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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  January 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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today." right now, nbc 6 is everywhere. right now at 4:30. north miami police need your help to find a man behind a string of rob is. we have a description of who they're looking for. winter is coming for the east coast. we'relooking at how people are preparing for snowstorm headed their way. plus -- >> these kids are working on an app that can tell coaches when a player has a concussion while the game is still going on. part of a big app challenge. the story is coming up. purn push good morning. another chilly start to the morning. we're getting usedto it seems like. >> erica delgado is in this morning. >> we're talking about 50s.
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we're almost there. one more day t get through. we're still on the chilly side. 57 degrees in miami. 51 degrees in the kendall area. good morning ft. lauderdale and pompano beach. temperaturere in the mid to low 60s. we've been talking about a gradual warmup the past few days. even though it's subtle, it's en happening. temperatures were in the upper 40s and low 50s just yesterday morning. we'll look at the first alert doppler. things are looking pretty good so far. some good news foror us heading ououthe door on thursday morning. apart from a few passing clouds, things are looking pretty good. temperatures will remain in the 50s, but in the 60s mid to late morning. >> hopefully, kelly has good news for us. how are the roads this morning. >> the first alert traffic report not so bad.
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there is a pedestrian versus car in water hill and erika glover is on the scene and we'll bring us more information. as far as the major roads, we're accident-free. let's go to the maps where we have plenty of construction to talk about this morning. if you're headed out the door on the palmetto expressway, 826 northbound at 836, the dolphin expressway, the right lane is completely blocked off. also on the dolphin expressway, two lanes closed off. we have i-75 shut down at miramar parkwkwy. this is going on until 6:00 a.m. thanks a lot. north miami policeeed your help to track down a dangerous criminal. thean in the hoodie, you see him there, he tried to rob a cvs drugstore. he's responsible for at least three other robberies in the area. nbc 6 reporter amanda placentia has more on who they're looking for. >> reporter: four robberies, all linked to the same man.
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brazen bandit hitting up a cvs on monday night. he meanders and quickly strikes pointing a gun at an employee. there appears to be an argument, then a long struggle before he leaves empty handed. this isn't his only victim. >> each one is more and more brazen. the first one was at the super op. then the 7-eleven, then cvv, then the kings restaurant. >> all happened in the past two weeks and in close proximity. northeast 6th avenue. as he gets away with each crime, police worry that he could get more violent. >> the first one he implied that he had a weapon. whereas now, he's gone on to showing the gun, brandishing the weapon and even struggling with his victims. >> the suspect is also caught on camera terrorizing the clerk of a super stop. he showed a gun, pushed the employee around and cleaned out the cash register. three days later, he moved on to
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in the sameme pattern, he forced the employee to the back of the store, got him to empty the cash register and then took off. he goes in there, demands money, threatens to shoot them. now, when he's not receiving what he wants, he starts to fight with his vitims. >> it's not over. he even robbed this king chef restaurant as an employee closing up around 10:30 at night. north miami police say they need your help. they're searching for a black man around 5'10", last seen wearing a black hooded sweater and black pants. i'm amanda placentia, nbc 6 news. we now have the name of the baby found dead in a freezer. we first reported this to you yesterday. he was found inside a freezer by police officers n nr northeast 3rd court and 24th avenue. while cops first made contact with the suspected mom here. that's vargas ortiz near the 7 mile brge on sunday. at that point she told police
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revealed the whereabouts of that 5-month-old baby boy. police are fou inveveigating what went on inside that house. as the women waited anxiously in court to get answers, the bond hearing for 43-year-old was paused last night. it will start again this afternoon. he's accused of lurking outside of women's bedrooms in pembroke pines, then taking in and even touching himselelat times. police say he was often armed with a slingshot and would actually spray paint the cameras. >> masturbating, constantly, constantly defeating her camera by spray painting it with spray paint. spray painting the actual sensor, breaking the window. >> a judge initially denied him bond when he turned himself in on new year's eve. his alleged victims hope that
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more than a dozen members of a pembroke pines chch are finally back in south florida. their mission was canceled after that terror attack at burkina faso that killed one of their own. nbc 6 reporter jamie guuola was there for what was quite clearly an emotional homecoming. >> big smiles and signs. >> really happy to have him back home with us. >> huge hugsnd heartfelt happiness. >> feeling esome. i have a husband again. it's amazing. the family is back together. >> been an adventure to say the least. >> family is relieved to be rrnited. a ten-day trip for missionaries cut short after an al qaeda linked terror attack. >> god had a different plan. >> 30 dead. one from cooper city. he operated the american christian organization, sheltering wings. >> this guy gave up so much. he and his wife sold everything they had here in florida and
