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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  January 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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accident scene but no longer blocking three lanes. now it's finally off to the shoulder so good news from our first alert traffic map this accident and the one northwest 107th avenue are not causing any delays. we'll talk about construction in a few minutes. we're following this breaking news out of northwest miami-dade where a massive fire apparently destroyed a hous neighbors are waking up to a smoky mess. nbc 6 reporter michael spears got there a few minutes ago. the last time we talked to you was about 30 minutes ago. you had only been there two minutes. what more do we know within the last 30 minutes or so? >> reporter: we just learned from miami-dade rescue they are calling the fire suspicious and have called in investigators to get to the bottom of what exactly happened here. went up in flames. the fire is out. brand-new video from a witness,s, flames shooting out of the home
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it's near the expressway. the man whogave us the video said he was actually driving from a job he was nearby when he saw thehelames from a nearby bridge and that's what made him come by and check out what the scene was. s far as this fire reports of heavy smoke in the area. they came here and found this massive fire. the good news in all of this, this is apparently a vacant home according to officials. no one inside at the time of the fire. talk about a scary situation for neighbors. one guy sprang into action. take a listen. >> i was really scared. i've never seen that in my life. i don't want nobody to get hurt. i had to bang on windows and gates. >> reporter: he tells us the neighbors' doors he knocked on were able to get out safely which is good news. a littte bit of smoke rising still from the home. i can smell it in the air.
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nothe second part of this, the investigation. we're hearing it is suspicious. now investigators will work to discover who or what started this early morning fire. we'll have updates in the next 30 minutes on the nbc 6 news at 5:30. michael spears, nbc 6 news. michael, thanks so much. a massive storm is expected to wreak havoc across the northeast and it could cause troubles here at home. the massive blizzardrdas caused some flight troubles. if you're flight out today, it's a a od idea to check with your carrier about the status of your flight. julia bagg joins us live from miami international airport. no pressure, julia, but people are counting on you to bring good news this morning. how are things lookg out there? >> reporter: sheli, not too, too bad. that's the good news. we have seen how the storm, though, is definitely making people scramble. some people trying to get away from it. others trying to get home in time to help their family prepare. let me show you what things look
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a touch busier but not too packed at miami international airport. you should get through your lines just fine. we are seeing flights still getting through to places like new york, atlanta, boston, even washington, d.c., where the heart of the storm is expected to strike. and i talked to onean who was actually in the area from annapolis, maryland, trying to catch a flight to baltimore. and he's just hoping to make it home in time to help his family prepare. >> during the week when i got my ticket, first to leave in the morning on friday. i lucked out. >> reporter: ed cruz told me that his family already has plenty of salt and the shovels but they may nene to have food for some four days or even more, up to aweek. so that's some serious things travelers are looking to prepare for, somom of them as they head to the northeast. coming up in the next half hour
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people a doing while they're trying to hurry up and catch the flights, some of them moving to earlier flights this morning. we're live at miami internbtional airport, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> julia, we'll check in with you as well. it's one of the most watched videos on the nbc 6 newg and weather app. a doctoral resident at jmh seemingly attacking an uber driver, and it is a story you'll see only on 6. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] get the [ bleep ] in the car. yeah, i'm attacking you. you have bruises all over you. >> that neurology resident dr. anjali ramkissoon, the seemingly drunk doctor, wasn't his passenger when she just jumped in his car, ripped the keys out of his hand and demanded a ride. at one point she kicked and scratched him and keep it locked right here on nbc 6 because coming up in the next half hour, you're going to hear from the
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6 report erer. take a look at these sketches here. police thk these suspects may look like these guys wanted for robbing a 51-year-old man was his money and his jewelry at gunpoint and then shooting him several times. this hahpened right in the middle of the day. you could see here it captured e two thieves as they walked near northwest 107th street@ and 23rd avenue. they left with help from a trd suspect. here's what they think. their car was a silver saturn view that you probably saw there quickly passing by. the victim, we understand, is doing okay. a group of nine people waking up in jail and facing several charges, too, and this is why after completing a two-day investigation into a pair of homes along northwest 32nd avenue and 2nd street police arrested this group of nine for illegal narcotics, gun possession and burglary. cops contacted fpl saying some had been stealing elected trisricity througuga stolen meter box. the miami police department
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legally renting the homes or one of the men arrested in the connection of a shooting death after boy will face a judge. micheel tobler got tips of suspicious activity of a home where amiere castro was killed. detectives say they found drugs. they found guns, they found ammunition inside ofthat home. tobler was the uncle. the 7-year-old just visiting family over christmas break was play inging with toys in a living room when someone drove by the home and shot him. three other people have also been arrested in connection to this murder. it is six minutes past the hour on your friday morning. still a whole lot more ahead for you. a new push at our state capitol to allow guns to be carried on campus. you're going to get booed. you keep this us. you keep this up. >> okay. it's marco rubio's turn to be on "the late night show" with jimmy fallon.
