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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  January 27, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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everything still remaininin the everglades. the heaviest of the rain remains out towards the west. we'll take a zoomed-out look. a strong line of thunderstorms continue to push towards the area, providing wind gusts of 40 to 50 miles per hour. it continues to push towards the northeast. locally we are okay. temperatures near 74 degrees in miami, 76 degrees in t t ft. lauderdale area. we'll need the umbrellas all day long. hopefully giving you extra time. >> right now we're accident-free in miami, dade and broward county. the express lanes were blocked off because of construction on i-95. 50 cents right now at this time. let's take you to our maps. if you're headed out the door, what you have to wor about is on the palmetto expressway, you'll have two lanes of traffic completely blocked off.
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of northwest 135th street, three lanes shut down but not affecting your morning drive. we can see green from your first alert traffic maps. you have three lanes shut down on i-75 southbound on griffin road. police looking for a gunman after two women were shot in coconut grove. nbc 6 reporter michael spears live at jackson memorial hospital. from what we understand, those women are recovering in stable condition. do we have any idea what led to those two women being shot? >> reporter: we don't, eric. that is the big question this morning. search for we are learning information about the two women. we heard one woman is mother to a 7-year-old boy, the other is a 63-year-old army veteran, both shot in coconut grove. have a look at this video. this is the car that one of the women was in when she was shot last night.
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witnesses was walking on the sidewalk nearby. again, a drive-by shooting unfoldidi around 9:30 p.m., the 3500 block of thomas avenue. at this time we don't have official names. we spoke to witnesses and they're telling us a 63-year-old woman, the other just 27. >> i heard the shots out inhe middle. i told my cousin, those aren' gunshots. then she saidid yes. my daughter was on the phone hysterical. >> reporter: details on the suspect vehicle is still very lited this morning. we know from witnesses that apparently whoever fired these shots fired from a dark colored vehicle. again, not much to go on. we're making calls to try to find out more information to see what the updates are with the investigation from police. in the meantime it's always with the cases, it's important to hear from the community. ppice say if you know
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do so through crime stoppers, 305-471-tips. michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> michael, thank you so much. nbc 6 also on breaking news this time out of seattle. two people are dead, three others undergoing surgery after a shooting at a homeless camp near downtown seattle. the police chief there believes the shooting w w not random. they think therere were targets specifically here. there's been growing pressure to deal withhe homeless rate in the city. police are on the hunt for two people in connection to the shooting. all roads in that area right now are closed. also breaking for you overnight on this wednesday morning, one man is dead after a shooting standoff between oregon policeceand anti-government protesters occupying a wildlife refuge. c 6 reporter julia bagg is live at the breaking news desk with more. we're getting details on that deadly shooting from the fbi as the agency moved in to make arrests on protesters
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we know one otherperson was injured but is expected to survive. a 54-year-old arizona rancher is dead, robert lavoy sin come. his daughter confirmed he was shoto death. she says he stressed he would not pull a gun on officers unless they pulled a gun. an arrest of at least eight people, brothers eamon and ryan bundy. they were protesting the sentencing of tworanchers nvicted of arson. they started occupying the wildlife refuge onjanuary 2nd. they're angry over what they call a government overreach on federal lands. as the occupation wore on, local residents demanded an end. >> it's ti for you to go home! [ cheers and applause ] >> the bundys are the sons of
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controversial standoff over land rights. >> two cars up in flames along i-95. the video was shot at northwest 119th street. he instagramed this saying he was at the right place at the right time and was able to help miami-dade fire crews. the cars were parked in the emergency lane when one caught fire and the other one caught fire. thehelames are incredible there. luckily no one was hurt. now to a story you'll only see on 6 this morning, a suspicious person sets off a security scare at a south florida day care. you can imagine what the moms and dads were thinking at this point, a janitor encountered an unknown person yesterday inside the first baptist church in pompano beach. surveillance video is showing this unidentified man slipping out the back door. just as a precaution, bso put that day care on lockdown, swept the building to make sure no one was left behind and no one was hiding in there.
