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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  January 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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apartment complex in coconut creek. you can see a portion of the roof o blibbliterated at the retirement community. there was damage reported at the clubhouse. the good news no one was hurt. >> that twister damaging the screen and backyard of this house in coconut creek. the home will need some serious repairs. severe weather alerts have been issued all day long. >> and we're not out of the woods not just yet. nbc 6 chief meteorologist john morales has our first look. >> the heaviest of the rain is just to the east of the salt grass expressway to i-95.
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along i-90 here near dania. you're seeing heavy rains at this hour. further towards the west, things are starting to calm down near weston. hardly anything has happened in miami-dade today. it's raining in some spots, but no rnings. no problems with ponding of water or roaways being flooded because the rain has been generally light. for the florida keys, things generally got busy late this afternoon. most of it is in florida bay. here's a wider view of what's going on across the southern half of the peninsula. we do still have an effect, a flood advisory that encompasses
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this goes until 7:00 p.m. tonight. for now, back to you. students at broward college, they got a front row s st to all the action. >> they were told to take cover as that t tnado approached. bobby brooks joins us live from the campus tonight. bobby, you've been there all day and it's been quite a scene out there. >> reporter: trina and adam, absbsutely. it's because of the quick actions of the college officials to get everyone inside that everyone is okay, safe, and sound. i mean, cars were flying up into the air outut here. one of them landed on top of another car. w tonight, we spoke with the two young women who own those cars. when you come out of class and see two cars stacked on each other and yours is the one on bottom, what can you say? >> my car is underneath anotr car. i'm just glad i'm alive and i wasn't in it.
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at the bottom. today's wicked storm the culprit. but she's taking things in stride. >> what can i do? just get it fixed and move forward. >> reporter: despite her car possibly being totalledl she's sticking to her plan today. >> i'm going to study. >> there you go. >> reporter: sandy owns the honda that landed on top. she, too, handling this mess pretty well. >> i'm safe. cars are replaceable, but not a life. >> reporter: more cars damaged by today's possible tornado. this f-150 flipped onto its de. two more cars collided. another nursing student had her side-view mirror twisted off. it only took a matter of seconds to do the damage. >> a tornado can lift up anything. a car is nothing. >> reporter: the students herer know this could have been a lot worse, that someone could have
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when you saw that happen, what werereou thinking? >> i was just so scared. i had no idea to think about anything else. >> reporter: back out live here. glad everyone is okay. the national weather service was just out here in the parking lot about an hour ago. they told me that this site, one of three or four areas that this tornado touched down. coming up in our next half hour at 6:00, we're going to hear from an official at that national weather service. live at coconutcreek, nbc 6 news. check out the incredible pictures of the tornado damage from across broward county on our nbc 6 news and weather app. you can also check outhe live radar there and upload your storm pictures and you can download that app for free. we're learning more tonight about two women shot and killed in coconnt grove last night. one of them an army veteran. we're live at jackson memorial hospital tonight. what's the latest? >> reporter: one of those women was discharged.
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the other woman, the bet you mentioned, she is still here in stable, serious rather, but stable condition. as miami police search for their shoot er shooter, we're learning more about the victims. one a great grandmother. a military veteran known as miss sissy was shot twowo times. >> terrifying. they were both in pain. >reporter: the second victct witnesses say is 27-year-old ms. watson. johnson's daughter, who spoke with nbc 6 off camera, said her mom is an innocent victim. the shooter nowhere to be found. >> they have this thing about being snitches and all that, but some stuff it needs to be told. >> reporter: family and
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anyone who knows who shot the men to speak up. >> it needs to stop. >> reporter: police really struggli for tips and leads in this case. the vehicle is dark colored, so they really need the public's help. reporting live tonight from jmh, nbc 6. nbc 6 in the courtroom today as the man accused of slashing a miami police officer in the face appeared before a judge. >> it happened just last week. >> reporter: the chief of the miami police department in court today making sure the man accused of stabbing an officer gets appropriate bond. >> i'm going to set his bond at $200,000, plus house arrest, plus gps. >> we were here to increase the bond and the judge agreed with us and the bond has beenn increased. and so we're satisfied at this point.
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jose lopez last week after he allegedly stabbed a miami police officer inside the magic city casino. bond was automatically set at $20,000 another officer failed to check the hold forond hearing box on the police report, so lopez posted the bond while in the hospital. that low bond amount outraged police union president javier ortiz, who wrote a note saying in part, your actions have placed every law enforcement officer in jeopardy with allowing this piece of trash back on the streets of miami. >> there's probable cause. >> reporter: as we told you yesterday, the judge had nothing to do with setting lopez's low bond. ortiz in a follow-up note to the judge said in part, i apologize for any stress this has caused you. please let me know when you are free next week.
