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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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news, weatr and traffic. good morning to you. sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. a miami police officer was treated at the hospital after being stabbed in the face at a south florida casino. >> we have multiple crews working on this to find out what exactly happened. that's coming up in a few minutes. while our crews track down the latest@ details, we want to get you out the door with weather. let's head over to erika delgado. >> good morning to you and good morning to you at home. happy thursday. almost there. almost one day away from friday. things are really nice so far. a cool start to our day. 56 in miami. 53 i i kendall. 55 degrees all the w to the homestead area. we're seeing temperatures in the 60s across portions of broward county because we are waking up
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we're not seeing any rain. our live first alert doppler radar from ft. lauderdale to the keys, you won't need the umbrellas this morning. keep them close. there is some headed our way, already providing shower activity across the panhandle that willring us changes tomorrow and especially into the weekenn so for your first alert forecast on this thursday morning, once the sunrises, expecting mostly sunny skies. we'll be waking up to temperatures in the upper 5s. as the morning goes on, we'll be in the 60s. come late morning into the early afternoon hours, we'll see a few more clouds. ain, i will say, though, rain-free all day long. let's take a look at the roads with first alert traffic reporter, ms. kelly bnco. >> thanks, erika. good morning to you south florida. thanks for waking up with us. roads are actually looking pretty good. we're accident-free in all of our major roadways in miami-dade and broward county. now, we do still have that car versus pedestrian in lauder hill. the area of that is north university drive and 50th street. you wantto avoid that area if you can. traffic is being forced to make
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northwest 79th street drivers, traffic will be moving along at 63 miles per hour. that gives you under a ten-minute ride from the golden glades to downtown miami and we see allgreen on our first alert traffic map. no delays just yet. it's a little red on 195 as you make your way westbound from miami beach to the mainland. also, 826 drivers eastbound from the big curve to the golden glades, under a ten-minute ride. i-75 drives, only an 8-minute commute on the palmetto expressway. flamingo road to u.s. 441, eight minutes. maybe towards the sawgrass expressway, a nine-minute ride. breaking right now out of miami, a police officer has been stabbed in the face. >> nbc 6 rererter julia bagg is live for us at jackson memorial hospitalal julia, stabbed in the face, it's hard to imagine to begin with. do we have any idea in terms of his condition? is he in the hospital still?
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do we have any idea? >> reporter: eric and sheli, they told me they saw the officer walking out of here.@ they say he looked to be fine. we know from the fraternal order of police, he's expected to be okay. he came here to get stitches after being stabbed in the face at about 12:40 this morning at the miami city casino off of 37 avenue and northwest 4th street. not far fro here. it happened there. there was a disturbance in that the casino asked the police officers to help remove somebody from that -- from the scene there, from the casino. that's when there was some kind of struggle between the officer and between the person police say that stabbed that officer in the face. they say the officer opened fire and that stabber was shot. that stabber also being treated right here at jackson memorial hospital.
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that he is in surgery. so, again, want to share that new information one more time that we're learning from visitors here who tell me they lieve the officer has been released. what i'm doing right now is working to confirm that with police officers with the miami police department and also with the fraternal order of police. stay close with me. follow us on the nbc 6 news and weather app so you're caught up on the latest details. live at jackson memorial hospital, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. julia, thank you so much. be the first to know when knaus like this does break, including following us on twitter, liesking us on facebook and keeping our news and weigh they are app handy on your mobile device. prepararaons under way flout the mid-atlantic and northeast part of the country. people are getting ready for the upcoming snowstorm this weekend. drivers in washington, d.c. got a tastst of what's to come this weekend. look at that. some crashed on the icy roads or sat in gridlock for hours after a thin layer of snow glazed streets with ice last night.
