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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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fa>>hese a r. >>ansen. >> i not ada >> .ont theyhi a real sws>> i sry >> a y lauhat? >>(lauing) >> but tot >>'m dav. >> ia prprk ow. >>i goa fno y're a ame-le. >> o a ts isfaless." >>an wyaright up heren e of stage? >>hmm. >>e go.>> allight, (ename's and she thinkshe's here jud aalenow>>ka utshe doesn' i athe'sng tbeudge on howell shjues.ove to gjust tableebout pe be , that glos a ef b okt hefae thks ke the (ee, oh, my. stu i uld like to be fams li kim rdasan. e'juryere,llr thac s aaylooks gogo
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would put oua sex tape if uld helpe me fs.>>, e a re owre real oplect asju for o reapeopand threal talts. 'sty tv ts judgies hi t, i,at. cat. gooduck. (alaus >> check thiou i just do a ltlbiof mag here,atche.all we he to do jt ki sqeze h. how'd tt? >> it' f juds' finadgnt >> ias lngyoelly ringndi meatel ouyou rena b a bey danc. i co'tnectu kn >> ippe yone anyourha. >>he di start? it wasd o beat, lisloppy, you , , oppi aevhe,ke, yokn, aru
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atu gonna cry? oro yowa trofog?>> y, i didnlly tt boing ll. ust dn't fl gi it jut ke was kid'sthy pay. yea i likt. i don't careans, love magic.uld you makehedisapp>> oy. i meanat w at w prettugh. t? >>e'onnabreak, but when w bk,his here "yjudge" reatas a turn b cte e gonna dge thdges othr judginright he"y bthe dge. weo "y be dg" 'simt whh ofr dgrema jud onbe ji've swi thesewo du the bak ahave eneoneo goome.
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u'reoi home. >> ipprecioucomm, i juon't kw atlaneyore o el like you might havethg for belly .. >> i d liz, sorry. t thjudg 't te it perll >> nowhat o dges left, we're gonna ing on our bry sh14 playm yea >> w. plee ome kenny >>es. >> t you.>>elcome oue the judg" >> tha y. >> wonna l y jese dg oth os.i youjudge me t's t. um. uh, .. oka yermuch. chkl) >> a lillyyourur the littlbi off r.the not really exaly the sa c as ess, ann' like ththli. embe is mpetitio you ys are figfojob.>> oet look la rn sr.
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okay. >> so. which one ofhe twogo elimid? oy. liy, werreal mn. have nctanyoyo ll mi loike a porn star d 's wave osen toove te next r "you thege >>kay. thank. >>ye >> bye.el lilly be judg iabout twis antu o. we're hr fil rod, wheur jly is a ff ain oulebrdge kenny infinaad-thead j-o anere's ne br to dge th thaal u.s.judgdg easeelcomehomaj.ert. >> lie if y y're into bjue "yo j
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know inotenically it'my favor>> love ack, t.>>t loeaon. >>uckleslood some pele not evyo llnt t tget into the law ght?>> yeses >> oka enou'raling th a copyght frfrgentase dprecion has delivere letimateimim clely seg deicatio b thepr, if y rulinavor t defthere d de detntal ecomic cthat d ri thughout the u.s. how would yo>> w >> ts up, i'sorry.these ry q ansnsrs et. ve on to ken. ady r ur questn?en or pu >>h,>> pup. >> thas kes rn. favorierecause shhot.
