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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Saturday at 9am  NBC  January 23, 2016 8:30am-9:30am EST

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highs only expected a monstrous winter storm wreaking havoc up and down the east coast. we'll show you how that storm system will affect our local weather this weekend. and the miami gardens police officer shot and injured in an ambush. this morning we get a closer look at the man accused of pulling the trigger. plus, a local father who once worked as a youth coach accused of foul play. the alarming allegations being made against him. and a live look this morning. our nation's capital is the sweet spot for what is expected to be a terrible storm. good morning, thank you for joining us here on nbc 6 south florida today. it's saturday, january 23rd. i'm sharon lawson. here in south florida, this system is bringing us much cooler temperatures. let's check in now with meteorologist erika delgado. how cold is it going to get?
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tonight might be the coolest temperatures we've seen sin last winter. we're seeing cooler temperatures already but the cold air mass that we've been waiting for has not arrived. take a look at winter sdorm jonas continuing to wreak havoc. northwest winds across phadelphia gusting as high as 40 miles per hour. they're dealingwith heavy snow and wind gusts but blowing snow. temperatures for us, not as cool as they're seeing. 36 in miami, 61 in ft. lauderdale. winds have shifted out of the west. we'll be out of the west-northwest for most of the day but they're already between 10 to 20 miles an hour. we're getting wind gusts of up to 42 miles an hour. definitely going to be a breezy morning. things are looking quiet. and we'll take at look at what
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hours, plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 60s.s. blizzard warnings are in effect for the massive storm that stretches over a thousand mile area making its way from thearolinas up the eastern seaboard. more than 80 milln people are bracing for who what some are saying could be historic winter weather. brian mooar reports fm washington. >> it was a virtual white jous at the white house and the u.s. capital was shrouded in a cloud of snow. washington, d.c. under siege and in the lbull's eye. it's a potent perfect storm. >> we expect two feet at least of snow in washington. and the snow is coming down wet and heavy, which means that we could see trees and power lines down and a loss of power. >> as the snow began to pile up, virginia national guard troops were called into action.
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>> as the powow crews deployed for the inevitable eanup. but that won't begin until late sunday night. with thousands of flights canceled, anyone who hasn't gotten out, isn't. >> t ts is our third flight change since we started. >> and the ripple effects are reaching airports far from the blizzard zone. this snow makd the beginning of a day 1/2 onslaught that could be 2 1/2 feet of snow and 50-mile-per-hour winds. it threatens to become washington's worst snowotorm ever. >> reporter: the snow is expected to continue through sunday eveng. and before it is all over with, this stornl could blow itself into the recorbooks. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. if you're planning on flying this weekend, double-check with your airlines about possible cancellations. dozens of travelers are stranded in miami for several days.
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heading up north and some of the airports have shut down with the possibility of reopening today. in the meantime, travelers aren't only concerned about flight cancellations. hotels are having a problem too with no room for those stranded. >> maybe i'll be here at the airport just eeping. >> all the hotels are sold out, so luckily our friend is willing to put u us up for another friday, saturday, sunday, morning. >> south florida not a bad place fb stranded. check with your airline to see if your flight is still scheduled before heading to the airport. the goodews for these passengers, you're avoiding what is reported to be a record-dreaking winter storm. now a story you saw live first on 6. this sorning we're getting a closer look at a man accused of ambushing miami gardens police officers. police say he's responsible f/r shooting a barrage of bullets at an officer and then shooting at
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stephanie bertini has more on how the police caught upp with him. >> escorted into the miami-dade jail after a violent day miami gardens police say one of their own took the brunt of. officer david starling shot in the leg after he was attacked by bullets. david andreas mejia is the gunman. >> the violence against the police officers in this country must stop. >> the police chief downright angry over what allegedly hahaened to one of his own. this exclusive video only on nbc 6 news shows the minutes before. investigators say mejia was in the su you see highlighted. the vehicle stopped b b the flashing lights. that's where officer starling was parked, fillii out paperwork according to investigators. at the intersection of northwest 183rd street and northwest 7th avenue. >> made contata with him visually, backed up and ambushed
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>> a motive still unknown.% but nbc 6 news found out mejia has plenty of charges dating back to 2008. police say mejia is in custody tonight partly because of the actions off the officer who was shot. >> he maintained his composure. >> backup arrived and pursued the support. police say mejia fired at several officers on his tail and crashed with a civilian driver. but the police say that didn't stop him from continuing to take off on foot. this time the cops caught up with him and cuffed him. >> reporter: after spending the nightht in jail, mejia will be in bond d urt today. at last check yesterday, officials frr the hospital said the officer was in fair condition.