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you'll see him in just a bit. all right, south florida, we it continue to keep an eye on the cold front for days now that is expected to bring major changes for the week.
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through the rain. over 3 million people have silky smooth feet that you can't help but touch. the new amopefoot file with diamond crystals d extra coarse roller head removes callouses effortlessly. feel it yourself! amope pedi perfect. welcome back, everybody. breaking for you overnight as the east coast is preparing for a winter storm, mississippi gets
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take a look at what was left behind. the severe weather happened late last night. in some areas trees came down, big trees, blocking first responders from getting through to where they needed to go. reports of a tornado touching down where mobile homes were destroyed. this bad weather and, boy, it isn't going away as it moves to the northeast. otr states are preparing for the worst as well because they know what's coming. coming up this morning a live report from jay gray in virginia. at the state capitol a push to convince lawmakers to oppose a billllhat would allow guns on college campuses. a house bill is ready for consideration but debbie wasserman schultz calling the idea troubling and disturbing adding that she doesn't think the state should be, quote, armed to teeth. a similar bill failed last year. she used to serve in the florida senate and now represents parts
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miami-dade county. heading to the house a bill that would punish those who don't enforce immigration laws. the sweeping measure would penalize city counties and sheriffs who don't fully cooperate with immigration laws. there are policies that basically allow police limited cooperation with federal investigators. >> we are coming into the final stretch bore the iowa caucus and the top candidates are throwing some pretty sharp elbows at each other which really isn't a surprise. edward lawrence is tracking all of those from washington, d.c. >> we know how to close deals. i'm a closer. >> reporter: donald trump hit his main points and turned sights on ted d ruz's latest a attack. >> his new line of attack is that i've become establishsent. give me a break. >> reporter: trump hit cruz back saying he's nervous.
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momentum in iowa as cruz tries to narrow the gap in new hampshire. >> he's getting more and more and each day he's engaging in more and more personal attacks. >> reporter: former president bill clinton campaigning for his wife taking a slight jab at trump's call to ban muslims from entering the country. >> have to do it together. we need an inclusive social policy. we need inclusive politics. >> reporter: hillary clinton urged voteers to caucus for her next month. democratic rival told the new hampshire crowd we have had enough establishment politics and countered clinton's charge that he's unelectable. >> it gives me some pleasure to give you facts t suggest that might not be the case. >> reporter: just ten days to the iowa caucus and each front-runner wants momentum going into the new hampshire primary.
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so whenever a presidential candidate stops by to talk to jimmy fallon -- >> it'soing to be funny. >> we try to bring you a clip of it. this time it was senator marco rubio. >> we've shown you hillary clintonnd donald trump last we. and much to his daughter's dislike, actually. >> they told me not to come on the show. they're going to boo you when you walk out. that didn't happen. that's good. >> we don't boo anybody. >> of course the first topic on the table, the senator's high heeeeed boots that he was seen wearing on his campaign trail. fallon defended rubio's choice of footwear and insisted he should bring them back. >> you have to do what you have to do if you want to look taller. i hear you. manatees are doing the best they can during the cold snap. the florida power and light plant in palm beach county
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little refuge for dozens of manatees. like a lot of us here in south florida are not accustomed to the cold temperatures. despite their size, these sea cows have little body fat and really can't tolerate temperatures belel 68 degrees, at least not for very long. now first alert weather with meteorologist erika delgado, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> we do have a few showers so far. grab the rain gear as we head out the door. as you head out the door this morning our live first alert dopper radar. jump in so we can see what i'm talking about. we are expecting another batch this afternoon. temperatures will continue to
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showers remain across homestead. this is batch number one. number two will be associated with a cold front later this afternoon. we're waking up to very warm and muggy 72 degrees as well as in ft. lauderdale. 70 in kendall in the hialeah area. calling for temperatures reaching into thehe0s later this afternoon. we'll be in the mid-70s but the cloo cover will stick around most of the day. showers turning into a few thunderstorms. some of those thunderstorms could be a little on the strong to severe side. we are under marginal risk. take a look at the keys, what you're expecting as you head down there today. winds on the breezy side. of course temperatures will be in the 70s and we are expecting that cloud cover to also stick around for most of the day. and take a look at all that rain across the keys this has been throughout the overnight hours into this morning. if your morning commute takes u down to the keys, could be on the saturated side. keep that in mind. this is associated with batch number one, thatsurge of moisture continues to move to
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but then the cold front across portions the panhandle. ahead of that expecting heavy rain this afternoon.% some storms and, of course, some of them could be strong to severe. u could also download our nbc 6 news and weather app free. hour by hour here is what we can expect. throughout the morning hours as you're heading out the door rain gear going to be needed today because we will see showers continuing. still heading up for lunch. as kids are getting out of school we'll deal with the moisture. light showers butut then the next batch this afternoon could be on the stronger side. so breezy conditions means marine and rip currents will be your main that today. just in time for the miami marathon on sunday warmer temperatures. kelly, a check on e roads. good morning to you, south florida. we do have construction going on. a couple of accidents on the 836.