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much as 2 feet of snow this weekend. in philadelphia, crews there already out treating roads and getting salt trucks ready and in new york and new jersey, shoppers are, of course, buying supplies and staples like bread and milk flying off grocery store shelvesess you can imagine. brothers busted, two brothers went on shopping sprees, a lot of them, with other people's money. you might recall these images from our breaking news coverage. his was yesterday morning. jose and oscar torres were in front of a judge yesterday afternoon. happened fast. they're facing several charges, including identity theft and drug possessionon related to this. an employee tipped the police off to this excessive shopping spree. detectives say they found stolen credit cards and more than $35,000 worth of drugs inside their home. police need your help to track down a guy who attacked at an l.a. fitness. surveillance video caught him
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92nd avenue in miami. police say he hit a 47-year-old man, poked his eyes and then snapped his gold chain from around his neck. the victim was just leaving the gym. if you have nif information, looking at these pictures and they look familiar, call miami-d-de crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. we have an update on the man who robbed a woman while she was praying in church in north lauderdale. you remember this story. deputies !rrested jonathan sopm and investigators say he was at our lady queen of heaven catholic church. listen to this. he was there for his niece's baptism. when he alleged live committed this holy act. broward deputies got a tip about somp but weren't able to find him.when they arrested im for something else, driving under the influence. he has now been charged wi grand theft and already posted bond. feeling the bern? hillary clinton going on the offensive. this time not donald trump she's going after. >> jennifer lawrence getting
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okay, not qte. the details behind her upcoming role coming up. we'll talk about the breaking news already this morning. an officer treated after being staed in the face and a suspect is in surgery following that attack. that suspect was shot. nbc 6 has team coverage with that crew at the hospital and at magic city casino we have
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you can get updpdes just days before the iowa caucuses democrats and republicans are focused on one guy, that's bernie sanders. tracie potts is in d.c. most of the time, the buzzword is trump. this time it's mr. sanders. >> it is. he's got a lot of momentum going
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we're seeing that with hillary clinton talking about him more and more at her campaign events and even donald trump now taking note. >> can you believe this? this guy is a whack job, he's a whack owe. he's beating hillary clinton. >> even donald trump talking about bernie sanders. the latest polls show sanders up by 27 in new hampshire. within strikingng distance, j jt two points behind hillary clinton in iowa. clinton says they're not worried but she's pushing back, especially on health care. >> it's kind of like we're in a vigorous agreement but we're not exactly seeing eye toe eye. sanders. >> the real issue is who can win the election, who is prepared to do the job, who can make real change. national security. >> bernie sanders chose not to vote on that issue at all. >> republicans being mre than
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>> they're trying to prop up bernie sanders and they would rather run against him. >> candidate are taking aim at ted cruz on immigration. >> ted is all over the place on this. so i can't characterize everybody else's position. it would give me whiplash. . >> political attacks in every direction just dada beforo iowa votes. all the candidates who are actually out there today are in either iowa or new hampshire. except for donald trump, he's in las vegas. from washing fon, i'm tracie potts, nbc news. tracie, thank you so mucuc we've been talking about this all week. the possibility of having a cuban consulatat in miami. now miami-dade county leaders have officiallyvoted against it. they have blocked this just as more migrants prepare to make their way from costa rica. it's up to the federal government to decide on this. with their vote, it sends a
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they stand on this. >> the same community that is has beat ep and had to flee the country and now pays tax this is this country has to food the bill to protect a bunch of dictator lackeys that would be in that consulate. >> the mayor says itt would affect peace and stability. he would actually sue the federal governmnmnt if they did pursue the idea. >> we knew it was coming. it is her the snow started to fall in washington, d.c. this morning. take a loo at this picture posted on instagram from overnight. snow already covering cars on the roadsas the nation's capitol already under a blizzard watch. nbc 6 meteorologist erika delgado is back. erika, we've been talking about our cold snap here in south florida. i don't know. i feel like mayay we should stop talking about it. felt a little guilty because what's headed to the east right now. that's not goingto be fun for
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>> we'll talk about it amongst us. we won't mention that we were complaining about these cool temperatures. you're right, eric. winter advisories and warnings and blizzard warnings in effect from arkansas to the ten at any valley and to the mid-atlantic states. the powerful low pressure system still over texas and as it continues to trek to the east, really going to bring messy conditions throughout the next 24 to 48 hours for friends further to the north including the d.c. area. right now, they are forecasting over a foot of snow. the problem is it's not just the shoveling but the timing of these storms. sometimes if it does come through in the morning or afternoon commute, it could mess things up as people head to work or possibly heading home from work. the good news for us closer to home, live at first alert doppler radar. dry from broward county to miami-dade. some good news there. we will not be needing those umbrellas as you head out the door this morning. temperatures, 56 in iami. cooler in the kendall and homestead area.