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bertini nbc 6 news. a liberty football coach sidelined after the cops say he had inappropriate sexual contact with a young girl. 39-year-old jones madeis victim clean the area in lingerie as he sat on the couch and played u with himself that eventually escalated into intercourse. jones was a poputar coach. he helped the liberty city warriors win two championships and he's known to some for giving advice about staying in school and out of trouble. time right now, 8:37. coming up, hear why the overdue elections in highty are on hold indefinitely. plus the famous las vegas strip becomes the scene of a police-involved shooting. what prompted a man to waive a gun in the middle after toushist area. we're waking up to breezy conditions but the winds are continuing to pick up. gusting as high as 40 miles for hour over the atlantic air hours. a gale warning has been issued for the gulf of mexico and the
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small craft advisory will remain
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the questiti is hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone.
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welcome back. bellagio hohols on skud by crime scene tape after the police officers shot a man near the hotel. authorities found a man walking in and out of traffic pointing a gun at people around. police made numerous commands to the suspect but he did not comply. police shot at the support but missed, grazingng juvenile who was treated a @hospital and release pd. the suspect was a arested and this morning the police are continuing their investigation. new details on the deadly shooting at a comnity school in canada. officials confirmed that fo people are dead. the shooting took place in saskatchewan. a support is in custody according to authorities. the school has about 900
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pre-kindergarten through 12. two people remain in critical condition. haiti is postponing its presidential election because there is too much violence throughout the country. the improve they were to go to the polls but opposition activists fear the polls will be rigged. even the other candidate in the race is boycotting e vote. angry crowds are also gathered in the capitit burning cars, clashing with police and threatening to disrupt the voting. no w election date has been set. the monster winter storm is affecting certain parts of the country. in kentucky, thousands of people jam. of lexington. the governor has had to call the national guard as some people
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since yesterday afternoon. 8:42. right now the first live alert doppr radar is quiet. different from what we saw yesterday. but we are waking up to cooler temperatures out there. right now we're in the mid to lower 60s. 10 to 15 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. but the cold air has yet to arrive. it's on its way. still across northern portions of our sunshine state. 61 in ft. lauderdale and 62 in the kendall area. i want to take a look at our first alert cam. the camera is shaking. we're waking up to breezy conditions right now. winds are out of the west between 10 and 15 miles an hour. we're already getting reports of wind gusts in palm beach up to 52 miles per hour. going to be a windy afternn
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we're dry and now the cold front has cleared the area. we're dealing wiih a few clouds offshore because the air temperature is coor than the ocean temperature. that's triggering a few swers across the tampa bay area. we have dry air in place. for your forecast, we'll be rain free but we'r expecting a windy afternoon with the highs reaching into the mid 60s. i'm thinking we're going to see the high early in the afternoon hours because the wind will shift a little more from the northwest and that's when the cool air will continue to filter in. gale warnings will remain in effect for the atlantic and the gulf of mexico. wind advisory not only for the keys but for much of the tri-county area. keys, temperatures in the upper 60s, wind gusting betweenen15 and 30 miles an hour. maybe an isolated s swer swinging through. but other than that, dry conditions for much of the day. the cold front that left us some heavy rain yesterday left us
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now over the atlantic waters. still moisture behind it but the dry air as filtered in and the cool temperatures will slowly continue to trickle down as the day comes on. this is the low pressure system tt dragged in the cold front. so winter storm jonas continues to move further into the atlantic waters. winter storm warnings and blizzard warnings are in effect for our nation's capital and alssfor new york city. definitely going to be an event for the next 24 hours. for us, we need to worry about the wind because it's going to continue to pick up within leaving dangerous marine conditions. but the main story tonight will be the cold temperatures. we're forecasting overnight lows in the mid-40s. the coldest temperatures we've seen in miami in two years. we're expecting breezy conditions overnight and windy as well, the windchills will
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it will be cool in time for the miami marathon. it will rebound into the 60s and we're expecting plenty of sunshine. >> thank you. well the zika virus whichs has turned up here in south florida is spreading across parts of latin america and the caribbean. health officials believe the virus could be linked to a rare condition that leaves patients temp temp larry paralyzed. the condition caused a person's immune system to attack parts of the nervous system. officials in el salvador are advising women to put off pregnant sis for the next two years to avoid passing on complications. the travel i letter includes ecuador ecuador. there have been three confirmed cases of the zika virus here in south florida. 8:46 is the time.
