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tv   Today  NBC  January 27, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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college. have you heard anything about a bus being involved in an accident? >> i don't have any information on that. it really gives you a good idea of how it was, it was very quick and very intense. western getting reports of a possible tornado touchdown and that was not confirmed and we were just talking to him southbound on the turnpike. southwest expressway is what we're talking about, the turnpike extension and the southbound lanes are closed right now and a tractor trailer apparently flipped over and they're blaming it on high wind
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reports of a possible tornado did touchdown and that is not something that has been confirmed. >> i'll just jump in here with coconut circle parkway and that wasn't broward and yes, there reports of a tractor trailer on its side and that was near coconut circle parkway very close to the turnpike. so, of course, you want to avoid that area and keep it locked to nbc 6 because there is still heavy rain and thunderstorm activity still headed our way. so definitely need to monitor that sisiation. >> do we still have mike on the phone, by any cnce? no? okay. okay. i wanted to find out w long they expect to have these closes southbound sample road and this is a traffic mess and avoid that. he said traffic mess not just because the southbound lanes were closed down, because it was a multi-vehicle accident and on the northbound side and southbound side and on the turnpike that were involved in the accident and the southbound
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traveled at this hour and that's yet southbound lanes are closed down and they divert everybody arund that accident and the tractor trailer did flip over there and we were getting initial reports and shelly just mentioned that a bus had flipped over at broward county north campus and that was northeast broward county and nothing has ben confirmedith that and nothing has been confirmed in terms of whether or not a tornado did touchdown and again, the tractor trailer that flipped over is being blamed at this point, anyway, high winds and that's somethingng that the national weather service will have to come in and take a closer look at to take a look at what did happen there. >> florida's 511 just tweeted two minutes ago. basically it talked about this crash that we were talking about with mike, the pio crashed in broward south at exit 67coconut creek and traffic backed up until glades road and the off-ramp closed and all lanes blocked and you will get that alert there from 511 on twitter, as well.
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follow this and try to figure on the exactly what happened and the national weather service still has to get out and figure out what happened and let's get you to meteorologist erica delga and this is developing minute by minute. what do you know? >> we were talking to the national weather service and the turnpike has been shut down and all lanes are closed and this is very near the coconut circle parkway along the turnpike, but this is the thing. yes, the strong thunderstorm pushed through and we have more activity on the way as the strong storms continue to develop over the everglades and they're moving quickly at 25 miles per hour and that, together with the strong w wd gusts that they're already providing. you don't need a tornado for anythg likik this to happen and just the winds alone can cause damage across much of the area. right now western suburbs of broward county really in dhe hot seat right now and all of that pushing towards the southeastern portions of palm beach. so this was a thunderstorm that was in question earlier where we issueded a tornado warning and
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we're still waiting on confirmation if there was a ornado that doug did touchdown around northeastern broward. in the meantime, we have all of this to continue to keep an eye on and keep it locked to nbc 6 and avoid the turn peek as shelly d eric just mentioned and it's a mess and the rain is on its way for something that we want to continue to keep an eye on. guys? >> erica, in terms of the rain that we're talking about, pretty intense rain and we're seeing a lot of red and a lot of yellow. the tornado@ warning kind of came and it passed very quickly. in terms of the rain, how many more are we talking about a half hour, 45 minutes? >> this is an ongoing event for the rest of the day and the thunderstorm that ww issued earlier and that right now is offshore. as you can see it's just offshore palm beach just to the east of boca raton and where you see coral springs and margate and tam rack and that's another strong cluster of thunderstorms that will continue to push toward the northeast and possiblz some severe thunderstorms and also damaging wind gusts and also the flooding
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all morning long and now we're beginning to see some flooding not only across the highways and the streets there as you can see and it will be ongoing now as we continue to take a look out past western suburbs and i'll jump in here and you can see gray skies out there and i think we're looking at chopper 6 right there, and probably approaching the turnpike area. it's cloudy out there and that's still means that instability is in place. we'll look at doppler radar and there are still storms on the way. again, this was the thunderstorm where we issued the tornado warning earlier right now where we are, we're seeing the reports of a tractor trailer on its side where the turnpike is shut down and behind it, to answer your question, this will be an ongoing weather event not only throughout the morning hours and temperatures will continue to
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thunderstorms and more stability in the air and the moisture is in place and it will really help kick up these storms. so you want to avoid the turnpike as eric and shelly were mentioning and the report of the tractor trailer on its side capable or possible with any of these thunderstorms and that willcontinue on throughout the morning hours. eric? >> erica, thank you so much. appreciate it and reiterate very quickly here and after just joining us and you have a weather alert that u're looking at closely. broward county is getting smacked and more specifically western broward county right at sample road and that is completely shut down and you're looking atom nows ominous skies and that is the direction the storm is coming from. the tornado warning is over and that expired six minines ago right at 10:00, but that does not mean that some of the nds nd intense wind that could be causing some flooding in broward county. that risk will continue over the next couple of hours and then have a break and continue up
