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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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dangerous criminal. the man in the hoodie tried to rob a cvs drugstore and responsible for a least three other rob prince the city. good evening, i'm jackie nespral. >> i'm jawan strader. the police released three videos in hopes someone recognized him. more on who they're looking for. amanda. >> reporter: yes, jawan. north miami police say this robber has gotten away four times but they're hopeing surveillance video will help them track him down. he first struck here at this super stop food store and each time he's gotten more and more bold. four robberyies all linked to the same man. surveillance video captured the brazen bandit hitting up a cvs 9:00 p.m. monday. he walks into the store, meander meanders and quickly strikes, ppnting a gun at a cvs employee. there appears to be an argument,
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leaves empty-handed. but this isn't his only victim. >> with each one he's become more brazen. the first was at the super stop, then 7-eleven and then cvs and the kings restaurant. >> reporter: all four robberyies happened in this past two weeks and close proximity. in vicinity of 156th street. police worry he could get more violent. >> the first one hemplied he had a weapon and now he's going to showing the gun and brandish brandishing the weapon and struggling with his victims. >> reporter: he's shown terrorizeing the employee and pushed the employee around and cleaned out the cash register. three days later he moved to the 7-eleven next door. in the same pattern, he forord the employee to the back of the store, got him to emptyhe cash register and took off. >> he goes in, demanan money, threatens to shoot them and when
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starts to fight with his victims. >> reporter: it's not ovovr. he even robbed this restaurant as an employee was clleing up a around 10:30 at night. police say they need your help searching for a black 5'10" inches tall wearing a black sweater and black pants. if you know any that fits that strips call 3705-471-tips. thank you. we've been wakeing up to colder temperatures the past few days now. don't put away the jackets just yet. t degrees will be dropping even more. joining us with a look at your first alert weather, hi, adam. >> and the boots. i think it's a rule in miami if temperatures get below 70 you put the boots on. i think everybody put boots on
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naples, 48 degrees. miami, 52, fort lauderdale, 52. a while since we've seen temperatures like that. when miami has to go back to february 20th to find something cooler, 42 degrees that morning. the record is 38 degrees. in fort lauderdale, the 52 sue, same thing as miami, all the way back to february 20th to find something cooler. 40 degrees that morning. your record low for this morning is 28. even though it was chilly, nowhere near record cold. temperatures have already bounced. you can s s 5-10 degrees warmer. a lot has to do with winds beginning to co off the water now. current temperatures into the 60s. i'll let you know where we go from here and more talk of a cold front cong in late this week. those details coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right, adam. looking forward to that.
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sure you have the app downloaded on your smartphone or tablet. we'll keep track how long the cold will stay around and when and where it will be warming up. a suicideal woman in the keys leads police to a gruesome discovery of a homestead home, the body of a4-month-old child in the freezer of that home and police are trying toiece together what happened. we're learning new details of ththcase. let's go to bobby with what e've learned so far. >> reporter: jackie, good evening. someoeo had to have placed this baby in that freezer. that this is e focus of this investigation right now to figure out who did that. just a few minutes ago we learned this little baby's name, hugo alvarez vargas, just 5 months old. this is the house in homestead. cops went in to find a 5-month-oldh baby boy dead in the
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neighborsn the isle of oasis at a loss today. >> that's terrible. >> reporter: they find out it's the infant's mother who admitted to it. >> that sickens me. sad. that sickens me. >> reporter: the hole ordeal happened sunday. >> sunday afternoon at about 3:00 our dispatch center got a phone call from a woman who said she was suicideal and we encountered her at the not end of the old 7 mile bridge at marathon. >> reporter: after they arrived they thought the baby might be involved. >> we looked in her car and saw baby items. >> reporter: the first cop said she lied. >> she told a bunchf different stories and one which was that she drew thehild over the bridge into the water and we had coast guard and fish and wildlife do a search in that area just in case. >> reporter:hen on the bridge she revealed the truth quickly
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>> the baby was with relatives and then told us a story about placeing her baby in a freezer att a residence in homestead. >> reporter:once cops got the home it was confirmed. the baby boy was dead inside the freezer. back out live here. out on that bridge, we're told this woman told the cops she had ingested rat poison. right now, she is being treated at jackson memorial hospital. the dcf is involved in this investigation. luckily, they say no other children are involved in this case. live in homestead, bobby brooks, nbc6 news. a very sad and disturbing story. thanks. > a man is behind bars faceing charges in what palm beach deputies are calling an e ereme case of animal cruelty, a pet dog was brutally murdered. more on this disturbing story.
