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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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that add fbunon get cris frencieth frn ucg thil rfryert tayo without gu wips afr n make the pferench y, atte nme froked ithairfryer ntain % le and alr fries e lyhe beg. e ilipryerries, asts, , enakes wit cy, golden-owie chicken s littl n l ust nute it'soas>> ie be 2 nus me irmeme. >>messs. thers no oil hat s airfermyouer >> t ayer justoes it l. annncermall y fariooith no fusomessd less oil even cle-uis ae.icy grilsteak jitafor
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me-in-oustedonus who the hey odor. evesseik mouthwg baap bl f yr ly, fo fries, forartieseveandathesto srethe iliprfryerlets you cook y th s you lo faswith less t. edal the best piblket er had. greo es s. a ste fily. >>hicken and din danhead >> [ps ] freh toast. it'not just that u 's hlt y, yon ysicallytehe imovemt.mean, ts bett. >>nc: call vybe afr t mkeand timatetechenpp the ilips airyer hdyso 4illi uni worwide anvailable in over00 trs. socialiabung tomer views arouhe fooled ta phs,loleader in of th teapid airology
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r,siite no l. th's whyhe philips ar or's1 w-t fr ans america'-totchen ple, ming delis healy meal and takice of ep frr, a frying n, a baking sh tve oncery philipseryoll wondehow yo ked wiout it. ibe a lfun inking ideas a w yso cook. >>l, yea wt g nd thece sto has isisna bke in thai? we puthahefrr? t's trth y hters theay, "can i ta t colge wh me >> annnc: d wot nt s is -- for a miten trth airyer yoursel h remaab price, onlyavlae iscial viff. 's all comupn -fe frng." let's cheflethomoplos as she
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wi her mom, ti ferraand so ies, awiw you we youravor alier,asier,nd fas inthe philips airfry the'shi btethan rfeccooked fh fry raight othe frr, e pyand pipi. disd a new way make frencfrs 70%esst.yeahyohearme right. 70% ssat. and o lp m, crtinaerreo has t onttoo coherself, always s ing to saybouty g. i ver verprou you, alu'ediblef.anyou' goiowso thingshat i n t vekingoror w were small, but alys erd outhe t and oi ou kw, sdra right re n rhtowi undend.yo ks are ne how many- the o jus ut ohous t one eft, andhe ne d like, "whoho andy husband haime to rsve
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u ha, at, o ildr? es. we do. n have a ve [cles ro] eligible gentleman ov nais cha. arles,hat doou d worr law . i'h out law school,m up e aaclate ahtlll rit. ll, ger th, alex is gonn youct dngs wean do, stwiverybody's favori >> .ri oka mom.isw used to makeenries [ ughter ] yesits. ngs. ow >>eah. with thehipsfryer, you'goa ed abo a tables ol peea batch renc soould y rher okr iein thi or with this? [s ]thinhis e,or su. >>t'abluredi what dom, open bo oe phs airf. d in here ha the fry basket. >>huh. >> yake ur truy tapo you ju take ur fnch frs, and justne tlespoon ofil.
