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tv   Today  NBC  January 22, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> jenna? jenna? >> where where, where are we? >> i don't -- >> did i lose a tooth? i told you that we should haven't gone marie show. wait, what time is it? e >> we are late. we are late. with we have a show to go. >> oh, my god, where where are my shoes? who is that? >> i don't know, but remember, you are the daughter of a
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>> we are so late. >> oh, my god, your tooth. >> what are we going to -- >> ah! >> go, go, go. wait. where do we go? >> ooh, there. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from las vegas. whatappens here stays here. we have to go, ladies. so sorry. bye. >> okay. wait a second. can we just stop for a second. first of all, we want to thank
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and the great costumes. we wondered what would happen with the hangover outfit. >> and it is january 22nd, 2016. >> and you are filling in for kath, and we had so much fun. >> we had so much fun. >> we were in a suite that costs like -- >> $35,000 a night. >> yes, a nite. and we were in there and we trash eded the joint. anyway -- >> my tooth came out, and this ishoda's idea, andd we decided at 4:00 in the morning, and we had not stayed all night, i don't think. >> look at you. >> and then hoda said, we e e going make you lose a tooth. >> you remember from the opening of "h"hgover" and the guy is sprawled out all over thehe floor and he said, amdid i lose a tooth? >> so i sent henry this picture and i sasa, hey, we are in vegas, and then go away from the
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emergency and then leave. i got sy and did a shoot, and i got back, and henry has written # 1,000 text messages, do you need a dennys -- dentist? who is paying for that tooth? is nbc paying forthat tooth? >> because i do have a fake tooth. >> and that eyeliner worked perfectly. and vegas is known for a lot of things. it is known nor the night life, but i did not know about the adventures that you could have. >> i was horrified and we had so is much fun. we drove a racecar and we went to the stratosphere which is a sky drop where you jump off of the building. >> is it like a bungee? >> it is like a bungeeee but you hit the ground. >> and we will talk about that, and fans, you are hopelessly devoted to olivia newton john,
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third year, and w w will catch up with the icon in a little bit. >> and lilliana is here to do to a little, you know, shoppppg. >> i likey. all righty then. okay. >> all right. >> and we have some great things that happen ded in vegas, and one of the main things that people love to do in vegas is to have a bachelor or bachelorette party. and i have seen a couple of weddings and one bhelorette get together. did you do a bachelorette? >> i did a bachelorette, but in a little town in florida which is like cocoon meets dirty dancing, and we were one of ten people under 35 years old. but i did come to a bachelorette party here ivegas. it was fun. >> really. >> yes, vegas turns it up. >> first of aulll, you never know what time it is, because there are no clock, and you rare inside, and you lose track of the sunrise and the sunset.
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talking to the show, there were two people coming home singing the cranberries from the 1990s. is that hoda? h hoda! >> this is our kind of town. we want to thank the caesars for letting us turn the no blue suite, and we literal lyly turned it into our own thing. it is a beautiful place, and multiple bedrooms and a jacuzzi and all kinds of stuff.f. we want to tha -- >> and we were kicked out, because it is a a rumor and this may not be true, but jus tin beebbeeb s took the ove and he stayed there last night. >> if you want to know how big it is, it is 10,300, and it has its own gym and el vaevator, and as we said, $35,000 a night. and our producers said they never had more fun trashing that joint. >> a we did, too. >> and it is time for trivia. you know who we have to helpp us out, because these are games
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vegas, and we need a ohost, and who else -- elvis. >> elvis is in the building. >> hello, girls. welcome to the my old stomping ground, las vegas. >> he sis from the elvis lives show, and coproduced by the elvis enterprises, and now, you are have a question for us. >> i do have a question. >> we are ready. >> whehe where would you go see the leng jends concert, right? all over the nation, right. >> all over the nation. >> play along, guys. >> so, you are in the town here of games, and so we have a game for you, and i have a question. this fine actor had to impersonate a diamond smuggler and race through las vegas -- >> matt damon. >> no. >> shawn kon erean connery. >> you hit the bell.
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>> and this 1992 movie starring sarah jessica parker and nicolas cage. >> "leaving las vegas --." >> no. >> "honeymoon in vegas." >> and can you name three of the rat pack and extra points for all five. >> frank sinatra and sammy davis jr. and the other two. >> who was it? >> peter lawford and e joey bishsh. >> yeah, yeah. >> and the title song from this film is still hum around this town. the movie of the same name starring me and ann margaret and it is -- >> i know it. >> "blue suede shoes."
