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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  January 22, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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>> announcer: live, the news on nbc 6 starts now. welcome, everybody. a very busy news of here on nbc 6. and one reason why is this. radar that you're looking at affecting just about everybody in south florida right now. >> live doppler radar showing showers draping over miami. we'll looking at storms for the afafrnoon. we'll have the "first alert" forecast in just minute. first, the other breaking story out of miami gardens today. nbc 6 was first to takeyou to the scene of where an officer was ambushhis name is david starling. we're happy to tell you at last check he is expected to be okay. >> officer was shot at the corner of northwest 183rd and northwest 7th avenue.
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a short time later at 81st street and northwest 32 end avenue. we're taking about two scenes here. >> nbcbc 6 is a fluid situation here. we'll get started with michael spears wh was at the scene where all of this ended where the chief of police just addressed the community. and michael, he was absolutely adamant that this violence stops. >> reporter: yes, his message clear, stop the violence. thth officer was shot about 35 blocks east of us. at northwest 183rd and 32nd avenue. you see the bmw there with the tarp. that is the suspect's car. i want to pan to the right here, show you that truck. crashed into that truck. at the intersection. got out, tried to runun and was caught a short time later. as far as what happened, we just learned from police around 8:30 this morning, 25 block to the
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pol@ice say a cop was writing a report for an unrelated traffic stop. he wasn his cruiser when the bmw pulled up, some sort of eye contact was made. then that bmw, back up, ambushed that officer who was sitting inside of his patrol unit. that officer is identified as david starling. he ducked down according to investitor but was shot once in the lower extremity area. investigators say he didn't just stop there, he radioed in the suspect's description, where it was heading and joined in on the purchase suit. officers chasing that suspect 25 blocks to where we are now. again, he crashed and took off. the suspect who they're not identifying at this time did try to run into someone's yardn
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him into custody. now the chief has pretty strong words. take a listen. >> if you have that much hate and aggression to attempt to assainate a police officer who is paid to protect and serve, there's no justification for it. none whatsoever. >> reporter: back out here live, another look at the scene. and this is not goioi anywhere anytime soon. you see the yellow tarp there. we asked the investigators about the suspecs car. they are waiting on a warntsd to get inside of that car to see about the suspect and what else he may have in that car right now, we have closure it's in area, a very, very active scene. not only here, but 25 blocks to the east of us whee that officer was actually shot. of course, we're staying on top of thisis story and all updates pushed to the nbc 6 news and weather p. >> the team coverage continues
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that is where nbc 6 investigator willard shepard joins us at the scene. willard, that was the first question, how did this start? do we know at this point? >> reporter: let me show you what's going on out here. police miami gardens at the scene. gathering all of the forensics evidence. you see the suv that the officer was in and came under fire. again, the word we're getting, this officer will be okay. shot in the lower extremity. they're still trying to piece together what started all of this violence. we did find out, talking with people here in the city of miami gardens and inside the police department about this officer. let's put his picture up right now. here's what we know about him this morning. i was told a short time ago that the officer was one of the first police officers h hred in the city of miami garden when they initiated their police force. and started it. about eight years ago.
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officer, a road training officer, that he has seniority and expertise, that when a new officer comes on board, he's assigned to do some of that training. now, the police chief had a strong message about what this indicates between relationships between community and police and what needs to change. >> but i mustp say that the violence against police officerc in this country must stop. the violence against children must stop. the violence against our community must stop. no one is exempt from violence. we suffer as a community. we can overcome this as a community. we all must get together. it's not just the police officer's responsibility. it's not just the social organization's responsibilities. it's communities as a whole. we must come together and join forces and do what is necessary to bring this senses violence to
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>> reporter: those are strong words. police chief here in miami gardens about this unfortunate incident, involving one of his officers this morning. that officer is now at the hospital recovering. again, had was one of the first hired here in miami gardens. lots of experience. thought highly enough where he was actually training the new officers who were coming out on the street. of course, doing to continue to follow this throughout the day. this morning, we're live in miami gardens. willard shepard, nbc 6 nes. >> as you can imagine, this is a huge investigation, point "a" and point "b." where things started and where things ended and causing traffic delays in that area. >> when michael first areeved on the scene he was actually detoured around that. "first alert" reporter kelly blanco sheer. >> right now, northwest 27th
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and that second scene, that willard is, 137th street at 7th avenue also blocked off. for now, headed out in the door in that area. there's parks, schools, businesses. you want to avoid that area by taking northwest 199th street or northwest 176th street. we'll keep you posted on air and online as soon as this arar opens back up. eric. >> kelly, thank you so much. our crew will continue tweeting updates. you can monitor us onn air, on our social media pages. and ewing our nbc 6 news and weather app as well. we'll be sending out push alerts straight to your one. any information about how this is impacting you. today, the other big ststry, sweeping showers. "first alert" doppler radar all lit up which means the rain across south florida pretty extensive. >> and things might even get ugly later today. there's potential for strong
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meteorologist erika delgado with that "first alert" forecast. erika, it's going to be a busy weather day for a friday. >> absolutely. it's already a busy weather day and it's only 11:00 a.m. taking a look at the "first alert" doppler. the showers had been on and off all morning. they have a special marine warning in effect for offshore waters. for miami, okeechobee road into coral gables, there's plenty on its way. i want to zoooo out a little and see where the showers are coming from. the heavy rains. right now, all across the west coast and gulf coast states everything pushes towards the north and east around 20 miles per hour. the trend for most of the day, right now, the storm predictions has issues flood concerns. the main concern would bebetrong wind gusts with any given storm.
