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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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more news, weather, and traffic. it is 6:00 on the nose right now on your monday, january 25th. we're goioi to get a first alert weather forect in a minute. but first we have a traffic alert. what can you tell us about this crash? >> good morning to you, south florida. this is i-95 southbound. i've been following this accident since about 4:15 in the morning. that's when it happened. all lanes are completely blocked off. thisis i-95 southbound right at copans avenue. that on ramp is still completely block off at copans road. they are forcing people off the
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northbound not having any issues whatsoever. you have to stick to y yr alternates this morning. you really do have a lot of options this morning but i-95 southbound in broward county, not good this morning. let's go to our first alert traffic map. southbound right at state route 84, three lanes blococ off due to a crash with injuries. we'll talk about the traffic alert in miami-dade in a couple of minutes. let's go to the forecast. we're not dealing with any rain so far. roads are dry as we head out the door this morning. miami-dade no school this morning. as you head out the door, make sure the kids are bundled up. 49 in florida -- ft. lauderdale. a look at the clouds. we're dealing with a few out there. other than that, the majority of
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remains over t t atlanta waters. temperatururs next few hours, calling for plenty of sunshine as the morning goes but temperatures will be cool and will only be in the lower 60s come mid to late morning hours. winds shifts as the day goes on. that's going to where i us some changes this afternoon but also for the next few days. breaking right now in kendall, crews are in the process of towing cars off of a ramp to the turnpike. julia bagg is live at the scene. involved. you said somebody was actually transported to the hospital. >> reporter: one person at the injuries. not clear just how severe that is and also in the last few minutes, the tow truck drove off with two smashed cars and troopers follow shortly after. we're right at the entrance of
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street on to the turnpike southbound. it's clear now. if you are trying to get through, you won't see anything ininour way because of this crash. let me show you some new video we just put together for you. you can see a birds eye view at the scene. the crash happened at 4:00. we were first to show you what happened. we had word of some kind of fight here along with the crash and i've been speaking with troopers and also people involved in the crash. they won't say anything about that. they did tell me this started out with them watching the carolina panthers game and one person is at the hospital. back here live, the scene is clear. you'll get by just fine, as i said. we'll make phone calls and find out how badly hurt that person is at the hospital. we're live in kendall. julia bagg. be the first to know when breaking news happens in your area. check out the nbc 6 news and
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back to that cold weather taking over south florida and you just missed erika's forecast, grab a sweater or a today. this is the koefled morning we've had in nearly a year. erika glover is live in miami beach. you don't realize how climb tiesed you get until you talk to the tourists and they look atus bundled up in the 50s and 60s. >> i lived in pennsylvania for about four years and south florida has definitely spoiled me and i've only been here a couple of months. we've been staying close to our nbc 6 news and weather app. we have no advisoo to warn you about here this morning but we were over on miami beach earlier this morning. the beach was empty so he we headed out here to ocean drive to check out some of the restaurants open right now. they have those heaters set up and keeping it nice. we stopped a couple visiting
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they were here for the miami marathon. they were hoping to check out the beach. here's what they had to say this morning. >> the temperature was in new york was similar to what is it is right now, and it's interesting that we came here and we ran the marathon. >> we literally escaped the blizzard, but it is cold here. we were n n expecting this. maybe a little warmer. >> reporter: we were over at the miami marathon early sunday morning. it was definitely chilly. organizer say it was the chilliest start to the marathon on record at about 46 degrees. it's a little bit warmer here this morning. definitely makes a big difference. we're not feeling some of that windchill here this morning. i would advise to still layer up. grab your jackets and scarf and stay warm. we're l@ve in miami beach.