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services for its hungrier customers. see how the ride sharing company is going from drivingou around to delivering you what you crave. also, hear about a butcher the specializes in meatless food.
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break. welcome back. 8:48 is the time. a pair of minneapolis siblings capturing worldwide attention for the shop they're about to open. the brother and sister are pushing boundaries with their butcher store that will offer all things vegan, including meatless meets. pat evans takes us there. >> chances are pretty good when you think vegan or vegetarian, a butcher shop isn't exactly what comes to mind. but the herbivorous butcher hopes to change that. >> we call it that for a reason. it's not just a meat alternative. >> is saturday, the siblings
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vegan butcher shop located in northeast minneapolis. it's really exciting. the fact that the deem came true is remarkable. >> the dream started more than five years ago. >> i think people are thinking a little harder about w wat they're putting in their mouth. we're trying to come up with a product to help people switch over easily. >> they've created things like korean barbecue ribs and a host of other meat-appearing products. >> making products is like making a dough. >> and that has presented some challenges. >> texture is tough. that was the first andost important thing with every new product. >> along with meat free meats and dairy free chse, there's also butter. >> must be well-churned. after that it spreads, melts, browns just like butter. >> how do you keep all of the secrets so nobody is copying you. >> we lock them up at the end of the night.
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>> colonel sanders does that too. there's been plenty of worldwide interest in what these butchers are doing. >> like every day is different franchise request from mexico, switzerland, aaudi arabia. >> lebanon. >> interesting. something to check out if you head over to the twin cities. uber is adding a new service to its mean you but it will only be featured in ten zis for now. the company preparing the launch a full-scale meal delivery service. commerce in l.a., chicago and new york will bee able to use a new dedicated uber eats app. the app wll allow you to order from menus of dozens of local restaurants and have their meals delivered by an uber driver.% it's an expansion of a lunch only service tested last year. they're aiming to build a new stream of revenue through the highly competitive businessf food delivery. still ahead, the latest
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see what academy officials are doing to increase diversity. if you're planning on spending the day out and out, winds will be out of the west but we're expecting little rip current. but there is a wind advisory in place because the winds are expected to be gusting up to 30
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you welcome back. after days of growing controversy over a lack of diversity in theh nominations for this year's oscars, the academy announced sweeping reforms to double the number of female and minority mmbers replacing inactive members for life with a younger generation nls it's not clear that will be enough to stop the bad energy threatening
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biggest night. >> in a statement with cheryl boone isaac said the academy is going to lead and not wait for the industry to catch up. here's h. voting status will not now only last ten years and can be renewed only if a member has been active over that decade. lifetime voting rights will be earned after three of the ten-year terms or if the member has won or been nominated for an oscar. nose who aren't active wiwi become amiremeritus members meaning they can't vote. hollywood critics say the changfs are if a step in the right direction but the problemer is bigger than theed a my. >> viola davis said the problem is not with the oscars. the problem is with the llywood movie making system.
