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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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i'm eric harryman. >> and i'm sheli muniz. if you are just waking up, be sure to wear something warm out there. for the kids at the bus stop, put layers on. >> that's not something we say very often in south florida, but we are waking up to cooler temperatures. ryan phillips is here with some much cooler temperatures. we are mindful of that starting our way. from pompano beach down to key west, updated readings into the 5:00 hour. we are all in the 50s. 59 in key west. 57 in marathon. our readings this morning, pretty parallel to where we were on monday morning. but that said, temperatures can easily fall off into the lower 50s. we've got a layer of cloud cover right now kind of serving as a blanket. a blanket to keep us warm. a blanket of cloud cover keeping all the heat from escaping. so we are a little bit, were somewhat artificially warmer if you will because of the clouds moving on by. and we've actually gone up a degree at miami international
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but as these clouds skirt on by before dawn, temperatures easily falling off and those are a degree or two. so lock us into the lower 50s to start our tuesday. your first-alert forecast filled with a mix of sun and clouds. but no warmth. 61 before the lunch hour. today's high, sub-70. again, we're up to 67 with a cool north breeze. we have a warm up to talk about. more on thaha in ten minutes. right now the first-alert traffic with joe brennan. all right. it does look like things are motoring through on i-95 to the north of state road 112, 62nd street. no headaches at all. the dolphin expressway, one crash westbound just beyond 12th avenue. and the left lane was blocked but no delays on the cameras at all through thatarea. that's just to the west of 95. 826 through hialeah, 103rd street getting by northbound and southbound without delay. and all lanes open again from the overnight road work on 826 as well. that's traffic, back to you. >> thank you, joe. and this morning we're
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man, the suspect who police said took to the streets of south florida on a stolen motorcycle. investigators say kamari gardner caused major safety concerns on busy south florida roadways yesterday. some bikers got their bikes confiscated during the ride out and now ty are looking to get them back. michael spears is live in miami. and michael, this looks exactly like what law enforcement was hoping wouldn't happen. not only did it happen but it was bigger than last year. >> reporter: it was. and that's why law enforcement had been meeting for the last week or so. multiple agencies working out how to address this. the officers couldn't go out to stop the bikers in their tracks, but from the get-go, the officers said this is all due to safety. because of safety there's no chasing. that's why officers used other means as far as confiscating the bikes and putting a stop to the crowds. but this was huge and there wasn't a way to completely stop
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now, behind us here, we're at a lot where some of the bikes were taken. miami police have been here since 10:00 p.m. last night keeping an eye on the place because a lot of the bes were taken here. talk about injuries, you can see video he of one of the crashes, one of several that happened. this was on 95 southbound near 103rd. we are told in this case by police the driver of a bike crashed into a car, got up, pped on another bike and was out of there, left the scene completely. no wd if he was hurt. the person in the car wasn't hurt. but again, that's what law enforcement feared and a lot of people were frustrated about yesterday with all the bikes on the street. many of them seen weaving in and out of traffic, driving the wrong way, and it was very dangerous. when we talk about the response of law enforcement, their big thing was if they could stop them, if they were able to stop these vehicles that they would look for, whether or not they were registered or whether or not the person had a license, whether or not these people, this was a legal vehicle, meaning not stolen.
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of arrests that we'll talk about in the next half hour. but in the meantime, we wanted to talk to the riders to bring theoncerns of safety to them. here's what one rider said when we asked him about if this was dangerous. >> we're not driving recklessless, we're driving consciously. and we're t here to injury ourselves. >> reporter: the driver said it is not dangerous but not everyone feels that way. here's a tweet from the director of the miami-dade police who basically said it is unfortunate while they celebebte the life of a great leader, martin luther kig jr., police are out there forcing to make arrests and seizing the bikes after the roads. back out here live, there's no word on exact numbers. we did just step inside to ask the folks here at midtown towing how many bikes were brought here, but we are told a manager won't be here for a couple more hours. so that information is unclear, but we know on top of the bikes here and a few people in the hospital, there are a few people waking up behind bars tied to this massive event that caused a
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south florida yesterday. for now, we are live in miami, michael spears, nbc 6 news. thank you. if you are like us and need your morning twitter fix, you could be out of luck. eric and i were just talking about this, trying to talk to you on twitter and this is what we saw. there's a worldwide outage and this is what you see when you try to log on. you're not the only one. it started before 3:30 this morning. twitter says it's a multitude of problems. we'll let you know when it's back. >> for some people it seems to be up, for others it's going to be a while. be patient. a pet opener came close to losing his best friend in a fire that spread through his home and he was not home while this happened. smoke billows from the windows and flames shooting through the roof near 29th street and northwest 27th avenue in oakland park. two men repairing a roof nearby saw the fire and jumped into action right away, got in there. but before firefighters could even get there, they ran into the house and freed two dogs. then went back in again and saved a third.
