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tv   Today  NBC  January 22, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EST

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with another local update. good morning. making history. a snow storm of epic proportions set to bury our nation's capital in just a few hours. at least two feet expected in d.c. more in other places. 88 million americans to be impact, and our team of weather wizards is tracking it all. bing overnight, a university of virginia student arrested and detained in nk accused of committing a hostile act. what was he doing there, and what will the u.s. governmentt do to get him out? mr. nice guy? >> we will be unified. we will be one. we wille happy again. >> donald trump tells voters he'll bring the country together, but then just hours laterreleased this ad attacking ted cruz while hillaryrylinton turns to pop star demi lovato. >> i don't think there's a woman more competent than hillary clinton.
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voters in a tight race in iowa. and uber attack. a miami doctor gets into a heated physical confrontation with a driver. >> get the [ bleep ] out of the car! >> and she could be looking for a new mode of transportation today, friday, january 22nd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this i "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "tcday." it's friday morning. we've got willie in for matt. it's a combination of feelings, excitement and terror about this snow storm that's bearing down on east. >> in technical meteorological tetes this thing is a beast. this is the live conditions in christiansburg, virginia, 35 miles south of roanoke. we could have taken any one of a number of pictures across the east coast. it's ugly out there. >> how will it look in 24 hours?
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because more than 88 million americans are in the path of this storm. at least 20 states from arkansas to new york are already covered by warnings and watches. >> with more than two feet expected in washington, d.c., a snow emergency going into effect there this morning. publicicchools are closed and government offices will shut down at noon. . >> and flight cancellations already mounting. nearly 5,000 today and tomorrow. we've got this stotm covered from all angles so let's start with dylan dryer in virginia this morning. dylan, good morning to you. >> hey, savannah. my marching orders yesterday were go found snow and, boy, have we found it. we're in southwestern virginia outside of roanoke. it started snowing at 5:00 t ts morning and it's accumulating quickly. up until last night the biggest threatssith this storm have been rain, severe storms and patchy ice, but now the focus is the heavy snow and from now through saturday conditions are only going to get worse. overnight a possible tornado touched down near hattiesburg,
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power lines and destroying a mobile home. part of a monster storm system amming the south and east. this morning 88 million people could be impacted by some form of nasty winter weather, that's roughly one out of every four americans. >> this winter storm is only going to get worse. >> reporter: all along the east coast from north carolina to new york people are bracing for the worst. this caravan of power crews drove from florida to north carolina preparing for up to half an inch of ice and the power outages almost certain to follow. >> our goal is to be overprepared and hopefully underwhelmed. >> reporter: a state of emergency is already in effect in five states, maryland and d.c.'s kick in this morning. starting later tod and through the weekend the washington, d.c. area will be the winter storm capital of the nation, an anticipateing two feet or more.
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snow they called snowmageddon or snowpocalypse which paralyzed the city for days. this one is likely to be worse. >> earlier i h 18 to 24. i'm now going 20 to 30 inches of snow, plus it's goingng to take a long time for us to clean up from that. so our plan today is to make it back to washington, d.c. if the storm is moving at about 40 miles per hour and we can do about 41, maybe we'll get there before the snow does, but it's going to be a slow go on i-81. we're watching the time here to go 25 miles. it's already going to take about 40 minutes. it's going to be a rough ride today. hopefully most people just stay home. willie and savannah. >> i see that wetness on your face. i hope it's snow and not tears. going to be a tough one. >> it's a both. >> dylan, thanks a lot. let's focus on the storm's impact on the capital city. officials in washington are taking unprecedented precautions to prepare.
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miguel almaguer is there f#r us. miguel, what's it looking like? >> reporter: hey, willie, so far just cold but certainly expect to be in the bullseye. they are expecting upwards of two feet of snow here in the district of columbia. that number will climb in the outside areas, and they could get hammered. i want to show you what it looked like earlier this week. we got just a dusting, less than an inch of snow on wednesday, and it brought the region to its knees. there were long traffic delays and we expect bigger problems this afternoon when the first snow rolls in. governors in five different states and in more than 14 counties have already declared states of emergency. the federal government says they will should down today at noon. schools are also closed. transportation problems are going to be an sue. some 2,200 flights all across this regionn have already been cancelled. they are prepping for a major storm here. take a look at a it looked like inside grocery stars and hardware stores earlier yesterday. they have been scrambling to get
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folks say they will hunker down and ride this storm out. it will right right into the weekend and everyoneere trying to prepare as best as they can for a major storm anticipated to hit us in the next few hours. willie? >> taking it very seriously. thank you so much. >> let's turn to al. is it going to be as bad as advertised. >> we have the caveat if the storm moves in any direction that will affect what we show you, but right now 1,200 miles worth off winter weather advisories, from northern louisiana all the way to new england, and we have blizzard warnings in effecttretching from washington, baltimore, dover, philadelphia, new yorkr city. so we've got a severe situation starting to develop. we also have severe weather down through the southeast. we've got to keep an eye on that because of severe thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes, so we'e' watch that as well. now, as we go into our accumulations, here's what we're looking for, because we've already seen snow and ice in memphis.
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nashville, tennessee. you'll see it at 4 to 8 inches. lexington, kentucky, look for 8 to 14 inches of snow, and as we get closer to the coast with winds and snow we are going to be looking at quite a bit. washington an baltimore right now. we're calling for anywhere from 18 to 26 incs of snow. it begins at 4:00 this afternoon and wind gusts at 50 miles per hour, snowfall two to four inches per hour. in philadelphia and central new jersey we're looking for the snow starting around 11:00 and wind gusts to 40 miles per hour and snow of 12 to 18 inches. new york city, the surrounding area, long island. look for six to 12 inches. the snow starts early saturda morning. wind gusts of 55 miles per hour and look at this, we're talking about a significant ice storm from knoxville, tennessee, raleigh. charlotte is the bullseye. we could seelmost an inch of ice, and the power outage
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washington, d.c. are very likely because of ice, winds and rain and snow, so this is going to be a really dangerous storm as the hours move through. >> the ice and the winds scare me. thank you, al. >> breaking overnight now. an american college student arrested and detained in north korea. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely following this story for us. bill, what's the latest. >> reporter: gk good morning, willie. other american arrested by the north koreans accusing him of a hostile act though they don't say what that is and entering the country in the guise of a tourist as they put it, but, quote, plotting to underminee the country's unity, and they say he was manipulated by the u.s. government. they have named him as otto frederick warmwbeir, we believe he's from cincinnati, went with a tour group in china and don't know where he's being held but
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capital pyongyaya and, of course, we don't know his side of the story. u.s. diplomats in south korea are working on that. we do know north korea is feeling the heat right now after its recent nuclearest with the u.s. and other weighinging up more sanctions, and in the past north korea has arrested foreigners and paraded them on tv admitting to some wrongdoing to try to win concessions or diplomatic room to negotiate. no sign of any tv appearance so far, but the timing and the harshnessf this statement, this arrest is no coincidence. the north koreans may try to use this young man as a bargaining chip. savannah, will. >> i we know previously americans have been held for years on end in north korea. hopefully this is different. new controversy onhe republican side. ten days out from the iowa caucuses a national magazine is calling for all republicans to
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donald trump is out with a new attack ad. let's start o o coverage with nbc news correspondent peter alexander. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: donald trump or ted cruz, even as more and more establishment republicans are warming to trump as the lesser of two evils, they say, conservatives are fighting back with a series of blistering editorial calling trump a charlton, a wannabe and worse and trump released his first negative attack ad of the campaign, targeting who else, senator cruz. >> want to dof in a humane way. >> donald trump on the offensive. >> i donald trump and i approve this message. >> reporter: going after ted cruz with a new ad out this morning using cruz's own words against him on the topic of immigration. >> of course i wanted the bill to pass, my amendment to pass. >> reporter: cruz quickly shooting back with an attack ad of his own. >> trump won't change the system. he's what's wrong with it >> reporter: bitter on-air exchange comes hours after trump slamd cruz in front of a rowdy las vegas crowd calling the
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>> here's a united states senator, republican. don'n' have support of one other republican senator. there's something wrong there, and i can tell you they like me. >> reporter: cruz attacking trump on the very same point. >> if as a voter you think what we need is more republicans in washington to cut a deal with harry reid and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer then i guess donald trump is your guy. >> reporter: late thursday the conservative magazaze "national review" released a special issue oppose trump's bidor the presidency with essays from conservatives like eric erickson and glenn buck saying trump is a philosophical -- >> it's a dying newspaper. circrcation is way down. not many people read it anymore. >> reporter: frump is looking to widen his nest recasting himself as the kumya candidate. >> i will bring our country together. we will be unified. we will be one. well be happy again. >> reporter: but according to
7:12 am
americans aren't feeling t.trump's widely disliked by african-americans, latinos and women, the billionaire so polarizing people weighing in behind the grave. his dying wish, in lieu of donald trump. >> as a result of that against trump issue the "national review" haseen booted from co-hosting an upcoming debate as magazine's publisher tweets small price to pay for s`eaking the truth about the donald. savannah and willie. >> peter alexander, thank you. let's flip over to the democratic side. hillary clinton bringing in more star power to give her campaign a boost as bernie sandnds surges as just the right time for him. nbc's andrea mitchell has more on what has become a tight race. andrea, good morning. >> reporter: indfed it is, good morning. willie. today, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be campaigning in new hampshire, but it's in iowa where the democratic primary is heating up. with both candidates trying to
7:13 am
>> you get the first c cnce to decide who should be the next president of the united states! >> reporter: with just ten days to go in the iowa caucuses hillary clinton is trying to shore up support with younger voters who have been flocking to bernie sanders. thursday night appearing with singer d di voto in iowa city. >> we go forward with confidence. thank you, demi! >> reporter: as race keeps getting tighter a new poll shows sanders could have an eight-point lead in iowa assuming he can bring new voters to the caucus so both believeve the contest is closer. clinton stepping up his attacks on sanders. >> in theory, there's a lot to like about some of his idias, but in theory isn't enough. >> reporter: echoing how she tried to defeat barack obama in 2008. >> you are not going to wave a magic wand and have the special interests disappear!
