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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  January 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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thank you for joining us on this pre-friday. we're accident free on the roadways roadways. no issues on i-75, the palmetto expressway. your i-95 as far as accidents. construction, we still have a couple of alerts. up until 6:00 a.m. on i-75 southbound in miramar parkway, you'll have all lanes s st down. you can head out miramar parkway westbound and make that u-turnrn that's the posted detour there. all eastbound lanes of 595 west of the sawgrass expressway will be shut down for about another five to ten minutes. this should be clearing out by the time you head out the door this morning. as far as miami-dade, we have a right lane blocked. stick to your left-hand side from the palmetto expressway northbound to the 836. on the 836 westbound at le jeune road, northwest 42nd avenue, two left lanes are completely blocked off. we'll have drive times i a couple of minutes. >> kelly, thank you so much. it's 5:00 on the nose on this thursday morning. we're following breaking news out of miami. that's where a police officer was stabbed in the face.
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magic city casino. julia bagg is live at ryder trauma center where that officer is right now. julia, i'm going to state the obvious here. the fact that i said he was stabbed in the face, that rings all kinds of alarm bells herer >> reporter: it does, eric. very disturbing. we just got off the phone with the head of the fraternal order of police. he was thehene who alerted us that the officer is being treated here. he's getting stitches after being stabbed in the face at magic citycasino off the road here at 37th avenue. this happened at about 12:40 this morning. here's the story we have behind that. out for an unruly patron. somebody, an upset patron at the casino. at some points in the struggle with this patron, we're told that that patron stabbed the officer in the face.
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officers and this morning that patron also being treated here at jackson memorial hospital. though thereris no word on his condition this morning. 're going to check in again with our sources and i'm goingng to find out more information for you. i'll see you back here ahead in the newscast with what else we're learning about this officerernd about this man accused of stabbing him. we're live atjackson memorial hospital. julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> things will develop quickly on this. we're also following breaking news out of lauder hill. that's where we're hearing reports of a car that hit a pedestrian. we7find nbc 6 reporter erika glover at that scene with detailsment we're trying to get more information. we just checked in with you a bit ago. what have you learned in the last 30 mines or so? >> reporter: well, shelli, i'm still waiting for an update from off@icers in lauder hill this morning. what i can tell you, i'm going to step out of the way.
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on the street,hat vehicle has not moved all morning since we got here. we're working with officers to learn more information about this incident involving a vehicle versus pedestrian. now, we're working to find out if the driver ran a red llht, the identification of the driver and the person hit. we do know this was around 3:30 this morning. again, we're waiting to find out if that right nissan in the middle of the road is involved in any way with this sdechbt. when we arrived around 4:30, the street waslready blocked off. you can see it now. officers are turning drivers around, hahing them take a detour. we want everyone to realize as they head out ofoor this morning, if you're hefding on northwest 50th street, you have to be patient and slow and going to turn you around. we want to remind you, we're waiting for an update. any identification for the pedestrian hit in this incident. live in lauder hill, erika glover, nbc 6 news.
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track down a guy who attacked at an l.a. fitness. surveillance video caught him near west flagler street and 92nd avenue in miami. police say he hit a 47-year-old and poked his eyes and snapped his gold chain from around his neck. the victim was just leaving the gym. if you have any information that he looks familiar at all, call miami-dade crimestoppers after the 305-471-tips. an update this morning on a man who robbed a woman while she was just praying in church in north lauderdale. broward deputies arrested jonathan some ps. he was there attending his niece's baptism at the time that he committed this act. browa police got a tip about the man but weren't able to find m. that changed when they arrested him for something else, driving under the influee. he has now been charged are grand theft and already posted bond.
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two brothers waking up behind the bars for going on shopping sprees with somebody else's money. you might remember this. jose and oscar torres were in front of a judge yesterday afternoon. they're facing several chahaes including identity theft and drug possession. moving foorld, an employee at a store in doral tipped off the police abbt the brothers' suspicious activities and their excessive shopping sprees. they were wondering where the money came from so they called the police. detectives found stolen credit cards and more than $35,000 worth of drugs inside their home. we've been talking about this all week. the possibility of having a cuban consulate in miami. now, miami-dade county leaders have officially voted against this. they have blocked this just as more migrants prepare to make their journey to the u. yesterday's vote was essentially symboli it's up to the federal government to decide. with their votes, it sends a clear message about where they stand on this.
