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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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now on 6, face to face, police say he's been preying on women for years and today the victims of this accused peeping tom finally get a chance to face him the first time. i'm adam cooper stivkuperstein. >> i'm trina robinson. joining us live from broward county courthouse in fort lauderdale, marissa. >> reporter: the alleged victims are up in the courthouse standing outside a courtroom. it's unclear if they will be taking the stand and testifying in this bondearing right now has been going for the last several hours. the defendant is 43-year-old suriolo, facing a judge to get a bond he can afford and possibly get out of jail. he's accused of lurking outside
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pines the last several months and years and reportedly peeping in and even touching himself while watching them undressed. he was often armed with a slingshot and repeatedly spray paint to cameras set up to try to catch him. the prosecution spent much of this afternoon showing surveillance video and how he allegedly tampered with those camera cameras. they're now interviewing a detective on this case. >> he was peering in her window, masturbateing and constantly, constantly defeating the camera by sprainting paint with spray paint and spray painting the actual sensor and breaking the window. >> >>. >> reporter: he was initially denied bond after he turned himself in after new year's eve. the bond hearing is ongoing and we will head back up to the seventh floor and let you know if anything the judge decides on
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marissa bagg, nbc6 news. new tonight, a man has been found guilty after his son flew out of a car. reland delancey got out of the car after having an argument with the mother of his child. the 3-year-old son was sitting on his lap and he fell right tsaoin the middle of traffic and they convicted him of child neglect. the child's mother who ended up scooping the boy up testified today. >> i know i was driveing with caution. the car wasn't driveing at the speed pace. when he grabbed the pocketbook thing from me, al i could remember was looking over and seeing my son, dusting his hands off. >> sentenceing is now scheduled for next month. we learn more about a deadly accident on the causeway that caused major delays this morning.
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victim had been involved in another crash and was standing on the side of the road when she was hit. she's been identified as tatiana sanchez of miami. >> reporter: steve is still too it. it anymore. >> reporter: the florida highway patrol said steve was behind the wheel of this suv when he crash crashed into two cars that had just been on an accident of the westbound lanes of the julia tuttle causeway. >> after the initial crash, a pedestrian may have got out of the vehicle, that's when a third vehicle entered the scene and struck one of the pedestrians. >> reporter: troopers say the woman driving the honda civic could not be saved. she was announced dead. the man driveing the car in the initial wreck will live. >> you never want to make that notification to the families. >> reporter: snarling traffic
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and serving as a very unfortunate reminder about what you should or shouldn't dine a similar situation. >> if you can get off the road immediate immediately, do so and stay off the road. get on the shoulder and behind a guardrail and away from traffic. >> reporter: they say the driver of the third suv fully kroopt with investigators and was allow allowed to leave the scene and at this time they're not sure if any will face charges. michael spears, nbc6 news. scary scene on a major road in wellton today when a school bus and car collide cause causing the car to roll on its roof. five adults and three children were taken to the hospital. only one child from the school bus was hospitalized. no word on condition at this hour. the bus was carrying 26 children at the time of the crash. an update of the 20 marines, one from florida. the search has been suspended. the 12 marines were in two helicopters when it collided in
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thursday. 22-year-old corporal thomas was aboard but so far no sign of the men. one of the americans released by iran as part of the prisoner swap, jawan joins us with more on the cameo. >> yes. jason rezaian appeared on camera and where he and others are being treated. >> reporter: jason rezaian appeared outside the hospital where he was bei treated this morning earlier laughing with his wife and pictures by the newspaper. i'm feeling od, he told them. >> hi, everybody, god bless you. >> reporter:als marine amir hekmati.
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hospitality, chocolates, veal was served. >> reporter: when do you hope to get home and what's the first thing you will do? >> that's a good question. i want to get home and see my family. >> reporter: a bitter note for the family of rob levinson who disappeared nine years ago. his son watching on msnbc. >> we're not in germany welcome welcoming home and celebrateing with the swiss chocolates and veal andthings like that. we're devastated. >> reporter: amir hekmati says his military training helpedim survive the ordeal. a representative of another american, saeed abedini from boise, idaho says he is a different person today than when he went in the prison. >> rezaian said he doesn't want to be part of the story, wants to get back in the world and see a warriors game or two and watch
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he's planning to head back to the states in the next few days. >> what resilience. thank you. tonight's decision debrief, donald trump making headlines showing he is leading by 32 points in the sunshine state in one poll. the billionaire mogul and part-time palm beacher pulls 48% among the voters and the next is texas senator, ted cruz at 16% and marco rubio and jeb bush only 11 and 10% respectively. the new poll released this morning and less than 16 days before the march primary. -- 60 days. the son of sarah palin was arrested friday night. his former girlfriend claimed he
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court documents said she was afraid he would shoot himself. she had bruiseing and swelling around a left eye and hurt knee. and saying only to respect the@ family's privacy as he and other veterans receive the help they need. track spent a year deployed in iraq. water is a basic right and everybody deserves clean water. >> frustration spilling over as water woes connue to grip the city of flint and celebrity help poured in. a chip pot lay cover-up, wsuits pouring in at the worth possible time for the fast-food restaurant. looks like a twister flew in? no. not mother nature's doing, how customers at a dairy queen got a lot more than they bargained for.
