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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  January 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. right now at 4 doo 30, two are dead, three hurt after a shooting@at a seattle homeless camp. who investigators are looking for this morning. two women shot in miami, we're live at jackson memorial hospital. we're live with an update as police search for the gunman. donald trump won't be taking part in morrow's gop debate. hear why he's stepping out. goodorning everybody. time is 4:31. i'm eric harryman. i'm i'm sheli muniz. >> let's get you to the weather ceceter for a quick check on the forecast.
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from what we saw yesterday. happy wednesday. 4:30. so far dry clnditions in miami-dade county. we are beginning to see a few showers in northern portions of broward county. from coral springs into plantation, even a few showers outside of our miramar studios. if i take a zoomed outlook, you'll seee exactly what i'm talking about. there are plenty of showers around d over toward the west coast also dealing with heavy rain. we'll take a closer look and put things into motion. this is all part of a rain event we are expecting today and into tomorrow. taking another zoomed outlook at much of our sunshine state, heavy rain across much of the area. line of thunderstorms across the west coast. definitely somethg we want to continue to keep an eye ochblt 75 in ft. lauderdale, 74 in miami. let's get a check of the roads with kelly.
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and free in miami, dade and brourk. i-95, those are the express lanes still blocked off. construction crews leaving the area. southbound is still blocked off. in broward county this is i-595. no accidents in miami-dade or broward county which is good news for you folks headed out the door. we have constructiti alerts we'll talk about in a few minutes. police are looking for a gunman after two women withere shot in coconut grove. the women are listed in serious, but stable condition. michael, what else do we know about what happened out there. >> reporter: we know the women are stable. as we speak, pole are looking for the person who shot them.
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is a drive-by shooting, that whoever shot them fired from a dark-colored vehicle, still working to get a description on the vehicle. in the meantime, i can show you video of the car one of the women was sitting in. another woman was shot, the second victim, as she was walking on a nearby sidewalk. all this happened in the 3500 block of thomas avenue in coconut grove around 9:30 p.m. we're working to find more information about the victims. we don't have names. we d speak to officials who say one woman, she is 63 years old, the only 27. >> terrified, and they were both in papan. i'm still shaking from the situation because it's too close to home. >> one was an elderly woman. she don't ned to be getting shot up like that. she got shot twice. >> they're bleeding on the sidewalk. this time it's not clear if the women knew each other and who
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that's why miami police say if u know anything about the shooting, who is responsible, you can do let them know through crime stoppers. michael spears, nbc 6 news. breaking news overnight out of seattle. tpwo people are dead following a shooting. sheli is at the breaking news desk with more. >> we're working to get new information. it's been confirmed that two were killed and three were hurt, it happened near a wooded area, a homeless camp. police got a call, five people had been shot. all re homeless. one woman died and another man died later at the hospital. we understand three others went into surgery. the police department says they have reason to believe it was very targeted. we understand so far no one has been arrested. cops are looking for two persons of interest in this case. stay with nbc 6 for more updates on this. also breaking overnight, the
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occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in oregon is officially behind bars this morning. ammon bundy, his brother and three others were all taken into custody. it happened late yesterday. the fbi is saying one person killed, another injured after shots were fired during those arrests while it was happening. all the men in custody are facing felony conspiracy charges. at this hour we're working to find out how several cars ended up crashing into each other, including a miami-dade cruisers. police are only saying one of the drivers was drunk. one of thehe drivers lost control at southwest 8 street and 32nd avenue leaving a trail of damage. no one was seriously hurt. your time is 4:35. this morning police are looking for a botox bandit who decided to hit a plastic surgery center in miami-dade. there were wrinkles in his plan, pun intended.
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inside a miami plastic surgery center in koerl gables. police say he loaded a garbage can with $20,000 worth of botox and syringes, too. a doctor at the clinic says botox is highly sought after. if you recognize this man, you're asked to call 305-47171ips. the u.s. government has announced new regulations going into effect today. the embargo remains. for the first time in decades, american companies will be able to sell non-agricultural goods to cuba. the new changes also relax travel restrictions. americans traveling there to mme films, organize conferences or on cruise ships can go to cuba. traveling to cuba as a tourist is still against the law. now to a sry trending all morning long on our nbc 6 news and weher app. >> cute to say the least.
