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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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definitely time for those sweaters and heavier jackets. good evening, i'm jackie nespral. >> and i'm adam kuperstein. meteorologist erika delgado has a closer look at the chilly temps. >> hey, you're definitely right. it is the coolest temperatures, not only this year but since march of 2015. right now it's only 11:00 and we're already down into the upper 50s across portions of miami. that goes for kendall and homestead as#well. 60 in opa-locka and already 58 degreesp into the ft. lauderdale area. so, it's already shaping up to be a really cool one. we'll take a look at our live first alert doppler radar. dry conditions for us in broward county, miami-dade and down into thee keys. there are a few showers offshore, but the good news is that we are dealing with a northwest wind this morning, and we know two things about the northwest wind. one, overnight it will definitely cool us down, and two, winds are out of the northwest, pushing everything that does warm out to the south and the east. so, these showers nothing we need to worry about, at least
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taking a look at the clouds and radar, dry conditions across much of the sunshine state, a stable atmosphere across the southeast. and looking hour by hour, what we can expect overnight and into the morning hours, temperatures will continue to drop. we're expecting upper 40s and lower 50s come 6:00, 7:00 a.m. >> thanks. our coverage of the cooleremps heads outdoors to reporter laura rodriguez, braving the chill in mary brickell village tonight. hello, laura. >> reporter: hello. the forecast is accurate. i am in my boots, my scarf and jacket. it isn't a full on winter coat, but i do have my jacket on. and before you laugh at me at home, i'm not the only person who thinks it's cold. they just brought out the space heaters here at this restaurant at mary brickell village. tourists are also bundled up in sweaters and coats and scarves. i've seen a few people in the
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area. few are sitting outside of the restaurants here and if they are, space heaters are keeping clients warm at some of the bars and restaurants here. some are happy with a few days of winter weather. others not so thrilled. >> surprised at how cold it is. i was expecting it to be a little bit warmer. yeah, not expecting tornado reports as well, but still loving the city. first time in miami. >> every year here we have the cold weather, but, like, this is not miami. i feel in new york. >> i've got a bikini that i'd like to wear which i haven't been able to put on yet. >> reporter: so, no bikini weather for now. of course, there are people in town visiting from the midwest and the northeast, and they're telling me that, of course, this is warm for them, compared to the below-zero temperatures in other parts of the country, but for now, i'm sticking to it's cold. i'm going to keep the boots on and enjoy the last few days or couple of days we have of this
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reporting live from brickell tonight, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. >> love the scarf, laura, thanks. for the second year in a row, dirt bikes, all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles ripped through the streets and highways of south florida. bikers blew through traffic and traffic lights, they say to honor the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. we have live team coverage tonight from miami-dade all the way up to broward county, and that's where we begin tonight with nbc 6's marissa bagg. marissa? >> reporter: jackie, these bikers went all over broward county tonight. they were here in ft. lauderdale, where we are, up to pompano beach, then back down to hollywood, and that's where one of them ran into trouble, actually got arrested for driving a stolen bike out of miami gardens. all of these riders saying they're doing this in honor of martin luther king jr., but a lot of people are questioning that tonight. highway 441 morphed into a raceway monday night as dirt bikes swept through broward
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from other drivers. riders came from all over the country to perform dangerous stunts in the middle of the road, repeatedly bringing traffic to a standstill. >> we're all the way from maryland maryland! violence. it's bikes up, guns down. bird's-eye view of the riders going the wrong way on ft. lauderdale streets, at one point coming within inches of other rs. as they took over all lanes of the road, several popped up on one wheel, even letting go of the handlebars at times. many drivers were irate, wishing law enforcement would step in. they aired their frustration on social media, tweeting, "how can you celebrate someone like mlk while being so disrespectful?" and "i'm not sure dr. king would approve." police were around but didn't get involved for fear it would make matters worse. others admired the spectacle. >> you know, i guess they're
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i don't know, i don't care, but i really -- i don't know, it's nice to see, i guess, you know? it's kind of festive. >> reporter: but it wasn't all fun and games. at least one rider was seriously injured in a crash and taken to broward health medical center. riders with spoke with don't condone reckless driving, even on this trip. >> everyone gets really excited, wants to jump on the bike and does some things that they can't handle, and you've really just got to ride your own ride and ride to your skill level. >> reporter: and riders telling me this will be an annual event from now on, so drivers should expect this on this holiday every year. our live team coverage now continues with my colleague, jamie guirola, live in miami at jackson memorial hospital, where at least one person is recovering. jamie? >> reporter: marissa, that person recovering is a victim. he is a biker and hex\?z in critical condition. in both miami and miami-dade, both accidents and arrests, even
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[ honking ] martin luther king jr. day traditionally about parades, not problems, but these thrill-seeking riders who weaved in and out of traffic created more than a few. this evening, even after the main event, an mlk ride out motorcyclist crashed into a car on 95 south near northwest 103rd street. a witness says the driver fell, got up, jumped on another motorcycle and took off. and here, a biker arrested in miami gardens. in miami and miami-dade, atvs and motorcycles towed. in lieu of chases and arrests, police confiscated any vehicles without a bike license or those that had traffic law violations. >> t thave fun, to get out, to learn everything about supporting mlk. >> reporter: bikers who get a rush from popping wheelies and ing stunts in the thick of rush hour traffic say that dangerous and well-organized event is to honor martin luther king jr. and to be free.
