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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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dealing with any rain, so you can leave the umbrellas home. i don't think we'll be dealing with the rain at all. live, first alert radar, things looking good so far. that's what we like to see so early in the morning. taking a look, clouds rolling in from the gulf of mexico, increasing moisture tonight into tomorrow. the forecast calling for a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures come noon will be in the 70s. a check on the roads now, first alert traffic reporter with kelly blanco. >> good morning, south florida. this morning one accident in all of south florida, hopefully no more crashes. 5:00 a.m., 826 westbound at 57th avenue, that's whwhe you'll find an accident scene. you can see on the maps all the green on the westbound and eastbound lanes. you don't need to take an alternate. this accident not going to be a headache this morning. we have construction for about
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northbound, the ramp to the 836 westbound. making your way on 395 westbound just after alton road, delays on 195 you can see the red and yellow. also construction going on an i-95 northbound and in broward county, i-75 southbound at sheridan street, three lanes completely blocked off. a south florida man right now is behind bars for allegedly plotting to kill his boss. this morning his friends are coming out in his defense. the arrest report says enrique dominguez showed isis execution ideos to co-workers and said he wanted to show up as the joker and kill his boss. his friends say the situation has been blown out of proportion and would never do the things he's accused of doing.
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the award for jamal smith is up to $25,000. he's considered armed and dangerous and may be hiding out in miami. police say he was inside a home in lakeland when shots rang out during an altercation. three people were killed. a fourth person was shot in the face but did survive. two other men have already been arrested for this crime. if you have any information on where smith could be, call police. some shocking new surveillance video showing the terrifying moment the man rushed into a store, terrorized two women and pulled off an armed robbery. nbc 6 reporter michael spears joins us. the video is what police think is going to crack this case. >> reporter: that's what the hope is this morning. one employee, deputies tell us, a mother. she repeatedly begged for mercy telling this masked man she just wanted to make it home to her kids. talk about some terrifying moments. this morning hoping the broward sheriff's office hoping this video -- excuse me, we don't
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we'll have it in a second. what you'll see in the surveillance video is a man who surprised employees at this deals on december 23rd. they tell us he actually went into the store right before closing around 9:30 in the evening, hid until closing time. the employees were told by deputies, were in the back of the room, counting money, preparing to wrap up and head home from the night, when this man knocked on the door, the employee went to check it out. that's when he surprised them with a gun. when you see the video in a second, the employees are absolutely terrified. two women, one on the ground, one working to fill up a paper bag full of thousands of dollars. this man who you'll see in a second wearing a red mask. he had gloves on, latex gloves, a gun and long dreadlocks. we're told byy deputies seven minutes passed with the employees on the ground. he didn't run away. u'll see in the video that he calmly walked away out of the stor and then was gone.
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up at 5:30 is a picture of a possible suspect vehicle, red infinity that's pretty distinctive. the video plus this new picture is what bso hopes will identify the man. right now f you know anything about this, although you haven't seen the video, you're asked to call the broward sheriff's office or call crime stoppers, 954-493-tips. michael spears, nbc 6 news. an update this morning on rape allegations at florida state university. a settlement has been reached between the college and a former student who says she was victimized by a star athlete, jameis winston. he's now in thenfl. it's been more than three years since the quarterback was accused of sexually assaulting hair ka kins man. now she and her attorneys are getting paid. the settlement awards kins man $250,000 while her attorneys will get about $700,000.
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to drop her lawsuit that accuses the school of failing to respond properly. florida state president john thrasher explained that settlement a little more clearly in a statement released yesterday that said in part, quote, although we regret we will never be able to tell our full story in court, it is apparent that a trial many months from now would have left fsu fighting over the past rather than looking toward its very bright future. fsu is making a five-year commitment to sexual assault. winston has maintained the allegations are false and sex was consensual. prosecutors dropped the case claiming there was not enough evidence. a picture of new york giant star jason pierre paul. this picture can be disturbing. he just posted this bloody hospital photo on instagram.
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it shows pierre paul's bandaged arm after being severely injured while lighting fireworks on the 4th of july. the incidents happened at his house in coral springs. months after the incident, the giants player eventually returned to the field wearing a full hand cast that looked like a club. right now 13 people are finally safe on solid ground after crews rescued them from a yacht sinking off ft. overnight we were able to speak with some of those passengers. nbc 6 reporter julia bagg has interviews from those aboard. she's at the coast guard station in miami beach. good morning, julia. what are these people say? >> reporter: sheli, they're grateful to be back on dry land and safe. they left the coast guard station about 11:30 last night, bundled up, some of them, against the wind and the cold, but certainly thankful to be safe. their ship, the serena 3 started to sink.