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african americans andasians and hispanics to create an extraordinary body of wok, the academy's hands are tied. >> real change may be a f episodes away. nbc news los angeles. time right now, 8:. a live look at baltimore this morning. take a look at this. whiteout conditions. a monster storm is bearing down on thehemid atlantic with the effects being felt right here. >> and the cool temperatures will reach our area this afternoon. plus --
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this check out this video. and right now we are keeping a close eye on the winter storm atlantic. you're taking a live look at baltimore where there's about 2 inches of snow falling an hour and the worst is yet to come. good morning, it is saturday, january 23rd, i'm sharon lawson here in south florida. we don't have to worry about the white stuff but that storm system could affect our weekend plans. let's check in with meteorologist erera delgado. all we have to do is probably prepare for jackets and some slight sweaters probably. > definitely not as cold as the rest of the country. but it's going to be cold for our standards. and it will be the coolest temperatures that we're expecting tonight. right now i was looking up
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hour. all of this accumulation, heavy snow, blowing snow. there we see winter storm jonas continuing to push into the atlantic. plenty -- it's a broad system and that same system is the one that dragged the cold front that swung through yesterday. right now our live fist alert doppler radar is dry. we don't have to worry about the in but the temperatures will cool down. already seeing the cold air mass filtering in. 30s across the panhandle. in south florida we're still seeing temperatures in the 60s and temperatures are not expectet to warm up much more than where they are right now. we're going to keep anytime the six all day, a little more sunshine as the afternoon goes on. and blizzard warnings are in effect for that massive storm that stretches over a thousand-mile area making its way from the carolinas up the eastern seaboard. more than 0 million people are
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could be historic winter weather. brian mooar reports from washington. >> it was a sir chul white jous at whiteout at the white house. a blizzard of epic potentia. >> the snow is coming down wet and chevy which means that we could see @rees and power lines down and a loss of power. >> as the snow began to pile up virginia national guard troops were called into action. >> we put chains on all of our hum vie tires. >> as the power cruise deployed for the inevitable cleanup but that won't be e again until late sunday night. anyone who hasn't gotten out isn't. >> this is our third flight change since we started.
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reaching airports far from the blizzard zone. this snow maked the beginning of a day and a half onslaught that could bring 2 1/2 feet of snow. it threatens to become wahington's worst snowstorm ever. >> reporter: the snow is expected to continue through sunday evening. and before it is all over with, this storm could blow itself into the record books. brian mooar, nbc news washington. back here at home this morning, police want too get a dangerous man off the streets before he strikes again. cops say he sexually assaulted a woman tuesday night at a bus way near 283rd street. it's been reported a 57-year-old woman hajust gotten off the bus when the suspect threatenen her with a knife,obbed her and assaulted her. detectives are looking for a ack man in his 40s, about 5'2", last seen wearing dark clothing on a black mountain bike.
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this erson, contact miami-dade crime stoppers. police also lookingor a couple who robbed a fashion store in southwest miami-dade. a woman posing as a customer began trying on several different items when she noticed a cash box beplow the counter. while her male counter part snuck into the counter area in an attempt to take the box. the man waited until the clerk went to the back of the store and removed the box from the counter. the couple fled with the box contains cash and two signed blank checks. a violent hit and run accident is captured on camera and i want to warn you, it may be difficucut to watch. you can see the victim walking on the sidewalk wen a car slammed into her and throws her into a mini van. jamey ga roie guirola has the story. >> it happened so quick we're
8:59 am
slow momoon. that transgendered woman walking in the frame on the sidewalk appears to put her hands up as if she sees the spiraling car movg out of control. she turns with grabs the fence for her lif when the car woman in the air. everything. i stopped. i panicked a little bit. >> after the pedestrian flew oveve the fence, she landed on this maroon mni van and she survived after a near death encounter. >> his leg is broken, his arms and legs are cut up real bad. >> it happened near 79th street and northwest 4th avenue. this man watched the accident in disbloef and watched in amazement how the victim survived. >> the driver fled on three wheels but he didn't get far. miami police were able to
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witnesses relieved he was caught yet still shaken by the disturbing scene. >> reporter: police still investigating the cause of the accident. at the least, is the support will be charged with leaving the skeent of an accident. he was brought here to the hospital. jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. well police are trying to catch two men who swiped a woman's purse and didn't waste any time going shopping. these are surveillance pictures from the stores where the alleged crooks used the stolen cards. the man got their hands on the plas uk when they stole a woman's bag from inside a parked car in miami two weeks ago. if you recognize these n, contact the police. we are new details on a string of armed robberies in north miami. michael smallwood has ben arrested. the 20-year-old confessed to hitttng up four businesses in the span of a month.