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like, u really me a sncomment aboufi you lod eith. whou tnk y arealng t tway? sey, wouldouell me in puicif we we o t? ow ico they wind yo con find yin y dot st gjudge sobo ee?>> grer3 froboth of you>> o we'ack and thnorae e mbs de desi o oon tse juds d the judgg and w(o ll bon "you udge." dge? >> well, i'vlien to a liery and ink eerg ght eld. >> t >> i'vcid...edy, y a the jge. i knew it. >> culio g uhereful. o you need help? befo we say good-bu, wwanto your fal i is rfallyle) fa ke't picmeec t as hots kenned
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the legal st?judge on bause t wy look e thatly're re. heshe'ni. but we. that's ieethin's unfair. i ry anyou r azi you di win htoday "you heudud wewe le to you on alledss.">> ">>'sra show. d u'veven it th whole . mgod.>> nhi rea oh, m >>ay aus) oh, m the only >> y we e ly.>> and llyguess what w
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goa i uld yo a a yh,ea yeah. ju wanto gie ar corr.>> oh,ka>> ilikeatinshonly !pshesn't t' coetition to bome y's maid atchaiin hve" >>lauguing >>, a very special man ll begis seah for veial dy, dyan s y ne, makeis lif eaerre fllg. son of theseilmeet reinla, ly
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astcmaid iheen >>ello. >> itharlle? diee,es. de. >> ieeli iwht ta be fai't ll l.autiti likehave bangiod love aenenon. when walin the r i get . 'm excitedpelly have yo mmatcidn he ill ur m mad inat >> t's a of hars outthe6 havnothon m very cntn.ha toughkin d m not --eakling.>>ad ll aft lg,day,s ava le cocail u ud. sodi, u gotwo te make favoriterink y i.wigonna you tyour bou dons whouy. rightladi. nakeome il ree go. l ght, catg ri t. , girllien. >> a right. u wereuppoto fixyourwn >> ts is an tereingtactic
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.. u-oh.right, a r, l t. ok.wi. e laavared ur a-wk drink.'must gonna start he and work my wayn. ay. this was uttblp).>> oy.>> this is not b.nk >>et'seehaenon te. th'sre tbeng isogug. o made tone? y. , this.. iss t u tohat i woulexrom i don'ink i can loyou onnu i'mry. bye.
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toheedom? ht. (ls) >> leto.hello,adie >> hello. m othe ho ll nds s os fe ans oohe nds to be swept quiteiterally e who gets t mt ro on bedins. ur 90 ndbegi r no l gh oh, lks like 'svi aittle bit dif righook atdariel's doi gre j e ses a strate., ohshe made loso nice, healthy it >>ernever win. >>sa you'rno eati, u're n try (pantinh, oh! oh! 's tadies. giat. ank u,ads.
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byou. darielle's thwierf is competitn. >> y i di wmy hee o>> well, githead th aroom if dn'teelike i was gonna jaili woat yo ass >>liamithet ofth his has en aatay, firsof.thk yo th utstding job is ably the he choice i'vead make. to do ati'm go! ed helpf e losemeom i truy . tina. i'veeen wafr benes i love whas penid i'nna w ut in iyotoo at t >> okay. thank you,reciatatk jo. i otivis to yotoday. u d t ma it.
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i wod like you to y mah maidn en>>haou>> a...d e oprtunitto be myermaidth sixonwhe go ouhe cry with md utifnc riin >> youus es.iss somethg you'd ketot? no. yore his\e? >>ese's fianc >>m he corctly? you n'acpt tro >> i didt comehe to ma. >> w t sistch id hea" wow you estinguty-- aiies?reouifldweep meing up iss lo.ths nowhigd upfor.ok at mei'soe's fure fe. is r u n'nto be on "md h hel. noi don't wao be no ons (bleep) id. right, i haved ws cat a cpleteldifferow haeard of ade?