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into the building. churchgoers say it's possible he came in during the church's night services and no one noticed. it doesn't appear anything was stolen and no one was hurt. the judge couldn't help but laugh at some of the antics of andyulysse. he was first arrested on a warrant tut of georgia. police were talking to him -- taking him rath tore jail when he kicked out the window of a police cruiser on the palmetto expressway. police say he stole a van andd sideswiped a police vehicle before they caught him again in a parking lot of a walgreens. the miami-dade judud ordered him held on bond on several new charges.s. he will have to go to georgia to face felony charges of kidnapping and fooir arm
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. police found a man and his son sufferingg from chemical exposure back in 2011. police are saang bare hone nah dosed his son with acid and shis son was having seizures. investigators later found his adopted daughter dead in the back of his pickup truck. he is going to face a separate trial in connection with her death. new details this morning on the lawsuit involving former florida state quarterback jameis winston. we know who is exactly paying the bill for the settlement. the fsu booster group is expected to pay $1.3 million of the $1.7 million legal fees. the state's risk management fees will pay the rest including $950,000 owed to erica kinsman and her attorneys. this comes from kinsman's claim that the university failed to respond properly to her accusations that the former quarterback sexually assaulted her more than three years ago on campus.
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wednesday morning, 5:07. a lot more ahead. coming up, the countdown to the caucuses is on. find out how the candides are trying to sway voters in the final swech before iowa. we have a preview of the miami international boat show as it sails across the water to a brand new location. definitely want to grab the umbrellas this morning. when dropping the kids off, make sure they have the rain gear. tempepetures on the mild side, close to where we should be as far as our highs areconcerned, mostly cloudy skies, showers and possibly a few thunderstorms likely as you head out the door
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a look at south florida's only live radar on this wednesday morning. youan track the storms and rain that is sort of hit and miss. nbc 6 meteorologist erika delgadodo will have her full forecast of what's ahead for your bus stop and ride to work in a couple minutes. donald trump threatening to boycott tomorrow night's republican debate because of a feud with f news. meanwhile bernie sanders detouring from the campaign trail for an oval office sit-down with president obama. nbc's tracie potts is tracking politics. fresh off two key endorsements, donald trump says he's skipping thursdadas debate because he think it is moderator
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>> fox news, wonderful, wonderful place, fox news. >> reporter: fox calls, quote, tearization of kelly unprecedented. at the time cruz is challenging trump to a one-on-one. >> i want you to think how you would react if you were interviewing someone for a job and they said, you know what, i'm not willing to show up for the interview. >> by skipping the debebe, he's being a rebel, a renegade. some iowans may wonder why are you quitting. >> reporter: hillary clinton is toutingears of experience in a new ad. >> i've been on the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. >> reporter: bernie sanders tells voters turnout will make tt difference. >> if we have a large voter turnout, we'll win and we'll win big. >> reporter: he's m mting privately with president obama
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the white house says this meeting was fist discussed back in december, that it's private and there is no agenda. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. a group called united for care is optimistic medical marijuana will get enough signatures by the end of this week to make it onn the 2016 ballot. united for care says it's less than 20,000 signatures away from being on the 2016 ballot in november. any proposed balot measures need at least 683,000 signatures make it. this is the last week that any amendments can be considered for this year's vote. if approved, it has to get 60% of the vote to make law. you might recall two years ago in 2015, 58% of voters supported the amendment, two points shy of
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busy start to our wednesday. doppler radar more on the active side. we're seeing showers move through western portions of miami-dade county along the turnpike, as far east as sweetwater. let's jump in and get you out the door. broward county seeing more in the formf green than miami-dade is. we can see the showers along i-95 down into deerfifld beach and as far south as pompano. definitely the main rain event right now still remains out towards the west. we'll take a zoomed-out look. heavy rain entering western portions of miami-dade and broward county. the majority remaining out towards the gulf coast. you can see the line of thunderstorms continuing to track towards the north and east, providing 40 to 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts as it continues to move towards the east. as you can see, heavy rain ahead of it. it's behind it we're seeinthe strong winds as it pushes
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you can download our nbc 6 news and weather app as you head out the door this morning. you'll find our live and interactive radar and temperatures to get you out the door. 74 in miami, 76 into the ft. lauderdale area. we're calling for a mostly cloudy day. showers and thunderstorms likely throughout the day, including increase for storms as temperatures warm , possibly into the upper 70s. some areas hitting that 80-degree mark. a cold front remains across northern portions of florida. ahead of it lots of stability. lots of moisture because of the southeast wind we're dealing with. low pressure over the gulf of mexico. this will enhance our c cance of thunderstorms not only this afternoon but overnight tonight and into tomorrow night. we'll leave the thunderstorm chance with us throughout the next 24 hours. hour by hour, this is what w can expect. our in-house models having a hard time pking up on the strong line of thunderstorms. definitely know where the rain is right now as it continues to
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possibly dropping the kids at the bus stop, expecting showers to affect miami-dade and broward county. if your morning commute takes you out west, keep that in mind. keep the rain gear close because we're expecting scattered showers as the d goes on and a better chance for thunderstorms as the afternoon approaches. we'll see the next line of thunderstorms and showers over the gulf of mexico continue to push through the area as the day goes on. breezy conditions means a small craft advisory willll remain in effect for the gulf of mexico and also for the atlantic ters. heavy rain at times. give yourself extra time today. with any thunderstorms, we're expecting wind gusts to be a threat, from 40 to 50 miles per hour. taking a look ahead. tomorrow, another active day for us. cold front swings through. temperatures will be warm, but cooler and drier weather we're waiting for moves through friday and just in time for the weekend.