7:14 am
democratic bhopt could wave a magic wand. >> i'm not interested in ideas that sound good on paper but will never make it in the real world. >> reporter: and she's slamming sanders as being naive on foreign policy. >> he suggested we invite iranian troops into syria. that is like asking the arsonist to be the firefighter. >> reporter:s sanders crisscrossed new hampshire, he's taking advantage of his momentum, releasing a new ad aimed at inspiring young voters in iowa set to "simon and garfunkel's." "america." for people in iowa the choice is anything but clear. >> still a week, a lot of time for candidates to bng up the issues i'm passionate about, say things that i may or may not agree with the. >> reporter: earlier this morning hillary clinton's campaign released a new ad touting her experience as secretary of state. she's hoping that experience, especially in foreign policy, trumps the economic message that's empowering sanders with
7:15 am
both supporters in campaign in new hampshire hitting iowa for the weekend. >> ten days out and both races still up for grabs. a look at the otherer headlines, "washington post" reporter freed frommran is on his way home to the u.s. this morning. jason rezaian and his family have left that u.s. military hospital in landstuhl, germany. rezaian was released after 18 months in captivity in a prisoner swap between the u.s. and iran. in a statement rezaian said, quote, i am overjoyed to be reconnecting with my family. i plan to relax and enjoy home-cooked meals, sports with them over the next few days and weeks. other news this morning, there are growing concerns about the mosquito-borne zika virus. public health officials in el salvador advising women to put off pregnancies for next two years to avoid passion on rus. there are now 96 suspected cases in el salvador psychoa has been linked to a
7:16 am
to not form properly. a former alaska airlines captain was charged this week flying a plane while under the influence of alcohol. the 60-year-old flew from portland oreren to original county california in june of 2014 and upon arrivingg was asked to submit to a random drug and alcohol test. officials say he posted a blood-alcohol reading of at least 0.13. he was removing from flying duties and later retired. if convicted of these charges, he could mace a maximum of 15 years in prison. wild new video that shows a 2-year-old boy running down the middle o o a busy oregon highway. officials say the toddler managed to escape the open door of a community center while hip parents were cleaning up there. a sheriff's deputy was driving down the road when he slams on the brakes to avoid hitting the chchd. the deputy quickly grabbed the boy and too him to safety. the parents were searching for him.
7:17 am
no criminal charges were filed. now to the video we showed you at the top of the show. a miami doctor has been placed on administrative leave after video surfaced of a confrontation betwewe her and her uber drifrm the video showing the driver slapping the driver and later trying to knee him. the passenger was there to pick up another passenger and she got in the carar and threw all the driver's belongings out the wind doe. she was not arrested because the driver did not press chars. wow. >> wow. that's all you can say is wow on that one. let's get more on this storm now, al. what else do you have? >> active weather is going on around the rest of the country. we've go the a risk of strong storms in northern florida today and also heavy rain and wind moving into the pacific northwest and california. mid-section of the country fairly quiet. sunshine from the plains all the way down into texas. we're going to get to your local
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>> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> all right, al, thanks. the man accused of killing amanda knox's roommate. what he's now saying about ill-fated night and why he says justice has not been done.% and the snow and ice beginning as that major storm moves into the east. the trouble it's already causing on the roads and at the airport.
7:20 am
nbc. just ahead, the very elaborate way these students tried to distract a rival work. >> you have to see this. plus a new record that adele
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live this is nbc 6 south florida news now. good friday morning to you. i am shelly. >> i am eric and 7:26. we're waking up to warm and wet weather. question is what about the rest of the friday? >> we have the answer. >> yeah, you're right. warm and humid conditions and scatterededhowers in the forecast for the morning hours. this is batch number one and batch number two is going affect us today and that's going to lead us to strong thunderstorms and then for the first forecast on the friday temperatures are reaching up and the cloud cover sticks around and keep it close all day long. >> hey, we have a couple of accidents if you're making the way out. all of the roads are wet and then you're going to have one lane completely blocked off to a
7:26 am
95 eastbound and then going to another crash and then if you're headed out the door to the turnpike and then 34 minutes and the trail and traffic moving along and then the dolphin express way is a ten minute ride. >> thank you so much. first on the scene. anover night fire and investigators calling it suspicious i want happened on a vacant home and no one was hurt. the search is on for those that stole and they're praying on men with rolex watches. two men invited them home from a restaurant. if you recognize them, call the police. >> we will be back in 25 minutes.
7:27 am
we we're back now at 7:30, friday morning, january 22nd, 7:30. there's the scene, christiansburg, virginia. we're starting to see what people are going to say is a monsterrf a storm starting to take hold this morning. al says it's going to g a lot worse over the next 24 hours. a lot more on this blizzard coming up in just a few. >> let's begin this half hour with some other headlines. the conservative magazine national review out with a series of essays from i i editors titled "against trump." they blast the republican front-runner's bid for the white house labeling him a menace to american conservatism. take a listen to trump's response. >> the requests national review" is a dying pavement its circulation is way down. not very many peopleead it anymore. >> reporter: spl. >> meantime trump south with a new ad this morning accusings ted cruz of flip-flopping on immigration.
7:28 am
student is being held in north korea this morning for committing alleged hostile acts and ending the country under the guise of the tourist. u.s. diplomats are working to fr that 22-year-old. >> republican presidential hopeful and new jersey governor chris christie under some heat this morning with most of his state under a blizzard watch. governor christie has decided to remain on the campaign t til in new hampshire and says he's confident state officials can handle it, and if the situation changes he says he will return home immediately. new york city mayor bill de blasio weighing in this morning saying christie, quote, needs to come back. let't' get the latest on that storm. nbc's gabe gutierrez down in charlotte, north carolina for us. gabe, what does it look like for us there? >> reporter: well, good morning. it's an absolute mess out here. the snow started in the overnight and pounded the charlotte area for several hours and then it turned into freezing rain and we've been seeing that on and off for the last several hours and it's turning into a dangerous morning commute.
7:29 am
with the flashers on and it spun out with the icy conditions. officials here in the charlotte area are expecting at least half an inch of ice. dozen of salt trucks have been out and what they are trying to do is a repeat that really paralyzed the city. thankfully many are statang home and students have closed and bus service has just been cancelled and american airlines have cancelled all of its flight into andut of charlotte. also cancelled a major pep rally that had been scheduled for later today for the carolina panthers. they are still set to play in the huge fiske championship game here in charlotte on sunday. just to the west in the carolina money chance, boone, north carolina is expecting a foot of snow and the major concern here in charlotte i i ice and we're already starting to see the dangerous slippery conditions develop right behind us. guys, back for you. >> hope peoe stay safe and a lot of panther fans are hoping
7:30 am
stadium on sunday. >> you know travel will be ugly. thousands of flights already canceleld over the next couple of days. that storm will only grow as the storm intensifies. kristen, what a you seeing there? >> good morning, savannah. already a lot of disappointed passengers getting here to find out their flights have been cancelled. today at laguardia 10%. flights already cancelled for the day and that number is expected to grow as we go through the day and the next 48 hours as the weather deteriorates. it's really a mess nationwide. almost 5,000 cancellations nationwide over the next two days. that will affect some 100,000 air travelers. many flights from here, of course, already cancelled to places that are beginning to see the bad weather. like charlotte where american airlines as gabe said cancelled all of its flight into and out of charlotte. already seeing the snow and ice.
7:31 am
airline hub so that throws a wrench into the entire system. they have seen about 500 flights into and out of charlotte over the last couple of days. a couple other airport you want to be careful flying into and out of the next couple of days and call your carrier. baltimore airport, seeing almost 300 delays and washington dulles and washington reagan also seeing hundreds of delays and then newark here in the new york area along with laguardia also seeing a lot of delays horvat next couple of days. airlines have been offering passengers free change fees to mama the changes, make the cancellations if they are not going to be able to fly, but a lot of people getting here and surprised this morning and things jus going to get worst. savannah. >> kristen, thank you so much. you can say home it's better to do so. >> al has been busy all morning tracking the storm and telling us what we can expect. >> power outages, talked about that and seeing them start to crop up in and around the metropolitan atlanta area and back through memphis and
7:32 am
we're going to continue to see these power outages possible from boston all the way out to memphis. the other thing, winds will be a big factor in this. the damage scale. look at the winds as the morning wears o into tomorrow. 50 to 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts, downed trees and moderate damage. coastal flooding a big problem. coastal flood watches and warnings. the high tide times, we're looking i saturday morning, 7:42. 7:38 in ocean city and up in new york city 7:31. there's another high tide on saturday evening and that continues on into sunday morning,ut that one won't be quite so bad so during the day today snow along i-95 and the heavy rain and snow wall makes its way up the coast and 50 to 60-mile-pepehour wind gusts and blizzard conditions tonight into tomorrow and on intnt early sunday morning.
7:33 am
make sure you check the weather channel app when you need it. you'll get your information there. that's lots f of rain this moing and expecting mostly cloudy skies ask a little sneak peek jinchings and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you. amanda knox is finding herself in the spotlight as the man convicted of murdering her roommate meredith kercher is speaking out from behind bars. nbc's kelly cobiella has the story for us. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah.