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>> "viva las vegas." >> oh. >> and who won? >> well shgs sit, it is a tie. >> do i get a kiss? >> well, since it is a tie, you have to share. all right. love you. thank you. >> and this is so fun, and we have new and interesting things with facials, and they do something in vegas called the gold facial. donna is here. is that actually 24 karat gold >> it is. >> and first of all, how does it feel on your skin? you >> you guys, this is incredible. it is reeggale. it is hydrating and unlike any facial i have been experiencing to be host. >> you look great. >> and we want to point out it
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spa inside of ceasars palace. and so it is is posed to improve what? >> the fine lines and wrinkles, and circulation absolutely, and it will help pump up the skin with the fine lines to make us look with a vibrant look afterwards. >> what is cool is that they have it on the hands and the neck and the chest and everywhere. >> and the c cst and the neck and the decollete, and paraffin for the feet. >> and how much is that, so that the people -- what is the ball park? >> $365. >> okay. gold. thank you, gold. >> gold has a price. >> yes. >> and when you come here. >> yes. >> are you taking something home, maybe a little souvenir for joel. >> yeah, maybe. >> you come here, and you wonder what to get. >> so we have a snow globe. oh, hi. cute. thank you for the snow globe. >> and so you need a great photo are from the trip. >> yes.
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>> yesterday at the venetian hotel. >> cute. >> and you can always get one. >> and oh, wow! what is that? >> oh, wow. that is -- nope. >> and what is luxury robe. >> wow, that is a luxury gift right from the wynn hotel for $150. but there is something for everybody here in las vegas. are you putting it on? >> yes, yes >> okay. p. diddy. wrap it up. >> and we want to thank the show girl girls and guys. >> you want to have some fun? >> is that a hat? >> yes. why doesn't our hat lookk like your hat? we look like muppets. >> you look like show girls. >> is this a show girl? >> well, okay, another hat. is city has something for everybody.
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i got a feeling >> some people are up for love ananadventure and like to the live on the edge, but oerthers like me like to keep our feet on the ground as long as we are dancing to the music. >> not me. i love to try new things. when mp producer forced me a a because i'm such a good sport or maybe they can force me into anything, i went to the try all of the things that vegas had to share. as night turns today and the va vegas strip goes from naughty to nice, and venture takes hold and
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first up, the need >> announcerer live this is nbc 6 south florida breaking news. the miami gardens police chief is talking right now. >> let's get you live to that press conference. 30th street and northwest 7th avenue. he was completing an accident report when he observed a black bmw suv pass his vehicle unrelated to the accident. he looked at the vehicle, the vehicle made contact with him visually, backed up andnd ambushed the officer by discharging a firearm in the direction of the officers. the officer, after receiving fire, took evasive action to further drive into the vehicle
10:16 am
time in the lower@ extremities. at which time, he maintained his composure, got on the radio as the suspect began to flee. called off in the direction of the travel and started pursuing the vehicle as he approached 10th avenue. as the other officers for the miami gardens police department joined the chase, the subject then at approximately 20th avenue, leaned out the window with the firearm and began to fire at the officers who were in pursuit of him. as he continued westbound on 138th street on 27th avenue, he then again leaned out the vehicle and began tofire more rounds at additional officers who hadad joined the chase. as he proceeded to our location now which is 183rd street and northwest 32nd avenue, he entered the intersection and
10:17 am
time, he bailed out of the vehicle and ran into the southern direction, to which he was apprehended in the back of one of the yards in the area, right now. we have the subject in custody. the officer is doing good. he has nonlife-threatening injuries. he was transported to a local hospitalalto where he's receiving treatment. and none of our officers discharged any weapon because we didn't have an opportunity to. the officer was ambushed. and one of the thing i want to say is, in the day and age that we're policing our communities and we're policing our country, the violence must stop. i want to commend the officers from the miami gardens police department for not only appphending this individual, but doing it with professionalism. and it's kind of hard to say doing it with professionalism
10:18 am
but they did an outstanding job. no one was hurt from the miami gardens police department, other than the officer who was injured. no one from the community was hurt. and i want to commend them for an outstanding job. i want to thank all of our municipal and county agencies who assisted us and continued to call and offer assistance to help us get true this tragic time. but i must say that the violence against police officers in this country must stop. the violence against children must stop. the violenee against our community must stop. no one is exempt from violence. we suffer as a community, we can overcome this as a community. we all must get together, it's not just the police officers' responsibility. it's not just the social organization's responsibility. it's communities as a whole. we must come together and join forces and do what is necessary to bring this senseless violence
10:19 am
and i can tell you that we're commended at the miami gardens police department. i'm in constant meetings with the county and other municipal organizations. our can chaplains, our social organizations that we're going to do everything within our powers to ensure that everything that's going on in this day and age, that we're going to do everything to bring this to an end. because it must stop before we lose any more innocent victims. thank you. and have a nice day. >> do you have the name of the suspect? >> we haven't identified the name of the suspect yet. we do have him in custody. once we get that information, we'll release it during a press release. [ inaudible question ]. >> i'm not at liberty to discuss thatatr release it right now. once we make proper notification,n, we'll release that information also in a press release.