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>> and while it will take several hours to confirm, it's indeed a tornado did touchdown in that area, already we are getting reports from vowers that there has been damage in the area. whether this is wind damage or when may have caused it, we don't know at this point and i want to head over to erica delgado. >> you're right. as far as the thunderstorm and the tornado warning w're getting reports of pompano beach of trees down, limbs down. that is definitely associated with the thunderstorm tha we issued the tornado warning earlier. that has been canceled and no warnings in effect right now. a very messy situation. gray skies and heavy rain and the worst is not over. basically still dealing with heavy rain and also thunderstorms across coral springs. remember, severe thunderstorm means wind gusts over 50, 60 miles per hour and hail associated and for us there will be a risk of tornados and also damaging straight-line wind and
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broward county, you can see definitely more rain on the way and heavy rainfall continued to push through moving toward the rtheast which is something to keep an eye on as you head out the door. you can always download the nbc 6 weather app and the only live radar in town is on there and you can zoom in to see exactly where you are and see where these thunderstorms are headed. you're right, and we do have some reports of some damage in pompano beach associated with the thunderstorm that we were talking about the tornado warning earlier. >> trees and limbs as youere just saying and one thing that mike jacko just told us, it's a traffic mess in that traffic area. he saw heavy storms in the northeast part of broward and one of the things is when you have so much congestion and so many minor accidents it's a ripple effect and causes more to occur in that area. so you really just want to stay away from it, if you have family members maybe getting ready for
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time, let them know what they can face and also, you know, just to really be cautious here, the 511 website, the 511 telling us again that the backups extend until glades road and we're taking about southbound or the turnpike shutdown. thosese are the southbound lanes right around sample road. the big question youou heard erica delgado talking about the possibility of straight line winds being an impact. you're talking about a tractor trailer and you're talking about a fairly decent amount of weight and straight-line winds very well could have played a rle in that as opposed to a potential tornado touching down and nothing confirmed by the national weather service.@ exactly what happened in terms of what caused that tractor trail tore flip over, we know it was weather related and we'e' not sure what type of weather in terms of that being a possible tornado touchihi down or the straight line winds or the rain created some very s sick roads, as well and that being the case.
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your eyes on the turnpike and that specificidea and that's shut down all of the southbound lanes and what can you tell us about that? i talked about this accident an hour ago and there was an accident that had the rid lane blocked off and we're pulling it off on the internet, and the turnpike southbound and all lanes will completely shut dodo and these are the delays and there wass car traveling southbound and it was picked up by the wind and itanded on the northbound lanes. that is breaking news aof five minutes ago and right now turnpike southbound still remai completely shut down and you want to make sure you avoid it because the delays are stretching past boca raton at the time and stick to i-95 or any of your major side streets again and you're taking a look at the live feed from the traffic cameras online and this is coconut creek to exit 67 where all l lnes are blocked off and we can tell you it has been
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picked up by the wind and landed in those northbound lanes, shelly and eric. >> wow! >> wow! >> something like that gives you a good idea of what we're dealing with. thankfully, that tornado warning that we were talking about for the last 45 minutes that expired 11 minutes ago right at 10:00. although that is gone, that does not mean that the risk is gone. lots of rain out there creating slick roadways. if you have to head anywhere avoid the turnpike if you can. obviously, what you're looking at right there, you want to avoid tt at all costs and we're still waiting on a lot of information to come down. erica, you're watching things very closely. >> we mentioned th straight line wind that can cause damage and it can flip a tractor trailer on its side and keep in mind that even if you don't have a severe thunderstorm or have tornado warnings, we are still dealing with plenty of rain out there and we're getting reports of flooding in southern portions of palm beach associated wiwi the systems that continue to push through all morning long and northeastern broward dealing
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commute is taking you in palm beach as the day goes on just keep that in mind. this is the system that we were following earlier today and we did issue a tornado warning and that is offshore and still ptenty more in the same areas and western portions of broward county and northeastern broward and southeastern, palm beach and everything is over the scene which basically means the same air that had been seeing the heavy rainfall and strong thunderstorms all morning long, more systems continue toto develop over the same area. unfortunately, with any of the systems you can see strong wind gusts of 50 to 60 miles per hour and continue to keep an eye on it right now and right now i do want to reiterate that there are no watches and warnings in effect for broward county and into miami-dade and offshore though, it doesn't leave the thundererorms capable of producing thunderstorms and wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour and not a a good day to be out on a boat and we want to continue to remind you to stay off the roads.
