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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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a coast guard planene captured the video which shows some sort of explosion just before it went under. >> the may day call was something that was responded to. we were able to get on scene and make sure that they were safe. >> reporter: all 13 people onboard were rescued just minutes before the ship sank. seven crew and six passengers arrived at the coast guard station on miami beach just before midnight. it was about 6:30 inn the evening when the captain said he first noticed water in the gags cabs cabin. >> it was so quick. everything was so fast. >> reporter: the 106-foot yacht disappeared beneath the waves. the 3-year-old vessel is unrecoverable. now likely under 1,200 feet of ocean water. crew members say they were headed to the bahamas and had good reason to trust the serena problem. ago.
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i didn't think it was going to sink. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard leading the investigation into what made this ship sink. although for now, they said it is likely it ran aground when leaving the everglades. marissa bagg, nbc 6 nes. out of indianapolis right now, a tragic scene playing out riggt now as kids were headed home from school, an adult has died and several children are injured in a school bus crash. 25 children were on the bus when it reportedly jumped the curb and struck a car in the parking lot of the elementary school. the person who died has not been identified. but it is not the bus driver. dozens of police vehicles and fire trucks a at the scene. parents rushed to the scene to pick up their children as soon as they heard about the accident. >> i'm one of the blessed ones. there's someone out there who wasn't so lucky today. we pray for them.
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gosh, the relief when she picked up the telephone. >> we're learning the injured are listed in critical cocoition. right now detectives need your help finding two missing florida children who may be in the company of a murder suspect they're searching for 4-year-old edward and 10-year-old lopez. the kids were reportedly last seen near the eastern-central portion of the state. gomez is wanted on a first-degree murder warrant after he was accused of shooting two brothers outside their home, killing one of them. we posted all four of their pictures on the nbc 6 facebook page. help the police get the word out by sharing their story with your friends. investigators say that anyone who spots the group should not approach them, but should instead call 911. an uninvited guest caused a scare.
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incident on social media and the nbc 6 news and weather app. michael spears was the only local reporter on the scene and has the story you'll see only on 6. >> it's horrible. absolutely. >> reporter: michelle smith waited anxiously tuesday morning at the broward sheriff's office for her 5-year-old preschool. >> makes you want to cry. makes yur heart drop. >> reporter: michelle's son, and other kids, were locked inside as deputies looked for this man. an uninvited stranger who staff said was spotted by a janitor early tuesday, possibly coming out of the pastor's office. >> and when he approached him, i ess he ran out. >> reporter: the man was later seen on surveillancevideo leaving out of the back door just after 7:00 a.m. the all-clear, however, wasn't given at the preschool until just before 10:00 a.m. deputies and a canine swept the entire buitding before lifting the lockdown.
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here on monday night. >> wow. >> going in and out. >> reporter: church staff said the man could be homeless. and didn't recognize him based on the surveillance video. >> very unusual. i've worked here almost 34 years and i've never seen this magnitude. >> reporter: no one was hurt and staff say it doesn't appear anything was stolen. >> i!m glad i hadn't dropped him off yet. >> reporter: parents stuck close by until they knew for sure that their little ones were safe. >> you never know. especially this day and age. it's horrible. >> reporter: in pompano beach, michael spears, nbc 6 news. meanwhile, a miami gardens police officer who was ambushed and shot is out of thehe hospital. officer david starling left the hospital today so he can continue his recovery at home. he was sitting in his patrol car friday morning when shots were fired from another vehicle. the man accused of pulling the trigger is a 24-ar-old, being held without bond, with five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. false alarm in sanandiego.
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active shooter at a navy medical facility. this morning someone reported shots had been fired inside the naval medical center. that prompted a swift lockdown of the hospital and evacuation of everyone inside of it. images showed navy personnel walking outside the medical facility. their hands were in the air, they were being patted down by base police as a precaution. a number of sweeps throughout the building show no evidence of a shooting. >> i'd like to emphasize that we take all reports like this very seriously. we do a lot of training to help people recognize what they're supposed to do in the event of an active shooter. >> no word whether the person who reported the charges will face any charges. another step forward in restoring relations with cuba. travel and export restrictions nounced today. laura rodriguez is live in the studio with the details. >> the amendments will remove
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and financing terms for authorized exports to cuba of items other than agricultural items. the change willlso further facilitate travel to cuba for authorized purposes. now, despite the new measures, the u.s. law banning travel to cuba for tourism remains in lace. the travel category, however, has expanded to allow and include personnel operating or servicing vessels or aircraft, professional media, or anyone organizing professional meetings or conferences, those organizing athletic and non-athletic competition, and humanitarian projects that focus on disaster response. now, on the business end, u.s. banks may now finance, authorize exports, except for agriculture. previously such trade had to be paid for by cash in advance or financed through third country banks. >> well, i think the next step is to see how this gets -- how this bears fruit on the groundn i think the next step is u.s.