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54 in pembroke pines. look at the broward coastal areas. were waking up to mid-60s. that's leaving us about a 10 to 15-degree difference from what we saw yesterday in the broward coastal areas. meanwhile, we're still maybe about 2 to 5 degrgrs warmer for us. the reason such a significant warmup across browa area is because we're waking up to an east wind. so winds will be shifting for the rest of us out of the east later today. that's going to allow temperatures to continue to rebound. in the meantime, dry conditions and just a few clouds out there. we will be waking up to mostly sunny skies once that sun does rise. little sneak peek for the weekend. it's never too early to talk about the weekend. cool start. satuuay, behind that cold front, we are expecting a gusty northwest wind. an ivan cooler start on sunday, possibly into the upper 40s just in time for the miami marathon. we're expecting more sunshine and nice conditions for the runners out there. we will not dealing with the rain at least not this weekend. here's the setup. high pressure over the atlantic. that will allow winds to shift out of the east.
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the one that's expected to leave heavy snow across much of the tennessee valley and into the mid-atlantic states. that's the same system that will be affecting us. because as it moveshrough the southeast into the mid-atlantic. it will be dragging acold front. it will bringing us the cooldown for the weekend. breezy east wind later today. i will leave a moderate risk of rip current for palm beach, broward ad into miami-dade. i mentioned the changes for the weekend. there's that front right here friday leaving us not only clouds overnight tonight and into tomorrow but also a better chance for showers and possible thunderstorms. temperatures warming up into the upper 70s. we'll be dealing with a south wind. front comes through. cools us down for saturday morning 50s. 60s all weekend long and cooler for your sunday orning. temperatures up into -- down i should say back into the upper s. kelly, hopefully you have good news for us.
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as the chimlly weather is making people drive better, i'll take it. i-95 southbound, the northwest 103rd street, no issues what chauffeur. no accidents reported in miami-dade and it's been that way all morning lon let's go above, chopper 6 giving us a bird's eye view south of the camera i showed you. this is i-95 at the 6. as you can see, no matter where you're headed, traffic seems to be moving. let's match that with the first alert traffic map. northwest 79th street, traffic hour. still a mine-minute ride from the golden glades to downtown miami. the tamiami trail, a ten-minute ride with traffic moving along at66 miles per hour around the area of kendall drive. 826 eastbound drivers, making your way from the big curve to the golden glades. a nine-minute commute. pines boulevard to the palmetto,
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a small victory for uber and lyft. the proposal would require 24-hour insurance and chauffeur licenses. instead, commissioners gave preliminary approval to a different proposal. this would allow the companies to screen their own drivers when they're doing background checks. a final vote still months away. the former head of the broward teacher's union is facing prison after being found guilty of corruption. a jury actually convicted him on grand theft and money laundering to name a few. he caught more than $165,000 in kickbacks for inflated invoice foror construction work done in tamarack. the judge is allolong him to stay free until his sentencing. he is facing 30 years prison. he's set to go onrial again charges. i'll tell you the next story without looking at the screen. we're six days into florida's
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so far hunters caught as least 17 burmese pythons. the florida fish and wildlife commission announcing the total tuesday night. they expect to have a new total by tomorrow. more than 500 hunters registered to take part in the hunt. some have been authorized to hunt at everglades national park. the hunt ends february 14th. >> you real di not like that she was looking down the whole time. snakes are not her deal. it's 6:19 on this thursday morning. breaking down barriers. an nfl team hires the first full-time female coach. this morning, we'll introduce to you her. a sinister secret found inside of a south florida home. we're learning more about the baby found in a freezer. the mother accused of putting him there. we continue to follow this breaking news. we've been following it for a couple of hours. an officer was t tated after being stabbed in the face. a suspect also in surgery followingnghat attack. that suspect was shot. nbc 6 has team cverage with that crew at the hospital, also
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welcome back. 2015 was the comeback year for toys. the toy industry had an incredible year. seeing the most growth in a decade. that's according to new numbers released by a market research company and toy sales jumped nearly 7% in 2015 to $19.4 billion and that is thanks to eric and toys like star wars bb 8 droid and teena mutant ninja turtle boys. >> i have twin boys.