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know. we just want to have fun, that's it >> reporter: highways and neighborhoods fair game. what they did on the streets, $% they also drove to social media. police also bragging online and condemning the event. the deputy director of mdpd tweeting, "it is unfortunate that while miami-dade celebrates the life of a great leader, we are forced to arrest and seize off-road bikes. these stunts place too many residents in harm's way." now, i have spoken to these bikers two years in a row, and each time they have insisted that they really don't think they are doing anything wrong, and what they do is not dangerous, so they will continue to do it. reporting live tonight from jmh, jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. >> jamie, thanks. and a quick programming note, we interrupted today's episode of "ellen" to bring you coverage of the bikers and atv riders. you can watch today's episode on our website and the app.
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it's available to watch right now. dozens of protesters brought traffic to a hold on the golden gate bridge in san francisco. the black lives matter grew lined up along the westbound lanes and appeared to chain-link their vehicles together. their march caused a traffic deadlock for several miles until utility workers and police officers came and cut those chains and towed the vehicles some point protesters demanded taking money away from policing and investing it in affordable housing. they also called for the termination of several cops involved in recent shootings. a pet owner came close to losing his best friend in a fire that spread through his home while he was away, too. smoke billowed from the windows and flames shot from the roof near 29th street and northwest 27th avenue in oakland park. two men on a roof nearby saw the fire and jumped into action. before firefighters would ko get there, they ran into the house, freed two dogs, then went back in again and saved a third dog. they say that doing the right thing was just an instinct. >> today was a little bit
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home and find your place burning, but thank god somebody opened that door up today and saved my dogs. >> i'm a pet owner, so you know, i love animals. i had to go get them out, you know, so, that's what i did. >> the investigators believe the homeowner left a toaster oven on. crews say that if the fire had burned any longer, it might have spread to the trailerssnext door. we have some breaking news right now out of hialeah, where four people are in custody tonight. this all following a police chase in the area of hialeah drive and east tenth avenue. the chase ended in a warehouse house where two men and two women were taken into custody. police believe the group may be involved in an earlier attempted armed robbery in the area. it took years of u.s. efforts, but tonight families are ateful. >> three americans were released from captivity in iran, and they are on their way home tonight. and new video as a group of cubans reach the u.s./mexico border. hear about their journey as part of the pilot program allowing
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a look at the cleanup und welcome back. tonight, three of the relatives hostages freed are speaking about securing their freedom. they're in relatively good condition. >> reporter: reunited tonight, all smiles. "washington post" reporter jason razan with s mother and saying i'm feeling good. >> my first thought is he looks le my brother. we talked about baseball, what's going on in the world. >> meeting with his editors, he describes his treatment in iran, imprisoned for 18 months in solitary confinement for 49 days. former marine am hekmati was jailed for 4 1/2 years and sentenced to death.
