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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  January 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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from st. paul. 40s tonight. i'm dan craft. keith has the night off.
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the cold snat is not over yet. it sounds like we're expecting to hit the 40s once again. >> absolutely. let's talk about what happened this morning. here are the big reporting stations here, the airports. everybody into the 40s except when you get down into the keys. 58 in key west. that seems like a heat wave compared to the other numbers. 43 in pompano beach. and 46 at miami. and lows come in around 60. so a good 15, 16, 17 degrees below average. those are the major reporting stations. look at the other cool sports. some areas flirting with the 30s. coral springs in brbrard, hialeah 41. weston 42. and ft. lauderdada executive airport 43. and you get the idea. low to mid-40s across all of south florida. not snowfalls but it was fitting to have that animation behind us. a chill to the air behind us. and winds were down so it wasn't as bad a as it would be.
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didn't rebound too much today. in some areas struguging to get out of the 50s. right now sitting at 57 in miami. 61 in ft. lauderdale, up to 60s, almost there. and 60 degrees right now in key west. winds out of the north, light out of the north. but another cool one. flirting with the 40s maybe as early as midnight, 1:00 a.m. i'll let you know how low it goes for your neighborhood and the week ahead coming up in a few minutes. don't gg anywhere. and many of us are bundled up and staying indoors for the arctic blast but it is a perfect day to head to the beach. bobby brooks spoke to some peopleeasking in the cool temps out there. >> reporter: dan, good evening. it was chilly earlier but it turned ou to be a wonderful day to go outside. and the people here on hollywood beach obviously didn't get the memo about the cold either.
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and you look behind me here on the boardwalk, they are still out here. thee restaurant behind me blasting music and people eating, taking in the sunday night. cold weather, me like throw on a jacket and get out the door. it was a beautiful day despite being a little chilly on hollywood beach. the jajaket. >> you have a great tan going on here. >> thank you. >> reporter: or forget about about most of your clothes. they don't care ifthey are the only ones on the beach. >> i can't see where everybody else is. maybe they are not as hard and resilient as being from welsch. water. >> what t the job today, watching the wave crashes? this is the lifeguard on duty. he love this is weather. >> it is amazing. look at that. the view.
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weather a likely side effect of the brutal winter storm blanketing the northeast. here is a picture from my brother's deck buried outside of pittsburgh. forcing vice president joe biden to make a pit stop in miami until further notice. and what w're facing here tonight, not so bad. they would probably be making fun of us to think it is cold here. >> i know. >> susan is here from germany. >> we are surprised. we should have stayed in europe, right. >> reporter: but when you could still roller blade, dance on the boardwalk and lay in e sasand, see this view, i just can't beat it. >> it is gorous weather. i mean, not a cloud in the sky. couldn't ask for a more perfect day. >> reporter: okay. back out live here. i could tell you, with the sun going down, that temperatures starting to drastically change. is getting colder. but luckily for me, as soon as i'm done with this report, my
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home to stay warm. for now, live on hollywood beach, bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. a live look from the nation's capital where the white house is surrounded by several inches of snow after the monster storm. some areas i i d.c. are buried by -- get this -- more tan 30 inches of snow. and also, take a look. here is a bird's eye view of the record-breaking snowfall in philadelphia. the city got 22 inches of snow. and philly and other cities have their work cut out for them as ttey spend the next several days digging out. for nbcbc 6, here is jennifer johnson. >> reporter: the sounds of recovery, as the dig-out from the monster blizzard begins. blue skies and quiet winds a welcome change from the whiteout that paralyzed millions. >> it is not the heavy wet stuff. so it is not that bad cleaning up. >> reporter: it is days before life gets back to normal.
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need to be wee moved from highways from pennsylvania to kentucky. hundreds of thousandsre still without power. >> there is still a great deal of work to be done. to conduct damage assessment and recover from a weather event of this severity. >> reporter: the new york airports are openenut the two washington area airports remain closed. rail service along the east coast is limited. coastal flooding isimproving. governors are still urging people to stay off the roads. >> the travel ban has been lifted. that does not mean people should go out and take a ride and see the sights. >> reporter: in virginia, a buried fire hydrant hampered efforts to save this house. heavy snow with collapsing roofs. this church in pennsylvania and the washington redsns' training facility. but sunshine has led to celebration. a friendly snow ball figh in washington's dupont circle, flooding around the u.s. capitol. a paralyzed east coast is finally moving again. huhudreds of schools have canceled classesor monday and
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scheduled for tuesday and wednesday. postponing any action until february 1st. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. newtonight, touchdown on the highway. a pilot is forced to make a split-second decision after a scare in mid-air. laura rodriguez is live where the small plane was forced to land. laura what caused it to go down? >> it appears it was an engine problem. but mechanics came to the scene and fixed it and it took off moments ago. u.s. 27 is clear. but if we take a look at video from a few minutes ago, u.s. 27 essentially became a runway. that airplane took off from u.s. 27 and no problems. it appears there was a speck in the sky about a couple of seconds before going on air. and according to the broward sheriff fireescue three men from palm beach were en route to the keys.