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they did tell us the coast guard showed up right away. they were able to board that ship. listen to what the ship's first officer tells us about what was happening as their vessel started taking on water. >> we just made sure we got everybody in the life rafts and we deployed our life regard. i release add tender in case the boat went down. the coast guard was there. we didn't need it. >> a tender can be a smaller boat attached to a larger yacht that can help people go ashore. you heard they didn't have to use that or even a life raft. they were able to board the coast guard vessel right away. coming up in a few minutes, you'll hear from some more people on board and we'll show you new images from what happened last night. we're live on miami beach, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> we will talk to you again at the bottom of the hour.
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minutes past the top of the hour. still a lot more ahead for you. wel show you how the presidential candidates are making every day count as they get ready for the iowa caucuses. bad weather up north still affecting travel from south florida. what you need to know if you plan to travel today. as you can see, waking up to temperatures in the lower 70s because the winds have shifted out of the southeast.
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be back in the upper 70s good morning to you. welcome back. now to decision 2016 and the hispanic caucus. several hispanic democratic lawmakers and organizations gathering at the state capitol to talk aboutaws that would be good or bad for latinos. bills rage are raising minimum wage and more english classes to residents in the state. residents believe authority has no authority to deal with u.s. immigration law. state senator says wh the growing hispanic community, they hope lawmakers will hear their concerns. presidential candidates are desperate to show why they should win as they try to get momentum. edward lawrence tracking all of that in terms of the final push to iowa. >> reporter: in iowa, the temperatures may be cold, but the race to be each party's nominee for president is heating up. the democratic candidates
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from one another as they made a final pitch to people in iowa. >> i let the effort against wall street deregulation. see where hillary clinton was on this issue. >> we tackled income inequality and produced results. not talk, action. that's what i will do as president. >> reporter: meanwhile on the republican side, the race is getting nasty, especially between donald trump and senator ted cruz. >> i will not respond in kind because i think the people of iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, the people of this country deserve better. >> reporter: still cruz released his second attack ad on donald trump's views. trump is calling cruz the man from canada. >> because that pipeline goes from canada, the birthplace of ted cruz. he was born there.
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maybe a conflict of interest. that's interesting. >> reporter: the gop front-runner says he'll not back to anyone. political experts say donald trump has enormous crowds at his events. in order to win, they say he needs to turn that energy to people showing up to caucus for him. in washington, edward lawrence, nbc 6 news. you saw some of the candidates getting off the bus in iowa where it is still snowing. people in washington, d.c. continuing the cleanup process after the snowy mess the blizzard left behind. schools there still closed through at least tomorrow while they dig themselves out. that snowstorm dumped more than two feet over the weekend. man, that is a job, isn't it? the stadium will be used as a dump site as plows work around the clock to try to clear the major roadways. that's not even the secondary roads. that's the major thoroughfares. other people takink part by cleaning their sidewalks and
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>> you'll want to check with your airline to make sure your flight is leaving on time. travel troubles are easing but still a tough go for some. we checked a short time ago at miami international airport. there are nine cancellations including six arrivals and three departures. at ft. lauderdale hollywood international airport we're hearing ten cancellations including four departure and six arrivals. hi south florida i. looks like we'll remain rain free for the majority of the day. live first alert radar, dry conditions from boca raton down into the keys. you won't need umbrellas today or sweaters. let's jump right in so we can take a look at the temperatures. right now 15 to 25 degrees
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already 70 degrees in ft. lauderdale. 68 degrees in miami. coolerer further inland and further to the south. in cane dal, seeing temperatures right now around 62 degrees. taking a look at temperatures across much of our sunshine state, the rest of us are also seeing the warmer temperatures, especially across the panhandle because winds have shifted out of the south. 61 in pensacola, 40s across northern florida and mid to upper 50s across much of central florida. for your first alert forecast on this tuesday, mild start to the day, highs expected to reach into the upper 70s. some areas will reach the 80-degree mark. turning breezy later today. expecting a moderate to high risk of rip currents. if you're down in the keys, dry start to the day, a few clouds out there, winds ton breezy side out of the southeast as the day goes on. taking a look at the bigger picture, remember the high pressure system of blue skies. that's the system over the
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clockwise circulation leaving tus southeast wind. the southeast wind will remain a head of a cold front that will bring changes. what to expect ahead of the front? warmer temperatures and increasing moisture especially overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. taking a look at our main threats for today, actually we upped the rip current risk. marine conditions moderate. small crafts should exercise caution over the atlantic waters. mix of sun and clouds. once that sun does rise, we're expecting the uv index to being on the moderate end of the scale. strong to seveve thunderstorms, the storm prediction center put us under a marginal risk for tomorrow. remember you can download our nbc 6 news and weather app where you'll find our live radar and temperatures to get you going. expecting a cooldown. first we have to get to a stormy wednesday and showery thursday. cooler and drier friday.