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first full-time female coach's is assistant. katherine smith, she has done an outstanding job during her seven yearsith his staff. she said she'll do a great job of serving in the role of quality control for special teams. oscar nominee jennifer lawrence ready to tackle another story. >> she's set to play fidel castro's lover. she was just 19 years old when she became fidel castro's lover. the cia later recruited her for an unsuccessful mission to assassinate the cuban dictator. shelater claimed she was present during the planning of john f. kennedy's assassination. the company is considering cuba as a possible shooting location. jennifer lawrence isn't pretty or anything. i can't imagine why they chose her. >> not talented at all. >> it's 6:25 on this thursday morning. a string of robberies. many of which were caught on camera. you're looking at it this morning.
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clue to tracking down that suspect. straight ahead, what we now know about an officer stabbed in the fafa this morning. south florida, as you head out the door this morning, we'll not be dealing with any rain. you can leave the umbrellas at home. grab the sweaters. we are waking up to temperatures in the upper 50s acrcrs the area.
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county. right now at 6:28. that breaking news starts at a south florida casino where a policefficer was stabbed in the face. >> that officer and the suspect were both taken to theame hospital. we do have team coverage this breaking news. nbc 6 reporter erika glover is live at magic city casino.
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>> we'll be talking with her in about 90 seconds. you'll be started with julia bagg who is live at jackson memorial hospital where both the officer that was stabbed in the face and the suspect who was shot were being treated this morning. hi there, julia. what can you tell us? >> reporter: hi, eric and sheli. since we last talked i've been calling the police trying to confirm what we found out at the hospital from some visitors which i last told you about, which is some believe they saw he injured officer walking out of the hospital. they say h h looked like he had been in a fight. but he looked fine. the attcker, that person is in surgery. what we know about what happened at 12:40 this morning, some confrontation at the casino ere the officer was stabbed and he apparently fired his gun. also, that his attackcr was shot. here's a statement from the fraternal order of police from the president, javier ortiz. that is, the officer discharged
6:25 am
as well as to protect the public. i want to thank the magic city casino who immediately rendered and aid acted with complete professionalism. again, i want to emphasize, we know from police that that officer is expected to be okay. for morere on exactly what happened at the casino just up the street from here, let's check in with nbc 6 reporter erika glover fororhat happened there. hi there, erika. >> hi there, julia. about ten minutes from where we are here at magic citycasino. they have the area blocked off. behind me, i'm going to step aside. you can see through this fence where officers are coming and going in and out of that casino. again, officers released a statement saying the officer discharged his firearm to protect himself as well as the public. now, officials here at magic city were calling for assistance to remove a patron. there was a disturbance with that patron around 12:40. here's video from earlier here
6:26 am
officials say that when officers arrived, there was a disturbance between the officer and the man who casino officials wanted remove. there was a struggle between the two and the officer was stabbed in the face and then the officer fired his weapon. we got here just a couple of minutes ago. i can tellllhat you officers have been coming and going from that entrance which is blocked off. even right now, you can see an officer right outside of the fence live riit outside of the casino where we are. right now, we're trying to speak with witnses who were here when this incident happened a little after midnight. we're hopg to bring you more details with that information coming up a little later this morning. we're now live in miami. erika glover, nbc 6 news. we'll check in with you then. thankk, erika. we're going to get a check of your first alert forecast with erika delgado. a lot of eric and erikasround here. >> we've got the right one now. talking about a cooldown and likely into the weekend too. >> that's what i like too. definitely dealing with
6:27 am