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landed on the side of u.s. 27. the pilot says he and two co-workers were planning to spend the day in key west and head back. the plane is a ses new 172, a four-seat single engine aircraft. no one was injured. and a motorcyclist nearby witnesses the landing and called the florida highway patrol. he said this was quite the shock to see. >> and i looked noh and there is an airplane coming in over the road. and it just took me a couple of seconds and -- i am like, there is a plane coming in and landing on the road. the engine was dead. it was gliding in. it looked like it was in control, whoever was the pilot. >> reporter: so, again, the pilot just took off. mechanics are still on scene. it is that black truck that was here. they are leaving soon too. the pilot did not want to go on camera but he seemed very composed e. just took off on
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moments ago. really impressive to see how calm and composed he was to take off just a few hours after having that engine failulu and landing on the side of u.s. 27. live from weston, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. the death of the ceo of broward health has been ruled a suicide. it is said that the doctor shot himself on saturday at his condo in lauderdale by the sea. he underwent heart bypass surgeon this month and it is not clear if that had anything to do with his death. he was the head of broward health since 2014 and the chief of emergency medicine after his appointment. the chairman of the board of broward health board of commissioners released statement that reads, quote, we are deeply saddened by this devastating loss and our prayers go out to his family at this end. end quote. and now to the ongoing political crisis in haiti. thousands protest in the c!pital
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the coucil was forced to delay the presidential election run-off due to a, quote, deteriorating security environment. protesters are d dmanding the ousting of the president who was due to leave office on february 7th. it is unclear if an interim government will take power or some other solution could be negotiated. in didn't's decision, the iowa caucuss are just about a week away and the candidates are working to grow and solidify their support. we have also learned theresiance -- there is a chance a third-party candidate could ter the race. dan has the story. >> reporter: donald trump started his day at church as he tries to build support among evangelicals. a crucial voting block in next month's caucuses. >> what does your faith mean to you. >> he attend the the presbyterian service one day after making a surprising claim about his popularity. >> i could stand in the fiddle of -- the middle of fifth avenue and shoot anybody and i wouldn't
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it is incredible. >> reporter: and cruz made light of the mark. >> i could say i have no intention of shooting anybody in this campaign. >> but it has been good for saturday night live. >> we are turning on the news and we aree shocked to see we're not on it because we've been replaced by immigrants like geraldo rivera. >> and many are looking at the possibility that new york mayor bloomberg would enter the race, if trump or cruz are their party nominees. hillary said she wowold save him the trouble. >> i will relieve him of that and get the nomition so he doesn't have to. >> and polls have them neck in eck. dan schanaman, nbc 6 news. still ahead, alaska shaken up literally. a earthquake hii the state putting residents there on high alert tonight.
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plus tackling zika. olympic officials outline a plan to fend off the oureakak ahead of the summer games. and later, anothr slam dunk
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an nba legend as you could see there is a clean-up on all aisles after a powerful earthquake knocks alaska. it knocks items off ofhelves in anchorage. 30 homes were evacuated after a gas leak was reported. one home later caught fire but quickly put out. there were no reports of any serious injuries. just a lot of people left in awe tonight. an olympic size effort to try to stop the spread of the zika virus during the summer games in rio. everyone will be inspected daily during the game. brazil is suffering from an
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virus which may be behind a spike in cases of a certain birth defect that causes babies to be born with small heads and brain damage. the virus has also been linked with a condition that could cause paralysis. the olympic organizing committee is saying it will take place during the winter and the mosquito population will be a lot smaller. well, we told you the cold blast was coming and it certainly came. now the one nice thing about today,t least the winds were down a bit. so if you found a nice, sunny spot, it wasn't too bad out there. some of us, the natives were probably a little happy that we finally got this cooldown, right. everglades holiday park, beautifufu looking sunset. and barely a ripple on the water. just a little bit of movement with the palm trees out there. and the light wins will allow
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we'll show you live first alert doppler. and nothing showing up on the docket here. key west through is law more ado and all of the keys dry. light winds, comfortable in the early evening. nippy again as we push through the rest of the night. miami, hialeah, everybody dry. so let's show you the surface. the winds out of the north, albeit on the light side. zooming up and out. backyard. high pressure toward the north and west delivering the light north and northwest winds with clockwise flow around the highs bringing the cooler winds on through. so again, no water to protect too many of us. but with the winds on the light side, still a little bit warmer toward the coastline. let's show you futurur tracker. nothing over land. but with the cool air over the warmer waters, you find more in the way of clouds and spotty showers once you get into the marine areas. bur land-lock areas where we are, we are looking at a few clouds tonight.