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>> cared for nearly 400 orphans and provided assistance to schools and widows. he was headed to the airport to pick up the team from pembroke pines when terror struck and took his life. >> he brought you into his circle and you felt confident, you felt secure. and we all respected him for what he did. >> the west pines church crew left to share their faith and make a difference. they're back home early and weren't able o do that. but they definitely got something out of the trip that didn't go anything as planned. >> there were people thre taking caver us that you wouldn't believe. you wouldn't believe the love and support that we had. >> that's what affected us most about the terrorist attack is that it was real. it became real. it's not just training anymore. it may be something that we have to respond to here. but we respond out of love. it's not fear. >> the missionaries, no doubt, they're tired. they have done a lot of traveling to several countries over the last five days. but they say they will be back
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unfinished business there. in pembroke pines, jamie gurrola, nbc 6 news. along with this story, a memorial fund has been set up to help the family of that victim. you can find more information about that using our nbc 6 news and weather app. we know going through customs can be a hassle. ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport got easier with the help of an app. the airport is the first to use the passport control app. it allows passengers to submit them to custom and border patrol through the app. this is done via a smartphone or tablet. five other airports including miami international use this app. officials hope ititill help cut down on wait times and long linings lines at the airport. outside on this thursday morning. let's get you to erika delgado with what to expect as you head out the door on our pre-friday.
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a cool start to the morning. temperatures in miami around 57 degrees in the mid-60s across coastal broward county. slightly warmer. winds have shifted from the east. remember our water temperatures in the upper 70s. whenever you have that on-shore flow in the morning hours, look at what a temperatare difference it makes. we're dealing with a light wind in miami. temperatures are on the cooler side. grab the sweater as you head out the door this morning. dry conditions from broward county into miami-dade. especially because we're so close to friday. apart from a few passing clouds across the sunshine state, things are looking really nice. plenty of sunshine as the day goes on. calling for another cool start. later this afternoon, expecting pleasant conditions, rain-free all day long. misskelley, how are the road this morning? >> not too bad. thanks for waking up with us. so we are accident-free in all of miami-dade and broward county
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as far as construction, we do have alerts going on until 6:00 a.m. i-75 southbound at miramar parkway still posted as shut down. keep that in mind as you make your way out the door. also, all eastbound lanes of 595 will be shut down for 20 minutes. this is overnight construction since 10:00 last night. drivers northbound on 826, take making your way to the dolphin expressway, stick to your left-hand side. right lane blocked due to construction. also on the dolphin expressway, you have two lanes blocked off. thank you so much, kelly. the time right now is 4:40. still ead, winter weather is making commuting tough in the deep south. while millions of people along the eastern seaboard are bracing for what's to come. a florida puppy trades a $1600 yorkie for crack. how he was caught and what happened to the dog.
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south florida students are developing state of the art apps
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. welcome back everybody. we're following breaking news out of lauder hill. we're hearing reports of a pedestrian that was hit by a car. kelly did mention this in her last traffic report just a couple of minutes ago. erika glover is live on the scene right now with details. erika, i know it's early. what d d we know about what happened at this point? >>reporter: as we were here in lauder hill on north university drive in northwest 50th street, i'm going to step out of the way and let you see the scene. officers are on the scene of a reported incident involving a vehicle versus pedestrian. we're working with officers to learn more information, like if this is a hit and run, the condition of the pedestrian and the condition of the driver. we do know for right now this incident was around 3:30 this
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altima that you see in the middle of street, it has not moved since we got here. we're waiting to find out if this car was in any way involved with the incident. now, when we first arrived 4:30, the street was already blocked off. for those of you heading out of the door this morning, we want you to know that officers are having drivers turn right back around here on northwest 50th street. take a detour. we want you to know that this morning. for right now, we're waiting to get more updates from officers. i spoke with them once i got here on the scene. they said we have to wait a little bit longer to get an update from them. reporting live in lauder hill, erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> erika, thank you so much. we'll talk to you again at the top of the hour with an updat breaking news out of miami. in the last hour we learned that a miami polici officer was stabbed in the face. the magic city casino. the officer was then forced to shoot that suspect. it was a man. nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is on her way to ryder trauma center where that officer is being