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december 18th and january 18th in the area of northeast 6th avenue and 125th street. detectives say t tey confiscated personal items belonging to the victims, clothing connected to the robberies and a gun in the investigation. five minutes after the 9:00 hour. hear why the republican top contenders are not getting the support o ogop leaders. plus, a major food company is expanding a salad recall including products sold right here in south frida. what you need to look for in your refrigerator. _outh florida we're dealing with strong winds across much of our sunshine state. gale warnings are in effect for the gulf of mexico also for the atlantic water. small craft advisory for the lake region.
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northwest as the day goes
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the dole facility have been recalled from retailers in florida and 20 other states. the infected salads were called dole fresh selections, simple truths, market side, the little salad bar andpresident's choice. the cdc says dole stopped all production at the springfield plant and is recalling all package salads produced at the plant. and now to decision 2016. this morning we're breaking down what some are calling the cruz factor. donald trump remains the front runner in the gop side with fellow outsider ted cruz now being targeted by many in his own party. hailey jackson explains. >> donald trump or d cruz. for some it's a killer choice. >> i think you get the same outcome, whether it's death by being shot or poisoning, does it really matter? senator lindsey graham, just one
9:04 am
colleagues against him. >> if as a voter you think what we ed is more republicans in washington to cut a deal with harry reid and nancy pa lo shi and chuck schumer, trump is your guy. >> he's taking aim at the front runner. >> his new line of attack is i've beenn establishment talk. give me a break. >> trump arguing he has the washington support cruz doesn't. >> i can tell you, they liked me, those guys and this's nothing wrong with that, folks. we've got to make deals. we don't want to sign executive orders. >> the washington establishment would ratherave a wild card that wants to get something done thth someone they know and don't like. > bob coal calling a cruz victory cataclysmic@ for the party. cruz saying he raised $700,000 this week. >> i believe that it would be a big mays take more iowa to support him.
9:05 am
has a stronger overall favorability rating. >> fit's between trump and cruz, what does the establishment do? >> they're going to have to go with cruz. >> why? >> prprably the lesser of two evils. >> hallie jackson, nbc news, manchester, new hampshire. big endorsement ne coming in morning as the race for the white house intensifies. according to, the hispanic chamber of commerce will back julian castro for vp. but not yet ready to throwp its support behind a presidential candidate. clinton said she will look hard at castro as a potenti running meat as he makes appearances
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check in out, this is the storm seen from space. commander scott kelly tweeted this incredible picture giving us a view of that massive storm from space. blizzard warnings are in effect for the massive storm that stretches across several states. million os peechl bracing for what some are saying could be historic winter weather. that is incredible to see. all we have to brace for are cooler temperatures here in south florida. not a bad place to be. >> the temperatures we're expecting to night, especially miami, are the coolest temperatures we've seen in two years. it is going to be pretty chilly at least for our standards. winter storm jonasontinues to push into the atlantic waters. a very broad system. we're seeing watches and warnings in effect for much of the mid aantic and the northeast. that same sk dragged@a cold front yesterday through south florida. that's how we saw the heavy
9:07 am
accumulations in ft. lauder deal yesterday, more than 2 inches of rainfall. today we're dry so far on this saturday morning. we're waking up to cooler temperatures this morning. definitely cooler than yesterday. but it's only going to continue to get cooler. right now 64 in miami, 6 is in forelauderdale.. the main event will be the wind. we have winds out of the north-northwest between 10 and 20 miles an hour, already sustained at 2424 miles an h hr near oak lo kapa-locka. a breezy start to the day and we're expecting a windy end to our saturday. because of that is wind adviseory will remain in effect. the air temperature now is cool are than the ocean temperature with the gulf of mexico. that's why we're dealing with the clouds. be but as y y can see, a quiet start to our saturday. we're going to keep it rain free despite what it looks like out there across the coastal areas.