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and as we go toward the morning, they begin to shift a little bit more to the east and that will shut the temperatures down from getting as cool as this morning. we'll make another run at the 40s. so let's show you the monday morning lows here. 60 in key west. you were 58 this morning. so warmer. 50 through the rest of the keys. mmi, you are in the mid-40s this morning. we're talking 49 into monday morning. key biscayne, surrounded by the water, a touch warmer at 51. ft. lauderdale 50. weston coming in at 49. you are 42 this morning. so certainly w wmer. but still well below average. average low this time of the year right at 60 degrees. so warmer afternoon a we go into monday. back to the 70s. we struggle to get out of the 50s today. and the overnight lows, before you know it, back up to 70. wednesday -- high flirting withh 80s. another cold front moves our way.. and behind it, my kind of weather.
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hour by hour on monday as we are back to work. a few clouds to start the day. and with the winds turning easterly, pabtly cloudy skies. we'll see some clouds here and there. and then the winds try to turn southeasterly as we go late monday into tuesday a a that is why we're talking 71 for the high. but still quite a bit below average with average highs coming in at 77. we'll take another close look at the teams for overnight come -- teeratures for tonight overnight at 11:00 as new and fresh data p purs on in. >> looking forward to it. thank you, adam. take e look at what a basketball officer showed up with none other than former heat star shaquille o'neal. he went viral when video showed him responding to a complaint about kidding playing basketball too loudly. instead of breaking up the game, the officer started playing basketball along with them. pretty neat. well the streets of miami
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the annual miami marathon. thisrings in people from all over the world. erika glover washere as marathoners crossed the finish line. >> good morning. welcome to the 2016 miami marathon, half marathon. >> reporter: the miami marathon comes with a few rules and reminders. but the first one is simple. >> smile. have a fantastic time. enjoy it. you trained hard. many for 12 to 18 weeks. >> it is an adrenalin run. you have to keep on going and keep motivated and keep then enthusiasm going. >> the marathon thrill runs deep for this family of three. >> when you cross the finish line, who do you say? >> when do i do it next? >> the same reaction is shared by kay. >> thank god, it is finished. when is the next one? >> reporter: this is her eighth miami marathon.
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posters p pmoting the big day. >> every year, since 2010, my picture, everyone can see it. >> reporte: more than 80 countries are represented at this event. >> they are hereo run everything from 13.1 miles to 26.2. many raising millions of dollar forrharitable causes. what is a not special about this. >> and despite the chilly temperatures, more than 24,000 runners participated in the 14th annual miami marathon. in the race against time, everyone is a winner. >> fantastic. i feel like a woman warrior. >> mile ten is w wre i hit the wall and i was just like, i don't know if i could do it. but i pushed through it and i'm done and i feel good. >> it is what it is. >> reporter: in miami, erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> it is nice to see them jumping up and down to stay warm.
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and speaking of finish lines, we should know soon about the super bowl. >> at the end of the day we'll know who islaying super bowl 50 in california. so far an epic@ battle.
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fa welcome back. after a 12-game winning streak melted to a four-game losing streak, the panthers are back on track with some victories. it took a utout by luongo. with a shutout on fridayay which is complemented by a three goal first period. yesterday they hosted the lightning. a similar formula worked. luongo recorded 38 saves an the offense lit them up with five goals. they are stoked to end the skid anan get the big win. >> we know we can beat any team in the league and it wasn't a
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and support us. and i think we showed them that we're a good team and that we team work. and now we have a little bit of a standing and now we have to keep going. four teams left in the hunt for the super bowl. in the afc title game, peyton manning and tom brady facing off playoffs. they splipt the previous four. so dragging rights are on the line. manning hosting the pats. to interceptions by brady and just s scored. the score is 20-12 broncos in the final seconds. and the carola panthers representing the team today. e mvp champion stephen curry, a native of north carolina, had a jersey off while shooting at the pacific is facility. they host the cardinals in the nfc title game tonight. the miami heat could have used some of the shooting talent
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they have lost four straight and seven of the last eight. they are in the home town of wade ob chicago. and spoelstra, his first practice on a nongame day since january 2nd. the long road has affect the time to work on efficiency and get healthy. dragic is still out and deng and whiteside are listed as questionable. so the heat waiting in the windy sit. >> that will do it for sports. dan, back toing. it isnother chilly night. >> but the winds are lighter. so for a lot of people, you mimit be thinking 40s. it doesn't feel like 40s. it is all about the wind. >> it is a nice change. >> still well below average. 60. but loo at how quickly -- look at your monday morning low, 49. tuesday morning back to 65. and now your morning low on wednesday, 70. in ft. lauderdale today. how about that.
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>> it hurts to think a aut it. another cold front through the next few days. wednesday and thursday. next weekend cooler but lows in the 50s a highs in the 70s, my kind of weather.
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