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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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conditions much drier ak krod miami-dade county. we will see showers continuing to sweep through, feel a little lull in the action. this activity moving to the east-northeast. we will see. i'll watch this line here to see how it holds together towards the peninsula. i think we'll set hour selves up for a decent window during the morning drive. here is what we're looking at in the first alertrt forecast, banking on showers and storms to sit us. the threat for severe storms will be isolated to the afternoon hours. when we get into the late day hours, temperatures will start falling as the front comes through. we've got brighter skies in store. >> let's get right to it. we have a couple issues. first i want to show you i-95. it is soaked right now in broward county south of hallandale beach boulevard. these are the northbound and southbound lanes. a couple of accidents, actually three that are going to be
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pines boulevard is shut down in each direction near northwest 114th avenue right by pembroke lakes mall. you want to takeembroke road, johnson street or taft instead. we have yulia bagg on the scene and she'll bring us the details in a couple minutes. i-95 northbound at hollywood boulevard, two left lanes completely blocked off. finally, 836 drivers eastbound at northwest 57th avenue, this one happened roughly around 15 minutes ago. i have an update from fhp. three lanes are completely blocked off at this tte. >> right now we're following the breaking news out of pembroke pines that kelly was mentioning there. >> policere investigating an accident involving a police officer. let's c cck in straight away with nbc 6 reporter julia bagg. she's been there since earlier this morning. the scene we wereooking at, the vehicle behind you, you
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it was so mangled. >> reporter: you couldn't, eric. we've just gotten wordd in the last two minutes that this crash was fatal. the driver of that infinity did not make it. to find out more about what happened, we have captain al sekas. thank you so much for joining us this morning. what do we know aboutow this crash happened? >> we know at approxitely 2:15 this morning one of our night shift patrol officers was involved in a crash with the infinity that you see parked over there along with the officer's vehhle. both the officer and the driver of the other vehicle were trauma alerted to the hospital. the officer is currently in stable condition. the driver of the other vehicle has recently been declared deceased. >> we learned there were
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woman ran a red light. that's what caused the crash. >> we're still in the preliminary stages of the investigation, based on five separate independent witnesses, that's what we have learned to this point, the gray infinity didid run the red light traveling southbound at which time the officer impacted her vehicle. >> any word on alcohol possibly being a factor. >> still in the very preliminary stages of the investigation, but it's possible alcohol was a factor based on some of the information we've obtained thus far. >> thank you so much for speaking with us. we appreciate that. northwest 114th avenue and pines boulevard, you heard one person, the female driver of the gray infinity. let me step back so you can see how mangled this car is. she has died. we just got that word. we know the roads are shut down. be sure to stay tuned for kelly
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jjia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> julia, thanks so much for that update. two teens police say were holding people up at atms are in jail. investigators say kingsley stevens and jordan mcdowell are behind five robberies that stretch from pompano beach and deerfield ach. the 17-year-olds use the same mo. they would approach people at walk-up and dry-through atms and demand cash with a gun in their hand. a look at the rollover wreck that involved six different cars including a miami-dade police cruiser. a new look at this red light camera video showing the moment the driver loses control of its car sending it on a crash course with all these other vehicles. the officer and another driver did end up with some minor injuries related to that@ crash, but in the meantime, the man
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now facing dui charge. david marini told nbc 6 that he crashed because his brakes gave out. marini hit a total of five kars. this morning several areas across south florida cleaning up after violent weather left a wake of damage. you see the roofs blew off, trees ripped from the ground and cars tossed around like toys. we showed you the destruction due to late morning and early afternoon hours. nbc 6 reporter is live in coconut creep. a tornado touched down in that area. residents still shocked not even 24 hours later. >> reporter: that's right. even students at broward college's north campus, i'm this morning i can tell you all classes back to normal, still a little debris on the ground from the trees. crews were pretty busy yesterday, immediately a aer this yesterday morning.