50s in miami. already mid to low 60s in the broward because winds have shifted to the east. dry conditions, great news on this thursday morning. you will not be needing the umbrellas today. but keep them closese we arexpecting to need them within the next 24 hours. right now, temperatures across the board are in the lower 60s across the panhandle. this ahead of a system to move through in the next day or so. winds have shifted out of the south there. take aook at the temperature difference between the panhandle and the rest oforthern florida. closer to home, we are waking up to cooler temperatures. 56 in miami. 63 degrees in ft. lauderdale. because of tha east wind, that's leaving 10 to 15 degrees warmer this morning in the broward coastal areas than we saw yesterday at this time. 55 right now down into the homestead area. for the first alert forecast, plenty of sunshine. once that sunrises, a cool start. we're expecting winds out of the northeast. but then we are expecting them
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turning breezy and that's going to allow temperatures to continue to rebound. all right. let's take a look at the roads now with first alert traffic. with erkelly blanco. >> we're still accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. of course, you're going to get youou typical delays on the palmetto expressway. this is around the big curve as you can see. no accidents and all construction has cleared up. let's change sources. t's see what else is going on out there. this is i-95. southbound lanes at the golden glades interchange. no issues as you make your way towards u.s. 441. of course, you'll catch the slowdowns as everybody makes their way from the turnpike. the palmetto to i-95 southbound. the expressways under $4 at this time. let's go to broward county if we can. that camera may not be working now. the chopper around the big curve. we'll give you a look outside and give you drive times in a couple of minutes. thank you, kelly.
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we have the maim of that baby found dead in a freezer. hard to talk about. hugo alvarez vargassas found inside a freezer by police officers near northeast third court and 24th avenue. police made contact with the suspected mom near the bridge on sunday. she told poli she was suicidal at that point and allegedly revealed the whereabouts of her boy. police are investigating what happened inside that home. north miami beach police need your help to nab a man they say is behind four armed robberies. take a look. >> with each one, he's more and more brazen. >> police say that he terrorizes employees with a gun, demands money and takes off. they think he used a similar m.o. to terrorize a cvs and a restaurant and other places. this all happened in two weeks near 125th street and northeast 6th avenue. police are worried based upon
6:30 am
becoo more violent. the victims o o an alleged peeping tom will know if he will get out of jail. they awaited in court. the trial will start again this afternoon. he is accused of lurking outside of women's bedrooms in pembroke pines and then touching himself. police say he was often armed th a slingshot and would actually spray paint cameras. >> masturbating and constantly, constantly, constantly defeating the camera by spraying it with a spray paint. sensor. breaking the window. >> the bond when he turned himself in. he was actually denied bond on new year's eve. his alleged victims hope the judge holds to that. you know when the motorcade
6:31 am
cold weather getting in the way of the president's plans to say the least. look at that motorcade there. alal the suvs. president obama who usually takes a helicopter to the white house had to switch things up a littltl bit and had to be driven by car with security. the bad weather extended to the roads in d.c. traffic could not be cleared for president obama. that's how you know it's getting pretty bad out there. a drive that normally takes 25 minutes took an hour and ten minutes. meteorologist erika delgado is back now. 've been talking about our little cold snap righthere in south florida. i feel like we should not talk abo that anymore. i mean, the east coast is going to get smacked. in fact, the already are. >> we don't want to be complaining about the cold temperatures. what they'll be dealing with in the next 24 to 48 hours is so much more than what we're dealing with. low pressure system remains over texas. this is the system that we
6:32 am
