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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Saturday at 6am  NBC  January 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we'll see you next week. a monstrous winter storm wreaking havoc across the mid atlantic. we'll show you how that affects our local weather this weekend. and a miami gardens police officer shot and injured in an ambush. plus, a local father who once worked as youth coach accuse of foul play. the alarming allegations being made against him. a a we begin with a live look at washington, d.c. this morning. our nation's capitol is the sweet spot for what is expected to be a terrible storm. thank you for joining us on nbc south florida today. it's saturday, january 23rd. i'm sharon lawson. here we won't be seeing the white stuff but we'll get t winter wrath. let's check in with
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we're expect l more cool temperatures? >> this system is a brood system basically affecting the eastern half of the country within the past 24 to 48 hours. as you can see, there's the cnterclockwise circulation, low pressure system continuing atlantic. plifrd warning are still in effft for our nation's capital and new york city. in the@meantime, winter storm warnings remain in reflects. now it's picking up the moisture from the atlantic water and bringing it around. the snow is expect the to continue throughout the day. that se system is going to affect us this weekend. doppler radar, things looking forward so far. drier conditions right now but we're beginning to seeee few showers. we're tracking a chold front tht's swung through south florida. we're waking up to temperatures
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a chilly weekend ahead for us. and as erica just mentioned, blizzard warnings are in effect for that massive storm that stretches over a 1,000-mile area. more than 80 million americans are bracing for what some are saying could be historic winter weather. brian mooar reports from washington. >> it was a virtual whiteout at the white house and the u.s. capitol wouz shrouded in a cloud of snow, in the bull's eye of a blizzard of epic proportions. it's potent perfect storm. >> we expect 2 feet at least of snow in washington. and t snow is coming down wet and heavy, which means that we could see trees and power lines down and a loss of powewe >> as the snow began to pile up, the virgiia national guard
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>> we put chains on all of our hum vie tires. >> cleanup wowo't begin until sunday night. with the fligh canceled, anyone who hasn't gotten out, isn't. >> the wrip l effects are reaching airports far from the blizzard zone. this markds the day and a half onslaught that could be 2 1/2 feet of snow. it threatens to become washington's worst snowstorm ever. and the snow is expected to continue through sunday evening. and before it is all over with, this storm could blow itself into the record brock brian mooar nbc news washington. >> if you're planning on flying this weekend, double-check with your airlines about possible cancellations.
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in miamifor several days. flights are canceled for those heading up nor and some of the airports have shut down with the possibility of reopening today. travelers aren't only concerned about flight cancellations, hotels are having problems too with no rooms for those stranded. >> all the hotels are sold out. so luckily our friend is willing to put us up for anothth friday, saturday, sunday, monday, four more nights. >> again, you'll want to check with your airline to see if your flight is sti scheduled before heading to the airport. the good news for these passengers, you're avoiding what is reported to be a record breaking winter tomorrow. now a story you u w live first on 6. this morning we're getting a closer look accused of ambushg several miami-dade garden police officers. ''s responsible of shooting a
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before taking off and shooting at several for. stephanie ber tee any has more on how police caught up to him. >> escorted into the jail. veteran officer david starling shot in the leg after investigators say he was attacked by bullets. police say this man is the gunman. >> the violence against police officers in this country must stop. >> the miami gardens pooce chief downright angry. this show the minutes before investigators say the man was in the suv you see highlighted. the vehicle stopped by the flashing lights. that's where the officer was parked, filling out paperwork, at the intersection at northwest 183rd street and northwest 7th avenue.
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ambushed the officer. >> a moove still unsnoen but nbc 6 news found out he has plenty of past charges dating back to 2008, relating to grand theft, burglar burglary and drugs. he's in custody tonightartly because of the officers who was shot. >> he maintained his composure, he got on the radio as the subject began to flee. >> backup arrived and pursued the support. police say the suspect fired at several officers on his tail and trash crashed with a civilian driver. then taking off on footn the cops caught up with him and cuffefehim. after spending the night in jail, ma hey ya will be in bond court today. at least check yesterday, the officials at the hospital said the officer is in fair
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a former liberty city football coach sidelined after cops say he had inappropriate sexual contata with a young girl. 39-year-oldrobert jones made his victim clean the area in long ray as he sat on the couch and played with himself. that eventually escaled into intercourse. he was a popar coach and he's known to some for giving avice about staying in school and out of trouble. time right now, 6:07. hear why the overdue elections in haiti are on old indefinitely. plus the famous las vegas strip becomes a police involved shooting. south florida definitely different conditions oututde from what we saw yesterday. winds have picked up out of the west. will be gusting as high as 40 miles per hour later today and it's because of that that the
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or all day. the icon nick bellagio casino obscured by crime tape. they found a man walking i and out of traffic pointing a gun at people around him. the people made numerous commands to the suspect but he did not comply. policeshot at the support but missed grazing a juvenile who was treated and released. the support was arrested and police are continuing their investigation investigation. officials have confirmed that four people are dead and others are injured.