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have a look at what we saw yesterday. cars on top of each other. students reporting them swirling around in the area. yesterday we got a chance to speak with homeowners. you'll see that video next. some homes in the ergo got it back, too. good news is all of this, officials reporting one minor injury because of that ef 1 classified tornado from yesterday. as far as this morning, we have information from the coconut creek, the local government here, t`ey will be doing bulk pickup. this is something that residents ip the area should keep in mind, with all this debris they need to get it out of there. for residents in the south creek area, they want to spread the word they'll be doing blk pickup. back out here live, they'll have a little more to clean up on
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and just nearby, the win moore retirement community, a building in their village got it prettyty badly. we'll show a graphic from the national weather service that shows the path of the tornado. we'll show you video of damage plus the map coming up in the next 30 minutes. live in coconut creek, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> michael, thank you so much. given what happened yesterday and more weather is expected, not as intense but later this afternoon we're expecting more storms coming through. download our app for free if you haven't already. you can zoom in all the way to your neighborhood so you know when the weather will hit specifically where you are. > formerdcf caseworker has five years ahead of her. shaney smith's legal troubles stems from a case involving an 11-month-old baby. detectives say she lied on paperwork and didn't think the
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six months later the baby suffocated to deaththn his mom's hot car. eight minutesast the top of the hour on this thursday morning. still a lot more ahead this morning including this, donald trump pulling out of tonight's republican debate. why some call that move a major gamble on his part. medical mamajuana makes it to the florida ballot. what you need to know before you head to the polls. gdnews is, as we head into the bulk of the early morning commute, the showers take a break. as erica mentioned, they'll be
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thunderstorms in your fir florida voters will get to decide the issue of marijuana. if it passes, the amend would allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana for people with conditions like cancer, among many. 60% of voters need to improve the amendment in order for it to paps. a similar amendment in 2014 came up only 2% short. donald trump once again at the top of the political headlines this morning. controversial candidate says he will not be attending tonight's republican debate. tracie pottstsas more on that story from washington, d.c. >> reporter: one less candidate
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>> i don't like being taken advantage of. >> reporter: fox confirmed there will be no empty podium. trump tells south carolina voters it's what the u.s. should have done with the u.s.-iran nuclear deal. >> you walk out. you leave. >> reporter: ted cuz challenged trump to a one-on-one on saturday. he even reservrd a spot. trump has a competing event. >> he does want to answer questions in front of the men and women and wa about how his record doesn't match what he's selling. >> reporter: trump tweets can we do it in canada. other candidates are ready to move on. >> interesting side show, greatest show on earth. this is not a show. this is serious. >> reporter: chris christie reminds being bumped from the stage. >> did a whine and moan? did i refuse to show up? did i hold my breath and stomp my feet? no. i said, you know what, give me a podium and a microphone.
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youutand up and fight. >> reporter: as of this morning, it's not clear if iowa voters will be offended or impressed. in washington, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. school officials have suspend add university of missouri professor seen on camera confronting a journalism student. she was suspended for assaulting a student journalist on campus. the confrontation happened back in november during protests at the columbia campus. she tried to physically remove the student as he was covering the event. the journalism professor pleaded not guilty to a miss mean knorrdemeanor assault charge. a scue mission is under way in greece. a boat full@ of migrants capsized, the second boat in two days. 11 people are dead including seven kids. as of this hour, it's not clear how many people were on board.
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ten people have been rescued so far. tts continues on into the morning hours for us anyway. greece is the main getaway into europe for refugees a a migrants. 5:14 a.m. we have a couple of traffic alerts for you this morning. let's start you off in miami-dade. this is i-95. these are your northbound lanes at northwest 62nd street. heavy police activity in that area. we have an accident blocking the express lanes and the local lanes as well. you have one expressrlane and one local lane completely shut down. those roads are slick and dangerous. please give yourself additional time this morning as you're making your way out the door. let's take you to your maps. we have an accident blocking all the eastbound and westbound lanes of pines boulevard near northwest 114th avenue. this is right by pembroke lakes mall we have julia bagg on the scene of this patrol car crash. unfortunately it is a fatal accident. she'll bring us more details on this accident.
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pembroke road, johnson street or taft. you're not going to be able to head on to pines boulevard eastbound and westbound because they're completely shut down. the accident we had on i-95 northbound and hollywood bouleard, it was blocking two lanes. now we have a broken down car on i-95 northbound. finally 836 eastbound at northwest 5th ave. my, a car using delays as well. >> all is quiet across most of miami-dade county. the good news, a lot of this activity will sweep through the ar and leave us with a lull in the action as we get into the heart of the morning ive. this afternoon we'llll bring in the threat for isolated severe storms. hope your morning is off to a good start. you can watch theadar at any time by downloading our free mobile app. we'll make sure to send the push alert so you know what's happening. across mt of broward county, on and off isolated showers.
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because we'll have this threat for heavr rains this afternoon. we could see flooding problems. i'll address that in ust a moment. let's see the big picture here, most of the activity contained across broward county. a lull in the action across miami-dade. we haven't had activiv showers and thunderstorms through the overnight hours. early this morning t showers have moved in. we'll keep things quiet in dade, st of the activity lifting north through broward. if you're a 5:00 a.m. or 6:00 a.m. commuter, i think you'll be okay. a lot of this activity left to the southwest florida coastline moving to the east-northeast. a lot of it focused into palm beach county. remember, our sliver is within the beaches and the interior area by only about 15 hours. a lot of the activity off to our west and northwest. here is what we're looking at in terms of your helines, there is a threat later this afternoon for severe storms.