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up to a strange creature in her bed. yesterday we talked about the sloth a lot. this is not a slokt,th. imagine waking up to this little guy snugging up next to you. i don't know. it looks like a bat. it happened to a woman in her home. a keek chew was curled up next to her trying to kep warm. the family took that animal to the vet right away and found out it has a name and an owner. bananas is his name. his rightful owner they tell us going to pick him up later today. >> only in florida. here is a live alert from our first alert camera. meteorologist erika delgado is back with your first alert forecast. >> showers across the area, heavy rain across other areas. we'll take a look at our live
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coral sprprgs along the turnpike to lauderhill. if we look at the miami-dade and broward countn, you'll see miami-dade has been okay. the heaviest of the rain remains to the west. we'll take a bigger, zoomed-outlook so you can see exactly what we're dealing with on this wednesdaymorning. a strong line of thunderstorms, heavy rain across portions off the west coast will continue to push towards the north and out towards the east. ahead of it, lots of rain scattered across much of the area, something we definitely will keep an eye on as your morning goes on. you want to have those umbrellas handy. in the meantime, waking up to mid 70s, light showers also affecting portions of miami-dade county. look close. roads will be wet later today. kelly, how is the morning commute look? >> for right now things are looking good. once the rain starts to fall, probably a different story. taking a look at your drive, 836
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we're accident free in miami-dade and broward county. let's take you out the door. if you're headed out right now, southbound at miller drive which is southwest 56thth street, you'll want to stick to your left-hand side. i-95 southbound, three lanes of traffic completely blocked off and those express lanes are shut down until 5:30 a.m. in broward county i-75 at griffin road, three lanes completely blocked off. 4:40 on your wednesday morning. still ahead, living on the edge, literally. a neighborhood along a cliff in california bracing for more to come from el nino. a romanticendezvous turned into a nightmare. how online dating almost cost a
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important medical news about
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only one republican debate left before the iowa caucus and donald trump says he's sitting this one out because trum's campaign manager says he won't be there. trump has previously criticized fox news for, quote, playing games and including anchor megan kelly as a moderator. the rest of the republican candidates are set to square off tomorrow night. it's a close race in iowa clean clinton and sanders. sanders will be at the white obama. we'll have much more coming from washington at 5:00. we allllnow california needed rain in a big, bad way. is is another story. in pacifica just outside of san francisco evacuations are happening right now in a real life cliff-hanger. take a look at this video. a neighborhood literally hanging on the edge as the most powerful el nino on record rips apart the coastline. nbc's be gutierrez reports.
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coast just a few feet separate these apartments from disaster. the building hanging in the balance. michael mchenry is hanging on to what he has left. >> the surf is so hard when it comes up, the whole place shakes. there's no way you can sleep regardless of what you try to do. >> reporter: now teetering on the edge of oblivion. five of the 20 residents living here are refusing to leave. >> i have nowhere to go, so i will be here. >> reporter: the severe erosion blamed on el nino. this is what pacifica looked like in 1997. this is what it looks like today. >> we knew this day was going to come. >> reporter: the city council approved an emergencnc declaration allowing pacifica to ask for s ste and federal money to fight coastal erosion. the area has tussled with el nino before. strong storms in 1998 booted
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in 2010, two buildings evacuated an condemned. torrential downpours might help relieve the historic drought, but pacifica is seeing the downside. >> el nino guarantees we'll have numerous storms and that's a pounding effect on the coastal area and more chanceor beach erosion. >> reporter: for michael mchenry, not just his home, but his life. >> about to go on the street. we don't have the power to slow it down or stop it. >> reporter: he's moving his belongings but has no place else to stay in this town tired of livingg on the edge. south florida, 4:44 on this wednesday morning, completely different story outdoors. you definitely want the rain gear if you're heading outdoors.