9:08 am
gale warnings in effect for the atlantic waters and that goes for the gulf of mexico as well. there's winter storm jonas just off the carolina cost. dragged this cold front over us yesterday and now the winds are beginning to shift. the cool air making its way down our state and will arrive by the afternoon. highs today will only be reaching into the mid 60s and i'm thinking we'll reach that high in the early afternoon hours. blizzard warnings fur our nation's capital and new york city. definitily a messy situation there not only heavy snowfall, accumulations as well, strong winds and blowing snow going to be a major issue across the mid atlantic and up and down the eastern seaboard. i want to look closer to home, tomorrow. temp turs in the key wills be in the mid to low 50s. upper 40s across the area. closer to us, we're expecting temperatures in the 40s across the board.
9:09 am
in the 40s, winds will be so strong that windchill values is going to make temperatures feel like the upper 30s. going to be a cool start to our sunday. today of course the wind will be the main concern leaving hazardous marine conditions across the atlantic waters and over the gulf of mexico. and taking a look ahead, a chilly morning for marathon runners. tomorrow is the miami marathon but the temperatures will rebound into the 60s during the day. plenty of sunshine so the runners don't have to worry about the rain tomorrow. other than that temperatures rebound and we'll be rain free until at least midweek. >> rain free. love that. but chilly temperatures for the 20,000-plus runners expected to hit the streets for the miami marathon tomorrow morning. this marks the the 14th year runners have b bn lacing up their sneakers for the event. we've got more on the road closures. >> there draws athletes from all
9:10 am
the 26.2 mile course will take runners all over miami, including downtown miami, south beach and coconut grove. 20,000 athletes will take to the streets at 6:00 a.m. the race will begin at the american airlines arena. the streets will be filled so road closures for commuters. there are a dozen road closures for the miami marathon and we have them posted on the nbc 6 news weather app. the biggest ones, the north lanes of the biscayne boulevard. northbound lanes of brickell avenue will shut dow lanes on the mcarthur causeway from i- continuing i long 5th street. parts of ocean drive and washington avenue will also be closed. miami avenue bridge. there will be a lane in each direction on the bricken balker
9:11 am
snow behind me is a sneak peek of this year's official medal. check out the nbc 6 news and weather app for a full list of road closures and to stay connect as thousands get ready to run miami this weekend. bebesure to tune in to nbc 6 news tomorrow. we'll be live at the miami marathon is that correct at 7:00 a.m. time right now, 16 minutes after the 9:00 hour. still ahead, an elderererly couple car jacked but not without trying to fight back. here what the woman had to say. this morning's segment of clear our shelters, we want to introduce you over to buddy.
9:12 am
there you go. and back out live rht now. we want to give you this traffic alert that's taking place on i-95 in northwest 136 street. take a look at screen.
9:13 am
backup at this time. once again this is i-95 and northwest 136 street. no word yet on what's causing the gridlock but you may want to find an alternate route. let's take it over to erica who h a friend there. >> in today's segment of clear the shelters w w want to introduce you to buddy. great to have you here. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> we're here and buddy is here. tell us a little bit about buddy. >> he's a hound mix, two and a half to three yeeshs old. he came up to straight off the street mep was very sick, heart worm positive and that was it. he was probably a bait dog. all kinds of marks on him. he's healthy. had his last heart worm treatment. he's good to go. his fur is gorgeous now.