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with a flooding situation in palm beach and northern portions of broward conty. so again, the turnpike is one of those areas that you do wan to continue to avoid as the day goes on. >> i just want to read an alert from palm beach countiy. they are saying that they're warning people about the tractor trailer and also saying multiple cars did roll over and they have entrapment. so again, this is probably discussing in particular south southern part of palm beach county that we're talking about here and the northern part of broward county. so again, we're talking south palm beach, northern broward is therea in focus here. >> and given exactly what shelly just told us it's probably safe to assume that this is not going to be clearing up any time soon because they're trying to get the people out of there and make sure that they are safe, but it has been confirmed that winds weather that be related to a tornado touching doww we don't know that yet and we do know it
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it over into the southbound lanes. >> look at this video. we just got this video from broward college cell phone video. thank you so much for sending this in. do you see that car there? it's on its side. it's bad. literally thrown high enough off the ground to have gone on top of another car and that gigies you an idea of how strong it was. >> we are starting to get reports that there was a bus involved in broward college. this could be it, and you never know exactly. >> looks like an suv or something. was that in the grass right behind it in the same parking lot. whatever it was whipped through this very specific area at broward college on north campus. so this could be the car on top of another car and we assume that it had been prior inn that parking lot at some point and ended up in that grassy areaea in between those parking spots. so this is out of broward
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broward county and this is just one of a fairly decent amount of reports that we are getting of@ some damage in pompano beach, as well. we're heing about some trees down and limbs down and we're not hearing about injuries at this point, but we are hearing about a significant amount of damage that's been done in north broward county and south palm beach county. >> so with the southbound lanes being shut in turnpike, we want to head over to kelly again for some detours and what can you tell us about how people can get around this? >> we have problems on the turnpike southbound and also northbound the turnpike northbound right by coconut creek, the traffic is backed up until before atlantic boulevard with all lanes blocked off and southbound traffic is backed up to fwlads road with all lanes blocked off, as wee as you can imagine, emergency crews are on the scene right n n blocking all of those lanes.
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that and maybe take u.s. 441, i-95 and any of the major side streets and again and again, it was confirmed to us about ten minutes ago that a car, a truck that was driving on the northbound lanes did land on those southbound lanes. it's definitely an area that you will want to avoid all morning long anan your alternate, i-95 or u.s. 441 from the ramp, from the sawgrass expressway ramp and speeds are clocking in at about 6 miles per hour. it's a total and complete parking lot out there. so you want to makeh sure that you take those alternates. >> we just talked to the fire investigator maybe, what? 10, 15, ten minutes or so and we can imagine the response, really is now starting to pick up so we can imagine that these backups an last for quite some time. >> again, those backups that kelly was just talking about, we're talking about southbound
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area of coconut creek is where the tractor trailer flipped over and it is going north. all of the way glades, going south and avoid that at all costs if you can and word is that they're working on getting people out and we're not hearing any major injuries reported right now and t ty're working on making sure people are getting out of the vehicles and that they are safe. we're looking at video of some of the damage that we're talkin about. i'm trying to read it here and when they say tornado warning, we need to listen. that's what this person actually posted on their twitter account with this piece of video that we're looking at and it's hard to tell. it looks like it is the same location at broward county north and winds picked it up and right before that, was there an suv that got picked up, ip overed and sent into the grassy area behind that parking lot. >> erica, a lot of people were
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people really need to listen. >> these watches and warnings, the whole point of them is to save our lives and these are dangerous conditions across ch of the area and we'll take a look at the live first aletter doppler. we are getting reports of not only trees down and limbs down, but we are expecting heavy rainfall and right now in a town called haverall, and just something to keep in mind and the rain continues across muchh of broward county and palm beach. the worst that we were following earlier is now offshore and there is still plenty of rain out to the west and the everglades continue to push toward us and you can see exactly what i'm talking about and right now, this is us here and broward count and i palm each and still plenty of strong thunderstorms and heavy rainfall there moving towards the northeast about 20 to 25 miles per hour? so damaging winds is an issue. severe thunderstorms, that's an issue and don't forget heavy rainfall and that continues to accumulate and this has been an ongoing event since the morning
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with flooding already across flood-prone areas and of course, into southeastern portions of palm beach and something, and you need to pick up the kids a few hours from school and you want to give yourself extra time. this will be an ongoing event. >> and you can imagine that's only going to slow the process of response. >> factually. we have flooding across our areas and we have highways shut down because of these accidents and damaging reports and not only that, then add rush hour and add more rain continuing to push through the area and that will really slow things down a a the day goes on. it will definitely be an event and th is expected to continue throughout the day on and off possibly into tomorrow because that cold front that we continue to keep an eye on thatdoesn't swing in until tomorrow afternoon and that's when we will see an improvement far as conditions are concerned and damaging wind will be one of the main threats for the remainder of the day.
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i know that you have a very good eye on it and you're very busy in the weather center and we have lots and lots of eyes and the weather that has just passed that has caused the damage. we have chief meteorologist, nbc 6 meteorologist john morales o the phone with us. i know you are monitoring this very closely and you're updating twitter constantly with new videos and new information from the national weather service. what can you tell us about what's going on right now? >> that twitter feed is john morales nbc 6, @johnmoralesnbc6. they wl not confirm that this is a tornado until a survey team heads out there from the national weather service office located on the campus of fiu in miami-dade. so it will probably be later today when they send that survey team out and confirm that, indeed, this was a tornado, but i can tell you in looking at the video and imageses that have been
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looks like it is tornado damage. i saw one video, one periscope video where the gentleman indicates that that particular car that's kind of parked at an angle at one of the parking spots there, that was in pompano beach had been back into that parking spot and right now it's actually facing those in. so that car was apparently rotated by some of those winds which could have been rotating as they moved through because of an apparent tornado that has caused damage as we already know on the north campus of broward college in cocon creek as well as based on the video that i'm seeing in pompano beach and there might be some other communities that have been affected by this as it's in the e northern section of metro broward county and you're looking at images as well as radar imagery of what's going on out there.