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been beaten and had to run out of that country and flee that country and now pays taxes in this country has to foot the bill to protect a bunch of dictator lackeys who would be in thth consulate. >> city of miami mayor says the consulate here would affect peace and stability. he says he would sue the federal government if it did pursue the all right. it is 5:06 now on this thursday. still a lot more ahead for you. cruz versus trump and clinton versus sanders. rivalries b@iling over as poll numbers tighten. we're tracking all of that in politics next. another south florida commissioner backs off on putting more rules on@ ride sharing services after uber threatens to leave town. it's thursday morning and things are looking really nice. chilly in miami. look at ft. lauderdale. winds have shifted out of the east. temperatures already in the mid-50s.
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in the mid to low 70s come early the gloves are coming off. it's nine minutes past the hour in theeemocratic race fort nomination has taken an ugly turn with the attacks from the clinton camp amping up at this point.t. kristen welker reports for us this morning the label of socialist is being batted around a little bit. take a look.
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ramping up their attatas. now painting senator bernie sanders as an unelectable socialist. >> i think it would be absolutely impossible for a self-declared socialist to win in a state like missouri. >> former president bill clinton in new hampshire steering clear of the s-word. he says sanders is unelectable and just can't win. >> the rea issue is, who can win the election, who is prepared to do the job, who can make real change? >> could the socialist line of attack backfire? >> a lot of the voters will be capable of looking past the socialist bel. >> hillary clinton taking her own shot at sanders today in an interview with npr. >> in some of the comments that senator sanders has been making, there is room for disagreement and even concern >> the current gop game plan, build up sanders. the republicannational committee tweeting during the
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i "feel theern." >> they would rather run against him. >> the clinton campaign getting jittery with polls showing her slipping. sanders firmly in the lead in new hampshire. the campaign downplaying any nervousness to andrea mitchell. >> we have a candidate leading throughout the country. she's leading in all the super tuesday states by significant margins. >> the big question for sanders, can he turn support among young first time voters and independents into victories in the early voting states. sarah palin hit the c cmpaign trail with donald trump. the former vp candidate saying trump will give the u.s. military what they now lack. when someone asked her about her oldest son recent domestic violence address, palin appeared to link it to ptsd. they stopped at two universiti
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trump is focused on the@ evangelical vote. hoping to take some of ted cruz's votes. on this thursday morning, we're rain-free s sfar. good news for us as we head towards the second half of the workweek. dry conditions for miami-dade d broward county. our live radar is also dry across much of t florida keys. leave the umbrellas home and let's jump in to get your day going. we won't need the umbrellas % today. but there are changes headed our way and we'll be needing our umbrellas. just not today. taking a look at temperatures, changes already. 57 in o opa-locka. temperatures in the mid-60s now that winds have shifted from the east. apart from that, a few passing clouds. it's a quiet start to our day. we're calling for temperatures
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we'll deal with 50s in miami. but temperatures will continue to woorm up we have high pressure over the atlantic waters. winds will shift more from t east as well. even though we are dealing with another cocl start across much of south florida, the temperatures will begin to slowly rebound not only today but especially overnight and into tomorrow morning. this is ahead of a cold front headed our way. in the meantime, we're dealing with very quiet, tranquil weather conditions across most of our sunshine state. moisture creeping back in. this isn't rain, just a level of moisture in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere. that shows us what kind of moisture we're dealing with ahead of a system expected to bring us major changes for the weekeknd. in the meantime today, the east winds becoming breezy this afternoon. rip current will jump up to the moderate end of the scale. palm beach and broward county and the miami david area.
