are now having. when mike was killed we've learned that he was in a cafe waiting for a group of 15 missionaries from south florida to arrive there to begin their
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we're told and were able to confirm this morning that that group was diverted on their plane, they are now in a secure place and they have booked flights to return home tomorrow. for now we're live in hollywood, michael spears, nbc 6 news. in broward county a calmer scene this morning, power still out for 300 families in south florida the fast moving storm downed a few power lines in west broward, flooded streets in west hollywood. fortununely the storm moved out to sea pretty quickly, the worst took about ten minuteso pass but fishermen at ever dplads holiday park hoed to wait it out decided not to go out for safety reasons. >> normally we take off at safe light and we get back around 3:00. >> safety first, you know, and the fish aren't going to bite in this anyway. the few guys that went out early this morning, i'm sure they will have a lot of fun and we will be sitting here drinking coffee. >> no one was hurt and no damage was reported in that area. we have new details on the
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shot by two store clerks during a wild hold up. this is what happened. police say over this past weekend raymond press cot stormed into the snappy convenience store in deerfield beach and tried to rob the clerks at gunpoint. the suss speekt fired two shots those clerks and both clerks fired back at him. >> he was coming like a dream, fast, everything -- one second. >> i was so scared, it was either his life or my life because he came in here to kill. >> and they certainly retaliated. both clerks and a shopper that was in the store at the time walked away from that wild shootout with no injuries. police think press cot might have been involved in similar driems in broward and palm beach counties as well. he was on probation and did have a criminal hissry. new this morning radar and sonar equipment was brought in to search the groundsof pablo escobar's former miami beach mansion in hopes of finding treasure at the drug lord's home. the bam who founded the chicken
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with his wife jennifer valope are building a new house in its place. there are rumors there could be jewelry stashed under the floorboards and in the yard. >> we are n putting all this efforts in finding nothing. so hopefully we're going to find something. >> good luck. escobar's drug cartel was responsible for most of the cocaine imported into the united states back in the 1980s and '90s. he was killed in a special operation in columbia. the mansion which sits right on biscayne bay and has four drooms, six bathrooms, a pool, garage, along with a marina. more turmoil emerging from haiti's presidential elections as the opposition candidate is threatening to boycott the runoff. he said if a runoff is held it will be a huge set back for that country democracy. the candidate says he is boycotting that noff because he has deep concerns about possible vote rigging and a lack
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he is comseting with outgoing president mitchell martelli's chosen successor. today the nation will celebrate the life of martin luther king jr. former president ronald reagan signed the king holiday act in 1983. federal, state and local offices will be closed today along with public schools and libraries. your post offices, the stock market and many banks. public transportation will run on a normal schedule and malls and grocery stores, those will be open. your garbage and recycling will not be collected today. the gloves come off in the last democratic debate before the iowa caucuses. our team in washington, d.c. taking a look at what voters are talking about two weeks before they head to the polls plus officers respond to a crash but arrive to find bullets
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welcome back on this monday morning your time is just about 6:12. the internet lighting up
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in every single state across america was bernie sanders. this of course is coming on the heels of last night's democratic presidential debate. for nbc 6 this morning tracy pots is live in washington, d.c. and tracy, obviously we're coming close to thee would with a caucuses. doesn't seem like anybody is holding back right now. >> not at all. those polls are still so tight. if you like the way president obama has been running things, you're probably backing hillary clinton. she mentioned him over and over last night. she's running on his record. on the other hand, if you think that the democratic party is good but they into he had to tweak some things theyneed to be more progressive, make some changes those are the people who are taking a close look at bernie sanders. >> we have a political revolution. >> president obama has led our country out of the great recession. >> clear differences between democrats on gun control. >> i have a d minus voting record from the nra.