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community school in saskatchewan, a support is in custody according to police. the school has about 900 students from pre-kindergarten through 12. haiti is postponing his presidential election because there's too much violence throughout the country. the nation was overdue to go to the polls to reelect a successor and find the way out of a daep political crisis. but the opposition activts fear the polls will be rigged. even the other squand date in the race is boycotting the vote. angry crowds have gathered in the capital, burning cars, clashing with police and threaeening to disrupt the voting. no new election date has been set. set. all right. south florida, the weekend is upon n us.
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we're feeling and seeing the changes. let's take a look at the live first alert doppler radar. we're dry. completely different story. yesterday all day our radar, you couldn't see the blue or the greens because it was covered precipitation with all of the rain moving through south florida. already seeing major changes here and we're beginning to feel the changes. 61 degrees in miami, 60 in forty lauderdale. definitely a cooler start today % than what we saw yesterday. how much cooler are we toy than yesterday? we're 10 to 15 degrees cooler today than yesterday. the cold front swung through and thou things are feeling a little nicer out tre. we're dealing with a few clouds and the reason for this is because now the air temperature cooler than the ocean temperature. that creates culous clouds moving through the area. other than that, pretty nice for us..%
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in the form of rain. you'll see the clouds a little better now that all of the cool temperature remains over the gulf of mexico and now some of that beginnnng to develop, the clouds and wind pushing through helpingcreate some of the showers along the west coast for our friends around the tampa bay area. for us, things are looking good so far and it will only continue to get better as the day goes on. we're going to deal with a few clouds in the morning hours, and% as the day goes on, sunshine. highs in the mid to upper 60s. a cool day in store for us and winds will continue to pick up as the day goes on. some gusting as high as 30 to 40 miless an hour. low pressure still remains over the mid atlantic. that's winter storm jonas. there's the cold front from yesterday. some moisture movii through portions of south florida. now let's take a closer look at what's going on for our friends
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with the counterclockwise circulation now picking up the moisture, cold temperatures behind, that's what's creating all of the snow. it's because of that the winter storm warnings are in effect for the nation's capital and new york ty. you'll see the warnings push further north into connecticut and boston. closer to home, things are okay for us. the main threat will be the marine conditions. because of the strong wind we're expecting today and tomorrow. temperatures are expected to cool down tonight. we'll leave that in there. we're thinking mid-40s. but with the wind in place, temperature wills be feeling like the 30s. plenty of sunshine this afternrnon into tomorrow and it looks like a few dry days until wednesday into thursday. >> thank you so much. well an internationally renowned cuban artist will have to pay up if he wants to get out of jail before his trial for a
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the judge increased the bond for rodriguez to $150,000. he currently lives in spain and won't be able to go home while he waits. the news a big relief for the family of steve lester who died when rodriguezllegely ed plowed into him on christmas eve. a few good samaritans claim rodriguez took off and tried to pay them off. but his lawyer says that's simply not the case. the zika virus which has turned up here in south florida is spreading across parts of latin america and the caribbean. alth officials believe the virus could be linked to a rare condition that leaves people partially paralyzed. the conditions causes the person's ie money system to attackparts r parts of the nerve system. officials in el salvador are
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pregnancy for two years to escape the virus. there have been three confirmed cases of zika virus here in south florida. a major food company is expanding a salad recall. coming up, what you need to look fo in your refrigerator. plus, uber is adding
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cu wellcome back. package salads have been recalled in florida and 20 other states after a listeria outbreak. the infected salads wore called dole fresh selections, simple truth, the little salad bar and prez's choice. do has stopped all production at the springfield plant and is
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produced at the plant. uber is adding a new service to its men knew but it will only be featured in ten city, at least for now. the company is preparing to launch a full scale meal delivery service. l.a., chicago haen new york will be able to use a knew uber eats app allowing you to order from menus at dozens of restaurants and have the meal delivered by an uber driver. uber is aiming to build a new stream of revenue through the highly competitive business of food delivery. today may not be farr4th but it's national pie day. use your diet cheat d and celebrate all things pie. this year the american pie council is encouraging folks to celebrate by giving a gift of
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still hay head, the latest oscar falllut takes another turn. see what academy officials are doing to increase diversity. not the best beach day although there will be plenty of sunshine. winds will be so strong out of the west, gusting as high as 30 to 40 miles per hour.