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on it we'll be here around the day, nonstop. also download our nbc 6 news and weather app, if you're on the go, if you don't have access to a television, you can get information there as well. right now the temperature in ft. lauderdale and miami, 72 degrees. winds from the southwest. a little breezy at times. back together with all of the moisture in the air it's definitely been nonstop weather so far this morning. i want to take a zoom out of our sunshine state. i want to see exactly what we keep an eye on. here's the moisture that we're dealing with. here's what's on its way from broward county and miami-dade. this storm pushes through. this is what we want to continue to keep an eye on for the next few hours. you download the nbc 6 news and weather app. >> rest of the country. forecasters say it will be a big one. 1 to 3 inches of snow could fall in a matter of an hour in soke areas.
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look at that. forecasters warning about brutally high winds, dangerous whiteout conditions and the possibility of thundersnow. capturing the pictures and video. flooding from social media getting snowed in. so of them taking the bad weather in stride. some of them less thhn enthusiastic about a storm that could leave the all weekend long. the coverage with the severe weather begins with jay gray in roanoke, how are you doing out there? >> reporter: the massive winter storm is barreling down on the east coast andnd bringing with it heavy snow. expected in some areas, up to 2 feet. the national weather service says this could be one of the most severe storms ever to hit the region. washington, d.c. is directly in the cross hairs. residents being told to stay inside and ride it out. >> that's what they do. the big streches that we're looking at, we're making sure, this morning, through today, resident, ready.
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miles of winter weather advisories have been issued from the south flew new england impacting millions. with blizzard warnings stretching from washington to new york. >> we see this as a major storm. it has life and death implications. and of the residents of the district of columbia should treat it that way. >> reporter: in north carolina and virginia, the concern is thick ice, bringing down power lines. traveling, treacherous to those venturing out to go to work. >> i definitely trust my legs more than i trust wheels at this point. i only live a mile away. i'll just walk. >> reporter: thousands of flights cancelled to the charlotte area, with it virtually a ghost town. the number like the snow totals is expected to grow over the next several days. jay gray, nbc news, roanoke, virginia. >> and that majortorm is expected to lead to a lot of
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imagine here in south florida. and in fact, across the entire country. nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is live at miami internationa airport. she continues this team coverage of this huge storm. julia, we talked to you earlier. wasn't really a big deal. some flights cancelled out of charlotte. what are things looking like now? >> reporter: eric, the sprint is on. i just checked with airport officials they are counting 14 flights in and out of miami, from places like washington, d.c., philadelphia and philadelphia. afar as departures, another 22 flights grounded to places liki washington as well. also to new york. and especially to charlotte, north carolina. you'll have to make other plans. dashing through to beat the snow, but not everyone's on board. >> i don't know, what's going on there. >> i've been on a cruise, i don't know anything until this morning. >> reporter: the storm's coming and bringing cancellations from chchlotte, north carolina, up the east coast.
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and then coming home to a blizzard. >> reporter: braised with boots, scarfs and parkas, travelers scrambled to take off before the snow leaves them stranded. >> make sure you have plenty of snacks. >> reporter: this man is headed to baltimore, then he'll haa an hour's ride home if his plane can make it me. >> i'll do it. >> reporter: but the winter wallop is not bad news f f ebb. >> i'm excited about that. going on my snowmobile, you know.. >> reporter: if only a snowmobile could get you home. and i just tweeted out the flight cancels for hollywood airport. 41 delayed. another 63 flights cancelled box of the winter storm. be sure to check with your irline if you're going anywhere, or picking anyone up at the airport today. nbc 6 first onon the scene of an overnight fire that is sparking some suspicion as of
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that house fully engulfed in flames. take a look at this cell pone video sending makes running from their home. at the area of 136th and court. >> i started banging on the doors, the windows, the neighbors, so they could come out. one of the neighbors was there, thankfully, they came out. this midday, a man is recovering after a car hit him and then hit it. the victim was standing on the sidewalk along northwest 4th avenue and 7th street. he was rushed to ryder trauma center with only a broken leg. police did arrest the d diver shortly after the accident. south florida, we continue to monitor the situation outside from heavy downpours and also
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much of broward county and miami-dade. changes ahead for the weekend. i have details coming up. just a quick reminder, a very go day to have the nbc 6 news and weather app handy for a multitude of reasons. there you can monitor the heavy rains with live "first alert" doppler radar.