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with the dwun lobby numerous >> on healthcare. >> i do not want to see the republicans repeal it and i don't want to see us start over again with a contentious debate. >> we are paying the highest prescription drugs, getting ripped off. >> on money, theirs. >> and yours. >> i'm the only candidate standing here tonight who has said i will not raise taxes on the middle class.` >> bernie sanders and martin o'malley brought up hillary clinton's ties to wall street. >> the truth of the matter is, secretary clinton, you did not go as far as reigning in wall street as i would. >> on foreign affairs clinton calls russia's vladimir putin a bully and says teir relationship -- >> it's interesting. >> they ygree on going after isis, going slow with iran and dealing with climate change but their differences are what seem to be driving the polls now just two weeks before iowa weighs in. >> now, donald trump's name came up a few times in this debate
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republicans talked about hillary clinton and theirs. liverom washington i'm tracie potts nbc 6 news. the three americans froo he had from a prison in iran for a prisoner swap are closer to being back home with their families. they are a "washington post" reporters, former marine and pastor. they are undergoing medical checkups in germany before flying back to the united states. president obama impos new sanctions on iranian companies after they performed banned missile tests. that move came after international nuclear sanctions on iran were lifted as part of the nuclear deal with the obama administration. >> announcer: now first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips. south florida's most accurate forecast. >> wrap yourself in this, says kelly blanco, that way you will stay warm. it smells downey fresh, too. so maybe a lot of you favor to
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work, you will be doing that for the next few mornings. we have a cool start to our morning. we have also a rain free radar first thing this morning. we're done with the wet weather and done with the nasty weather. our next chance for rain may be we're waiting for friday until that. livefirst alert doppler available anytime on our free mobile app. let's lk outside into miami down below the aaa where it looks like the club still going there, that's just the video board there lighting up across the area. great visibility, we're going to see a few clouds linger first thing this morning but we're really talk being a cool weather days. for me i will say this is the best weather of the saason we have had so far, it's going to settle in and not just last one da lasting most of the people. >> the rain chances trimmed back, i think it will be friday before we see any significant chance for any rain. the cooler readings will be in place, we are not going to be record breaking but we will certainly be below average north
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transporting in the cooler dryer air. here@we are the coldest morning we have seen so far this season at 55, 56 in miami as well as fort lauderdale, 56 opa-locka lower 60s do you through the key west area. we will spend the bulk of our morning into the upper 60s. the air temperatures we will briefly hit 70, that's pretty significant for us here in south florida. now, tonight colder than what we had this morning, so toous morning we're going back to work and the kids are actually going back to school, we have lower 50s out west, west in coral springs bottoming out betweenen 50 and 51. lower 50s along the turnpike, cool weather pattern ng #ontinuing. probably will not even hit 70 tomorrow. it's a cool weather pattern that settles in and we love. it lots of sunshine along the way, cool and dry on the morning dry. up to 70 this afternoon, tonight's low down to about 51 degrees. mostly sunny skies tomorrow, 68 for the afternoon high.
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long, rain chances on friday then we're cool and sunny again next weekend. here is kelly. >> just around the time where ryan was playing with my blankie all lanes were completely blocked off on the turnpike, traffic moving along at 4 miles an hour. that was the -- >> chopper 6 right around northwest 199th street, everything has cleared up. so again your northbound lanes and southbound lanes looking fine. i watched that whole scene clear up. that was the only major issue we had this morning. let's go ahead and take you over to i-95, southbound and northbound lanes around 135th street traffic moving up to speed around 60 miles per hour. we do have a broken down car. as you're approachingngorthwest 119th blocking that left i express lane. drive safely. a car crash in utah led to a gun fight and that ultimately killed one police officer and
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investigators say the two officers responded to a traffic accident when they saw two people walking away from the scene. an officer approached them, which is when the shot was fired, hitting one of the officers in the head, no word yet on the circumstances leading up to that crash. and some sad news to report to you coming out of new york state this morning. three people including two student athletes were found dead near an upstate new york college. this is what we know about the case so far. police have saying two men, one woman were found dead inside that home. the say the third person was a former student at that school. police are not officially ruling this a double murder due side or which of the dead could be a suspect. they tell us everything that happened inside that home still under investigation. although neither team made it to the playoffs they are making headlines this morning, the san diego chargers and to be to be los angeles rams will reportedly kick off formal negotiations today. the teams will be discussing the
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venture. last week the nfl approved the rams move from st. louis back to l.a. and allowing the chargers to join them. your time 6:19. during your 2016 travels you will notice some trends taking hold. >> we're going to show you exactly who and why is behind that push. you remember them taking over south florida streets, these guys on motorcycle, namely about 500, we will talk to one
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explain to us why they plan on welcome back. 6:22 on this monday morning. when traveling anytime in 2016 very likely you will notice new trends taking hold and apparently they're saying we can thank millennials for making those changes happen. nbc's chris clackum explains why. >> > porter: millennial business travelers are already credited for big changes in theotel industry.
