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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  January 27, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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dead and three are hurt after a shooting at a seattle homeless camp. who investigators say they're looking for this moing. two women shot in miami. we're live at jackson memorial hospital with an update on their conditions as police continue to search for the gunman. donald trump says he will not be on tomorrow's gop debate on fox news. hear why he's stepping out and where he'll go next. >> good morning everybody time is 5:30. i'm eric harryman. >> and i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this very active weather morningng we have seen an umbrella floating around the studio. you'll need one. >> some people were literally singing in the rain in the studio. for good reason. we're seeing raindrops out there. weave got umbrellas and people trying to protect themselves from raindrops all over the place. we'll definitely meade the rain gear as the rain goes on. right now picking up on a few
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the heaviest of the rain towards the west. zooming outlets get you out the door, all the rain approaching western portions of miami-dade into broward. the heaviest remains towards the west coast. there is a strong line of thunderstorms moving from west to east, moving towards the northeast at 30 miles per hour. right now t trere a tornado warning for collier county and out toward mainland monroe as the system continues to push towards the east. these storms are capable of producing wind gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. even though it's not here in miami, dade and broward county, you can see it is slowly but surely moving across south florida. keep an eye to the skies as the day goes on. you can download our nbc 6 news and weather app. this rain is expeccd to continue not only today but also into tomorrow. let's take a look at the roads now with the first alert traffic report withth kelly. >> i hope your morning is off to a good start.
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accident-free in miami, dade and browawd county. this is i-95 where we still have the on-ramp shut down at northwest 103rd because of construction. no issues southbound, the express lanes have reopened and are under a dollar at this time. let's take you to our first alert traffic maps. southbound just around miller drive, southwest 56th street, you'll still find two lanes of traffic blocked off for another five to ten minutes and also on 195 westbound just before biscayne boulevard. i-75 at griffin road, three lanes completely blocked off. kelly, thank you so much. police looking for a gunman after two women were shot in coconut grove. nbc 6 reporter michael spears lili at jackson memorial hospital where both of those women right now are recovering. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning.
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one of the witness identified one of the two women shot as 27-year-old ryeisha watson. we're told by witnesses she's a mother to a 7-year-old son. this morning she's recovering at jackson memorial hospital. we're told she's in serious condition but is stable. that's the same condition and update we have for the second victim who witnesses say is a 63-year-old army veteran. also serious and stable. prior to what happened we're told by investigators they were called out to the 3500 block of thomas avenue around 9:3030 p.m. we're told one woman was shot, one in a car, the othern the sidewalk when someone drove up and fired from a dark-colored victim. right now no one in custody. police still searching for whoever is responsible. again, details limited as far as the shooter.
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dark-colored vehicle. that's why police say if you know anything, they wanto hear from you, to help make arrests of the two women who were shot. outside jackson memorial hospital, michael spears, nbc 6 news. we'll talk to you again at the top of the hour. breaking news overnight out of seattle. last check there were two confirmed deaths and three injuries related to a shooting that happened outside downtown seattle. sheli is at the breaking news desk with more. >> police are saying the victims lived in an encampment and the shooting was very targeted. police received a call and found that five people had been shot, all of them were homeless. one person died at the scene. thehether four were taken to the hospital and two remain in critical condition, the third in serious condition and one did die. >> the seattle police partment realtime crime center activated,
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now to help identify p@tential suspects. suspect locations. our homicide unit is workrkg, conducting interviews of witnesses at this point. >> this happening in seattle. there's been growing pressure to deal with the homeless rate in that city as of now. no one has been arrested. police say there are two persons of interest in the shooting. also breaking for you ernight, the man that led an armed occupation of a federal wilife refuge in oregon is behind bars. the fbi was saying one person was killed and another i iured after shots were fired during the arrest process. all of these men in custody will be facing felony conspiracy chargeses just into the nbc 6 newsroom this morning, this mugshot of the guy police say crashed into several police cars.
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police say he was drunk when all this happened and it happened late last night when one driver lost control of a car at southwest 8th street and 32nd avenue leaving a trail of damage behind it. luckily there no one was seriously hurt. right now it's 5:36. this morning police are looking for somebody they're calling a botox bandit who decided to take on a plastic surgery center in miami-dade. unfortunately there were some very clear wrinkles in his plan, pun intended. surveillance video shows this guy wearing a santa hat yesterday morning, loading a garbage can with $20,000 worth of botox a syringes, too. a doctor at that clinic says botox is highly sought@ after on the black market as you can imagine. if you recognize this man, you're asked to call crime stop pers, 305-471-tips. the u.s. government has announced new regulations that go into effct today.