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tomorrow and friday a whole different ballgame. coming up in a few minutes. in one hand, ver mace bag
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can you spot which is the fake? welcome back, a fire engine doing more harm than good in the city ofin texas. a truck slammed into the back
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restaurant collapseing part of the wall. the driver and employee were hospitalized but not life-threatening. unclear what led to the crash. an update from a puppy that was stolen from a florida pet store and traded for crack. a tiny puppy puppy napped from pinellas county was found but sick and being careford by a vet. it was taken eight day ago and the man was arrested soon after and police say he traded that yorkie for crack and cash. they took to it an animal hospital and scanned it and discovered the puppy had been stolen. the man who took the puppy to the hospital said he had no idea it was a hot dog. sea world and the killer whale pools created a safety feature to let them out in deep water in the event of an emergency and say they're no longer needed because they
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water. it was installed in 2010 after an orca dragged a trainer under water and killed her. they will start to remove the lifting floors. spilling over in michigan, tonight, the city continues to deal with its contaminated water supply, as many as 100,000 people to rely on bottled water. residents haven't had a clean supply since april 2014, when to save me on the city began using the flint river for its water supply and the embattled governor promised to release two years of e-mails regarding the situation as federal and state criminal investigations continue. >> i say tonight, as i have before, i am sorry, and i will fix it. >> i am sorry does not bring back the health and welfare of those people and these children's future. >> reporter: it wasn't until a few weeks ago, neaeay two years after this started the governor
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and asked for federal help. and now many say they've been denied their basic human right to good clean water. legal troubles don't seem to be blowing over for chipolte facing a class action lawsuit of people who were sickened and trying to cover the outbreak of people sickened. a manager suffered from iiestinal gastrosymptoms at work and continued to work. higher-ups didn't alert local health officials fast enough. the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages. heads up for drivers on i-75 that could affect your drive. kelly is here with more. >> i have overnight construction for you. tonight, 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., all lanes on i-75
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shut down at miramar parkway and all eastbound west of the sawgrara expressway will be blocked off from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. we'll see you here from 4:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.for your news, weather and traffic. >> another beautiful shot. everglades park camera. look at the birds floating across. and coming up on sunset and almost like glass, the water calm today versus yesterday. not much on this map. that will change over the next 48 hours or so as another cold front heads our way and another smooth evening tonight and much warmer and boca raton, hialeah, mikasuky,y,ll looking drive.
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backyard, 69 in miami all the way up, if you're doing travel traveling across florida, temperatures pretty uniform, upper 50s to mid 60s, doesn't matter where you are, calm winds across much of the state. the dew points where you measure moisture in the atmosphere talking 30s and 40s, that is chapstick weather and the rift retive humidity can get heated up with dry air. and dew points i`to the 50s. not expecting rain any time soon with these sports of dew points. there's a ridge of high pressure we're watching well off towards ur west, one area of low pressure will move north of us. this will be the one that brings this cold front slamming through our backyard friday and early saturday and even snow in the colorado rocky, weather advisories in a sond. another cool one but not as cool
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66 in key west and 62 in kellar go. 59 in key biscayne versus 55 in den kendall. if you like the 50s, back tole fort lauderdale, water temperatures in the 50s and hard-pressed to find warmer water temperatures on thewater. 2 to 3 degrees warmer tomorrow versus today. 77, kendada. 75 miami. 72 today. 77 degrees in weston for tomorrow. fast forward to the weekend, yep, temperatures drop like crazand upper 40s to start for the marathon. not as cold as where john morales is at the climate summit
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it was about el nino and the tropic tropics, what are some takeaways? >> repopoer: hi. it's a great morning and great day in breckenridge. we're getting 2 to 3 inches of snow on top of what fell before. i checkeded it out today and did three or four runs briefly. you'reright. we were in session today. we had a presenter from the national severe storms lab talking about the new way the national weather service, in the future, is going to put out thunderstorm and tornado warnings and perhaps more relevant to us in south florida, dr. phil klauspa, from colorado state university is the gentleman taking over for dr. william gray. he is pretty soonon going to put out the new seasonal forecast for the 2016 season. now, what does that forecast say and what are some of the factors that will infnfence the forecast?
