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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  January 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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haitiith the sickening story. sharon? >> reporter: the driver is lucky to be alive after being thrown into the van behind me. he only suffered from a broken book and the entire ordeal was caught on camera. once again, we've got to warn you that the video you're about to see may be alarming to some of our viewers. take a look at this unbelievable video that will take your brekt breath away. mir rack cue yously, he survivored. >> i stopped and panicked a little bit. i was in shock. >> reporter: he left in a state of disbelief. he was driving on 79th street near 4th avenue in little haiti en he saw the motorist slam into the pedestrian and then take off.
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out of the way attempted to climb the fence but to no avail. >> his leg was broken, his arm and legs are cut up real bad, so -- >> according to witness accounts, the driver lost control over by the green light and barrelled down the roadand hit a pedestrian and then crashed into the parked cars. >> reporter: according to witnesses, the driver didn't get far. miami police were able to apprehend the driver near the crash scene. still shaken by the disturbing scene. >> you don't expect the car come at you 40, 50 miles an hour. >> reporter: the driver, 29-year-old trenton jackson, he
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evaluated for mental health evaluations because he answered the door makednaked and wasn't making any sense. he was charged with fleeing and including an accident with injuries. sharon lawson, nbc 6 news. nbc 6 is first on the scene of an overnight fire that is sparking suspipions. the house in the area of nortrtwest 36th court and 1st street was vacant but still the flames were so big. >> reporter: the windows, the neighbors, they could come out. jumped the gates and one of the neighbors came out they were sleeping. >> pretty lucky. no one was hurt. the house, however, is destroyed. >> reporter: adam cooper is in west palm beach. witnessesemay have seen a shooting right in the middle of -95 last night.
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near palm beach boulevard striking a man as he drove. he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. no word on his status tonight. all southbound lanes of the interstate were shut down foror several hours while police investigated the situation. well, a nting trip ends in death for a couple of daytona beach buddies. he shot and killed his friend after mistaking him for a deer. the distraught hunter dialed 911 to report the deadly mishap. he told emergency operators it was all an accident. when investigators arrived, they declared his 65-year-old friend dead on arrival. he was arrested but no charges kave been filed. a 50-year-old student learned a hard lesson today. facing charges for disrupting school. nbc 6 is not identifying at arrested at marathon high school right before class today. deputies say she helped another person make a threatening calls to her school and to key west high school.
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and key west officials actually canceled classes for the day. the second suspect has not been arrested. now in tonight's desession debrief, our sister station is hoping to get spanish voters out in november. the registration drive is helping raise awareness about the importance of civic participation. it's a place at miami-dade college campus. other stations across the country also holding simir events in an effort to empower hispanic hispanic voters in 2016. 13% of all eligible united states voters will be eligible to vote. however, hispanics remain underrepresented with lower turnout rates than other minority groups. right now, washington post reporter jason rezaian is on his way back to the us. he was one of five americans freed last week in a prisoner swap with iran. rezaian doesn't know when he'll
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18-month ordeal, nor has he saa his family saying where he's going to be spending his time once he's back. but the prisoner swap did follow the lifting of most international sanctions against iran under a deal that curbed tehran's nuclear program. an american student detained in north korea. otto frederick warmbier was arrested for committing a hostile act while visiting the authoritarian country. republican presidential cakdidate and ohio governor john kasich calls the arrest inexcusab and says the student should be released immediately. and the three american's who went missing from an iraqi neighborhood are still missing. the prime minister says they
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criminal gangs and last seen at a suspicious apartment. the zika virus has shown up here in florida and is spreading all around the caribbean. it leaves victims temporarily paralyzed. the condition causes the person's immune system to attack part of the nervous syste women are being asked to put off pregnancies for the next t years to avoid passing off complications to their children. today, the cdc included barbrbos, bow bolivia, cape verde. the coast guard air station in miami is marking its 50th anniversary in opa locka.