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for t first time in decades, american company also be able to sell non-agricultural goods to cuba cuba. travel restrictions also relaxed, making films, organizing professional conferences or working on airlines or cruise ships can go to cuba. traveling to cuba without qualifying underhe categories still against the law. now a story trending overnight on the nbc 6 news and weather app. imagine king up to this little guy snugging up next to y trying to keep warm because it's raining out there. that's exactly what happened to this woman in miami. mind you this woman is over 100 years old. >> i have so many questions i don't know where to begin. this story, you hear it and think, only in florida. >> that's exactly what we were thinking this morning. this elderly woman, she is safe. sounds like she was dreaming, right? this is for real. she woke up to a r rn forest mammal cudding with her right on
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her family says it seemed to be a cross between a monkey and a cat. the frightened mom made a frantic call for help. >> i was awake end by a phone call at 2:00in the morning, which is never good news. it was from my terrified mother-in-law. >> she's okay. it turns out the animal is a female kinkajou named banana. the family lured her into a pet carrier with food and took her to a veterinarian who specializes in exotic animals. banana's owners are expecd to pick her up today. coming up, hear what the family wants the owners to know. >> yes, to keep it -- >> you've got to wonder. he's so cute. you have to wonder, does he have teeth? and if yes, how big are those teeth? kinkajou. i'm going to look it up and bring that to you in the next half hour. your time is 5:39.
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california cliff-hanger, literally anxiety along the pacific as residents are literally living on the edge. a roman take rendezvous turned into something very, very how an online date almost cost a florida man his life. souwh florida, we're dealing with heavy rain and thunderstorms out towards the gulf coast. for us, we're seeing a few of the light showers across the western portions and even some suburbs across broward county. some of the hours making their way across miami-dade county. we're expecting wetet roads as the day goes on. how are they looking, kelly. >> so far on the palmetto expressway, traffic moving along here at 61 miles per hour. 826 eastbound making your way a
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golden glades to downtown. we're following the rain very, very closely. download the app and you can follow it as well. we'll be talking with erika in just a couple minutes. only one republican debate left before the iowa caucus and donald trump says hell sit this out. the upcoming den bate will have one less candidate. that's because trump's campaign manager says he won't be there. trump has criticized fox news for, quote, playing gameme and including memenyn kelly. a close fight in iowa between democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders. sanders will be at the white house today meeting with president obama. in northern california this morning, evacuations amid a real life cliff-hanger. take look at some of this video behind me. a neighborhood literally hanging on the edge as the most powerful el nino on record is starting to
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below their homes. nbc's gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: on the california coast just a few feet separate these apartments from disaster, the building hanging in the balance and michael mchenry hanging on to what he has left. the surf breaks so hard when it comes up, the whole place shakes. >> reporter: the structure that once allowed hi such stunning views is teetering on the edge of oblivion. still, despite evacuation orders, five of the 20 residents living here are refusing to leave. >> i have nowhere to go, so i will be here. >> reporter: the severe erosion blamed on el nino. this is what pacifica looked like in 1997. this is what it looks like today. >> we knew this day was going to come. >> reporter: the city council approved an emergency declaration allowing pacific to
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know to fight coastal erosion. strong storms in 1998 booted several homes off this cliff. in 2010 two buildings were evacuated and condemned. this season, torrential downpours might help relieve california's historic drought, but pacific ka is feeling the downside, quite literally. >> el nino pretty much guarantees we'll have more numerous storms. that's a pounding effect on the coastal area and more chances for beach erosion. >> reporter: for michael mchenry, it's not just his home but his life that seems to be collapsing. street. this ocean, if it wants us, it's going to come take us. we don't have the power to slow it down or stop it. >> reporter: he's moving his belongings but has no place else to stay, in this town tired of living on the edge. south florida, 5:45 on this busy wednesday morning.
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we need to jump into our live first alert doppler. you can see exactly what we're dealing with so far on this wednesday morning. we are beginning to see some heavy rainfall across western portions of broward county, and it continues to move towards the northeast. definititly want to grab the rain gear as you head out the door this morning. taking a zoomed-out look, moving at about 20 to 25 miles per hour. a lot of the heavy rain encompassing western portions of broward county, some across the western suburbs of broward. miami-dade, just a few light showers moving through. behind me, what we continue to keep an eye on, a line of thunderstorms from collier county into mainland monroe. the tornado warn that had been issued has expired burks there is a significant weather advisory because the thunderorm is capable of producing water spouts offshore.
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put things into motion. providing wind gusts behind this system up to 40 miles per hour. definitely something to keep an eye on. definitely holding together now that it is moving through south florida. you can download our nbc 6 news and weather app assou head out the door this morning. i know many of us are on the go because it is wednesday. we have work to get to. rain gear, want to keep that handy, not only today but into tomorrow, taking a look at % temperatures quickly, 74 in miami, 76 in ft. lauderdale area. basically all of our sunshine state dealing with heavy rain and strong thunderstorms from central florida into the florida bay. the tornado warn that had been issued for collier county and mainland monroe has expired at 5:45. first alert forecast calling for rainy day, stormy conditions and thunderstorms expected. some of the thunderstos could provide strong wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour.
