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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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into the path of this crash. south florida still has a chill i i the air tonight. but it may be getting warmer. and another cold front is making its way here. good evening. i'm jackie nespral. >> and i'm jawan strader. t's get right over to adam burg. >> what we had this morning, that was the coolest so far this season. miami and ft. lauderdale illustrated it right now. 52 degrees was the morning low. the coolest since the 42 deggee reading in february of last year, from miami, ft. lauderdale, same ththng, 52 this morning. coolest since the low of 40 degrees last february. key west almost made the list. u were 58 degrees this morning. but also 58 degrees yesterday. bore that, though, to find something cooler, you would also have to go back t@ february 20th of 2015. that was a cool day acrs south florida. so that is the deal for this
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but we have already warmed up. warmer. hours ago. it is the wind off the water. a little bit of the east wind goes along way. temperatures, quite krome. into the 60s with light winds. so my kind of numbers out there. i don't know about you. but i'm lovi the conditions. into the 6:00 a.m. time frame, temperatures slightly below average. not a lot, but just slightly. but man, the temperatures will be all over the place this weekend. stick around as we track the numbers in a few minutes, guys. >> adam, thank you. speaking of weather, take a look at this. a live look at the capital where they are preparing for a blizzard. right now light snow but up and down the easas coast people are preparing for feet and airlines e warning -- several carriers ancipating major disruption have waived change fees so be
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what to do if your flight is canceled. for everything you need to know about our local weather and if you have travel plans log on to nbc 6 news weather and app. several commissioners voted against establishing a miami consulate as most flights are announcing from costa rica. laura rodriguez is joining us with live onhat seems like a halt to historic change. >> the vote today was symbolic because it is the federal government that decides where to place a consulate. but they sent a clear message they reject this location as hundreds of cubans plan to make their way here to south florida. last week,k, 180 cuban mag migrants left to the united
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remain will follow. the next flight departs february 4th with the sam route as the pilot program. this time, however, priority will be given to families with pregnant women and children. and as many migrants have their eyes on miami as a final destination, county commissioners took on a hot-button issue. the possibility of a cuban consulate in miami-dade. >> the same community that has been beaten and had to run out of the country and flee that country and now pays txes in this country has to foot the bill to protect a bunch of dictator lockies who would bee in that consulate. >> miami is the most logical place to come. we have to start healing somewhere. >> reporter: one commissioner proposed a resolution urging president obama's administrationn to refrain from establishing a cuban consulate in miami-dade
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orleans. nine commissioners agreed with the resolution. three did not. including cuban-american commissioner javier suarez. >> i have respect for the commissioner. i would have preferred him to vote the way that the way i would have liked to have voted. but, hey, for all of us, it is a lot ofsoul-searching. >> reporter: the city of miami has said a consulate here would affect the peace and stability of the city. he also said he would sue the federal government if they pursue this idea. live in miami, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. north miami police think that one man is behind four robberies and they want to get him off the streets with your help tonight. >> with each one he has become more brazen. >> he prayer orrizes e eloyees and takes money and they think
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7-eleven, cvs and a restaurant. all four restaurantsear 125th and northeast sixth avenue. and as the thief gets away with each crime police worry he could get more violent. and police need your help tracking down this thief caught near west flagler and 92nd in miami. he targeted a 47-year-old man and struck him froro behind and then poked his eyes and snacked a gold chain from around his neck. this happened as the victim left an l.a. fitness gym. if you have any information onn other of the crimes call crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. members of a church back in south florida, the mission canceled after the terror attack that killed one of their own. jamie guiroo was there for the emotional homecoming and joins us live from pembroke pines tonight. jamie? >> reporrer: jackie, the trip was canceled but the group had to stay near where the terror attack happened. on the trip, a firefighter, a
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pilot, and a painter, to name a few. big smiles and signs. >> we're happy to have him back home with us. >> reporter: huge hugs and heart-felt happiness. >> i have a husband again. it is amazing. and our family is back together. >> it has been an adventur >> reporter: families relieved to be reunited. a ten-day trip for 15 missionaries cut short after an al qaeda linked terror attack. 30 dead. and one a man from cooper city. mike riddering. he operated sheltering wings. >> this guy gave up so much. he and his wife sold everything they had here in florida and move to africa. >>reporter: he cared for 400 orphans and was headed to the airport to pick up the team when terror struck and took his life.
