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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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downloadd i i for good wednesday morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. it's 6:000on the nose right now, january 27th. you might want to grab your umbrella. also, if you haven't done it already, download our nbc 6 app. a live look from first alert doppler radar. we're tracking the possibility ofoftrong storms over the next couple days. nbc 6 meteorologist erika delgado tracking the rain and possible severe storms on a very active morning. >> good morning. you're absolutely right. the storm prediction center put us in marginal risk of severe storms today and tomorrow ahead
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we're seeing the rain, our live first alert doppler radar, heavy rain across coral springs and tamarac. the rain has been non-stop near deerfield beach. the heaviest right now still remains out towards the western areas of broward county and miami-dade. that goes for much of the everglades everglades. we continue to keep an eye on the thunderstorms as they push towards the northeast at 25 to 30 miles per hour. there is a tornado warning, not for miami-dade and not for broward, but for collier county and mainland monroe until 6:15. you can see exactly this line of thunderstorms providing strong ind gusts as they push through south florida. you'll needthe rain gear and also don't forget to download our nbc 6 news and weather app as you head out the door and keep aneye to the sky through the rest of the day. let's take a look at the r/ads now with miss kelly.
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we have an accident on i-95 northbound. these are northbound lanes at northwest 151st street approaching the golden glades interchange we have an accident blockinin at least one lane. keep that in mind as you're making your way out the door. no major issues as you make your way southbound. express lanes under $3.00 at this time. a nine.minute ride from golden glades to miami. right now on the 826 southbound traffic moving along at 61 miles per hour around the area of red road. right now from the big curve to okeechobee, a five-minute ride. we have a broken down car on i-95 sououbound at -- detectives scoured the scenes looking at who may be behind the shooting of two
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michael spears is live at the these women. police will need the public's help with this one. >> that's right. because the details as far as who fired and where they fired from, the vehicle description very vague. you said it, just within the last hour we learned both of these women are mothers, both recovering at the hospital in serious condition but stable at this time after bebeng shot in the drive-by shooting last night. have a look. there a brand new picture at 6:00 a.m. 06 one of the victims o witnesses at the scene identified as 27-year-old ryeisha watson, a mother to 57-year-old57a 7-year-old son. the other woman, a 63-year-old army veteran is also recovering this morning. as far as what happened and why, around 9:30 last night along homas avenue, shots rang out from a car.
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two women, again, 63 years old, 27 years old. we spoke to witnesses who rushed to help after hearing those shots and saw the two victimson the ground. take a listen. >> terrifying. they were both in pain. i'm still shaking from the situation. it's too close to home. >> who w wld shoot an elderly woman. she don't need to be getting shot up like that. >> right, right. >> reporter: at this time mime m police say if you know anything about this shooting, givehem a call. there are no people in custody. as always anonymously you can speak with crime stoppers, 305-471-tips. we're live outside jackson memorial hospital oopsz, michael spears, nbc 6 news. also working our sources right now to get you the very latest information on a breaking story out of seattle. ththgs continue to develop out there. a manhunt happening as we speak for two people in connection with a deadly shooting that happened at a homeless camp just outside the downtown area.
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dead and sending three other people to the hospit immediately. police are searching that area by air and nd. all roads surrounding that perimeter are closed right now. the sithooting comes as city leaders are dealing with a homeless crisis in the city of seattle. one man is dead, several othhs arrested in a standoff at a federal wildlife reserve. julia bagg is live at the breaking news deskith the latest on those developments. >> we've been monitoring social media from oregon where this is happening. we know at least some protesters re calling for a peaceful resolution following this dead clash with police. i want to show you a tweet. you see here from a reporter with the local nbc station there. she tweeted video of a man on the phone with the fbi as that agency offers safe passage. his name is jason patrick, one of those inside the compound.