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think conditiwns may deteriorate overnight into tomorrow because winds will pick up a little bit. for rain, on the not -- i mentioned the cold front. comes through tomorrow. expecting cloudy skies. also a chance of a thunderstorm or two ahead of that front. temperatures rebounding back into the upper 70s. once that fronts does clear the area, we're expecting it to be oler for the weekend. 60s for the weekend. in time forthe marathon, chilly, in the upper 40s. dry as you can see and temperatures rebound. so it's looking like once we get through the rain for tomorrow, we should have a pretty good four to five nice days across south florida. rain-free. temperatures will feel more like winter again. kell, i hope you have the sweatirs ready. >> sounds good, erika. we'll be looking forward to that chilly forecast. thanks for joining us. we appreciate you. as you make your way out the door, no major accidents on any major roadways in miami-dade or
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we have erika glover on the scene of a car verers pedestrian accident. you want to avoid that area. cars are being forceded to make a u-turn in that area. turnpike northbound drivers, we' seeing all green on the first alert traffic map. traffic moving along at 66 miles per hour. that's leaving you with a nine-minute ride to tamiami trail. ohm about a four-minu commute moving at 54 miles per hour. from the big curve to the golden glades, nothing reported. under a ten-minutes commute toward the ggi. broward county, i-75 drivers, pines boulevard to the palmetto expressway, an eight-minute ride. under ten minutes om flamingo road to u.s. 441. kelly, thanks a lot. >> the miami-dade commission pulled a proposal that may have
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thee proposal would require 24-hoyer insurance and chauffeur licenses. instead, coissioners gave preliminary approval to a different proposal. that would essentially allow uber and lyft to screen their own drivivs when it comes to background checks. a final vote is months away. the formeme head of the brouwer teachers union was found guilty of corruption. a jury convicted him on several counts,s,including grand theft and money laundering. prosecutors say he got more than $165,000 in kickbacks from inflaled invoices for construction work done at union headquaters in tamarack. the judge is allowing him to remain free until his sentencing pops up. he's facing up to 30 years in prison here. san antonio ram owe is set to go to trial next month on federal mail fraud charges. we're just six days into florida's challenge. far hunters caught at least 17 burmese pythons. the commission announced the total tuesday night an another
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more than 500 hunters registered to take part in this year's hunt some of which have been authorized to hunt at everglades national park. the hunt ends on february 14th. i'm going to let them handle that. it is 17 minutes after the hour. you? >> no. >> still ahead this morning, the buffalo bills hire a new coach making history in the process. we'll tell you why history was made coming up. hot on the heels of her oscar nomination for joy,
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tackle another real life woma welcome back on this thursday morning. 2015 proved to be comeback year for toys. they had an incredible year seeing the most growth in more than a decade. that's according to new numbers released by the npd group, a markets research company. toy sales jumped to 19.4 billion pds. that is thanks to toys like star rs bb 8 droid and teenage mutant ninja turtle figurines. theyeyrew by 9.5%. >> i may be responsible for part
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the historic move for nfl. they've hired the first female full-time assistant coac katherine smith did an outstanding job during the years she's worked with his staff. she will do a great job in working in the role of quality control for special teams. jennifer lawrence getting ready to tackle another story. >> she's set to play -- it's a fflm about marita lawrence. marita was 1 years old when she game fidel castro's lover. later she claims she was also present during the planning of john f. kennedy's assassination. the production company considering cuba as a possible shooting location. >> i don't know who is playing fidel castro, but he's a lucky guy. still a lot more ahead for the next half hour.
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the run. north miami police are on the hunt for a dangerers criminal they say is responsible for a string of armed robberies. south florida, as you head out the door on this thursday morning, want to grab the sweaters because it is on the cool sidede we're waking up to temperatures in the 50s. id to low 60s. as we head out the door, things are looking good. especially dropping kids at the bus stop. as theay goes on, a few more of the clouds rolling in. things should be okay by late morning into the early afternoon hours.
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after the w at 5:30, a live look at jackson memorial hospital where a miami police officer is being treated after being stabbed in the face.
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winter is coming for the east coast in a very big way. once again, how people are preparing for the big snowstorm that is headed in that direction. also -- >> i'mary aryi odzer, these kids are working on an app challenge. the story is coming up. good morning to you. i'm eric harryman. the time is 5: >> i'm sheli muniz. looking at that video of the snow, this is why we live in south florida folks. >> we walked outside, it was a little oler. the fact that they'll be shoveling for the next five days after all this -- >> apocalypse they're calling it. >> certainly do notot miss that, those of us who lived in snowy y states. that's for sure. let's get to erika delgado for
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>> it's not even so much the
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