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down to the keys, upper 70s, a breezy southeast wind is what we'll continue to deal with. right now thiss an area where there's a second weather advisory because of a thunderstorm capable of produce water spouts and wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. we have a boundary over us. gulf of mexico low pressure system continues to push towards the east, really adding to the instability that w wre already dealing with across much of our sunshine state. i want to take a look at what we can expect as far as the main threats for today. marine conditions, small craft advisory will remain in effect for the gulf of mexico and the atlantic waters. also a high risk of r currents along atlantic beaches from palm beach into dade. of course, with any thunderstorms, strong winds up to 40 to 50 miles per hour are possible and lightning will be the main threat with these thunderstorms. keep that in mind. keep an eye to the sky as you head out the door today. looking ahead, another active day in storere for thursday. still warm temperatures. the cold front finally swings through and we a expecting
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friday and just in time for our weekend. let's take a look at the roads now. first alert traffic report. >> the good news is we are accident-free. as far as major roads, accidents with no roadblock. starting to get busy out there on the pallmetto expressway. these are your southbound names and northbound lanes towards i-75. construction has cleared up in both counties. monroe seeing no issue whatsoever. over to broward county, let's see what's going on. i-95 these are southbound,nd this is north of c cress creek road. both these cameras not spotting any showers. today and tomorrow won't be th prettiest of days. head out the door with plenty of time this morning and pack that rain gear. the dozens of bodies dug out to be examined at the dozier school for boys will be laid to
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the arthur g. dozier school for boys in the florida panned handle was closed in 2011 after former students accused authorities of physical and sexual abuse. four state officials have been asked to plan a memorial as well as provided 7,500 per body for funeral expenses. the texas teenager who used the affluenza defense in a deadly dui case could be returning the the united states as early as the endf this week. ethan couch has dropped his deportation appeal in mexico. he left the united states last year in september violating his probation for killing four people three years ago, back in 2013. couch avoided prison when his attorneys successfully argued his privileged lifestyle prevented him from knowing right from wrong. wll be keeping track of this one very closely and let you know whether or not he makes it back to texas, his home state, by the end of the week. president obama called it an epidemic
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abuse. today on capitol hill lawmakers hopipi a committee hearing will lead to action from congress. the centers for disease control recently reported the death rate related to this te of drug abuse has spiked 200% in the last 14 years. >> big numbers there. 5:51 on this wednesday. still ahead a near-death enenunter for a florida man
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app.ter trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn.
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welcome back. your time on this wednesday morning is 5:54. online dating is more popular than it ever has been before, but what was supposed to be, anyway, a reman tick rendezvous turned into something very, very different for a polk county man just out of tampa. rasean scarlet picked a mutual meeting place outside of tampa to meet his online acquaintance
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there, his quote, unquote, date attacked him. theyade him lie face down on the ground and put a gun to his head. they took his wallet, cell phone and car. officials right now say they're investigating exactly what happened out there. back here in miami, miami ppice are searching for four men who were caught on home surveillance ransackckng an apartment in little havana. the crime was reported on saturday over the weekend while the homeowner and her family thankfully were out of town. the crooks came in through an unlocked kitchen window and stole a couple pieces of jewelry. homeowners say thatjewelry was valued at a little more than $1,000. a judge decided a key west man planning to detonate a bomb on a beach there is competent to stand trial. law enforcement says harlem suarez was planning to detonate a bomb as part of an isis-inspired attack. a defense attorney and federer prosecutors said in a joint court filing he is mentally t. suarez is facing charges of
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mass destruction and terrorism support. he was arrested last july. his trial now starts in april. all right. your time right now is four minutes to the top of the hour. we're working on a whole lot more news for our next hour of news on nbc 6. two women shot and at this point no suspects in custody. this morning detectives need your help too try to track down the people responsible for that. our team keepinin close watch on social media out of eastern oregon where the militia standoff took a deadly turn. arrests were made and one person is dead. julia is tracking it. her next report just minutes away. we're expecting an active day as far as weather i concerned, seeing heavy rain across western portions of broward county and some as far east as deerfield beach along i-95. miami-dade western suburbs continuing to see the rain. this line of thunderstorms moving too the northeast between 25 and 35 miles per hour.
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effect not for us but for collier county and mainland monroe until 6:15 as the system pushes to the northeast. you can always download our nbc 6 news and weather app as you head out the door. you'll find live radar and current conditions in your area. you know when you're looking at all that orange and yellow and red on there, it's going to be a little nasty. a quick reminder, our nbcc 6 news
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