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all the way from georgiafter he heard about the standoff a month ago. other tqeets show overnight roadblocks and armored trucks closing in on the area. here is something else to show you, 54-year-old robert lavoy finicum died when officers opened fire last night. one other person was injured but is expected tourvive. the fbi and police showed up to arrere protesters occupying the refuge. finicum's daughter told nbc news her father hoped for a peaceful resolutionand emphasized he would not pull a gun on officers unless they did. finicum also told nbc news in an interview early this month that he preferred death to jail. brothers eamon and ryan bundy are behind bars this morning. they're angry over what they see as a government overreach on federal land. as the protest wore on, people who lived near there demanded
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>> it's time for you to go home! [ cheers and applause ] >> eight people have been arrested in the standoff so far. again, one person was injured but is expected to be okay, aside from that man who was killed. authorities plan to charge all the arrested people with a felony charge of conspiracy to impede officers of the united states from discharging their official duties through the u uorce, intimidation or threat. eric and sheli, we'll keep an eye on this. the video here you're looking at was shot last night by a miami police officer at northwest 119th street. he instagramed that he happened to be at the right place ad the right time and was able to help miami-dade fire crews t. cars were parked in the emergency lane when they caught fire. luckily, no one hurt. boycotting the debate. gop front-runner donald trump says he will not participate in the last debate before the iowa caucuses.
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rivals from issuing a challenge. nbc 6 catches up with a
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national it is 6:11. this is what you're waking up to. all the color there means storms are passing through both miami and broward-dade. you can track the storms on the nbc news and weather app. you can zoom into your neighborhood and tell when the bbnt of the showers are going to hit you, but definitely in broward and miami dade. donald trump says he's skipping tomorrow's republican debate which has ted cruz wanting a one-on-one battle. meanwhile bernie sanders goes to
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for nbc 6, tracie potts is live in washington breaking it all down for us. tracie, trump is not going to be there, huh? >> reporter: no. he said he's going to do an event to raise money for military families. he's leading in follows, gotten endorsements from jerry fallwell pulling away evangelicals and share ref al pie i don't. >> fresh off two key endorsements, donald trump says he's skipping thursday's debate because he thinks the fox moderator is unfair. >> fox ws, right? wonderful, wonderful place. fox news, it's wonderful. >> reporter: fox calls trump's, quote, terrorizations of megyn kelly unprecedented. tend cruz who seemed to have a lock on iowa is challenging trump to a one-on-one. >> i want you to think how you would react if u were interviewing someone for a job
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i'm not willing to show up for the interview. >> he may be okay, but some iowans may be okay. >> the democrats are also fighting for an iowa win. hillary clinton touting years of experience in a new ad. >> i've been the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. >> bernie sanders told voters turnout will make the difference. >> if we have a large voter turnout, we wi win and we'll win big. >> reporter: he's meeting privately with president obama at the white house today. >> that's a meeting actually discussed back in december. we're told from the white house it will be a private meeting in the oval office with no agenda. in washington, i'm tracie potts, nbc 6 news. a group called united for care optimimiic at this point that medical marijuana will get enough siatures by the end of this week to make it on the 2016 ballot.
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marijuana group saysthey're less than 20,000 signatures away from being on the 2016 ballot. any proposed ballot measures need to gain at least 683,000 signatures in order to be there. so this week is the last week that any amendments can be considered for this year's vote. if it is approved, it has to get 60% of the vote to be made a law. you might recall two years ago in 2014, 58% of voters supported that amendment. that is two points shy of passing. all right, south florida, 6:14. busy day. our live first alert doppler radar, all the way down into the cooper city area. gusty showers from deerfield beach to ocean reef, providing
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let's take a zoomed-out look because there's plenty of rain to go around. miami-dade, other than light showers from hialeah and miami gardens, things okay so far, the heaviest of the rain still remains out towards the west. we continue to keep an eye on a line of storms that pushed through the gulf of mexico early today. you can see where the heavy rain is coming from, everything continuing the push from the northeast 25 to 35 miles per hour. ahead of this system, a line of storms with plenty of heavy rain to go around. we'll take a look at what wwre dealing with as far as the rest of the sunshine state, the line of storms continues to track towards the northeast, quickly moving, also providing frontal clouds and a tornado warning remains in effect for collier county and also mainland monroe. actually, it just expired. there it is, still effect until
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for broward county, miami-dade, no watches or r rnings in effect effect. you can download our nbc 6 app. there you'll find the radar and find current conditions in your area. right now 74 degrees in miami. 76 in f lauderdale. also in opa-locka thrgh pembroke pines as well. for yours first alert forecast, continuing to have rain through the early morning hours. strong storms are expected. the storm prediction center has placed us into marginal risk from strong thunderstorms today and tomorrow. with sere thunderstorms, strong winds are possible with wind gusts as high as 40 to 50 miles per hour. why the active day? a cold front over northernn florida. low pressure over the gulf of mexico. plenty of instability and the moisture is present as well. as the temperatures continue to warm up as the day goes on, that will help also build some strong thunderstorms across the area. the main threats today other than the gusty winds and
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thunderstorms, marine conditions because of those breezy conditions, small craft advisory will remain in effect for the gulf of mexico and the atlantic waters until at least this evening. they may extend into tomorrow. also high risk of rip currents along atlantic beaches. we'll take a look at what we can expect for tomorrow. another active day as far as showers and thunderstorms expected. the cold air doesn't arrive until friday. low 70s for a high and it looks like the nice conditions will linnr into this upcoming weekend. let's check on the roads now. first aler trafficlert with kelly blanco. >> if you're headed out the door, don't forget the rain gear and to leave your house a little earlier. nothing is wrong with the palmetto expressway. no accidents on the palmetto, 836, this is southbound at 122nd street where traffic is moving fine. we have a crash on i-95 northbound approaching the golden glades interchange oochs. let's take you to broward county.