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you can zoom in, they got ? v/' welcome back, everyone. it's one of the most watched videos on the nbc 6 app. a woman attacking ayyuber ging an uber driver. take look. [ bleep ]. >> that woman is actually a doctor. a fourth year neurological resident. the uber driver said the seemingly drunk doctor ripped the keys out of his hands and demanded a ride. at one point, he said she started kicking and scratching him. >> he was erratic, screaming, hurting -- calling me names. she scratched me. she scratched me some i was trying to gettthe keys from her. then she used her knee to kick me here. >> so that driver did not press any charges in that case.
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positive to come out of this video. that doctor is now on administrative leave. this weekend, the miami marathon. >> and "first alert" traffic reporter kelly blanco joins us with the roads that will be closed and stay open. >> this brings athletes from 86 different countries. at least 20,000 athletes will take to the streets a a 56 6:00 a.m. the race will begin at americanairlines arena. thoth anthletes wll fill the streets. we have the closings.biggest, northbound lanes of biscayne boulevard.
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until 6:00 a.m. another major road closures from macarthur causeway and continuing along 5th street. parts of ocean drive and washington avenue will also be closed period ically. if you taa the brickle avenue bridge, it will be around the rickenbacker causeway and the best is south bay shore drive. the best bet to and from the beach will be using the julius causeway until 10 a.m. make sure you use the nbc 6 app. kelly blanco, nbc 6 news. >> announcer: now, "first alert" weather with meteorologist erika delgado, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> hi. a busy weather day across much
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heavy downpours in the hialeah and downtown area. behind me, there is plenty more on the way. we'll take a zoom out and show you it's not just us. and through western portions of broward county. the majority of everything, with the activity right now along the ulf coast, that slowly but surely will continue to push towards us and we wll continue to monitor the situation for you. you can download our nbc 6 news app. you'll find that live on the radar. temperatures, 72 in miami. 71 in the kendall area. take a look at headlines, ahead of the cold front, we're expecting probably severe thunderstorms across south florida. but the main impact of these storms will be strong wind gusts between 30 and 40 miles per hour. of course with those strong winds we're expecting high alng the beaches.
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as the day goes on, we'll see is a better chance of thunderstorms. keep it locked to nbc 6. again, you can download our nbc 6 news and weather app. temperatures warming in the lower 70s right now. you can also find our temperatures there which will be useful this weekend as we are expecting a very significant cooldown from saturday into sunday. low pressure continues to track towards the southeast. as you can see, striking the cold front, that's what's going give us a good chance of strong thunderstorms, possibb even severe through the afternoon hours. again, the most important thing and the impact with these storms would be strong win gusts between 30 and 50 miles per hour. so, for tonight's forecast, we're expecting temperatures begin to dip down with winds out of north-northwest. upper 50s. start the night off with mostly cloudy skies, possibly with lingering showers through parts of the night. and temperatures behind the cold front, temperatures will be
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first, we got to get to the 700s. that cold front swings through. remember, still a light risk of strong to severe thunderstorms expected today. this afternoon, once that front does clear the area, we're expecting a nice weekend. temperatures will definitely be a little on the cooler side. d to upper 60s is what we're expecting. we'll see even bigger cooldowns from saturday into sunday. the main thing with this, winds will be very strong. even though the temperatures will be in the 40s. could feel like the upper 30s, low 40s. interior areas will see sunday night, into the 30s. just in time for@the miami
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l all right. we're looking live at radar. this is what we're going to be dealing with in sout florida for, i guess, erika, the rest of the afternoon and maybe the early evening. >> yeah, definitely. today definitely is a good day for the nbc 6 news and weather app. you need to have it handy. the showers will continue. heavy in at times. still, the national weather service has us under a slight risk of severe storms. we are continuing to keep an eye on the storms as we see right now, in the gulf of mexico. something that you want to monitor the situation. we will come in, adam will be here. we'll be here at the same time. it's going to be crucial not
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