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seven people were hurt after an american ar lines flight from miami toilan made an emergency landing after hittidg some turbulence. three flight attendants and four passengers were taken to the hospital. the turbulence was brief but severe. a pilot definitely showing off both his flying skkls and his driving skills when he made an emergency landin in south florida. take a look at some of the video. everybody is fine here butp the pilot was headed from palm patchy county -- palm beach county to key west. he was forced to land it on southbound 27orth of i-75. according to o he sun sentinel any way, he taxied underneath an
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in a grassy area in the middle. >> i looked north and there's an airplane coming in over the road and it took me a couple of seconds, and i'm like, you know, there's a plane coming in, landing on the road. the engine was dead. it was gliding in. it looked like it was in control whoever was the pilot. >> he was in control and look where he took off right where he landed from. they say that mechanics were able to repair the engine on the side of the road. they got him back on the highwayay and up he went. thankfully, no one was hurt. the man accused of a terror plot at his job is still in jail this morning. atlast check, enrique not posted the $5,000 bond set by a judge. police say the man pulled a coworker thatate wanted to dress up as the comic book villain, the joker and gun down his boss. he would do this after pledging allegiance to allah. the arrest report shows dominguez openly talked about wanting to become radicalized. he showed off isis execution videos to his coworker.
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bonds out of jail. the snow might havee stopped from this weekend's epic storm. the impact continues for the next week or so. nbc 6 is live in washington, g.c. with the look at the damage
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j freezing temperatures making it tough to start getting rit of the snowfall from the mid atlantic to the northeast. >> records were broken in baltimore, and new york and virginia as well. edward lawrence is live in washington, d.c. the he's -- easy part is to sit inside and look at it. it's going to start today and last a f days, clean-up. >> there is no timetable
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to be clear. there are a lot of plows and whatnot going on behind me. i'm calling this the big dig. tens of thousands of people digging out from the maryland suburbs to the outskirt of new york city. the nation's capital is still dealing with knee-high level snow. some areas of the suburbs also the snow could be 30 inches deep still. now the story turns to storm clean-up. cities dig out while dealing with below freezing temperatures. the roads -- they are oy. the main roads are great. they are open. they are flowing and there's a lot of spots they haven't touched yet and there's a lot of mess out there. >> reporter: at least 30 deaths are blamed on the storm. many came from traffic accidents. others related to heart attacks. several roofs collapsed after the storm. >> getting back to business as usual will take some time. >> reporter: chris gephart can't
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>> our second floor wind still completely covered with snow. >> reporter: rescue crews still responding to emergencies on streets with two feet of snow. they lose minutes when every cond counts. the mayor of baltimore could not give a timeline for clearing the streets. >> given the condition of many of our streets, i believe it is safest for all citizens to minimize traffic on our roads. >> reporter: on the eastern shore of new jersey, it's flooding, not snow causing problems, but in d.c., residents are making the best of a cold, uncomfortable e tuation. this is the first time the same snowstorm dropped more than 19 inches of snow in washington, d.c. and new york city at the same time. in washington, edward lawrence, back to you. that monster storm forced joe biden and his plane to make a pit stop in south florida.a. air force landed at miami international airport early yesterday. it was headed to washington, d.c. from turkey because of the blizzard, it was divted to
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hundreds of flights are still canceled or delayed as cities all across the northeast are slowly as you just heard and were looking at, all those cities are very slowly getting back to normal. good monday morning to you, florida. traffic athroernth in broward county. we'll start you off at 95, south at copans avenue. this deputy-involved accident happened roughly at 4:15 in the morning. all lanes remained completely shut down. northbound, not being affected by is crash. all traffic being rerouted, being forced off the highway on copans avenue. that on camp completely shut down. the exit ramp, people being able to head off to i-95 southbound. you want to stick to your alternates and tell your coworkers, friends and family about this accident so they can void it as well. another traffic alert for you this morning in broward county right at state route 84. three lnes are blocked.
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turnpike tension southbound on kendall drive that had that on ramp blocked off. that incident has been fully cleared up and it's reopened. just before northwest 27th avenue, you will find aroken car down. good news we're not dealing with any rain this morning but we are dealing with cool temperatures. not as cool as yesterday. 49 in ft. lauderdale. we're dealing with temperatures around 52 degrees in miami. temperatures not as cool as yesterday. 2 to 5 degrees warmer than they were yesterday at this time. the east. live first alert doppler radar. you can see dry conditions, brard county into miami-dade.