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>> jawan, javier made his first appearance before a judge this afternoon currently being held. he said he killed his dog because he was stressed out and needed to cleanse himself. we want to warn you some of the details of this story are extremely disturbing. the big questioio tonight is why. that's what detectives are trying to answer what theyay 28-year-old javier oh reli did to his dog. according to deputy, he decapitated his pitbull and buried it right outside his palm beach apartment. >> he seemed like a nice guy. >> reporter: she used to live next door to him and says he didn't have a dog then but did have several different birds as pets. >> it's hard to believe he would actually kill a dog. >> reporter: according to palm beach deputy, he admimied to killing the dog because he was stressed out and needed to sacrifice animals to cleanse
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found a dead duck near the dog alongngith the spanish word for torture carved in a contact tas. >> here we find cases concerning this and it's unusual to find a dog involved in that. >> reporter: santaryia is mostly practiced in the caribbean but typically involveing livestock or birds. >> it seems to have a lot of caribbean influence influence and other religions mixed in it. >> reporte they are having agents determine if this was a case of san taria or a brutal act of animal cruelty. >> he had to be baker acted according to his mental state and the judge ordered another mental evaluation and will be back in court on friday. trina robinson, nbc6 news. thank you. a man robbed a woman as she pray prayed at a church in fort laududdale.
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the man is identified as jonathan s omps. he was at our lady heaven baptist church attending his niece's b btism when he committed the unholy act. he was arrested for driveing under the influence. he has been charged with grand theft and in the maemdiami-dade police department. today marks five years while ha haworth and castillo were killed while doing their job. in the past few years, the mia-dade police department dedicated the warrants bure to their memory and detective of the year award every january. in a mission trip to africa due to a terror attack, these
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they were minutes from landing when al qaeda fighters began a rampage inside a hotel and killed 42 people inclulung a missionary, while waiting for them to land. tonight, they will talk about the ordeal and legacy ritering has left behind. sheltering wings, the group rit ritering was rking when he was killed. they set up a morial fund to help his family on nbc6 news and weather app. we are just shy of the anniversary of roe versus wade that legalized abortion in the united states. tody, several pro-choice activists were at tallahassee. one would pay for it for low income women in hillsborough and palm beach counties and hopeing it will create the rate of pregnancy and abortion as it has
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>> this legislature can continue to aim its efforts and commit countless taxpayer dollars to banning safe and legal abortion abortions, or we can save both time and money by preventing unwanted pregnancyies in the first place. >> their fight comes after the house pane approved a measure yesterday that would increase egulations on abortion clinics. drivers and officials square squaring off with county commissioners in miami-dade. >> hundreds of people are ing ride share services like uber and ft in stead of calling a taxicab. that's illegal and may soon change. hi. live details coming up.
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florida students are inventi we're just five days into florida's python challenge but so far, hunters have caught 17. th are expected to issue a new update friday. more than 500 hunters registered to take part in this year's nt, some authorized to hunt in the everglades national pa and set to end february 14th.
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and uber are having a small victory but the battleis not over just yet. steve has more on today's hearing. >> hi, jawan. pretty significant day for these ride shareing outfits, like uber and lyft. up until now there has been no legitimate proposal to ride shareing in miami-dadecounty. if you call uber or lyft, that is being done illegally and will change in the next couple of months. the ride shareing issue brought them t in droves, cab drivers adamant about what they call uber drivers as a business. >> this will destroy the business as a whole. >> they're taxiing by stealing. >> reporter: uber drivers are fighting for their rights. >> if you do something correctly, why would you disrupt it? >> in new york city cabs and uber work together.