this is winter storm jonas. as it tracks through the tennessee valley in the next few days, it's expected to bring some heavy snow across areas. accumulations are possible. already snow across portions of missouri -- i'm sorry. portions of arkansas as it continues tooush to the northeast. ahead of this system, things are quiet right now. we did see snow across the d.c. and baltimore area in the last 24 hours. right now, winter weather advisories and warnings and also blizzard warnings are in effect. you can see from the tennessee valley into the mid-atlantic statesnd as far north as portions of pennsylvania and portions of connectut. what we can expect hour by hour starting tomorrow morning, you'll see that system continuing to push towards the east. as it does so, we're expecting to see between a foot to 2 feet of snow expected across portions of the mid-atlantic states. some of the areas will see that snow during the afternoon commute tomorrow, which could
6:33 am
further for them once they head home from work. >> based upon what erika is talking about, the storm smacking the eastern seaboard, the airlines are warning approximates jers that it could be a mess it weekends because of a couple of carriers on the screens have waived flight change fees because of major disruptions that might occur. that gives you an idea. be sure to check in with the airline abt flexibility what to do if indeed your flight is we continue to follow the breaking story out of miami. an officer stabbed in the face. we have a crew at the hospital getting the last information on the officer's ndition, as well as the man who is responsible. that suspect in surgery right now. nbc reporter erika glover is at magic casino to find out more. we'll have more. also coming up, a florida puppy thief. that's the guy. trades a $1600 yorkie for crack.
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dog it right now. we're in the middle of rush hour. take a look at i-95. the northbound and your southbound lanes right at griffin road in broward county.
6:35 am
mor welcome back. we're looking live over the streets of d.c. where a trip that would take maybe 20 minutes are taking people close to four hours. >> a couple minutes ago we showed you a picture of president obama's motorcade trying to geg back from the airport to the white house. it should have taken a couple of minutes. half. you know when the motorcade, when 4he roads aren't cleared for them, it's not possible -- yoknow that it's getting plet pretty booedinterpret bad. you can see the snow. t streets aren't bad. they've been plowing all night. you can see how much snow is on the sidewalks. >> they've been salting the roads ahead of the system that's expected to affect them.
6:36 am
there's no good time for them. but when they come during the morning or afternoon commute, that really messes things up for everyone. obviously, under circumstances like this, people are told to stay home. stay home, work from home if you can. take the day. i'm sure many of the employers can uderstand that. >> yeah. >> if the kids are told to stay home from school, i'm sure they're disappointed with that. >> so bummed about that. >> we're not tomplaining but some of us are saying it's chilly and cold here. when you look at that -- >> for south florida standards, it is. we're dealing with 50s. nothing like what they're dealing with. one day we're 80, the next day the 40s. that big drop shakes us up a little. thursday morning, so far, things are okay. our live first alert doppler radar, dry conditions. this is what we like to see. we talk about the morning and afternoon commutes when they're dealing with snow further to the north or rain further to the south. nothing we need to worry out on this thursday morning. we mentioneded the temperatures in the 50s.
6:37 am
bottom line, 56 in miami. 53 in kendada right now. already seeing mid to low 60s acrossssbroward coastal areas. winds have begun to shift out of st, northeast. really warming us up. teperatures over the water, in the upper 70s, that will allow fotemperatures to warm up. just a few clouds this morning. it is a nice start to the day. we're expecting mostly sny skies. first alert forecast for your thursday. we'll warm back up into the mid-70 the average temperatures are expected finally after very few chilly days here across south florida. first, we need to gt to these cooler temperatures for the morning. grab that eater as you head out the door. the first alert forecast, this is where your day is taking you, mid-70s. winds on the breezy side out of east as the day goes on. taking a bigger -- a look at the bigger picture here, not winter storm jonas. just the surface maps here, we are expecting another cool start. but temperatures will continue to pick up. we begin to rebound as the day goes on. winds will be shifting out of
6:38 am