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dealing with dry conditions. clouds remain over the atlantic waters and over the gulf of mexico because as i mentioned earlier today, the air temperature right now is cooler than the warmer ocean temperatures. take a look at your forecast on this back-to-work monday, temperatures will be reaching into lower 70s later today. mostly sunny skies as we get through the 40s this morning. well below average for is time of the year. the keys, temperatures will reachh into the lower 70s today. as winds shift out of the east this afternoon, they could be picking up. small crafts should exercise caution over the atlant waters because it could get a little on the choppy side out there. bigger temperature, high pressure will continue to pushover to the east, the next system will leave us over right now across portions of the
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as that happens, it's expected to bring us a cold front and will bring us changes later in the workweek. cool temperatures this rning. east wind picks up, rip currents will be one of the main threats forrus. cold front will leave us with south wind before it swings through and temperatures will rebound. we'll have cloudy skies and showers wednesday into thursday. possibly an isolated thunderstorm or two and we expect temperatures to cool right back down into friday and into the next ekend where temperatures will be a few degrees below average but at least it won't be as cold as we've been in the past few days. governor rick scott stopping by south florida later this morning. he will nb miramar to talk about the job growth florida has seen last year. it will be held at 10:00 this morning at jl audio.
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more than 23,000 new jobs added as leer. turning now to decision 2016 with just a week away to the iowa caucuses, the democratic candidates take the stage together. hillary clinton, martin o'malley, and bere sanders take part in a town hall. this is the last democratic forum before the first caulk causes in the nation. on the republican side, d huge endorsement by a des moines newspaper, the paper picking florida senator, marco rubio because they believe he @has the potential to chart a different direction for the gop. the newspaper also praising his ideas on improving the ececnomy, and social program. and education. he's in third place right now. do you find yourself buying things out of impulse very often? a new report finds most of us. a new report finds that 84% of people are guilty of making impulse purchasee that's 84%. basically, everybody.
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when we're impulse buying, we're usually buying for ourselves. maybe you need some cash so you can get that impulse buy going and if that is the case, then you might want to get your resume ready. this is why. miami international airport is holding a job fair toy for positions with starbucks and places inside the airport terminal. they are offering a bonus for some positions to be filled a this job fair. you've got a couple of days. it is happening today through wednesday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. concourse f level 3 at the airport. if you weren't able to write that down, if you don't have pennd paper right next to you, head over to our nbc 6 news and weather app. we posted all the information there as well. 6:19 and if you are dragging this morning, we have a great story that will get your week started. a florida cop returns to take on the neighborhood kids and he makes good on his prorose to
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this isincredible. some fugitives, they are on the run from police, but theh they are forced to call police on
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themselves tonight show host jimmy fallon rallying support for flint michigan during the city's water crisis. he used the #water for flint, announcing he's going to donate $10,000 to water improvement efforts. the money is going to go to the community foundation for greater flint and that supports the michigan cityty recovery from lead-poisoned water. fallon is calling for others to join him in donating. how abovt ten friends match me? the super bowl is all set. it was decided yesterday. the carolina panthers and the denver broncos are going to be in the super bowl.
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the broncos beat the new england patriots. the panthersnd broncos set top square off. cam newton will lead the panthers against five-time mvp peyton manning andndhe broncos inin big game at levi stadium two weeks away. fans of the carolina panthe are literally falling reason. watch as one of their players high fives one of their fans in the game. watch this. high-five, boom, that was way more than a high-five, but he did get help up from that player, so maybe even better than a high-five and i'm sure that a 49-15 win, i'm sure that helped ease -- i'm thinking that maybe the guy might be waking up to a little back pain this morning. maybe that win will help him feel a little better. a little ibuprofen. let's watch it again.