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right there, that golden retriever. they said they were doing the right thing. for them, that was instinct. >> today was a little drastic. when you come home and find your place burning, but thank god somebody opened that door up today and saved my dogs. >> i'm a pet owner, so i love animals. i have to go get them out, you know? so that's what i did. >> and how many times h hve dogs saved us from fires? so the favor was definitely returned there. the homeowner left the toaster oven on and that caused a fire. if the fire had burned longer, it would have spread to trailers next door. >> that could have been awful. we've been telling you about the south florida missionary killed in west africa. now the charity he was a part of set up a fund for his family. sheltering wings is setting up the michael james memorial fund. we are posting our information
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he was heading to the airport to pick up other missionaries. michael riddering was did not survive. he was a youth pastor at hollywood community church here in south florida. he leaves behind a wifefe and four children. your time right now on this tuesday morning is seven minutes past the top of the hour. and this morning a lot of people in sarasota feeling lucky to be alive. take a look at what they are cleaning up there. and this is just the beginning of the clean up process. this after the ef-2 tornado tore through the area over the weekend on sundnd. it happened sort of during the overnight hours between saturday and sunday. nbc 6 reporterer erika glover is here with more. >> reporter: hitting the road to make a difference. volunteers with the american red cross begin their day in siesta
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whenever they see someone cleaning storm debris, the truck pulls over. four grace lane, it is about raking and drilling. getting her backyard back to normal. >> you should see the one behind me. >> reporter: grace has called sarasota home for 32 years and says she'll never forget the sounds of an ef-2 tornado tearing through her neighborhood early sunday morning. >> all of a sudden i hear a big whoom! and i jumped out of bed and then the screen came and just like this the glass right where i was laying. >> reporter: less than two minutes away at felipe park is a multi-agency lending help to those impacted. step outside and you'll find this food truck.
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salvation army in sarasota. >> reporter: sandwiches, cookies and something to drink for those who need it most. then it's time to pick up a cleanup or comfort kit. >> they have soaps and shampoo, wash cloths, it's too paste, just to get a client through a couple days in a hotel to get started on the recovery process. >> reporter: the road to recovery is not always easy, but for grace there's no slowing down. >> the good lord was watching over me. my work's not done yet. >> reporter: erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> situations like these is when you see the best in people. >> and you realize how lucky we are to not have had the damage they had on the west coast of florida here in south florida. >> with that same story, yep. checking the clock, 5:09. after three years, three americans held captive in iran are headed home. >> we'll hear what family members and friends saybout the reunion that was long
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and the zika virus has been confirmed here in the u.s. what you need to know if you are pregnant and preparing to travel. twitter has shut me down. i can't function this morning. just kidding. as soon as it gets back up, we'll feed you more information. here we go, another cool morning across the area. the loor 50s will do it. we are dry and will be dry for a few days, but as for warmer readings, it will take time to get there. highs today at 67 on the drive
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a look at the weekend forecast three of the five american prisoners leased by iran in the controvereral prisoner swap are back with their families. and boy has it been a long wait. "the washington post" reporter described his treatment in iran locked up in a 15 by 20 foot room for 18 months and in solitary confinement for 49 days. also, a former marine was jailed four-and-a-half years and sentenced to death there. the third prisoner was a pastor from idaho arrested back in 2012 while setting up churches in iran. >> i think my first thing was, hey, he's my brother. he l loks like my brother. we talked about baseball, we talked about what is going on in the world. >> anything to take your mind off of what's going on. the prisoner swap getting criticism this morning by those who say that the group of convicted iranians should not have been released by the u.s. while former fbi agent bob levinson remains missing in iraq.