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about them first. right at 12th avenue three lanes blocked off. then on the pal metmetto expressway southbound at northwest 36th street also three anes partially blocked off. no green on our map which means everything is lookokg good. i will let you know if that changes. and then finally two lanes blocked off. the left lanes are blocked off and this is i-95, southbound and northbound lanes here right out of the golden glades interchange. no major accidents in all of south florida. an ex-oklahoma city police officer is waking up on the first day of his 263-year sentence a. judge sentenced him after denying a motion for a new trial. he is convicted of the rape and sexual assault of 13 african-american women. prosecutors say he selected his
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city's poorest neighborhoods based assuming on their drug or prosecution records that would undermine a claims they might have against him. the defense says it will be appealing. seven families waking up without a home this morning following a huge fire that happened at a tampa apartment complex. take a look at the flames here engulfing the building quickly. the flames shooting about 20 feet into the air at a couple of points. an electrical malfunction in a washingachine that sparked the fire. it happened fast so they couldn't take very much. that caused more than $400,000 worth of damage to that complex. fortunately no one was hurt. 5:18. still much more ahead. a massive croc caught taking a dip in a pool. the homeowner managed to get rid of its uninvited guest there. the hunt under way for a
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so who wants to find welcome back on this friday morning. miami runners getting ready for sunday's big marathon, the 14th annual miami marathon taking
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the race will start at 6:00 in front of the american airlines arena. that is 6:00 a.m. 25,000 people are expected to pticipate. kelly blanco will be live midday with more details on traffic and road closures for this sunday's marathon. >> good luck to everybody. that is one ofof our most clicked stories and for good reason. a south florida homeowner woke up to a pool crasher. this huge crocodile, about 8 feet, took a dip in that guy's swimming pool. sheriff's deputies responded right away to the home to get the crock out of there. he wanted to chill in the pool, to relax. he ended up going back to the opener water where he came e om and swam away. >> a father and sonhelped save a woman's life. first, she has to find them.
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a ft. myers neighborhood asking for the father and son to come forward. hudson and her husband were taking a walk when she actually suffered a heart attack. her husband couldn't help her because of recect shoulder surgery. the father and son were walking their dog nearby and rushed o or to help. e yellow sign the talk of the neighborhood. >> it makes me excited and positive about life and people. >> i truly hope she finds the bern that helped her out. >> there's a phone number on the sign for them to call but so far they haven't heard from them. . >> that's neat it's a picture of something much bigger. faith in humanity. >> hopefully. it got all the way to here so maybe they'll find out about it. >> 5:23 onyour friday morning. still more ahead. we are live at the scene of some breaking news with michael spears after a fire destroys a home overnight.
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officer was stabbed in the face at a kacasino. >> you will need the rain gear as you drop the kids off at the bus stop. some showers and heavy rain is possible. and that will linger into the late morning hours. puns you leave work the second batch could leave a few showers
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plenty more comi police right now on the hunt for two scheming viccen envixens who
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>> here is a look at the blizzard in the northeastern part of the country. we'll have some flight delays coming p. also, only on 6 for you this morning, a local uber driver says that he was attacked. the viral video. live, nbc 6 today starts now. good morning to you, everybody. i'm eric. >> harold:yman. >> and i'm sheli muniz. the weather threatening the northeastern part of the country. here at home nothing like that. not a day in the clear. >> we have julia bagg at the airport checking on those flights. let's check in with erika delgado. we are looking at something very
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>> the same system that will be affecting us. winter storms andlizzards for the northeast. for us, though, we are dealing with rain and thunderstorms. broward county, things are okay. a few light showers down into miami doid and now some of the showers affecting portrtns of homestead d t a few showers through key biscayne as well. keep the umbrellas close. temperatures already 72 degrees in miami and ft. lauderdale. winds have shifted warming us up. batch number two affecting us here throughout the afternoon hours. keep the umbrellas close. we will be needing them later this afternoon. let's take a look at the roads with kelly blanco.
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us on this friday, friday morning.
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