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circle and you felt confident, you felt secure. and we all respected him for what he did. >> reporter: the c curch crew left to share their faith and make a difference. ey are back home early and weren't able to do that but they got something out othe trip that didn't go anything as planned. there were people there taking care of us that you wouldn't believe. you wouldn't belie the love and support that we had. >> and that is what effected us most about the terrorist attack, it was real. it became real. it is not just training any more. it may be something that we have to respond to there but we respond out of love. it's not fear. >> reporter: and the quick correctio that they are from west pines community church here in pembroke pines. there is a memorial fund set up for riddering. he leaves behind a wife and daughter and they need help with expenses. the sheltering wings have set up the memorial fund. we have a link on the nbc 6 news and weather app. all of the missionaries no
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they have done a lot traveling, hitting a lot of countries in the last five days. glad to be back home but they say they will goack to africa as they unfinished business there. live in pembroke pines, jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. a jury fovnd a south florida father guilty of child neglect more than a year after witnesses called about a boy falling out of a moving car. prosesetors questioned the mother of the son. she told the jury that back in august of 2014 their three-year-old was sitting on his l and she drove down the boulevard. he got out of the car which caused the son to fall on to the road in traffic. the child was confused a bit but not hurt. he will learn his face next month when a judge decides his punishment punishment. a very disturrng crime that involves the death of a five-month-old baby boy found inside of a home freezer.
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this neighborhood near northeast third court and 24th avenue. police first made contact with theuspected mother ortiz near the seven mile bridge. she told cops she was suicidal and revealed the whereabouts of her baby. victims of an alleged peeping too will have to wait one more day before they find out if the proer will get out of jail. more than two dozen women say he was on the prowl lurking outside of their bedrooms. marissa bagg joi us live from ft. lauderdale with what happened in court today. >> reporter: jackie, prosecutors are trying so hard to keep thiss guy in jail. they filed another charge againstim today. burglary with battery which could d just enough for this judge to decide to deny the suspect bond once again. women waiting anxiously to hear if their alleged peeping tom would be given a chance to get
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a five-hours long bond hearing for 43-year-old cerulia is paused until thursday afternoon. >> it is an uphill b btle and circumstantial evidence case. >> he is accused of lurking outse of women's bedrooms in pembroke pines, peeking in and touching himself while watching the women undress. dettives say he was armed with a slingshot and would repeatedly spray paint on to cameras set up to try to catch him. the prosecution spent the afternoon showing surveillance video and how he allegedly tap perred with those cameras. >> he observed peering in her window, masturbating and constantly, constantly defeating her camera by spray painting her camera and spray painting the actual sensor, breaking the window. >> and is it true that at no point -- >> reporter: the defense argued that police did not pursue leads only other suspects.
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challenge and doing what we need to do in securing a bond for our client. >> reporter: a judge initially denied him bond when he turned himself in on new year's eve. his alleged victims, four of who were outside of the courtroom on wednesday, hopes the judge holds to that. >> they had months and one other cases years o being terrorized like this. if he gets out he'll be on a gps monitor, is the only thing i could wh for so they could have some sort of peace. >> reporter: and this bond hearing will continue tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. the suspect's family was inhe courtroom today. but they shielded themselves from our cameras. live in ft. lauderdale, marissa bagg,bc 6 news. brothers busted. the pair go from a crime spree to behind bars. >> two miami-dad brothers accused of ripping people off and selling drugs. where police are calling their arrest a success and the list of charges the duo faces coming up. lucky escape. car narrowly misses this woman
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convenience store. some of the temperatures are good ten to 15 degrees warmer right now. versus yesterday at thisxact time. but what goes up must come down. we track the temps coming up.