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union president's error? >> you'll have to ask the presidede about that. a dcf worker chargege in connection with the death of a baby left in a hot car faced a judge today. we are in the courtroom. >> i would say 200, judge. >> reporter: ulysse jokes around with a courtroom judge. >> grand theft and leaving the scene of a crash. while it was traveling on the palmetto and was able to break the rear window and escape. >> this was the scene of the chase on monday. ulysse was not only facing criminal charges for yesterday's mayhem, but also for two prior felon cases in georgia. >> weapons offense, burglary, home invasion, kidnapping, and firearm possession.
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robbery, false imprisonment, and theft. ulysse has reactions as the judge continued to read the list felony charges against him. detectives say ulysse may ve cases pending in ohio. the judge set his bond at $47,000. but ulysse can't bond out now. first, he has to go to georgia. then he can come back here to face these current charges. nbc 6 news. a statewide search under way right now f f a missing child cops have labeled a dangerous person who has him. a convicted felon who busted out of jail just last`week. the mother is accused of helping that felon escape his work release program last week. the trio may be traveling in a white chevy cobalt. more drama in the race for the white house in tonight's
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a big question, is donald trump dropping out of the last debate before votingtarts in iowa a brilliant move or a big mistake? steve handelsman with the latest. headline grab. >> i said bye bye. >> reporter: backing out of tomorrow's debate on fox. >> there's a huge risk. we're already seeing republicans pounce on him saying he's too scared to go toe to toe with fox news. >> reporter: it's not fear and not fox, trump says. it's fox's moderator megyn kelly. fox said, capitulating to politician's ultimatums violates all journalistic standards. ted cruz on stage. trump protecting his iowa lead and impressing voters. >> because they see strength. they see a guy who is not going
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they like by the way. >> reporter: dedecrat bernie sanrs went to the white house today to discuss policy with president obama, who has made no endorsements, but wrote the book on victory in iowa. >> i'm not saying we can do what barack obama did in 2008. i wish we could, but i don't think we can. but if there is a large turnout, i think we n. >> reporter: at an iowa bowling alley hillary clinton agreed turnout is key. >> and i am asking all of you to go to the caucus monday night because if you stand up for me then, i will stand up and fight for you. >> reporter: clinton and sanders are tied in iowa polls. 15 points over hillary clinton. like trump, sanders today was refusing to take part in a debate proposed by nbc after the iowa voteing in new hampshire. nbc 6 news.
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hear a bill that would ban sepual orientation discrimination in jobs and housing. the measure is backed by major corporations like florida blue, at&t, disney. businesses say they lose $362 million a year in productivity due to the lack of lgbt workforce protections. from the happiest place on earth straight to the big easy. a heads up for anyone who has eaten at wendy's later. you may have gotten more than a bug burger, fries, and frosty with your last order. not backing down. why residents literally living on the edge say they're staying exactly where they are. complete strangers banding together to rescue a truck driver inches away from death. the incredible account just ahead. and we continue following the aftermath of that severe storm.
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you can see on our first alert radar showers still hovering over so much of the area, especially browar county. here's a look at road cam 6 in coconut creek right now. an nbc 6 crr on the ground. you can see lots of rain.
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doesn't wendy's fast food chain says it is investigating reports of
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cards used at some of its restaurants. it's still unclear how many people could be affected here, buit is urginge inging customers to be on the lookout for any unauthorized charges. more than a decade after tracks were damaged by hurricane katrina, passenger train service could be headed back to the gulf coast.. they'll look at restoring service from the big easy to florida. it'll make 14 stops in four states including mobile alabama, gulf port and billoxi, mississippi. about 20 residnts are defy
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staying put in their apartments. >> to say we have to get out, why? if it's going to fall, it's not going to fall in ten seconds. wewehave plenty of time to get out of the front door. >> if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space. >> reporter: it is being blamed on el nino. city officials say that'll be out twice a day to inspect the land. more rai is expected for those folks. while the rain is widespread in broward county at this hour, whenever we saw this type of widespread earlier today on the radar we never knew which onne of these was about to produce a tornado or a severe thunderstorm. now the atmosheres not quite as charged up, so, yes, it is raining heavy. yes, there's some ponding of water and problems with floods, but we don't have -- at least
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tornados. you see the rain currently effecting parts of eastern broward county, i-95 and the florida turnpike. off to the west, things are calming down just a little bit. cooper city, you're still seeing some heavy rain at this hour. miami-dade for the first time today you could be in for heavy rains too. it's been cloudy. this batch coming up from the south-southwest should head into the metro area soon. it's been affecting the florida keys for the last hour and a half so. especially southern dade, expect some rains very soon. rain extends as far n nrth as the i-4 corridor or so and down in dade you can see the rain is on the way we have this urban flood advisory in effect until 7:00 for much of broward and parts of palm beach county just to the north of our viewing area.
