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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Sunday at 7am  NBC  January 24, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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m. right now at 7:00, south florida isfeeling the freeze. how long will it last? and we have the latest on the blizzard. >> and thousands of runners laced up for the miami mayor thorn. we are live from the finish line. >> live nbc 6 today starts now. >> a weekend whiteout paralyzes several cities along the east coas the blizzard dumping up to three feet of snow in some areas and the system causing major flooding as that snow begins to melt. at least 18 have di as a result of the massive storm. thank you for joining us.
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today. had we're waking up to the coldest weather we've seen this year money. >> we turned on the heat last night i'm a little embarrassed to admit. right now 44 in fort lauderdale, 46 in miami. we've been seeing a breeze ing aing a breezy northwest wind. fort lauderdale feeling like 40 degrees down into t t kendall area. the north west wind, thnkfully it was a little breezy overnight. so take a look at our live first alert doppler. we are chilly but let's take a
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if you're heading out to meet a family, friend or co-worker, miami marathon and half marathono it is on. >> for those who don't have a warm place to sleep, this weather isn't a welcome scene. broward county declared a cold eather emergency for this weekend. in response the salvation army opened its doors for people into need. some will get overnight accommodations. nd in miami dade, the fire department sent out o cold weather tips, what they're calling the four ps. number one is to protect people, dress in a layers and protect the elderly. the second is to pre tkt plants, the third is to protect pets and
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the home. incorrect use of heating equipment is the l lading cause of house fires. >> right now you're taking a liveveook at the nation's capital where people were hit with nearly 20 inches of snow. millions of people along the east coast will begin the dreaded process of digging out this morning from this weekend's historic blizzard. record snowfalls were reported in many areas. >> the first blizzard has finally died down. the storm shut down air, rail and highway travel. now comes the recovery part, getting roads passable again. >> some people have patience, some people don't have patience
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else coming outside clapping. >> washington and new york city were burpiedburied, enjoyable for pandas. undreds of thousands lost power. now will's widespread flooding in new jersey and other atlantic statements. >> they are ready to take people and get them warm and all the rest. >> many airport runways will remain closed as clouds try to move the snow. officialare begging people to people to stay. >> all it takes is one car to get stuck and now that road is not passable a a the plows can't plow that road and the sitittion quickly descends into chaos.
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washington. >> the historic blizzard slamming the east coast is taking a major toll on airlines. at miami international airport, 10 2 flights have been cancncled for this morning and at fort lauderdale hollywood international, 81 flights are scrapped, part of 3,600 flits p flights cancelled in the u.s. alone. >> at least 20,000 athletes are pounding the street running the miami marathon and half marathon. that's where we fi erika glover. she's nearby the finish line.
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>> reporter: at 4:30 this morning,runners were b bdled up. they are either running a half, 13.1 or a full marathon, about 26.2. many are raising millions for charitable causes. >> our new york is buried under snow right now. just happy to be here and able to run. >> i guess we're just trying to have the same experience but in a risace. >> we infuse so many different cultural elements into the race. >> reporter: we're out here at the finish line where we're counting down.
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morning long. for now we're live in miami. >> we'll look forward to checking back with you. thank you. >> well, some sad news to report this morning. the president and ceo of broward health was found dead in his condo. that's according to the broward sherifffas office. they say he shot and killed himself yesterday in his home. investigators say they were called in reference to a person who had reportedly fallen in a rest room. the chairman relast a estimate saying, we are deeply saddened by the devastating loss. the doctor was 60 years old. >> police say a man from kendall
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he vowed to dress like joker and gun down his co-workers. enrique dominguez faced a judge yesterday. he was ordered on house arrest for now money a. the local homeland security bury bureau was looking into rad al charges. police say he confessed to buy a shotgun after his day of allegiance. police in california scram to believe find three violent inmates who dashed from prison. the details of their elaborate escape. plus the shooting death of a 5-year-old boy rocking a community. >> a chilly start to th day but
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winds gusting as high as 25 miles per hour but then could creasing as the day goes on to 15 miles per hour. seas will remain 2 to 4 feet and of course the bay will remain choppy allay long. small craft advisory your heart loves`omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared.
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(coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. . on friday, officials discovered three men missing from a jail three miles east of. >> will-- l. anktsa.
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used at this prison. >> new individualvidede shows protesters in port-au-prince port-auaurince. officials have not picked a new date for the elections. >> and a shooting happened yesterday outside a grocery store. austin ramos jr. was riding in his car with his father when another car pulled besaid them and opened fire.
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the motive behind the shooting. >> definitely much cooler than we saw yesterday but temperatures are feeling even cooler than the actual temperature. wind chill is 42 in miami, 49 in fort lauderdale. we're dealing with a very breezy northwest win making temperatures feel even cooler than what they really are. take a look at the change in temperatures from yesterday to today. we're about 15 to 20 degrees cooler this mororng than we were on saturday morning. now finally y at cold air did filter in throughout the overnight hours. things looking pretty nice so far. dry start to our sunday so best of luck to them out there.