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excited to see him. >> i'm in a fog. this is, like, surreal. i'm just in disbelief. >> he has two sisters and his brother-in-law there with them, smiling in a way that i haven't seen them smile since i've known them. >> what do they say to each other? >> jest talking like brothers and sisters. >> reporter: onriday night, the white house told family close to the men there may be news and saturday morning they began to be released. then, a senior u.s. official described as something out of the film "argoo jason rezaian's wife and mother told they couldn't leave iran with him. finally on sunday, they all boarded a plane, touching down in switzerland after frantic, last-minute negotiations. >> secretary kerry was with foreign minister zarif. he told foreign minister zarif this must be part of the deal. >> reporter: a deal criticized tonight by those who say a group of convicted iranians should not have been released by the u.s., while former fbi agent bob
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but tonight, amir hekmati took to twitter to thank president obama for the deal that brought him and his fellow americans back to their families. keir simmons, nbc news, germany. several hundred cubans have finished their journey to reach the u.s. through central america. a small group landed in mexico yesterday and crossed into hidalgo, texas. their journey is part of a pilot program allow thousands of stranded migrants to move into the united states from costa rica. many were stuck since mid-november after nicaragua shut its borders. they're happy to finally reach their destination in fear that their preferable u.s. asylum rights might soooo end. today residents from liabilityliberty city celebrated mlk day with a parade while sending a message to the community. >> put away those guns! >> the common theme -- a message of nonviolence echoing the words of reverend martin luther king jr. students from miami northwestern senior high delivered that
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caskets. floats, police and fire trucks bearing local politicians were also a part of the celebration. the parade ended the martin luther king jr. memorial park for food, live entertainment and children's activities. and president barack obama and first lady michelle visited an elementary school in washington, d.c., and helped plant vegetable seeds in a garden bed as part of a martin luther king day service event. president obama gave some of the kids advice about the value of spinach in their daily meals. the first couple also distributed bags with books for children, including one of my favorites, a copy of dr. seuss's "oh, the things you can do that are good for you." a firefighter's helmet camera captured a dramatic fire rescue. this happened in fresno, california. firefighters were called to a two-story apartment complex, and shortly after they arrived, they discovered a mother and her infant trapped inside a second-story apartment filled with smoke. you can see on a firefighter's helmet cam as he cllbs a ladder to the second story window, takes the child from its mom and then lowers that infant to another firefighter.
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adults inside the complex, were also rescued, thankfully. nobody here was hurt. a spacex rocket had a rough return from orbit. after the launch, the rocket landed on a floating barge in the pacific, but a support leg broke and it toppled over, bursting into flames. spacex founder elon musk wrote, "the cause of the failed landing may have ben ice that built up as a result of heavy fog during lift-off." tonight residents are lucky to be alive, but the cleanup in sarasota is just beginning after an ef-2 tornado tore through the area. nbc 6 reporter erica glover reports from siesta key. >> reporter: we hit the road today with volunteers from the american red cross. they went door to door delivering cleanup kits. that's just one example of the
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available to homeowners here who are picking up the pieces. hitting the road to make a difference. >> take care. >> reporter: volunteers with the american red cross begin their day in siesta key. whenever they see someone cleaning storm debris, the truck pulls over. >> on the other side of that box right there will be fine. >> reporter: for grace lay, monday is all about raking and drilling, getting her backyard back to normal. >> you should see the one behind me, the ditch we have back here. >> reporter: grace has called sarasota home for 32 years. she says she'll never forget the sounds of an ef-2 tornado tearing through her neighborhood early sunday morning. >> all of a sudden, i hear a big whoom. and i jumped out of bed, and just as i did, the screen came and went like this, like this, the glass, right where i was laying.
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minutes away at felipe park is a makeshift resource center with multiple agencies lending their time, support and advice to anyone impacted in manatee and sarasota counties. step outside and you'll find this food truck. >> these are made at the salvation army kitchen in sarasota. >> reporter: sandwiches, cookies and something to drink, hoping to feed those who need it most. >> how many of these did you make? >> we did 200. >> shampoo. >> reporter: then it's time pick up a cleanup or comfort kit. >> we've got soap and shampoo, wash cloths, toothpaste, just enough to get a client through a couple days in a hotel so they can get started with the recovery process. >> reporter: the road to recovery is not always easy, but for grace, there's no slowing down. >> good lord wasn't ready for me. my work's not done yet. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now, that resource center was open for about three hours, but tonight officials with the salvation army say their door is always open to those who need some extra assistance.
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glover, nbc 6 news. all right, south florida, a chilly start to our workweek, but the good news is that we've been rain-free all day and it's looking like it will remain that way most of the night. looking live atour first alert ppler radar, dry conditions for broward county down to miami-dade. we have showers over the atlantic waters, but we are dealing with a north wind. so, two things -- one, that will not only leave those showers offshore, but two, we'll also continue to cool down as the night goes on. taking a look at headlines, breezy conditions continue. of course, hazardous marine conditions will continue over the atlantic waters. and as i just mentioned, that north wind bringing us some cool temperatures, unseasonably cool temperatures will continue across much of the area, but all good things do come to an end. by the end of the workweek, we are expecting warmer temperatures to reach our area once again. but in the meantime, we are dealing with some cool temperatures out there. 59 already in miami, 58 in kendall.