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miami-dade, it's cloudy, but not much going on and the inclement weather is for northernmost county and extending into palm beach county and that's where things are at this hour. so it appears to me based on the damage that i'm seeing for tree limbs with the locations and the cars that were lifte it might have been something along the order of perhaps an ef-1 tornado. i would say that it doe not look like ef-2 or greater. we've had this month o january, as you know, in florida, three ef-2 tornados that have already occurred and one in cape coral and one in duet which is not far in sarasota and another one in sarasota proper after having med through siesta key and an ef-2 tornado and when you start talking about ef-2 and you're talking about life-threatening tornados and those cost the
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mobile home and as they struck in the western part of florida earlier this month, but this pattern that we're in and this el nino winter weather pattern is indeed a dangerous run and we see t t squall lines that moves through the state tends to yield at lst one tornado and today it happens to be within the viewing area in northern broward county and that's when we're in continus coverage and we'll continue to do so right through 11:00 a.m., if noting for thor. >> just a quick question for you, in terms of the survey team to figure out whether this was a tornado and how do they qualify that? >> well, what they're g gng to look for is they're trying to differentntte whether the damage was produced by winds running along a straight line or straight-line winds, as they're known or whether the damage from the winds shows some rotation on the ground. so, for example, if trees were fallen in one direction in one part of the block and the opposite direction in the other
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indicate the rotation of the tornado and they will confirm that indeed it was one. again, thetornado, the rotating part of the thunderstorm and the possible vortex in the thunderstorm as we look at the radar indications as it was mqving through did indeed cross coconut creek and eventually toward pompano and the deerfield area. it was weakening by the time it got to dedefield, so by the time it was there it was want on the ground, but given the fact that the tornado's signature moved right over conut creek and you know, this more than likely has all of the inklings of an apparent tornado that indeed affected that partof broward county. >> wow. all right, john, thank you so much. we appreciate you being with us andwell continue to follow this and take a much closer look as the day goes on.
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erika tell us for quite some time, it will be a while before whether or not we know it was a tornado. at this point it looks like it was a tornado, if indeed it was a tornado that flipped over that tractor trailer or had anything to do with the cars that got flipped over at broward college north on that campus that will take at least a couple of hours becacae survey teams have to go out and figure out and differentiate whether the straight-line wins were more of a causal factor here or whether or not it was rotating winds or a tornado that had t! do with it here. broward college sent out an alert for students telling them that while the warning has expired, resume noal operations as much as you can when your car is lying deways that we saw in some of the cell phone video that we received. they do say that officials there assessing information in north campushad gotten some of the video that you can see in the
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turned on its side and there was one on top of another car there that we saw there in that video. i don't know if we can pull that up or not, but broward again is saying that they y ve officials assessing that area. the person that took eir video with the cell phone. when they say there is a tornado warning make sure you pay attention because indeed that very well could have been what caused the damage here. we're talking about damage all of the way through broward county and coconut creek and south palm beach county, as well. that's what we're understanding in terms of broward conte. we're not hearing of any of reports at ts point of any major injuries which was remarkable given the fact that if indeed, all of it was responsible for picking up the suv in the parking lot in the broward county north campus.