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been operateing in miami-dade coty illegally with drivers receiving citations and not pay paying them. county commissioners realize there is aneed to create some regulation for the relatively new concept of ride shareing. >> the technology when introduce introduced and properly introduced makes our life easier and conduct of business easier. i'm reminded by the pony express was a great idea until the telegraph came along. >> reporter: countyty commissioners visited this issue before and decided to send to it the transportation committee with full details and it will come in the next few months. >> for too long we focused on the demands of the industry and i'm in favor of what the residents want. they want this service. vice-chairman of@the commission,est ste bon bovo vors reduced regulations of
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panel chairman thinks ride share sharing services should be regulated like taxicabs are. the full panel is expected to make a decision around march. let you know what happens. live in miami, nbc6 news. >> thanks. going through customs at the international airport just got easier. five other airports including miami international use the app that allows travelers to submit their custom information by a smartphone or tablet upon arrival. officials hope it will cut down on wait lines and line congestion at the airport. >> a little warmer out there today, beautiful looking skyline. suset at 6:17, right about 20 minutes or so ago. things will get darker. the rain will stay away. 67 in miami and most in the 60s
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will we see the 50s again overnight tonight. let's show you live first alert doppler. we won't be seeing rain until -36 hours. then the moisture works in and a strong cold front moves in. stick around for details on that. boca raton to key west, everything looking ging pretty smooth here. if you're doing traveling, should be fine. marathon, you name every single place on this map looking pretty good. miami-dade and broward ccnty, hollywood, highly ja and-- hialeah and everybody loking good. i love some 60s. high pressure dominates florida. pretty light winds everywhere across south florida. you may have heard about the impending snowstorm for the underneath. it will actually be the sesend low that really begins to wrap
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carolinas and scoots up the east coast. huge issues with snow. the first snowstorm for many folks. it will be dollars from tofriday to friday night and then things get interesting. the area of low pressure coming out and huge !rea of low pressure as well. this cold front will drop our temperatures as well once we get to the weekend. i know, poor timing. i know we love these cold front fronts, but pretty chilly saturday and sunday. let's not worry aboutthat. beautiful evening in store. zero percent chance for rain. shapeing up 66 in key est, 60s all the way to the keys, once you gegeaway from the water, you find the temperatures dropping, kendall, 55, homestead, 55, warmer towards the coastline and near 60 for fort lauderdale and perform pan no beach.
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friday, as the front near us, i think it will be a second half of the day front, much cooler saturday morning. look at sunday morning, 49, this would officially be the coldest of the winter season. i think the runners will like it for the miami marathon. we will show you clouds and rain at the top of the screen for thursday b! noontime. partly cloudy conditions and a few extra clouds roll in the evening hours and it won't be until friday night until we see some storms. a couple could be strong. a new app helping hearing-impaired speak your language. >> one of the amazing apps
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welcome back to tonight's education on 6 when creativity and ingenuity meet, great things happen. that's whatat the horizon innovative app challenge is all about here. thousands of kids entered the contest and two of the best app designs in florida. you can help propel one of those teams to the national championship. we will show you how to vote. first, ari odzer shows us what these kids actually created.
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souped up with sensors on the inside, powered by the imaginations of these 7th graders at pine crest school. >e believe in thehe innovator and don't care so much about the nnovation, we want the innovators to believe they can change the world. >> these kids think they can. the idea was to create an app that can warn football coaches a player had his bell rung hard. >> when a player has sustained enough fo@rce they might have a concussion, the app sends a notification to the coach, like a text message, player number 87 as a concussion, pull him off the field for inspection. >> the player is always like, i want to go back in, i want to go back in. sometimes it's not safe because it wancan make it worse. >> reporter: they finished first at the middle school. this group leads at the high school level calling their idea langa-sign. they made a video to s sow how
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language into written text would work. >> so using this type of function where they can sign to the camamra in stead of actually typeing it in like some people think theyan do, they get to use their own grammar and have ct just automatically translate into the correct grammar that the rest of the hearing community can understand. >> if we can take it on an international level we're not only helping american deaf people but also other deaf people around the world. >> they've used all of their educational background and their creativity to come e with a fabulous idea. >> i have no idea what she's say saying in american sign language. however if this existed on my phone, it would translate it automatically. i'm pretty sure she said, vote for us. >> reporter: that's because the app challenge isn't over. the public can vote for the national champion. the winning team gets 15 grand for their school andxperts from mit will help them build their app for real.
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finally tonight, a quick look at today's top stoes. north miami police need your help tracking down a dangerous criminal wanted for a string of robbery robberies. the man at cvs is wanted for at least three other robberyies in the city. the suspect is 5'10", light and medium build and threatens to shoot the victim. investigators found the body of a fur-month-old child in a freezer. the woman led police there after her son's safety came into question. miami-dade police identified her as paula ortiz. the cause and manner of death are pending. another cool night ahead of us but not as cool as yesterday.
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>> upper 60s for miami, big
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