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things, like for example, export equipment to cuba, or energy products, o o the cellular phones, that type of thing. >> we believe the cuban government is a violator of human rigs, and, therefore, we have a sanctioned policy to prevent that government from getting richer, and from obtaining the resources that it seeks to undermine american interests all over the world. >> reporter: the embargo remains in place. only congress can lift it. previous attempts at promoting commerce in cuba has largely stalled. u.u. officials stressed the practical impact of the new measures will depend on cuban economic liberalization. thecuban government has yet to comment on the easing of restrictions. download our nbc 6 news and weather app and click on this story to download the restrictions.
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the iowa caucuses on saturday. the polls show the races in both parties too close to call. all banks can make a big difference. and that as donald trump touted a new endorsement, jerry falwell jr. the latest from the campaign trail. live from washington, d.c. tonight. steve? >> reporter: jawan, thanks. most political endorsements don't make a b b difference, but a lot of religious conservatives, a lot of republican voters tell pollsters them. and they're the ones who will caucus on monday night. in a state where many republicans mix prayer with politics -- >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> reporter: it's a blow to ted cruz who is campaigning as a christian conservative. donald trump endorsed by jerry falwell jr. great honor, tweeted trump.
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last month at fawell's liberal university. now he's warning evangelicals n a video reased by the christian broadcast network that trump has to be beaten in iowa. >> if he went on to win new hampshire as well, there is a very good chance he would be unstoppable and be our nominee. >> reporter: on morning joe -- >> he's wackyky something missing there. >> reporter: unlike cruz, trump said he would cut deals with democrats. >> you know, it's wonderful to be a rebel. but you've got to get some people on your side a little bit. >> reporter: in today's poll, trump leads by two in iowa. on the democratic side, despite bernie sanders admitting his health care plan is costly -- >> we will raise taxes, yes, we will. >> reporter: sanders and hillary clinton are virtually tied. he told iowa steel workers to boost the middle class, they have to get more democrats to caucus5 >> if those people come out and vote, we will win, and we'll win big. >> reporter: clinton is running
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she says it shows a lifetime of fighting for families. there are plenty of iowans for cruz and trump, sanders, clinton and their rivals to try to gett out the vote on monday night. the best turnout ever for the iowa caucuses was just 16% in 2008. from washington, steve handelsman, nbc 6 news. >> steve, thank you. today scientists announced how close humanity is to extinction. researchers behind a doomsday clock say the worldss still under grave threat. they say that the minute hand on the metaphorical clock shows how vulnerable we are still. midnight symbolizing apocalypse. some sad news to report toight out of tinseltown, abe gado has died. according to his daughter, the
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under hospice care. he played in the first two godfather movies. he was detective phil fish on barney miller. he was 94. a safety alert you may want to know about before you get behind the wheel tonight. ford is recalling ranger pickup trucks from 2004 to 2006. the takata air bags can explode injuries. the recall comes days after the government announced that a south carolina man was killed in december when his air bag exploded. ford said it will send letters to the owners in late febrvary. in the meantime, customers can find out if their trucks are affected by going to ford's website. just got this update into the nbc 6 newsroom on the concerns surrounding the zika virus. it will refund travelers with tickets to zika affected areas. it's been linked to brazil and other latin american countries.
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abnormally small heads and brains. a troubling traffic stop. a florida cop said he was forced to fire on a teenager and his department has released this body camera video to prove it. depression, why the way women are screened before and after pregegncy could be changing. need a new tv? now is the time to score a good deal. we'll show you how tonight in consumers report ahead. rain in south florida can be seen on the doppler radar right offshore. how much is it going to rain and for how long? the forecast is next. coming up in the next half
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twoodrivers lose the an update on the three inmates who brazenly escapedd from a california jail. police have increased also reward money to 2$200,000. they went to the roof of the jail and rappelled down t wall using sheets. the men had a nearly 16-hour head start before authorities realized they were missing frid. now detectives are looking into whether other inmates had a hand in the escape. all three escapees were serving time for violent crimes, including mute yags and murder. a dramatic run-in betweenen a florida police officer and a teen driver.
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forced to fire. adam kuperstein is live with the tale%of the tape. >> it shows how quickly a traffic stop can take a turn. what started as a seat belt violation ended with an officer opening fire on a teen driver of a stolen car. the footage is striking. a police officer shoots at a car in an orlando shopping center. >> stop! poce! stop! >> reporter: it started when officers spotted the drivev not wearing a seat belt. this is newly released body cam footage. >> put your hands up! do it now! >> reporter: when the suspect didn't stop, cops used batons to snash ththcar's windows. still, though, the suspect then backs up into a parked car.
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escape. that's when the car comes right toward one of the officers who says he was forced to fire four shots to protect himself. another angle from store surveillance shows the driver of what turned out to be a stolen car getting shot at, but still managing to get away. a witness described the terrifying incident but did not want to be identified on came. >> everything happened so fast, i just froze. went in a state of shock. because i wasn't expecting them just to pull out guns and open fire. >> reporter: two other people were in that car. they are still on the run tonight.@ the driver treated for a bullet wound to his shoulder. he's now charged with assaulting police. the officer's on paid lead pending the result of the investigation. adam kuperstein, nbc 6 news. now first alert weather with meteorologist j@hn morales.