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sustainable high winds that very well, we could be talking about fatalities here, but we're not. that's a very good thing. let's head over to erika delgado. what can you te us? there is a weather advisory and strong thunderstotms still affecting north central portions of broward county and south central palm beach, and wind gusts are capable with the thunderstorm. i mentioned this is not over as far the storms and the rain is concerned. if we take a zoom-out look there is a special marine warning in effect to the southwest of marco island because this thunderstorm here is capable of producing wind gusts of up to 50 miles an hour. these winds continue to push toward the north and east as the day goes on and this will be the trend for most of the day. even though all of this, the majority of this strong activity continues to push further into
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still have all of this outside of the viewing area and out of broward county and entering western portions of broward county. you need to keep it locked to nbc 6 and don't forget to download the nbc 6 news and weather app. i cannot stress how important it is to zoom in and take a look at what's going on in your area and some conditions in your area as you head out the door and as the day goes on, guys? >> and backups, we're hearing extend eight-plus miles on the turnpike. they have shut down the southbound lanes because kelly told us that literally the winds picked this tractor trailer up and turned it on its side and no injuries were reported in that. >> so the big thing and the question now on everybody's minds is whether or not we were dealing with an ef-1 tornado which in duet we talked about this not very long ago. that was an ef-1 tornado and that was deemed a tornado and it
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so we'll have to wait a couple of hours to figure out if that is the case. what we're watching is the potential flooding and they've talked about it a lot this morning and just because the tornado watch has passed and that's good and it puts us in a lile bit better position and we're dealing with a position that has a wide stance here if terms of east to west. so we have more that's coming over the everglades right now and still continues to pour into broward county and it's a sizeable amount of rain that is still to come and you're looking at the radar and the green stuff is the lighter rain and the red, and the oranan and the yellow and of course, those center pockets of purple there. that's what you have your eye on because that means really, really heavy rain hitting our area and creeks and canals that flood could do that as we continue on through the late morning and into the early afternoon. and somethingnghat makes
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continuing rain. when you have these crews arriving to these accidents andd trying to go to these trees down and power lines down, it just delays everything when there is raiso you can expect those delays in the northeast part of broward county in the turnpike. you can expect them to just be a little longer because weather doesn't let up at all. >> yeah. those response times you can basically covering breaking news and you can double your response times in terms of getting there and making sure everybody is okay and what we are saying early, was getting people in some of the cars that were on the turnpike and south of coconut grove, and there were multiple vehicles including a tractor trailer that flipped over and the bibi deal is making sure that everybody that was in those vehicles gets out of them safely and that's going to take
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an idea of why the turnpike in coconut grove, backups eight miles in either direction. north and south. southbound lanes are completely shut down and certainly, nobody is going anywhere quickly. >> what you're looking at if you're just joining us here is video from someone at broward county campus. you see there, those cars on its side and there's another piece video where it shows a car on top of another car, there you go right here and officials did say that they are in that area assessing, surveying that damage and trying to figure out exactly how to move forward at this point and resume normal operations on campus and also we've heard trees down, limbsbs down and uls roof damage, as well. we we hearing a coo roof. those are all reports and early indications and we're not sure where those are happening, but you know, something that we've been saying this morning is we have not heard of any injury which is is a good thing in all
10:32 am
saying, erika, that the worst part is offshore, but it is going to continue to rain. >> the risk of that tornado and there is a possibility that even a tornado did touchdown we'll have to wait a couple of hours on that, but the huge risk here is gone. that's the reason why the broward college, the north campus, anyway, what you're looking at here, they've asked everyone to resume normal operations because the biggest part of the threat with the possibility of a tornado, that is gone, but that doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet, either and fairly decent amount of wind and rain and a lot of the areas are prone to flooding. luckily, though, they know where those areas are that are prone tol flooding so they can do preventative maintenance in terms of what's to come and everybody is watching the radar just like everyone is and john morales and everybody is
10:33 am
be no surprise to have a continuou strain for today and possibly all of the way through tomorrow. >> we want to head over to kelly blanco watching that particular area of the turnpike. what can you tell us about alternates and exactly how this happened? >> let's see if we can try to pull up the first alert traffic maps just to see the delays and i've gotten an update on what exactly is closed. turnpike northbound at coconut creek, yes, it has reopened, but the traffic delays stretch back to atlantic boulevard. you still have the off-ramp, right shoulr completely blocked off and southbound, it's backed up to the sawgrass expressway with the off-ramp completely blocked off and not completely shut down and they have resoaped it and traffic is starting to go by very slowly. so you don't want to stick to the turnpike. if you're looking at the screen, you can see from glades road to atlantic boulevard, 164 minutes. it's moving along at 9 miles per
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moving at all and right around atlantic boulevard, trafficking moving along at 28 miles per hour and your best alternate this morning and ifou have to head out the door, u.s.-441 and there is yellow and nothing dom pairing to the turnpike southbound red and also i-95. you see the slow going traffic and the heavy traffic that's yellow, as wrel and not like the turnpike again and 64 minutes and those delays stretching past, and stretching past saw grass and we do know that because of that possible tornado touchdown, we do know that there is a car and a tractor trailer on its side that was traveling southbound and ended up in those northbound lanes. >> 164 minutes, nearly two hours of traffic there we can expect those backups. >> and a drive that should only take you a couple of minutes and that gives you a good idea of
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avoid the turnpike if at all. it is a mess in bothed directions. atlantic boulevard is reopened and that doesn't mean that the traffic backup is going to go away any time soon. >> some video posted to their facebook page. it almost looks li -- i don't know if we can bring that up there. it looks like we're looking at the clouds here. this was probably before and this is not video of the damage and what they probably think is something that could have been a tornado. you can see, if we can play it again and watch the bushes in the background, the trees and watch how much they're whipped around there and it will give you an idea othe strength of the winds and maybe that's where they were trying to get us and we' seeing driving rain being pushed by thosese re and john morales and erika deleldo terms of the trees and bushes
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straight line winds and circulating winds and those are not small trees either. look at the roof on the left hand side of the house and look at how high the trees are. you're looking at troos that are 15, 20-feet high and they're being blown around like that, and regardless of them bein sustained, straight line winds or circulating winds, take a look at that. northeastern part of broward ccnty, someone's home there. that pool and that screened-in backyard backyard. look at that. i have one of these screen houses at home, and i always question, really, it's sustainable winds to what point will the screen household up? this was a possible tornado touching down in the coconut creek area that was flipped over as well and we're talking, erica, this picture tells a good story because the screen house
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also and this is south florida. they are built to withstand winds of a fairly decent grade and that tells you how strong they were. >> not only that. this is in coconut creek where we're still waiting on confirmation of this touchdown of a possible tornado earlier, but now things are beginning to pick up and there is a significant weather advisory out for northeastern portitins of brbrard county and also southeastern palm beach, for other strong thunderstorm possibly with some rotation around it and as you can see, now beginning to move through the area where we're waiting on confirmation earlier and coconut creek on the turnpike from pompano beach to the expressway. we are still dealing with thunderstorms capable of producing storms. some of the areas possibly
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thunderstorm would be area of ford lauderdale, pompano beach, plantation and these are all areas, and deerfield beach and tamarac and margate. we're still dealing with plenty of thunderstorm activity moving to the west. let's take a look at what we're dealing with right now as well as south florida and it's not not just broward county and miami-dade, you're all in the cleararbut still plenty of thunderstorm activity and heavy downpours and heavy rainfall associated with these storms continue to push t trough the area. our live first alert doppler has been acve and we have the only live radar in town, and i keep -- i can't stress how important it is to download the nbc 4 news weather and radar. i'll move out of the way because i have rainfall total. almost two inches falling in boca raton and coral springs and even bonaventure.