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only today, but also into your thursday. taking a l lok at our live first alert doppler radar over portions of miami-dade, beginning to see a few light showers across 95 and nor miami beach. in broward county we're seeing light showers as far east and deerfield beach. the majority of the rain is out towards the west over the everglades and all along alligator alley. we'll take a zoomed-outlook. plenty of rain out towards the west already affecting stern portions outside of the suburbs for broward county, and some of the areas also outside miami-dade suburbs. let's take a zoomed-outlook. heavy rain and a strong line e thunderstorms right now all along the west coast right now. there is a special marine statemmm over the gulf of mexico because there are 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts associated with this strong line of thunderstorms as it continues to push to the northeast.
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we could see strong winds as we see it pushed towards the north and towards the east. let's take a look as far as temperatures are concerned. 75 in ft. lauderdale. much warmer than we've seen the past few days. for your first alert forecast, calling for temperatureses reaching into the ppper 70s, low 80s, maybe thin clouds that could allow things to warm up. making the atmosphere a little less stable this afternoon. we'll have a better chance for thunderstorms. the cloud cover will stick around for most off the day. thunderstorms strong and possibly even sef vier thunderstorms. why all this rain? we have the southeast wind. seco of all, there's the front we've been continuing to keep an eye on. low pressure over the gulf of mexico, very unstable atmosphere is what we're dealing with on this wednesday. this will linger into our thursday. smalll craft advisory in effect for the gulf of mexico and for the attntic waters.
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at times. keep that in mind. also, we're expecting high risk of rip currents alg the beaches. keep an eye to the sky as the day goes on. taking a look ahead, a very stormy wednesday and thursday. the cold front swings through thursday. we won't see the cooler and drier air until at least friday and just in time for the upcoming weekend. first alert traffic reporter kelly blanco. >> we are accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. this is i-95, no issues on the approach. if you're headed out the door in broward i-75 hasas three lanes of traffic blocked off due to construction. i-95 at 135th street, three lanes blocked off as well as, press nes southbound and
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up ju yet. palmetto expressway, southbound drivers approaching miller drive, twoanes of traffic blocked off. the dozens of bodies dug out to be examined at the dozier school for boys may be laid to rest. the students were buried at the now closed reform score, the arthur g. dozier school for boys in the florida panhandle was closed in 2011 after some former students accused of abuse. $7,500 per person for funeral and burial expenses. online dating is more popular than it has been before. what was supposed to be a romantic rendezvous turned into
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county man. rah shawn scarlet picked mutual meeting place. when he got there, his date ended up being two other men who actually attacked him, ordered him lie face down on the ground, put a gun to his head, took his wallet, cell phone and car. officials are still investigating exactly what happened just outside of tampa there. miami police are searching for four men caught on home surveillance ransacking an apartment in little havana. that crime report over the weekend on saturday while the homeowner and her family were out of town. the crooks came in through the kitchen window, it was unlocked, stole a couple pieces of july valued as more than a thousand bucks. a judge decided a key west man accused of threatating to detonate a bomb is competent to stand ial. defense attorney and federal
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suarez is facing charges of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction and terrorism support after he was arrested last july. his trial starts in april. the texas teenager accused ofthe affluenza defense could be returned to the united states. ethan couch left the u.s. back in december, violating his probation for killing four people in a dui crash that happened a few years ago in 2013. couch avoided prison when his attorneys successfully argued his privileged lifestyle prevented him from knowing right from wrong, there came t term affluenza. we'll keep track f this one and let you know whether or not he makes it back to texas by friday. president obama called it an epidemic, heroin and prescriptiondrugug abuse. today on capitol hill lawmakers are hoping a committee hearing will lead to action from congress. the centers for sease control recently reported the death rate
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abuse spiked 200% in the last 14 years. warning signs for pregnant women and mothers of newborn. >> anne thompson reports on a big announcement from doctors about diagnosing depression. >> reporter: this should be a joyous time for women. a government panelof independent experts acknowledges it may not be and recommends all women before and after birth be screened for depression, something that affectsone in seven moms. >> women want to have these conversations because they are recognizing themselves that something is amiss. >> it's so prevalent. >> reporter: in 2005 brooke shields shattered the silence on the "today" show. now on the red carpet this month actrtrss hayden panettiere saying she's proud to be aspokesperson after getting help following the birth of her daughter. >> doesn't mean they're a bad
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strange and they can get help if they need it. >> reporter: how do you know what's just the common baby blues and what's depression? one way is the time frame. baby blues usually happen within two weeks of birth. if it lingers to the six-month mark, it could be more significant. risk factors include history of depression, prenatal anxiety and child care stress. doctors say family members need to be aware of the issue as well. >> if you ask your loved one, do you feel like you want to harm yourself or your baby, that's a question to ask. >> reporter: talk therapy helps. for pregnant women, the risk of medication must be weighed against the risk of doing nothing. most health insurance, including the affordable care act, must cover the screening so family portraits can be as happy as moms hope. anne thompson, nbc new york.