10:20 am
can tell you, because we're still investigating and attempting to talk to him, someone decided to ambush a police officer. and, you know, every police officer that we communicate with, every police officer that takes this job knows the risk. we know the risk. we take the good and thehe bad. we're second-guessed in every situation. but en you take this job, you have an understanding that no you may not come home at the end of the day. and yet, still, these officers for the city of miami gardens they come to work every day. they come to work focused. they come to work with a renewed attitude to provide a secure environment for our citizens. so whatever this gentleman was going through, we're going to find out. we're going to find out if will was a motive. but for rig now, he ambushed someone who is employed to protect and serve our citizens.
10:21 am
>> we did because of a weapon. >> i'm not sure the at this particular time. [ inaudible question ]. >> we're in the process of completing the information. and getting a warrant before we go in the vehicle to see what we have found at that time. >> can you tell us how long this officer has been on the force? >> he's a veteran officer. the exact amount of years, i don't know. >> what's the age of the suspect? >> we don't have that information either. we haven't identified any of that information. once we get that information, we'll release it in additional press release. [ inaudible question ]? >> yes, we have several of our unmarked vehicles that were struck during the pursuit when he was outside of the window firing at the car. >> is there a reason to believe that [ inaudible ]. >> when you ambush a police
10:22 am
sitting in a marked police vehicle in uniform, that's not my concern. if you have that much hate and aggression to attempt to assassinate a police officer who is paid to protect anderve, there's no jufrgsstification for it. none whatsoever. like i say, i wanto continuously commend the officer for maintaining his composure. with my officers in continued pursuit of someone who was definitely trying to take the life of someone paid to protect and serve. and at the end of the day, this tragedy was not that bad because we didn't lose an officer. it's bad that he was shot. but i thank god that we're able to talk about this as a tragedy of an officer injured. and not me having to notify
10:23 am
officer due to gun violence. i will tell you this much, the outpouring of support that we received in this community is great. and in spite of everything that encounter every day, we will continue to come out and do the job that we've been paid to do, and that's to protect and serve the citizens of miami gardens. thank you very much. >> chief antonio brooklen. >> all right. we were just watching, obviously, a press conference out of miami gardens where that police officer was shot just about an hour ago. what we know, he was on the side of the road, filling out an accident report. somebody was driving by in a vehicle, saw him, backed up again, and pulled out a gun. the way that the police officer just described it is that he was ambushed. >> and leading police on a chase shooting at them. they eventually caught up w)th him.