10:39 am
just t winds associated with the storms and rainfall accumulation that we'll continue to see as the day goes on. again, until 11:15 there is a significant weather advisory for northeastern portions of broward county and across southeastern palm beach and i'll get out of herereo i can zoom in exactly on the area that we're talking about associated with the strong thunderstorms and if you just give me a moment, so you can see exactly what i'm talking about. that goes for coral springs, marget, tamar ak and thunderstorms because they're the significant weather a aisory and nothing confirmed and something to keep an eye on and they continue it push towards the northeast as it goes on. moving about 25 miles per hour and they're capable of producing wind gusts of 55 and moving quickly andtraight line damaging winds very possible with this system.
10:40 am
there and something you want to continue to keep an eye on. i want to take a look at the area in question right now and we'll continue to monitor the situation and from deer field down to pompano, into 95 and as far west as the sawgrass expressway and coral springs and margate. we'll put things into motion so you can see what i'm talking about. they're capable of producing funnel clouds as they move offshore. not only that, some damaging wind gusts of up to 55, 65 miles per hour. the good news is we do not have watches or warnings in effect for broward county and not for miami daddy. everything has moved furher to the north and lots of instability across broward county and much of south florida as the thunderstorms continue to push towards the northeast. want to take a look at what we're dealing with right now just because i'm on air and i don't have access to the models
10:41 am
are no watches and warnings in effect and there is nothi for broward county a portions of palm beach. we will continue to monitor the situation for you and i want to take a zoomed out look to what's going on here across much of south florida. 've been dealing with rainfall and damaging winds and tornado warnings earlier, but it's not over, folks. we take a zoomed outlook and you' see exactly what i'm talking about and basically all a cross south florida from the atlantic waters and palm beach, broward county and extends well into colyer county and into portions of the gulf of mexico. all of this is associated with the cold front that will continue t t swing through, but the problem is we're not expecting the cold front to swing through today and instability a css much of the area and it's important because a lot of us have to head out to where we're picking up the kids up and download the nbc 6 news
10:42 am
interactive radar and it's easy to use and you can zoom in to where you're headed and pick up the conditions outside and let you know exactly where the rain is head. >> that nbc news and weather app is so crucial especially, look at this. if you were in your parking lot or you were at school and you only have your phone which of course, we always have our phones, zooming in right over the college and find out where this was going over and if it was straight line winds or if it was a tornado which when we were talking to john morales and he was saying in my experience, this does look like an ef-1. i would presume this an ef-1 person, john morales was telling us and it would take several hours until you have teams on ut there and personally go and see what the damage looks like and when we have confirmation here and broward college, letting everyone know on campus to resume normal operations and letting everybody know about the
10:43 am
erika was just saying that is until11:15 and it's broward county and south palm beach ciunty, as well. you have been for the last minute or so, two piece of cell phone video by viewers and we appreciate and download it to the nbc 6 news and ather app and send it to us on the nbc 6 faceboo page, as well and it gives us a better eye on what's going on here. so if you know somebody or going to-- this is video you're looking at here is broward college north. if you know somebody that is on that campus and going at that school although the video you're looking at is pretty intense in terms of cars being bounced around and literally onop of another car and it's hard to tell in this shot and about 20 feet from that there was an suv flipped er in the grassy portion of the parking lot, as well, but no e was hurt and we're not get anything reports of any injuries and that's one
10:44 am
no injuries reported although the brunt of that tornado warning has passed us with certain areas getting a lot of rain and a lot of wind and more to come in the last couple of hours. if. >> if you were thinking of south palm beach county. whp we last checked in, from glade to atlantic could take you two hours. what can you tell us at this point? >> the delays are down to 76 minutes, still a little bit over an hour, which is still pretty bad, but they've opened up the northbound lanes. southbound has one lane shut the cameras. traffic is moving ry, very slowly and mike just tweeted out a picture of that car that was up northbound. that truck is a white pickup truck and you can see it on twitter and of course, on the nbc 6 news app. this i isomething you definitely want to avoid.