7:34 am
about this store again. amanda knox and her former boyfriend rafaelfaele sollecito moving on and now there's yet another surprise twist. the only person to be convicted in meredith kercher's murder is speaking out and what he explains happened that night is gruesome and graphic and points the finger again at amanda knox. it was a murder case watched by the wowod, amanda knox young and beautiful accused of killing her roommate, british student meredith kercher in 2007. she and her boyfriend from cleared last year, case closed. now inn an interview from prison rudy gue says meredith invited him over and he was in the bathroom in the hous he shared with knox when the doorbell rang. i heard the start of an argument, i had said. i clearly recognized amanda's
7:35 am
he's asked you're sure it was her voice. 101%, he says. but no mention of sollecito. inside guidi said he saw a man in a distinctive hat and the man said let's go. there's someone in the house. he says he found meredith bleeding but alive in her room and tried to help. she w trying to tell me something, he says. she made a sound and i tried to write it in the wall in her bad because i was trying to help her. meredith was fully cloled and the door open when he ran but police found her body half naked, the bra shredded and the door locked. amanda snoks wouldn't comment on the interview. when shehe spoke to matt in 2013 she said the evidence pointed to him. >> ere's no trace of me in the noom where my friend was murdered.
7:36 am
place of the man who actually did this. rudy gudidy was arrested. he said he ran because he was afraid and insists he's interviewed. his interview will not change anything legally for knox and sollecito and after they were cleared he asked the courts to takekenother look at his case. they are not likely, the case, is not likely to take it up and he's now served about half of his 16-year sentence and could be out by 2018, and would i say the chance of us talking about this story then between now and then is pretty good. >> never seems to go away. kelly biella, thank you so much. coming up next, bread and milk no, where to be found, a run on onio. what? how people are preparing for this nasty storm. >> onions, you say.
7:37 am
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we're back. the monster storm beginning to hit the east coast. the nation's capital bracing for what could be i biggest blizzard ever and that has people racing to the stores and stripping the shelves bare. nbc's miguel almaguer is here with us frorothe national mall once again. hey, guys, good morning. >> reporter: i know that's cliche but you can call this the calm before the store, the national mall in the tidal basin is as quiet as it gets. the city is getting set to shut down. they are getting ready but the question is are they prepared. >> this could be the top storm in our history. >> it's a town known for being divided andnd this morning easy certainly feels like a tale of two cities. there is both preparation and
7:42 am
>> don't stake the storm for granted. this is 36 hours of a major storm. >> 2,000 people waiting in the express line. >> never seen a a line this long. >> reporter: as the monster storm closes in somom 88 million people in 16 states are in its path. >> wn we get snow, you know, we shut down. >> rorter: washington, d.c. already crippled by just a dusting of snow this week. expecting two feet more. officials are now promising to keep the roads clear and even as hardware and grocery store shelves go empty. >> and we real very a run on this. >> reporter: the governo issuing a warning, stockpile food while you can. not just to last the weekend but enough last up to an entire week. >> reportete with milk missing om many s sres, shelves once full of bread are bare and can you find lves for sale on facebook for $20. social media documenting the drama.
7:43 am
decisions, decisions. >> fruits and salad and cheese and wine. >> reporter: liquor stores running dry, so is trader joe's. >> we're going to stay open until we no longer can. >> reporter: weekend whiteout which could rival snowmageddon 2010 may pack 36 hours of blinding snow and power outages. >> i have no idea how to use a generator. >> reporter: mike and vicky and baby judith worrying abobo the heat going out. road crews are on ovdrive and overtime. >> just be patient and give us a chance to get out there. >> reporter: and this morning one bishop in virginia isn't taking any chances saying catholics can skip sunday mess. better stay home than be safe than sorry. the federal government here will shut down at noon.
7:44 am
the day in some 2,300 flights have already been cancelled. this is big business, the town taking this very seriously. guys, back for you. >> it looks like washington is ready. >> thanks so much. >ave you ever gone to the store and stockpiled up per storm. >> and not to the extent that i'm seeing in some of these pictures. >> stores have been sacked. >> what are the essentialite snems. >> milk, bread, beer. >> wine. >> i think so. >> peanut butter, bourbon and netflix. i'll throw those in. >> coming up. is the engagement back senator. >> yeah. >> what appears to be big news from miley cyrus and lieiams hemsworth. >> and coming up next, is this a first look at the apple car? carson has this story from the soup and sandwich an somewhere to go, and clean and real and nowhere to be, and warmth
7:45 am
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7:48 am
it's 7:561, carson once again on the leading edge of the next big thing. what's goingon? >> well, this is going to take maybe a little imagination but it's still exciting. apple has not officially confirm the car is in the works but rumors have been aroundd for a long time that they have a plan to actually make one. it's been referred to on the inside as an open secret. what one company couldn't wait to see what tt might look like so they put out this ad here. again, applead nothing to do with this but in the video stood stirred up a lot of excitement saying it integrates with your iphone, the apple watch and the wrap around dashboard on the car shows you traffic predictions and lets you answer your phone calls, apple maps and safari and siri. a lot of rumors that -- these are all the rumors right here. they are saying it's called project titan.
7:49 am
engineers working on it and apple got domains secure,, and could be c cing. coming to your garage for a mere 95,000. you better start saving 10-year-old. if this is true and if it is integrated with the apple watch you and i could live out the childhood fantasies of becoming this guy right here. >> does the car talk to you? >> i hope one of those 1,000 engineers are working a than. >> a williams daniels voice. >> i never realized how full and
7:50 am
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7:53 am
>> i am eric and 7:56. you're waking up to wet but warm weather. >> definitely a soggy start and 're going go continue to be with the rain for the morning hour and thh heavy rains and along i 95 and a majority of it is moving fshores and it will be on and off. keep in mind that the thunderstorms and some of them should be strong. we're going to keep the clouds in the forecast for most of the day. now a check of the traffic. righten i 95 and you can see the traffic around the area of northwest 100 and we do have a i broken down car and on to a map and then a couple of accidents and i 75 and right lane blocd and then a serious crash south bound of i 95. >> okay.
7:54 am
first on the sce of breaking news and this is an over night hour we@re in northwest. some cell phone individual wrote and they're calling it suspicious at this point, and it happened at a vacant home on 101st street. no one whurtz, but the house was dederoyed. police say that they're on the search. these two woman are preying on men with rolex watches. if you recognize them, call police.
7:55 am
another 25 minutes. it's 8:00 on today. comi up, here comes the snow. 88 million america are hunkering down in the wake of that monsternow storm from where it will hit hand the right way to shovel. we've got you covered. then a victory for amal. >> oh, thank you. thank you. >> why the international lawyer also known as mrs. clooney is celebrating a major step in her crusade for human rights. >> i think we're one step closer to justice, but there's still a lot to do. let's get it started >> and warm it up orust chill out. why starting your car ahead of time in the cold may not be the best idea. today, friday, january 22nd, 2016. >> snow can't stop us! >> mother-daughter trip from
7:56 am
celebrating my birthday on the "today" show. >> here celebratiti my birthday. >> it took us 40 years to get to "today"! >> yeahah good morning, and good morning, everybody. it's friday, jananry 22nd, 2016 and what an adorable crowd we have out here on our plaza. they are not afraid of any snow or wind or blizzard or rain. they are here being adorable. >> no what i a blizzard can stop us from being here. >> there you go. >> a busy weekend for you and dylan dryer down in virginia. 88 million people in thth red zone across the east. we're going to get our forecast in a minute. what's going on. already snowy where you are.e. >> it started snowing around 5:00 this morning and now it'ss like these big snow flakes, cotton balls basically falli
7:57 am
quickly. we already have about 3.5 inches of snow here. roanoke. righting through westcrn north carolina. we have some aerial footage of the show in charlotte, north carolina. they are starting to get blakeeted with a layer of snow and icing is going to be an issue across the eastern section of the carolinas, but this whole storm system, just on the leading edge of it and once the heavy snow starts it's going to stick a aund for a long time. through saturday, in fact and that's why we're measuring the storm and the forecast is measuring the storm in terms of feet. this is what's moving to washington, d.c., the bigger cities, washington, d.c.,( baltimore, new york, philadelphia, you all still have a few more hourso get out and prepare your last-minute plans before this storm hits. this is what it's going to look like once the storm reaches you.
7:58 am
everything getting coated in white and when you get the heavier bursts of snow it will be whiteout conditions and once the winds kick in on top of that, pererps up to 60 miles per hour, that will reduce visibility even more. the storm is hitting mainly over weekenen so hopefully people will stay home and stay safe. we're in it right now and will fall iback to d.c. >> stay safe on the roads. this young lady, what's you name? >> macy buchanan. >> you're supposed to be flying out tomorrow morning. 2> correct. >> and what did you get on your phone that there is trouble with my flight. >> and you guys are trying to head back to d.c., right in the supposed to get a bus and your bus has been cancelled. >> yes. >> there's a enrao, you just saw it on the screen and severe weather down to the south as part of this storm so we're watching that as well. however, when we get to the snowfall, it is going to o be, i mean, a huge -- stretching from the misisssippi river lley,
7:59 am
louisville up to 7 inches and charleston up to 18 inches of snow and allentown, p.a., 10 inches and new york 6 to 12 and philly 12 to 18 and baltimore 18 to 26 and washington, d.c. and in that area to the west, anywhere from 1 to 26 inches. could be a foot of snow, and ice accumulation big problems. we're going to see power outages stretching possibly from central virginia back into central georgia. and i tell you, it's just going to get worse. it's going to be one of these storms that we're g gng to continue to follow the rolling activity. let's go inside to get the latest on our news. sheinelle jones has more on that. >> good morning to you. north korea says it's holding an american college student for what it calls a hostile act.t. it identifies him as otto frederick warmbier, a student at the university of virginia. north kor says he entered under the guise of a tourist.