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but it will be ewell worth it once you do cross the finish lune. the good news is we are expecting enty of sunshine to go around with that breezy northwest wind. making temperatures feel cooler. today's highs warming 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the average high for this time of year. high pressure has now settled in, leaving us that northwest wind but right now we're basically squeezed between both systems.
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expecting plenty of sunshine. slowly but surely temperatures will rebound. we'll be back i ito the mid to low 70s for tomorrow and into the rest of the work week. showers return to the forecast wednesd into thursday ahead of another cold front that's going to cool us down. it will be well above average tuesday till wednesday. cold front comeme through thursday, knocking temperatures down just in time for the weekend. we'll see the temperatures overnight again. sharon, bring out the fur itagain. >> i'm keeping it close by. >> a world war ii veteran from new york state finally got some long overdue recognition for his service. just last week he got several medals he should have received decades ago, including one of the highest honors that can be
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bronze star. >> repopoer: 92-year-old thomas williams n ner talked muchto his family about his time in world war ii. his davision saw some of the fear east fighting. his daughter-in-law and son said he always talked about his medal. gibson was able to esent the veteran with his missing dal, including the bronze star. >> thank you. >> my privilege. zwlits very nice of you. >> we're so incredibly proud of you. >> the bronze star was a surprise to his family. >> i couldn't be more proud of his service and deeply ate fortunately both his achievements and the sacrifices of both thomas and all those that served with him. they saw some of the toughest ground combat in the second world war.
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very desperate. >> the 100th infoontory divivion was heavily involved in the battle. the bulge. >> i'm just ef lighted. i'm just so surprised that at this time, you know, we have all the people here honoring him. as a young man william saw things no teen-ager should have to see. >> i'm so surprised and so happy, i can't even tell you. very, very proud of him. >> a wonderful story. very prwud of him indeed. just about 18 minutes after the 7:00 hour. still ahead, the show must go on. while everyone in new york city was snowed in, rhonda rousey was
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for the first time. rhonda rousey took the stage, regardless of the snow.
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minute congratulate holly for winningnghe fight. she desfrd to win. >> those aqms, though. in two weeks we'll sao what rry david has to says he hoss "saturday night live "o. >> hundreds graered in montreal for the funeral of celine dion's funeral funeral. rene died of throat cancer. after rene passed away, two d dys later, her older brother died as well from cancece i can't imagine what she's going through. our hearts and pyers go out to her and her entire family. >> she looks devastated. >> her long-time love, her manager, father of her children and her brother passes away.
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>> a lots of love going out it celine and her family. still ahead, the famous former mayor of new york may be setting
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we'll explain when
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ka cl did cl did that will witl. >> kra pa in did about have a
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whatcl did cl did i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never ththght about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. he told me to use pronamel. it's going to help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee, and it was a real easy switch to make. good morning. welcome back, everyone, to "nbc 6 south florida today." i'm sharon lawson. just in case up have not stepped joupt outside, grab a sweatee forget grab a sweat are, grab a coat!
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>> it is pretty chilly. it's absolutely the coldest weather we've had since last january. the air temperature is not only chilly beceuse bu eey but because of that brisk wind, it is feeling had in the 30s in fort lauderdale. definitely a cool start to the area but it's not just us. it's across much of our sunshine state. temperatures for us are in the 40s. with that northwest wind, the wind is coming off the water. right now taking a look, it's actually beautiful.
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temperatures will remain in the 50s come noontime. that's just in time for the marathon. those cheering on people at the marathon are expecting plenty of sunshine. >> millionssf people in cities and towns alongthe east coast will start digging out this morning from this weekend's historic blizzard. the first blizzard of 2016 has slowly died down after burying east coast cities in as much as three feet of snow. the storm shut down air, rail and highway travel. the monster snowstorm slammed more than 70 million people. hundreds of thousands lost power. >> we have shelters open in every county in the state. >> many airport nways and roads will remain closed. officials are advising people to
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>> sw is not the only issue. now there's widespread flooding in new jersey. the floodwaters came quickly for one new jersey homeowner. the water was near live 20 inches high. some had just finished rebuilding their houses after the devastating flooding of hurricane sandy and now help have do it all again. >> look at this. the powerful current is pushing water over the seaea wall causing massive flooding inhavana. some. water is seeping into homes over there as well. >> at miami international airport, 102 flights have been cancelled so far for this morning. and at fort lauderdale who will
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flights were scratched. another 635 flights already cancelled for tomorrow. so definitely check ahead. newwetails this morning on a money accused of shooting a south florida police officer. the suspect who allegedly ambushed a miami police officer now says he is the victim. le. >> reporter: he's the man accused of trying to kill miami guards police officers david starling. he mapd his first appearance in bond court blaming his situation on police and even the judge. his behavior quite erratic. >> i practiced my second amendment. my life was no danger by crooked cops. >> sir --