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temperatures back into the 50s. meantime, warm tuesday, upper 70s and low 80 let's take a look at the roads now with first alert traffic report. >> right now taking a look at your drive,e have construction where we ladd the earlier accident on the palmetto expressway. this is i-95, southbound and northbound lanes. fhp reporting construction, three laned on your northbound lanes. southbound about a 12 minute drive from the golden glades to e airport expressway the express lanes are open and are 50 cents at this moment. let's take you out the door, 826 northbound the ramp to 836 westbound has the right lane completely blocked off for about another ten to 15 minutes. 395 westbound after alton road you'll have a couple lanes blocked off there as well as i-95 northbound and ives dairy road. opening statements in the
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officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man in a stairwell. he's accused of firing his gun into a dark stairwell. the defense is saying he accidentally discharged his weapon and didn't know he hit anyone. he's facing multiple charges at this point. police say a man in tampa was drunk when he hitit a patrol car as the deputy was making an arrest in another dui case. deputies were arrested a man on the side of the road when todd casey sideswiped the patrol car and kept driving. deputies eventually caught up with him and arrested him. casey's blood alcohol level according to them was more than twice the legal limit. your time right now is 5:18 on this tuesday morning. he faces several charges including dui charge with property damage. that was the story that sheli was telling you about. still a lot or more ahead.
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a new device in the works directly connected to a stroller
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parents if for new parents, a new stroller is aimed to make your life easier. it will feature an electronic engine which essentially will make going uphill easier. i has a bottle warmer, built-in music, a rocker and cameras. the smart stroller expected to be launched nextxt year with a price tag starting about $3,000. >> do they make them bigger, like for 6-year-olds? that sounds terrific. miami marlins trending on social media thanks to the construction under way at marlins park. the park will remain pitcher friendly but make the dimensions a litting less daunting for hitters. only 412 home runs have been hit at the park. workers are scheduled to complete the design for the marlins exhibition game against
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they'recheduled to host the home run derby. a big win for university of miami pen's basketball team. the hurricanes were victorious in last night' game over the visiting duke blue devils. this is the first time the canes have won against duke. final score this time, 80-69. next time the canes will be e north carolina saturday to take on n.c. state. sometimes it's hard to talk your parents into getting you a dog. >> bbt one hockey fan might be getting exactly what she wanted. >> at last night's game, this little lady had one new request. if he scored, her dad would get her a dochlgt lucky for her, he did. actually he scored three times. it was herbirthday. >> i'll l t you a puppy, but i am not getting you three. >> not getting you three. >> that's where i draw the line.
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a little pressure for the players, always a good thing. i can't let this little girl downn >> time is 5:23. still a lot more ahead. new discovery at pablo escobar's former south florida home. what the owner of the former mansion says they just found. gas ril la waking up to dry conditions. we should be rain-free. clouds rolling in and out because we have a southeast wind, but still pretty good as you head out for lunch. as the kids get out of school later today, warm, upper 70s, low 80s.
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now at 5:30, more than a dozen passengers safe on dry land after their boatat sinks off the coast of ft. lauderdale. police in west park are asking for your help finding a gunman who terrorized a couple of store clerks. >> a state prisoner takes drastic measure to avoid jail after taking police on a wild chase. good morning everybody. your time is 5:29. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for j jning us on this tuesday morning. a warmer start for you. >> which is kind of nice.
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maybe a sweater, erika. but you won't need the coat n this tuesday morning. >> only in south florida is 70 sweater weather. definitely waking up to warmer temperatures. 70 degrees already in ft. lauderdale. we can thank the wind shifting out of the east-southeast. that's what's allowing temperatures t be on the warmer side. the question is how much warmer. right now we're between 15 and 25 degrees warmer, broward county into miami-dade. major changes headed our way. as you head out the door this morning, you're already beginning to feel the changes. let's take a look at what we're dealing with, the rain. looking good from broward county down into the keys. no rain in siht. you not be needing those umbrellas. for your first alert forecast, we'll keep it mild. temperatures mid to upper 70s
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