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celebrate. it's been a record-setting year for drug busts. amanda plasencia got a look inside at the air station's operations. >> reporter: 50 years of saving lives on the high seas. >> over those 50 years, mass migrations from cuba, from haiti, hoikurricane andrew, they have responded to them all. >> reporter: flying high and low, skimming the waters of the caribbean, air station miami is on duty catching number records of migrants. >> the number is up 350% since 2010. >> repepter: according to the coast guard, in the last three months alone, more than 1700 cubans took the risky voyage. a huge increase from 2015 when just under 4500 cuban migran were found the entire year. >> reporter: from october
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migrants that we interdicted alone. there's always people in the wawar clinging to styrofoam wood and that's been more common than in my past four years. >> reporter: the recent mobilization in the u.s./cuban relations taking to the sea to flee the area. >> fear of changes in the cuban act. reporter: fear of change in the political climate has led to desperatioio >> sometimes it's violent. especially when they see land and tnk i can make it. i am here. i can see land. >> reporter: when they are not picking up myigrants, there's a 30% increase in drug busts from last year. >> last year it was somewhere around 89 metric tons. this year is close to 150 metric tons. we have seen a huge increase. >> reporter: the air station's
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of dollars in illegal drugs from entering our community and helped curb the flow of illegal migrants. also, they keep people safe and alive. >> please don't take to the sea. stay where u are. stay safe and migrate legally. >> reperter: reporting from opa lka, amanda plasencia, nbc 6 news. new tonight, a good samaritan heads to court. at the not oem tried to take off but pay off the man who tried to corner him and eventually turned him over the police. claudia docampo reports. >>reporter: adrian morales rodriguez was back in court facing more charges. >> let's keep reading. he chased after the defendant. >> reporter: rodriguez could now be facing 60 years in state
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scene of a deadly accident and tampering for a witness. >> he never intended to flee. he's not a danger. >> reporter: prosecutors say two witnesses saw rodriguez run over steve lester on southwest 112th avenue and 218th street on christmas eve. they say rodriguez was driving a white mercedes when he struck lester. they saw him get out of his car but then get back in. >> he got back in his car to make a u-turn. somebody pulled in front of him and that's the whole case. he did not flee. >> reporter: but the w wnesses told police they had to chase rodriguez down to force themto stop and stay until the police arrived. this is what a witness told us that night. >> reporter: cut him off and asked him to turn the car off. >> reporter: and he says rodriguez also offered him money to let him get away. >> lester's family was upset but relieved today. >> i just want to thank the lord. >> reporter: the judge increased rodriguez's bond from $10,000 to 150,000 with a gps ankle monitor.
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rodriguez is a cuban national and lives in spain. at the metro justice building, claudia docampo, nbc 6 news. coming up, the controversy surrounding the oscars takes another turn. a top nominee weighing in on the so-called whiteout boycott. >> lesson plan gone awry. a florida teacher is in hot water after an assignment that papaents call racist. plus, a monster storm is barrelling up t east coast. an even whiter white house is getting stormed on. for us, the winds will pick up overnight and tomorrow. the last bit of rain across broward. maybe up to a little longer for miami-dade to clear out. when it clears out, it's going to clear out quick. stick around for the numbers.
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here's our everglad park camera. around sunset, it's still pretty gloomy out there. a few raindrops on the lens as well. notice the flags on the boats picking up. the wind will start to become a huge story as we go through tomorrow. live first alert doppler, a couple bands of showers we're tracking. a few lightning strikes in this cluster of showers. that has faded over the last few moments or so. this is continuing to walk off towards the east. just watching this last band of showers cross parts of miami-dade and broward. it's moving through quickly. in the next hour or so, it's all done. plantation through cooper city, it will get back towards ft. lauderdale. by 00, we're done with the steady rains.
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of the question for the overnight hours. there's broward. put this into motion again. miami-dade county also is done for the evening. let's talk temperatures and then we'll zoom up and out here. no huge drop off behind the front just yet. the front lines up in through here. the air mass is being smashed into the state of florida. once the winds shift to the north, you don't have the water to protect you anymore and that's when you feel the cool down on sunday orning. it's going to be something else out here. there's the front that continues to push the moisture out of here attached to a couple areas of low pressure. where you see white right here, parts of north carolina and kentucky, over a foot of
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winter storm areas, delmarva, maryland, blizzard warnings pushing into new york city and a foot of snow coming down side ways. so several feet when you factor in the drifts. let's go back down to south florida. future tracker, by 6:00, most of this is going to be ou^ of here and then by 7:00, totally drive. a few sprinkles behind the system. here's saturday at 1:00 a.m. a couple of clouds again as moisture picks up. by saturday, it should be really nice. 67 on saturday. mid-40s to start on sunday for the big race. >> speaking of the cool weather, it could be good for the 20,000 runners for the miami marathon on sunday. >> this marks the 14th year for this big event.