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ow. >> that'itk t hal you ne ose u setoutir. ur tratu d inbo 15 mites. >>h,, u guys. ...mostio,lden-bwnsml th oh,anme i idoesn't smell oi uslly, wn rep, ur wholeitchen smellse a ivthrougtcn.>> and it esnot ion the ss tes onstov sve >>kay. >>heo go t's fluffyn e insideryruhy othtside, y a relyd fren-fed d e likeand it'sot traditialed chick, yolly ke a ms kitc >>. you'vt at rea supehol. thiss a bu from e ieicn , ght here. lauger ]so wke trfnd plaen into f bt. an i a que
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n'u havesera iin order foit to t crpy wh thphilipsrfryer because ofap air tenogyall ur fd cos enlyvery singl all you is you se tir,r mperate, andint a w mites, youave a aoldcrisjuicpiecfriechicl at. thas awom >> it el ul. >> it loalrispy the id t. >>ng thelips airfrye tentedidhnoly, ok your st own crpy oe outside, and 's so juichenside. d t on coufriedchken,ouo soutes cckkoanlehick st pn ic anern wings. >>hud said it th st cck tveveoked. >>ou gd at has the xte, has t has t tae ried fd without
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order foro tast good. the rfryer jt does ial" ionhow you how ke dneiner 1nutes. anow guylly, reoy ts. >> [ lgh] s'rnnmade y. inhis philipai, we ve p, d what d jt goa acyoyoies onop of thellanat gappen goa brow andll theatis gnatoto t we go temture e nna ge-- lievab we addedchsee lo ahotiful th ar >> w drego >> thee ht down there. ogoodss lo athu gu wow. >> sthe rfryetyou cookdelicis, heaer mea inusfew te yocan make we etofofs, smon an aspagus, oick- icpot stic a ggieand yon top wh a er le a lious e. so, ato u guys think they're so ciou mois
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the ti with thds or rties. >>xa. suess. higfi.>> hho! nc: erneov the perft french f e ouide,ip t ann si. the probm m thh frs d soany foods that wve? oi tplr,nd a thatdded fat. bunoyou n isreh frwiou frn l. troducinthphilips ry.make p frefr ho w70% f. > didch fes last nit,ut ty red r me. aouncerd healthieies aronheeginni cririolfriechicken s le to nl inusmi >>y moth lovt.she's ke, ou? ause didhe anyan indn't hything l hearwas somein di." annncer theybe airfrye the market timate kitpp philips rfer haslr ld 4-mlionorldwide
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untrie ci medias ti witusreviews frou ar theorld don'ooled bymitators. philips, gbal leerin no, are pieers oth teap aecoly iewiup aising lit no oi at whe philipsfrr the wld1 lofrye brndamica's o kin plnce, mg hethy s,tang pf deep frye aing a bin dish, evev aster on. isuch a vsatile iae i for py chve ml. >>nnnchoabouth best-tas gll cev go-brown andnchye tse, a geyicious the in.solulyovedthat. nnou: fomohwatin ksooketofe erti , so sis erand grillesh thavod
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>>nnouthe s airfry ieao use, ey tondasto l g s arshwaer sa. n pot nmo p esce'll everus if i weingl mit.laughs ] announcerphil airfryer rlaceer60 woofitppli today, throughs ex fe y w pay $0, $0, or eve$4cae ilipth aierilable f you y at homsk-ffor a fu dayr thazw profus$49.. thiss a eciafe t finye , y t lag. d whenrdthnext inutes, you'et thibrillign syo-frch fryryut omemfrench fri ee a $20 va i wh zour ordeyou'receexusivaiairyerecipok
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repes, a recvee cess toheirfrye cong 200 moreasy and aly cipeshpi lis thatakshopping easie n't wa. callnd orderr philip@rfer ris forull for ly.9 d evy ai iarantehilips you'rnot 0% sfied f anreas it, andetfullllefun tas prico ess asd,nd ke tonour gift t phips makin aminoffeevetr. be onefit 50to o d receive a $5 fny ilips kitcheodt he s linere. thphs airyll e bonuftarvalu at but yocatry itt home r ly $49.95. it saveu mucpr
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>>n 5 10 minutes, iad lunch on table. 'suick, tastes od, and lthy>>s sicallpled's repgril'mt at t ghlaughs>> annou: smarshop,asw you n grade ip llher yen oro to afryer. is an excsivetemefferhat may notlast, soai order no slori,ano can ble ? n, wi the ayer,e'a perfecsoon can key,icicwiout l tht. ke se ken wing d them in thbaet >> thait? hat'. >>salt, epoi >> nsano peppeoi set the t e e. d in nme aal ye gonnveiest,