8:00 am
against north korea ove recent nuclear tests. jason rezaian is o his way, up. americans release in a prisoner swap between the u.s. and iran. amir hekmati landed thursday in michigan. he was held for four-and-a-half years and at one point received a death sentence. he says he's happy to be home. donald trump is out this morning with a new ad attacking ted cruz using his own words against him on the topic of f imcraig. the trump campaign it will spend their 2 million to run the ad in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. meantime, conservative magazine "national review" has released its cover for a new issue oppose trump's bid for the presidency calling him a political opportunist and among democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be campaigning day in new hampshire. on thursday in iowa clinton sought to boost her support from
8:01 am
singer demi lovato and stepping up her attacks on bernie sanders. the iowa caucuses are ten days away. a wild and woolly end for a chase in new zealand. for 80 minutes police were pursuing the driver of a stolen car who refused to stop. the chase finally ended thanks to a farmer and his huge flock of sheep crossing the road. the driver and three other people in the car were arrested and are probably feeling a bit sheepish about the whole thing. >> baa. >> you're welcome, and it was a rude awakening thursday in the florida keys when a man woke up to find this guy, a huge 8 foot crocodile relaxing in his backyard pool. it hung out until wildlife officials showed up and figured it was best to wander out of there. >> i'll take a crocodile in a pool if it's warm as opposed to the east coast weather. >> really?
8:02 am
>> i take the snow. sglfl that's how much i don't like snow. >> sheinelle, thank you. meantime, we've got an update tied to amal clooney's recent trip to washington, d.c. you'll remember nbc's cynthia mcfadden was there and has the update. hi, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. certainly couldn't imagined last week when we were in washington with amal clooney what would have happened in the last 244 hours. when the ex-president of the maldives landed in london, the first hug was for his wife and former first lady. >> i thank you, i thank you so much. >> reporter: second for his lawyer, amal clooney. >> thank you. >> reporter: just a week ago that the human rights activist and wife of actor/director george clooney sat down and spoke exclusively to nbc news about her fight for mohammed nashid. >> democracy is dead in the middle east. >> reporter: hand we were there as she hand her co-counsel went to washington to lobby the administration for targeted sanctions against the leaders of
8:03 am
>> we'll go to work on that. >> reporter: nashid was sentenced to 13 years on terrorism charges, a conviction the u.n. called bogus. clooney told us the beatings he endudud while in custody made his situation even more urgent. >> he's actually losing the ability to feel the left side of his body. he needs urgent surgery. >> reporter: within days of our interview the current government in the maldives allowed it would allow nashid to travel to london to get that surgery. >> i think we're one step close thundershower justice and there's still a lot to do. grave problems in the maldives and a lot to discuss. >> reporter: for now they are celebrating the release of the man nicknamed the mandela of the maldives. >> just two days ago i was in cole industry and now i'm able to be free right now. >> reporter: former president is
8:04 am
days after surgery but if he goes back he has to serve of the out remainder of his sentence. >> they would like for him to remain in exile in london. they don't want him to come back and be a political force. the lawyers are going to continue to advocate for sanctions against the maldives to erase the sentence and he can go back and be a political factor there and 45 days, we'll see. >> talk about a legal force, aisrael mal clooney getting this done. >> thanks, cynthia. just ahead, adele saying hello, it's me, to a new record on "pop start." marked by another international superstar she just shattered. >> and the age-old question, i'm calling it an age-old question. >> is it ever okay to heat in bed? >> thumbs up. >> and are your hands chapped?
8:05 am
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8:08 am
campbell's soups go great with a cold and a nice red. made for real, reaealife. we're back at -- you know, i'm feeling a little sick. anyway, you know what time it is. it's trending time. we've talked a lot this morning about the storm.
8:09 am
people do when it's cold outside, guys? >> drink. >> second check. >> and eat, check, but also if it's cold sometimes you go out and turn on your car early and warm it up. >> yeah. >> turns out that is the worst thing you can do. >> yeah. >> the folks at business insider lookedednto this and they say warming up your car is not a good idea. idling the injury could actually dry out the interior of the gar ruining the pivottons and cylinders so what is the best way to warm up your car. go out and drive. >> my car has automatic start, that's what it is for, to get it going and warm it up. >> i thought you warm it up so it would be warm insi, the heater. >> did that last week for the kids. don't want to put them in the freezer works so you get a couple minutes of minutes ahea of time. >> time for your story. >> ready for this one. is it ever okay to eat in bed?
8:10 am
>> yes, sure. >> others hate feeling of crumbs in the sheets. this topic comes up because of chef nigella lawson weighed in. >> by the side of my bed because it's not on the same floor is a the kitchen and on the side of my bed i've learned to keep a little collection of condiments. it's not meant to be funny. it's very helpful and the ridiculous thing is i am very -- one of my great luxuries is that i like very expensive and gorgeous bed linen and then i ruin it by, you know, dumping soy sauce all over it. >> okay. i wasn't thinking about condimimts. >> soy sauce. >> has had a whole meal going. >> cookie crumbs.
8:11 am
that's a whole meal. >> maybe a pizza. >> that would be it. a pizza. >> i can see pizza. i've done pizza, alice. literally did this last night. catching up hon homeland, crackers and cheese sitting in bed. >> remember the bedtray. next to the tv tray. >> it is true, your spopse doesn't like it, my spouse is like why are there crackers in this bed? >> my spouse bought a roomba to put in the sheet. >> we asked you on twitter is it okay to eat in bed. 53%aid no, not okay. not okay. 47% apparentlyot bothered by a few crumbs in the sheet. >> the what do you think? >> joy bauer. >> obsessed with one, had four of them. right by the bed. the point is they were right by my bed so i kept going.
8:12 am
to keep it by your sgled thank you, al roker. >> food for thought. >> i see what you did there. >> that was for you. >> here's the post going viral on the social news website redid. just passes out. here's what's funny. it doesn't happen just once or twice or three times. it happens all the time. she posted a collage of 300 photos catching her husband falling asleep halfway into glass number two. >> does she finish the wine. >> i would. >> i would have the world's longest straw. >> exactly. >> you work a long shift. >> the first glass is like the for it. >> exactly. >> some students at an ohio high school wanted to distract the rival team at a game recently so check out how far they went. they staged a mock baby delivery in the stands. mock baby delivery. >> oh, wow.
8:13 am
pretending togive birth. >> did he make the shot in the. >> the baby boy comes out and the shot always comes out. >> meant to distract the guy shooting the fre throw. >> nice. >> the baby was born healthy. >> 6'1" with nikes. and it was breech. >> posted by storied rivals. >> now to wedding b bls for two of hollywood's leading laid is. >> reporter: first mariah carey thursday night, she said yes to james patrick, a billionaire from australia, popped the question here in new york last november and she sat down with steve harvey and told everybody how show and james met. >> first met in aspen ironically like a couple years ago. we were att the "hercules" premiere. we were talking and laughing and people were getting mad at us
8:14 am
so we hit it off. >> i'm not sure why that was ironic. >> i missed the other part naff. >> that's hock. >> this will be the third marriage for both of them so congratulations to both of them. good wishes also ts morning to miley cyrus and liam helmsworth. the couple's engament is back often the news first reported by "people" magazine. li initially popped the question back in 2012 but the pair split up the following year d now they have apparently moved back in together and are ready to try again. good lk to them and finally another day, another milestone for adele. sorry, spsi, "gangnam style" the first video to reach a billn. >> have you ever tried to do the horsey dance to hello. remember. >> that's your pop start here, guys. >> a little something for everybody. al. how about a checkf the
8:15 am
happening across the rest of the country. we a looking at the severe risk of strong storms down through central florida and southern florida. look for wet weather for the pacific northwest into central california with some windy conditions, sunshine from the central plains all the way down into texas with more moderate temperatur >> and that's your lest weather. savannah. >> all right, al. thanks
8:16 am
effect on us outside and it will add to the dry itchy skin and chapped lips that a lot of us get. dr. debra wattenburg is here. sood morning. >> good morning. >> looks like a cooking segment we're about to do here. why are home remedies good as opposed to going to the drug store. >> they are easy. this weekend with the big snow storm you probably have all the ingredients at home and can take care of your skin. >> let's talk about dry hands. >> dry hands can easily be treated by using something as a little bit of olive oil. put a tiny bit on to your hands and then wrap your handsds with a little bit of saran wrap, and then create a warm environment by putting on a glove. that will make a huge difference. soak your hands in warm water and then apply all that and it works incredibly well to get rid of the dryness, cracked cuticles and irritation.
8:17 am
us have cracked lip during the wipter. >> lips dry out because people don't have enough oil of them and they lick their lips and can't get rid of them. if you take a little bit of coconut oil and mix it in with a little bit of sugar and then you create a little bit of a scrub and then you use this scrub to apply which we're not going to on your lips, you can exfoliate the dry dead skin o your lips, apply had a little bit of vasoline with a lip balm and spf and your lips will feel less dehydrated. >> how does thi one work? >> coconut oil is great for dry hey, and dry harrow cures this time of year because overprocessing. too many blow drys, washing too frequently and all the curling irons, all that type of stuff so coconut oil is one of my favorites. take a little bit of coconut oil
8:18 am
hair to create a really nice conditioner. i'm -- >> am i putting it like on the scalp or ends. >> apply it to both, and then you can take some plastic wrap and put it over your head and take a towel and create a warm environment and you have a little -- >> a salon. >> and if that's not enough for your hair han it's dry rand brittle and is cracked and peeling and your ends are splitting, you can create a hair mask and you might want to take a bit of avocado. >> this would make a great omelette. >> avocado and egg white we u from here and actually take all this. you mash it up into a bit of a hair mask and apply this all over the top of your head and leave it on for about 15 minutes. the avocado is high in anti-oxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and will hydrara the air. make it shine, wash it off. >> don't dip a tortilla chip in it.