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we'll have a live report in a couple of minutes from julia as soon as she gets to that hospiil. this cold ather getting in the way. president obama who usually takes a helicopter back to the white house had to switch things up and be driven by car. the bad weatherxtended to the roads in washington, d.c. traffic could not be cleared for mr. obama. a drive that rmally takes 25 minutes actually took about an hour and 10 minutes. >> wow. >> communities along the east coast of the country are preparing for a major winter storm expected to arrive this weekend weekend. >> all of this on the heels of yet another storm that hit parts of the midwest ab the south. dan chin man reports. >> winter weather brought commutes to a crawl or halt. near knoxville, tennessee, one driver was killed as he tried to navigate slippery roads. along the eastern seaboard, a bigger stotm is on the way. the national weather service
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crippling snow across the north mid-atlantic region. as much as 2 feet in some areas. >> we're definitely going to have some type of a serious snowstorm. it's a matter of magnitude, exactly where the path goes. it's going to be significant and we're going to be ready. >> along the j jsey shore, residents are ready for beach erosion and possible flooding. >> this right here probably after three tide cycles will be washed away probably. >> stores in the path of the storm have had a run on supplies. some shelves are empty. >> everyone is going crazy about it. >> airlines warned passengers that flying could be a mess. somom carriers waived change fees. one traveler is happy to be on his way to florida ahead of the storm. >> i feel bad for everybody who is staying home. >> greyhound, the bus service, canceled several routes to and from the northeast. dan scheneman, nbc news. now first alert weather with
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south florida's most accurate forecast. 4:47 on this thursday morning. we can see and monitor situations across the mid-atlantic as that low pressure system continues to push through. we have winter weather advisories from the tennessee valley into the mid-atlantic. so definitely some busy times for our friends further to the north of us. for us, things remain relativy quiet. a nice couple of days. our live at first alert doppler, exacacy what we like to see so early in the morning. rain-free. it looks ke it will remain that way through the rest of the day. temperatures right now, beginning to change a little. it's funny that we are seeing this. we're pretty much in the 50s across the board. 57 in mmi. 51 in kendall right now. take a look at the temperatures across coastal broward areas. mid-60s. that's because winds have shifted from the east warming things up around the coastal areas. we're dealing th a few passing
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other than that, things remain quiet. temperatures in tt mid-70s. a pleasant comfortable day in store for us. rain-free all day long. high pressurrover the atlantic waters, but as it continues to push further, winds wilil continue to push from the east later today. what does that mean? temperatures will begin to rebound. differentonditions into tomorrow, especially what we've seen the past few days. because we are expecting a breezy east wind, rip current automatically jumps up. it is expected to be a tranquil weather day across south florida. take a look at the change headed our way. average temperatures in the mid-70s. a cold front will slowly but surely approach. the same through the mid-atlantic will be dragging that cold front. so now temperatures are e mping up to upper 70s. showers, an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow and then look at the ekend. beautiful.
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just in time for the miami marathon. highs in e 60s and we may dip into the 40s. that's right, i said 40s saturday night into sunday. i hope you have that jacket ready. it will be chilly for us flout week ahead. >> i think i have to borrow your stuff. i have long sleeves. that's as far as my winter wear goes. northwest 135th street. down below out of camera view, you saw the crews picking up those cones for the express lanes blocked off northbound. they have opened up southbound and are -- let's take you to the maps. in broward county, construction going on in miramar parkway and i-75 southbound. this will be going on all week until 6:00 a.m. all eastound lanes of 595, this is going to be west of the sawgra expressway, still shut down for another ten minutes here. also, in miami-dade, we don't have any major accidents as far
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a 26, the airport expressway, i-95 looking good. construction until 5:30 a.m. 826 northbound at the 836, a right lane blocked off. on the dolphin expressway at le jeune road, stick to the right side. all lanes blocked off. a former police officer in oklahoma city will know his fate later today after being convicted of sexual assault. daniel holtz claw was convicted on 18 counts of rape and sexual assault against 13 african-american women while he was duty, mind you. a sentence of 263 years was recommended by a jury. but an oklahoma county district judge will decide his final sentence. but first he needs to give his ruling on a d@fense motion for a new trial. the nevada womanho police say went on a deadly driving rampage on the las vegas strip is facing more charges. prosecutors have added dozens of new charges against holloway, including 30 counts of attempted murder.