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me s. ve thegood >> lat tt. presonal cf. l lk thlook aemt. yea d try thiat he. ju u yr tos. u don't t moves. [ ht thoty, i camhome from work, a was crangme and di't wt tomess in my hen, ao i us my phs airfry. and u t? kchasan. ousesein ani d s.>> beaifult wingwoulys is? oh, yes, tsmell unbeliable>> taste ce a hot you fort the cery thue mmm. orhosef you o e thin, his okdeci i n'ha tfo okin" u camakellf favore frenoo with ipai sh s frencfrs,ri, n nuggetma fastbeer, and . souw,ave a lot riho are
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th'rly intimid >> rht, gog to shli secth you. ith th techlogy aomicicoff, jusyby canke pood ry w g maksoy with aarag lorbrely, really od f you.nnthe ras on both. d then gson myfittit of ltana le bf . ve ses othere. a felesles li that, for a aittle exaavor thenll yo p yo ssoned sa on p. anu havely cooked,lyjuicy saand the asparagu perfe cookedas well. h, w hat is beaif. lo at wan t that. >>oh, it jusfas apt. >> you know, icoed sal
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veri it, i've d itanve nd a mo icece h.>> l, it flsrtn outhic.know what?thessus aramazing. s ca, pey oked saveinglti. >> want toetconsistedeous stra-quali fish and a lot moneyy not going t tocy rta, shldoking sh ame wit e ilips rf.w,e'naak my farihe fajitasas i fitas. >> le fataoo. so, i'm jt king se bell peppers re i'm g slice the. m going jt lasovege othe om gonnputh on etond as meatoo andsears, a js e gonnseep dn to tsegetaes, and itakes ul fasoked little hf a jo in tre, toor li i li u srt s for the fajicaas ofr ansn'ttake tt long's supensi. ade a lileit of a fa bnd.
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min, salt, gli. lot of or nowaryogoing ut a oie? >>o i sualitnal fajis are ed with a ton gethig, pipi lendou c shat g poattoto thhipsfryer, the me innok its owjuice and its own fat. d inust 10ines, re vefely cke loth. odes >>ook ha>>hose vetablearunbelievable. i beyo kwould lovehe yabsolu. ove pepp theyove mbling t o tand the toppings wn. wou definlike t ts. d vegetablesave ns of flort l of tt t @ ottohis >>haits.>>ook at tha yeah. >> t fact att don' hao stk to oneng, that cait f mulple different usesso. >> iryasy use ere's messy cle 'sle it'senewed my gyor okinagai i'm ry
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ilips rfryer kehfer fnch at homeh 70ss. >> i didavfrench f l night,reood forme aouer: d althiearon t begning. the iliprf fri,grilen besithr,aking deouhealthy a tg the e ofdeep fryer, a fr pan baish,vea toasr oven phis rfry is easy ey to storeand cln. l inpas washerfe. no pot no moans. e sit vi yl nner: the phips ryeplawortit aliance y,hrgh texus offe youon pay50
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e ils akeairyer available y to tratome sk-free for a 30 days for aming wt anen ord ine 9 mite y'll t this y ed -to-french fry cuttokeomemade chries a breeze. $2lue, it's eeit de u'll also receisexusive airye ok h iquefryer pes, aeceive facce tirfryebi app, nt 200e easy a althpes.nd w wer yphipsryer risk-ull 30foly49.95. evairfryer is anteedhilips. oue t 100%isfied any reonturnndetund turchpre anepheuses a our gift tyou. onef e firs500 o d ive a upon f a phips kiheoduct he s online s.the ilairyqr andll
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nofor only5. >> it's quic it st .t'ballreaced m en. repd ououil aouncer: smarshpersk can e f ipping. call tber onour oro to airfryecom. i eluve limid-mefft ma lastsoon't so, is re exot aun- grle skirt k cmichur omen d t is repe because y canakur enr tlips rfry i'just fish opng espwtato.and because poes take a li bonr than, e cook thefffi m into theli ry for aut 15 s to get em nice ansoft. goadd tablespo o so, pl emut a5 nunus.i'goadd -lerng aesrytohe t i just put th right oto
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it sup fit nsivat a. thepa is, i up - t oks up so ickly. i've ased onee. i'm gonnlaitn do-layerngsoso, seonth se. and e pop at ifo o o tes,nd youe goa ha a pererct-bwnedmediumarst .>> gs. >> beautiful i'mone ste.pu on my plate takey leng ce bul in, crunchy and deli and 'ven iusedit l sak f anen wi keo do it litthi sau on top of teak, d chimhusa it's gotmuch fr. ust lentthstk so i nnait ign.>>belly oked 's pfelyooked. wow. >>k at tt. peectlcook.