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the sunscre after days of growing controversy over a lack of diversity in the nomination frs this year's oscars, the academy announced sweeping reforms, replacing inactive members for life with a younger generation. >> it's not clear that will be enough to lower the bad energy threatens to overshadow hollywood's biggest night. we have details from los angel. >> a surprise vote by the
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in a statement, cheryl boon isaac@is going to lead. voting status will last ten years and can be renewed only if a member has been active over that decade. lifetime voting rights will be earned after three of the ten-year terms or if the member h won or been nominated for an oscar. those who are not accive will become emeritus members meaning they can't vote. >> these changes are a step in the right direction but the problem is bigger than theed a my. it's the industry as a whole. >> now stars are speaking out. two-time oscar nominee viola davis said is problem is not the oscars, it's with hollywood moving making system. >> stephen galwayloway says theed a mycan only move as fast as the
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>> the academy's hands are tied. >> meaning real change may a few episodes away. nbc news, los angeles spl. >> we'll have to wait and see hugh that shapes up. time right now is 6:24. still ahead, we're taking a live look at baltimore this morning where the snow is coming down. that monster storm is bearing down on our nation's midsection. the effects being felt right here at home. and erica you're going to have dettls on this. >> i definitely will coming up. jamie guirola, you've got to
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a w and right now we are keeping a close eye on the winter storm that is threatening the mid atlantic. here's a live look at our nation's capital this morning where it is snowing and it's expected to get the brunt of the winter storm. good morning, it's saturday january 23'd, i'm sharon lawson. here in south florida we won't be seeing any snow but we're receiving some cooler temperatures. let's check in now with meteorologist erika delgado. how cold is it going to get? >> it's going to get pretty cool. the past two weeks we saw temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. we're going to feel the chill in the air. here's winter storm jonas
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from portland, maun into the carolinas. winter storm warnings in effect. it's not just the snow accumulation that they're expecting but also the strong winds associated with the system. that same system c cgging ingdragging a cold front throroh south florida. in the 30s across parts of our state. closer to home, we're wakikg up to temperatures cooler this morni but not as cool as we should be. 61 in miami, 60 in ft. lauderdale. that's across the board. let's take a look at what we're dealing with as far as rain is concererd. nothing that we need to worry about, although there are a few showers coming in along the gulf of mexico affecting tampabay. i'm going to have more details coming up. meantime, back to the monstrous storm. blizzard warnings are in effect for if storm making its way from the carolinas up the eastern
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more than 80 million americans are bracing for what some are saying is historic winter weather. brian mooar reports from washington. >> reporter: it was a virtual whiteout. washington, d.c. under siege and in the ll's eye of a blizzard of epic proportions. local officials say it's a potenterfect storm. >> we expect 2 feet at least of snow in washington. and the snow is coming down wet. and heavy, which means that we could see trees and power lines down and a loss of power. >> as the snow began to pile up, virginia national crews were called into action. >> the cleanup won't begin until the storm has blown over late sunday night. with thousands of flights canceled, anyone o hasn't
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>> this is our third flight change since we started. >> in the ripple effects are reaching airports far from the blizzard zone. this snow marked the beginning of a day 1/2 onslaught that could be 2 1/2 feet of snow. it threatenss to become washington east worst snowstorm ever. the snowows expected to continue through sunday evening. and before it is all over with, this storm could blow itself into the record books. brian mooar, nbc news washington. back here at home this morning, police want to get a dangerous man off the streets before he strikes again. cops say he sexuallyly assaulted a woman tuesday night at a bus way near 283rd street. it's being reported a 57-year-old woman had just gotten off the bus when the support threatened her with a knife, robbed her and assaulted here. detectives are looking for a
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seen wearing daerk clothing on a black mountain bike. not a big description to go by. if you have anything to help authorities get the man off the street, contact crime stoppers. police e also looking for a couple who robbed a fashion store in southwest miami-lade. a woman posing as a customer began trying on several different items when she noticed a cash box below the counter. her male counter part snuck into the counter area in an attempt to take the box. the man waited until the clerk went to the back of the store and removed the box from the counterer. the couple fled with a pox containg cash and two signed blank checks. a violent hit and run accident is captured on cam rein and it may be difficult to watch. you can see the victim walking on the sidewalk when a car slams into her and throws her right over the fence.