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the morning in the everglades. another tornado touched down in coconut creek and later in pompano beach. the winds it produced wee between 90 and 100 miles per hour. here's your enhanced fujita scale. the scale extends from 0 all the way up to %f-5. florida doesn't see this type of torno intensity, but they can get up to ef-3. this month there's been three ef-3 tornados that have occurred. here's my forecast for this evening. the presip is showing up as 0%, but there's about a 90% to 100% chance of rain tonight. temperatures will be in the 70s.
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more rain possible. temperatures 69 to 73 degrees. for tonight and into tomorrow, you can see more rain is on the way, but it'll be intermittent.. shouldn't rain every h hr of the night. shouldn't rain every hour of the day tomorrow. but the rain is pretty widespread as we go into the afternoon. some storms would be strong for tomorrow and the threat tracker set to orange for south florida for your thurpday. jump ahead to the weekend, the front moves away. we'll have beautiful weather saturday and sunday. temperatures in the 50s at night, highs in the 70s. >> another el nino year. el nino is stronger than ever. we've all heard t tse phrases at some point, but what do the mean? >> el nino is a periodic warming
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it's been observed for many, many years. and it has influence on weather worldwide, especially during the winter months. >> did you catch that? during a normal pattern, winds push normall surface water west. since hot air rises,s, we see an increase in tropical rainfall and storms in the area. el nino episodes usually result in an abnormally deep area of water in the pacific. what does it mean for us? more frequent storms, including the threat of tornados, and cooler and w wtter conditions during winter and spring. what would cause cool and wetter conditions after we just experienced record heat for the first half of november? >> one of the things that it tends to produce is a jet seam that's farther south. >> a stronger and more active southern jet stream would help
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this has a direct impact on our rainfall and temperatures. >> we're not talking about summertime rainfall. it can lead to lower than normal temperatures because we have more cloud cover. we tend totohave m me clouds during the winter months, which cuts down on the afternoon temperatures. >> so the bottom line ishat we have a super charged jet stream crossing the gulf of mexico into florida. that's what leading to these risk of tornados with every squall line that moves through. the wter is expected to continue to be active into next month of february and possibly into march. still ahead, it's a story that captures the human spirit. >> it sure does. a trucker finds himself in a dangerous situatio >> it's a dangerous scene. >> how a group of complete strangers came together to slaveave a life.
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welcome back. a daring rescue on the pittsburgh t tnpike during the
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>> a group of gooddis asamaritans worked together to save a life. >> we're trying to help this driver. diesel fuel everywhere. the truck is smoke inging. >> t he storm was intensifying. the driver lost control of his big rig. the truck dangling perilously off the highway. >> i didn't hear anyone from the top of the hill say anything. i didn't anyone come up with a plan. i just saw it happen. >> what happened next nearly brought him to tears. >> to me, it looked like just this spontaneousnstinctive thing. everyone just started hooking their arms together. >> the driver was hurt, but he didn't interfere w wh the chain of helping hands. he stepped back and snapped this picture. >> i just knew i had to get a picture. i wanted to remember this because this is amazing. >> this was the beginning of nearly 48 hours of trouble on that turnpike.
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again come to a screeching halt where some drivers were stranded for 30 hours. for this father, his mind was on getting home in one piece. his heaea warmed by what unfded on the cold, snowy pennsylvania highway. >> for most people, i think their instinct is i've got to help. >> the driver was obviously hurt, but he's still alive. there's no word tonight on his condition. a baby had big plans deciding it was time to enter the world right in the middle of the aftermath of the blizzard. he entered the world in his mom's car. the mother delivered her baby boy herself. she was 15 minutes away from the hospital, but it was just too long for brantleyy who already decided he was coming a month early.
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he was not waiting. it did happen in my 2013 ford focus, but it was a beautiful moment. >>he and mom are doing just fine. >> he wanted out. >> i've got to get out of here. that'll do it for e news at 5:30. tornado touch down. a twister tears a path of destruction across pts of broward county. >> it's powerful winds knocking over a tractor-trailer. >> tonight, we have live team coverage of this first alert weather day. good evening. i'm jace nespral. >> and i'm jawan strader. thankful no one was killed. >> nbc 6 has declared a first
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these are live pictures of broward c cllege north, one of the hardest hit areas in coconut creek. >> right now, we begin with chief meteorologist j#hn morales with a look at the storm and the bad weather that could be in store for tonight. john? >> yeah, skies continue to be cloudy across south florida. you can see we have some showers and thunderstorms across a good portion of broward at this hour. urban flood advisories are in effect. the rai is moving southwest to northeast, but it continues to come in wves towards our area. the heaviest precipitation is from deerfield beach to pompano beach. so indeed more rain could b bon the way. miami-dade county, you hav escaped much of this bad weather today, but we are starting to see signs of some of the rain
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