9:14 am
since he's been with you. >> his foster dad has been awesome, teaching him all kinds of tricks here. he is a a doll, a lover boy. the only thing he doesn't like is other dogs. >> oh. >> but he loves everybody. >> obviously when you come d you know you want to maybe adopt buddy, bring the ente family. and if you're a family that doesn't have another dog, he might be a perfect fit for you. >> cats he doesn't like either. he's a loner. >> and i think he loves the ladies as well. i saw him flirting around here in the studio. loves to give the paw and jump. >> he's not a jumper unless you call him up there. >> all right. we'll test that out. >> he's learned a lot of tricks since he's been with us. he's fetch and bring it back. he's taught him not to jump up on people but if you call him
9:15 am
he's such a good boy. house trned. he'll go in the crate. a really good boy. >> on command. i know we have a lot of -- kids are still in school but valentine's day is around the corner. a romantic gift to give someone. >> on ourwebsite, the facebook page, you can see the other dogs we have. we have a couple of great dogs. a senior dog, a pit mix, a cocker spaniel. we have couple of great dogs that need homes. you can pick a rescue, what's better than a rescue to show mebody you love them. you love your pets too. >> we need to get buddy -- he's loloing for love. earlier he tried to give me a miss. caught me off guard. and he won. he got e kiss. so if you would luke to adopt a pet, just check out or nbc 6 news and weather app.
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adorable furry friends looking for their forever homes. sharon, buddy needs a forever buddy. what do you think? >> i'll be his buddy. let me check and see what the situation looks like at home. thank you so much, guys. 9:22 is the time. a grandma car jacked in her own driveway but she's not going down without a fight. they were back home from shopping when they noticed two men in a car had followed them. one of the men jumped out of the back seat, pointed a gun at rol and asked for her keys. he pushed the robber but the man knocke her down. the sunts drove off with her handbag and a car full of groceries. >> sometimes these people think that they can do anything they want. and once you stand up to them, maybe they'll go away. >> i'm glad she's okay. she got some bruises but her spirit was left untouched.
9:17 am
here's a live look at downtown miami to your left and the city of baltimore to your ght. where do you want to be? hopefully right here in south florida. erica is going to have a final
9:18 am
return. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, ththdelicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a wholnew level.
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if you're planning on flying this weekend, make sure you check with the airlines about possible cancellations. dozens of travelers are ststnded in miami. flights headed north are canceled and some of the airports have shut down with the possibility of reopening today. this morning, we're getting a closer look at a man accused of ambushing police officers. david mejia a responsible for shooting a barrage of bullets at an officer. the officer is said to be in fair condition. authorities say a former liberty city football coach has inappropriate sexual conduct
9:20 am
cops allege that vobt jones made his victim clean n lingerie as he sat on the couch and played with himself. a hit and run accident captured on camera. the victim is seen walking on the sidewalk when a car slammed into her and threw her into a van parked at a car dealership. the police were able to apprehend the driver. the victim was taken to the hospital and recovering from minor injuries. this morning t police are on a hunt for a dangerous man who they say sexually assaulted a woman at a bus way. detectives are looking for a black man in his 40s, 5'2", last seen bearing black clothing on a black mountain bike. haiti is postponing its residential election because there is too much violence throughout the county. angry crowds are gathered in the capital burning cars, clashing with police. no new election date has been shet. sb hur to check out our nbc 6 news and weather app for full
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the wind, we're all getting wind gusts of 62 miles per hour. cool temperatures tonight. ndchills in the 30s. there's a backup on i-95. this apparently is coming from tweets, it's in the southbound, heading in the southbound direction, congestion over there. be sure to follow us on the nbc brandon thinks hellmann's is heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to
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hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey's miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate. - welcome to lazytown
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things are upside down here in lazytown
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