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60 degrees already in the opa-locka area. taking aook at the weather map, the bigger picture of what's going on, there is a front that remains over the southeast that will continue to push towards the atlantic waters, but it will be dry throughout the overnight hours, so we're not expecting any rain with this system. once that does move through, we're expecting a reinforcing shot of cool air. and behind that front, high pressure will settle in. of course, with that clockwise circulation, we're going to see a north wind throughout the overnight hours, and that's why we're expecting those cool temperatures overnight and into tomorrow morning. right now as far as clouds and radar concerned, still dealing with upper level clouds across the southern half of our sunshine state. everywhere else, things are dry d those showers will remain offshore, so nothing that we need to worry about. what kind of temperatures are we dealing with tomorrow morning? well, down into the keys, we'll be dealing with temperatures in the mid-50s, as you can see. closer to home, upper 40s across inland areas, low 50s across portions of key biscayne, down into miami. and going up into broward county, we' also expecting similar conditions, low 50s near
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course, upper 40s, slightly oler for weston into the pembroke pines area. for your forecast into your chilly tuesday, we are expecting to start off in the lower 50s, about five to ten degrees below average of where we should be for this time of year with highs reaching only into the upper 60s. we excting a cool day with mid-to-upper level clouds hanging around much of the day. taking a look at what we can expect, though, the next few days, cool temperatures are going to stick around. we'll be in the upper 60s, 70s throughout the first half of the workweek, cool temperatures overnight especially. we're expecting temperatures to be in the upper 50s. then the next front comes through, but winds will be shifting out of the south first. that means temperatures will warm up back into the upper 70s. low 80s come friday. that front comes through, then another shot of cold air just in time for the weekend. back into the 50s overnight and highs throughout the afternoon will be back into the 70s with plenty of sunshine to go around for our weekend. >> all right, good deal. thank you. two prominent actors with a bombshell announcement surrounding awards season.
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sad news to report. guitarist glen frey, one of the founders of the eagles, died after complications from rheumatoid arthritis, colitis and pneumonia, according to the eagles website. they posted the following message on the website, "the frey family would like to thank everyone who joined glenn to fight this fight and hoped and
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invoking dr. martin luther king's legacy on his birthday, two prominent african-americans say they're boycotting the academy awards. director spike lee and actress jadainkett smith posted separate social media messages saying they will not be attending the oscars. lee said he cannot support "the lily white oscars" after nominations to white actors. smith posted a video on her facebook page, using her voice to send a powerful message of empowerment. a wedding photo has gone viral, but it doesn't s sow a bride and a groom. instead, it features bride valerie parrot with her medical alert service dog, bella. bella's a 3-year-old service dog who keeps parrot calm when she's anxious or on the verge of a panic attack. that's exactly what she was doing when the photographer captured the special moment before walking down the aisle. >> she was kind of putting the finishing touches on what she was wearing that day, putting her necklace on. she was getting a little anxious, and her mom kind of
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are you okay? so, val asked for a minute alone with bella. >> now an internet sensation, the picture-perfect moment captures the kind of comfort provided by service dogs everywhere. so, out on the ice today? >> yeah. >> how did you do? >> you'll see video, i promise, and you can judge for yourself, how about that? the florida panthers also on the
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well, nobody does strereing quite like the florida panthers. first they win 12 in a row, now they've lost 4 in a row since. and you can see this coming with edmonton visiting tonight. branson going after the same oiler who knocked out aaron ekblad the last time they met, but the inspiration went to the wrong team. edmonton strikes soon afterward with the breakaway goal and the oilers take the 3-0 lead into the third. riley smitit breaks the shutout, making it 3-1. panthers gaining some steam. less than three minutes later, howell. again. the cats now down by one, 3-2. and they had chances down the stretch, but none better than this. smeet eriekulikov with the opportunity. watch kulikov, oh, stuffed by the goalie! win. the first-place panthers, four losses in a row for them, fifth goals or less.
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for us right now. we've got to settle it down and re-evaluate how we've been pying and what's going on. can't really overthink it, but we have to address the thing. so yeah, i think it will probably be good for our team. it was nbc 6 night at the panthers game and i was tricked into thinking this was a good idea. that's me playing goalie. i'm wearing roberto luongo's gear, but the future hall of famer's skills didn't really rub off on me. these 10-year-olds kept scoring goals on me. i made a few saves, but they were good. i wasn't so good. the kids won a cool prize at universal studios. nbc 6 traffic reporter kelly blanco, by the way, served as the emcee. and unlike me, she was smooth on the ice. look at that. i didn't even know what i was doing, but i looked okay. the pads helped. heat game tonight. lebron hosting the golden state warors. this game all golden state. steph curry dropped 16 in the first quarter and finished with
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curry, klay thompson and draymond green combined for 33 points in the first half, and the warriors hand lebron his worst loss at home this year. the warriors roll, 132-98. look at that, a 34-point win. lebron only had 16 points.
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