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e ilips airfryer au creatcious d creativeesvery sgld it so ea so, take classllchse s ried cheese in thwo >> yh, it's amazin all you needs ju a b obutter on ch si of bre.ana le b of chee. yohado is puth ee in the side, close ersetime see teatur in fi minutes, youe thden, crpydelicigrille cheese. [ fo crunc >> can you hthatru ian hear it >> yea smellso od. s azin >>ohok athis , myt'beti tamazing. i le th >> you cou do badar. n saeppe. he a whchdar d applover he. 's uelieva >> nes the a l, fry, anroasalso s.wi t ayer, yan makedeerts, which yofindn
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apsuper sy, sur quk. goa ke crule topping, so ve se walnutd flour brown su and little butter. we have meade ady ovre >>ll rht, re it >>ers our e-pi lling. ju touapplfiwi yo crule.>> a. >>u just opeup t phryt yourbang attachmin, cle it and iablf tti itakes yotoitn a guoven, yo perfecy edpp cmble. >> loohat. >> oh,go. itmeso good. itmells liays. te . me whid uslitt bit
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>> sgorgeo mealn berered in airf. e deliouut mor poantly,hey'ealthi >>nd tfrr delive delicioustinfoodt and sy, d tiream>>ndyou haen tke fhistles]t makes crel he % leat. >> and y're inset evy dafoea lunch di. you can breakutf a ri routine thdr easy-tecthe airfryerpp>> and afryets ke rtaurity , d ns ad a grcook. >> tt ilrfrys not aving my couer. as a specilace in my kin,ndndt' be eforever. >>uramil oiciay a phils airyamy r fe. nnou: everneovheperfect fr -extra ispyn thtside, ping
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e problewi freh ies my foodthat we lo? thl, splter, a aat add. t now u cadelicious,crpyncs tfrng in oil. tructhphryer theerfect fnchathomele f. e frch lt t, buthey red r .nceranalthier s are on b ke criy,oln-brfr chkewingthe to n l jt mites. y mo lovedshe'ke did yake th 'cau i dn't ans going , r ythi. i d go di >> announc: called t vst aye tard e ulmateitchen appance, thphs airfry has alr ld 4nits worldwideand isvailable in over 100 unies. soal mbursngithreal customevis om arou don'be fled imito ilips,lobales inno, arpirsf
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ung little noi th why the ppsirfr the wor'sw-fat fryean and it'america'go-to kitchen e,akdelicialthme a king t pdefryer, fg n,ak even astve it'le ple at for ptt ch m announcer: w t ebeasti gri ever goenrownnc on thoutse, a gey diousnsi. >> tidabluov at nnounc: for mouthwatin steaooked toerfectionerti. up jui, sopris aou: and ilshthod >> f peolikewhcook es>> aou: thphip aieaus ey e,ndasy to clean. alcookg pas e dish safe. >> no moreot nre pans.e t device you'ler usus i gle, marry .ug
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h k applian but hrough thiexcle offer, you won $6050 or even $4 because philips g the airfryer availableo at homske for ll 30 ds the azw price jus$49.95a sp n' awhelseitmay stg.and enou order ithxtmiououthis brillitly degn easyuschryutter r ma homade a bree. a 0 lue, is ee wit de lso reive is exusivecipe book wunueirfryer cipes,ndecei frecehe afrr app,ntai 2or hethy repeand oppi lis thate shopping easier. t it.
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y airferguaran byhilips. oue noatisfiedor y rn it, andet ll purch ic no qutions ke and the bonusess ougift tu.and now ilips isakin amazinoffer ette be o oth500 torderane a couponor philkit at the phils ne s the phs and all the bos gifts art $350t u can it at how w r ly49 >> philifryer mas relyastodialods. it efllmake ttk, oes me loike a better cook. annou: smarshoprs, ask hon upe free shippingca tumber onour scoro irfryem. this e
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thpreceding a id enon f ther, brough yphilips. i t fute fo fil uedio help myty. i willur nt generatiti of leads. amlegedent #bui o oy
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