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now, first alert trafficeport with kelly. >> good morning, south florida. if you're heading out the road, roads are stitl dry around the area of northwest 103rd street. the ramp to northwest 103rd street blocked off because of construction. a couple other construction alerts, 195 westbound just fore biscayne boulevard, one right lane is blocked off. we had one eastbound lane blocked off. that cleared out of the way. this should be clearing within the next ten minutes. if you're headed out the dodoou know in broward county, i-75 southbound on griffin road three lanes of traffic blocked off. we were going to have construction on i-75 tonight, but because of the weather, they moved it to tomorrow.tamiami, nine minutes, 65 miles per hour. >> kelly, thank you so much. this morning the u.s. coast
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investigation into what caused a 06-foot boat to sink offshore in broward county. officials say the yacht began taking on water possibly because it ran aground near port everglades. time lapse video shows the final moments of the yacht sinking. there was some sort of explosion just before it went under. all 13 people were rescued. the yacht is a total loss. the south florida doctor at the center of a viral uber video speaking out for the very first time. >> [ bleep ]. >> her name is an jally ram ka soon. she told gossip extra she is working to clear her name. she'll be on "good morning america" later today to give her side of t te story. she confirmed she has been suspended from her clinical duties while jackson health in miami decides whether or not she's going to be fire
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public relations firm because this has gotten pretty big. the uber dver in that video decided not to press any charges. the return of recess is the topic on social v 6. parents and teachers pledging their support to make all recess mandatory in all south florida elememtary schools. for parents and grandparents who had recess, it's hard to imagine that some schools don't offer recess at all. a florida house subcommittee unanimously approved a bill tat would require schools to provide at least 20 minutes of recess a day for students kindergarten through fifth grade. under the bill, recess can't be taken away because of disciplinary or academic reasons. the legislatiti has a long way to go before it can become law. yesterday's committee was the first of three stops in the house. the bill has yet to be heard in the senate. in just a few weeks, the
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moving to a brand new location where it will showcase the best the boating word. >> sheli mentioned the brand new location. it seems not everybody is happy with that location. the miami international boat show will dock at the miem miemami -- supporters believe t t show will benefit the city in a big way by bringing in millions of dollars. >> give us a chance. i think we've demonstrated at a very high level our willingness and desire to be good neighbors. >> bringing in chemicals, creating shading with the docks for several months. all of this impacts this incredibly sensitive ecosystem. >> it's happening pretty quick here. the miami international boat show runs february 11th through the 15th. check of the time for you, 5:20. much more ahead. coming up, we bid farewell to one of the geat character
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to eat healthy flies out the window when they're stressed out. what do you think is the go-to comforttfood? pizza. 15% of more than 2,000 adults surveyed said pizza is their favorite comfort food. chocolate and ice cream tied in second place. hollywood lost another legendary actor. character actor abe i haveviggo da was best known for detective phil fish in "barney miller." he died in his sleep. he was in hospice care at the time. he was 94 years old when he passed. back street boys singer nick carter might not be getting his way hen he got into a bar fight. he's being sued by an employee he allegedly attacked and choked prior to his arrest. skyler car den claims in his
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him out of the bar for acting disrespectful, the pop star allegedly got aggressive. carter pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor battery in relation to the altercation. car den's attorney says the jury will decide the amount of damages that will be handed over. your time is 5:25 on this wednesday morning. when you're a really, really famous basketball player, you might think you always get what you want. >> especially when you're kobe bryant. take a look at this. during last night's game against the dallas mavericks, bryant couldn't find a seat. he told rookie forward larry nantz, junior, to take a seat on the floor. kobe in his final season, but letting the new generation know he is still in charge. you >> you know what, buddy? i'll sign that basketball for you after the game, too. >> move over. >> move over. >> it is 5:26 on your wednesday morning.
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next h hlf hour including this. >> police on the hunt for a man in a santa hat who hais has his the latest on the shooting in washington that@ killed two people and injured three more at a seattle homeless camp. a busy start to our wednesday. right now there is a tornado warning for collier county and also for monroe. you can see a strong line of thunderstorms continue to push towards the east. moving towards the northeast at 20 milil per hour providing wind
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in effect until 5:45 for
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