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you work f this, ku klux klan member. >> i'm representing myself, ma'am. >> during the hearing, on top of calling the judge of being a member of the kkk, he accused everyone in the judicial system -- >> y'all got more blood on why are hands than i got given blood on my hands. >> why i can't get one? >> this surveillance film is of mejia pullin up to officer starling yesterday. for a reason unknown, we're told mejia ambushed starling, shot him in the leg and fled the scene. >> he maintained his composure being gotn the radio as the
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>> you look at the video, it doesn't aprilitppears mejia was in any nger. >> right now athletes in the miami marathon are a little over a-hour into the race. do we have any winners? >> there are a few people coming in and out right now. we got ut here at about 4:30 in the morning. the energy is not slowing down, especially for those half marathon runners, who are just starting to cross the finish line. this is the 14th annual miami marathon. earlier we were at the starting line. here as the video where participants were dancing, singing and cheering in
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we spoke to many who were newbies to marathons. bere as when some had to say. >>i love this energy. you don't get this in every marathon. some marathons are too seriris. this is a really fun marathon. >> 24,000 participants from 81 countries all across the world. all the way from 13.1 miles to 26.2. >> for me it's pretty hilly -- chilly but the runners say this is perfect. >> detectives are looking for a miami resident involved in an
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lakeland. jamal smith is wanted in the shooting death of two women and a money back in january in lakeland. an 18-year-old man shot in the face survived the shooting. smith is still on the run. detectives believe the attack appears to be drug related. >> the suspect connected to the shooting of a teen on kingmartin luther king jr. day has appeared before a judge. adrian harris was ordered held kout bond and is. >> authorities believe the shooting is gang related. >> 7:40 is the time. still ahead, we're learning more about the mass shooting at a
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people dead. the wind will be dying down just
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the question is new information on a shooting that took place in canada. on friday four died and nine injured after aass shooting in saskatchewan on the west coast of canada. the suspect was arrested outside of the school.
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>> now first alert weather, with meteorologist erika delgado. >> a chilly start to our sunday. definitely a cold blast across most of south florida. 44 degrees in fort lauderdale and 46 degrees in the area. in miami it's feeling like the jumer 30s. down to the keys temperatures are feeling like the 50s and low 60s. we have that northwest wind and our gulf and atlantic water feel
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we're seeing wind gusts across broward county, miami. taking a look outside, you can see the clouds over the horizon but other than that, blue skies. things are looking really nice so far, a breezy today plenty suchb shine to go around. on p we have low pressure over the atlantic waters. that's the same winter storm that left blizzard conditions
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>> marine conditions that, will be the main threat for urs today. >> of course, wind has if plenty of shooun shine to po for most ofofhe work week, another front comes through andhat will cool us down friday into the weekend. >> looks like a beautil forecast. thank you. >> after fights and controversy many surrounding the chopper service in salt lake city, utah, the company has agreed to ground service around sundance film festival. they agreed to stop operating nights until they got the appropriate landing approval. this comes after county officials received hundreds of@
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the noise and the hecopters landing on private property. >> it creates a danger to safety. i'm not just saying that about. >> 7:46 is the time.
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glowing . told we're looking into a
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pet obesewebeseityobesity. >> 50% of america's pets a overweight. one of the most common reasons treats. my colleague wrote this book that has the equiualent dog treat to human treats. >> did you realize this is the equivalent of two chocolate glazed donuts. if your pet has three of these a day, it's six donuts a di. yum. >> let's look at this bacon shaped treat.
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it's lime if. >> -- that's equivalent to fur fast food sandwiches. and this here, this bone, is equivalent to a full candy bar. >> these treats don't even look like they're anything. >> that's the amazing thing. imagine this is the equivalent of two donuts. kitty cats often will get a cube of cheese. that's the equivalent of what four four. >> right. these are the treats. >> what we try to can can keep
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treats and it's stale treat event. cuff give them heaeah oo treats like carrots. never grapessnd raisins. >> from a froch. it's more of a human/pelt interaction. if so smart choices and smaller choices. >> yeah. >> we got this. >> i don't know. someof these treats lee really good here. it a lood.
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right now. >>. many prp pfrm on the left -- oh, look at that! alts beautiful sight right there. beautiful.
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we're going to tel m. .
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major toll on airlines. almost 200 flights have been cancelled today. nearly 3,400 flights have been cancelled in the u.s. this morning and another 604 flights are already scheduled to cancel tomorrow. the president and ceo of broward health was found dead in his condo. he shot and killed himself yesterday in his florida home. he was 60 years old. >> police said a man from kendall pledged allegiance to al allah. he is currentty under hse
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>> inmates in california escaped. they were in jailor violent crimes, including murder. you'll notice as a. but what it's feeling like out there. eit's 42 and it's feling like the upper 30s in broward county. forecast calling for highs to reach if we'll not even need the
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thurday but it's going to call us right back down to the 60s from p could friday. zin ter has finally arrived. thanks to all of you for watching. we're going toto leave you with this live shot in miami where the mmi that nap. >> when cigarette cravings hi all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief.
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