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injuries. jamie guirola has the story. >> did you see that? it happened so quick we're going to rewind and show you in slow mmion. that transgendered woman walking in the frame on the sidewalk appears to put her hands up as if she sees the spiraling car moving out of control. she turns, grabs the fence for her life when the carrashes into it throwing the woman into the air. >> i saw the crash and everything. i stopped because i was, you know, i panicked a little bit. i was in shock. >> after the pedestrian flu overer the fence, she landed on the top of this maroon mini van. encounter. >> his leg is broken, arms and legs are cut up real bad. >> it happened near northwest 4th avenue. cedric miller watch the action in disbelief and watched in
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and according to witnesses, the driver fled on three wheels but he didn't get far. miami police were able to apprehend the driver near the crash scene leaving witnesses relieved he was caught and shaken by the disturbing scene. >> reporter: police are investigating the cause of the accident. at the very least, the suspect will be charged with leaving the scene of an accident. he was brought here to the hospital where he was checked out. police are trying to catch two men who they say swiped a womn's purse and didn't waste any time going shopping on her dime. authorities say these are surveillance pictures from the store where the alleged crooks used the stolen cards to buy gift cards. they got their hands on the plat plastic when they stole the woman's bag from inside a parked vehicle two weeks ago. we have new details this morning on a string of armed
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police arrested michael smallwood in connection to the crimes. they say the 20 yeerl confessed in ith up four businesses in the season r rpan of a month. among the stores, smallwood allegedly robbed, a cva and 7-eleven 7-eleven. they confiscated clothing and a gun in the investigation. time right now, 6:34. still ahead -- things are heating up on the campaign trail. while the republican top contenders are not getting the support of gop leaders. plus, an elderly couple car jacked but not without trying to fight ck. hear what the woman had to say to the men who robbed her. we had a cold front swing through the area yesterday afternoon and we expect to see dry conditions but we're seeing
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over 3 million people have silky smooth feet that you can't help but touch. the new amopefoot file with diamond crystals and extra coarse roller head removes callouses effortlessly.
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welcome back. 6:37 is now the time. this morning questionwe're breaking down the cruz factor. donald trump remains the front runner with ted cruz being targeted by many in his own par pi. nbc's hailey jackson explains. >> donald trump or ted cruz for some it's a killer choe. >> i think you get the same outcome whether it's death by being shot or poisoning, does it really matter. >> senator lindsey graham one of cruz's colleagues voting against him. >> if as a voter you think what we need is more republicans in whington to cut a deal with harry reid and nancy pelosi and chump schumer, donald@trump is your guy. firing on the front runner hasn't worked for others so far. >> his new line of attack is
6:33 am
give me a break. >> trump arguing he has the washington support cruz doesn't. >> and i can tell youou they like me, those guys and there's nothing wrong with that, folks. we got to make deals. we don't want to sign executive orders. we want to make deals. >> the washington establishment would rather have a wild card who wants to get something done than someone they know and don't like. >> cruz's campaign it raised more than $700,000 this week after iowa's governor gave an anti-endorsement anti-endorsement. >> i believe it would be a big mistake for iowa to support him. >> but compared to trump, cruz has a stronger @verall favorability. >> if it's betwn trump and cruz, what does the establishment do? >> they're going to have to go with cruz. >> why? >> it's probably the lesser of
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>> hallie jackson nbc news manchester, new hampshire. big endorsement news coming in momoing as the race to the white house intensifies. according to, the hispanic chamber of commerce although he endorsed hillary clinton, the hispanic hamber says it's not ready to throw its support behind a presidential candidate. clinton said she will look hard as castro for a running meat. right now, take a look. aa eyes are on a monster winter storm. here's a li look at the city of brotherly love. philadelphia dealing with whiteout conditions out there as the winds are extremely strong. blizzard warnings are in effect for the massive storm skreching