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fhp is reporting an accident blocking two of your lanes on i-95 northbound and hollywood boulevard. this is around the area of sheridan street where traffic seems to be moving fine northbound and southbound. two lanes blocked off on hollywood boulevard. >> kelly, thank you so much. your time right now is 6:18. breaking news right now out of new orleans. take a look at livepictures. what we understand is happening is a six-alarm fire is not something we hear about very often. it gives you an idea ofthe magnitude they're dealing with. >> this is an occupied building near canal street in downtown new orleans. the concern is it could spread to a nearby bigenho tell. we'll keep youposted as investigators talk to the media there there. a suspicious person sets off a security scare at a south florida day care. you can imagine how moms and dads are feeling at that point.
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unknown person inside the first baptist church in pompano beach. surveillance video shows the man slipping out the back door. no one noticed. as a precauauon, they put the day care on ckdown and swept the building. it is not clear exactly how this guy got into the building, but people that go to that church say it's possle he came into the building during the church's night services and nobody noticed. it doesn't appear anything was stolen and no one was hurt. this morning the u.s. coast guard is continuing the investigation into what caused a 106-foot boat to sink in broward county. officials say the yacht began taking on water, possibly because it ran aground near port everglades. time lapse video shows you the final moments of the luxury yacht sinking there. a coast guard plane actually captured this video which shows some sort of explosion just before it went down. what you're looking at here are the 13 people that were rescued. sea tow ft. lauderdale says the yacht is a total loss.
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legendary actor. as of this morning,character actor abe vigoda passed away, well known for his role in the first two "godfather" movies and phil fish in "barney miller." according to his daughter, he died in his sleep. he was 94 years old when he passed. checking the time for you, 6:20 on your wednesday morning. florida parents fighting to get their kids out of the classroom. why there's a push to bring back recess the sunshine state. a south florida thief will likely find himself on santa's
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we'll tell
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miami international boat show is moving to a brand new location where it will showcase the best of the boating world. i think this is so cold. the miami international boat show will be in key biscayne this time around. a major concern for a lot of people including the cy's mayor is the possible impact on the environment. supporters believe the show will benefit the city by bringing millions of dollars to the economy. the miami international boat show is february 11th through the 15th. 6:24. the south florida doctor at the center of a viral uber video is speaking out for the very first time. >> [ bleep ]. >> anjali ramkissoon told gossip extra she she's laying low and working to clear her point. the neurology student will be on good"good morning america" this morning to give her side of the story.
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been suspended while jackson health is deciding whether she'll be fired altogether. she hired a lawyer and a public relations firm to deal with him. the uber driver in that video has decided not to press any charges. back street boys singer nick carter may not pbe getting his way after getting into a bar fight in key west. carter is being sued by an employee he allegedly attacked and choked prior to his arrest. skyler car den reports after he attempted to escort carter out of the saloon, the unruly pop star g aggressive. earlier this month carter pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor battery charge in relation to an altercation. normally you would be happy to get people calling to offer super bowl tickets. when you get that call, yod be happy about it. >> this time around, not so cool. one guy in colorado was part of a very cruel prank.