8:19 am
get the mess out but your hair will look so much better and healthier. >> this needs to be a lot thicker. >> like gawk moly. >> like a gaucamole type thing and mash all of this up. the egg keeps the avocado together so it sticks more easily on to the hair and use this on the scalp so it hydrates the scalp as ll. >> we did the scalp and now we're moving on to the itchy arms. >> the body gets really dried out because of the elements, the dry heat, excessive showers and so what you want to do is put theydration back into the skin and in order to do that you nd to exfoliate the skin get the dead skin off before you put your moisturizer on and here we can create a home scrub and this is really easy. everybody has had a little brown sugar and some coconut oil and you take the coconut oil and you mix it with some brown sugar. >> can you use coconut oil anywhere? >> anyway. >> any place. one of the new hottest cooking ingredients because it's one of the healthy fats you can use.
8:20 am
scrub and bring it io the bath or shower and take a five-minute bath and exfoliate all the dead skin and use the straight skin moisturizer. >> and what's this. >> you get little patches of eczema or patches of dry skin not going away and you want to improve them. what you can do here is you can create a little bit of a soothing pack by adding a little bit of -- >> is that honey? >> honey and olive oil together and then you want to take a little bit of oatmeal hand mix it with some warm water and create an oatmeal that's@a little bit mixed up and. >> and then put it right on the dry spot. >> let it sit for a few minutes and rinse it off.
8:21 am
and we're back right after this. with ingredients like roasasd hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level.
8:22 am
8:30 w. it's friday, january 22nd, 2016, and we have a great croro out on our plaza, and we are going to get ready just aboutut now because there's going to be storms moving up the east coast ande think we're going to get a lot of snow. we're going to get the weather forecast in just a moment. >> these slofls also make sense in just a moment. >> coming up this half hour. wrapping up a week of "today" food slow cooker recipes with a perfect dish for the snowy weekend on the way. how about a little chili. >> and we'll walk you tloom soft of the big changes coming to the s.a.t. exam and to get you ready we've got a little test for you
8:23 am
go to today's twitter page with this practice question. taylor is 6 feet tall. if 1 foot equals approximately three meters which of the following is closestst to taylor's height in meters, 1.8, 1, 18 or 20. >> is it e all. above? >> the answer is always "c" if in doubt. >> keep your questions coming on our facebook page. we'll check in withhem just ahead. >> and first with 88 million of us eecting to see snow over the next couple of days a lot can go wrong dsh-- >> here to the rescue to show us how to do thingsing right way. always good to see you. >> you say before we start shoveling let's get some salt on the ground. >> actually, you want to use a plant and pet friendly ice melt and if you put it down before the snow melts you'll make a huge difference in dealing with
8:24 am
and that will make it a lot easier. >> pre-treat. >> you don't need to use a lot. are a little hand shovel. >> what about hand shovels. >> that's not the one you want to use. >> maybe in florida or if you want your kids to help you out. otherwise you don't want that. you don't want light plastic. you don't wan anything that doesn't have a metal edge. make sure it has a metal edge. i'm in favor of the ergonomic ones. >> if you want a straight shaft one like you have, willie. >> needs to be solid with a good edge so you can get the snow and get it out of there. >> you know what shovel i like, the one that somebody else uses, the best shovel going. >> al's looks nice, like an oichs or defensive lineman you won't be able to push if. >> and people haveo be careful
8:25 am
puts a lot of strain on the heart, on the back. >> is that right working up. you want to stay comfortable. push as much? as you can. push it, don't throw t.pivot and move the snow. twisting so and then you throw your back up. you're moving the snow and get a good workout. >> shovel has you go. don't wait until there's three feet. >> some people will get a shovel and start going and everybody is like i'm not going back out there until it stops snowing. you'll be out there all day, titid and wasted. get out there as you get two to three inches, start shofrlg. a lot easier to move had a little bit of snow than a lot of snow. >> and carson is yelling outhe kid out the window, you missed a spot. >> buy a snow blower.
8:26 am
>> show you what we've got going on. rape and snow in both costs. out west and heavy rain and snow along the pacific west coat and interior sections as well. snow moves out of the northeast and more snow moving not plains and rockies and plenty of sunshine stretching from thth great lakes all the way down to
8:27 am
things will get bert, believe it weather. carson. >> excuse my hat head. >> i'm here with our experts who we refer to as the three js and they are live on today's facebook page right now taking your questions on everything jill. let's get to a question right now. this one is for you. christmas. how do i make my house stop looking like a toy store? >> get this question so many times and whether it's your closet or toys or extra vases in your kitchen here's what to do especially if you have a snow storm. take one garbage bag and one hour and go through the closet and kitchen and your toys and put everything that your kids our haven't used in a year and that will get the process going because i feel like cleansing anything is so overwhelming that you have to start somewhere so in an hour and then can you donate because so many kids need that. >> highly recommend that when
8:28 am
don't see that. >> let's move on here. this one is for you, joy. how did you make the chicken tenders that matt loved? it was on the show the other day. >> i'm obsessed with t tse chicken tenders, and it's a way to feel like you're eating f fed chicken but it's totally healthified, so simple. all have you to do is take chicken tenders, dunk the in whisked egg and coat them with whole grain breadcrumbs that you can season up. i put a lill built of parmrsan, dwarlic powder and onnon powder. lay them on a baking sheet and put them in a hot oven or 450 for just 15 minutes. delicious. i'll tweet the recipe out right after this. >> and i'll say your ribs recipe sir irk and i made the other nighgh using pork tenderloin that's very lean. >> marinate it right in your favorite barbecue sauce. so glad you did that. >> i'm sure with the tumultuous market financially what are you seeing line? >> student loan questions,
8:29 am
student loans or pay them off very quickly and we now have an opportunity to pay off our student loans in a much faster way by lowering the interest rate, so go to a website called and you'll search for the lowest interest rates possible and even if you had federal loans that you were not able to refinance in the past y y now have an opportunity to do it. >> is now a good time. >> we think interest rates will go up though with the markets a little shaky i is not serb how quickly they will go up. >> but, yes, absolutely >> well, there you go. look, we learned quite a bit. jean, joy, jill, thanks so much. the three js will be sticking around. any questions keep them coming and they will get the answers right to you. of course, canou head to today's facebook page andnd please ask away. coming up next, will they lead to less stress and more success. the major changes coming to the s.a.t. and all that information
8:30 am
"today" on nbc. we're back now at 1:40 with the testhat almost every high schooler dreads, s.a.t. exam. in m mch the college board will be implementing pretty big changes to that test including a new structure and revised scoring system. our friend is senior vice president of the princeton review, "cracking the s.a.t." thanks for being here. >> good to be back, willie. >> the question before the break is taylor is 6 feet tall. one foot evevengs walls approximately .1 meters. which of the following is clclest to taylor's height in meters, 1.8, 2,2, 18 or 20 and the answer, please,s 1.8. the answer was "a" and is that the percentage right there. who got it right. 57% of you got it rightn well, that's pretty good. >> good a. >> now we talked earlier this week about college admissions boards de-emphasizing the test a little bit but you say kids
8:31 am
>> 4,000 colleges will take the s.a.t. or even 5i6789 c.t. but for the 100 test optional schools they will still considering the tests for schorship dollars for students coming in. >> broadly speaking at are the biggest changes? >> moving from a 2,400 point cumulative score to a 1,600 point. >> which i i what it used to be? >> but the test is very different. right now there's a compulsory essay requirement for the s.a.t. and that will be going away on the new test and that's the second big change. >> pros and cons of thieves changes. start right here. there's no penalty for wrong answers, that feels good. >> a huge coup for students when we think about the current s.a.t., a quarter point offff for every correct answer. new test, no points off for incorrect answers so no guessing penalty. >> as we moonwalk. only four options for multiple choice answers, that's new. >> right now there's five answer choices and we're going to four, no guess penalties s s it's always good for students to
8:32 am
>> vocabulary words more commonplace, what do we mean here. >> less obscure volkbury. one of the hard esest things is say learn these 500 vocabulary words. the vocabulary will be in the reading section. >> having flashbacks. never used some of them since. some of the konz, things may not be liked. calculateors not permitteded. >> only on one. >> exused to be able to use it to any of the math sections but now only one. >> the other con. the sections have gotten longer. >> true. >> fewer sections and longer sections and the way i talk to about students you have to be an olympian when it comes to timing and testing and know what the test structure will be and think about that timing. >> a little practice beforehand probably doesn't hurt. >> questions do invnvve multiple steps on the new test. enough. questions that are going to be
8:33 am
those answers. strategy around those things and i think that there's ways students can really improve their scores but this is a good one for students. >> give kids and parents a takeaway. choose the test that's best for you. >> not just one test. the s.a.t. or a.c.t. are permissible to any school. some tame one or both. >> it can be expensive to getet a tuitor. how else can you appropriate for those things? >> a book, online, over some clalgses at princeton review and any of those ilk. spend two months of preparation for s.a.t. or a.c.t. >> and you've captured@ my s.a.t. strategy which is always sghes. >> always guess with no guessing opinion penalties. >> if you want to test your s.a.t. skills we've got more questions at coming up next, an inside look at an iconic home. frank wright's iconic falling
8:34 am
"today" on nbc. with ear back now at 78:46. >> falling water was built in the 1930s by we found architect frank lloyd w wght and the results were not what the owner originally had in mind. erica hill is here to check it out. >> turned out all rig in the end, iconic and beautiful and timeless and as we recentlysaw firsthand falling water was designed with a remarkable attention to detail. perched above a western pennsylvania water fall falling water seems to blend into the woods around it as if it was always meant to be here. >> the house at falling water grows from the ground almost like a tree grows from a ground. >> the home built in the late '30s by frank lloyd wright as a weekend retreat by commissioned by edgar and lillian ufman, owners of a famous pittsburgh department store.