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already being fatal too actually over some of the states on the eastern seaboard. here at home we don't have to worry about that but we' be noticing the cooler temperatures. you may want to bring out the jackets and light sweaters, right? >> definitely beginning to feel the chill in south florida. but going back to the live pics it's not only heavy snow they're dealing with but they're dealing with strong winds gusting right now as high as 30 miles an hour. not only that, some areas haveve seen gusts as high as 60 miles an hour. they're seeing the blowing snow. it's definitely -- we definitely do not want to be thehere right now. our thoughts are with them a we'll continue to monitor the situation because it is affecting us here in south florida. the same low pressure dragged a cold front through the area. let's look at what we're dealing with. we are dry so far however radar is picking up on a few showers over on the gulf coast for our friends across the tampa bay area. we'll continue to keep an eye on
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make its way to us here in south florida. we mentioned the cool temperatures. the cold air hasn't fully filtered in yet. but right now we're seeing temperatures cooler than we were yesterday. 61 in miami, 60 in ft. lauderdale and 62 degrees in the hialeah opa-locka area. you'll see the clouds moving from if the gulf of mexico. the air temperature now is cooler than the ocean temperature and the water temperatures. so of course that causes a few of the clouds to develop and that's also helping a few showers swing through the tampa bay area this morning. we're calling for windy day. right now winds are out of the west up to 10 to 15 miles an hour but they're expected to get stronger this afternoon. we're expecting plenty of sunshine this afternoon. sclouds in the morning and take a look at the highs, only reaing into the mid 60s later this afternoon. small craft advisory will remain
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winds out of the west 10 to 20 miles an hour. gale force winds in effect. not the best day to be outhere on the boat. i mentioned the showers moving in on the lf coast. there you see them. there's the cold front that left us the rain yesterday and still a surface trough still allowing the showers to trigger. for us, we're just beginning to feel the cool mass and it will only continue to get cooler. there's winter storm jonas with the frigid temperatures behind it. along for the rain and snow and mix of s set across portions of our nation's capital. winter storm warnings a a watches in effect. blizzard warnings for philadelphia and portions of our nation's capital. and the watches and warnings go
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a broad system not only affecting the eastern seaboard and the m atlantic, but the cold front moving through south florida cooling things down for us. marine conditions and the wind saturday. for the miami marathon, we're cool. but because of the strong wind like the 30s tomorrow morning. the good news is we're expecting plenty of sunshine and the highs in the mid 60s tomorrow. >> and as you just say, the weather not looking too bad for the 20-mus thousand runners expected. this weekend marks the 14th year runners have been lacing up the sneakes for the effect. kelly blonco joins us with more on road closures. >> the 26.2 mile course will take runners all o oer miami including downtown miami, south beach and coconut grove.
6:39 am
take totothe streets at 6:00 a.m. on sunday. the race will begin at the american airlines arena. both police and spectators will closures. there are a dozen road closures and we have been posted on the nbc 6 news and weather app. the biggest ones will be the biscayne boulevard. northbound lanes of brickell avenue will shut down at 6:00 a.m. lanes on the mcarthur causewayy from i-95 and continuing along 5th street. parts of ocean drive and washington avenue will be closed. you'll want totick to the miami avenue bridge instead. there will be a lane in each direction open. now behind me is a sneak peak of this year's official medal
6:40 am
my perez. check out the app for road closures and stay connected as thousands get ready to n miami this weekend. >> that's pretty cool. thank you. and be sure t t tune in to the nbc 6 news tomorrow. we'll be live at the miami marathon starting at 7:00 a.m. the coast guard air station mime is marking its 50th anniversary of saving lives on the high seas. but that's not the only reason to celebrate. coast guard spokesmen say it's been a recerd setting year for drug busts and migrant intradictions. in the last three months alone, more than 1700 my grants took the voyage. there was a 30% increase in drug busts from last year. ultimately the crew just wants to keep people safe and save lives. > me 6:46. still ahead, hear about a
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meatless fooo well despite the snowstorm sweeping across the northeast, some people in kentucky are embracingnghe snow with sledding. the roads have been covered in the white stuff but no amount of snow can keep them from making the most of it. sliding and shoveling for those too young to know how hard of a job it is can be fun wle embracing the cold weather and snowfall. a pair of minneapolis siblings is capturing worldwide attention for the shop they're about to open. the brother and sister are pushing boundaries with a butcher store that will offer all things vegan. >> chances are pretty good when you think vegan or vegetarian, a butcher shop isn't exactly what comes to mind.