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than 1,000 years in prison. that is if she's convicted on all 71 counts. holloway drove on to a vegas sidewalk on the strip last month killing a pedestrian, injuring dozens more and all of that was happening while her 3-year-old daughter was in thehe car with her. she was in the back seat. holloway is held without bond. she'll be back in court february 4th. closer to home, a south florida manans waiting to learn his punishment after a jury found him guilty of dropping his son ouof a moving car. delancey listened as they questioned the mother of the toddler. she told the jury their 3-year-old was sitting on delancey's lap. as she drove them down hall n daily beach boulevard in the middle of an argument, he got out and causing the boy to fall out into traffic abandoning him. delanc will be sentenced next month. the stock market hitting its lowest point in two years. don't check your 401(k).
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was down. a big plunge in oil p pces caused that drop which sank 7%. which is huge in one day. the price of u.s. crude dropped below $27 a barrel. the lowest since may of 2003. all of that thanks to a global jump in supply. here's a story that continues to trend on t nbc 6 website this morning. police have found a puppy stolen from a pet store and traded for crack. the tiny yorkie that was dognapped from pinellas county was found safe and sound. police arrested the suspect soon after he say he traded the yorkie for crack and some cash. on tuesday, someone took the dog to an animal hospital. when the vet scanned the microchip, they discovered it was the stolen dog. the man has a $5,000 bond. incredible. eight minutes before the top of the hour now and still ahead, a new app helping the hearing impaired to speak your language. it's one of those incredible apps that students are creating
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we're going to show you how it works in this morning's education on 6 report. >> it's so neat. coming up at 5:00, jennifer lawrence getting cuddly with
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we'll tell you abou all right. so in this morning's education on 6 report, this is such a cool story. whennee ativity and ingenuity meet, safe to say great things can happen. thousands of kids entered this contest and both broward and miami-dade can boast having two of the best app d digning teams in the entire state of florida.a. >> you can help push one of the championship. we'll show you how to vote. education on 6 reporter ari odzer shows us what they made. crest school. >> we believe in innovator. we don't care about the innovation. we want them to believe they can
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>> these kids think they can. their idea for the verizon innovative app challenge was to create an app to warn coaches that a player had their bell rung. >> they might have a concussion. the app sends a notification to the coach, like a next message and says hey, player number 87 has a concussion. pull him off the field for inspection. >> the player is like i want to go back in, want to go back in. sometimes it's not safe, because it can make it worse. >> they finished first in the state for middle schools. this group from dr. prop high leads the app challenge at the high school level. they call their idea langwa-sign. they made a video to show how they translate the sign language into written words. >> so using thih type of function where they can sign to the camera instead of actually typing it in like some people bo think they can do, they get to use their own grammar and have
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grammar that the rest of the hearing community can understand. >> if we can take on international level, we're not only helping americans as people but also other deaf people around the world. >> they've used all of their educational background and their creativity to come up with a fabulous idea. >> i have no idea what she's saying in american sign language. however, if langwa-sign existed and it was on my phone, it would translate. pretty sure she said vote for us. >> it isn't over. the public can ve for the national champion. the winner gets 15 grand for the scsool. experts from m.i.t. will help them build their app for real. good luck to all of these smarty-pants kids ari odzer, nbc 6 news. the future of science and technology. those kids, they're it.
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innovation, it's aout the innovator. very cool. the nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. right now at 5:00, a robber on the run in north miami this morning. police need your help to put a stop to this. >> remember this woman robbed whwhle praying at church. you won't believe how the thief ended up behind bars. >> also county commissioners say no to a cuban consulate as we learn how hundreds of migrants will finally get to the u.s. live, nbc 6 south florida today starts now. > a good morning to you everybody. your time right now 4:59. i'm eric harry man. i'm shelly muniz. nothing compared to d.c. and the east coast there. >> what is on the way for a lot of the people. hopefully, you don't have travel plans for people coming from the eastern seaboard. let's get you to meteorologist erika delgado for closer look at south florida and across the
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something big headed for the east. >> you're right, eric. not only is it affecting the mid-atlantic states, not in the way it's affecting us, but that same system will be dragging a cold front. that's a cold front that will bring us major changes tomorrow into the weekend. in the meantime, we'll deal with our thursday, south florida. things are looking really nice so far. broward into miami-dade, that gogo for the keys as well. no umbrellas needed today. temperatures pretty weird across the sunshine state today. panhandle already in the 60s. they're already seeing a south wind. further east across jacque sonville, in the 30s and 450s. temperatures on the cooler side. especially miami died. 52 in kendall. mid-60s now. forecast calling for plenty of sunshine. we won't be dealing wiwh fog. no need to worry about that. let's look at the roadc with first alert traffic reporter kelly blanco.
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