10:24 am
but the officer has been identified by miami-dade fire rescue as david starling. and someone who has been a veteran officer. we're going to have much more of him. we have a picture of him on the nbc 6 app. >> there he is. >> the chief struck me extremely agitated just about the gun violence and doing everything he can to s4op it, he says. >> luckily, in this case, that officer that you're looking at he is going to be okay. he was shot one time. but none of the officers here ever returned any fire. of course, we'll continue to follow this. we'll have a live update at 11:00 a.m. we're pushingout new information using the nbc 6 news and weathert, left right. olivia newton john, but first your local news.m at the perfect age. and i've found the perfect skincare. age perfect hydra-nutrition from l'oreal. a balm perfected just for mature skin. feels so luxurious it melts right in! hydra-nutrition deeply moisturizes
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your baby's chubby little hand latches onto your finger so hard, it's like she's saying i love you. that's why aveeno's oat formula is designed for your baby's sensitive skin. aveeno . naturally beautiful babies. >> what was that? oh. >> announcer: now, "first aler weather with meteorologist erika delgado, south florida's most accurate forecast. almost 10:30. quite an active start. "first alert" picking up on plenty of rain showers. the majority offshore, that's not what keeping an eye on what we're keeping an eye on
10:27 am
everything push towards the north. we'll continue to monitor the situation. you can always download our nbc 6 news andeather app. right now, temperatures are in the lower 70s pretty much across the board. "first alert" forecast calling for heavy rain at times. also strong to possibly severe thunderstorms possible later
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it is tryday friday and we are live from las vegas, and jenna bush hagar is filling in for kathie lee who is off, and look at this, it is not everyday this happens. we have olivia newton john the one and only. >> and she h h had # 11 number top songs on the charts. and starred in the best movie of all time "grease." >> and do you still love it when you get up on the stage, olivia, and you start to sing one of the hits, what does it feel like? >> well, it feels even better now than the before, because i am so grateful thathave wonderful songs to sing, so i never tire the of them, and the
10:30 am
and i don't feel so much pressure. when i was younger, i was so nervous up on stage, but not anymore >> and you were my first girl crush before the term girl crush existed because i loved you in "grease " "grease" in ways that i cannot expand, and what would sandy an danny would be doing now? do you think that they are together, divorced, 20 children? do you think about it? >> it is interesting to think of the many interest ging ways it could have gone. but i think that they are stuck in timim and that is then and there forever, and so like that. and the other thoughts are not too great. >> and maybe not too great. and by the way, i love that bracelet, and that is so unique. is that special? >> yes, it is from peru, and my husband spends a lot of time at the amazon rain forest. >> and another thing that you just told is that your husband likes the to do things that
10:31 am
>> yes. he is a adventurist, and treasure hunter. >> is that what attracted you? >> yes, and venture in the scary ways, be new the work that we do, you have to be a little adventururs. >> and you would not jump off of the building? >> no, i don't like heights. >> thank you, thank you. and by the way, watching you and your daughter perform together, and lot of people are not familiar with your daughter, and to see you, and what is that like to perform with her? >> well, it is the best. it is the best. i love her so much, of course, and i admire her so much, because she is a talented singer and songwriter, and she took one of my songs "magic" and we recorded it. >> it was huge dance hit. >> and it is number one. amazing. >> and the way you talk about her with the pride of a mother, and what is it likee so many years to have the support system in her?
10:32 am
when she was very little we did some tv movies together, and then she took some time where she didn't want to do the performance, and she has made a stride again and in a movie with nick carter. and so she has a wonderful future. >> and did you know in the beginning that she was talent and some kids must come out of the womb talented. >> not like us. funny, andndlways funny performing since she was a little girl and great singer. >> i think that what makes the show unique in so many ways, but a lot of people are doing it for the money, but yours is also for the cause. >> well, i am excited, because ceasars, and flamingo have allowed part of my money goes to my cancer center in melborn, and it has my name on it, and so people who are going to the wellness program, it is going to
10:33 am
with supportive care while they are going through the treatments, and it is important, because there is a reason to get out there beyond just singing and enjoying myself. >> and making a purpose every night. >> and so you made my mom so happy, and she went to the concert, and she took this picture and look at that. you made her so happy. ages. >> thank you. >> and olivia, by the way, she is performing every tuesday through saturdayt ta flamingo, and get your tickets. >> from one hot tamale to two hot tamales. >> and they will show you one ways. that is coming up.ught-after device from progressive can be yours for... twenty grand? -no! we are giving it away for just 3 easy payments of $4.99 plus tax!
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las vaegas is known nor the restaurants and two of the country's hottest chefs are right here on the strip. >> they are sosoot in fact, it is in their name, the two hot tamales. >> the border grills owners were among the first celebrity chefs to land at the strip. they ordered up border grill at
10:39 am
food scene and for the last decade, they have participated in the vegas uncorked sponsored by "bon appetit" magazine. >> and you guys were originally here, and is it great to see t t conga line of chefs? >> yes, and all of the chefs in wn, we get together at uncorked and have a blast. >> and us with all of the men. that is how it works. >> nice to be the women, right?? >> yes. >> what are you making? >> do you want a drink first? >> yes. >> in is the limitless mimosas. and that is megranate. >> and that is with blood oranges. >> and okay. we have to fill our bellies. >> okay. weweant to make a roasted pork, and slow roasted in the banana leaves, tandand the marinade is made
10:40 am
orreocci and garlic -- >> that is allight. >> it is a bright red color, and they use it for a little bit of the -- >> you use this? >> yes, and put some orange in there. >> and not all of it. >> and i think that we have enough with just the -- >> there. we have marinaded. >> and this is served in the yucatan,n and so we serve it at all of the border grill, and we wanted to show you that aftft you stew it, you can use for it a number of leftovers. >> what do the banana leaves do? >> they have an amazing flavor, and you can toast these on the electric flame or grilled flame. and then have a smell here. >> this is underground where they bake it. >> and we have a minute nor the salsa. >> oy. >> whip it up. >> okay. focus. >> and just dump it in? >> not a of it, but a little bit of the everything. and all of the chili.