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have money to spend, but they are not brand loyal and they are looking for an authentic experience and more technology driven experience when they're staying at hotels. >> reporter: the latest, rooms without a desk. because millennials are more likely to be working in the coffee shop or common area than their room. now the 20 and 30 somethings are getting credit for what's called bleisure travel. >> this is the business traveler who tax on leisure travel to their trip. >> reporter: orbits editor says that's why hotels are offering business travelers more leisurely things to do. and notes that the airline industry is taking notice, offering, for example, seats with more plug ins for mobile devices. >> we will see more spaces forr laptop and tablet storage in
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planes that are coming out. >> reporter: all travelers should be booking spring and summer travel right now. and i know you are already booking your summer travel. >> i took that as a pyrite reminder. >> get on it. >> book your summer vacation. nbc 6 is going to be taking over the florida panthers game. >> it's happening at the bb&t center as the panthers host the edmonton oilers. adam could you pleaser steen and kelly blanco will be there. kly will m.c. a contest after the first period featuring adam as the goalie as kids try to score these goals, the winner gets tickets to universal studios. the game kicks off tonight at 7:30. >> go meetadam could you pleaser steen and kelly blanco. time 6:34. the coast guard makes a daring rescue when storms become too much for one boat. this morning we will give you a
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>> a deadly weekend in florida as severe weather rolled through. nbc 6 does have a crew in sarasota this morning as families are starting to pick up the pieces. >> behind that nasty weather cool air slling in and it's here to stay.>> behind that nasty weather
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here to stay. a long road to recovery begins on florida's west coast this morning after deadly storms rolled through. we covered this pretty extensively over the weekend. chopper 6 up over the harder hit areas here. siesta keys showing how widespread that damage is. nbc 6 reporter erika glover is in southeast can a keyetting a firsthand look at that damage that was done there after a tornado ripped through, vel have
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we want to if i have you a look at our live doppler radar. a much different look this morning, ryan phillips is back and yesterday we were here covering this extentsively when you saw what it did to the west coast we were hoping it wouldn't be the same story and luckily was not. now our focus is a dip in the temperatures. >> a cool, dry pleasant forecast pattern beginning to set in. this el nino very potent and we've already had three ef-2 tornadoes just in the first two and a half weeks of the month of january. finally, though, settling into a a quieter weather pattern, no severe storms in the forecast anytime soon, we will do away with the cud cover up above. cool readings this morning, 40 minutes or so from sunrise, once the sun comes up our temperatures will not necessarily jamp up. the cool north wind will hold us in check, feels great out there, 55 wes kendall, homestead, 56 miami and fort lauderdale. temperatures have temporarily leveled off.
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degree before going on a steady climb, but that steady climb won't take us even to our normal high of 76. instead we briefly touch 70 today. the bulk of our day into the 60s, we will be at 67 by midmorning into the early afternoon hours. partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies, a beautiful forecast pattern. if you think the mid 50s are cool this morning, wait until you see what you wake up to on tuesday morning. that part of the forecast in minutes. first t w first alert traffic with kelly plank co. >> do you think everybody has trees? >> i hope so. >> apparently not. right now there is a christmas tree will go worpd on the palmetto expressway southbound at northwest 154th street. as you're making your way over down the area of miami lakes hopefully it's a fake tree. right? grab t stave it for next year.