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more time. heart warping respoe after getting a noise complaint from neighbors. >> w's hi action caused a bigger response from an nbc all-star. >> when someone complain about kids playing basketball in the streets, the officer didn't discipline him. he played with them. when he left, he told the kids he was going to return to play again with backup. he brought in backup all right. a big backup. former heat player, shaquille o'neill they played hoops together. shaq showed off his moves. and offered some rds to live by. you can go to the nbc 6 news and weather app. it's right there. >> it's fantastic. one of the things we didn't include is that shaq handed out some cash too. $1 hundred. he said don't take money from strangers but take it from me. it's coming up for you,u, the man accused of ambushing a miami gardens cop, goes in front of a
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words in thehe courtroom. and an emergency landing is made after several people are hurt from turbulence. we're there after passengers leave the plane. temperatures are a little on e chilly side. upper 40s and low 50s as you head out the door this morning. we're dealing with a few high
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a real welcome back, everyb_dy. your time 6:29. all morning long, we've been giving you updates on this breaking news out of kendall. police say one person is in the hospital after a huge fight that happened on a turnpike exit ramp. believe it or not, it's still not exactly clear what caused
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julia bagbis on the scene. we'll have a live update from julia on the breaking news from the turnpoke that is coming your way in 1 minutes. we'll continue to follow the aftermath of that blizzard that weekend. it dumped several feet of snow all across the east coast breaking records all along the way. 25 people confirmed dead from this massive snowstorm. millions of people are trying to plow through that snow, get updated on that monday morning. get out. air travelers are still waiting up and down the eastern seaboard to get flights scheduled to get out there. kelly blanco h h been following the traffic alert. what can you tell us? >> this happened around 4:15 a.m. a dety-involved accident. what we know is the officer was driving in an unmark car and hit a car stopped on the i-95 southbound of copans avenue. nobody is getting by.
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they are forcing peoplpl off the highway on copans road. at on ramp still kbleetly blocked off. all lanes are still completely shut down. this has beenhe situation since 4:15 in the morning. we'll take you to some video of what we have of what exactly happened. this is a look here at around 4:30 a.m. where they are letting one lane of traffic get by bubu as you can see nobody really getting by at this time. 6:31 a.m. you want to stick to your alternates. maybe u.s. 441, the turnpike or federal highway. i-95, north of state route 84. we have an accident blocking three of our lanes. it's pretty busy. three lanes were blocked off. it appears that about 2 or one lane are blocked off. it's state route 84. u.s. 1 or u.s. 441 are your alternates. good news is we're dealing with dry roads but it is a little on the chilly side.
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as you head out the door. 20s and 30s across northern floridid and we're dealing with temperatures in the lower 50s. that goes for miami. 5252there. 47 degrees in the kendall area. pembroke pines this morning. we're drive sofar. all today. you can leave them at home. forecast, a few passing clouds throughout the morning hours. temperatures will slowly continue to rebound. we should be back in the mid 60s come noontime. temperatures are expected to warm up a little more. breaking for you overnight. we've been following this very closely. a car wreck in kendall and word of a fight somehow connected to that car wreck. we're watching all of this play out this morning and the after math as they continuous to get the cars off the on ramp.