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poll numbers are out this morning as presidential candidates criss-cross key states just days before the iowa caucuses. tracie potts is following it all from washington. >> reporter: donald trump and three other candidates are at the same event in iowa today. ted cruz is packing in six meet and greets in new hampshire. trump's increasing attacks on cruz, not mentioning him by name at rallies. >> i heard somebody say, we're going to build a wall. i said, where did that come from? nobody said that before but me. >> reporter: cruz issues are a fair game but he won't launch personal attacks. >> if he or anyone else wants to engage in at battle of insults he is welcome to do so. i don't intend to respond. >> reporter: the nbc/wall street journal poll shows four in ten voters have given a more meganif view negative view of the party. >> you can support someone with experience and getting results for people.
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democrats value experience over change. that could benefit hillary clinton. bernie sanders greets voters in iowa today. >> they want real change in the way we do business. >> reporter: the poll finds more than half of democrats unphased by the tone of their party's campaign. so who do voters like according to our poll in this order, clinton, sanders, cruz and rubio tied, carson and then trump. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. and a baby owl is now saved after heavy storms completely destroyed its home. take a look at this, pretty cute. this owl is three or four weeks old. two other owls were also found on the ground near a tree by southwest 120th street and 102nd avenue. rescue teams in dade county rescued the three little guys. unfortunately, only one of the owls survived. you're looking at them there.
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youthized because of a serious wing injury because of that storm. the other passed away possibly because of internal injuries from falling out of the tree. >> the tree has been split open so there was no nest to put them back into. the parents had left, the nest was gone. we would like to see them all make it but we're realistic enough. i've been doing this 22 years. >> all right. so ts is what they tell us moving forward here, that baby owl will stay with the wildlife rescue of dade county for about three or four months while they rehabilitate him. he'll go through a three-step process until it's ready to finally be released back into the wild. now first a-alert teather with ryan phillips in the most accurate forecast. it is 5:16. hope your morning isisff to a good start. we're looking at a dry forecast for the next few days. no rain to talk about until friday. in the meantime, we're working through the chill in the air here. the coldest air of the season
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and here to stay for a few mornings. now, one thing we have working for us, if you will, the cloud deck. and we can show it to you on the first-alert camera looking up to the sky with a blanket of cloud cover. has this been able to breakdown? in some locations it has and will allow more heat to escape up into the atmosphere, thus the cooler readings down here at the surface. but with the blanket of cloud cover overhead, temperatures are not quite as cool as we thought at this hour. at 5:17, we have a nnth/northwest wind moving down the peninsula. that brings in cooler, dryer air at the surface. as for the cooler readin a little bit held in check because of the blanket cloud cover-up above. 57 in miami where we came up a degree last hour. currently at 56 in ft. lauderdale. that's where we started our day on monday. today, again, with some limited sunshine and the north wind
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we'll be hard-pressed to get out of the mid-60s. our highs today, sub-70 for the second day in a row. tonight another cool one coming with lower 50s out west. the mid-50s out east. pompano, 56. 55 in ft. lauderdale. 54 in opa-locka. tomorrow, finally, we'll get back into the lower 70s but that's still five or six degrees below average. first-alert weather for today, cool temperatures out and about across the area. we'll spend time into the lower to mid-50s. then around 60 or so before the lunch hour. and we touch 67 today. it's as warm as we'll get. these cool days don't come around often, but those who live here year-round do appreciate them. another cool night into the 50s. the next few days we warm up progressively. 67 today. 70 on wednesday. 74 on thursday. we bring in the rain shower chances on friday. and what happens this weekend? right back into a cool weather pattern. how about this, we are below
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60s both saturday and sunday. so winterhis time around here to stay for a few days. coming up on 5:19, kelly blanco is off but joe brennan is in with traffic. we're taking a live look at a little bit of trouble along i-95 in dade coupnty near state road 12. it's a disabled bus blocking the right lane. so far, not that busy as volume begins to build up. so everybody is getting around the left side okay. a little bit of a snag there as you try to get through, but it hasn't been too bad of a situation. further up on 95 in broward county, a look near pembroke road,d,nice and quiet. lightly traveled northbound and southbound. that's traffic. back to o you. all right, joe. thank you so much. sad news to report for you this morning, guitarist glenn frey, one of the founders of the eagles passed away after a long illness. he died of complications from rheumatoid arthritis, colitis