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we have a christmas tree look blocking one of your lanes. 826 southbound at flagler street, no road block reported at this time so thoep flee you will be okay. i-95 looking nice, traffic moving along at 63 miles per hour. we will get a check on your broward tra fk in a couple minutes. this mooing people in duette, florida, are picking up after a tornado swept through their town. it destroyed homes and it killed two people. one of two twisters that touched down in the sarasota area minutes from each other. nbc 6 reporter erika glover has an inside look at all of this destruction these severe storms left in their path. > let down my window and all he kept saying was i can't find my dad. >> reporter: it was too late. an ef-2 tornado with winds around 130 miles per hour touched down in duette, 58-year-old steven wilson was dead.
6:26 am
truck and we had our flashlights and head lights on the truck and we pulled through here. >> reporter: steven's wife, 51-year-old kelly wilson, was pulled out from under debris without injuries, but suffered a fatal heart attack on her way to the hospital. in siesta key another devastating scene earlrlsunday morning. >> nobody lost their life. all this can be fixed. >> reporter: the national weather service says this, too, was the result of an ef-2 tornado. >> the sound was eerie, i kept waiting for a freight train. >> reporter: as crews stay busy restoring power, surveying the damage and clearing the wreckage, homeowners in this sarasota county community share their stories of neighbors helping neighbors. > he got out immediately and was pounding on everyone's door, are you all right. >> reporter: governor rick scott toured the des drugs, including condominiums with collapsed roofs and destroyed parking lots.
6:27 am
part. >> reporter: shoveling, trimming done. message. >> make sure that your family has an evacuation plan because this kind of stuff happens really, really fast and, you know, be prepared when severe weather comes to your area. >> reporter: n, even though the storm is gone officers here are reminding everyone to stay vigilant and safe. reporting in sarasota, erika glover, nbc 6 news. and for the most part all of us here in miami dade and broward county we got pretty lucky but t did leave a trail dade. strong winds toppled that huge tree. the sound of@ that tree as it came crashing down as you can imagine startled some people in that neighborhood. to say. >> i was sleeping and all we
6:28 am
like an earthquake and we heard the free fell. >> outside of that tree and some power outages that's really all we had to deal with related to that storm. we got lucky, branches they tell us thrown across the front yard of that home burying a couple cars in the driveway. fortunately no one was hurt. a south florida community remembering the victim of a terror attack that happened overthe weekended on saturday. the local man was a youth pastor in broward county. michael spears is live in hollywood. for this congregation it has already been an emotional weekend and this coming week as they remember him it's going to continue to be an emotional couple of days. >> reporter: mike riddering was murdered inside of a cafe as he awaited another missionary group from south florida to arrive. we spoke with one member who was on that flight, a part of that trip, that flight was diverted they did land safel
6:29 am
is safe and at the earliest he expects to arrive back here in south florida on wednesday. but in the meantime family friends, those missionaries, all remembering 45-year-old mike riddering. again, murdered friday in that cafe. he was attacked by militants who were linked to al qaeda who stormed the cafe and opened fire. all of this happened in burkina faso which is a west african country. you know, as far as mike and his work and why people loved him so much, over the last several years he had led an orphan analogy while in west africa with his family, worked with more than 400 children and women who were in crisis and also led operations for local school. at a service here in hollywood on sunday those who knew him called him a modern day martyr. >> they left everything to go serve some of the neediest in the world and that's been a
6:30 am
in his home church and hollywood community church but also other churches in the community. >> over the weekend we did hear from mike's wife through a facebook post. she had posted heaven had gained love mike. back out here live i can tell you mike as far as his impact, folks who knew him say he leaves behind quite a legacy, but also leaves behind a wife and four children, two of whom he adopted in west africa. for now we are live in news. thanks a lot, michael. police on' lert as bikers from all over the country takee over south florida's roads. you may remember last year more than 500 bakers came together and rode through the streets of miami after a martin luther king parade in liberty city. the riders caused chaotic scenes, many drivers were calling 911 when this was happening. police said they were trying to provoke authorities into chasing them but officers refused out of