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>>s heooking for aai >>o. he iokinfor stars. at why ion put rutv's pw caed amels." nof is re.d yoare azg. >>eall l's giva d ause dael nner tay h,y d i wagereadto kickyo ou rieved th yout t maid?>> o i wasev gna b a ma. >> yeahas ?it's ath excitinode
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uff bam eir exos. oeep).>> y knoat you're do eah. wha >>brrepo yeah. >> (es thshowree 's stuff. >> so yo wharela ht? >> i iour y? yoal? yeah, wt'up, man? erytng r >>h,ea >> so oi on?coo "bakupepo." yohat at an get matinshir >> do we havana irts?it fityood. y you waa o like orded nddog everays, ?like ta, i le pele g ini'hand. i akref self. he h getha
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you know. argal,ocon, mocc l,liree. godo os. that iy soretty. >>h, whas bros? it anoer excing eofbrkup po," e show wrege bro ufbackroeir hos , alex 'em y are. ihe likn how it s. th heabrk heorst in you know what? but mcl>>m. eeptht.ou dng? >> gd.>> so , te uur sry wh's going on? my exirlfend and i meonlind tngs wereoing rely, al gre for about sihsnd then things imdiatstarted gsout we broke ft sstuff th kinof help her she's been makiteay dit l able t sffack, that's at tryg o. re gnaback his uf we're goa get li bktoth. "kurepo hweo. ening hter)
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s gonna the he's, likeon aork in l ten days, sohef town >>kay o t ey. >>o,brkup re,","'st going? wee here at ki ex-girrid'ho >>ow, whi po? >>ay, e in myom >> allig, we'rrepo mp >>e're gono vie ster.>> rvie poer. mit. guiig. nd my me.>> wna ra ca. sods like ti. yoready gets uff? >>'so .>> ready to get his ? >> let's gt urun. y wanna gb s junk lego ro yourff, les . >> wt the orki, you goe ys? >>the ke rht h > g insid >> letet it,et'st. shangyou ink ane keys? >>ch bter not ha chaed key thigucan'even in the househt now >> may she did.. >> you kshe hia she ook onha ovethere hela a r>>ook ha boom
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gethe t' it. >> we're i>>e house. >>eah. let's stin the kit >> wd be ithkitchen? ll rig, ... you wt most? >> wl, ion seeny oth stuf my list direcy ri here, but tmicrowis actuly me. so wcastart the, 'use-u icve >> yh, tcr auset mine. anu n see, idot match anything e in t kchen >> iothis. ll rht, all t,ext. take goodso tis on e list, my com pet. .. wt iss? >>eah. >> camera. me eas cam e ephantt a venioetreet h r nef our first dates. thonh, got 'ot le, the two ephan, i nna ke. ause the, , b ce, ike, ynow, ey mn sotoe. whe you guide, i lookn the other ro and i did my gr. ly sd it. i mean'sble,now?so'dust ttake ts g, 'causweght r likeatorld mket, like, wh we rst move. >> treou go.
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thn the n? uld puit in the er se iin the bed, nghithat ke persona very ti there's justtuffi el i just flood wimejustt torab evytng. w done t'p-up andhe'll talkut w biext,ut wst gotta thiup. >>awn beoom is baball witthretographellade , at'st. n'ev careabout e po. i don'evare out thney e itar. let it l got ju don't leavatehin that like leavg piof
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>> lthin >> what aryodohere? >> oh,bleep).hat are u g he >> oh, (blee >>e bebe hiding theat i'm ths myouseatoi ou sd the (ble) of me. >>an take whatou wayocan keteveyou want usgo thibaba b, ght? i't >>haveyoreg, beit>> allig? yoju back e? making atle e. re you gnaalk ou- out my housth-- >> yesamjust jt givevesomecan yojust bk upor me,plea? >> o9, okay. >>ight.. gho i'just gonclosdo um, herer ke ll just-
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eep). olicte radio)uh an i tk to yr seco? offer > called ps? >> just real nd mep now. ievng ore 'm--lled. uh, iotintrer.>>y husbd'not he it'sus.>> ias hiro ck u thingfroms . eownt leyou . kf.ave a strag r imine. >> in'ow she had straraing der hi am not thief.i'the repo m >> do you understaow caeast >>y, bhere're mi om, rsta, t ede e propty.>> yeah,ki i d know.i doknowi uld veeeleft bd. o you ve a keyen u thor>>s)ha th wwe e o u sehoat ss? >>s ldg a weap >> >>e g myat >>erree.her
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no! wdoest sa yr irt?eakure." >> whath >> it'a leho >> so o sho lled... >>breakup re." f t rit. uh ou aa ow, t noreupo." u'ren trutnek and u're ttar t no ) no! s up >> ahh! (blee hrt stopp, man.reallyht w to gu all ass(bep i t ke nei o of u,ma>>er: following a pa p f the airyer, e ti kit,brght to youip brngningful noti your tchen.stayunedng exclusive ffer.everneheerfect ch fryexpy on the outsidipt d tendinsi prlewiiesand y the ?
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