10:45 am
it's gone down significantly and this will take some time to clean up. police are still on the scene. atlantic boulevard if you're headed northbound, traveling at 26 miles per hour and still your best alternates this morning on u.s. 441 and i-95 and the turnpike is not a place where you want to be at. playeds road to atlantic boulevard, about a 76-minute commute which was a whole lot better than last time it was on air and you want to avoid the turnpike by taking u.s.-441 or taking i-95 instead and you said northbound lanes and all of them have reopened in that arara? >> the shoulder is blocked. turnpike northbound, yes, all lanes have reopened and you're ill going to get those backups until about atlantic boulevard and the turnpike southbound right at coconut creek, trtrfic
10:46 am
expressway and then you still have that right lane blocked off mess. of urse, roads are wet and big delays there and you want to avoid thehe turnpike completely and i know people have sent me messages that they want to take the turnpike just to see what's going on. >> we don't need that. take alternates and 441 or-95. catch what happened on twitter and you want to avoid the turnpike. it's not a place to be at this morning. >> we have a good look at what's happening with mike jackals is a public information officer for broward fire and rescue and the pictures he's tweeting out, there you see a honda. some of these pictures that mike jackals is tweeting out, we're talking about a tractor trailer here.e. a full-blown semi. this wasn't anything that was --
10:47 am
the thing was completely blown over on its side and not only that, but it was taken from the southbound lanes to the northbound lanes to begin wit and let's take a look at live pictures here and this is chopper 6 over that area, north campus here and broward college that we have been talking about and it's going in and out and just stick with us here because most of the students have been outside of the parking lot looking at cars like this that are on top of one another or on their side. meanwhile, the college communicating via twit or social media letting students know that resume normal operations and we do have people in thatrea watching that area and what you're looking at now and -- this is what i was just talking about is what mike jackals was tweeting out. that's the overturned tractor trailer there that was picked up by the wind and thhwn from been si of the interstate to the oer side. so the weight of that a the amount of wind that it would
10:48 am
the other side of the interstate to where it started and we talked to john morales not very long ago and he said that indications at this point are turning to the possibibity of an ef-1 tornado and when you see a tractor trailer turned over luke a tonka troy and the white pickup truck with the hood up somehow involved in that accident, as well. although we are seeing damage and major backups on the turnpike in coconut creek and right along sample road. >> that giveveyou perspective. >> on the distance, and the
10:49 am
line wind whethers they be that area at least for now so that the crews can respond accordingly and promptly because, of course, that can always delay things when you do have rain in the mix of an investigation, but flood advisory until 1:45 for broward and palm beach county. you still have the weather advisory for strong thunderstormsntil 11:15, northeast broward and south palm beach county, that is erika delgado who has been telling us and tweeting on social media letting people know on the nbc 6 news and weather app. >> erika has been telling us all morning long that it wasn't necessarily going to end and we werereoing to have breaks in between some of these bands of heavy windnd rain and it definitely wasn't going to end and chopper 6 definitely would
10:50 am
had there not been a break because they were chopper 6 and erika delgado. i know you're watching this very closely and you have new information. >> you have a severe thunderstorm warning that has been issued for northeastern portions of broward county and southeast. this is the same area thate've been dealing with all morning long and unfortunately, that will continue to the case that way and let's take a look at what we're dealing with right now and we'll put things into motion for you and first, i jt want to show you and right now there was a seveve weather warning and palm beach. definitely, lots of instatality in the air and wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour are possible with this thunderstorm and tornadoes, one of the main risks and let's zoom out and put things into motion so you can see what i'm talking about right now and everything continued to train over the same area and basically what that means is the different styles keep moving and forming into the same areas and
10:51 am
flooding and northern portions of broward county. that will continue on and as you can see this is the area in question right now. i want to take a closer look at what we're dealing with right now. we' been following the squall line and just an organized line and strong thunrstorms within that line continue to push through much of south florida all morning long and now the majority of moving over palm beach and still some of the cells forming over through portions of broward county. i want to take a look at exactly where the severe thunderstorm warning has formed. coral springs and far east as boca raton and i-95 and 441, the turnpike, as well. the severe thunderstorm warning is in effct until 11:30 a.m. as it continunu to push northeast at 20 to 30 miles per hour. what can we expect? strong wind gusts up to 50 to 60 miles per hour and that's how we
10:52 am
as we continue to move. any time they pick up on rotation that's something we need to continue to monitor. as far as the live first aletter doppler radar. if you need to see the radar, you can find it on the nbc 6 news and weather app, and i thank we have some video now of the -- this is the tractor that was overturned on its side. and it looks like we were told just one minor injury, lucky for it to be in that kind of situation. we have sergeant henry cabrera from the coconut creek police department on the phone with us. sir, can you hear us? >> yes, i can. >> thank you for joining us. what kind of reports and what kind of have you received in your department? >> well, right around 9:30e received reerts of heavy winds coming through the parking lot of broward college north here and it looks like a tornado@ had gone through the parking lot and causing damage to multiple