6:31 am
>> knowing it's martin luther kjng day. nobody got time. everybody know that's what's happening. >> reporter: do you think it's dangerous? >> no. nothing is dangerous once you're taking care of yourself and everyone around you. >> last year the group caused at least tee crashes, thankfully no one was hurt in them. dhe cleanup continue after a string of deadly storms rolled through florida. nbc 6 continuing to monitor the latest developments coming from florida's west coast where a pair of tornado touched down. what's going being said about the storm. that's coming up in the big six. for a spacex rocket this landing was a rough one. mostly clear and cool to start monday morning. of course, maybe traffic will be
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holiday. >> hopefully your commute will be smooth. for now we are accident free in broward county but what about miami dade. right now chopper 6 patrolling
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welcome back. 6:41. as the temperatures dip down just a little bit which means us here in south florida a lot of people are going to be pulling out those space heaters to heat up a little bit, important to remember that they can be pretty dangerous if you are not using them properly. we all know to make sure that that heater is not close to other objects but miami dade fire and rescue is saying that actually plugging them into an extension cord also increases your odds of something not right happening. >> these in themselves provide many of the reasons that we have fires because there's a lot o heat generated between the connection of the extension cord
6:35 am
electrical appliance. so recommendation is don't plug it into an extension cord. >> obviously getting it too close to drapes and things like that, that's a big no-no. buthe general rule is a three foot safety zone around that applice. the heaters are responsible -- here are numbers for you. for a third of all house fires and four out of five home fire deaths. the democratic candidates definitely not the only ones throwing punches as we're inching ever so close to the iowa caucuses. >> they may have been the ones on stage last night the rivalry between donald trump and senator ted cruz heating up. peter alexander joins us live from washington, d.c. bureau. peter, they weren't on the stage last night yet they are the headlines once again even though it washe democratic debate yesterday. how is this happening here? >> reporter: i think that's exactly right. right now you have two weeks to the iowa caucuses, ted cruz and donald trump neck and neck, that's fueling this fierce war
6:36 am
trump's latest cruz missiles, if you will, focused not so much on policy but on personality. over the weekend he really went after ted cruz following their debate exchanges saying that he is a very nasty guy. he said that he is a hypocrite, really trying to take ted kruds out at the knees. cruz hitting back at thump, taking a swipe at one of his past positions where he expressed himself at being pro choice and said he was open to gay marriage, all positions that don't sit well with the conservative base of the republican party. marco rubio, jeb bush, john kasich all trying to squeeze their way in, but right now it is a one/two fight between these two men as we head into iowa and then new hampshire. the two of them back on the trail today and it's clear with a new ad out this morning from cruz's size attacking trump that this thing isn't going away anytime soon. >> it's the home stretch right
6:37 am
two weeks from the iowa caucuses. peter alexander reporting from washington, d.c. and he is going to have more on the "today" show coming up at 7:00. new video this morning of the damage caused by the storm that for through the state. residents were left whout power after the strong storm brought flooding, toppled trees and knocked over power lines. florida power crews brought in extra help to clear trees before they could get to work. we checked with fpl this morning, they are reporting there are less than 300 outages in broward and miami stayed, that is compared to yesterday when we were right in the middle of all this and reporting 10,000 in one county, 9,000 in another. >> yeah. >> a lot of work. >> making an improvement there. they're good at it, at getting the power back on. thankfully as we talked about this morning we did not quite see the damage here on the southeast coast that we saw on the southwest coast.