6:42 am
>> we make meat free meats and cheese free cheeses. >> this saturday, these sisiings are opening the first veegen bbcher shop located in northeast minneapolis. >> it's exciting and the fact that the dream came true is i think remarkable. >> that dream started at minneapolis farmer's market more than five years ago. >> i think people are thinking a little harder about what they're putting in their mouth. what we're trying to do is come up with a propuct to help people switch over easily. >> they've@ created things like korean barbecue ribs and a host of meat-appearing products. and that has presented some challenges. >> texture is tough. that was the first and most important thing with every new product. >> along with meat free meets and dairy free cheese, there's also butter. >> must be well churned and
6:43 am
browns just like butter. >> how do you keep this secret 0 so nobody is copying you. >> we lock them up at the end of the night. >> colonel sanders does that too. >> that's probably a good idea because there's been plenty of worldwide interest in what these butchers are doing. >> like every day a spe@ific franchise request from mexico, switzerland, saudi arabia. >> lebanon. >> yummy. might as well try it. that was pat evans reporting. a grandma car jacked in her own drive way but she's not going down without a drive. they were back moment from grocery shopping when they noticed two men in a car had followed them. one of the men jumped out of the back seat pointed a gun at carol and asked for her keys. she pushed the robber but the man knocked her down. the supports drof off with her handbag and a car full of groceries. >> sometimes thee people think
6:44 am
want and once you stand up to them, maybe they'll go away. >> skarl says she got bruised but her spirit was left untouched. 6:51 is now the time. coming up, a look at o o top stories. first, here a live look at downtown miami to your left and on the right philadelphia. big contrast. where do yau want to be, folks? i think i'll take the left, miami. erica will have a last check on the forecast and the winter storm, how is going to affect
6:45 am
we'll be right back. just ahead here on "today" all eyes on this blirch of 2016. the nation's biggest cities getting up to two feet of snow in a storm that's already turned deadly. we have correspondents up and down the east coast and we'll speak live with new jersey
6:46 am
the candidates go into overdrive. the latest from the campaign trail. twin sisters will be competitors today on the ice. gracie cold and her sister carly are both vying to be crowned. a rather brisk white saturday morning on "today." >> we'll see you. well, if you're planning on flying this weekend, be sure to check with your airlines about possible cancellations. tuesdayens of travelers are stranded in miami for several days. flights heading north are `eing canceled and some of those airports have been shut down with the possibility of reopening today. well this morning we're getting a closer look at the man accused of ambushing several miami garden police officers. david mejia is responsible for shooting a barrage of bullets at an officer before taking off and
6:47 am
the officer is in fair condition. authorities say a former liberty city football coach had inappropriate sexual conduct with a young girl. cops allege that robert jones made hisis victims clean in long lingerie. a hit and run accident cacaured on camera. the victim is seen walking on a sidewalk when the van slammed into her. the police were able to apprehend the driver and the ctim was taken to the hospital recovering from minor injuries. in rning, police on the hunt for a dangerous man who sexually assaulted a woman at a bus way. they're looking for a black man in his 40s, 5'2", last seen wearing black clothes on a black mountain bike. haiti is postponing its
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throughout the country. angry crowds gathered in the capital burning cars, clashing with plice. no new election date has been set. and be sure to check out our nbc 6 news and weather app for full details on all of the stories that we're covering when you wake up pu. it's beginning to cool down. it will continue to cool down as the day goes on. rst alert forecast, gale warning will remain in effect for the waters. few clouds this morning, windy conditions this morning and temperatures remaining well below average. tomorrow, just in time for the miami marathon, temperatures in the morning will be in the 40s butt will be feeling like 30s. finally this hour, a gainesville officer is getting attention for the way he dealt with a noise complaint about neighborhood kids playing
6:49 am
instead of reprimanding the kids, the officer joined them for a pickup game. the video has already received more than 6 million views. the gainesville police department says it just wants to let kids be kids and only focus on the ones committing crimes. they're enjoying thepss. >> having fun.
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