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trades a brothers busted. this pair is allegedly responsible for going on elaborate shopping sprees with other people's money. nbc stephanie bertini is joining us live from miami and police say they are responsible for other crimes as well. >> reporter: jackie, not only is the duo facing fraud charges, but also drug charges. crimes miami-dade detectives often say go hand in hand. today both brothers went before a judge. the torres brothers are facing serious criminal charges tonight. miami-dade police say they were working together. allegedly selling drugs an
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card fraud. each stood before a judge today. >> he used a stolen credit card for over $18,000 -- >> reporter: investigators say it started when one of the brothers went into a electronics store on a shopping spree more than once. the security team thought it was suspicious and called police. investigators say the excessive spending was done with a counterfeit credit cards and i.d. they found inside of the home where 27-year-old jose torres and 26-year-old osc torres live. >> that is bad. >> reporter: the news was a shock to people who live close to the brothers. police say they are alleged entanglement in two types of crime isn't shocking at all. >> we've been noticing there is a correlation between the identity theft, fraud in general and dealing in narcotics zblnk. >> reporter: with the list of charges facing the duo and the
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the arrests are a successss >> this is a significant catch for us. >> reporter: the drugs connected to the case are worth more than $35,000 on the street. stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. well new details on the man whw robbed a woman as she prayed in a church in north lauderdale. they arrested this man. he is identified as jonathan somps. he was at our lady queen of heaven catholic church attending his niece's baptism at the time act. deputies have not been able to locate the suspect until he was arrested for driving under the influence. he has been charged with grand theft and out on bond tonight. >> we have an update in the case of a woman who went on a deadly strip. today prosecutors added dozens of new charges against lakisha holloway. including 30 counts of attempted murder. she would tase more than 1,000
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all 71 counts. she had her three-year-old daughter in her car when she drove on a sidewalk killing and injuring many. she's due back in court february 4th. a woman in australia is lucky to be alive after a smash ov the weekend. a car plowed through the store front of the service station in a suburb of sydney. other angle shows how close the car came toaking a customer out as she walked toward the counter there. she avoided taking a direct hit but the crash caused a major gas leak that lasted several hours in that area. the driver of the car took off on foot and is still missing tonight. for the northeast, bracing for a big-time snowstorm. and this is actually just an
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working on through. they had decece snow earlier, snarling traffic at time. s but we'll show you the winter weather advisories out there in a ment. and the cold front from that system working through the northeast will drop our temperatures quickly into the weekend. live first alert doppler. all i i calm. smooth from key west, up to elliott key and through miami-dade and broward county. lile this for the next 24 hours at least. and then into friday, that's when we feel the impacts as that front starts to work into our backyard. let's flash up your commute forecast. and for thursday, it is going to be just fine out there. mix of sun and clouds all day long. dry roads. a milder start this morning versus -- or tomorrow morning versus what we saw this morning. teepts wi be in the upper 50s for the low. 62 by the time we hit 58 a.m. much warmer than the 52 this morning. temperatures into the 70s.