10:53 am
we're looking at liveve video and we have chopper 6 live over the scsce and to ease people's minds we're looking at pretty intense video. are you hearing of any major injuries and we know one minor injury that happened on the interstate and are we hearing about injuries that have anything to do with the broward college north campus? nothing reported here on the campus and i guess the tornado had also gone north going into windmoore and nothing was reported there and we did get a report of a bus that flipped over on atlantic boulevard, but i belive those were minor injuries, as well. so a bus was involved. do we know what kind of bus? >> i believe it was just one person and i don't have any other information than that. >> okay. >> in terms of that school and we know that everything that we're trying to get anyway and we're trying to get things to resume as normal operations there and are there any other portions of coconut creek becacae it seemss that based upon
10:54 am
this wasn't the possibility of an ef-1 tornado thatit had a very clear and direct path, are there any other areas that we're hearing about trees down and branches down in south palm beach county and in term of the coconut creek area, are we aring about any other damage and screen houses that had other damage. what are you hearg about? >> the only report this we received so far as far as damage here has been the college here and right across fromere at windmoore village. other than that, we haven't had any other reports of any damage. >> that's the condo complex, windmoore of coconut creek is the condo complex that we're talking about here. >> one more question for you, if you don't mind. traffic reporter kelly blanco is following it, as well. we understand that part of that area, part of the turnpike has been reopened and things are still fuch and go.
10:55 am
obviously, avoid that area both northbound and southbound in coconut creek and broward county. >> i can tell you that coconut creek parkway is shut down east and westbound. crews are out there doing cleanup and i guess checking for any power lines that might have been down so right noo the only thing we have shut down in the city is right there, coconut creek parkway. >> sergeant henry cabrera from the coconut creek police department. sergeant, thank you so much for being with us and we appreciate your time and giving us another perspective. >> i want to read it to you, if i can. much of it they've released social via social media. they established procedures and followed them and a notice was immediately sent out through their system via phone calls, text messages and social media and their website which we have seen for ourselves, the situation currently being assessed as emergency personnel
10:56 am
broward county they say continues monitor the advisories and additional alerts as needed and that is where we had seen some of the video of the cars one on top of another and one overturned on its side and that is the area that we're talking about here and chopper 6 appears to be over the condominium complex and windmoore in coconut creek. i believe that's what we're looking at here other the roof there, ripped off. >> that condo complex. yeah. we've done a lot of talking that the big thing idea yet, and a lot of the information that's coming over twitter and facebook itself. we were talking morgue than broward county and quite a few schools in the area we are seeing they were told to shelter in place. they got the warning as things were happening and they were told to shelter in place. and these will skoos, there were
10:57 am
way up through boca and southern palm beach county. there are a lot of schools in that arere so we haven't really heard anything fromomhem other than the fact that they heard a tornado warning and everybody sheltered in place and we' not hearing any of report other than the possible injury and other than that, we're hearing that everything is okay especially at the condo complex that we're looking at. >> we have keith jones who is on the scene of that tractor trailer accident. hi, keith. whatatcan you see from your vantage point? >> well,n a small description, an absolute mess out here. we're on the turnpike and we're on the northbound lane side rid by coconut creek and this is the tractor trailer you've been talking about. they just uprighted and they have a score of people over there in terms of crews and they just uprighted that with a huge
10:58 am
it looks like they're close to clearing that accident scene and they have to move that truck off the off-ramp to coconut creek. i want to shoot you down to what southbound looks like and i'm sure you've seen it from chopper 6 and it's an absolute mess and it is gridlock with only a couple of laps open. if you're traveling southbound with coconut creek, it's an absolute mess. what you're looking at now,w, we have reports that the win picked up a car that was traveling southbound. the mess that you saw on the road was traveling southbound and it flipped it over into the northbound lanes. we believe this one is the car. you can see the extent of the damage here and i want you to look up here into the windshield. it's cracked and i've seen six different air bags that have gone off. we are told no serious injuries at thisispoint. there's another vehicle that was also involved in the accident. it's up here and it is -- it took a lot of front-end damage
10:59 am
injuries at this point. we believe the car was going northbound lanes and hit this car. that's what it's believed and uncon firmed. mike jack jackel is here with bso fire rescue. absolute mess out here. can you walk us through what happened this morning? >> could have been a lot worse. fortunately, was there only one injury and that was not serious. just to clarify, the vehicle was not involved with this. that's t tally unrelated. what we had was a number of things independent of each other. we had a tractor trailer that overturned on the southbound coconut creek exit from florida's turnpike. nobody was injured there. there were no hazards and no leaking fuel or anything like that. then we also had a pickup truck that rolled over and is also near thatractor trailer.
11:00 am
same time was a tractor trailer


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