as this afterno and shifting out of the south tonight and into tomorrow. east winds for us. breezy conditions, you know what that means. moderate risk of rip current. that goes for palm beach, broward county and into miami-dade. mane conditions still okay. however, within the next 24 to 48 hours, especiallyhis weekend, winds will pick up. so some hazardous marine conditions will be expected at that time. of course, the lower risk of rain is expected today because we're expecting high pressure to remain in control of the weather pattern. i want to get out of way so you can see what i'm talking about. cloudy skies on friday and a chance of a shower and also an isolated thunderstorm. the front moves through. we're expecting cooler temperatures for your saturday back into the upper 50 highs in the 60s, just in time for the miami marathon o sunday morning. temperatures in the morning in the upr 40s. plenty of sunshine and temperatures reaching into the
6:39 am
nice weekend ahead of us. sheli kelly, hopefully we get through this. the first alert camera. the ooeb lanes. nobody taking the express lanes. no issues at all. accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. i know, crazy. let's take you over to i-95. we're dealing with rush hour right now. again, no accidents. these arerehe southbound lanes and your northbound lanes. this time. construction out of the way. don't even have to worry about that accident. hopefully we ca keep that going door. the maps, 55 miles per hour. 55 miles per hour on northwest 79th street. turnpike. up to the tamiami trail, traffic drive. 826 eastbound from the curve to
6:40 am
kelly, thank you. more than a dozen members of a pembroke pines church are back. famili relieved to be back together. they were on a missionary trip that was cut shurtort because of an al qaeda linked attack. one of them from cooper city. mike riddeng cared for 400 orphans in west africa. he gave assistan to schools and widows and he was headed to the airport to pick up the t%am from pembroke pines when terror struck and too his life. >> this guy gave us so much. he and his wife sold everything they had here in florida and moved to africa. >> he just brought you into his circle and you felt confident, you felt secure. and we all respected him for what he did. >> the missionaries say they plan to go back to west africa
6:41 am
a memorial fund has been set up to help the family of mike riddering. you can find it on the nbc 6 news and weatherer app. tomorrow marks the 43rd anniversary of the roe vs. wade supreme court decision. that was the decision that made abortion legal here in the united states. democratic lawmakers after the the state capitol to lay out an agenda. one piece of legislation would pay for long-term contraception for low income women in pinellas and other counties. the bigger picture, it would reduce u uanted pregnancies and reduce abortions as it has in other states. >> this legislature can continue to aim its efforts and commit countless taxpayer dollars to unsafe and legal abortions or we can save time and money by preventing unwanted pregnancies in the first place.
6:42 am
so just tuesday a house panel approved a measure increasing regulations on abortion clinics. all right. happy to tell you this. this has been a long process. the legal battle is finally over and the state is very confusing districting in florida. it's coming to an end. the florida senate is not going g to appeal redistricting rulings that cameown in december. a circuit judge signed off finally on an approved map. this means that republicans could lose control of the state senate because the map is split nearly evenly between gop and democratic leaning district that will also likely create four south florida seats that could be won by hispanic candidates. attorneys for the so-called affluenza teen say he's going back to texas in a few weeks. ethan couch has been in mexico fighting his deportation order since december really. police say couch and his mom ran away to mexico in december when reports came out that he had
6:43 am
couch's mom is in texas. she's awaiting her next hearing in february. ethan couch made headlines when he was sentence today probatiin after a dui crash that killed four people back in 2013. at the time his attorneys argued that because of his wealthy up bringing, couch didn't know the consequences of his actions. a former police officer in oklahoma city will know his fate today after being convicted of sexual assault. his name is daniel holtz claw. he was convicted on 18 counts of rape and sexual assault against 13 african-american women while he was on duty, mind you. a sentence of 263 years was recommend by a jury. but now an oklahoma county district judge is going to have to decide his sentence. but first, that judge has to give his ruling on a defense motion for a new trial. ten minutes to the top of the hour now. a woman who went on a deadly driving rampage on a las vegas strip is now facing even more charges moving forward.