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his best friends. this guy was apparently flooded with phone calls offering super bowl tickets in exchange for his home in denver. he wasn't e eactly sure what was happening. after some sleuthing on his part, he figured out his house had been listed in several newspers as a swap. you give me tickets to the super bowl, i'll give you my house. as it turns out, a friend of his set up the pran after losing a bet over the broncos-steelers play-off game. a 2,100 square foot house in exchange for two tickets to the super bowl. >> he's looking for tickets and new friends. >> i think probably new friends shshld go before the tickets. your time is 6:26. nbc 6, continue to get updates on a mass shoong at a homeless camp in seattle. what police are telling us right now. >> we'll be talking about that in just a minute. so an online encounter sparks a romantic rendezvous or it was supposs to be.
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when he arrived at the meetetng place, it turned into something different. >> we're learning more about an accidents that ended with an officer in the hospital and a man behind bars. you can see behind me our live first alert doppler, some areas continuing to see rain. we continue e keep an eye on the thunderstorms as it
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rtheast. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella - spread the happy! . good morni. we are tracking rain and potentially strong storms over the next couple days. for more, let's check in with eric who is standing by with nbc
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>> a reason i'm holding this as aa reminder because of what's behind us there, erika. broward and miami-dade people will get hit with itense rain. >> at some point. miami-dade northern areas beginning to see some of the shower activity. don't forget to download the nbc you head out the door. there you'll find our l le interactive radar and current conditions to get you through the day. we are expecting a busy day across much of south florida. cold front along the way, lots of instability. heavy rain across portions of deerfield beach, coral springs into tamarac. the rain here not really reaching the ground. keep that in mind that even though it's encompassing much of broward county, theighter green is not reaching the ground. the yellow and orange is definitely seeing rain in that area. let's take a zoomed-out look to see what is going on. you can see miami-dade deeling
6:26 am
into miami lakes and even miami gardens. let's zook out again and put things into motion. continuing the the northeast between 25 andnd 30 miles per hour. there is a tornado warning in effect for mainland monroe as the system continues to push towards the northeast. these thunderstorms are capable of producing wind gusts from 30 to 40 miles per hour. again, no watches and warnings in effect for us here in miami-dade and broward county. we will continue to monitor the situation for you. 74 in miami, 76 in ft. lauderdale. the next few hours looking cloudy. want to keep those umbrellas close. let's take a look at the roads now, first in the traffic report with miss kelly. >> we have an accident in broward county on i-95 northbound. if you're heading out the door, these are the delies on i-95 around pembroke road. southbound looking better. northbound is goingngo be a
6:27 am
that crash on i-75 northbound and hollywood boulevard. you may want to stick to the turnpike or u.s. 1 instead let's take you to our maps. if you're headed out the door, a hot spot on the turnpike from southwest 137th avenue to caribbean boulevard, about an 11-minute commute ahead of you. on the 8282 from the big curve to okeechobee, six minutes with traffic moving at 50 miles per hour. we had an earlier accident on i-95 northbound approaching golden glades. that crash now off to the shoulder. thank you so much. it's 6:33 on your wednesday morning. erika and i were in the weather center holding an umbrella. julia is out in the thick of it. >> julia, where are you and what do you see? >> reporter: we just got in the
6:28 am
the intersection of 595 planning to go west on alligator alley. i've got my rain gear on. we've got the windshield wipers going. pretty strong rain falling along the miramar parkway and here lik erika was describing. you'll want to take extra care. here we're headed now is where she told me would be some of the strongest thunderstorms pushing through the northwest part of broward county shortly. we're going to keep an eye on that for you, make sure you take care on the roads as you said and keep your eyes cked on nbc 6 and also on our nbc 6 news and ather app so you can find out where the wor trouble spots are. >> julia, thank you so much. we'll check in again with you in a couple minutes. gunfire rings out in coconut grove in a community there. when neighbors go to look outside, they see two women have been shot. this morning those two women are being treated at the hospital. as we speak, nbc reporter
6:29 am
jackson memorial hospital where the women were listed in stable condition. michael, has there been any change in that o are they still in stable condition? >> reporter: change. still stable, both still in serious condition. recovering after being shot in coconut grove. two women we've learned this morning are both mothers. we have learned from witnesses on scene, onef the victims identified as 27-year-old ryeisha watson, the mother of a 7-year-old. the second victim is a 63-year-old who witnesses on scene tell us in army veteran, both shot last night around 9:30 in the evening. 3500 block of thomas avenue near grand avenue. miami police say this is a drive-by shooting. at this time police are still searching for the shooter. we don't have anything as far as a motive or what led up to this. witnesses last night describing a very chaotic and very terrifying scene. take a listen. >> i heard the shots, in the
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at first i said that's not no gunshots. they say yes, it is, they're shooting. my phone went ringing, my daughter calling me on the phone hysterical. >> reporter: right now details are limited. witnesses able to just describeb a dark-colored vehicle as the vehicle that shots were fired from. very limited information. that's why this morning miami police say if you know anything they want to hear from you immediately or you can do so anonymously through crime stoppers. michael spears, nbc 6 news. breaking news overnight out of seattle. police confirmed two people % killed, three were hurt after a shooting at a homeless camp just outside the downtown area of that city. sheli at the breaking news desk with more details there. >> now we know those victims were targeted for who they were according to police. it happened in a wooded area at a homeless camp in seattle.