8:35 am
spot for years, the sanctuary in the country. the kaufmans expected t t house to be built with a view of the waterfall and not on top of it an quickly realized the beauty of living above this falling water. is there had a common reaction when people see it for the first time? >> yeah, wow. >> reporter: open flow, something wright was known for, allowed for easy entertaining which they did often. mingling with an eclectic crowd of artists and thinker, the furniture much of it built in was also built by wright. >> the smooth surfaces of the concrete and warmth and coolness. >> reporter: seamless windows maximize the connection to the outdoors along with expansive terraces. in the livingoom the hatch normally closed to visitors opened to reveal direct access to the stream below. >> these sections push back which are concealed under the planter.
8:36 am
water change things for frank lloyd wright? >> came at a time in his career when he had very little work. he was 67 years old and this was his statement o o i'm still many a fire. >> reporter: thanks to the kaufman family more than 4.5 million visitors have wked the grounds of the most well preserved wright home in the@ united states. they entrusted falling water and several hundred acres of land to the western pennsylvania conservancy and today it's the only one of wright's homes open to the public with its original furnishings, artwork and setting intact. what do you think it is that keeps people coming here? >>t has had a timeless quality about it, and i think as long as it's cared for and presented the way the kaufmans understood it, it should continue to speak to generations to many could. main that ining falling water is a year round job.
8:37 am
stripped yearly and the caretakers focus on the wear and their that come from the 160,000 advici thors that come and they limit the number of visitors. tours resume in march but it's not just people like that that go there. brad pitit is a huge history buff so for a few years angelina jolie said i don't know what to get him. >> bought him t house. >> organized a two-hour private tour and had a little party inside in the living room and invited all the staff apparently and he was blown away. it's remarkable to see it in person. >> keep in in great shape. >> the woman who we spoke to who is the director and curator and started out there as a guide in her teens. she was so in the house. >> looks so ntemporary, fresh today. >> and there's a dishwasher in there that still works from the '30s, wow? >> what's his name? >> his name is al. >> erica, thank you so much. all right. coming up next, the slow cooker secret to making the best
8:38 am
nbc. all right. it's 8:52. this morningn today food we're finish up our slow cooker week in style with a full-flavor turkey chili recipe and our
8:39 am
with look who is here, allegedly who will help host the next hour. you've got celebrity taster down there. >> so lucky, so fortunate. >> everybody feels stronglyp about their own chili recipe. for you what sets this apart and why is this special? >> being portuguese i guess there's chorizo which will give a unique spoky flavor to the dish, also using a little bit of paprika which is big in portuguese cuisine. >> that's our ingredient grid. >> turkey cancels out the sausage, right? >> you'll start off by taking chorizo which is great little smoked sausage and you cut it up into small pieces so it has a consistent sip as a me. do you have a trick for dicing it. >> important to start out with even pieces and here we have the chorizo. we have a little bit of peppers and bell peppers and onions and
8:40 am
>> sauteing in oil or butter or what? >> using oil. >> you can use butter also. ves a very goodat. we'll add chorizo that's been diced up and stir it around and get it nice and toasty. the chorizo has been cooked and smoked already but you wan to brown it and get the flavors out of it a a deglazing a pan is northern so we'll move on to this side.
8:41 am
say daying but he is likely going to be okay. all of this r this are early reports that@ the injuries to this officer were not fatal, but we know the support is in custody. lot of questions. we will know when he gets there as to what led up to this. we gave the location so we know it's at that intersection and the closest major roadway is miami gardens 2kr50i6. as to what led up to it, much more informataton once he gets on the scene and he should be there in the next couple of minutes. >> there is a nearby park and it happened in the carroll city park that we did not stress enough that is by schools. the shooter is in custody and it contained.
8:42 am
out what led up to this and the recovery process for the officer. >> we are trying to get in contact with the miami police department not only to find out he identity of the officer shot, but what happened that led to all of this. there schools and restaurants in that area. miami gardens dreway is a busy area. there a lot of restaurants and businesses and schools. we mentioned that miami carol city park on northwest 32nd avenue, we understand the park. we are trying to figure out with calls to the police department whether or not that police officer approached someone or whether it was something that led them to that park and that's where it ended.
8:43 am
answer hopefully very shortly. >> miami-dade police department is responding to this which is natural with an officer-inlved shooting. they take calls in that area and all hands on deck. as part of the investigation to figure out what happened. this is just the beginning of what is going to be a long investigation. we want to stress that if you are just tuning in that the shooter is in custody. the situation is contained and righthtow making calls at the school departments and districts to find out what the situation is. the people inquiring about what is going on seem to be high school age. they see the police presence and they are wondering we are at school and what is gogong on. that is most of the people we see. younger folks on twitter saying i see a number of unmarked cars
8:44 am
what is going on? an officer has been shot and will be okay. >> therethree schools in that arar. parents and family who have students at the schools wondering whether or not they are on lockdown. that is a question, but one of the things we know that is confirmed is that the suspect is in custody. the school r school is on lockdown, but the suspect is in custody. michael spears is in a live vehicle on the way to the scene giving us an update. how close are you and you are monitoring twitter and seeing the same information. what can you tell us? >> you can see we are a couple minutes out and this is whh we are seeing. we are coming across officers.
8:45 am
wowoing towards northwest 32nd avenue. we are on northwest 183rd. as we get closos and closer, we can see flashing lits. we are approaching northwest 22nd and on 32nd is the 16. the information we have is you have. one officer shot sometime this morning at northwest 183rd. the officer is in good condition. the police chief will be here to update us as far as what happened. we have good news as far as the officer's condition, we're not sure what led up to it and if shots were exchanged or not. as we come across the scene, we
8:46 am
of that. northwest 183rd blocked off. >> stand by. >> michael spears was live for us in the vehicle that was approaching the scene at 183rd and 32nd avenue he said at that intersection that things were obviously blocked off. one of the b b questions we have is obviously whether or not the suspect had a gun and if there was an exchange of gunfire between the officer hit and the suspect in custody. give us an idea of what you are seeing. >> we just got diverted from northwest 183rd. i will hop out. it is raping, but i will walk
8:47 am
flip you around to norththest 183rd. traffic is divert and we expect the police chief to arrive and update us on the officer being shot. the officer is expected to live and is in good condition. i can see the street sign that they are diverting traffic here. it's a bit of a trafficam with all of this activity in the area. down the street is west on northwest. that's where the officer was possibly shot. we will try to talk to p pple in the area and see if they heard anything and get back to you. >> we just want to stress that chopper 6 would normally be over the scene, but because of the
8:48 am
able to do that. we would be there much quiuier. the 8183rd and northwest 32nd avenue is blocked in the area. they are being diverted. >> we can ask the control room to kill the audio in our ear soy we ca hear michael. shelly mentioned the rain. he mentioned a couple of times to us that the police chief is supposed to be on scene. we will get much better indication in terms of what led up to this shooting. that's the big thing. all we heard was possible officer down. we heard nothing about a car or
8:49 am
we know that that shooting happened at miami carroll park. if you are headed towards the miami gardens area near 183rd and 32nd avenue, try to avoid that. it's a mess. they have the intersection blocked off as michael continues to find witnesses in that area and wait for the police chief. >> it is a very busy area and you are probably concerned about your child's school and your situation. we are making calls to figure out if they are on lockdown. this officer is okay. he has nonlife-threatening injuries. the chief antonio is on the way there and as soon as he arrives to thescene, he will give us more information as to what led up to this.
8:50 am
the police department is helping out. normally you have outside agencies assisting when it is an officer-involved shooting. the shooter is in custody and this officer is in okay condition. it's a matter of investigating how it started. >> reporting live as the live vehicle was moving down 183rd and where the intersection is. you can see a valer's gas station and a couple of restaurants that you couldn't see. they are off the main road. there is a lot in the area. we didn't hear the sirens and obviously a police officer was shot and he is going to be okay, but that has not been confirmed yet. i think a good reason to step
8:51 am
the fear, we were not seeing fire trucks in terms of a response. what happened there at carroll park is contained at this point. michael is gathering information and throughout the course of the morning, we will continue to chchck in with him. >> because this is a busy intersection, you have miami gardens drive by the schools and the park, we went over toicle whoa has beenatching the area. we saw that michael was blocked. that intersection. he was diverted. what else can y y tell us? can you give us detours they can get around? >> we are taking a look at the google map. you can take a look and you see here off to the right hand side, a victory gas station.
8:52 am
the best alternate is northwest 199th street. this a busy intersection because there businesses and a lot of homes and the schools as well. there a few other gas stations around the area and i am getting tweets on and messages saying they do see police a ativity and the cars are being rerouted. my sister was droifg around that area and had to be rerouted and made a u-turn to get to work on time. 1919th is the best alternate. checking out what is around that area and thou affects your drive, miami carroll park. 199th street. if you do happen to live around the area and have to get on to miami gardens drive.