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signs of what should be quite the deluge here in south florida over the next couple of days. we've got rain in the forecast. these are the first signs of it. just to the east of elliott key. the rest of south florida looks dry at this moment. nothing within range of our radar, located r rht here in the miramar area in southwestern broward county. let's take a look outside. for much of south florida, it's a nice afternoon. we've got partly cloudy skies. temperatures certainly have reboundedn a hurry. with highs today near 79 degrees after lows last night in the upper 60s. tempetures last night were a good 15 to 20 degrees warmer night. look at your weather license here. way. it will arrive on thursday. but the rain is goingo be here as early as tomorrow morning. rain is likely wednesday into thursday. some pockets of heavier rainfall certainly possible with this. cooler air follows after this fronts friday, saturday and
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not as cold as the last air mass. 76 the current temperature in miami. 77 in ft. lauderdale and pembrook pines. 74 in key west at this hour. you're seeing an area of high pressure in the atlantic now. this is the low that is comin through louisiana at this hour. we've got a front accompanying it, and it extends into the gulf of mexico. this is front that will cross through south florida, again, on thursday. but the rain is starting to gather, and it's not too far from us. now, i'm not talking about this band of rain, i'm talking about thiis that are going on down in the florida straits and southwest. the partly cloudy skies we've got over our area righ now. and here is that moisture that's starting to gather from cuba, into the florida straits into the southeastern gulf of mexico. all heading tothe northeast. some of the very highest rain chances tonight will be in the florida keys.
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into the metro area as we go through the day tomorrow. so the forecast shows two days of showers and thunderstorms. some of these thunderstorms could be strong tomorrow. the storm prediction center has us in a marginal risk area for severe weather. that's a pretty low chance, about a 5% chance that some of these thunderstorms could yield some severe conditions tomorrow. ut obviously we'll keep you informed here on nbc 6. keys rain showers first tonight. the rain spreading over the rest of the area by tomorrow morning. 79 the high tomorrow. 80 on thursday. then temperatures drop for the friday, saturday, sunday period. highs in the 70s, lows mostly in the 50s. > john, thank you very much. we have breaking news right now. happening now, south bound on the turnpike, chopper 6 live over the scene right now of a motorcade going southbound. they're transporting the body of an i.c.e. agent hit inkilled in a hit-and-run accident earlier this month.
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trying to catch a cab. miami beach police arrested the accused driver. we believe the body is taken from the medical examiner's office to the airport -- or rath to a funeral home. you can expect delays along the turnpike southbound as a result. so please try to avoid this if possible. again, a live look from our choer 6 of this very touching sight. this happening right now. you can always go to our nbc 6 news app. help may finally be coming our way for postpartum depression. a health panel is urging women should be screened for mental illns during pregnancy and after birth. the u.s. preventive services task force going beyond the scope of postpartum. thy said everyone over the age of 18 should be screened. the panel's recommendation are influential, because many health insurers follow their suggestions. next on 6, need an excuse to buy a new tv?
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best times to score a good deal. we'll showou how when we come back. in our 6:00 newscast, the most viewed story on the nbc 6 news and weaeher app.
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to flor welcome back. if you're in the marketor a new tv, now is the better time than ever. >> why not.
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bowl is a great excuse for the added expense. srices have never been lower. nbc 6 anchor is here with how you can score a good deal in tonight's consumer alert. >> jackie and jawan, retailers offer deep discounts this time of the year as they clear their shelves in time for the newer models. but with all of the options, how do you know which one to buy? "consumer reports" shares tips to find the right set. big screens to watch the big game have never been cheaper. you can get a 05-inch, 1080p high-definition tv for der $1,000. >r a regular hd set is still a great choice. plus, the game's not being broadcast in 4d this year. >> they said for a super bowl party, a screen that's 50 inches or bigger is a good choice. also important, a wide viewing angle. >> this is where an older tv
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both hd sets and uhd models have larger viewing angles. everybody in the room can get a great view. game. >> reporter: you also want a tv that handles fast moving without blurring. they test how each set performs. some tvs may be a great deal for the game, but if you want to invest in the latestt and greatest, check out an ultra hdoled. this 55-inchet from lg costs $3,000. and is one of "consumer reports" highest rated tvs. >> this tv offers everything you need to make your super bowl party a hit. plus, uhd will help future proof you when more content becomes available. >> reporter: if you want a newer tv? brand-new shelf models hit the stores in late february, early march. "consumer reports" said several recommendations for good deals on big-screen tvs available right w, get more information on the nbc 6 news and weather app. happy shopping.
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robinson, nbc 6 news. >> i love it. it means it's super bowl time. it's about that time. new tv. >> why not. news at 5:30 continues next. here's adam with a look ahead. >> we hear from the local doctor whose violent rant went viral. what the doctor says she was forced to do, after this video spread online. also, how social media helpedlorida investigators connect the dots in a police cheating scandal. plus, the near-death encounter for a sunshine state
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