6:31 am
found five people shototall of them were homeless. one woman died at the scene. another man died at the hospital. the three other people who were shot are in surgery. two victims remain in critical condition while the third is in serious condition. >> we don't think they were targeted because they're homeless. they were targeted specifically because of who they were. >> so somebody who must have known these people? >> it involves homeles people and the causes of homelessness are complex. there is no simple answer. this is not the time to go back into our individual camps, start firing at each other. >> there's been growing pressure to deal with the homeless rate in that city. as of right now, no one has been arrested, police saying they have two persons of interest in the shooting. stay with nbc 6. we're following the story minute by mine and posting updates on our nbc 6 weather app.
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of the man at the center of a crash involving a police cruiser. david marini was booked on driving drunk and causing the crash. it happened when he lost control of his car at southwest 8th street and 32nd avenue in southwest miami-dade. two of the seven people involved had to go to the hospital for minor injuries. now to a story that's been trending all morning long on our nbc 6 news and weather app. >> we're talking about a woman in s suth florida waking up to a strange creature in her bed, a kinkajou. i promised in the last half hour we were going to find out if it had sharp teeth. it does. this is what happened to elderly woman. she's almost 100 years old, in her home in miami, this cuddly kinkajou. they're legal to keep. bananas is his name.
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come pick him up later today. your time 6:39. shots are fired. one person is dead after federal authorities try to retake land in oregon. several other members of that group occupying this land at the wildlife refuge are behind bars this morning. some still are out there saying they're going to not move. the latest on that standoff in oregon coming up in the big six. the six stories you ned to know before you head out the door today. first, parents wanting recess to return to florida schools. the reason behind the push to get kids out of the classroom. south florida, as you head out the door, don't forget to grab the rain gear and don't forget to download our nbc 6 weather app. expecting heavyain and strong to severe thunderstorms. our wednesday morning commute looking on the wet side especially if you're in broward county. how are the roads looking so far, kelly? >> not good at all. rush hour green and accidents. this is i-95 northbound at
6:34 am
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this is a look at first alert doppler radar. an interactive view from our nbc 6 app. you can zoom right into your neighborhood and tell when the heaviest showers will hit in your neighborhood so you can get alerts, push alerts sent right to your phone about severe weather as well. >> certainly an actiti morning, erika. >> you want the rain gear handy you head out the door. we can't stress enough to download our weather app. it will tell you exactly where the rain is headed. we are expecting heavy rain to continue, possibly strong to severe thunderstorms. we're under a marginal risk for today and tomorrow. as you can see right now, broward county already dealing with the rain. a little heavier across p prtions of pompano beach and now alonon
6:36 am