10:41 am
which is popular with the ta maule maules. >> and what sis ithere? >> pineapple, and jicama and chili and salt. that goes right on top of this. >> and the roasted plantains that are just amazing. >> and then, will you passs the guac, because it is our favorite food. >> for these recipes go to, and i iis the vegas uncorked by bon appetite food and wine festival. mm-mmm >> it is a fashion mecca, too, and lilliana has all of the hot styles. >> are you busy eating? >> and drinking.... that's who i was. after one weekekf chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix re$uced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood,
10:42 am
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when you come to vegas, you have to do someerious shoppingand you will walk in any direction and there is always something for every
10:46 am
>> and you can always find something like at louie vaton and kate spade and others at the grand canal shop. >> and our style girl lilliana vazquez went through vegas to find some fashion that was going to fit a budget. was it snuff >> no, it was not tough. i thought it was super easy a the clothes here are super on trend. >> and so we have to start with the swimsuit. victoria, come on over. >> you three look great. >> for spring, this is the trend with summer, higher neck and mesh. it is the illusion of the two-piece without having a two-piece. and i lo\e the cover-up which is super versatile, and you can wear it for three way ss, and it is all easy accessories for under $20 at forever 21 including the sunglasses and the of sized hat. >> are all of the models moms? >> yes, they a here from
10:47 am
thank you, victoria. >> thank you, victoria. >> and next is kim wearing the resort wear, and some people are turned off by it. >> i love this. >> when i think of resort wear, i think of a lot of white. but here is the thing that you can only wear it on vacation, so don't wear too much. this striped top is at dillards ich are huge for the spring, and classic white trouser never goes out of style. >> what length? i never know. >> for this one, i wanted to show the ankle strap, because that shoe is super sexy, and the tote bag. >> but you could wear this any time. >> yes. >> and now, melissa, she is up ne dressed for din-din. >> new mom of a 6-month-old. >> yes. gorgeous, and perfect dinner date for vegas, becauau it is bold, and wearable anywhere, and this is a knit top from nordstrom, and i love the printed skt but it works from
10:48 am
>> i never ever would have put the two the together. that is so cute. >> and i did a bold statement here, because go big or go home. >> and up next, rose and april. >> so day night. and this is a one-piece jumpsuit, but also the culottes, and this is a piece that everybody is going to be wearing. >> i could not wear that, because i am so short. >> no shgs, i could find them for you. >> they are like long gauchos. >> oh, like the old school. and from nordstroms with a great handbag and a great vest, andnd super great accessories, and versatility is key when shopping for the closet. >> thank you so much. lilliana, did you have fun in vegas? >> yes. >> are you tired? >> yes. >> and hold on, because the party is not fyet.
10:49 am
lined up next.
10:50 am
this is "today" on nbc. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup p night, do what we do...make it progresso. you say avocado old el paso says...
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(record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says...
10:52 am
>> all right. i'm having a flashback. those moves. your life? me. never going to leave me, but there are some other people with some good moves a and there are some ladies here from unlv and last w wk they are the 2016 champions of hip-hop. girls. show us the moves. funky funky everything funky
10:53 am
everything even your donkey and i'm in the club chilling with a lot of drunkies >> yeah! show us a move. >> what is this? what do we do? >> not that. >> all right. >> you guys, we want to bring back all of our old friends here. >> come on in. >> and from legends in konconcert, and the royal court in ceasars palace and a huge thank y y to the las vegas convention and visitor authority. >> thank you all. >> vegas is fun. remember whatt they say -- >> what happens in vegas stays in vegas! >> thank you, guys. >> thank you. see you monday v.. and have a good one. play that music! >> thank u, thank you.
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