6:44 am
new charges against lakeisha holloway. including 30 counts of attempted murder. what this means is that she could be facing more than 1,000 years in prison if if she is convicted on all 71 counts. holloway drove on to the las gas strip last month d killed several and injured dozens more all while r 3-year-old was in the back seat in the car with her. sheill be back in court the 4th of february. happening today, the obama administration could announce new visa requirements for europeans who are dual nationals of iran, iraq, sudan or syria. the new requirements would also apply to travelers who have visited those cupountries in the last five years. the administration is hoping that the new rule makes it harder for europeaea who fought with isis to come into the united stas. the story that continues to trend on the nbc 6 news website and on our app this morning. police found a puppy that was actually stolen from a pet store and thenraded for crack.
6:45 am
the tin yorkie was dognapped from a pinellas county store. it's now safe and sound. happy to say that. pricey pup was taken eight days ago. police ararsted the suspect soon after. they say he trade thad yorkie in for crack and cash along the way. on tuesday, someonectually took that dog after they found it to an animal hospital. when the vet scanne the puppy had a microchip in it and discovered that it indeed was that stolen dog. the guy who took it now has a $5,000 bond. officers are staying busy this morning working the scene of an incident at the magic city casino. the entire parking lotot is blocked after as we continue to learn more information about the officer whohoas stabbed in the face around 12:40 this morning. those who work at the casino called officers to remove a patron causing a disturbance. once officers arrived, the officer achbd the patn got in a struggle. that's when the officer was
6:46 am
officer fired his gun. officials say he fired his gun for safety, his own safety and the public's safety. we're waiting to get an update from officers and witnesses on the scene. news. miami police need your help to catch a man behind four robberies. he terrorizes employees with a gun, demds money and takes off. these all happened near 125th street and northeast 6th avenue. > the victims of on alleged peeping tom will know if that prowler will get out of jail. the bond was paused last night. it will start again this afternoon. he's accused of lurking outside of women's bedrooms and at some points touching himself inappropriately inappropriately. communities bracing for a majojowintser storm. the national weather service warns of heavy snow across the mid-atlantic region.
6:47 am
possible chaos and waived change fees. miami county leaders officially voted against a cuban consulate in miami. they have blocked this just as more cuban migrants are preparing to make a journey to the united states. the vote was a symbolic move because it is up to the federal government to ultimately decide here. it does send a clear message abouttheir stance on it. hillary clinton and her supporters on the offensive momeneum. sarah palin and donald trump cruz. check out our news and weather app for all the stories this thursday morning. good morning, south florida. hope your morning is off to a good start. we are still accident-free in miami-dade and broward counties. but we're starting to see the slowdowns on the turnpike. right now you have coral reef drive, a 17-minute drive moving along at 25 miles per hour
6:48 am
826 drirs starting to see that red on our maps as you make your way on the 826 northbound towards the 836. about an eight-minute drive moving along at 16 miles per hour. 826 southbound from the big curve to oklahoma okeechobee road. things looking nice and clear. pines boulevard to the palmetto expressway. an eight-minute commute. i-95, to 595, an eight-minute ride. we have an alert that earlier pedestrian versus car situation at north university drive and 50th street. that's an area you want to avoid. kelly, things at least are rain-free so far. our live first alert doppler is pretty quiet so far. gogod news as we get our day started. taking a look outside. a few clouds out there. things looking really nice in miami. it's a cool start to th day. temperatures right now around 58 degrees in miami. 63 in ft. lauderdale. a little warmer because we're
6:49 am
the winds will be shifting out of the east for most of us later this afternoon. of course, that will allow temperatures to rebound back to where they should be for this time of year. 75 degreeee in miami. we can see temperatures in the 50s. a few more clouds this afternoon. other than that, mostly sunny skies through the evening hours. looking ahead) a cold front, that same winter storm that will bring h%avy snow accumulations across much of the mid-atlantic states. we'll be driving a coal front, that will leave us showers and a a thunderstorm possibly tomorrow. deaf niftly cooling things down for your weekend. highs will be reaching into the 60s. cooler start for your sunday morning. just in time for the miami marathon. temperatures across the areas wiwil be in the upper 40s. plenty of sunshine for your runners out there. looking like the 60s for most of the weekend. >> nothingompared to what -- we'll have more on the winter storm.
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