as far south as sunrise. also another heavy batch across 95 near dania beach and also approaching the hollywood broad walk. you can see eactly where the rain is right now. much of miami-dade still okay, not dealing with the rain. down into the keys okay, a few ght showers near big pine key earlier this morning and key west. this is what we continue to keep an eye on, a strong line of thunderstorms around 25 to 30 miles per hour. let's put things into motion. you can see it already approaching western portions of broward county. some of that heavy rain now beginning to approach i-75. that's exactly where julia was headed along alligator alley. i'm sure s s'll have a live report. a tornado warng is in effect for portions of mainland mooe. this is a big rain event. it will continue as the day goes on.( unfortunately we are expecting another active day tonight and into tomorrow. i mention that tornado warning
6:37 am
morning. warnings in effect for broward county and miami-dade. we will continue to monitor the situation and get you out the door. you can follow me on twitter, erikanbc6. 76 degrees right now in ft. lauderdale, 74 in miami. taking a look at our first alert forecast, we'll keep it cloudy. isolated thunderstorms are possible. we'll have a better chance later this afternoon once the temperatures really warm up into the upper 70s and low 80s. there's that cold front over northern florida. that low pressure system over the gulf of mexico, plenty of instabilities to go around even for unsettled weather pattern. that together with a southeast wind pumping in that tropical air mass across much of south florida. today the main threat, we are expecting breezy conditions with or without the thunderstorms. with the thunderstorms we could
6:38 am
to 45 miles per hour. a sma craft advisory will remain in effect for the atlantic waters and the gulf of mexico. with any thunderstorm we could see lightning embedded in there. keep that in mind. if you hear thunder, go indoors. temperatures will remain into the lower 80s today and tomorrow. the cooler and drier air mass arrives. expecting low 70s for friday and into the upcoming weekend. let's take a look at the roads now on this busy wednesday. >> busy indeed. i-95 northbound is where we have problems this morning in broward county. this is northbound right at pembroke road.d. you can see slow going traffic. you can see the wet roads. an accident at hollywood boulevard blocking two of your lanes. keep that in mind, maybe take the turnpike or u.s. 1 instead. not causing any issues at this time. let's take you over to our maps and show you our other accident. it's on i-95 northbound again as you're trying to ramp onto the 825 beaches exit.
6:39 am
because of a crash with injuries that happened moments ago. ononhe turnpike, traffic moving 16 minutes from coral reef driem to tamiami trail and traffic moving at 27 miles per hour right now. 826 southbound seeing all the red around the big curve. red road, traffic moving 19 miles per hour from the big curve to okeechobee road. your time is 6:47. the rain is moving in on broward and miami-dade counties. julia is out there in the thick of us. >> giving us perspective from out there. what are you seeing as you're clor to alligator alley west of 27? >> reporter: we are seeing sweeping rain. in fact, i just looked at the nbc 6 news and weather app. it is ugly where we are. let me show you. i n prove it. i know it's kind of dark. it's dark and wet out here. we've got the windshield wipers going faster no just past mile
6:40 am
alleys we head toward the west. that's where the heavy bands are coming. wind blowiwi like sheets of rain out here. difficult to tell in the dark. you c c see those wipers going and even some rain accumulating on the windshield. as i'm looking at this, i can see how heavy it is. be sure to stay with nbc 6. we'll keep you posted on where the toughest parts are. you can follow me as well on my facebook page. i'll be posting more. we're live on i-75, julia bagg, nbc 6 newsws 6:48 now. online dating more popular than ever, but what was supposed to be a romantic rendezvous tuued into something very different for a man in polk county. he said he came close to dying on a date he found through an online dating app.