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scene just before 5:00 in the morning and obviously they want to get the ramp cleared as fast as they can because we're approaching the peak of traffic for our morning commute. there's another link here. we're talking about a fight. a car accident. where's the connection? >> reporter: lots of twists and turns in this one and they have been able to wrap up their investigation here. let me showwyou what it looked like when we first arrived shortly after 4:00 this morning which is when that crash happened. five different cars involved in this crash. let me show you some video we put together for you to give you a different view of this. others. a chevy impala and one person taken to the hospital cht we're working ouou sources to figure person is. let me show you where this happened. we're on the turnpike southbound when you enter from kendall drive, southwest 88 street as % southbound. the good news is the coast is clear. we're working with troopers to find out more information about
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stay with nbc 6, folll us on our nbc 6 news and weather app. we'll g gve you the latest detail. live in kendall. julia bagg. florida waking up to a cold snap. better bundle up as we head out the door this morning. nbc 6 reporter erica glover has been live this morning from ocean drive. the beach, nobody out therr >> reporter: not a lot of people out there this morning but the sun is starting to rise but we've seen quite a few people out riding their bike and jogging. they are out here in shorts and shirts, i would suggest layering up, grabbing your jacket, grabbing a starve. earlier we were on miami beach. now we're here on occasion drive. we stopped by a couple of restaurants out here asking tourists how they are enjoying these temperatures. we spoke with one couple from
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another guy, he lives here in miami beach. he's out walking his doing. >> most of them are coming up normal. >> doesn't slow you down. >> that couple, they have the right idea. they are taking these chillyly temperatures in stride again. they were here for the miami marathon. i wantnto point out we were there sun morning, early sunday morning. it was chilly. organizers say it was the chillies start to the marathon on record at 46 degrees. this morning, we're thankful it's a little bit warmer and not as much as a windchill.
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erica glover. >> we know at least 25 people died after this week's massive blizzard including a new jersey mother and her child who died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning sitting in their car with a blocked tailpipe. air travelers are waiting for their flights to be reschedule. we want to keep youou updated on breaking news happening out of plantation. things are updating by the minute on this one here. firefighters battling flameds in a home in the 9600 block of northwest 7thstreet. take a look at this picture. the nbc 6 digital team tweeted out this picture a couple of minutes ago. we're told no injuries reported and the fire is now out. new this morrng, seven people are hurt after an american airlines flight from miami to milan, italy hit turbulence over the atlantic.
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emergegcy landing. three flight attendants and f/ur taengs were immediately taken to the hospital. an american airlines spokesperson said she don't think the injuries are life-threatening. >> the plane actually dropppp. >> it rolled on its side and everything was flying and people, and, yeah. it was pretty intense. >> righw now, american is working to get passengers to their final destations. the airline made arrangements to put the passengers up in hotel rooms overnight. this morning, the death of ceo of broward health has been ruled a suicide. mming forward, bso is staying nadil el sanadi killed himself at his home over the weekend. he had been the head of broward healt since december 2014 but did remain the chief of emergency medicine even after that appointment.
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board of kmigers here did release a statement which reads in part, we are deeply saddened by the this devastating loss and our prards go out to his family at this time. the man who ambushed a miami gardens police officer making stong accusations in court. take a look. >> you all got more blood on you all than i got blood on my hands many what about my little brother, trayvon? >> he was s his bond hearing over the weekend when he lashed out at his judge and his public defender. was accused of ambushing a police officer. he started shooting david darling and he blamed his actions on police. >> this is my second amendment. my life was in danger by crooked cops. >> don't talk about the facts of the case.
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ku klux klan member. some teenage robbers are terrorizing a southwest miami-dade neighborhood. a lot of people living in this area have been victims of a couple of robberies. these young crooks they say have been vandalizing cars. that's the target here. the vehicles. it started four months ago when people started moving into new homes in an area with little security. the neighbors planned to meet with the cities mayor in an effort to stop all of it once and for all. nbc 6 keeps watching breaking news coming out of kendall where several cars come to a crashing stop. that's not where the action may have stopped. we're talking to troopers about a possible fight that broke out after the accident. latest on what she has learned in the big six. stories you need to know befere
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rio is optimistic by keeping everyone save from the zika virus during the olympics. a chk on the roads. >> we have two traffic alerts this morning in btoward county. take a look at your screen. we hav two i-95 southbound accidents that will definitely
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i'll give you a closer look at welcome back. secretary of state john kerry waking up in southeast asia today. he's there on a diplomatic mission pressing for peaceful resolutions to tense issues there. kerry is urging chinin take a firmer stance on north korea's nuclear program after its recent bomb test. he also has plans to stop at cambodia and also check as well. there it will be an olympic-sized effort to try to stop the zika fight during the
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organizer s ying all the olympic venues in rio will be inspected aily during the games. doctors say that this mosquito borne virus may be behind a spike in cases of paralysis and birth defects. it causes babies to be born with unusually small heads and brain damage. because of ththsummer games that will be taking place in brazil's wintertime, the mosquito population will be smaller. we've talked lot this morning about the snow along the eastern satisfy board from the storm over the weekend. the problem in new jersey season just the snow. their bigger worry right now is flooding. lses related to the same stormrm here in terms of a storm surge. residents found themselves dealii with significant flooding from the storm surge. take a look at thx hundreds of homes are surrounded and flooded by water, turning neighbors into virtual islands depending where you are along the ocean. thqt doesn't even compare to super storm sunny along those -- sandy along those shore lines.