8:53 am
u-turn and you will have to take 175th or 199th street instead. >> thank you very much for the information. if you are just tuning in, we want to bring you up to speed. thre was an officer, a miami gardens police officer who was shot. he is going to be okay. we don't know who this person is, but the shooter, the person involved in this is in custody. it is contained situation at this time. >> michael spears is there and at that intersection at carroll park in miami gardens. he is talking with people who might have seen something or heararsomething. normally in this situation, you wouldn't be looking at us for this length of time. usually we have chopper 6 up and dispatched so at least we would have live pictures. when you get an ariel view, it
8:54 am
terms of what is happening and the schools and businesses. because of the rain we can't dispatch chopper 6. wore waiting for more information. michael is there with the photographer. we should have live pictures in a couple of minutes, but just maybe five minutes ago we talked to him and he was on his cell phone and had live pictures. there was a live police presence, but nothing chaotic. that police officer was shot and taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the person they believe to be the suspect is in custody. >> the two two scenes. one is where it originated. on 183rd and northwest seventh avenue. this is where it started and where it ended is northwest 183rd and northwest 32nd avenue. it means there two scenes.
8:55 am
investigations. you can expect that area to be blocked off. this tells you t tere was a pursuit. not sure if that was boy car or foot. clearly because the suspect was found not where it originated, but they did look for him quickly. >> definitely a point oa and point b. that's something we do not know. we have been talking with kelly and the roadways are blocked off and northwest 175th and 199th. other roads are blocked as we ntinue the investigation. >> new information coming in. traffic is closed off at 29th court and northwest 183rd street. that's where they are blocking traffic and forcing people to make a u-turn and as you said,
8:56 am
we know they have confirmed 183rd is completely shut down. >> thank you so much. we will continunu to monitor the situation with the police officer being shot at 183nd and 32nd avenue. >> he is going to be okay. we have a suspect in cust doe. check our nbc 6 news and weather app. michael will give us more information and he is right here. can you hear us? >> yes, we can. we moved closer. i want to flip you around and you can see northwest 183rd street at 32nd avenue. this apparently where the suspect was arrested. t where the shooting happened as far as police. that happened down northwest
8:57 am
we can see a lot of officers and in the middle of the intersection, there was a truck that appears to have damage to it at the little of the intersection. if i iwas an instant and there was a chase before this, but that is part of the crime ene and another vehicle and still working to find out more information. the officer is in good condition and where woe are to get perspective. this is just right off of the park. the suspect in custody. we will work to find out information. it's okay to make c cls and update you soon. >> you can imagine it will g@t more complicated because it is raining. it will take longer and you can expect delays to last longer. our big question is because it is so close to schools, how it
8:58 am
we are working to make calls, but keep it here. michael, let me ask you what other agencies are you seeing? there is more than one, is that correct? >> miami police are assisting. there several lockdowns in the area because of the zfgz an officer down. that's carroll city middle school and high school both lockdown. you know what it also affects barbara hawkins school. miami, carroll city middle and carroll city high and b brbara hawkins on lockdown. miami-dade policeere called in and i can see miami-dade cools are here. when they get the call that an
8:59 am
officers respond to this. one, two, three public schools. police vehicles in this area. you see a lot of officers and i don't know if they are taking shelter or that is tied to this, but we will have an update for you soon. back to you. >> one that you notice, be you don't see a chaotic scene. trying to figure out what happened really. >> even though the schools michael mentioned three schools. carroll middle, carroll high, and barbara hopkinin that's actual low a good thing. all of it is as a precaution. from what we are seeing and hearing, there is no danger there. ey are on lockdown because a police officer was shot, but it
9:00 am
police that the suspee is in custody. this moans they are making sure that everything is taken care of and also the students are safe. it may sound like an alarm and very well if you have kids at that school. it's just a precaution. they know the suspect is in custody. >> stay here. we will have -- lockdown has been lifted on all three schools. >> another good sign. >> lockdown is lifted on all three schools. >> we will continue to monitor the situation and cutting in to your programming and a full update for2you. >> in the meantime check our news and weather app and we will episode of "the black list." >> we got back your mris and looks like you sustained three broken ribs and no other internal injuries. nothing much we can do abo the ribs. toughen it out.
9:01 am
>> i've noticed that. >> good news, the baby is fine. >> it is? the baby >> right, yeah. >> you really hav to be more careful now that you're pregnant. >> i have to say i'm much happier about my pregnancy than she is. >> congratulations on your baby. >> thank you very much. >> it's a girl. >> it's a girl, yeah, and i'm -- she's due in april. a lot of rumors that i'm three months or five months pregnant which would be absurd so, yeah, i'm actually seven months pregnant. >> you don't look seven months. >> lock fantastic. >> are you already in deep on
9:02 am
thing? >> we've got a name. >> don't do itt here. >> but we have -- we've got a jenny lind crib. that's as far as we've gotten. >> got a couple of months. >> got some place to put the baby. >> how is it filming filming being pregnant or do you have to do anything? >> the script modifies it for me. the wrirs have been kind. they have kept m@ out of the gun fights in the show. >> when i was at "30 rock" and my character was not alloweding to pregnant. they put a piece of blue tape on my bum and i was pregnant the whole season and i had my son two weeks after we were done filming and by the end of shooting the blue tape >> so the camera knew to film above the blue tape line and when the baby was born, it's like the blue tape is here. >> had a little bit of thatike right before the scene where
9:03 am
ev after, because weidn't want to go from liz isn't pregnant toiz is really, really pregnant. >> how did that a happen. >> so we tried to finagle that had a little bit. >> you've gone through intensese changes. what's that been like for you? >> i think e ery season liz@goes through intense changes and in my personal life, yeah. >> i have to actually thank the "blacklist." it's given me a home and family to work with and i think that that encouraged a lot o o rooti in my life. and so, yeah. there has been -- it's been a life-changing experience. this job and this show and coming to new york. i what is in l.a. before so living here hand meeting all new people and meeting my beloved fiance fiance. >> so can you tell us more about the lucky man. >> he's a visual artist. he grew up in boston. yeah, i mean, what do you want
9:04 am
>> how did you meet, tell us everything. >> he was throwing a party one september and he -- he made had a lamb stew and a salted caramel pudding. >> i pretended i needed the recipe and he's like i'll get back to you. who is this? >> itbviously got better. >> e-mail for the recipe. >> i'm going to write that down. >> we've got a little something for you. we know you're a big fan of the character on the show as wel so we've got some baby uggs for your sweet, sweet doubter. >> these are the cutest things. >> can you believe they make them that small. >> i can't even believe it, jane. i can't believe this. thank u. >> we're so happy for you, megan.
9:05 am
>> thank you so much. >> we're happy for you. >> cronocrats. >> thanks, guys. >> and just a reminder "blacklist" wednesdays at 9:00 on abc. >> with need thisis easy game show ever with host michael ian black who we love as well after these messages. well, sir. after some serious consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent, i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating bl i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today. fortififng the gravity-defying... adventure-collecting... friend-connector...
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>>oh, look at this... ok, so number one. no personal items are permitted in the workplace. ..o those will need to come down. we'll be doing some mandatory testing. and there's also a strict no dating policy. >>uh, but honey, we'e' married. that's going to be a problbl. grow your business with the
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9:11 am
sds. >> thanks for joining us on this friday mork. >> nbc 6 following breaking news out of miami gardens. >> weave been following a story about an officer shot. what can you tell us? >> reporter: i can show you where much of the police activity is concentrated. northwest 183rd near carroll city high school and carroll city park. we have been getting reports about the suspect here possibly in custody, but on the oher side of this gas station, we saw a black bmw with a yellow starp over the driver's side. we are working to get information as to how that person is tied to the case. the officer is okay. back to you. >> we will continue to follow that and thether big story is
9:12 am
lots going on on theradar. >> the storm prediction center elevat the potential for severe storms from marge until to light. plenty of rain from fort lauderdale all the way down into keyeyiscayne. this will be the trend.
9:13 am
through. (ugh.)
9:14 am
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headlines, there are growing concerns about the mosquito-borne zika virus. public health officials in el salvador are advising women to put off pregnancy for theext two years to avoid passing on the zika virus. the disease can cause a rare brain defect which causes infants to have smaller than normal head hand their brains don't fully develop. in the u.s. the cdc is advising women to postpone travel to 14 affected na^ions in south and tral america. there's an important car seat recall to tale you b.more than 70,000 britax seats are being recalled. the seats can be used as an infant carry but the carry handle can crack and break posing a fall hazard for your child. if there is a report of one chqld in fact getting hurt. for more information go too our website at more than 29,000 children's balance bikes are being recalled, and included in the
9:16 am
balance bikes, the bmxe, jack and josey bikes designed for children between the age of 3 and 5. if the tires are overinflated the wheel rim can track or crack and send pieces of the plastic rim flying. the company has received two reports of children being injured. consumers can contact chilifish for a repair kit. designers are close to coming up with something to make parents's lives easier. look at this. working on a selflfropelled stroller controlled with a sensor and smartphone with an electric engine that can go uphills, a bottle warmer, music and retractable canopies. they hope thestrollers will be available next year but listen to this. it won't be cheap, costing you around $3,000. happy strolling, and high school students in ohio came up a unique way to distract the player. on an opposing team during a free throw staging a mock delivery in the stands. as you can see here, a male student pretends to give birth
9:17 am
baby boy. crazy thing i it worked. he missed the shot. this video, we should tellyou, was by storied rival sports media. al, it worked. in school we just waved stuff and yelled. >> and then they put the new baby in the self-propelled stroller. >> for $3,000. >> what could possibly go wrong with that in the dumbest idea i've ever heard. let's look at your weekend. here we go. we've got snow and blizzard conditions here in the northeast tomorrow and into the mid-atlantic states. also out west we're l/oking at rain and snow as well and in between and everything looking pretty darn good and as we move into saturday the good news is this blizzard, this nor'easter will be out of here fairly quickly and sunshine returns on sunday and even into the great lakes and down into texas and the gulf coast and look for more snow out into the rockies and >> all right, south florida. have the rain gear handy.