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not a great threat. remember, it only takes one cell to spin up like we saw yesterday into coconut creeknd pompano beach for active weather to unfold. the flood watch for broward county continues until 10:00 p.m. tonight with additional rain, after the nearly three to five inches we saw yesterday, we could see flooding problems. all this is worthwhile to get through today, because tomorrow great weather is moving in. sunrise at 7:07 this morning 70s. by the way, it i i warm and humid, temperatures settling back into the upper s and lower 70s. 69 the cool location. 71 in miami, 72 ft. lauderdale and pompano. i love future radar this morning because it illustrates the lull in the action. shower activity moving to the north and we address the afternoon hours. we look at this in two different parts. this morning's isolated if not nuisance shower a aivity later this afternoon. we have a cold front that will
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i think things will be better organized past 2:00 leading into the evening comute. highs today in the 80s. one more wet weather day. we transition quickly tomorrow to sunny skies and 73. 74 on saturday. sunday, beautiful, highs at 78. back to you. more than a decade after hurricane katrina came through, amtrak and the southern rail commission are hosting a tour next month to look at restoring service from the big easy to orlando. the so-called inspection train will begin in new orleans and make 14 stops in four states. that does include, mobile, alabama, gulfport and biloxi, mississippi, alongngith jacksonville, pensacola, tallahassee and ultimately orlando. in a few hours 95 miami police officer trarn knees will graduate. it's the largest graduating class ever. the ceremony is happening at
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scheduled to start at 10:00 a.m. miami-dade mayor carlos jimenez will be a guest speaker at the ceremony. 5:19 on your thursday morning. coming up, an update on an only-in-south-florida story is making tional headlines. >> see how this kinkajou's adventure comes to a happy ending for some south florida residents. >> if you're having a hard time
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couple of apps can help make welcome back. 5:22. uber drivers can no longer get away with speeding. the ride sharing company will start using smart phones to check whether drivers are driving over the speed limit or under it. this is part of a move to improve the ride feedback. if a passenger complains a driver was going too fast, uber can confirm that fact and immediately contact the driver. we have a apps to help you if you have trouble waking up. alarm me, mimicker and wake and
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shake, you have to do everything from vie lenltly shaking your phone to taking a picture of a room that you registered with the app. you can pick up these apps at e app store for ios and android. >> i think it's a fantastic idea. forces you to get out of bed and take a picture. it means you actually have to walk and talk. great idea. after more than a week on the run, the exotic animal found all snuggled up to an elderly woman locally is back in his owner's oorm. the kinkajou is usually found in the ra forest in south america. banana is his name. he already caught the eye of others in the same area days before he was found inside this miami home causing intrigue and maybe a little fear, too. >> i see it in the bushes, kind of looking at me. i see a tail. we're like what is tha we called it over. it was kind of playful. it tried taking my phone.
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>> what do you do when a kinkajou climbs up yoyo leg. obviously used to being held. banana's owners says he will do everything he can to prevent her from escaping again. >> julibagg says there was something open in the house, an attic or somehow, that's how banana was able to get into that house. banana apparently doesn't live too far from the home. >> apparently very friendly but has very small yet very sharp teeth. >> yes. i'm so glad he didn't use them. i'm sure she is, too. time is 5:24. still much more ahead in the next half hour of news. a twister leaving a path of deruction across parts of broward county. michael spears continues our coverage on that where residents are cleaning up. tensions are high in oregon following the deddly confrontation confrontation. live at the scene of
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causing a major traffic
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investigators to find o right now at 5:30, a south florida teen is missing. this morning his father waking up in jail. why investigators believe he may be to blame. >> two south florida families losing everything in a fire. > see how garbage collectors are teaming up with law enforcement to help keep you safe. good morning everybody. your time is 5:29. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. it's thursday, january 28. we begin with a traffic alert this morning, something we've been watchchg all morning long. traffic reporter kelly blanco
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happened a few minutes ago. >> as you can imagine, the roads are slick and dangerous. we're already seeing all the issues in miami-dade and broward% county. this is our first alert camera on i-95 at northwest 62nd street. we have an accident blocking the express lanes completely plus a couple of your local lanes and causing delays as you can see the flashing lights here. crews trying to clean up the mess. this accident happened roughly 15 minutes ago. not the only traffic alert we have this morning. let's take you to our maps. we have julia bagg on the scene of this patrol car crash that has pines boulevard both eastbound and westbound shut down right now a a 114th street which is right by pine lak mall. what you need to know as far as your morning ride is all lanes are completely blocked off, stick to pembroke road or johnson street instead. we have a broken down car on
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