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the frey family would like to thank everyone who joined glenn to fight this fight and hope and prayed for his recovery. glenn frey was 67 years old. the first case of the zika virus has been reported in the united states. it's a ibaby born with brain damage and now they avoid women to travel to latin america and the caribbean. there's strong evidence zika is linked to a birth defect in which babies are born with undersized brains and skulls. listen to this in brazil, more than 3,000 casas of this have been reported in just three months. >> you know, i feel like i could postpone nine months of no travel to make sure my baby was safe. >> and there is no vaccine for zika. so the best way to protect yourself is wearing mosquito repellant and avoiding areas where there are mosquitoes. the most common symptoms in adults are fever, rash and joint
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and some good news for you this morning for those of you who think maybe that you are sleep deprived. catching up on the shut-eye during your weekend may offset health problems associated with sleep loss. i wish somebody would tell this to my two 6-year-olds. that would be nice. a small study of healthy young men showed four nights of sleep restriction decreased their insulin sensitivity and increased the risk of diabetes by 6%. after two nights of extended sleep over the weekend, the levels returned back to normal. >> any study that encourages sleeping we like. >> we love that. we love that. especially for thhe of us getting up at 2:00 in the morning. sleep is good on the weekend. wlove that. 5:21 this morning. a bombshell announcement during award season. the controversy surrounding the oscars now has some very big hollywood names saying we're not going this year. also, a harvest that is out of this world.
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welcome back, everybody. your time is 5:24. and nasa's knowledge of flowers is blooming on board the international space station. the science score stems from
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the first flowers growow in space. astronaut ott kelly tweeted these pictures to his twitter account and nurtured the crops on board the iss giving scientists much-needed insight in how plants would flower and grow in microgravity. that's pretty need. outrage over this year's oscar nominations lighting up social media this morning, except for twitter that is down right now. but it's in rticular this tweet that happened just before twitter went down. and this is getting a lot of attention here. >> yeah, we were able to get a scree grab of this right before twitter decided to go on the fritz. the academy president cheryl boon isaac tweeted the statement saying she's heartbroken and frustrated about the, quote, lack of inclusion. read the entire statement on the nbc 6 news and weather app if you would like to know more. that was the immediate response from the economy president, but this controversy right now is rocking hollywood. at this hour, anywhere, it seems to be growing.
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is live in los angeles with a report for us. >> reporter: with the oscars just a few weeks away, the buzz isn't about who is nominated but rather who isn't. there isn't a sing actor of color up for a lead or supporting role prompting the viral #oscarssowhite for the second year in a row. along with michael b. jordan, will smith went unrecognized for his role in concussion. his wife jada pinkett smith suggests people boycott the ceremony. >> is it time people of color recognize how much pow influenced that we have a masked that we no longer need to be asked to be invited anywhere. >> reporter: director spike lee won't be attending either and blames hollywood studios saying the real battle is in the executive offices where the gate
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and what gets jettisoned. >> we continue to work hard and will continue to work hard to bring in more inclusion. >> reporter: still, critically acclaimed "straight out of compton" from universal got one nomination for the films writers who are white. the film producer acknowledging frustration of many saying in part, i get it. >> we'll continue to see more people boycotting the oscars. if not a complete boycott, they are definitely going to voice their opinion. >> reporter: which for hollywood may just be the tip of the iceberg. angeles. >> be sure to keep it locked here on nbc 6 with the "today" show to have a full report on n the oscar boycott controversy that is rocking tinseltown happening on "today" at 7:00 after the nbc 6 newscast. it was nbc 6 night at the
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kuperstein played goalie wearing roberto longo's gear. the 10-year-old scored on him and the winner took home tickets to universal studios. and our traffic reporter kelly blanco served as the mc. unlike adam, she was smooth out there on the ice. >> adam's wingspan is 16 feet across. he's a tall guy. >> it's all about thth effort. nice job, kelly blanco. very nice job. we like to see you out there. your time is 5:28. still a whole lot more ahead next half hour. this morning we're getting a closer look at the damage left behind after tornadoes ripped through sarasota. a cool morning across the area. as we get kids ready for school, keep in mind this is definitely jacket weather this morning. lower to mid-50s. it will take time to warm up today. a cool, refreshing forecast for
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