6:41 am
place outside tampa to meet up. when he got there, his date turnedd out to be two men who attacked him. they ordered him to lie face down on the ground, put a gun to his head, took his wallet, cell phone and car officials are saying they are investigating exactly what happened outside of tampa. in an effort to continue restoring relationsnsith cam pa, the u.s. government announced new regulations going into effectctoday. for the first time in decades, american companies will be able to sell non-agricultural goods to tam pachlt americans traveling o cuba to make films, organize conferences or work on airlines or cruise ships. here in florida, the month of january is known as move-over month. it's to raise awareness. police released this video of a
6:42 am
the crash happened three months ago. take a look. give it a second here when a trooper -- that's mack mick ens pulled over a vehicle on the turnpike. look at that. it hatched so fast. this is in west palm beach. on his wayack to his cruiser, a car slams into him, leaving him in excruciating pain, unable to move. this video is a reminder for cars to move over when there's any emergency vehicle on the side of the road regardless of whether the lights are on or not. so honor of move-over month, here is a list of rules that thth want you to remember when you are out there on the roadway, t just about you, but to keep everyone safe. sinie 2002 it's been a law to vacate the lane closest to those emergency vehicles regardless of where it is, wther on the right or left side. slow your speed to 20 miles per hour under the posted speed limit. that allows other people to move over asas well as eventually get
6:43 am
for parents and grandparents who had recess when they were kids, it's hard to imagine some kids right now in florida don't offer -- don't have recess at all. a florida house subcommittee unanimously approved a bill yesterday that would require schools to provide at least 20 minutes of recess a day for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. under the bill, recess can't be taken away forr disciplinary or academic reasons. the legislation has a long way to go before it can become law. yesterday's committee was the first of three stops in the house. the bill has yet to be heard in the senate. dozens of bodies dug out to be examined at the dozier school for boys may finally be laid to rest once again. florida may pay to rebury students once buried at th arthur d. does your school for
6:44 am
former students accused authorities of physical an sexual abuse. the state may to vied as much as $7,500 for expenses. right now miami police are looking for the shooter who sent two mothers to the hospital. this morning witnesses identified one of the victims as 27-year-old ryeisha watson, the second woman is a 63-year-old woman shot in coconut grove. there are no leads as far as description. police say if you know anything, call them immediately. for now, outside jackson memorial hospital, michael spears, nbc 6 news. two people are dead and three injured after a shooting at a homeless camp in seattle. police received a call and found five people have been shot. two surviving victims remain in critical condition while the third is in serious condition.
6:45 am
breaking overnight, the man who led the armed occupation ofis in jail. we're waiting to hear when they'll make their first court appearance. one person was killed and another hurt during the arrest. a mugshot of a man involved in a crash involving a police ruiser. david marini was booked for driving drunk and causing the crash in miami-dade. two people suffered minor injuries. only one republican debate left before the iowa caucus. donald trump says he'll sit this one out. the rest of the gop candidates will sit this one out. trump prriously complained that fox anchor and moderator megyn kelly is biased against him. still a trendinin story, an elderly woman in south florida waking up to this strange
6:46 am
to have escaped from his o oner's home. good wednesday morning to you, south florida. if you're headed d ut the door, you definitely need to be aware of these accidents. i5 northbound, slow traffic making their way towards hollywood boulevard. a crash with injuries. no major issues on your southbound side. as you can see, the ads are slick and dangerous. it's rush hour. get out the door with plenty of time and pack the rain gear. if you're headed out the door in miami-dade, a couple of issues to worry about, i-95 northbound, also a crash with injuries there completely blocking the palmetto expressway eastbound ramp. that beaches ramp completely shut down. i'll let you know as soon as it opens back up. on palmetto, eastbound at 47th avenue, left lane blocked, and southbound on the 826 at northwest 154 kt street, miami lakes drive, an accident
6:47 am
well. if you're headed out the door, traffic moving slow at 28 miles per hour. right now from coral reef drive to tammyiami ail, a 16-minute drive ahead of you. things are pretty active, especially in broward county. miami-dade, you're okay, maybe light showers across northern areas. broward count heavy rain moving through the western suburbs, from coral springsdown into plantation. deerfield beach, it's been non-stop for you a morning long, and as far south as 95 near daniabeach and the hollywood area. zooming out, this is what we're watching, a strong line of thunderstorms moving to the northeast capable of wind gusts of 40 to 50 miles per hour. tornado warnings in effect for mainland monroe and cooier countys. that all has now been canceled. no watches or warnings for broward county or miami-dade. give yourself some e@tra time as
6:48 am
remember to download our nbc 6 news and weather app. temperatures reaching into the 70s and low 80s. the cloud cover, rain and storms stick around not only today, but into tomorrow. once the cold front swings through, we're expecting nicer conditions come friday and into the weekendd in the meantime, have your umbrella. here is a loo of our floor director who doesn't know she's on tv right now. >> she was doing her rendition of "singing in the rain." erika, for good reason she decided to do that. >> all one big happy family. >> can't stress enough to download that nbc 6 news and weather app. it's so easy to use, move it with your own fingers. >> right to the neighborhood. >> push alerts that come with that rain. a lot of accidents.
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