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drifting down to 70 for the evening commute. so we zoom up and out. high pressure dom fating our reion. that is why the winds are on the light side. and light and out of the east. and then we find two ourareas of low pressure. this is working across the tennessee valley and developing into the nor'easter up the coastline and the cold front % will sweep through south florida and drop our temperatures like a rock. so the low will move east. and look at the advisories in play. winter storm watches in blue and winter storm warnings in pink. blizzard watch out there for d.c. in green. so it is going to be a doozie for sure for the northeast. so seven-day forecast, cold front sweeps on through, friday night into saturday morning. 58 for the morning low on saturday. that is just the beginning. 49 for the low on sunday morning, iit that verifies by season. daytime highs, comfortable on thursday. d warmer still on friday
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in with the front. we'll be cooling down as well with the day time highs into the 60s. and right back to the 70s before you know it. monday, tuesday and wednesday. let's detail the thursday. hour by hour. a light east wind. that is why thehe lows are going to be warmer to start the day. typical temperatures for the afternoon. 75. average highs this te of the year right around 76 degrees. you notice a few extra clouds working in, the beginning of showers maybe overnight on thursday. and then of course the big drop in temperatures for the weekend. guys. >> well an update on a puppy stolen from a florida pet store and traded for crack. it is a storey that is trending on the nbc website. a tiny yorkie dog napped iss being cared for by a vet. the man was arrested soon after and police say he traded the yorkie for cracknd cash. yesterday someone took the pup to an animal hospital. the vet scanned the microchip
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stolen. the man is being held on $5,000 bond tonight. >hank goodness. that cute little yorkie is okay tonig. you could own a small car, that is a big part of history out there.
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wheel of the pope francis now welcome back. well a surprise medical admission from a hollywood star let.
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she's been battling multiple sclerosis for 14 years. she got the diagnosis when she was 20 as she was taping the hit hbo show. she lived symptom-m-ee for several years but now feels weakness in her right side and can't walk for long periods of time without resting. she said that her two-year-old son beau is part of the reason she is now speaking out because she didn't want him to have to keep a secret for her. and there is no cure but she said her medication has kept her symptom stable. jennifer lawrence is set to play fidel castro's lover. she is set to star about marita, the 19-year-old woman who became his lover. she was recruited b y the cia with a mission to assassin ate the dictator. she claims she was present
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assassination. a swee deal. they are taking advantage of the media frenzy surrounding el chapo. they are making el chapo cupcakes. what do you think? do you like it? decorated to depict him wearing a dirty t-shirt like the one he was wearing when he was recaptured. the pastry chef said the reaction is shocking. el chapoo was arrested on january 8th and taken to the same prison he had escaped from six months earlier. what do you think? look tasty to you? >> why? >> and it is shocking. people didn't make a big deal about that. el chapo. >> so the heat are struggling. you know that. but tonight, not only a loss, a bigger issue, a los of a key
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the heat injury situation goes from bad to worse. miami already without wade and dragic and ulrah. so the last thing they needed in washington tonight, more key players going down. second quarter, whiteside goes down awkwardly. no contact. he strained an oblique muscle and didn't return. short-handed heat trying to stay in. boh with three. he had 18.
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late in@the third, washington pulls away. beale, the former gator, 18 points off the bench. just when you thought it couldn't get worse. look at this. deng, swiped in the face. his eye totally swollen. and take anotherlook. chris bosh said this was unnecessary and dangerous. miami loses. that is three in a row and six in the last seven games. >> two weeks ago weere going into a west coast road trip, really trying to prove ourselves with the whole roster. and now, i mean, we have like five or six or seven guys out swallow. >> it is seven. bosh is the last starter standing. look at the injured list. wade out, dragic, deng and whiteside going down tonight. and udr hav and bird man and others out too. and thehe miami hurricanes
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miami at boston college. rodriguez a nice second half. didn't score in the first. in the second. leading the crew is19. and the canes win 67-53. next up, wake forest and coral gables on saturday. the dolphins might have been a last-place losing team but represented pretty well at the pro-bowl. jarvis landry and albert added to the nfl version of the all-star game because of injuries. they wee alternates. the original dolphins pro-bowler mike pouncey can't play in the
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and that will do it finally tonight, you have a chance to own a small car a big part of history. the c used by pope francis during his visit to philadelphia is being auctions off. one of two used by the pope. it will be auctioned off later in month benefiting missions of the archdiocese of philadelphia. >> i wonder what the bidding will start at. >> i'm curious as well. and that would be the talk of the pope's visit. >> what a conversation piece that would be.
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