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it's not just in new jersey either. maryland, fire crews d dling with yet another problem. take a look at that blk smoke there. a fire broke out at an auto body shop. more than 100 firefighters battled this fire and obviously the thick smoke that i s just pointing out to you, but the snow here making that job even harder because fire hydrants were buried under inches, feet of snow. national guard had to transport crews to the scene to help fight the fire. the explosion caused the roof of an indususial building to completely collapse, dumping two feet of snow inside. happy chilly monday to you. we're dealing with temperatures again in the 40s, across much of broward coin. 49 right now in ft. lauderdale and 48 in pembroke pines.
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in the lower 50s. chilly in broward county. grab the jackets as you head out the morning. we're expecting another rain-free day here across much of south florida. temperatures will continue to rebound as early as this afternoon and into tomorrow, but the next system will bring us some changes, especially to an end to this dry forecast that we've been seeing the past few days. first alert radar is still drive. you won't be needing umbrella as you head out the door this morning. watson island, it's a clear start the day. all of these clouds that you see are out over the water because the air temperature right now is cooler than the ocean temperatures which are about in the upper 60s and low 70s. taking a look at your forecast on this cool monday, temperatures will be reaching into lower 70s. we'll see more clouds this afternoon because we expect winds to be shifting a little
6:39 am
the moisture will be reintroduce reintroduced into the early afternoon and the next days. highs will be ten degrees below average. here. over the carolinas will continue to push to the atlantic. we'll continue to track into this tennessee valley. the showers are in the fascinate come mid wek. make sure the kids bundled up as you head out the door. rip currents will be in the moderate end of the scale this afternoon because winds will be shifting a little more to the there's the rain maker from wednesday into thursday. never too early to start talking about the weekend, kelly. erika glover is telling us all on twitter that today is her friday.
6:40 am
following this traffic alert all morning long. this deputy-involved accident happened roughly around 4:15 a.m. all lanes are completely shut down. the information we know is that he was traveling in an unmarked car and hit a stopped car that had two people side. all three were taken to the hospital. their condition is unknn. i-95 southbound is not the place to be in broward county at copans road completely shh down. southwest 10 street with a delay of extra 50 minutes in your commute. you can see all red on our maps which means traffic at a crawl. three left lanes are block on on i-95 southbound at state route 84. take u.s. 1 or u.s. 441 as an alternate. quick look outside and show you exactly what's going on. the flashing lights off to the left-hand side.