6:38 am
change and it will stick around. >> one lasting all week. live first alert doppler sweeping clear, no need for an umbrella today or the next few days. we will tell you when our next rain chance will be momentarily. south florida's only live local radar on the air right now sweeping clear and we are not worried about any wet weather. we are just worried about how you can keep the chigoff. sun coming up in the next 25 minutes, beautiful start, first light on the horizon, canopy of cloud cover not producing any rain. we will get back to sunshine as the day goes on. it's a cool start to our morning. heading up into the upper 60s to near 70 today. and miami. the coolest morning we have had so far in winter season. tonight will be colder than this. 55 right now wes kendall. 59 marathon, 63 in key west. the wind is not all that strong, but the breeze is moving and
6:39 am
favorable wind to keep our temperatures in check into the middle and upper 50s for the next few hours. the cloud cover that i showed you on our first alert camera, we can see it from space, satellite image watching the clouds stream on by. we will work to scour those out as the day goes on. a rain free future tracker across south florida and down through the keys. first alert weather keeping it dry, in andut of cloud cover. temperatures with a north wind tonight, ccldest air so far in season begins to settle in. i'm talking everybody into the lower 50s for lows. bright, cool. mid 50s this morning, mid 60s degrees. we spend the majority of our day between 67 and 69 degrees, falling temperatures this evening through the mid 60s. day off for many of you, if you want to go to the beach for a walk, no, problem, north winds
6:40 am
tonight we settle into 51. let's keep that in mind as we get the kids ready for school tomorrow with the coldest air of the season in place and temperatures into the lower 50s, we will have to make sure they have essed appropriately for the day. tomorrow we will not touch 70, only up to 68, we slowly climb and look for the temperatures to head up into the mid 70s, rain chance on friday, next weekend cool and bright. 6:47, back to traffic. >> good morning to you. south florida, happy monday. we have a broken down bus here, you can see it on the those express lanes. chopper 6 just got to the scene. let's see if it's causing any delays on i-95 southbound at northwest 151st street. you can see it's off to the left-hand side, not really affecting your ride. this is around the area of northwest 151st street on your southbound lanes of i-95. northbound not seeing any delays or issues. let's take you over to the maps.
6:41 am
christmas tree, crisis averted, road rangers have picked up the tree. this is on 826 southbound at northwest 154th street. we did have an accident on the palmetto expressway southbound at flagler street. that accident has finally moved off to the shoulder. fhp is reporting a broken down car blocking that off ramp on the airport expressway westbound at u.s. 27. this morning we know a whole lot more about a deputy involved shooting that happened in palm beach county. the 19-year-old shot and killed has a rap sheet that included drug possession and domestic battery among many. henry bennett took off running after being pulled over on belle glade on saturday. after a chase the deputy said bennett pointed a gun at him and that's when he fired hitting him twice. the deputy was put on leave which is standard protocol when something like this happens. police are looking for a man
6:42 am
touching a 12-year-old girl. they charged 50-year-old davivi lee brown with ten counts of the sucks ul battery. the girl reported being touched for at least the past year. police say he may be driving a 2,000 black forward f-150 with the florida tag 687-kgk. two people being rescued from a severe storm in the gulflf of mexico. the coast card helicopter crew arriving at the scene where two men were stranded during a storm. this was yesterday. their boat started to sink, they had to call for help right away, fortunately the coast guard arrived just in time as that boat wept under, both men were taken to key west int airport where they not medical attention. the aircraft commander said it was one of the worst conditions that this team has ever had to work in. this morning several americans are missing in iraq. local media is reporting that three of hem were kidnapped and
6:43 am
were kidnapped by militias in baghdad on their way to the airport. the u.s. embassy confirms several americans are missing but not elaborating, only saying that u.s. officials are working with iraqi authorities. isis has claimed a number of attacks in baghdad last week that killed more than 50 people. actor sean penn breaking his silence about that controversial sit down with mexican drug lord "el chapo." penn says he regrets the controversy surrounding the article and because it's overshadowing his purprpe behind it. now, according to him he hoped that the article would start a conversation about changing the current policy of the war on drugs, adding that the current policy has failed. we are working on a live report from mexico city with reaction to that story. the spacex rocket's return
6:44 am