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fhp troopers hope a new video will help you make the move. whoa. up next, more on a campaign aimed at making the roads safer for everyone. coming up on nbc 6 news at 5:00 this morning, there's a new measure that could be moving some kids right out of the classroom. believe it or not it's a good thing. lots of local parents are asking to bring back recess. coral reef road, traffic moving at 68 miles per hour. if you're headed towards the beach, alton road at 55 miles per hour. erika erika? >> we're beginning to see light showers, so the roads can be on the wet side as you head out the doofrmt mid 70s in ft. lauderdale. you want to have the rain gear
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you will be needing it that is roadside danger. a state trooper lucky after being struck by another driver while he was making a traffic stop. that officer still recovering months later. >> that stuff happens much more often than you might think. the florida highway patrol is releasing that particular video hoping to raise awareness for something they call "move over month." >> 60, 70, 80 miles per hour, motorists will travel that on any given highway at any given time. they'll see emergency vehicles pulled over, yet they won't get over. not only is it courtesy, it's also the law to prevent scenes like this. the video is dramatic, hard to watch, three months ago trooper matt mickens stopped a driver
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he's thrown to the front of his car, barely able to make it to a knee, face bloodied, a crushed pelvis. he radios for help. excruciating pain buckles him to the ground. ten minutes later the driver finally gets out, never renders aid. >> traveling at 60, 70 miles an hour. it didn't look like he slowed down. >> reporter: it's a brutal reminder that january is move-over month. since 2002 it's the law to vacate the lane closest to emergency vehicles, slow your speed at 20 miles per hour under the posted limit and allow others to move over. >> since 1999 over 200 officers have been killed in traffic stops like this. >> reporter: last year in broward county almost 2,900 citations issued. miami-dade, 3600 citations with 19 wreckss and five injuries. moving over is the law and a
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scenes like this. not moving over will get you a citation worth $165, in miami-dade, $179. that driver in the video, he was arrested. by 595 in davie, keith jones, nbc 6 news. >> it's tough because you see that piece of video and it makes you feel like maybe it's an isolated incident. there were9 of those collisions in the last year. it gives you a aidea of how often it does happen. >> when you're driving, you see it for yourself. people don't move over. nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> right now at 5:00, police in coconut grove are on the hunt for a gunman who shot two women. find out exactly who they're looking for and how the victims are doing this morning. one person is dead annual several others behind bars after a nearly month-long standoff in oregon. what turned out to be a cuddly little creature gives one
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her life. good morning to you everybody. your time is 4:59. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. imagine waking up this morning and there is an exotic animal laying on your chestst >> it's a kinkajou just so you know. meteorologist erika delgado with your forecast. aren't you glad you didn't wake up with a kinkakau. >> not on wednesday mornings when the radar is active. only on the weekends when you have time to recover. 4:59, our live first alert doppler is pretty active. we're seeing heavy rain from coral springs along i-95 along the plantation area. a strong batch to the south of lauderhill. some showers approaching areas of 95.
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