6:41 am
we'll talk about miami-dade in a couple of minutes. good news for you and your wallet. gas prices are the lowest they have been in seven years after 14-cent drop over the past two weeks. the average price at the pump is now $1.85 per gallon. we did some checking and found an even better price in kendall at the costco, $1.81. you need to be a member for that. enjoy it while you can. the prices at the pump could be short lived. it is 6:49. the parents of an escaped inmate and his girlfriend are begging them to come forward. police think that gary bullock and his girlfriend, natasha quigley are on the run together with her three-year-old son. he was being held at a work release center in daytona beach. investigators believe that quigley stole money and a gun
6:42 am
his boyfriend at his job and at that point they all ran away. >> they might be in quigley's white chevy cold bat, eujl 31. if you see them, call police. when the suspects escaping nearly died after cops found a gun at a traffic stop in northern california. the men were hiding in the woods. but night fall the guys were freezing andhey had no choice but to call 911. officers found the pair saturday morning and they were taken to the hospital for treatment. we've got some breaking news to tell you about and this is very much on social media right now all over the place. we learned that british explorer henry warsley passed away. he's the guy who was attempting to be the first man to cross the antarctic with no help. sadly that trip ended in his
6:43 am
exhaustion. they say. dehydration also played a role. he also made it. they tell us he was 55 years old. the man accused of ambushing a philadelphia police officer in his patrol car in the name of islam billow in court today. a hearing is scheduled for edward archer who is accused of shooting an officer three times while sitting his c ciser earlier this month. the officer did survive the shooting. alaska gets hit by a powerful earthquake while the east coast reccers from a blizzard. 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck 72 miles from average raj -- an anchorage yesterday morning.
6:44 am
pay uncle sam, if you have to fork over some cash, there are some changes you might want to know about. good news if you are a proceed crafter. the deadline has been moved up to aril 18th. it's a leap year. you have to file a 1095 describing where you bought your health insurance and if you do not have health insurance, you have to pay $325 fine or or 2% of your taxable income, whichever is more. twitter continues to be in for a very bumpy ride on top of a plummeting share price,our of the company's top executives are leaving the company. twitter's ceo jack dorsey confirmed the departure, saying the four will be taking well deserved time off. the companys in the midst of a major overhaul and is expected to announ two new hires today. it is that time of week once again.
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another local school, plantation high school. this high school has a highly rank aerospace technology program. this is high school. incredible. education reporter ari odzer will be live to tell us more about their programs and their fantastic students as well. now the big six stories you need to know. >> breaeaing overnight, a fight following a crash on the turnpike leaves one person hospitalized. it happened on turnpike south ramp exit in kendall and southwest 88 street. five cars were involved in the crash lead to go a large awl, involving ten to 15 people. stay with nbc 0 with more updates on this. the east coast all up and down the eastern satisfy board -- seaboard are facing the after math of that big storm. 25 people have died.
6:46 am
from miami headed to milan had to be diverted to canada after several passenger were hurt during turbulence over the atlanta ocean. three flight attendantsnd four passengers were taken to the hospital. and a pilot lands alane on the highway inhe southbound lanes of u.s. 27 north of i-75. lucly no one was hurt. fantastic story. a cop in gainesville had a heart warming response after getting a noise complaint from neighbors. his response got e attention of shaquille o'neill. shaq played hoops with the kids and offered them words to live by. governor rick scott will be in miramar to talk about job growth in the state. 10:00 this morning at the j.l. audio.
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good way with more than 23,000 new jobs added last year. westbound you are -- be be sure to check our our app for details after you wake up this morning. let's take you over chopper 6 is over the scene of i-95 southbound. a couple of accidents happening right now on those southbound lanes of broward county. is crash happened roughly 4:15 a.m. all lanes are ill completely blocked off. this is a live look to show you what's going on. we'll take you to our maps or i-95 southbound at copans road. you can take powerline or u s1. on also on i-95, this is a scene right now at i-95 and copans road. is investigation is still
6:48 am
this is that other crash on i-95 southbound as you are approaching state route 84 that has a couple of lanes blocked off there. you can take your alternates which are u s1 or us 41 at your routes. working up to cool temperatures. grab your jackets as you head out t door this morning. especially in broward county. waking up to upperp 40s. in miami, we're waking up to if i was. we're dry so far. we won't be needing those umbrellas for today. leave them at home. forecast, calling for highs in the lower 70s. we'll be below average for this me of the year. winds shifting outfit of the east later today. this brings in clouds later this afternoon. also helps temperatures out of the rebound as the day goes on. highs today low 70s. cold front wednesday, thursday, brings us showers. another cooldown come friday. " nice.
6:49 am
>> it's chilly for us. >> but a tough monday morning for so many people up and dodo
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