take a look. >> can a boom, but again its job was done after launching the ocean monitoring satellite, a suort leg, you can see it, crumbled, broke and it toppledd over and obviously burst into flames. there it is. the explosion could be seen up close in an instagram video posted by spacex founder elon musk. musk wrote that the root cause of that failed landing could have been ice build upthat was caused by heavy fog during liftoff. celebrates apparently not the only ones traveling to cuba anymore. a minnesota-based dance company visiting the island nation highlighting the newly restored ties between the united states and cuba. a world renowned dance company made its debut on the caribbean island, they performed at the marty theater over the weekend. they mixed the writ ims of cuban and american music. >> w wre mixing cuban and
6:45 am
an unusual mixture. i don't know if this has happeed in the past, but i think it's a symbol maybe of -- of our time, of what's happening between our countries. >> a really wonderful symbol of hopefully things that are to come between the united states and cuba while things continue to be worked out and while the u.s. trade embargo still stands both countries have reopened embassy. good news for those of you who are flying. the u.s. department of transportation has released its list of on time performances from last november. the average improved from november 2014 but dropped slightly from october 2015. the top three airlines with the best record, hawaiian airlines, delta and alaska airlines. the worst, frontier. >> announcer: now the big six stories you need to know. this morning a south florida missionary who as murdered in a
6:46 am
friday is being remembered as a modern day martyr. 45-year-old mike riddering was murdered in a cafe when militants stormed the cafe and opened fire. he was waiting for another group from south florida, 15 missionaries to arrive. they were diverted. they are safe, expected to be home to south florida at the earliest on wednesday. for now we are live in hollywood, michael spears, nbc 6 news. a lot of people in duette florida are picking up after a tornado swept through their town people. it was one of at least two tornadoes that touched down in the sarasota area just minutes from each other. and police on alert today as bikers from all over the country take over south florida's roads. last year more than 500 bikers came together and rode through the streets of miami after an mlk parade in liberr city. the riders caused at least three crashes. no one was hurt. the three americans freed from a prison in iran during a prisoner swap are getting one step closer to being back with
6:47 am
the americans are a "washington post" reporter, former marine and pastor. they are all undergoings medical checkups in germany before flying baba to the united states. the democratic white house hopefuls went at it on the stage last night. hillary clinton, bernie sanders taking jabs at e ech other. clear differences between the two democrats on gun control and health ware but they agree on being after isis, going slowly with iran and dealing with climate change. today the nation will be luther king jr. federal, state and local offices all closed along with public schools and libraries. the stock market, a lot of banks as well will be closed. public transportation will run on a normal schedule. be sure to check out the nbc 6 app for full details on all of the stories we're covering as you wake up. right now we have a broken down bus here, you can see it on the left-hand lane of those express lanes, your local lanes whatsoever.
6:48 am
side and be okay, but of course traffic a little lighter today. traffic is moving up to speed northbound and southbound. >> i-95, nice going commute there, only a 9 minute ride. we do have that off ramp shut down on the airport expressway westbound at u.s. 27th because of a broken down car. we also had an accident that had one lane blocked on the a 26 southbound on flagler street, that accident off to the shoulder and you don't have to look at it at all. broward county looking good. 595 from flamingo road a 8 minute drive. now to your first alert forecast with meteorologist ryan phillips. >> the temperatures speak for themselves this morning. just updated now, dipping another degree, pompano beach at 54, 56 fort uderdale and miami. so the coolest morning we have had so far in winter season and now colder weather coming in tonight. as for today's forecast, let's
6:49 am
we have some clouds out there that morning just ahead of sunrise at 7:09. we will be on our way into the upper 60s to near 70, the clouds will begin to erode, we are rain free not just today but much of the workweek. enjoy the sunshine and of course a lot of you looking forward to the cool air, it's here to stay. below average forecast pattern. today highs touching 70, a northwest breeze at 10 miles per hour. we will not be flirting with any record lows, but we will just be much cooler than average and it's a refreshing change. tonight. it's not just today, tomorrow, it several days of very refreshing weather in place. lots of sunshine, temperatures into the upper 60s and lower 70s, rain chances taking a break, just one system coming in on friday with a chance for m some rain. next weekend lows in the 50s, highs in the upper 60s. everybody is bundled up under
6:50 am
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