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>> one of the big question, how quickly itdissipates. the strong ones dissipateairly quickly but still uncertain how soon this one will dissipate. >> reporter: the question is does this el nino wind down quickly and that means nor cycles winding down. that's the big question. longer term we might be entering a less active phase in the atlantic and dr. klozpoch had something to say about ttt. >> going forward in the atlantic, there is some question tt active era we have been in since '95 may be coming to an end meaning reduced storm frequencyies and less intense storms for the next 10 to 20 years. >> reporter: the first thing i will say is it onlyakes one to strike us. we know andrew in 1992 happeed
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wasavery very destructive. if indeed we are entering th less active phase in the atlantic, there's a chance we go in a neutral orlanine no laninelanine lanineorlanine-la nino phase, it won't be as severe. overall a great day here. a lots of people had to leave here early because they work in television markets along the eastern seaboard and have to deal with the big snowfall. this snow here is part of the system that will affect the east coast during the next couple of days. live from beautiful breckenridge, colorado. now,ack to the studios in miami. >> looks great, john nothing like our chilly 60 degrees here. you can keep track of john in breckenridge on twitter and keeping track of the conference. john morales@nbc6.
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lot of im posters are trying to fool you with the real deal and for men it's important to know before shelling out the dough. >> reporter: have you been saving up your cash to add that coveted handbag to your collection? if you're turning to consignment to make the investment, how can you make sure you are buying the real thing? spotting fake, that's lorena's expertisese >> i can tell you by holding a bag, does it feel the right way? does it have the right weight, does it look fine? i do see anything off? >> reporter: she's the southern and founder of lorena's worth, a high end fashion shop. take louis vuitton as popular as the real thing. look for upside down lvs on one side. >> people don't know. if you flip it over and there is this here, that's a fake bag. >> reporter: it will peel from
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the blue should be a bordeaux color, not red or round. and the hardware is metal. test it. >> get an ice cube. if it's cold, memel. if not, plastic. >> reporter: this goes for 1800$1800 in a store and get it for about 800 at consignment. >> reporter: now for chanel. >> chanel is this. >> reporter: check the tags. tags are printed and will fade. they come with authenticity card cards inside. louis vuitton and hermes do not. >> this is non-existent. hey do not have these cards. >> reporter: real craftsmanship will line up perfectly. fakes won't. roxanne vargas, nbc6 news. >> i hope you didn't give me a fabulous fake for christmas, come on. >> i didn't want to say
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you should know if it's misspelled. wrong letters on it. a case of sibling rivalry ought to a whole new level. >> nobody to talk to. >> they're brothers and how they are pitted against each other a ahead. and nbc6 news at 6:00. i'm ari odzer.
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that can tell a coach if brick by brick, block by block, a new skyscraper stands tall in detroit. 50 feet tall to be exact, made by lego's. held by globs of glue, a model at downtown detroit renaissance center now on display at the international auto show. one of 10 area city lego landmarks permanently on display when a lego center opens this spring in nearby auburn hill. >> that's cool. a colorado family will be divided this sunday in a very unique way.
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one problem, their firstborn son is defying his parents already. >> we're broncos fans. >> it's not like they had much of a choice. >> whoever wins the super bowl will name. >> i'll look at brady and go why? >> well, i like the name. >> reporter: but brady fully embraced it although he quickly found himself the odd man out at school. >> nobody to talk to. >> reporter: and at home. >> usually, he's pretty good and sometimes gets too annoying and we send him to his room. >> reporter: in 2007, peyton manning led the colts to a super bowl here in south florida and son number two came along. >> i'm payne. >> reporter: up, brady's younger brother is peyton. since manning's move from indy, game days are intense. >> usually, i'm on the floor and payne is on the couch. >> reporter: mom and dad have to
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sunday's afc championship game. >> when they're head to head, they'll be wrestling and yelling at each other. >> reporter: brady is a smack talker. >> we have four underneath our belt and he has how many? i forget to count. >> two. >> oh, right. >> reporter: actually peyton only has one ring so far but his namesake is learning how to keep up with his big brother. >> yeah, a patatot. >> nice comeback. >> reporter: as of sunday if the broncos lose, things could get ugly. >> i am going to punch my brother in the face. >> reporter: yes, a strong sibling rivalry, thanks to mom and dad, who won't have much sympathy come sunday in a house divided. >> three on one and we'll tie brady up and throw him in the garage two or three hours. >> reporter: brady says he will
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i have to say this. it's kind of the parents' fault. that they got what they deserved when they named him brady. >> that's it for the news at 5:30. don't go anywhere, more news straight ahead. serial robber on the run. north miami police on the hunt for a dangerous criminal they say is responsible for a string of armed robberies. a dangerous case in west palm beach where man is behind rs for extreme case of animal cruelty. and the ride shareing act after uber threatened toeave miami. what is going onn in sign language? i don't know. these kids device a aew app that could translate all of this. comingup. tonight, north miami police
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dangerous criminal.
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