9:18 am
into the hollywood area and along coastal areas. the winter shifted from the southwest and the rain pushes further towards the north and towards the east. this will be the trend for the day. heavy rain on and off as the day goes by. the poontial for strong and possibly severe thunderstorms across the area. >> that is your latest weather. >> you know and love comedian ian michael black for tv and his newest project may be the most entertaining yet. >> we're not sure how easy some of the questio are, but we're certain that the show is funny. >> that's right. >> good morning, sir. >> good morning, everybody. >> llo. >> is this really easy. >> the show is called the easiest came show ever. 20 questions and it's not always
9:19 am
for you guys. >> thank you very much. >> have you been stumped by the questions? >> i never know any of them. >> woib terrible on this. >> ready. >> you saw the -- the tiers one, right. >> yeah, yeah. >> since "caddyshack" will murray and chevy chase have never appeared in a scene together. >> it can't be true but that's why i think it is true. >> you're using reverse psychology. >> jane. >> i'm sticking to true. >> false. >> it is absolutely true. they have never appeared in a scene together. >> wow. >> the reverse psychology worked. next, the first air jordans were released before lebron james was 4. >> al. >> ew. >> jane. >> true. >> willie. >> i'll go with false just for fun. >> how old do you think lebron james is? >> 30. >> and how old do you think -- >> i think you may have done that math directly. >> the answer is --
9:20 am
>> it is false. >> all right, willie getshe point. >> lebron james was born before. >> the creator of the thighmaster, my favorite question of the morning -- >> right now. >> false? >> i didn't -- >> you got to let me read the question. i know you can't wait. the creator of the thighmaster also created the mood ring. you say false. >> i say i'm enjoying the thigh master right now. and it's working. >> i'm enjoying you d dng the thigh master right now. >> i think that's false, sir. >> it's absolutely true. >> really. >> thighmaster and mood ring. >> that guy is rich. >> or woman. >> don't be sexist "possibilitier geist" was directed by steven spielberg but not written by him. true or false. >> true. >> true. >> i'll say false. >> it is false is the correct answer. >> you are winning. >> who wrote it?
9:21 am
information. >> don't ask follow-ups. >> steve jobs did not work for apple. >> that's not the whole question. >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry. >> come on, man. >> happy on the trigger hand. >> did not work for apple for the majority of the '90s. >> that's true. >> that's the key. >> you say true. >> jane you say true. >> we all say true. >> that is is in fact true. he was ousted. >> that's correct. >> in the '90s. >> the game jenga -- >> okay -- >> al says yes. >> does not say true or false. >> the game jenga was invented by the architect of the eiffel tower. >> no. >> false. >> can't be true, it cannot be true, therefore it might be -- >> it's true. >> you say true. >> absolutely false. >> finally true or false. "leave it to beaver" showed
9:22 am
they say in frarae toi-let. >> who cares, first of all, and false. >> who cares, willie. >> that's an historic toiletet >> i'm going to go with false as well. >> i feel like it's more "all in the family." >> guys the answer is true. the first toilet on tv, leave "leave it to beaver." >> the beefs. >> now it all makes sense. >> there's your prizes. >> jane doesn't need one she's always been doing it. >> let me get mine. i've got it. >> thank you so much. >> i'm looking at a video that comes with it. >> this is f losing. >> got your thigh masters. >> easiest game show ever premiers tonight on pop. >> thanks again. >> al is i the kitchen with a slow cooked lamb. >> want to come up and have some lamb? >> i would but i can't. >> coming right back with that.
9:23 am
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we brought you here today to get your honest opinion about this new car. to keep things unbiased, we removed all the logos. feels like a bmw. reminds me a little bit of like an audi. so, this car supports apple carplay. sisi, open maps. she gets me. wow. it also has teen driver technology. it even mutethe radio until the seat belts are buckled. i'm very curious what it is. this is the 2016 chevy malibu. and it sells for? it starts at twenty-two five. what? oh wow. i mean with all this technology.
9:27 am
this morning on "today food," slow cooked lamb and couscous. so perfect for a kwoekened like we've got coming up. wanted you to eat light. >> here we go. >> i would like to no what part of the lamb is the shank? >> right above -- >> and can willie find mine? >> that's for of today's take ter the show. >> okay. >> red wine, beef broth. anchovies, so here we go. first you take your lamb shanks and basically kind of salt and pepper them and you're going to heat up a pan ant a nice hot pan, medium heat. you want to brown your shanks. >> look out. >> nothing like a good brown shank. >> don't give her another chance to get in on this.
9:28 am
>> you're going to brown these and get them all nice, and get them brown and you'll be done. once you take the lambb shanks out and take them on a plate like that and you'll chop up onion anselry an carrots, kind of a nice triumph there, trio there. what you're going to dork andnd cook this basically in the fat from the lamb shan got chopped up garlic and anchovies which adds a little emame kind of flavor to it and a little sugar, all right. green pepper and you'll put in some tomato paste to add a little acidity and what is this again, sherry, i can't remember. vinegar. red wine vinegar, forgot for a second and some red wine. all right. you're going to cook this down for about ten minutes or so, until it gets nice and soft. now what you'll do next is takee your lamb shanks and put them into your slow cooker now that
9:29 am
put them all in. >> that's a lot of meat. >> do you have a slow cooker? >> i actually do. >> you'll pour in your vegetables and you take the vegetables and pour them in on top. and then you'll take some rosemary and make a little bouquet, if you wish, and put a string on it so it's easier to pull out and pour in beef broth and you will cover and put this on high for four hours, but if you've got longer, low, low for eight houou and then it will come out looking something like this. >> you don't have to do anything for four hours. >> don't do anything, and take it out and put it on a plate. i make some israeli couscous which cooks up in six minutes. this will be falling off the bone and take the sauce and boil it down, reduce it or puree i
9:30 am
>> phenomenal, so good. >> so impressed with your cooking. >> and the other cut of memt that you can ask for which is more flavorful is lamb neck and cooks up great in a slow cooker everything. >> you need to know about the shank now. you all set? >> yes. >> get the recipe at and we want to give a shout-out to one of our food club members. thanks for sharing. coming up next, freeoney and another two words jean chatzky and another three words does the smell of f eshly bound presentation fill you with optimism? do you love your wireless keyboard more than certain family members? is your success due to a filing system only you understand? does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? if so, you may be gearcentric.
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[ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait. uh-o you've probably seen the ads that say you're entitled to unclaimed momoy. is it real or true. turns out they might be right. we'll show you how too find that cash. today's financial editor jean chatzky is here to explain. >> hi, jean.
9:35 am
>> what is this money, $42 billion worth of thisash floating around. >> it is life insurance policies. utility deposits and credits that you have at stores that you just never redeemed and after a % while it goes into the coffers of state treaguries, and they hold it for you and they are willing to give it back but you have to step forward and say, hey, it's mine and prove that that's yours. >> can you explain to people how they can find this money. >> pretty's actually. >ou want to start on a website called that's a database of many state treasuries treasuries. >> also, has a few state treasuries and can you go to a few websites directly. go there and type in your name and you probably want to just use your middle initial and your last name because that will open the -- the spigots a little bit wider and then you'll search for
9:36 am
use maiden names and if you got marrrrd and throw all the information in there and it will cash. >> most of these are free. >> these are a free search. >> these are the free and if somebody tries to charge you for th, it's not necessarily a scam, but you shouldn't pay more than 10% or 20% to have somebody do it for you an so easy to d it yourself. try doing it yourself before you follow any bread crumbu to have a service do it. >> may i ask you a personal question about this. >> you're all worried. >> i'm a little worried. >> i've found unclaimed funds from moving fm state to state where all the addresses didn't change and was able to get that back. recently had one in new york city, put in all my information and when i put in my information that they asked for it said that this person was deceased. >> meaning you? >> meaning me. how do i correct that.
9:37 am
>> go to the state treasurer's website and explain the problem that you'vee had. i got money back in the past from my son. >> were you deceased as well? >> and neither was h h thank goodness, but there were some confusing factors and we are h to prove t tt it was him and get the papers notarized and you may have to jump t tough those kinds of hoops and that may be when you wan to hire somebody to help you w wn it becomes difficult and not worth your time. >> and once you've proven it they cut you a check, it comes in the mail. >> or comesirect deposit electronically. >> you can apply for many of these funds electron nickically as well. >> very much alive, guys. >> kind of, kind of. >> yeah. >> hang on. jean) thanks so much. great stuff.
9:38 am
this is "today" on nbc. jane, we love you. thanks for being here. >> thanks so much for having me. >> enjoy youou lamb shank this weekend, my friend. >> meantime, erica hill has been enjoying our lamb shank. >> i have been enjoying your lamb shank and you can enjoy yours while watching "weekend day." . we'll all be snowed in. this weekend we're talking about twin sisters now competing against one another. you'll likely remember gracie gold from the winter olympics and this weekend she's competing against her sister carly at the u.s. national figure skating championship. first time they have done it in this championship against one another and we'll speak to both of them before they go head-to-head. >>. >> good morning to you. >> the time is 9:56.
9:39 am
miami gardens am a police officer shot on the job on northwest 83rd@ and 7th avenue. you are seeing live pictures as investigators do their work. the officer was rushed to the hospital in good condition. >> the suspect was arrested on 183rd and 32nd avenue. three nearby schools were put on lockdown and it has been lifted. the police chief just arrived on scene and will probably give an update in a moment. keep it here. >> we will have a full update, butet's go to erica for the forecast. >> plenty to talklk about. heavy rain across portions of miami-dade ami-dade. it has been nonstop. we have a good chance of thunderstorms and trong to severe. have the rape gear handy. there is apecial marine gear
9:40 am
and capable of doing things offshore. it is moving towards the northeast at 20 miles per hour. first alert forecast with plenty of cloud cover. >> thank you so much. we will be back in 25 minutes.
9:41 am
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