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kelly blanco has more on the road closures. >> reporter: this attracts people from 80 different countries. it takes runners all over miami including downtown miami and coconut grove. 20,000 athletes will take to the streets at 6:00 a.m. on sunday. it begins at the americanairlines arena. there will be road closures for commuters. there's about a dozen of them and we have them posted on the nbc 6 news and weather app. northbound lanes of biscayne boulevard will close from 9:00 a.m. tomorrow until sunday at 4:00 p.m. it will continue along fifth street. parts of ocean avenue will also be closed. if you take the avenue bridge to get around, stick to the miami avenue bridge. a doz road closures for the
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posted on the nbc 6 news and weather app for you. the biggest ones are the northbound lanes of biscayne boulevard which close from 9:00 a.m. tomorrow until sunday at 4:00 p.m. they shut down on sunday at 6:00 a.m. and another major road closure from i-95 to alter road and continuing along fifth street will be closed. parts of ocean drive and washington avenue will also be shut down. if you take the avenue bridge to get around, you'll want to stick to the miami avenue bridge instead. there will be a lane open in each direction on the causeway and the most significant road closure in the grove wi be south bay shore drive. now, behind me is a sneak peek of this year's official medal designed by jamie perez. stay connected as thousands get readyo run miami this weekend. kelly blanco, nbc 6 news. >> that's cool hardware, right? >> the best i've ever seen.
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new tonight, the felt.ilm academy has promised to double and one actress is taking a controversial stand. charlotte rampling is adding her views to the growing controversy claiming that the campaign to stop the a ards is a against white people. the 69-yeaeaold is up for a best actressward for her role in the film "45 years." jada pinkett smith and spike lee say they are b/ycotting the awards for lack of african-american nominees. his 11th film in three years comes out this weekend. 6 in the mist host roxanne
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>> reporter: we're heading to daytona. an old dog resorts to big tricks in "dirty grandpa." he's newly widowed. he's driving to florida for spring break. it's rated r. >> i didn't know it then but that was the last normal day of my life. > reporter: "space invaders" is a mission to rescue her little brother and the only way to save him is to get help from a stranger who may not be as trustworthy as he seems. "the 5th wave" is rated pg-13. and meet "the boy" who accepts a
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when she finds out she's baby sitting a doll dressed up like a boy that died 25 years ago. "the boy" is rated pg-13. garret headland in "mojave," he finds a dangerous drifter. miami's own oscar isaac. when their meeting ends in a beat-down, isaac looks for a rematch on adland's own turf. it's rated r. the movie to beat thisweekend, last week's number one mie, "ride along 2." check out the news and weather app to find out what the @ilm stars thought about working and filming the movie in miami. roxanne vargas, nbc 6 news. still to come, a lesson in racism. a florida teacher is taking a lot of heat for what she says was meant to be a earn willing experience.
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even her school distr a florida mom is outraged in what she says was called a
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>> and it coincided with the dr. martin luther king holiday. >> reporter: michelle bland wants her daughter to learn black history but not by being discriminated against. >> it's the craziest thing that i ever heard that a teacherid to teach a child something. >> reporter: the principal of the elementararschool says the tuesday after the martin luther king day a teacher conducted an experiment. kids ages 7 7 and 8 were segregated by eye color and thenn discriminated against for several hours. 8-year-old ni a-rod rod was in class. she says students with blue eyes got hugs, candy and toys. students with brown eyes, like her, got nothing. >> she only wanted the white people who had blue eyes to get hugs and she said she dn't want any of other cooties. everyone in the class was crying. >> reporter: the teacher refuses
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but in a letter to parents after the fact describes this as a tough lesson meant to highlight the importance o equality, letting kids feel what it was like to have been black person about 50 years ago. the principal says that lesson was never approved. bland wishes her daughter could have opted out. >> they are too young to cop prehend what is actually going on. you shouldn't make a kid upset to teach them a lesson like that. >> reporter: the principal is calling this lesson in discrimination inappropriate. >> she felt it was an opportunity to show what it is like them to b b treated appropriately. again, not an appropriate lesson. it will not happen again. a gainesville officer getting attention fofo the way he dealt with a noise complaint about neighborhood kids aying basketball too loudly.
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kids, the officer joined them for a pickup game of hoops. the gainesville police department posted this video to facebook yesterday. it's already received more than 6 million views. the department wants kids to be kid and focus on one who is are actually committing crimes. the video ended with the #hoopsnotcrimes. >> the officer has got game. that will do it for the news at 5:30 but more news is straight ahead. >> instead of the calm before the storm, it's the storm before the cool. sunny south florida turns gray before chilling out for the weekend. a miami gardens police officer shot and inred after being ambushed early in the morning. tonight, a federal agency is joining the investigation into
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>> sometimes these people think that they can do anything they want. >> an elderly couple was confronted by carjackers. >> a whole lot of green and yellow on the doppler. >> the downpours are making for a pretty great day in south florida. another weather system brings about a cool change is following right behind it. i'm jackie nespral. >> and i'm adam kuperstein in for jawan strader. adam? >> even this evening it's going to be brisk out there. sunday morning is when we get toto the heart of the cool down. we'll have a full temperature breakdown coming up in 1520,, 20 minutes. no lightning with this last band of showers that we're going to be dealing with over the next
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